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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 7, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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west point is killed in a training accident as a five-ton truck overturns this morning new details on what happened and why while sitting among thousands of crosses on hallowed ground at normandy, president trump goes political, attacking robert mueller, speaker pelosi, and e democrats. >> he made such a fool out of himself. i call him nvous nancy nancy pelosi doesn't talk about it nancy pelosi is a disaster okay, she is a disaster, and let her do what she wants. you know what? i think they're in big trouble after a wave oicf critm, former vice president joe biden reverses course on the hyde
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amendment and fundg abortion nearly 50 years ceter a poliaid at the stonewall inn set off the modern gay rights movement, a formpology from the nypd's top cop a gust of wind lifts a trampoline and two kids right off the ground the latest on their conditions and get a load of this rooftop infinity swimming pool at the top of a sky creper wait until you find out thou get in the water "early today" starts right nowd >> gooiday morning i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm marlie hall an investigation is under way at the west point military academa after hicle overturned, killing one cadet and injuring almost two dozen more. a west point spokesperson says the incident happened while cadets were on their way to an orientation on how to maneuvere through thwoods. for the latest, we're joined by nbc's stephanie gosk >>e, marli 2400 cadets take part in this summer training here at west point it inherently dangerous, but it is not supposed to be deadly.
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at the u.s. military academy, summer training had just begun. >> today was a tragic day for the west point community >> reporter: a five-ton truck carrying cadets rolled over. training exercise.outine one cadet was killed and another 19 sustained non-life threatening injuries all seniors from the class of 2020 two soldiers, one of them the in driver, were also red in the accident >> it is not common for these vehicles to turn over. it's very rough tehiain. you see the s we have here >> reporter: the truck, described as a light medium tactical vehicle is used to transport cargo and people this one was covered by a soft roof >> i am surprised that there wesen't more injuries or wor injuries it does have an open top, a soft you're exposed to the elementshe >> reporter: tre have been accidents in the past including a tragic rollover in 2016 at fort hood. nine soldiers died after their vehicle flipped in a flooded stream in 2009, 13 were injured after their truck overturned near ft.
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bragg. at west poin they have just begun asking questions what is this investigation going to look at >> the investigation is going to look at absolutely everything. were proper procedures followed? was the vehicle overloaded or not? was it going too fast? they might just discover it was a tragic accident. >> reporter: we don't yet know the identity of the cadet who was killed per policy, the military notifies the family and then waits 24 hours before releasing that name to the public. as for the academy, the superintendent says this the united states army we are strong. marlie, back to you. stephanie, thank esally. it is crunch time on capitol hill as mexico works to avert stiff tariffs set to go in place mondaype vice president mike nce will meet with top mecan officials again today to try and head off another trade battle there are some signs of progress, but president trump says he isn't backing down until mexico can slow the flow of illegal immigration. let's get to nbc's tracie potts
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in d.c. with theatest. tracie, good morning so these tariffs that. >> could be a big blow to our economy? >> exactly financial experts are sayingco americans d end up paying this 5% that the president wants to tax on american -- on mexican goods coming into the united states thisthe igos tiationsda with the u.s. saying unless mexico can get a handle on illegal immigratn anthe flow of undocumented immigrants, the tax goes into effecttr monday. president p will get involved in these negotiations this is day three. vice president pence has been overseeing it. and while they're considering things like sending thousands of mexican troops to the guatemalan border, president trump says it is not enough, and en though he is getting pushback from republicans, he's targeting one specific democrat who he says is derailing his negotiations >> we have all these people. they come out and they talk about tariffs are bad.
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they hurt my negotiation because i go into the room with the mexihens i'm asking tm for everything and by the way, if they don't do it, i'm putting the tariffs ong we're gointo make a fortune. >> reporter: he says we'll make a fortune. throw us into a recession ifld this 5% escalating tariff kicks off on monday. phillip? >> most people agreeexcept for our president. all right. tracie potts, thank you. in the blistering battle between president trump and nancy apelosi, politicsre careening past the water's edge. in an interview with fox, framed in front of the anrmandy amer cemetery, the president didn't hold back, unleashing a barrage of criticism against his political rival, starting with the house speaker. >> she's a nasty, vindictive, horrible person. the mueller reportame out. it was a disaster for them t she is arible person, and i'll tell you, her name, it's s nervouncy because she is a nervous wreck. >> joe biden once again downplayed the china threat at one of his town halls in new hampshire.
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>> he doesn't get it >> nbc's kristen welker has more on the feud. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi escalating her war of enwords against the presid politico reporting that during a meeting tuesday, she was pressed by judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler to start impeachment proceedings. nbc has learned from a congressional source in the rooa pelosi then about the president, "i don't want to see him impeached. t i wasee him in prison. pelosi has indicated she wants the president prosecuted after leaving officea spokesperson for the speaker would not confirm the comments at the somber ceremonies in normandy, pelosi didn't want to get political, telling nbc's andrea mitchell -- >> with all due respect to your question, i'm not here to talk about impeachment. >> reporter: but against the same normandy backdrop, e president took aim at pelosi when he was asked whether special counsel rort mueller should testify. >> he made such a fool out of himself. i call him nervous nancy nancy pelosiitoesn't talk about
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nancy pelosi is a disaster, okay she is a disaster. let her do what she wants. you know what? i think they're in big troubler: >> reporteelosi is facing pushback from a growing number of democrats calling for impeachment. inquiry. up to 60 house members but pelosi insists it's too soon >> we're following the facts we'll take them where they lead >> that was kristen welker reporting. now to an apology 50 years in the making. york apologizing for the police raids that sparked the stonewall riots. >> the actions and the laws wery discriminatond oppressive, and for that i apologize i do know wht happened should nohave happened. the actions taken by the nypd were wrong, plain and simple >> the 1969 riots became a seminal moment in the lgbtq movement more than six million people are expected to participate in pride month celebrations this year
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meanwhile, in boston, brad pitt is threatening legal action against a group of men organizing a straight pride parade who are using him as a mascot fun america to stop using his image and likeness for their purposes now to a new salvo i fight against those annoying robocalls. the government is taking new action, but some critics say it doesn't go far is nbc's gadi schw. >> this callom is fr -- >> reporter: numbers massive enough to leave your ears ringing. 48 billion robocalls made lastar ye5 billion just last month alone. the fcc now responding to what they say is their biggest consumer>> complaint f there is one thing in oudar country toy that unites republmoans and ats, vegetarians and carnivores is that they are sick and tiredf being bombarded by unwanted roboca ts. >> reporter: commission voting to allow cell phone carriers to automatically star automatically blocking many cell
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phone calls by default while letting numbers deemed safe ring through. >> in thiswe can take right thing by the customer. so this is a big deal. >> reporter: but trade organizations say calls from those like doctors or pharmacies might get screened out a lot of cell phone carriers already offer robocall blocking, but you have to manually opt in. this would flip that, giving it to you automatically, but you'd have to opt out. critics of the fcc say the plan lacks teeth because it's not mandatory. >> i think a good start would be requiring the phone companies to comply. >> reporter: as of now it doesn't prevent them from adding more fees to your call to stop robocalls before they ring meanwhile, a deadly storm has swept across the gulf coast. the national weather service is heading tois sunset, lna to determine if a tornado tore a roof off of this house here and caused other damage. ny people there are sharing deos like this one of close calls with potential twisters. and low-lying roads were
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overwhelmed by rain.p official says that uto 5 inch fell in some area, and the worst part of the storm hit during rush hour. the mayor of baton rouge confirmed that one person was killed when their car was trapped in the flood all right. janessa webb is here tracking all of that serious weather for us good morning >> good morning. six reports in the last 24 hours acro across louisiana a potential tornado. it's going to be a very busyre weekend he you can see the banding has started to lift to the north but we still have two million under that flash flood watch a concern here is for the next 24 hours. and this will be a prolonged period of time where we're going to see the rain here in the next six days potentially 5 to 7 inches that a look at the big weather story for today. here's a closer look at your day ahead. still very warm air, but that sunshine going to peek through across el paso into the south. highs are back in the mid-s. stormy weather is going to be continuous throughout the weekend. highs in theid-80s
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so finally seeing a break across i-10, but more rain is on the way. we'll check that coming up >> for those areas that don't need it. jan necessary sack, thank you. fast forwarding into the weekend, broadway's best wilbel taking center stage or sunday for the 73rd annual tony awards. it features appearances by sarah bareilles. get your bets ready for the belmont stakes it could be a close call between war of will and tacitus. if war of will wins, he could lay claim to theow triple crn championship releasing a new collection of early songs hote wrote for r people it's called originals and is available exclusively on title we'll be right back. odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread.
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new total body refresh. power your day with megared. ohhhh ♪ but we're also a cancer fighting, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born ever stop taking care of you. leading the news, former vice president joe biden just did a complete about-face on abortion funding the democratic presidential candidate declaring he no longer supports the hyde amendment. >> i can't justify leaving
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millions of women without access to the carthey need. if i believe health care is a right, as i do, i can no longer support an amendment tha rt mak thatht dependent on someone's zip code >> the reversal comes after rivals and women'sig rs groups blasted biden for supporting the long-standing congressional ban on using federal moneyoro pay for ons. after spending 48 hours in custody, the former florida deputy charged with failing to confront the parkland school gunman during last year's massacre has been released from jail on thursday, scot peterson walked out of a florida jail after a judge reduced his bond from $200,000 to just under $40,000. while out on bail peterson cannot posss a firearm nor can he take any job involving children he is charged with 11 counts including churd neglect and perjy stemming from the shooting he faces up to 100 years in prison a cleanup effortn the world's highest mountain has led to a grim discovery.
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the nepalese government says climbers leading a climbing campaign said they have retrieved four bodies and collected over 12 tons of decades of garbage from mt. everest. they say the slopes are littered with human waste, torn tents, plastic wrappers and more. exposed by melting snod and were a father in arizona says he arned a big lesson about tying down his trampoline. he says it wasn't windy when his son and a friend we playing, but then the trampoline and the two 11-year-olds on it were blown into the air they were tossed over a wall and into the street. one of the boys even suffered a fractured elbow and a pelvis injury this morning the music wor isourning the loss of a rock & roll hall of famer new orleans voodoo rocker dr. john, a six-time grammy nner, died thursday from a heart attack, according to his family. an announcement was posted on his twitter account. ecded some 35 albums in his career and was best known for the songright place, wrong
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time." he was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame in 2011. ringo starr and bbie harry of blondie tweeted touching tributes to the singer dr. john dead at the age of 77 astad, is alec baldwin ready to dump trump on "snl" and vedi into the deep end 55 stories up how architects are planning to put an infinity pool on the top of a skyscraper. that's next on "early today. h that hel heart so she can keep on doing what she loves. in the largestereart failure study ev entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause hrnm or death to an unboaby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb.
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guysee, it's bn fun. i don't know what's next for me, but i wouldn't be donald trump if i didn't say tune in next seasli to see who s and who dies >> could this be the end is alec baldwin ready to hang up his billowy blond wig? in a new interview, the actor to usa today he is so doneum playing president trp on "saturday night live," saying they shod find someone who wants to do it, while the "snl" studios are just a f floors above us we have no additional word yet if he is actually finished with the role i heard m on an interview with howard stern a year ago. he said the same thing and came i'll believe it when i it. >> i hope he keeps on doing it my impression t thaump really seems to not like it. that makes it funny. >> absolutely, every single time designs for a proposed rooftop infinity pool in london are raising a lot of questions like how do you get in it? the deorgner f compass pools
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says they didn't want anything to obstruct the view so a rotating spal staircase will rise from the pool floor when a swimmer wants to get in or out using an air lock system based on submarines, and a camera system will replace lifeguards the company is also planning to build a 55 story hotel under the pool, which will be called infinity any london. so i have questions. like when you're ready to get out, how do you summon that staircase? >> it seems like there is a lot involved any time you want to it's an amazing view and cool in a city like that, but you're right. you want goat up and get a drink, how long will that take so many questions. we have to figure that out when a north carolina trooper was challenged by a group of youngs gymnast a pull-up contest, here is what happened >> one, two, three, four >>h!
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nina got him >> the entire face-off lasted about 40 seconds before trper rshall lost out to that tough lady >> my favorite part is the kids jumping up and down. t my favorite par how that little girl cheated, totally look, she is not going all the way up but still, it's impressive call it liket is >> and it was fun. so still ahead, why you should check your stress at the door before greeting your dog expression of nature. transforming natural essential oils into a fragrant si adjust your setting for the perfect balance... and it gently fills the room. pausing, when it's just right. take in notes of nature... and experience the fragrant mist with air wick essential mist. i'm truly amazed at the effect thathank you, bob!ple.
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june is pride month, and nbc out is marking the 50trsh annivey of the stonewall riots which sparked the gay rights movement by highlighting 50 change makers, rising starsns and veteraf the lgbtq movement today we shine a spotlight on lori lightfoot who swept all 50 of chicago's wards this year to become the windy city's first lgbtq mayor. read more about mayor lightfoot and our other pride50 trail blazers go to back with the forecast people want w. kno >> it's the weekend. if you're on the west coast here, lots of sunshine above normal temperatures here we are tracking sere weather for the upper midwest with that heavy rain it's really going to continue for the south, and still the highs. el paso into arizona, triple-digit territories >> it's summertimehat. r. summe >> getting there all right. do not go ywanre the best deals and freebieies r national donut day
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:: happening now on "news4 today," water woes. a water main break blasts the si of local town home shattering windows a tearing apart the walls. we're showing you the damage left behind. off the field, now neck deep
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incontroversy. a celebrate local football coach acused of domestic assault. this morning news4 is hearing from his attorney. and needft a popular ride-sharing i can't be announces pickup by helicopter -- app announces pickup by hicopter. yes, please. >> small i think that i would still manage to be late in the rning. good morning, everyone, it'. 4:0 i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yaing. let's begith the forecast and morning commute. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is starting us off with the forecast. >> we'll begin with melissa mollet following breaking news on the roads this morning. what's going on? >> reporter: take a look at this. again we're talking about indian head highway, northbound 210 after wilson bridge drive. all lanes shut down. this is blocked by a multi-vehicle crash. we have a reporter on the way. we're going to bring you live pictures as soon as mental health gets there to the scene. this ishe same area where we've had multiple crashes in thest


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