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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 10, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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breakingig ove, former red sox slugger david ortiz is ambushed and shot in the back at a bar in the dominican republic. we'll have the latest on big papi's condition to crash used a cra at a dallas complex? one person died, others injured. we'll have new details >> hundreds of thousands pro extradition laws sending suspects from main land china for trial. >> a major military merger on th monday. raytheon and united technologies have plans to merge forces for the largest arrow defense company.
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>> wow, finally a straight old white man gets a break a >> big night for brian cranston and the best of broadway as the tony awards light up radio city music hall "early today" starts right now >> good morning. i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with that breaking news, red sox legend d oidrtiz was shot in the dominican republic the former red sox slugger was at the lounge in san tto dingo when men on a motorcycle ambushed him the bullet entered his bacand exited his stomach one assailant was capturednd beaten by the crowd. the other escaped. tributes are pouring in. the red sox issued a statement offering all available resources during his recovery. tweeted this sports illustrated cover writing, boston is with you. and heisman trophy winner reggie
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bush is wishing him a quick and speedy recovery. >> many questions remain in dallas, texas, this morning. one person was killed and five others were injured wh a massive crane crashed into an apartment building and garage. this video shows the devastating aftermath inside the parking structure. powerful storm was rolling through dallas at the time and a peak wind gust of 71 miles per hour was recorded less than 15 minutes before the crane collapsed. fowemore on this go to nbc's blayne alexander >> oh, my god, the crane is falling over oh, my god >> reporter: in dallas it's the the unfoiving storm caught on camera this crane collapsing into the side of an apartment building. officials say strong wind is likely to blame. >> that's my apartment, y'all. it's done. >> reporter: tearing through homes and slicing through this parking garage, leaving cars in a crumpled mess. say at least ls more rushed to the hospital, two
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with critical injuries >> this is a really challenging situation in the sense that i cannot personally recall that we've had a crane collapse that didn't involve an already inhabited building i don't recall responding to one wheralit'sn into an occupied building, much less an occupied five-story residential high-rise building >> reporter: many are left without homes. the latest destruction across thstorm-ravaged south. blayne alexander, nbc news >> out west, strong winds and high temperatures are fueling wildfires. billowing smoke engulfed the rise aunt six flags magiin north of los angeles forcing the park to close early. evacuations have been ordered west of sacramento the sand fire spread quickly nbc's mollie hunter has more on the efforts to contain the flames >> reporter: firefighters battling with this sand fire in northern califnia burning across 2000 acres, it spready quicklrough brush covered
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hills. >> these erratic winds pushed the flame in v aiety of directions that's what makes it very difficult for us to figure out what direction that fire is going. >> reporter: but firefigers made progress, the blaze growing by only 100 acres. >> i guess it's ouurn. hopefully they'll put it out >> they didn't have time to evacuate us. it was alrthdy cominugh the property >> reporter: wind temperatures m gusting,andatory evacuations are now in place >> yes, it's nerveat wracking. he same time we know the firefighters are working without them i don't know what we'd do. >> reporter: and the towns hardest hihet by t 2018 camp fire including paradise where people have just started to return home, pg&e protectively shut off power there and across nofohern california r nearly 18,000 customers in southern lifornia, the sky fire breaking up near magic mountain familiesvacuating, running to parkr cars as smoke engulfed the in arizona national forest north of phoenix, more than 7,000
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acres burning, now 50% contained. the first heat wave is approaching temperatures soaring from phoenix to las vegas and in pa springs expected to hit 112 on tuesday and with high temperatures, e fire risk in the west remains dangerous. mollie hunter, nbc news, los angeles. >> while president trump says it'sedase clos on the mueller report, democrats are just getting started. this week the house is ramping up investitions into possible obstruction of justice with three straight days of hearings. the president blasted the probes in a sunday tweet storm saying in part, the mueller report was a disaster for democrats nbc's tracie potts joins us us live from d.c. tracie, the hearings are set to begin later today. >> reporter: exactly de tcrats are tryingo push the idea that the obstruction that was found in the report ise a crimen though the president was not indicted he could not be based on justice department rules so the judiciary committee
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hearing that is happening today, according to democrats in charge, is to expose and explain to the american public what is in that 448-page mueller report. the evidence of obstruction tha waund there. and we can learn more today about that as that hearing gets underway >> no one is above the law that's the purpose of our hearing monday these are criminal acts, obstruction of justice, clearly impeachable offenses and so, you know, it's kind of rich to hear the preside complain about this when he began the campaign with "lock her up." >> reporter: we are also hearing from the president on the star witness for today's hearing, john dean, nixon white house atrney who the president tweeted is a sleaze bag. thfbi called himpu the master manilator behind the watergate upver and now this congress, this democratic committee wants to dig into whether don mcgahn,fo rmer white house counsel, was
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asked to play a similar role for president trump. marlie >> all right, tracie, thank you. >>otexico will nace new tariffs today over immigration after days of high-stakes negotiations presidenant trumunced an 11th hour deal this weekend saying mexico has agreed to takm strongereasures to stem the flow of migrants at the border but just how much of that agreement is really new?le nbc's ron aln takes a closer look m >> oh,y god, 9 crane is falling over >> reporter: a sight in the dallas skyline, a crane topples over into a high-rise residential building authorities secured the area >> it appears to have only collapsed. a >> we have the wrong story there. let's move on to hockey. the st. louis blues have the worst record in thnhl on january 2nd. now they have a chance tn o wi their first stanley cup. to clinch itall theyeed is a game 6 victory over the bruins you see the thousands of fans gathering in downtown st. louis
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to see histool unfd. could it happen? boston would set the tonearly with the first period goal, and they just kept firing away the bruins would go on to score three unanswered, and they would win the game 5-1, forcing a game 7 back in boston for all the marbles. that is set wednesday night. be there it will be on nbc. >> widespread flooding has turned deadly in north carolina. officials confirming three people were killed while traveling along highway 27 when their vehicle slid off the road and overturned in a rising creek. some areas of the state reported last few days. rain over the the flooding was washed away and dirt beds -- dirt beds were washed away, rather and some roads were basically disappearing the same storm system brought high winds, hail and torrential rain across lahoma areas that have already been hit hard this year where flooding was once again, thfae rain rates reached more than 1 inch per hour the oklahoma city fire
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department says crews responded to 74 calls in just three hours. >> all right let's bring in senior meteorologist bill karins. we saw the problems in oklahoma, dallas, i happened to be in north carolina when that was coming through there was bad weather over the weekend. >> it's weakening d sliding into the northeast we're not going to see a lotof damage but we'll see rainfall throughout the day hit and miss showers let's time thieis ous go throughout the day today we rancho bernardo the rain going into the ohio valley some is in the mid-atlantic.ep that will be sweg up the coastal areas. by the time we get to the evening, it will be intt piurgh and appalachians. they had a ton of rain over the past weekend they'll be getting this rain from philadelphia to nework, maybe d.c., too. again it's hit and miss. not everyone is going to get soaked overnight all this rain moves to the northeast, especially through areas boston to hartford 7:00 a.m. looks like a wet skmut in portland. then the ne weather moves in
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for a beautiful tuesday afternoon. just about everywhere from about, i'd say atlanta northwe d. for today therll be hit and miss showers in the northeast. middle of the country is looking really nice. we deserve it after all the we weather and miserable spring you had with all the rain from oklahoma city to st. louis enjoy a gorgeousoofternoon that's a lat the big weather story of the day now here's a closer look at your day ahead. so for today we will see the showers and storms from areas from richmond, northward to d.c. eventually that wet weather will move into areas of southern new england and much cooler after a very hot weekend in areas of south texas, cooling off with storms today we'll talk more about the epic heat wave in the west and what it means for the fire weather coming up. >> very important to be following th bill, thank you so much. >> thanks, bill. georgia's most high profile sunday school teacher returned to church sunday after a short break. hundreds of people attended former president jimmy carter's sunday school class atch a baptt churn plains his first since having hip replacement surgery less than a
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month ago. the 94-year-old said he's doing fine and thanked congregants for all their prayers. >> that's how good he looks there. greado see former president carter there back in the saddle. just ahead the military merger that could reshape the defense industry neet the female brig a dear geral leading the charge into the history books. e starting off the week right here on "early today." air wick essential mist is an expression of nature. transforming natural essential oils into a fragrant mist. simply adjust your setting for the perfect balance... omand it gently fills the pausing, when it's just right. take in notes of nature... and experience the fragrant mist with air wick essential mist. (ch! crunch!)ing) (cwhoosh!m)ru (sniff sniff) no way sister! try listerine ready!abs. they turn into liquid as you chew, so you can swish and clean your trywhole mouth on the go. try listerine ready! tabs and see men in black international in theaters.
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the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside. s so, it prevents streakd haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee leading the news, a megamerger monday, raytheoand united technologies have agreed to a deal that will reshape the defense and aerospace sectors. their all-stock merger will create the second largest company in the industry only behind boeing. the new company they're planning to call raytheon technologies ne would have combid annual sales of around $74 billion. the deal is expected to close in the first half of 2020 >> more than a half dozen lawmakers from capitol hill joined members of the firefighters association in new york they are calling on congress to continueunding a program for september 11th victims the 9/11 victim compensation
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fund is set to expire nextear permanently, but there is a vote on theouse floor next month. funds have already been cut in half aer 5 billion of the $7.4 billion were spent. >> some disturbing news during btq pride month. an 18-year-old michigan man has been arresdin connection wit the slaying of three members of lgbtq community. devon robbins is facing three counts of murder along with asult and weapons charges. he fatally shot the three victims last month inside a home two of the alleged victims were gay men and the other was a transgender woman. prosecutors say robinson targeted the victims because of their sexuality. >> a female brigadier general will make history, becoming the first woman to ever ever to lead an army infantry division. laurie jaeger will assume command of the 40th infantry division at ceremonies in california on june 29th. she will te charge of more than 10,000 soldiers
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when jaeger became a general officer in 2016, she was o the fourth female general in california national guard history. >> hundreds of thousands of of hong kong on sunday to march against government proposed amendments to hong kong's extradition law. changes to the current law would make it easier to send criminal suspects to main land china where they could face charges. police estimatedro the at 240,000, but organizers said more than 1 million took part. several people were reportedly injured after police used batons and fired pepper spray durinheg claswith protesters at hong kong's parliament. the massive protest is taking place three days before hong kong's government plans to bring the bill to the full legislature. >> just ahead, nasa's out of this world offer for tourists. plus anything but the same old song and dcean we have the biggest moments from the tony awards. o you may haveveractive bladder, or oab.
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♪ ♪ >> james corden proving broadway can't be beat with the opening cranston won his second tony and he opened with jabs at president trump. >> i would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world, the media is
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not the enemy of the people. demagoguery is the enemy of the people >> after more than 60 years in the entertainment industry, elaine may won her first major award leading best leading actress for her role in the waverly gallery. a moment in theater history after actress aleci stoker be the first actor in a wheelchair to be nominated and win. she won the award for featured actor in the musical oklahoma. but it was hades town that took the rsnight's biggest hono winning best musical they swept the award show. they had eight wins. to see "hades" for a cheaperin price, it's all over now once you win that award, everybody wants to run and check that out >> i love that speech by ali stroker. >> check that out, too >> nasa is offering the deal to adventurous travelers to take a
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vacation to the international space station, and n that does not cover thaccommodations e will run up to $35,000 a night. nasa officials hope profits from privatspace travel can help recent financial cuts. nasal wilallow film crews up there, so mae a futurestar wars" movie could actually be shot in space. i don't even have to consider whether or not this is something i will do beusit's just way too rich for my blood anyway >> for now following the steps of all the privatane comps, spacex and others have been offering these rides and nasa has been hold up they need that money to go to do some good things you never know what it will be used for a lot ofeople want to check that out it is a lot of money, but if you can afford it, it is something you'll never forget. >> right >> all right let's talk about a competition that put those office skills to the test whenou roll around in your office chair this is the japan office chair grand prix
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did you know that exists >> i didn't know >> they're battling it out to see who can complete the most laps it does look fun they're wearing helmets. safety first, y'all. >> right we mighte able to practice that during the commercial break. >> i'm down with that. >> still ahead, an incredible story of survival. the dramatic rcue esof a hiker missing for almost a week. ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk ane! you're a drift? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. ♪ ooohhhh
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making an ease dozen, for rafa at roland garros. >> that it was the incredible moment rafael nadal claimed his 12th title andgrand slam he played the austrian dominic thiem and became the first player to win the major 12 times. it came with a $2.6 million prize along with a fancy bold trophy i don't know how to say it go for it. ooh, look at that, that's what it's called and that's what rafael nadal gets for being so good on clay you get the employee of th>>e d. ll right, for the week, the fire we watched this weekend over the sand fi north osan francisco and napa area, today the high pressure, the winds get lighter, but the intense heat will continue in the west much of this upcoming week. stay tuned for more on "early today. ay.
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now on "news4 today," a legendary baseball player shot and rushed to the hospital. overnight, new developments out of the dominican republic on davidortiz. chaos at capital pride. hoe crowd scatters amid reports
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someone fired ss. what we're learning about the person accused of causing the panic. oh, my god. the crane is falling over. oh, my god. >> caught on camera. neighbors watch in horror as a crane crashes into an apartment building. that video is still hard to see. the people living in that building -- >> y could cu, cut through it. >> it is 4:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i' eun yang. we'll check on the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet has first 4 traffic. >> let's start with meteorologist lauren rickets in for chuck this week. what do we need to know? >> we need to talk about bringing the umbrella. keep it handy. if it wasn't around yesterday, you'll needev it today, this morning. waves are rain are pushing through the area. yes, we're seeing shower activity. this is the way it's going to be dathroughout the today and even this afternoon. we could even have a few


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