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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 10, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a muggy day. upper 50s in the shenandoah valley to the 60s in southern maryland. we will be slow to rise today. eventually by late afternoon and into the early eveni , that's likely when we'll see the highs. there's going to be a spread in temperatures. area to the north and west, likely stayi 7 in thes. south and east, mainly into the low to mid 80s. low visibility with all the rain, the fog, the low clouds, the drizzle, the mist. just not the prettiest of 'londaying. webe dealing with the rain for some time. eventually the frontal system will come through the area, push this whole system out. we'll let you know when we can expect more sunshine and talk about the warm temperatures coming our way. first,let's talkraffic with melissa. good morning. >> good morning, spencerville, 198 east of good hope road, a crash with a pole and wires down.
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it could be some time before it reopens. hopefully it gets out of the way sooner rather than later since it is only5:00 a.m. southbound on 95, 32 to the beltway, looking okay. nothing in your way. y miles per hour gets there in ten minutes. it's fine northbound, as well. inner loop, outer loop y, the beltwaice and clear. had earlier roadwork, that's gone. arlington, glebe at south walter reed drive flashing traffic lights there. aaron? >> 5:01. today the man accused of causing chaotic moments during capital pride activities is set to be in court. >> cell phone video captured the moment parade-goers took off running. juinin f is at d.c. police headquarters with more on the scary incident. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. scary incident indeed. that made news around the world really. and today d.c. police say the man responsible, 38 years old, willhave his day in court. he was threatening a person
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after an altercation with a weapon that turned out to be a b.b. gun, a that set off this scene you're seeing now that we saw on several cell phone camera videos. this panic along the parade route. just a few hours into the celebration along connecticut avenue. police say he got into anner it indication and said -- an altercation and said he was hitting his significant other, and he was trying to go for the weapon. a person flagged down an officer who was able to point ou saying the officer got to him and found that silverer b.b. gun in -- silver b.b. gun in a bag. police say there were no shots fired. however, they say even in custody he was threatening to shoot that person he said sparked all of this. e can tell you he's facing a charge of possession of b.b. gun as well as disorderly conduct. of course, there were several injured in that panic to run away from the altercation. howev, this could have been a
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lot worse. again, he will be in court later today. back to you. >> thanyou. former boston red sox slugger david ortiz in the hospital after being shot in an ambuus amb >> he's in stable condition after undergoing surgery. police say last night two men approached him at aar and shot him at neapoy tblank range. one of the suspects csaptured and beaten by a crowd at the bar. the other ran off. no word on a motive for the shooting. ortiz is from the dominican republic and is regarded as a national hero. he retired in 2016. the news of the shooting caused an outpouring of love and prayers for big papi. pedro martinez posted a picturea ying, quote, i'm at peace know
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you are out of danger. right now a serial music store robber is on the loose. d.c. police are trying to catch him before hits another store. cameras capturede subject breaking through the glass door in northwest d.c. this was the second time in two days the same man broke into the same store. he stole a $4,000 saxophone. that was an all-too-family scene for the store -- familiar scene for the store owner. >> i couldn't believe it because it happened the light before last. this is the fifth ti i believe the same person has done this. >> after the sax was stolen the first time, someone called the owner to say that they had it and left it with a security guard. the owner picked it up and took it to police so they could gather evidence. the owner hopes the thief willr urn the sax for good this time. in ocean city, maryland,
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police are srching for a suspect in a stabbing near the boardwalk. police are looking for the man you see here. imore ing to our ba affiliate, wbal, the stabbing happened just after midnight yesterday. two teens suffered serious t injuries bure expected to be okay. a man wanted for allegedly touching a 4-year-old girl inappropriately wascaught on camera shortly after the encounter. police in hyattsville say this happened on may 29th along east-west highway near the mall at prince george's. a young child is in children's hospital in revering from a dog atack. maryland state troopers say a rottweiler attacked a 5-year-old inside a home on leward circle in st.nt mary's couy friday. a second family dog, a shar-pei mix, also attacked the child. the 5-year-old is expected to survive. the dogs were taken away by animal control. new video shows aouassive
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hse fire over the flames. two people a a dozen areut of a home. this was turkey foot road in maryland. no one was injured. over the weekend, this deck in germantown ngcollapsed, hur some of the people attending a birthday party there. neighbors tell us nearly 100 people were at the home on liberty heights lane saturday night. everyone who was hurt is spected to be okay. the fire departmays that deck shows signs ofa wter damag damage. at least one person is dead after a crane collaps into an apartment building in dallas. >> oh, my god. >> strong wind and rain were reported around the time it will toen- toppled. the force was so powerful in several floors of a parking deck collapsed on each other.
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>> our foiktsz cus is the eastet side where levels have collapsed. >> two i people critical condition. this is not the way many thought their day at the amusement park would end. smoke from a brush fire prompte evacuation six flags magic mountain near los angeles. the sky fire spread to about 40 acres. that's when six flags stopped letting people enter the park and began asking them to leave. at one point, flames were dangerously close to the parking lot at the exit road of the epark. no on was hurt. the time 5:07. todns jury selection begi in the trial of a formerve uniity of maryland basketballl payer accused of rape. >> damonte dodd is accused of the incident from 2017. this morning news4's molette green is live in upper marlboro with more details. good morning. da reporter: kwoergood morning
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you. onte dodd has been allowed to play professional ball in poland. but now he has to face a rape case in prince george's county. prosecutors say this case is all about damonte dodd meeting a woman at a bar near the umd campus. jury selection will begin here inpper marlboro. they say when they left that bar, they went back to the terrapin row apartments, and the te dodd had sex with woman against her will. now the alleged victim reported the case five days later -- reported the incident five days later to police. all the while, donte dodd has alleged the incident was consensual. the woman did tell police she was intoxiated at the t of the incident. dodd faces a number of charges.y back to. 5:09.
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today we'll learn more about amazon's,nsion in the area. the tech giant set to open a $1 billion tech campus near the new headquarters in alexandria. the one million square-foot facility will serve as a graduate company for technological research. they say it will fill a democrat for developing tech talent. there's a c sferencecheduled for 10:00. we'll upte the app as we learn more. today the supr court could rule on the future of the bladensburg peace across. the cross was dedicated in 1925 to dozens of prince george's county men who died in world war i. some argue it is a religious symbol on government land and maintained with tax dollars. the justices are expected to issue their ruling as early as today. molette green is live in upper lbmaroro, not in college park. sorry about tha we'r giving you a heads-up. feher's day is this wekend, sunday. >> that's right. if you're not shuure what g
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dad, we'll get you started. and we're helarng you prepfor your family's next vacation. >> things to do is on make sure you have a fun and safe trip. lauren? we've got temperatures out thernow, there they go, temperatures in the 60s and 50s. listen, we also had rain out as well.g, we'll talk about the timing of the rain and more importantly the timing of sunshine coming up.
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we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back. today houseemocrats will begin key hearings on alleged presidential obstruction. >> they want to renew focus on the mueller report. take a look here. five doznd democrats a one republican are ready to impeach cyesident trump. house speaker nanelosi is not on the list, but she did make news are reported comments earlier this week. nbc's casey hunt spoke with chris van holland onhe t issue. >> she want to see him go to
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prison. are you with hern that? >> what she's referring to i believe is that the main event is 2020. so i do agree that the main event in terms of removing president trump from t white house is the election. and of course, if he's removed after that, he is subject to criminal prosecution. >> van holland would not say whether he thought the president was a criminal. and speaker pelosi is one of most powerful women in washington and one of the most influential in the world. >> there's a personal side the public doesn't often get to see. today she's opening up with barbara harrison about mother aod, religion, making history on the hilt. >> i sat down with nancy pelosi anal we td about a lot of things, her personal and political life. she's known around the world as thepeaker of the house, a member of congress from san
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francisco. we've known each other a long time. we met when we both had children n the same school back in san francisco several years back. naasy at that time w already the mother of five, four girls and one boy. i left for the washington area in 1981 to work here at nbc 4. she cameye about fivrs later, elected to the house of representatives. as the daughter of a former congressman i asked her in the interview if her parents would be proud of where she is today. she said i wasn't the first to ask that q>>stion. remember when i was elected speaker the first time by my talks, nominated. as i came, in people applauded. and the chairman of the caucus, rahm emanuel, said tom your parents would be so proud of you becoming speaker. and it jolted me, and i thought, no, they -- they didn't have any aspirations for m to be speaker. they just wanted me to be holy.
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and that'sm what made the proud. >> she said a devout catholic her mother would be proud of hoh she raised family. she thinks having gone to congress it would have been okay, too. be sure to tuor in f rest of my interview ononday evening on news4 at 5:00. >> all right. thanks to barbara for that. father's day is coming up, this sunday. >> yet again this year, you'ren u going to spend as much money on dad as yodo on mom. i don't think that's ever going to change. i think it's going to be the same trend. 80% of consumers plan to buy a gift for mother's day compared to 70% who plan to get a gift for dad. according to retailmenot's ceo, spending will be closer to $80 for dad and $100 for mom. there may be good news for people other than socks -- >> they want to purchase something they can experience with him. some of the contenders include
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dinners out, gift cards for ie exes, even trips tray can take together. >> sounds fun. to find the perfect gift, 39% consumers will head to department stores. 34% plan to shop on ne. another reminder, father's day is this coming sunday, june 16th. if you don'tave amazon prime, you're going to have to hurry, scurry. >> absolutely. do you help the kid w robert's gift? >> yeah. a lot of times we just do thinge toer. >> like go to dinner -- >> exactly. >> that's what wedo, as well. >> all right, ms. -- >> sounds good to d will do it. >> all right. good. >> works every time. >> yeah. t> listen, outside today, it is not going to be prettiest of sys. already we'reing the showers out there. we had the rain yesterday. light stuff yesterday. you were out and about yesterday, weren't you? >> yes. at the festival in the afternoon. the pride festival -- >> sadly, my kid had three soccer games this weekend.
5:18 am
>> did you get rained on? >> yes, played in the pouring rain. >> it was bad rdyeste. areas got some rain. some areas just saw showers. yome areas saw nothing. that's the wa it is this morning. patchy rain out there. definitely widespread fog. gain, widespread rain, especially by this afternoon. it's patchy now. but it will fill in as we g into the afternoon hours. we'll have a few thunderstorms. dry tuesday and wednesday, back to thursday, more scattered showers. dry on friday. temperatures out there right now, 50s and 60s. it is a warm kind of morning out there. a muggy morning, as well. over the next 12 hours, we have some of the scattered showers. we could have isolated flooding veents. we ha ponding on the roadways now. i think with any storm that we get later this afternoon through late this evening, i'm talking about 10:00, 11:00, we could have heavy downpours. that will create that flooding concern. watch out, we concerned about the visibility out there.
5:19 am
yeah, a lot of fog out there nkw. i thi it's going to be with us for the majority of the day. waves of rain pushing our way with a front moving up, and then a cold front will scoot everything out of here. late this afternoon, tt frontal system will kind of set up shop right here across our area before the cold fment c through and sweeps it away. that's why areas south and east of the warm front will be in the low to mid northern southern maryland, north and west, temperatures in the 70s. again, expect the rain showers throughout the day. and thunderstorms later on this afternoon through late tonight.i ag talking about 10:00, 11:00 tonight as the frontal system goes through. a lot of heavy down pours with that. tomorrow looking good, temperatures in the upper 70s. breezy, as well.g so an we are looking at some chances of late rain by wednesday, but your tuesday's wey. thursday, , some rain showers, even a few thunderstorms. friday and saturday, dry. i'm keeping father's day dry
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now. more rain comingayack our w for monday and tuesday. good morning, melissa. good morning. 198 east of good hope road, a crash and a pole and wires down, awell. hat right now is shut down. silver spring, northbound georgia avenue at dennis, crash with the right side getting by. the beltway is okay. northbound 295, the ramp to inbound 11th street bridge, left side is blocked by an accident there. and the inbound 11th street bridge before m, right lane blocked by a separate crash. northbound95 a brand-new accident. the rest of 95 looks okay. 66 inbound and outbound no problems. 5:20. if they're still in school, your kids are probably counting down the days to summer vacation. p helping yourepare for your family's summer trip. >> later on "ellen," mario lopez stops by to do some reminiscinr. >> oh, my osh. we were 15 years old --
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>> you look exactly the same. exactly the same. look at that outfit. oh, my god. tucked in -- the tank top tucked in. oh. that's so bad. so bad. >> yeah, mario lopez. like so d, lookt my arms. "ellen" airs here at 3:00. th stick arounden
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welcome back at 5:24. many families are counting downy the ds until summer vacation. >> if you're traveling overseas, we're working 4 you with advice to keep your family safe and healthy aboard. here's justin finch.>> reporter: before arriving at the airport, before stepping into that tsa line -- >> it's always good to meet with a physician, to go wheefr are the riks on where -- to go over where the risks where you're going. >> reporter: he plengrecommends checking in with a vacation travel expert. don't wait until the last minute. >> a month or two before you go would give you enough time if you needed vaccinations toget the vaccinations in before you travel. so ideally leaving yourself onabout a mth lead time would be best. >> reporter: he suggests the
5:25 am
centers for disease control's travelers health advice. you can find that on their home page at >> it's specifically made for people traveling or mecal professionals. and you can put it -- you can put the location where you're traveling, and it will give you r tommendations of what look out for. >> reporter: once at your destination, be mindful of what you eat and drink. bottled and canned beverages like water, beer, or sodaare largely safe. >> the water you want to stay away from, tap water. in general, you don't want to eat food from street vendors. you want to eat food from established places. anything you can peel is generally safe.s, salhings you can't peel, i would stayay aw from. >> reporter: that's because the greens could be washed in unsafe water. if you were born overseas and think you're no longer at risk foria malar dr. whartman says think again. >> you lose your immunity to malaria once you've been in the states for or three years. and you need take malaria prevention when you go back.
5:26 am
>> reporter: planning now for prevention later. justin finch, news4. >> good tips. 5:26. coming up on "news4 today," weather may play spoiler, but a month-long roads project is set to begin today. >> we'll tell youwhere so you can avoid the traffic. plus, contiing coverage of the story many will be talking about today -- former red sox st superr david ortiz shot in the dominican republic. we're updating you on hisdi con. lauren? not the best conditions outside. we have the fog outthere, a little mist, light shower activity. as you wake up, those temperatures around 70 degre t. nowperatures, a big spread later this afternoon.
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happening now, severe weather strikes down south. rivers breach their banks, and roads are destroyed. we're showing you the hardest hitareas. safety delays. the timeline toix the boeing 737 max jets after two deadly crashes is pushed back. we'll tell you why.>> and getting -- and a husband
5:30 am
speaks out after his wife is rescued. we begin wi a live look outside. no weather alert we are acking the potential for a bit of a messy morning commute. rain is expected forme so of us. this as you're heading ou for the day. >> it was raining when we came in, too. >> a little bit. good morning, everyone, 5:30. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm yang.we begin with a -- i'm eun yang. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts. a little rain? >> a littleain this morning, a lot of rain possibly this afternoon as a frontal system comes through. we could have heavy ownpours this afternoon. for now, scattered showers, not the best monday. we've got the fog out there. again, the light showers. if you're not seeing the light showers right over your area, you're seeing the drizzle a the mist. 64 right now. as we go through the morning hours, the temperatures are going to top out. we're going tobe around 80 here
5:31 am
in d.c. by this afternoon. north and west in the 70s. i think south andast may make it into the mid 80s. otherwise, it's not going to be a day to enjoy it. we've got these waves of ra that are going to be pushing through the area. and then eventually a cold front will come through and push everything out of that's also going to bring heavy rain later tonight. let's talk about the timing of enat, and of course we've got father's day week yeah, that's on sunday. we'll give you the weekend forecast. at least a glimpse to let you know what to plan it out. first, we'll go to mollet.a >> a couple of problems early on this monday. fredericksburg, northbound 95 after centerport pea, a crash. now two other crashes, one on each shoulder. state police with those folks still. it's going to be slow headed ou northbnd. spencerville, 198 east of good hope oad, crash with a downed pole and wires. as we zoom in, silver spring, northbound georgia at dennis. crash with the right side y getting there. inner loop, outer loop, no
5:32 am
problems. northbound 295, ramp to the 11th street bridge, left side is blocked by an accident. in the district, as well. inbound 11thr street bge before m street southeast. right lane is blocked. eun? >> thank you. 5:32. the man police say caused these moments of panic at that weekend's capital pride parade will make h first court appearance today. hundreds of people started running at orce over fea of an active shooter on saturday. >> news4's justin finch is live at d.c. police headquarters now with more on what led to the nic of the justin? >> reporter: police say it was some kind ofltcation between a 30-year-old and an unnamed person. someone that made things so angry, they say, that he went for a weapon, a b.b. gun in his bag. then came reports of s fired. again, police are saying no shots were fired. when it did set off -- you see crowds running closeo parade route close to 7:30
5:33 am
yesterday. several people injured in that. no one was shot. we can tell you that close to that time, a person alerted an officer to staying who was near a tree. the officer responded, they found singh and the simpler b.b. gun stuffed into a bag.he said there was some kind of confrontation between him and another person. a person he said was hitting his significant other. and that is when tempers flared and we went for the gun. even in scustody, policeid he was threatening to shoot that unknown person. we can tell you that singh is facing a charge of possession of the b.b. gunnd disorderly conduct against several people injured. luckily not shot. when you hear japanese, you see what a scene it -- when you hear it, you see what is was that caused it. back to you. >> thank you. we're following a developing story out of the dominican rr ublic. formeston red sox slugger david ortiz is in the hospital
5:34 am
after being shot in an ambush-style attack. ortiz is in stable condition after ryundergoing surge. local police say last night two men approached him at a ba and shot him at nearly pointblank range. one of the suspects was captured and beaten by the crowd at the b r. the otheran off. o word on a motive for the shooting. ortiz is from the dominican republic ad regarded as national hero. the 43-year-old helped the red sox win three world series titles. he retired in2016. today the prince george's county council will hold a meeting to discuss gary larry hogan's plan to add tloeoll lan to reduce traffic in the area. many are concerned about the homeowners. those potential issues and the impact the work may have on the environment will be discussed today. a roadwork project inth.c. was supposed to begin today may be delayed because of the weather. vdot was planning to close lanes of msachusetts avenue from
5:35 am
ward circle to 46th street northwest for repaving. the work may begin later this e we at least one lane will be open to traffic in each direction at altimes. will happen between 9 tloirt and w30 -- 9:30 and 3:30. the closuresill last until july 3rd. this morning, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused flames to spark inside a germantown townhouse. this happened on station street. everyone inside was able to escape safely. it is unclear whether the fire tspread to otherown homes. no one was injured. it's now 5:35. here's a look at the top stories we're followin this morning -- one person is dead and another six injured when a construction crane crashed into an aartment complex in dallas. the force of the crash caused part of the parking deck to collapse. look at that. powerful winds there a thunderstorm may be to blame. today investigators will be back on site trying to figure out the exact cause. smoke from a brush fire in
5:36 am
california forced thecu evaations two of announcement parks north of los angeles. six flags magic mount and the hurricane water park was evacuated. the sky fire started around noon 30 miles north of the city.o it spread t about 40 acres and produced so much smoke people had trouble breathing. today jury selection begins in the trial of damonte dodd. he's the former university of marynd basketball player accused of prosecutorsn the fall of 2017, damonte dodd melt a girl at a -- met a girl at a bar and after she got drunk raped her inside the hotel. we have love report coming up in a few minutes. this morning we will learn more about amazon'sn expansion i our area and how it will directly impact virginia tech. the company will build a $1 billion campus for the university near its newqu headters in alexandria. the school is planned a press conference for 10:00 this morning to talk about what it roadway celebrated its best bexpects. shows and performancese o
5:37 am
year at the 73rd annual tony awards. >> i falls feel like i have to -- i always feel like i ve to watch a musical. "hadestown"cleaned up, winning eight tonlu incding best new musical and best director of a musical. >> and the tony award goes to -- "hadestow>>" the entire creative team of "hadestown" had a vision for how ade world could be. if town" fans were anything, it is that change is possible. >> how abouty bra -- how about brian cranston. he won for "network." >> here's a look at four other big winners --
5:38 am
rachel chavkin was the only woman nominated and t only woman to direct a big performance this sea>> > and this win is historic -- ng actort wheelchair-u to win a tony.j t goes talt and art knows b no ounds. amazing. >> she sang, too. phenomenal voice. >> and wearing a gorgeous yellow dress. ahead, from baby-boomers to toddlers, america's new a marijuana lawsre impacting differently. >> two studies that have health leaders concerned. thplus, video may have made you dizzy watching it. imagine being the person inside the stretcher. coming up, hear from the husband of the woman who was inside. stay with us. yohen you're at ross and you find.hmmm.
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and you find that perfect spri dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. you may remember this video from last week. it was shared on social media and quickly went viral. it shows a woman being rescued by a helicopter, an the stretcher she is onpinning out of control. lying on that stretcher was d 47-year-catalin metro. >> her husband, george, is speaking out. he said and his wife were hiking when she fell, breaking her nose
5:42 am
and injuring her left hand and leg. when rescue crews arrived, tey decided to airlift her because of hip pain. she was lifted, the stretcher started spinning. rescuers say she spin at least 150 times in about two minutes. george watched helplessly from the ground. >> didn't know if she was dead or alive. didn't know what was happening. the thing was spinning so fast. the blood was going to her and top to her -- and to her eyeballs. >> he says she's fill steeling the effects -- she's still feeling the effects. out of 210 rescues in the last few years, spinning has only happened twice. you have to wonder why nay didn't put it back down. >> there has to be a method. who knows? more baby-boomers are using marijuana. this comes from thenal survey of drug use and health. older adults are turning to cannabis to help treat pain, anxiety, and depression. the trend is only expected to continue. more states are legalizing
5:43 am
marijuana not just for medical puoses but for recreational reasons, as well. we're also seeing troubling statisti about marijuana. the nationwide children's hospital says it's seeing more instances of children swallowing marijuana. over the past 17 years there were nearly 3,000 cases of children accidentally iesting pot. the majority were younger than 3 years old. some became drowsy or confused. others suffered seizures and went into comas. more than 70% of all the instances happen in states where marijuana is legal. as we head to break, let's check in with steer team four lauren ricketts. hello there. >> we've got showers out there as you make your way out the door. showers, even a few thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll have to worry about the flooding threat, as well. spreading emperatures, butt
5:44 am
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are you going to sing along? tracking the potential of wet weather in time for the morning commute. gist torm team 4 meteoro lauren ricketts will joins us in minutes with a look at the forecast. the nd as we prepare f rough weather, congressional democrats and the white house prepare for a busy week ahead. >> investigations into president ump are beingramped up, and multiple hearings on the mueller report are scheduled for the next few days. news4's tracie potts joins us live with more. good morning. g. reporter: good mornin good morning, everyone. today's hearing by democrats is called letsons from the mueller report: presidential obstruction and other crimes. plus say it is nothing more than aacock imment of president trump. the president talking about their star witns today, john dean flag, who was a former nixon white house attorney that the fbi said was a master nutes later behind the watergate cover-up. president trump in a tweet this weekend, last night, called him -- said tat john dean was
5:48 am
someone who was a sleaze attorney. in addition to the hearing today, democrats are planning a vote tomorrow on whether to hold don mcghan, former white house counsel, and the attorney general, william barr, in ntempt for not complying with subpoenas. back to you. >> all right. thanky potyo than tomorrow is election day in virginia. and it could wind up reshaping the balance of power in the general assembly. right now republicans hold a slight edge. voters will cast ballots for several primary contests, polls will be open from 6:00 7:00 p.m. bring a voter i.d. and either can vote in the primaries. is on learn more searchir "vginia prima." this weekend thousands took to the streets for pride senior citizens d.c. and around the country. t we were there celebrate along with local leaders and plenty of
5:49 am
area organizations. prim sense were incorporated into presidential campaigns. mayor pete buttigieg is making history as the firstly opgay presidential candidate. he spoke at a pride event in i what. >> i think it's so important especial pe during pride to lift -- especially during pride to let young know that we support them and back that up by creating through policy and culture a country where everybody knows that they belong. >> buttigieg went on to say that he hopes to impower others who may feel less than because of their sexuality. the author who tweeted a photo of a black metro employees eating on a train is now suingh publisher. last month natasha tines tweeted this photo saying people aren't allowed to eat on metro. and it's true, you aren't allowed to eat or drink on metro. the social media backlash against tines caused her california publisher to drop the publication of her vel.
5:50 am
the book was set to be released this tuesday. tines apologized and deleted the tweet. she says the incident caused her image to be, quote, permanently ruined. er publisher is not commenting on the more than$13 million lawsuit shef ed. ry in a few hours, j selection will get underway in fhe trial oer a form university of maryland player accused of rain. damonte dodd is a-- of rape. damonte dodd is accuse of the crime in 2017. molette green with more. >> reporter: good morning. damonte dodd has been allowed to play professional indicate in poland until the trial. now he's got to focus on this rape case happening in prince george's county. jury selection begins today in upper marlboro on this case that dates back to november of 2017 at the university of maryland. prosecutors say that dodd met a woman at a bar near campus and
5:51 am
then left that bar, went back to the terrapin row apartmnts where he had sex with this -- had sex with him against her will. dodd has maintaid the sex was consensual. the 6'10" player who was born and raised on the eastern shore cases charges of second-degree rape and second-degree sex assault. that's the latest from upper marlboro, back to you. >> molette, thank you. rainy weekend took a toll on infrastructure in north carolina. look at that, rain led to flooding, hat turn -- in turn wiped out several major roads. sre than seven inches of rain fell ine counties on saturday. some of the damage will take days to repair. some of it will take wteeks or
5:52 am
months. we'll check in on our forecast with storm team 4 mettorologist lauren ricke >> not pretty -- >> youre pretty. i meant the forecast -- >>hat's not what i heard. don't take tha lauren. >> aaron, startin trouble over there. listen, it's not a prettyct piure outside right now, guys. this is what we're going to be dealing with. i think for lot of the day we'll have low clouds and fog. not muhi suns today but plenty of rain out there. what do we expect? waves of showers throughout the day. going to be a little heavier than it was yesterday. i think by this afternoon and through the late ening we're going to have showers and thunderstorms. ome of those thunderstorms could bring happy downpours. that's why we have to watch for the isolated flooding threat. also going going to be -- also going to be a big stretch in temperatures. 70s in the north and west, south and east, in the 80s. in d.c., we're in the middle. 80 degrees. oiep the umbrella colorado
5:53 am
because we're g to have showers throughout the day. areas north and west, cooler. hte reason -- the same system that broug rain to north carolina, the story right before this, is now pushing from carolina and up into the area as a warm front. it's not going to clear the area. in fact, it's going to set its sights like this. so areas south and east northern neck, maryland, in the mid 80s. north and werat, tempeures in the 70s. then a frontal system will sweep this away and take the rain with it. watch o for that fog out there this morning. again, the visibilities are quite low. theain pushingthrough, not everybody seeing it. n if you're seeing it, you're seeing a little drizzle and mist. even when we wide own out youca see the showers back to the west. don't think we'll see any storms this morning. chances increase especially late this evening. a main threat is heavy rain. here we go. you can se all the wayhrough the commute, at least some areas
5:54 am
will see rain showers steady at times, even through the weafternoon. l have rain. latest this evening, mass when i expect the cold front to come through bringing a chapters of thunderstorms. it's between by daybreak tomorrow. tokiorrow's loo a lot 1995. term temperaes in the upper 70s. breezy, but the shower gone by daybreak. winds now. late wednesday, a better chance of rain. better chance in thursday. friday, saturday, sunday, looking good. we warm up on father's day to near 90 degrees. melissa, let's look at the roads. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. encerville, 198 east of good hope rope. crash, a poledo and wires . it's a utility swlotown. adamstown, northbound at dennis, a cras with the right side getting by. the inbound to 11th street bridge, left block crashed. the outer lo, inner loop looking okay.
5:55 am
inbound 11th street bridge before m, right lane is blocked at 50. a crash 95 after center court parkway, as well. >> reporter: good morning. from cmbc headquarters, american airlines is slextendingions of boeing 7 -- extending cancelations of boeing 737 flights, about 115 perday. boeing had previously canceled flights through mid-august. boeing has jet to complete a certification test ight. they also need to submit a software upgrade and new training procedures for the faa for approval with your business report, i'm rahel tlomon. >>nk you. the nationals landed itself in the history books this ason. >> the nats hit four straight home runs. that's not easy to do. >> no. >> it's the second time in team history that it's happened. no other team has accomplished this than the one game. the magic happened in the
5:56 am
eighth. howie kendrick, tray turner, anthony rendone, all hitting homeowners. the effort helped beat the padres 5 high-2. before you break out the passportut there's things to p on your to-do list. we'll talk a doctor about how to prepare for an overseas vacation. this morning, ape suscted instrument thief is on the run. the owner of local music store says the thief struck five times, often going after the same item. more on that when we continue.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
now on "news4 today," a legendary baseball player shot and rushed to the hospital. overnight, new developments out of the dominican republic on david ortiz. chaos at capital pride. the crowd scatters amid reportso eone fired shots. what 're learning about the person accused of causing the pani oh, my god. the crane is falling over. oh, my god. >> caught on camera. neighbors watch in horror as a crane crashes into an apartment building.
6:00 am
>> unbelievable. every time i see the video it takes your breath away. >> very serious damage there. >> it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's 6:00 a.m. we begin with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is staing by with your first 4 traffic. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts in for chuck today. a yucky morning to start. >> these are the kind of mondayk where you outside and want to go back to bed immediately. there is what it looks like outside now. yeah, we've got the fog. low visibilities across the region. the showers, damp, ponding on the roa that's all bad news. the good news is we'll get sunshine tomorrow. i'm going to tell you now. 65 degrees is the temperature.o we als have a little breeze in the air,we as ll. that's going to be with us throughout the day. it's oco it's cloudy,


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