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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 10, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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woman's husband after sheis rescued speaks out. we begin woth a live lok outside. no weather alert, but we are tracking the potential for messy morning commute. for somected to arrive of us just as you'ret. heading good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we begin with a check of the rain and your commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. let's begin with stormteam 4 lauren ricketts on a monday morning. hello. >> hello, in for chuck today and tomorrow. the rest of the week he's out. we're dealing with nice weather in san diego. for us, dealing with rain showers. 64 is the temperature now.w e're not going to have a temperature at 7:00 a.m. apparently. again, we will start to go up into the 70s to near 80s degr for daytime highs today. now that's in d.c. if you're north and west, frederick county, maryland, virginia, points north and west of the area, i think you'll stay
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in the 70s today. if you're south and east, southern maryland, fredericksburg, northern neck, possibly low to mid 80s today. spreading temperatures, but bo every's going to see the scattered showers. a chance for thunderstorms, bringing heavy downpours later this afternoon. so again,wiou're dealing scattered showers, some drizzle, fog out there early on this monday morning. and that's the way it's going to through the day on monday. again, watch out because the visibility is low across the area. and i expect the fog to hang on forood portion of the day. let's talk the timing of the rain and talk about your father's day weekend forecast coming up. le's talk traffic with melissa. good morning. good morning to you. capitol heights now, southern avenue between massachusetts avenue and ridge road there southeast, this has just cleared. we had police activity. that is now gone. that happen is good. this is also disappeared, northbound 295 at suitland parkway. we had the rig lane getting by the work zone. that's clear, as well. outer loop, inner loop, no probms now. looking at 270 southbound here from 70 to the spur, 67 miles
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per hour ge you there in 27 minutes. northbound approaching montrose, a little bit of a delay because of adwork. eun? >> thank you. it's 4:32. today the m accused of cause something chtic moments during capital pride festivities is said to be in court. >> video captured the mome some took off running. some heard gunshots. it was a b.b. gun. he told police he pulled the gun on someone who was arguing with his significant other. several people weinjured trying to get out of thero cwd. keep an eye on the nbc washington app for updates we learn from tay's court hearing. we're following a developing story out of the dominican republic. former bostoned sox slugger david ortiz is in the hospital after being shot in an ambush-style attack. ortiz is in stable condition after undergoing surgery. local police say last night two men approached at a bar and shon
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him atearly pointblank range. one of the suspects was captured and beaten by a crowd. the other ran off. word on a motive for the shooting. ortiz is from the dominican republic and is regarded as a national ero. the 43-year-old helped e red sox win three world series titles and retiredn 2016. today the prince george's county council will hold a meeting to discuss the governor's plan to add toll lanes to 270 and 295. many leaders are concerned about the impact it will have on homeowners. those potential issues and the impact the work may have on the environment will be discussed today. a roadwork project in d.c.t was supposed to begin today may be delayed because of the weather. ddot was planning on closing lanes on mass avenue from ward circle to 46th street for repaving. the work may begin later this eeek. at least one lanwill be open to traffic in eachirection at all times. the work is expected to happen between 9:30 a.m. and3 :30 p.m.
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the closures will last until june 3rd --th raer, july 3rd. this morning, fire investigators are still trying to figure out la what -- out what caused flames to spread in a townhouse on station street. everyone was able to escape safely. it is unclea whether the fire spread to other town homes. no one was injured. it's 4:34. here's a look at our other top stories -- oneis person dead and another six injured when a construction crane crashed into an apartment colex in dallas. the force of the crash caused part of the parking deck to rollapse. powerful winds f a thunderstorm may be to blame. investigators will be back on site trying to figure out the exact scause. moke from a brush fire in california forced evacuations two of amusement parks north of los angeles. six plags magic mountain -- six flags magic mountain was affected. started 30 miles north of the city and spread to about 40
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acres and produced so much smoke people had trouble breathing. today jury selection begins in the trial of damonte he's former university of aryland basketball player accused of rape. prosecutors say that in the fall of 2017 dodd met a girl at a college park bar and after she became drunk raped her inside the terrapin row apartments. dodd currently plays for the polish basketball league. this morning we'll learn more about amazon's expansion in our area and how it willvectly impact --l wil directly impact virginia tech. it will be built near the headquarters in alexandria. the school i planning a press conference for 10:00 this morning to tale about what it xpects. no question amazon's new headquarters will hav a big impact on our area. yesterday people who live and work near the site in crystal city had the chance to raise their concerns ahead of the company's arrival. a meeting was held in forum. it was called "communities
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first." people want to amazon listen to people who live in arlington and alexandria when making decisions about hq2. the impact will be on traffic and affordable housing.t walmaris almost ready to roll out itsew delivery system. walmart is hoping to take a bite out of amazon's siness. ere's how it works -- you order your grocery on line. y if aren't home, you can watch a live feed of the employee sdwrerning your home and -- entering your home and stocking your shelves. >> yes! >> no. it's in response to amazon's same-delay delivery. but skeptics say the biggestrd hule will be addressing privacy and security concern, aaron. >> are they going to be perfect every single time? only takes one incident to make this a dangerous or spooky or weird experience. >> walmart will start testing thiservice in three cities fall. they'll offer this pilot program to nearly one million custom as. you want complete stranger to
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go into your house and rifle through the contents of your refrigerator? don't you want it organized in a special way? >> they'll figure out it. i love it. i'll do it. >> there's a market for this. broadway celebrated the shows and performances of the year at the 73rd annual open itty awards. >> -- tony >>awards. wn haties won awards including best new musical and director of a musical. >> and the tony award goes to -- "hadestown." >> the entire creative team had a vision for how the world could be. if fans were anything, it is that change is possible. >>, brian cranstonyou see there, won his second tony for best actor in a player for his performance in "network." gave a nice nod to those of us in journalism, too.
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here's a look at four other big wins -- she was the on womannominated and the only woman who directed a musical on broadway. stroker ig win for ali for best featured actress in a musical for her performance in "oklahoma." her win was historic because she's the first wheelchair-usino factor win a tony award. she performed at the show last night, too, in her wheelchair. it has been -- an amazing voice. >> there you go. i love theto s, i know you do, too. >> fun to watch. ahead, from baby-boomers to toddlers, america's new marijuana laws are impacting everyone differently.
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>> we' look aing at two new studies. do you remember this video? it may have made you disney -- made you dizzy watching it. hear from the husb an
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so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bght, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... at and kea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? wait! go back! you may remember this video from last week. it was sherrodnd social media a quickly -- shared on social media and quickly went viral.
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it shows a woman being recoed by helicopter. the stretche she's being lifted in started to wildly. look at that. laying on theasstretch 74-year-old caitlyn metro. this morning her husband is speaking out. >> george says he and his wife were hiking arizona's peak when his wife fell. she broke her nose. and she injured her left hand and leg. rescue crews decided to airlift her because of hip pain. they didn't want to make an injury worse. as she was lifted she spun at least 150 times in two minutes. feeling helpless, george watched from the ground. >> didn't knas if she w dead alive. didn't know what was happening. the thing was spinning so fast. the blood was going to herhead, into her eyeballs. >> he says caitlyn is feeling the effects of the spinning. phoenix fire officials say of the 210 hoist rescues they've conducted in the last six years, the snning issue has happened
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twice. more baby-boomers are using marijuana. this comes from the national alth.y of drug use and older adults are turning to cannabis to help treat pain, anxiety, andsi depres. this torrential is only expect -- this trend is only expectto continue. many are utilizing it for medicinal and recreational reasons, as well. troubling statistics about the nationwidechildren's hospital's has seen more incidents ofllhildren swaing marijuana. over the past years, 3,000 of children, the majority of whom were yunger than 3, oxley ingesting mot. hethan 70% of the incidents happened in t states where marijuana is legal. >> pretty alarming. 4:43. as we head to break, let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts. >> good morning.
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we've got rain. it's going to be widespread throughout the day. fog out there, as well. that's what you'll encounter as you make your way out the door. plenty of dry es. we also have other chances of rain. what'soon not on -- what's not n here, fath's day
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welcome back. if rainy days and mondays gets you down, this won't be your favorite day. wet weather arriving in time for the commute. you know it's going to be ssy. meteorologist lauren ricketts will be joining us in a few it minutes w a look at all that. that's not good for a monday. we'll get you through. we're here for you. as we prepare for rough , weather congressional democrats and the white house prepare for a busy weekahead. >> investigations of president trump are going ramped up. multiple hearings on the mueller report are scheduled for the next few days. live from capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: gootsmorning. it his afternoon, the house judiciary committee run by democrats are holding a first hearing on th they're calling it "lessons from
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the mueller report," pridential struction, and other crimes. republicans say thiss nothing more than a mock impeachment. their star wi this afternoon is john dean, the nixon white house lawyer who the fbi called a masterr manipulato behind the watergate cover-up. democrats want to dig into what's really in the report on object struk--st obction. tomorrow we'll see a vote on whether to hold former white house cou delon mcghan aeyd attoreneral welcome baf -- atto general women barr in contempt for not responding tosubpoenas. >> thank you. tomorrow bib will be a big voting day in virginia. it could wind up rebalancing the power in the assembly. the republicans hold a slight edge. there will be several primary
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ea voice recordter needs to bri legal i.d. to learn more, search "virginia primary" the nbc washington app. this weekend, thousands of people took to the streets for pride events here in d.c. and around thecountry. nbc 4 and telemundo 44 were there to celebrate along with local leaders and plenty of area organietions. pridvents were also incorpated into campaign events. over the weekend, democratic presidential candidate pete ie buttig making sure by being the first openly gay candidate running for president, spoke at a pride event in iowa. >> i think it's society important especially during pride to lift one another up, to let young people know that they're not alone, that we support them.e and to maksure that we back that up by creating through policy and culture a country where everybody knows that th belong. >> buttigieg went on to see that he hopes to empower others who because of their sexuality may feel less than. 4:49. american airlines has decided to gunds its fleet of 737 max
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jets until the fall. the company grounded the planes back in marchhe following deadly crashes in indonesia and ethiopia. many other airlines arnd the world did the same. american now says the fleet e won't rrn to service until september at the earliest. boeing is working on software upgrades and training changes to the aircraft. so far the changes have not been approved by the faa. the author who tweeted a photo of a black metro employee eating on a train is nowng sui her publisher. last month natasha tines tweeted this photo saying people ar't allowed to eat on metro. it's true, you aren't allowed to eat or drink on metro. the social media backlash aginst tines causeded her california publisher to drop the publication of her novel. it was t to be released this tweet. tines apologized and deleted the tweet, but she it caused her reputation to be permanently ruined. her publisher isot commenting on the more than li$13 mil lawsuit fines filed.
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a rainy weekendook a told on infrastructure in new york. rain led to flooding which in turn wiped out several major roads. more than seven inches of rain fell in some couies on saturday alone. so of the damage will take just days to repair, some of it will take weeks or months to fix. you see the road washed out. good news, no one was hurt. >> >>at is good. we are getting rain in our area, as well. storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. that's from theme system. we had a frontal system pass through toward the end of last week. it stalled out in the carolinas all weeken that's why we were mainly dry here. now it's moving back to the north. that's why we're seeing the rain showers from yesterday, and they will coinue today. waves of rain continue through the day today. you're waking up, headed outside. we've got drizzle, mist, if seu're notng the showers, and also some fog. since we have the rain from yesterday, althought was light and it's light out there now, i think it will pick up in
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intensity through the aanernoon evening. could even have thundershowers with heavy downpours. we could have isolated flooding instances. we'llatave to watch for th with any of the storms. and as with the storms, the frontal system moving through, there's going to be a big spread in highs later this afternoon. temperatures now not huge spread, everybody in the 60s and 50 in leesburg and winchester. waking up this morning, we'll move ito the 70s for most of everybody. again, we're going to have showers out there and definitely some fog to deal with. here in d.c., i think we'll be 8 in thes. north and west, you're sticking in the 70s. south and east, you may head into the mid 80s.s r as the radar is concerned, you can see the raves of rain. not raini' everywhere. have areas that are dry but have the drizzle and fog out there. we're also going to have areas of rain. you see where t's lifting from. it is lifting fromhe carolinas, moving south to north with a warm front. that warm front will make it
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here. while.oing to be a once it gets here, we're going to hit late afternoon daytime highs in the 80s. it looks to set uphop like it -- areas to the south well into the mid 80s. northern neck, fredericksburg, along i-95 will be80. pushes to the north and west, temperatures in the 70s. from the mid 70s to the mid 80s with northwest suburbs being a little coo so again, here goes the rain. it continues to pulse through the area. you'll have it all through the morning commute. dry times, but i'll keep the low clouds out there. here come thund your monday night and into tuesday overnight. everything should be gone by daybreak tomorrow morning. looking better througthe day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine, he'll be breezy. wednesday, looking good. anthen another rain ch returning on friday. saturday looks great, rain chances for sunday pushing back to monday and tuesday. good morning, melissa.
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god morning. spencerville, 198 east of good hope road, a crash and a pole and some wires down. it would be some time before that is open to reopen there, 198 near goode hop road. outer loop, inner loop, everything looking good. no parishes in your way, inner loop, outer loop, no a gre thing. arlington, glebe and walter reed drive, flashing lights. you might be a slowdown there.e and princorge's county looking quite good. aaron? >> thank you. this weekend the washington nationals not only added av tory to the season, but the teal land itself in the history books, too. >>yeah. t nats hit four straight home runs. the second time in team history that it's happened. no other team hasom aished this in more than one game. the magic happened in the eighth inning. howie kendrick, tray turner, adam eaton and anthony enrdone
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hit home runs. there you go. look at the dancing celebration. love it. the effortat helped be the padres 5-2. you know, after this season, it's nice to be celebrating the wins, home runs allt.of tha we also have some great news. not justutbaseball b stanley cup news, as well. i dependsguess, not great. they're going to game seven. >> last night right here nbc 4, the boston bruins beat the st. louis blues. so you know, the blues were hoping to end the series last night. >> me, too. >> to hoist the cup up on home icthere. it wasn't meant to be. the bruins took it 5-1. the next game wednesday in boston. you can watch that here on nbc 4. iad nothing against boston necessarily, just that the city has won many championshps over many years over many sports.>> so every sport you want to see somebody else -- >> just saying, spre the love.
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next at 5:00, before you break out your passborder for the next -- thssports for next family trip, there are a few things to prepare for your trip. we'll talk to a doctor about overseas vacations. a serial instrument thief is on the run. the loaner of a local music store says the thief struck fi times.
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a legendary baseball player shot and rushed to the hospital. overnight, new developments on david ortiz. chaos at capital pride. the crowd scattersts amid repor someone fired shots. whate're learning about the person accus ofausing panic. oh, my god.e thrane is falling over! oh, my god. >> caught on camera, neighbors watch in horror as a crane crashes into an apartment building. coming up on 5:00 a.m. now on this monday morning. good morni'g, everyone. m aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang.j t about 5:00 a.m. we begin this morning with a check on your forecast and your commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> let's start with storm team 4's laure fricketts in chuck. what do we have? >> we've got rain out there, guys. we've got some fog, as well.
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a muggy day. upper 50s in the shenandoah valley to the 60s in southern maryland. we will be slow to rise today. eventually by late afternoon and into the early eveni , that's likely when we'll see the highs. there's going to be a spread in temperatures. area to the north and west, likely stayi 7 in thes. south and east, mainly into the low to mid 80s. low visibility with all the rain, the fog, the low clouds, the drizzle, the mist. just not the prettiest of 'londaying. webe dealing with the rain for some time. eventually the frontal system will come through the area, push this whole system out. we'll let you know when we can expect more sunshine and talk about the warm temperatures coming our way. first,let's talkraffic with melissa. good morning. >> good morning, spencerville, 198 east of good hope road, a crash with a pole and


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