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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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at 6:00, a crane crashes a into anrtment building in dallas, killing one person and injuring several others. what invesgators think may have caused the deadly accident. d.c. police say a man armed with a bb gun caused this mass panic at capital pride. we're live with what officers are doing differently today. storm team tracking rain that could affect the rest of your weekend. this is the a livehot over national harbor. it's misty out inthere, defitely see the gray clouds. we're going to be check in with
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somara in a couple mutes. so we have new details on the arrest that sparked chaos at capital pride. ood evening, i'm erika gonzalez. d'arcy? >> reporter: erika, festival organize he agrees are telling me they don't believe that last ght's incident is stopping people from coming out to the festival today. there are big crowds here. as you can see behind me, despite the rain. as you said, we are learning a lot more today about the gun incident thahappened and the arrest in dupont circle last night that. despread caused w panic as you can see from this video taken yesterday. now, police arrested the man. he's facing weapons and disorderly conduct charges. the gun police alleged found in
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hiutbag turned o to be a bb gun. they didn't know that at the time. a witness p toldolice that he had a gun in a brown bag under a tree. he alleged told police he pulled the bb gun who was hitting his significant other and threatened to come back and shoot that rson. today's pride after he will have is going on as planned. >> it's unfortunate because we still had a great deal left of the parade and we would like all the community to be able to see. so that's s the part about it. but the most important part is to make sure people are safe and are able to enjoy the event and make are everybody underss that safety is of utmost concern. >> reporter: d.c. police put out a statement earlier today saying they are working with festival organizers to make sure that todayaf festival is a s event. that suspect is currently being held. he is epected in court sometime tomorrow. erika, back to you.
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>meanwhile, we have breaking news out of dallas now where a crane slammed into an apartment building, killing one person and injuring six others. these are live pictures coming in right now of that scene. vestigators say it is possible strong winds from am thunderstor forced the crane into the building. earlier video shows wreckage including damage to the parking deck. investigators say the accident damaged multiple apartment units as well. >> it appears that all stories at some point inside the structure have collapsed. this is the same area in which the deceased person was discovered. >> search and rescue dogs vltha also been brought ino see if there are victims that are trapped. as we mentioned, weather may have played a role in that tragedy. here at home, storm team 4
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isracking showers, and somara theodore says it's likely we can expect more of the same tomorrow f and into the start our work week. somara. >> reporter: that's right. it's going to be a soaker through monday and pts of tuesday. as far as tonight goes, rain hasn't been too heavy. take a look at the radar right now. you can sht that lig green. we're not seeing orange, yellow, red. that's the rdownpous. not the case right now but light showers toward loudoun county pulling towards the northwest. big disthrbance to south and will continue t impact as we go through patchy fog e as well. i'll have the timing coming up in just a moment. backo you, erika. >> thank you so much. we'll see you then. president trump says the mueller report exonerated him, but house democrats want to dig into the special counsel's findings. tomo hrow they will holdarings
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on possible presidential obstruction. nbc's jennifer johnson is on capitol hill where the impeachment debate rages on. >> no obstruction, no crime. >> reporter: president trump has declared theussia investigation case closed, but democrats haven't closed the books. on monday theuse judiciary committee will hold a hearing on possible presidential obstruction and other crimes as 61 house lawmakers push for impeachment proceedings. >> these are criminal acts, obstruction of justice, clearly impeachable offenses. what's at stake is the responsibility of the judiciary committee to conduct oversight to say that no one is above the law. >> reporter: the house is scheduled to vote to authorize contempt cases against attorney general william barr and formero white house csel don mcgahn for failing to comply with house subpoenas. then on wednesday house intelligence will review russiaa meddling contact with the russians. >> i don't think it is about the political consequences as much as it is about following the
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constitution, following the rule of law, making sure that no one is above the law and we're going to hold this administration accountable. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi is being pushed to begin impeachment proceedings but so far has been reluctant. >> the time has come to do the investigation and stop talking about it, top talking about what you're going to label it. get the subpoenas, call the witnesses and let's getmoving. >> reporter: some republicans are bashing democrats over monday's hearing, calling it a ck impeachment proceeding. but democrats say educating americans about the mueller report is a top priority because they believe the white house has misled the public about its findings. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. this week the balance of power in virginia's general assely will lie with voters in the commonwealth. republicans hold a slight edge. on tuesday voters will dide several primary contest. polls will open at 6:00 a.m. they will stay open until 7:00. eac voter will need to bring photo i.d. and remember, any
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registered voter can vote this either party's primaries. to learn more about tuesday's se primary, arch virginia primary in the nbc washington app. a local author lost a book deal afteret tweing about a metro employee eating on the train. tonight find out who the writer says owes her $13 million. an niearly-morng call hitting a sour note with a local music store owner. it appears a suspted it appears a suspted ecin
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the big t rriers are talking abeir current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers th 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can dtriver on all the specum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation. >>
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. the woman who tweeted a photo of a black metro employee eating on a train is now suing her publisher. last month natasha tynes tweeted this photo saying people aren't allowed to eat on metro. it's true,uthe social media backlash against tynes caused her california publisher to drop he publication of her new novel. the book was set to be released this tuesday.ty es apologized and she deleted the tweet, but she says the incident caused her reputation to be permanently ruined. her publisher is not commenting on the more than $13 million lawsuit that she's some local police department are working together to help prevent crime. they host add krunt crime walk in the neighborhoods around
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chevy chase circle. you had officers from d.c., montgomery county and park police all participating in kiis. they were ta questions from the community on how to prevent thefts from cars and porches and gave tips on keeping neighborhoods safe. american airlines is grounding its fleet of 737 max jets until the fall. they grounded the planesack inwi march follong the deadly crashes in indonesiand ae. so far the changes have not been approved y the faa. just hours after a local music store owner recovered a saxophone, she ot a call in the middle of the night. it's happened again in tinley town, a very particular
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maybee's a musician. but police say he's definitely a thief. somebody with particular taste in instruments keeps breaking into the same loc l musicstore. we first brought you this story on friday. you remember this? since then there have been some sort of strange twist to the
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story, positive update we gave last night, but today is a different day and a different story. here's derrick ward. >> reporter: a scene and sounds that have becomeiloo famiar at middle c music in tinley town. 4:00 a.m. sunday when this happened. >> when i get the call in the ddle of the ght, i know what it is. it's the alarm company. >> reporter: lately the alarms have been about a similar scenario, once he's inside the store, he fore goes the guitars and veers away from the vions. >> the signature gerald albright series canon ball saxophone. the sax wasn't in its usually spot on the wall, because samene, believed to be the burglar stole it friday. how did he get to steal it again? that'sa story in and of self. saturday afternoon someone told her they were downtown that they had the sax. the story aired on news 4 andce poli posted the surveillance video. while the caller didn't say he
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stole it -- >> we couldn't quite understand what he was saying, if we found it or someone ge it to him. i want to give it back to you, call the police now and come and get it. po >> rerter: she did. >> i called 911, 311, tip lynn, everyone. >> reporter: but no one showed up, so she and a staff member t wento get it but by then it wa left with a security guard. then this -- >> who would think within hours of recovering it, he would be back again a steal it back again? >> reporter: he took a flute a car n clarinet and a reed. >> i get that, we're all a little off.i this way beyond that. >> reporter: derrickward, news 4. >> what a story. there is no question amazon's new headquarters will have a big impact on our area. today people who live and work near the iite crystal city gonc a chae to voice their
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concerns ahead of amazon's arrival. they met ath wakefield hig school in arlington. this forum is called communities first. the organizers want amazon to listen to theeople who live in arlington and alexandria when they go about making decisions about hq2. among their concerns are the impact it will have on traffic and affordable housing in the area. all right. let's talk weather now because, gosh, it's just the same kind of picture you see behind us right now. it's what we've had all day long. we both decided to weagh li blue to lighten up the evening. talk to us about this stretch of rain, sort of a pattern we're stepping into. >> yeah. that is pattern that's going to push into the top of the week. rain chances every day this week, so it is going to be quite the wet scenario as we kick off here monday. right now i'm still tracking a t few showers in area.
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let's go ahead and get to the radar. you can see the showers we're looking at are sparseow in the d.c. metro area, farther north and west back along i 81 is where we're seeing some of the moderate showers, some of the deeper greens out towards loudoun county. but as for the rain, things have really dwindled down. but don't get too comfortable because we are going to see rain chances creepg back up again. big disturbance to the south, moisture and low pressure spinning u showers into the area. so this is going to be the catalyst for our rain tomorrow. this has impacted the cloud cover as well. temperatures in the upper 60s right now. we're in june forecasts, t noe thousand showered are starting to creep back in, still on the lighter end of the spectrum. we move towards 4:30, might get a dry hole in the d.c. area mondaymorning, but that quickly
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changes. lunchtime we have showers moving along i-95, impactingreas south of the district. wow, we're going to see heavy showers tomorrow. that's who those colors areg tell. not only that, thunderstorms as well. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow we could see another line ride through here and after that we should start to see clearingpl taking e by tuesday afternoon, dry with sunshine. we just goto get through monday. it's going to be wet your foret as far as the numbers go, upper 70s, a few spots could hit around 81 degrents. warm frouking it out. scattered showers, really scattered ydownpours b tomorrowt afnoon. looking at your rain outlook, todayscattered. tomorrow, widespread. tuesday, definitely seeing rain, but early in the morng. wednesday and thursday we've got more rain chances moving in. so the question herein lies, can i get my car washed yes.
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psych. no, probably not a good idea. scattered showers for the next several days. ngo sneak up onunou the car not the case. it's going to rebound and back in on wednesday again.ty cool. i was missing those 90s. i was really digging that.em but tratures in the upper 70s, low 80s until the end of next weekend. >> all right. sop keee umbrellas umbrellas handy, y'all. still ahead the king of clay still ahead the king of clay makes history while reclaiming you know when you're at ross and suddenly realizesh great minds alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off departmenttore prices every day. ats. yes for less. it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about
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it's really the best pricg.etne prowant to hoe look great?o ex. yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store ices. at ross. yes for ss. ye clay, a finely grade minera b there muste traces of gold. the french open is played on clay and for nadal it is more than just a surface. it's a stage. he commands the spotlight and today was no different in his 12th appearance in the men's
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final. looking for the must tiers trophy. rafa gets a rcket on this.ju ba return goes long and nadal hits the clay. rafael nadal can't believe it. even though his i dominance at a historic level, he knows just how much goes into it each and every year. >> just working hard and still hold the passion for what i am doing. that's all. and then, of course, you leedok.
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ann' know how much means to uni after th that's so yesterday. a road game against thepadres, just another business trip. and the assignment helped the nats split a series with the padres. check this out. we're going to stay classy with this highlight because look who's there, anchorman ron burgundy in the house at petco park. i'm in a glass case of emotion because of plays like this. sonf a bee sting. margo makes the catch on the run. he's a big deal,y.'d like to sos stean straussberg. he's a san diego native, pitched a great one today. bottom of the fourth, 3-2count. hosmer swinging then in the fifth, reyez,
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swing that. and another home ru' now 5-1, nats lead it in the eighth. >> smells of rich mahogany in the air. >> the astros finale, skip to the fourth. arrivals, first-league game, second big-lea.e at-bat he looks like he might stickou ar. a two-run shot to center gives them a 2-0 lead. in the seventh, orioles had the bases loaded loaded. this is going to right. but redick is there for the catch. 4-0, the final hey, the mystics mascot waving the rainbow flag for pride wekend.second quar elena
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donne there. third quarter, it'siv tolr now with the steal. two on one. this time she's going to find powers. powers, 18 points, a nice na comon. in the fourth these two keep it going. yeah, this time tolliver is going to find powers for three. why don't you go ahead and take it. tiputs the mys up. they improve to 4-1 this season. monday is looming, that means a retn to the confines of a cubicle, but what if for da one y,i off workers were able to leave their post-it notes behind and be sbrli champ? nd. in fact, you might say kind of a competitor.vesaryf three two ho
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doing after the show, so just be practicing a bit to make sure you know how to maneuver the office chair. > i kind of feel like my brother and i used to do that all the time. my mother was like, get out of the kitchen with that stuff. dave johnson, thank you so much. tht is news for now. we have "nightly news" coming up next. next. we're going to kee practicpin the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited ts or trying to convi ae consumers that 4g isually 5g.
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they're neglecting small towns of the digital divide. leavine if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bringctunprey across the nation.


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