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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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works d able to hold and along the outside. kept by pastrnak given on over. krug with a drive and that is blocked up high and out of play. .5 to go. >> pierre: what a shot block by alexander steen. he plays goalie here. this is not s at block situation. 20 to the right of your screen. watch his foot. righ there. he kicks has foot. a kick save and a beauty for alexander steen. in the lane, get it out there and kick the foot up and out. >> mike: bruins take their time-out with 16.5 to go in the pivotal fifth game.
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if this winds up being o'reilly bergeron. o'reilly has been 18 for 24. bergeron, 12 of 22. we will see if that is how it pans out. number n90 i white, extremely valuable player. wins each against each other. a tiebreaker in this category too. off of the tie up it is sent on to the back. krejci gac it ss. pastrnak a shot that is deflected to tcorner. krug with a shot. scooped up and held by binnington with seven seconds to go.
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>> eddie: good help on the face-off by the bruins. marchand with the chance. krejci to pastrnak. innington makes aood stop here taking no chances of trying to play that puck home. >> pierre: o'r hlly on strong side for the face-off. >> mike: won again by bergeron. held to the back. krejci a shot. fought off there. picked up by steen. one second and the blues have the lead 3 games to 2, winning the contest by a score of 2-1. more debris rains down here in boston. couple of huge face-off wins by the bruins.
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what a stop there from binnington. d then steen is able to clear it. coyle battling in front. marchand. the reaction in st. louis, the enterprise center. coming home for a gsue six there ay night, doc. >> mike: and a chance to win the stanley cup. theyl wil have a sterling silver piece about 36 1/2 pounds joining them as we get a chaooe tok at the sprint three stars of the game. >> eddie: jordan binnington was outstanding in the first period until his team found their legs late in that period and the huge goal from ryan o'reilly to start the second.ry o'reilly o a roll the last couple of games. i thought tuukka rask was really good in this me. a little help from david krejci in the second period. he gave his team a chance to
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hang around, doc. especially after a great start in the first by the bruins. >> mike: you are watching the stanley cup final presented by geico. join us game six sunday night from st. louis with coverage beginning on nbcsn with "nhl live" at 6:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 central and then the game is here on nbc at 8:00, 7:00 central. for eddie olczyk and pierre mcire, i am mike emrick. next on most of these nbc stations it is your local news. right now over on nbcsn, our stanley cupnu coverage conti live from boston. ♪
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now at 11:00, a ominent high school football coach on leave tonight. facing charges of assaulting his wife. nly on news 4, his attorney denies the allegation. plus a water main break sends jets of water shooting into a townhouse. aook athe aftermath tonight that's forced three families out of their homes. and neng 4 gettinswers from dominicans authoritieabout the deaths of a maryland couple. tonight, what we're learning p the m eicalxplanation for how they died. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. a well-known high school football coach is onto leave ight accused of assaulting his wife. but his attorney denies the allegations. >> pat cilento has won four conference championships as head coach at the elite bulis school in potomac. we spoke to him just over a month ago about one of his former players, redskins top
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draft pick dwayne haskins. >> news 4's sh ari stone spoke to sillento's attorney tonight. shomari joins us live with details of the allegations. this is pretty serious stuff, shomari. >> indeed. these are seriou allegations. bulis head football coach patrick cilento strongly denies these allegions. his attorney says in an exclusive interview that she will vigorously fight them. >> that was a great job. we talked all week about how physical we were going to be. >> reporter: bulis head football coach patrick cilento is well known in the dmv football community and recently de nationwi after coaching redskins new star quarterback dwayne haskins at bulis. coach cilento is now facing serious allegations. accorng to these court documents, he got into an argument with his wif jacqueline here at their home in potomac, maryland on sunday. e documents say he shoved anded pusher down concrete stairs. she allegedlyer sud a scrape on her right elbow, soreness on
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her right hip, ribcage, and a bruise on her knee. cilento has bonded out of jail and in an only on 4 interview his attorney says he's innocent. >> my client did not assault his wife and did not engage in any act of domestic violence. >> reporter: his attorney also en montgomery county police came to the couple's house they did not arres cilento. his wife later filed charges on her own,ne and the commissio issued an arrest warrant. >> and we will defend this case very zealously in court. >>porter: and in a written statement a bulis school spokesperson says, "bulis is committed to the safety and well-being of our community. this week we were made aware of a situation involving a staff er memb we took immediate action in accordance with our human ol resource pies and the staff member is currently on administrative leave." now, cilento is charged with second-degree a conviction carries a maximum
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of ten years in jail plus a 2 0 $2,500 trial. his next court date is at the montgomery county ourthouse. shomari stone, news 4. ? all right, shomari, thank you. dramatic new video tonight shows the incredible power a water main break shooting water direcy into a townhome in gaithersburg. we got two different looks at it from a viewer's cell phone and from montgomery county fire officials who were on the scene. nobody was injured here but this sure caused a wotle lf damage for smun lucky tenants. take a look at the aftermath. chopper 4 shows the windows of the town hoechh on brassy way completely blown out. debris, pieces on the patit flochbme. and a huge hole filled with water out in the parking lot. all this happened at 10:00 to aight, turned into quite show for neighbors who gathered
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around to watch the cleanup. firefighters ecuated several townhomes tonight. three of them are considered unsafe. and the red cross is helping those residenb. ut inspectors say other surrounding townhomes are okay. wsse is working to repair that water main break. a somberni remembrance tt nearly one week after the virginia beach employee open fire inside a city building and killed 12 people. city, state, and faith leaders gathered tonight in virginia beach at a church here to honor the victims of lastfriday's mass shooting with prayer and song. governor ralph northam said it's important for the community to continue supporting the families of the 12 victims long afteris thweek. >> there will come a day when the investigations are done, when this tragedy is no longer front page news, when many of us will be able to contiue with
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our daily lives. but it won't beone for those families. >> investigators still don't have a motive for the killings. the gunman had just submitted his resignation. he was shot and killed by police officers, who responded with reports of an activeshooter. there's a new warning in northern virginia tonight about a new case of the measles. a child got the virus while traveling in another country, then arrived here in our region already sick and infected. visiteseveral very public places. this past sunday the child was in terminal a in the baggage claim area at dulles airport from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. later that night health officials say the child went to the emergency room at the hay market medical center, leaving early the next morning. then on tuesday the child was in the waiting area and the r. at inova fair oaks hospital in
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fairfax from 3:00 to 5:30 measles highly contagious. it spreads through the air. in this case symptoms for anyod exposecould develop as late as june 25th. look for things like a high v , cough, a runny nose, or a rash on the face and body. measles is easily preventable with the mmrvaccine. it is safe and effective. but if you haven't been vaccinated, you could be at risk and putting l at of others at risk too. jim? turning to our weather now, well, we could really feelhat humidity this afternoon. doug, what's coming our way as we head into the weekend? >> yeah, jim, six. that's the number of 90 degree days we have had today. i don't see 7, 8 or 9 anytime soon. i don't have a single 90 degree day in the next ten. take a look at the numbers across our area. we did hit 90 degrees in the ciat. high tempe 89 in richmond, 86 hagerstown,ut anunsettled
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pattern just down to our south and west making its way our way. that means a lot more cloud cover. chances of rain ohe increase as we head toward the weekend. i'll show you what all this means to your weekend and your friday coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, doug, thank you. dominican republic authorities insist the island is safe for tourists. but they face some tough questions today t about deaths of three americans there, including a couple from prince george's county. >> they don't have a lot of answers tonight and officials say they won't know what caused those deaths until toxicology tes come back. >> news 4's alberto pigmenta is tracking developments from santo domingo. >> reporter: the dominican government face the press today and a barrage of questions about he passing of three american tourists in this resort, bahia principe in la romana. we asked the minister of tourism, is this all a coincidence? he says "the truth is this is sad but this unfortunately
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happens. people die in hotels." today in a news coence the highest tourism official in the coun says no judgment can be made until the investigation is finished. on may 30thi nathan holmes and cynthia day from prince george's county were found dead in aoom in the resort. the attorney general of the country today revealed the preliminary results of their autopsies and they include a long list of medical notes but confirm once morehat they died of respiratory failure. and dominican police tling us on camera -- >> was there any violence involved? >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> "there was no violence involved." we also asked tourism officialsw here hong until the investigation is completed. when are we going to have this final investigation? >> the doctors in -- that are close to the sector have told us that it tak about a month. >> reporter: she also sends this message to american tourists. >> dominican republic isstill a very safe destination. over 2.7 million americans come
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every year and visit dominican republic. >> reporter: according to the dominican government, 2.7 million americans come here every year. so today the minister of tourism was also asked if he thinks that these cases could impact the number of people that come here to the dominican republic. and he said the only thing th can dois stick with the truth eand share that mess with the media. back to you. >> alberto pimmienta. the autopsy report released today fr cynthia day and nathaniel holmes contained a lot of complicated medical terms but not much in the way of explanation.or that's a jobinvestigators. but we asked nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres for his perspective. >> the couple died from pulmona edema. that's a build-up of fluid th insid lungs. the report also went on to say that there were medications inside their ro which could have contributed to that pulmonary edema and ultimately their death. they had pain medications theree that could to this.
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the report does not rule out foul play. they had medications in their room that could have led to the conditions that led to their death but they couldn't rule out other poisons they might have gotten somewhere along the line thadcould have cause the exact same symptoms. >> alberto pimienta the only local tv reporter i the dominican republic, uncovering new information on this story. stay with news 4, telemundo 44, and our nbc washington app for continuing coverage. new at 11:00 tonight, d.c. fire and e.m.s. wants help finding someone who set fire to a house here in mount pleasant. fire chief gregory dean says somebody used flammable liquids e to set off this house on monroe street. arson investigators found places both inside and outside the home that indicate somebody set this fire intentionally. >> we have an arsonist out there. we'd like to make sure that wem ree them to keep our streets safe. >> now, no one was hurt in the fire. d.c.'s arson task force is in>stigating. >>lso new at 11:00, a d.c.
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firefighter who was critically injured in anon uty crash says his colleues intentionally hit him to avoider striking anoth fire truck and now he's suing the city. dane smothers jr. was hit by a ladder truck in august 2017. he had a lung removed and part of his skull was crushed. today he filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. according to the suit, he was hit because of unsafe training. an internal department report cited problems wit the way the fire trucks were positioned. d.c. fire referred questions about the lawsuit to the d.c. attorney general. a small plane ended up flipped on its roof after takeoff this afternoon. take a look. this is the plane after it crashed, not too far away from the runway at frederick memoriat airpo. chopper 4 flew over the scene this afternoon just before 5:00. we've since learned a student pilot was flying when the pla
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hit some construction equipment. the flight instructor was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they are both expected to be okay. next at 11:00, should felons be allowed toh vote we they're still behind bars? why the next battle over voting rights could be right here in the district. and 50ears after the raids at new york's stonewall inn that uched off the gay rights movement, an apology from the nypd. capital pride week celebrations roll on. and tonight we'ren ie shaw neighborhood where they unveiled neighborhood where they unveiled a new can with a sobering these days we're all stressed. i hear you, sister. stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you tt your emotional
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physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. cigna. together, all the way. that's better.
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for the third year in a roww you can your support with a sip. ilc.b rach d.c.brau's pride per. >> we're a community-minded company and we often wear our heart on our sleeve when it comes to the issues we get involved with. >> more th 28,000 cans are being sold across the dmv. allroceeds benefit the foundation run by the washington blade and the smile foundation, which supports and mentors young lgbtq advocates and leaders. >> i think it sends a message to young queer people that there's a community out here who loves and you supports yand that's a message they don't hear every day. >> reporter: the design on the label absolutely screams pride from the vibrahe colors to beautiful portrayal of marsha p. johnson, lgbtq activist and stonewall icon. but before you crack open a cold one take a closer reok. there a7 purple pansies on the can, representing the 27 transgender murders that have
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happened over the last two yes. >> i re like to use design and art to tell stories. >> reporter: for maggie dougherty the artist behind the label that story is one of pride and pain. >> there are ale lot of peop living a reality that a lot of us can't fathom in 2019. >> reporter: but for the owner of dasha beer garden seeing the line around the bck is a sign that the community and its allies are not done fighting for equal rights and protection. >> things were very different back then. now we can gmarried. we have the rights and we need is continue the struggle. >> reporter: so d year's celebration as your cup runneth over with pride raise a glass to tolerance,community, and perhaps most of all love. corey smith, news 4. almost 50 years after a police raid at the stonewall inn,o the new y city police commissioner formay apologized today. to 1969 the nypd attempte enforce a law that made it illegal to serve alcohol to
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known homosexuals. the patrons decided they had finally had enough. the uprising lasted several nights and is widely credited with being the spark that ignited the modern-day lgbtq rights movement. >> thee actions and laws were discriminatory and oppressive, and for that i apologize. i do know what happened should not have happe the actions taken by the nypd were wron plain and simple. >> the stonewall inn and the rrounding area have since become a national monument. the capital pride parade is scheduled for saturday afternoon. and nbc 4 wille there in force. you can read more alout l the capital pride celebrations in our nbc washington app. search prideguide. many d.c. e cted leaders are throwing their support behind a controvsial plan. it will allow convicted felons who are still in jail the right to vote.
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but not all officials think it's such a great credited. council members are expected to take up the proposal. mayor muriel bowser had previously signaled support. but an advisory neighborhoer commission confronted the mayor at a news conference yesterday. she wanted to know if it's a good idea to let murderers vote. >> you killed a child should you have the right to vote? no. you're a murderer. you killed a child. >> now, after the questioning e mayor would not say whether violent criminals should be allowed to vote from prison. we asked d.c. sscongoman eleanor holmes norton about the the ueiss she says she supports the council proposal. news 4's leon harris help t the d.c. jazz fest off to a swinging start tonight. >> yeah, he emceed the openg eremony at the embassy of denmark. it's the 15th year that this jazzfest has been drawingts arti to the district. they'll be performing tomorrow through sunday june 16th.
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things will relate gally get go next weekend with four main stages at the wharf in southwest d.c. there are also ticketed shows at the antheon of our favorite venues. >> yeah. boy, lots of activity on the schedule for this weekend, doug. >> yeah. have you guys been to the denmark embassy? >> i have, actuall >> you have? who knew they were sonto jazz? >> now's a good time to go.i >> great tme tonight. you saw that event was outside. if you're thinking about heading down anywhere, you mentioned the wharf. a great place to head tomorrow. great place to go saturdaye if you'rgoing to be out and about for pride p that looking good too for the parade on saturday. sunday, however, not so much. take a look out there right nowr af high temperature of 90 today we had 79 degrees right now winds out of the north 6 miles an houras again, todayhe sixth 9 0 degree day so far this year. as we make our way through the rest of the night temperatures will cool but not much. still 80 in annapolis. 71 right now in
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we're goto be looking at another warm day tomorrow, just not as hot and humid as it was across the region today. no rain in the immediate area. we doave some shower activity down through the south. once again south of frede cksburg, this is where it's been. this is south of parts ofni sylva county. you can see that little boundary developing but you also noticed the clouds. moving on in across our region. look at this. the expansive clouds from oklahoma all the way tward the atlantic, this is a big storm system. actually, it's a couple of storms in one here. you ern see the spin h this one right here, this little area of spin,that was actually a tropical wave that made its way up into the southeast. they're seeing some much-needed rain i that area. for us we're going to see all the unsettled weather come in over the next couple of days. it's going to take its time, hough. so tomorrow and saturday it's just the cloud cover. unsettled pattern for sure. lots of clouds. more cloudsthan sun both tomorrow and saturday. chance of showers. there's an isolated chance tomorrow in our southern zones but most of friday and saturday shy.uld be dr
11:27 pm
no real heat anytime soon.'t i donave a single day over 85 coming in over the next ten so 's some good news. days. 84 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. not as hot. chance of showers well to the south. most of us ngremainion the dry side. take a look at the next couple of days. 85 on saturday. really nice for the parade if yore going to be down there. i'm not even expecting much in the way of humidity. 85 looking pretty good. 77 on sunday with a 70% chance of rain. and i think it's going to be raining off and on during the day. for your weekend outlook at the pool really nice on saturday.h even if te's not a lot of sun it's still nice at the pool. but remember, you still need to put on that suntan lotion. at the beach 70s. rain likely on sunday. not thest be beach day sunday. but saturday's not bad. ardwork, get the grass done o saturday. that's a good day to do grass. as you make your way out on monday, high temperature of 83 with a 60% chance of rain on monday. we continue to keep that chance of rain on tuesday. and then another chance in the k.middle of next wee a little unsettled and a little bit on the cooler side. average igh temperature next week, next wednesday the average
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high is 84. we're only going to get to about 77. we've got some oler numbers for june. >> enjoy it while we can. thank you, doug. comng up, redskins close out mini camp today and josh noan teaches his rookie quarterback a less quarterback a less on
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quarterback a less on ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ er. >> announcthis is the xfinity sports desk. here's a reason it's called mini camp. it's over before you know it. >> exactly. three days, alread >> it's already done. >> that's correct. sh norman, he may haveipped voluntary otas, organized team activities, but he's been by walking good samaritan. he wentoo texas t donate supplies to migrants and asylum seeflrs, went to int, michigan to deliver waters to people in need. today at mini camp norman delivered a lesson to the team's
11:32 pm
quarterback. hmm. jay gruden all smiles as he takes the field. mini camp good chance for young guys like mond ez and jonathan allen. including quarterback dwayne haskins jr. arning it's not easy to tes josh norman. picked off. but the cornerback likes what he sees from the rookie so far. >> has some fire to him. i think the last play you all saw over there, it was him wanting to challenge me. i told him to comeup and see me. he's like yeah, i'll come up to see you. he came back and actually threw the ball. i was like yeah, we've got to take this one. it's only right. andoe didn't say nothing t me. but hopefully later going to the next team he'dea like, yh, you got me. but it's okay. because i'm going to come back with you next time. i'm like that's how it's it's not supposed to be no other way.
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he has no fear. >> i like that attitude. that's ae swag we wnt from our future quarterback. stanley cup finals. game 5. bruins captain zdeno chara getting a standingvation. he's playing with a broken jaw. i meanockey players are just that much tougher than everybody else. riley for the goal. nice pass between the legs from sanuprd. blues one. in the third tyler bozak trips. no call on that. so we continue. the blues take advantage. david perrone. he loves lamp. light it up. the blues beat the bruins 2-1. they take a 3-2 series lead heading back to st. louis game 6 on sunday, the chance to win leheir very first stany cup. to petco park. nationals visiting padres.on eve happy in sunny san diego probably because they're eating california burritos, allusion to our 6:00 p.m. show there. offense here in e top of the first. howie kendrick, he's been on a tear. gets it to center. victor robles scores. juan soto being waved
11:34 pm
two-run si for kendrick. natties up by two. b very nextter brian dozier brings kendrick right on home. crushes his ninth home run of the season. that's a two-run shot. right now t padres trailing this one. it's 4-2, only in the third inning. orioles finishing their series against the rangers. top one, no score. trey mancini continuing his all-star campaign. launches this one to center. his 13th home run of the seasonl orio take a 1-0 lead. we go to the fifth. we're tied at 2. deshields getting a walk-off, getting it done here. and khris davis with the missed play. and the go-ahead run comes in. and the rangers beat the orioles 4-3 on that one. >> all


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