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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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afternoon. people who worked in a high rise ofce building on 7th avenue and 51st felt alt jo within moments it became clear a helicopter had crash landed on the building's roof. >> preliminary infor tion is that there was a helicopter that made a forced landing, emergency roof ofor landed on th the building for one reason or another. the was a fire thata hppened when the helicopter hit the roof. >> people in the building were ordered to evacuate. the new york fire department says that fire is now out. sources sayer one pson believed to be the pilot died in the c sh. he was the only person on board. anytime there's a sudden evacuation of ang buildi in mant manhattan, it brings up memories of 9/11.ri ht now this appears to be a
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tragic zblks the tragic. >> there is no indication this was an act of terror and there is no ongoing threat to new yo city based on all the information we have right now. >> the ntsb is sending a team to invcrtigate theh. chris pallone, nbc news, new york. as the ntsb investigates, l there's stil lot of questions regarding that hard landing. we don't have the entity of the pilot yet. there are concerns about whether the weather was a factor at the ime of the crash. we'll continue tay on top of this story throughout the hour and also tonight on nbc nightly news. well, tuing now to our weather, most of the rain is gone for now. >> that's a good thing. doug is tracking more of it coming tonight. he joins us now with the timing and the impact. hi, doug. >> hey, doreen. right now if you hainner plans to go outside and eat, i think you're fine. no problem at all. it looks rather ominous.o plenty of cl cover. take a look at storm team 4 radar. no rain around the d.c. metro area.
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it is alltff to the eas and off to the west, you can see it over towards cambridge. some still going on towards calvert county. more rain backwards the west. you can see it around petersburg. nothing in and around the d.c. metro area. we have a couple of hours until the rain moves in, but this -- all this rain will move right back in. this is with a cold front that will see rain overnight tonight. some of it could be on the heavy side. this sets up what could be the rest of the day tomorrow and into wednesday. bring some changes in the forecast. i'll show you what those chades are what you can expect when you wake up in the morning. see you back here in a minute. >> doug, thank you. some d.c. studen spent the day home from school as crews orked to clean their school building. vandals broke into sousa middle school setting off half a dozen firextinguishers and they didn't stop there. pat collins is in the neighborhood to show us the damage. >> reporter: when it was all over, six fire extinguishers deployed, two exit signs broken,
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one bleacher vandalized. and a school shut down. not the kind of news a parent towants hear. >> we got a robocall f the school letting us know that the id's safety was important and the schoolhad been broken into and that there -- it was damaged and they would let us know when they could return. it's very unfortunate. >> mean alicia norman. she lives at an apartment on 37th place. she has two students at sousa school. today she had to keephem home. >> i just think that it's a parm of the envirot that we live in. the crime rate is going up. th charildren are suffering because they can't be in hool, of course, and then they get into trouble, so i think it's sad. >> fire extinguishersoming in. fire extinguishers going out. no routine safety switch here. this exchange after someone
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broke into the schoolnd deployed fire extinguishers on allfour levels. we cod see the chemical residue on the floors and people inside with protective masks. >> you've got about 20 fir extinguishers now. how many did you take out?'t >> i can really talk on that right off the hand. they want me to stayt. quie >> reporter: the cops are trying to figure out who did this. and how theyns got ie that school in southeast, pat collins, news 4. d.c. school officialsve not said yet whether sousa middle school will reopen tomorrow. >> a woman who claims a universe of maryland basketball player ra raped her took the stand study. he is accused of committing the fall in the fall of 2018.
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>> reporter: former university of maryland basketball player damonte dodd is seen leaving court today. is s out on bond after indictment on rape charges. dodd is accused ofng meeti a umd freshman at the college park bar an later raping her inside the apartments halloween night of 2017. t in court the alleged victim admitted to being drunk before arriving at the bar and drinking more. she alsoadmitted to snorting cocaine inside of the bar before spotting dodd that night. the state arguesct the vi was too intoxicated to consent to sex with dodd. dodd's attorney wasil unavaable for comment today, but in previous interviews said the sex was consensual. >> we think that thve are seal facts that are going to come out in the future and that he'll be exonerated. it's just a matter of getting in front of a judge or jury and letting the process run its e urse. >> reporter: thate showed cell phone video of the alleged victim grinding her behind on dodd while dancing. she said she knew of ddd being
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a umd basketball player but that was her first time meeting him in person. the alleged victim wentn to say during her testimony that while she was okay with making out with dodd, she never consented x. se it's going to be up to the jury to decide who they believe. the trial is expected to go on until thursday. dodd is looking at the possibility of up to 20 years if found guilty. in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, news 4. now to presidential politics and a nstory lthat some observers see as a cautionary tale. rohn dean washard nixon's white house counsel. his testimony atethe waate hearings helped lead to nixon r resignation. yoan was back on the hill today. >> i want to tell us why you have decided at this point in your career to come forward tol ta about what is taking place in america and in the trump white house. >> a lot of the people who were on this committee were either not born or they were very young rrwhen watergate occu and it's
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uite striking and startling to me the history is repeating itself. and with a vengeance. >> pres ent trump fors part called john dean, quote, a loser. susan mcginnis joins us with the la oeft a latest on all of this. >> the president calling john dean as a loser as dean to testifiey in the very first of several hearings into the mueller report. some are ntcusing the preside of trying to distract from tse hearings and distract from the mueller report withis tariff fight with mexico. president trump battling bink aga skeptics of his tariff h deal wit mexico which postponed his threatened tariffs. >> we have an agreement on some announce t they wil very soon. it's all done. and they have to get approval. >> the president indicating the deal with mexico has elements not yet realed after "the new york times" reported the details he announced were actions mexico had already agreedo. t including stopping migrants at
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mexico's southern border and keeping asylum seekers in mexico while their cases proceed. >> "the new york times" wrote a story like i already made e deal. it's nonsense. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says the president created the mexico tariff threat to steal the news headlines from the russia investigation. >> let's tast' what it is. a distraction from the mueller report. >> special counsel robert mueller -- >> today the first of several hearings into the mueller reporr feg former nixon counsel john dean whose 1973 testimony helped lead to nixon's resignation. >> would you say there is a future administration that committed more crimes as theum administration is in fast competition with what happened in the nixon administration. >> this committea is nowng from the '70s and they want their star witness back. >> john's been illusive for a long time. we know that. i think he was disbarred. he went to prison. >> the predent also attacked democrats for continuing to
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focus on the mueller report, tweeting no do overs. now, we want to give you "the new york times" response to the president's bashing the newspaper for being fake news. "the new york times" saying actually we still stand by our story. we are confident in our anreporting. as with so many other occasions, our stories stand up over time and the president's denials of them do not. calling the press the enemy is undemocratic and dangerous. >>an sus mcginnis, thank you. potomac yard is a popular shopping plaza and destination, but it wl soon be home to virginia tech's innovation campus. that's part of the deal bringinn amto arlington. julie carey tells us tonight the new site will be part of a complete redevelopment of the area. >> this is a great way to start a monday. >> that's the reaction of exandria's mayor of the announcement there's been a change of plans for virginia tech's innovation campus.
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its si now set on a new and bigger location. when amazon announced late lt year they had chosen the crystal city area for the second headquarters, a key part of the plan was a tech campus at this site along route o1. tech found a spot with more space, more potentially. 15 acres of potomac yard where thend theater now sta >> we always envisioned from the beginning this section was going to be a mixed usearea of the city, you know, a large surface parking lot is not the vision that we had even 25 years ago for north potomac yard. >> and around the new campus a complete redevelopment of the strip mall into mixed use residential and accident. companies interested in hundreds of grad students. >> in the nearby neighborhood bill blackburn runs several neighborhoods that says the new campus location, not a concern. >> it's not as close, but it's still very close and we'r super excited to be part of this.
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>> cory fields lives in alexandria and works in arlington. he welcomes the change ahead and says he won't miss the big box stores at all. >> it's development. the world is evolving and it's nice to see our community evolving as well. >> that evolutions deepening concerns about affordable housing. hundreds came to this mee nng suight about it. one promise today, redevelopment must addressg. housin >> what we have to ensure, thgh, is that both virginia tech and amazon mee their commitments for affordable housing. >> julie, some of us still remember potomac yard as t one time proposed site for the redskins stadium. this site has quite a history. >> it does and i know you and i both worked on that story back in 1992. this was fhe site the redskins stadium. you remember alexandria residentin residen residents pushed back hard and won. what is coming herewh is they
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had in mind many years ago. >> still so valuable. thanks so much. a baseball legend is being flown back to boston after being shot at a nightclub in the dominican republic what we're learning about big papi's condition as police search for a second suspect. plus new reacti from witnesses after a crane collapses inton artment building here killing one and injuring several others. i'm adam tuss. getting aroundur traffic circles, that's never a fun task, but maybe the biggest mega circle in our region can be changing. h'll tell you were it is and
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heavy rain falling in parts of southern maryland, but for most of us the rain has moved on o out. doug will be back in about ten minutes. baseball great david ortiz is he is flying back to boston in an air ambulance to be treated after she whe was shot in a clu the dominican repubuc. >> we j learned ortiz on the medical air ambulance flight right now. the red sox baseball organization arranged for the transport back to boston. he was shot last night in the dominican repul dominican republic. his father is telling reporters that he is resting and is to a edpect hospital tonight. policeay there were two
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suspects involved. one ran off after the shooting but the other was caught, beaten, and held by witnesses until officers arrived. investigators say thell sboou interview that man once he's treated for his injuries. no official word on what the motive may h.e be yesterday's shooting is one of many alarming headlines coming from the dr which is an increasingly popular vaca on destination. just in the last few minutes we've learnethe state dp h department has confirmed the death of a fourth american. a person died at the hard rock ysino in punta cana in april. last week we toldou about the prince george's county that was found dead. then we learned of a pennsylvania woman who died days earlier at a nearby hotel. it could take up to a month to determine the official cause of death in those cases. we'll keep on t of those stories and update you with what we learn. back to you. the man accused of starting a panic over the weekend after mistaken reports of an active
6:17 pm
shooter during a pride parade has been released now from jail. he entered a not guiltyea in court today. police tell us he pulled out a bb gun during a dispute at saturday's parade. that led to several people getting hurt as a large crowd rushed to run away. investigators say the suspect used the fake gun tohaten someone. according to courtum docents, singh is in this kucountry illegally. investigators are trying to determine if severe weather was the only factor in this deadly crane collapse. a woman was killed at a dallas apartment building he yesterday when that crane came >> i looked up and i hear the metal bling, bling, bling, then you see the crane coming down into the building. >> the man next dooras yelling for help. i knocked on his door and he cracked it open enough for me to get to him and i helped pull him out of the apartment. >> forecasters ory trential
6:18 pm
rains and winds up to 70 miles an hour swept through the city wh that crane came down. the building is closed until repairs can be made. five other people were hurt. navigating traffic circles around here isn't easy. if you drive a car, we don't need to tell you those circles come in all different configurations. there's one in northern virginia that's been giving drivers a me hard ti for years. transportation reporter iadam tusss in shirlington with the growing confusion. , reporter: this is it shirlington circle. you've got all these cars cominl and going,s of signage. it goes all the way around this huge area and meets back up right here. now you needo figure out how to get through here. round and round you go. who's coming and who's going? nobody really know. >> what e the rules in the traffic circle? who?ields to do you know? >> i'm actually from new york. >rado you yield to the tic in the circle?
6:19 pm
>> yep. >> you don't sound so confident. >> i have no idea. >> right. this is part of the problem with shirlington circle. it's really moreof an oval when you think about it with twists and turns, lots of entrance and exit points coming atou as well. by the way, it's all perched directly above incredibly busy i-395. >> i's accidents, buses not getting the right-of-way. it's eally just horrible. >> christina chang lives in shie l theic circle al time. she thinks the enti thing needs better signs so that people know what to do. >> i think it's unaware of basiu traffic rs. with it being such a large circle,hey don't really know it's like an entrance. >> vdot has been studying ways to make this area flow better. everything from adding more faffic lights to adding more dedicated lanes returns to even creating new intersections here. if you know this area, you know tt the 395 hov lane below will
6:20 pm
also soon change to express lanes, so careful planning is needed. one thing is for sure. all the constant weaving means you constantly need to be extra alert through here. a final report for how this area should change now being prepared. in shirlington, adam tuss, news 4. >> fromousewife to house speaker, we sit down with nancy pelosi to talk about thmohood, her maryland roots and the political climate in this country. >> if i said evdything i wante to say, it wouldn't be a pretty sinht, especially ur the present circumstances. mofrt of tst of the rain is here, but don't putwa infrastructure umbrella. infrastructure umbrella. doug t you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize
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6:24 pm
got sun. today everybody has been dealing with cloud cover. he rain has been out there all day. it hasn't been very heavy, but it has been rain off andon, at least the early part of the day. we're starting to brighten up a little bit out there. that means temperatures starting to goup. we're now sitting at our high temperature for the day. n 76 right at the airport. winds out of the south at 7. still plenty of cloud cover. seeing a little bit of sunshine through there. temperature wise, much cooler to the west. only in the 60s here. leesburg as well as martin burg. 81 in huntingtown. 81 in annapolis. actually a warm front in parts of the region. hat's why we have showe activity in our eastern zone. down towards st. mary's county. we've seen it all day there today. now erybody dry. the exception, west virginia. we've got this rain making its way in from the. west you can actually see there goes the first area of rain there. here's early today's rain. this is all the rain we w earlier today, 10:00, 11:00. now we're watching this come in. this is moving this way right region.r
6:25 pm
we'll be here during the evening tonight. as we move on through, here it is back towardeshe w not much around d.c. if you're getting dinnero outdoors, noroblem. r a 9:00.d in the d.c. metro area, around 11 ok 11:00 or 1:00. we may see the heaviest we've seen. by 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning it's out of here and waking up to some pretty nice conditions. we are goi to wake up to some rather breezy conditions tomorrow. a high of 81. a lot ohi su early. then more clouds. breezy and nice. winds gusted up20rds of to 25 miles per hour. nice weather on wednesday. another chance of rain wednesday night into thursday. right now friday looking pretty good. notice the highs. 80, 81. it's actually belowi'verage. show you when we go way
6:26 pm
above the 10-day forecast. >> okay. thank you, doug. we are staying on top of the breaking news in new york city. a helicopter makes a hard landing on a high rise near times square. >> new questions about what wwnt rong as we learn more about the pilot who was brooiehind the controls. an early morning traffic stop has one council member wondering whether he was profiled by powce. e'll tell yo how huee
6:27 pm
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♪ ♪ we're tracking two big stories at 6:30. first our weater. mof the rain has moved out, but we're still seeing showers in parts of southern maryland. doug is back to tell us when the ran returns agai later this week. new photos show a helicopter obliterated after it crashed into a new york cityigh rise. the crash landing this afternoon killed the pilot and sparked fears of terrorism in midtown
6:30 pm
manhattan. officials say this was not terrorism, but right now they're not sure why the helicopter went down. a manager at the hospital's home base said the pilot's name is tim mccormick. he called mccormick highly experienced. a montgomery county councils member wan to know why he was pulled over by a maryland state trooper. >> he says the questions he wasf asked l him feeling like he was being racially profiled. >> cory smithas the response from police and why some hope the incident can be turned into a teachable moment. >> reporter: counselman will jawaan do says his encounter with the trapper was traumatic, but he wants t use a teachable moment. the councilman was southbound on new hampshire whe he was pulled over by a maryland state trooper for allegely crossing the stop sign at an intersection. is he first question was this my car and i said yes. then he asked me do you have any outstanding warrants. >> reporter: it was at that
6:31 pm
moment that jawando felt like he was stopped for sething more than a traffic violation. >> he was looking for other violations of drugs, money, something. he thought i looked out of place. > reporter:aryland statesa po that was not that stop. he did not know the race or sex the driver and asking jawando if is was his car a standard line of questioning during traffic stops. the agen saide maryland state police strictly forbid bias state policing in all aspects of lawnforcement activity. ja one d his stop happened just a few blocks from a mcdonald's werre a montgomcounty used the "n" word while speaking to a group of blacken m. both incidents provide anor onity to educate the publi an
6:32 pm
public. >> it makes me sad and also makes me determined that i'm on the right path to dig into this stuff in a specific way so that we n try to change the goal. >> jawando was given a warning and wants to speak to police to turn this into something positive. a suspect in the 1999 abduction cold case is in a fairfax county jail tonight. the 67-year-old was arrested at work and brought in from maryland. he skauassaulted a woman at kni rint 20 years ago. investigatorseased an old photo of him and the com pos tei picture of the suspect. new leadsursued by t colds case team led them to arrest the suspect. it's been 10 years since am gri milestone in our city's history. ten years ago today a white
6:33 pm
supremacist walked into the holocaust museum with a rifle.ot he sh and killed a security officer who tried to stop him. steven tyrone johns had worked there for six years. the gunman was an 88-year-old neonazi with a criminal history. he died seven months later while awaiting trial. people from all over the world travel to d.c. to visit the smithsonian museum but today a tour was pretty president. >> these folks ares relati of james smithson, the man for whom the smithsonian is named. smithson ded childless as did a nephew who was the lone heir in lause in that will bequeathed the fortune to thent establishm of an american instition devoted to science. from there the smithsonian institution was born as a gift to the nation. >> he's been brought up with the old world where hereditary names
6:34 pm
and titles and families were quite a burden on theway he wanted to live and also a burden tothe diffusion of knowledge. >> family membersnd will spe two days here touri o allthe sites. >> i'm guessing they don't have to wait in line. >> i hope not. it's the side o nancy pelosi you haven't seen before. up income at 6:00, the house speaker opens up about her b family and why she decided to make the move from kitchen to congress. more of us areurning to technology to get fit, but some say the move could take a toll on our mental health. we'll explain why, but first, here's doug. and it may not be raining right now, but if you're heading out this eveninth take aibrellas with you. we've got more moving in. i'll show you when it moves in, when it moves out and your when it moves out and your weekend all in my
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a better life over a longer term with fewer side effects. fo i want to say thank yo getting me through canceror treatment and back to living my life. for life's defining moments the ge washington university hospital defining medicine. >> there's a new push to make mental health issues part of the 2020 presidential campaign. eight of the nation's largest mental health and addicti organizations are joining
6:38 pm
forces. they hope to educate and pressure presidential candidates to address mental health and drug addiction. nonpartisan initiativeun led today at the annual meeting of the american foundation for suicide prevention. >> it's just astounding that we could losing this many lives and not have ate grear sense of urgency around addressing this. cris just astounding. >> to be clear, this campaign will be aimed at republican and democratic candidates. many of us use those health atch on our fitbits or i to get in shape, but a new obsession over tracking our physical health could be taking a toll on our mental health. a duke unidrsity study foun that many of us feel the pressure to meet goals like steps per day. this happened to one woman who says her tracker was controrting of her life. >> one day i was -- i did a workout andcame home and looked at it and realized i didn't have
6:39 pm
enough steps for the day and started just marching around the apartment. that's when i really realized that it's just not working for this i good thing to have. me. >> on nbc nightly news tonight, krist kristen has more about tracking your health and the side to that technolo technology. >> if you've ever done that same thing, raise your hand. we want to thaeveryone who joined us walking or running this weekend for purple stride. the walk to end pancreatic cancer. we caught up with our long time friend and retired colleague joe krebs. there he is. a lot of members of our news 4 family came out to support joe and the cause. we're happy that this walk ha raised more t 900,0$900,000 to fight pancreatic cancer. the tenth year and huge crowds
6:40 pm
and joe was doing great. >> he looks awesome. well done. well, when we come back on news 4 at 6:00, one-on-one with a political power house. tonight nancy pelosi gets candid about her childhood in baltimore and how her big family helped shape her work here in gt washin. and we continue to watch the weather. doug is tracking more rain overnight and a chce of it an
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
she is the most powerful woman in shington, but there's a side of nancy pelosi that the public doesn't often get to see. >> our barbara harrison has known the speaker of the house for years and receny sat down with her to talk about motherhood and making history with the hill. >> nancy pelosi has certainly name. a household making history as the only female to have ever served as speaker of the house now twice and she continues to be t
6:44 pm
highest ranking elected woman ever in american political history. her father was a politician too and occasionally brought his children, five boys and one little girl, from baltimore for a vis the to the nation's capito capital. i talked to her about that in ae iniew. >> when i was growing up, we would come over to washington, it was very special. i'll never forget the first time i remember comion to washingt as a little girl, my father was in congress. i was probably, like, 4 years old. he was being sworn in for a term in office. and wee cam here and we were coming in and they said nancy, there's the capitol, do you see it? i said no, i don't see it. it's right in front of you. look at the capitol. i don't see it. then finally i said i can't believe it, we're really close to it. i said is it a capital a, capital b, capitalro?
6:45 pm
>> gng up in a family with so many brothers, and a had a similar experience makes you pretty strong, doesn't it? do you feel that made a difference in who you are? >> i don't know. i can't really measure whether it made me stronger, but what it did wasade me unintimidated. >> nancy pelosi h walked with confidence through these halls of the u.s. capitol where there have been mostly men for as long as the building's been standing. >> as a little girl growing up, do you feel like you emulated your father or mother more? >> i don't think i emulated either one of them, but i would probably assume it would be my mother. she had a big family. she was very much a partner with my father in terms of political organizing. she was also a poet. e was an inventor. she was just -- she was an astute business womanut she could never really follow any of those ambitions because of the
6:46 pm
era that she lived in. >> at 7 her dad was handed the gavel as the mayor of baltimore while she held a board in her small hands. her first move to washington was to study politil science at trinity college. she was active in many causes, a stand out student and she just appened to meet her husband here. >> he was at georgetown. i was eigat trinity. in thosegeays gewn did not admit women, so trinity was one of the sister schools. >> they first moved to new york where four of their five children were born. then settled in san francisco e ere husband paul pelosi grew up. shuld become involved with democratic politics there and elected to come back to washington as a member of the house of representative in 1987. >> my mtivation every day is that one in five children in america lives in poverty. that's what took me from kitchen to congress, housewife to house speaker is about the children. i'm very focused on how
6:47 pm
everything that we do affects our children and fueir re. >> and for all of america's children, themehouse will co to order. >> beyond capitol hill, nancy pelosi is occasionaly spotted having dinner around town. do people bother you? do they come up to you at tables when you're having dinner? >> usually they'reou courte they'll come and say hello. >> these days many with a question about the president. >> do we impeachm? hi >> and she's often seen at church near the georgetown univerty campus where she continues to practice her catholic faith. more conservative members across the country think her views can run afoul of the church's teachin like on gender rights and abortion. >> my family are more pro life than pro choice. they thought i was a little toom outspoken simes along the way. >> you really do follow your own star, don't you? i mean, you say what you feel and you are not afraid to speak
6:48 pm
out. >> really if i said everything i wanted tosa it wouldn't be a pretty sight, especially under the esent circumstances. >> i asked her if there was anything about her that might surprise people? >> i follow sports a lot. every day i look at how teams are doing all over the country. >> is that the first thing you look at on your phone when you wake up in the morning? >> usually at night before i go to sleep. >> nancy pelosi told me she has spent her entire political life working for and encouraging not just more women, but concerned citizens across the country to run for political office. c sogress will represent the diversity of america and the ideals of the people they serve. >> what a great role modelel nay si is for young women in so many different ways. all right, doug. what do we get a break from this rain? >> you know who's going to see it tonight? we will. because we're working the 11:00h
6:49 pm
, the actual rain. everybody else out there, they b get theak in the rain. right now we're not seeing any rain across our area. it is coming back dng the 11:00 show. that's what i mean by that. >> is that your way of telling us to bring our umbrellas? >> yeah. and your top. make sure your top is up on your convertible. doreen has an amazing beautiful -- no joke. let's look at what we do have. we've got theapital wheel right there. we've got cloud cover. noticeue little blky at the top of the screen. current temperature sitting is the that's the wst we're been all day. i don't expect any more rain in the d.c. metro until about 11:00 toni:t. 11:00, 12 tonight. right now tracking temperatures. what a difference. 68 in leesburg. 80 in huntingtown. that's because we've got a frontal boundary around our region. it's also why we have rain in our eastern zones wn around southern maryland, but no rain there now. it's all over towards cambridge,
6:50 pm
towards eastern maryland, over towards reheboth beach. watching this coming into the shenandoah valley, here's the heavy rain. we've got two areas coming our way. one, this area right down here. see this area here? southern maryland, northern go neck, you'reng to get on this first around 8:00 tonight. this area comi through i-81 around 7:00, 8:00. then around i-95. here's the latest on satellite and radar. this is a big cold front. the amazing part is the temperatures here are fairlyis cool for thime of year, even tho h they're dealing with plenty of sunshine. look at the temeseratur out there right now. it's going to be a really cool night in the middle part of the country. we're going to get in on the nice conditions here tomorrow into the day on t wednesdayo. for the kids at the bus stop, 63. it will be rather breezy tomorrow. you'll notice that for sure right on duri the early part of the day tomoow afternoon. nice weather.
6:51 pm
high temperature around 80. increasing clouds late in the day. nice on wednesday with partly to mostly cloudy skies. a chance of rain wednesday night into thursday. temperatures only in the 80s. as i told you about 6:25, i said watch out, next week, yep, here we go. 86 on saturday.te eratures around 90 sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. could be a little heat wave. if that dove happen, w got a chance for showers and storms each day too. >> oh, boy. thank you, doug. coming up, a comeback that uld change everythingco
6:52 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> kevin durant was practice. >> he was practicing and that's a good sign. but we could have a canadian bask was invented by a baampion. canadian. he was born in canada. >> i didn't know that. >> it wasn't invented in canada. he was canadian i inth >> listen, we the north, the catchy toronto raptors slogan
6:55 pm
has been along for the ride in theirhe journey to t nba summitt they're almo there. one more win and we theorth can be replaced as we the champions. re's your cliche alert. the last w in the nba finals might be the harpest, escially against a warriors team about tk welcome baevin durant. according to reports, kev durant will play tonight for the arriors in game five with some of you saying he'll start. durant hds been out since may 8 with a strained ghrit k.d. participated in the morning shoot around and looked good. of the lthy, he's on top three players in the entire league and golden state will need him to be close to that. the warriors facing elimination. kerr knows his team will respond. >> this team's been together for a long time. they've been in difficult situations together. i think that is a major factor. and i fully expect us to come
6:56 pm
out and play a great tea >> we haven't done anything. we still have to get one more win. you've got champions coming in here and they're going to play their butts off. for us, for me, we've still got to focus on usa and tke it one possession at a>> time. hey, the wait is almost over for thedefendingh campions to skbrucp jumto the fray at the women's world cup. the united stas tomorrow against thailand and so will begin a quest to accomplish something that team usa has ver done. win consecutive world cups. for all their success, including ree world cup titles, the american women have never successfully defended their title which they will try to do. game four of the cup today in france, canada taking on cameroon. nada with a corner kick. sends it in. buchanan runs in. gives the canadians a 1-0ea ld.
6:57 pm
s shuthem down 1-0. they want to sy perfect against new zealand coming up on sunday. a refreshing rin. as they return after getting refreshed. a week off tororegp. the black and red do not returng to leuel play untijune twikttwikh 26tbut on wednesday they host philadelphia. just le last week's break was welcome, so is the break in the schedule. >> this one comes during a long stretch of a time where we don't have a lot of games.rd th you to kind of put your best foot forward. >> a chance to win a trophy. five games i think you've got to win to win a trophy. that ne of those things people, you know, look forward to these games and we're excited t.about i we're going to pay the ball and work on things we need to improve on in the league games.j
6:58 pm
wet ready to get out there. d >> should bery enough by wednesday. for nfl isfans, it the most wonderful time of the year. that's a stretch, but we can see the season on theon horiz. a blur of get togethers is almost over. 'r've waited through mini camp and now theye here. the final organized team activities before training camp. are you ecited yet? not a full squad yet. therk redskins round of woouts voluntary. those in attendance like dwayne haskins, chrisa thompson bling the elements today. this week's otas kind of a run through. wednesday tomorrow the only open day for media. we'll be out there to bring you the latesty nbc 4 tomorrow afternoon tomorrow is tuesday. i keep forgetting. the nationals in back-to-back-to-back-to-back home rs to get back-to-back wins in san ay the white sox. the four consecutive hope runse helphem earn a split. since may 24th, they're the second best team in baseball. only the dodgers are better.
6:59 pm
>> go figure. >>
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight, chaos in the heart of new york city as a helicopter crashes onto the roof apf a 50-story skyscrer. the pilot killed as the chopper slammed into top of the building in thick fog and rain. >> we have what appears to be a helicopter that crashed into the roof. the helicopter is on fire. ea >>y buildings evacuated as smoke fbillowing from ae on the roof high above. the crash rushing back memories for new yorkers on edge since 9/11. and tonight, fear for a beloved baseball star, david ortiz in intensive care undergoing major be surgery after g shot in a nightclub in the dominican republic. tonight, we're in the d.r. with the latest


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