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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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get started now for as low as29.99 a month. call, click or visit a store today. break right now at 11:00, ys the u.s. s mexico will take major moves to crack down on migrants at the southern border. in exchange, president trump is calling off his threat to slap tariffs on that country.
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cameras catch a suspected thief swiping instruments from a local store. tonight, the owner hopes the suspect will soon face the music. and take a look at storm team 4 radar tonight. chief meteorologist doug cammer is tracking rain chances for the weekend. >> to some this is just a candle. but toen three young mn maryland it's a business. i'm shomari stillman and i will ll you about it all new at 11:00. >> news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> hi, everybody. first to that breaking news, the trump administration just announcing a major deal with mexico to avoid tariffs. in exchange the u.s. says mexico will launch a big campaign to crack down on migrants at the southern border. in opposition tohis party, president trump planned to impose a 5% tax on all mexican goods on monday. instead he pushed outthis tweet
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says mexico has agreed to take strong measures. here are some of the highlights of the agreement, according to the state asylum seers crossing the border into the u.s. wl be rapidly returned to mexico. mexico will allow people into their country for humanitarian reasons. while they await asylum claims to be processed there. nbc white house correspondent kristen westholm. lker mass more to say what she had to say. >> require more resources on the part of mechanics cobweb, more detention centers but bootingte inigence sharing. deploying 6,000 national guard troops. they have come to the table in ways that the united states was really pushing them to do. >> but both countries are going to reevaluate this deal in 90 des. you can rad more about this story in ourc washington app. developing tonight, we nowk
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the identity of the two people killed in a murder suicide in upper northwest washington. and one of themrked for the state department. less than an hour department ago police released new information on this case. officers tell us jason rieff shot and killed himself. he was aar state depent queue. lola gulomova was shot and killed. the couple was in the process of divorcen, the pair had two smal dhirn and documents show they had a child custody hearing set for today. detectives are calling the incident domestic. news 4's mark seagraves filed this tonigh n >>ghbors consoled one another outside the home as news of the tragedy spread. >> it's heart breaking to hear something to close to home. >> police wered called to the 4,300 blo of wind am place northwest to check on the welfare one of the people living in the hou in the middle of
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the badck. >> we ho force entry. li >> poce chief peter news om said once officers got into the home they found the husband holding a gun a they tried to talk to him. >> there was limited communication. unfortunately he took his life. nd after the altercation with the husba police searched the home and they found the wife's body. >> in appears to be a domesc murder suicide. >> the police chief says the couple had two young children has a nearby elementaryoo sch when the shootings took place. >> there are children we will came will make accommodations for the kids to make sure they are safe. >> family meers are flying in to care for the two young children. ma agraves, news 4. turning now to our w ther et's take a live look outside the northwest washington studios. it was mostly cloudy today. and the sun could again struggle to make an appearance ov the weekend. doug jones us now from the
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weather center sounds like we need to prepare for rain, right. >> not tomorrow, jim. it's really sunday we need the brel and need it quite a bit during the day sunday. out there today, not bad actually. we saw a lot of cloud cover. the showers well south. we still had hit aigh of 81 in d.c. 81 in hagertown. cooler south where we had the rain andere the rain still it norfolk, raleigh towardsan roe. still seeing rain. but it is shifting farther south. we've been telling you the last couple days tomorrow saturday would be dry. i am calling for a warm dry saturday. but get the umbrella ready for sunday. hour by hour show you which times have the best chance for rain. more rain chances on through next week. this is a really etuned weather pattern guys. i'll show t you whenhings get settled in the forecewt. see n a minute. >> all right, doug, thank you. it has been one week since what thevi have inia beach mayor called his city' darkest hour. a gunman opened firet ae municipal center complex.
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he killed 12 people including 11 of his fellow city employees. he honor the victims community came together at 4:06 p.m. this afternoon for a moment of silence. that's the time the killer started his rampage. live look at the national ocathedral tonight witnge as part of national gun violence awareness day. and wear orange weekend. we got in aerial video from chopper 4 tonight at 9:00. they rang the bell more than 100 times in memory of americans who died from gunfire daily in our country. where orange started in memory of a 15-year-old chicago girl. you may recall she was gunned down a week after performing in president obama's second e. inaugural par some frightening moments at an helmetry school in prince george's county after responding to a 911 call of an active shooter. at the pituxant school in upper
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morrell borrow. the grill lighter was mistaken for a gun. theuspect entered a school making threatening statements and acting strangely. a then left. there was a small group of diudents in the buil for an aftercare program. the school was placed on lockdown, the suspect later placed in custody. tourists if the dominican taking extra precautions tonight after reasons deand health scarce one of the most hoe profile is the deg of a couple from prince george's. alberto doemta is the only local television reporter kofrgt the story. he is in santo dming o with what the tourists are doing. >> the tourists here in dominican republic. at home they felt scared but now here they are feeling safe. the dominican officials are saying it will take some time
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for answers >> the doctors in -- that are close to the picture have told us that it takes about a month. >> thursday the office of the attorney general sharing preminary autopsy report which says nathan yell moems pan kringt day dieds dd of respiratory fail ae. therere new question base the death of loved ones. the state department confirms philadelphia woman died from a hotel, the same resort owned where a another woman and a man from pennsylvania died last month. >> here tourists. we have water. >> fourists not hiding how they felt when they heard what happened. >> i thought great i'm taking kids there. that's a concern. >> some admitting they are changing relaxation plans. >> no drinking so far on this trip. >> that's right. that's what we're going to do no dripping. >> is that a bummer.
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>> kind of, yeah. >> here in the colonial town of santo dming o, the popular tourm spot and the legend. says almost every person coming into the traditional gift shop where he works is a tourist. but he says he is not afraidle peopwill stop coming to the dr. he says m not scared less tourists will come to the store. the colonial zone and the hotels we have in the dominican public. in a country known for beauty, americans already here say you f should comeor a the visit. >> it's a beautiful country. and i would certainly travel here again. if you're -- if you're cautious and safe, there is no reason not to come here. >> a spokesperson for the hotel told me today that some aployees are getting threats. when iked where the threats are coming from he didn't want
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to say.o back tyou. >> that was alberto pemiento reporting. well bring you any new developments on air and on our nbc washington app. a top donor at the university of alabama says the school is punishing him for his stance on the state's new abortion ban high pressure hew culverhouse encourage prospective students to bicyclist enrolling. today the board of trusteesve rehis name from the school of law and returne a more than $20 million gift. the school says the decision wau be of demands he made about how the school operates. the restrictive abortion law does not include exceptions for rape or incest. hree young maryland brothers are banding together to create something a little unexp hted. they'red pouring and cutting wicks for candles.
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and they're also giving back to people across the district. news 4 shomari stone has their story all new tonight. >> reporter: the gill brothers are a shining example of bright entrepreneurship because of ese they're lighting up thele cand business. these three candles represent the gills, brother 13-year-old. >> kohlen. >> 10-year-old. >> ryan. >> and 8-year-old. >> >> recently received the d.c. came ber of commerce young entrepreneur of the year award and a best of 2019 awrd. they feel. >> great and empowering. because not a lot of people get these awards at one time. we received these words all in one zbleek the talented trio aunched their business two years ago to get more money for toys. it means gill brothers in
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yench. >> wh did you all start of business. >> we had like a monthly allowance we can get two video games a month and we wanted . mo >> the d.c. area boys sold nearly 10,000 soy base cented candles, hand poured in their studio. they sold at pop up shops and now expand expanded to 30 stores in the process of being sold at macies. >> makes me feel good about himself. >> so i feel tod. >> aey feel good playing the video > games. their parents don't want them to work too hurd and burn themselves out. >> they want usti to s be kids while having a business. >> man, they blow me away aren't they talented? you can findhe out they sell the candles in your area on their website. in indianhead, shomari stone, news 4. f wow, goodor them, theot brrs donate 10% of theof rs to area d.c. homeless
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shelters. their motto is smell l it,ht it, love it. coming up, a major security host around the we house, the construction project on the white house fence is about to get off the ground. find out when it will start. a geyser of water shooting directly into homes. we'll give you a closer look at the damage here in montgomery county. >> this music store owner believes that a man tried to break into her store three times before, the fourth time successfully to obtnai>
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>> a bizarre burglary here at
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this d.c. music store. iheck out. cameras check the suspected thieves every move. he swipes a special saxophone. and the owner tells jckie benson that this isn't theim fit tthe suspect tried to rip her off. toward not toward one of the larger tenor saxes. not toward the guitars in a sax player. >> herself an internationally recognized musician. mirena immediatelily new something about the man who broke intohe t store on wisconsin avenue in tenleytown at 10:30 wednesday morning. >> it's maybe the most famous of the canon ball series alto sacks fines, the gerald albright is what everyonewants. >> fantastic she has never before had a break in before has a hunch that three similar break
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in attempts singlesugust were the work of the same man obsessed with the workmanship of a special saxophone whichm conds a significant rice. $4,400. >> as she keeps a watchful eye on the busy store for a haven which nurtures budding musicians with lessons ands stocks everything for the professional was, her wores are that of a small business owner will her insurance y for a fourth door repair. she can't think about the loss of theaxaphone and hopes it will be recovered. >> it's a distinctive horn. if anybody see nas, call the police. tell somebody, because there are not that many players in town who have that horn. we think nobody has it except is one guy. >> the music store burglar also stole one other thing. a modestly providesed flute. the owner tells us it's not uncommon for professional
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saxophone players to also play the flute. in northwest jackie benson, news 4. >> we now what caused the massive geyser that opened up in a parking lot in gagtering burg. old pipes are said to be responsible. the water main broke likely because of wear and tear on an eight inch cast iron pipe. we're told it's been ground nearly half a century. three families have been displaced, including one that's lived in the town home the last 20 years. their homehas been deemed unsafe and is likely total loss. >> the experience is traumatic. you want to stop think bag it, my case as well. for kids especially it's a traumatic experience. >> no one was hurt in in incident. the rd cross is helping house the families who are displaced. the families are getting help navigating the insurance claim process.he >> t white house fence will soon nearly double its current height to help keep intruders
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out. the secret service says a p4 million constructionroject will begin in summer. the final fence will be 13 feet 1 inch tall with wider and stronger pictures. the existing fence stands only at 6'6" the construct is expected to continue to 2021 officials concluded aall taller fence is needed after a series of white house security breaches. well a celebration intr the ts this we can. capital pride tis weekend and there are traffic closures you need to know about. tomorrow's parade starts west o dupont circle and ends near lowing. circumstance. . be aware of streets shut down for the afternoon and evening. if you are employing down park something tricky. so met it the best bet. speaking of the parade. nbc 4 and teleimbene orr 44 will there and we are working
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before the festivities begin. c you learn more about the events so you can map it on the nbc washington app. just search prid guide. and doug is it going to rain? that's what everybody wants to no. >> . >> thank you. >> i'll tell what you. now i'm thinking a little bit more sunshine for our saturday too. >> excellent. >> foa is a nice day. sunday that's the day we need the umbrellas. we're talking probably not just a little pue umbrella you may need the bigger umbrella ats timeon sunday but not a complete washout. as i mentioned, saturday lookind gooor the parade too. out there nice night on the mildside for sure. temperatures stillhe 70s. 76 degrees out there right now after a high of 81 only dropping five degree was the wind from the northeast at 7 an hour the wind fairly still continuing that way. 68 in cull pepper 70 towards the hunting ton area. no rain not seeinga any r right now. as a matter of fact no rain anywhere in the area until you
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go down to southern virginia. virginia beach, norfolk if you have family there not the best weekend there for sure more rain towards roanoke. but we have the cloud cover and even the cloud cover kind of trying to dissipate here as the area of high pressure moves in we have the low pressure, you have the bigoad area of low pressure spinning down south and west. this is sitting here the next couple days and making it very s utled right on through the week. but right now we have the area of high pressure to the north. that's keeping us dry tomorw. it's pumping in easterly flow but does not allow that rain to move up toward the north. moving on, the high moves a little bit and actually strengthen into the area tomorrow evening pushing e rainrther south. by sunday high pressure moves op. the block something gone and a rainle to come up cross the area during the day sunday. i think it's off and on during the day sunday. riu need the umbrella du the afternoon. during the morning.
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the heaviest rain could be 11:00, 12:00, 1:00. but tomorrow 83 mostly cloudy. if you live closer towards the chesapeake bay or baltimore you have a better chance of sunshine. south and west of the city. frederick burg. cull pepper warranten you have a css of cloud coveracross the area. nice and warm and mostly dry. best chance of rain well south and west. ry and charlottesville. at the pool nice tomorrow. not a ton of yard work get the grass cut tomorrow because we have the chance of rain on sunday for outdoor events don't cal cancel on sunday. but keep bracelet handy. back to 81 on monday. tuesday into the low 80s there. you notice a chance of showers just about every single day all the way through next thursday. and we could see a good amount of rain between now a next thursday. friday, saturday and sunday next week though looking really good.
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>> all right. >> we'll have earned it by then. >> for sure. >> doug, thank you. >> well the mistics are playing better basketball with the star player back in the mix. they go up to new york and win the third straight ♪ you know reliable support when you have it, de and that ndability is what we want to give our customers. at comcast, it's my job to constantly
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this is the xfinity sports desk. we're on a roll going into last night's name. the nats were hotter fr the new movie always be my maybeow you know. but last night in san diego, the nats with the a 4-0 lead lost. time for a bounce back to san diego. eric the seddy on the hill for ge gnatty.
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juan sotos ahold of thisep de to center. not deepenough. yeah, will meyers makes the catch at the track. bottom half of inning. padres strike first. manny machado. makes it 1-0 san diego earlyn. it's still1-0 pads in the fifth. brandin hyde on the otherial li yoels taken on the top tea the houston stroers the bird jumped out to 39-0 lead. the two-run homer ties it up at 3. the fourth long ball of the year. and so we go to the ninth. same score. the winning runs ond. th michael gibben strikes out tyler white. this one went into extras. and right now the astros just won it the 4 opinion 3 in the 12 inning. so eliana deli donne. first quarter mistic trailing.
11:27 pm
d acquires bullying into the paint gets theay in. 13 points 8 boards. washington down 6 after one frame. in the second natasha cloud, space in the corner. buries the 3. she had 17 first half points. mistics by a point at the break. and moreloud. a career high 26 points with eight assists. at mistics win the third straight 94-85the final on hat one. and the redskins rookie glass is all uncontract. today they got the first official tour of d.c. meeting guestuests. mayor muriel bowser councilmember jack evans theyg reeted the players at the wilson building. showed off football skills and the pair was happy to welcome the new class. >> we have new sidents coming into town that the team wants to show them around d.c. so they know our neighbothoods. know where they can eat, dine, live.
11:28 pm
i think what they find when they go around the ciy, how much people love the rekins want to emsee th win and be successful and backc. in d. >> and pivot algame of the nba finals under four minutes remaining. the ptors up 95-84. they have a series lead. only one team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the nba finals actually the team playing against the warriors. the cleveland cavaliers in 2016. >> who is on that team. >> what's his name. >> what's his name. >> l
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fallon isnext. a lot of us at the parade tomorrow. also doren is there. we hope the weekend isright. thanks for staying up with us. good night, everybody.
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