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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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isod morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchr >> i'm eun yang. let's begin this morning a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by 4ith your first traffic. >> storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell today with a look outside.y la hello, guys. the sun coming up in 42 minutes from now. we're seeing a few little cloudsment they're scooting out from the west to the east. and you see it on the satellite and radar, that's all with the . frontal sys we had rain last night pass through the area after what turned out to be a decent evening yesterday for some of us. again, that rain is moving out of here. and that front is moving out of here, as well. look at all the way back to the west. i mean, we are looking estimate clearing conditions. full sunine out there ase go through the day. 68 degrees, not too shabby out there now. wel dip a little bit as we go thrgh the five day. then through the 7:00 hour, temperatures coming up. e mperatures around 80 today. fairly comfortablt there all throughout the day. if you want to get the car
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washed today, do it. we're dry until thursday. that's the big change. by thursday, more rain. big story about today besides the sunshine -- breezy conditions. that's all we've got going. we'll talk about the rain on le thursday, buts talk about the roads with melissa. good morning. good morning, right now the bd,tway looking goo outer loop, outer loop, we don't have anything. no roadwork, nothing like that. 66 at 123 eastbound, westbound, everything is rolling along well. nothing in your way. in fairfax, northbound fairfax county parkway, crash reported northbound. southbound lanes not impacted. southbound 295, the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge hadt e left side blocked by a crash. that's on the shoulder. a second crash in the same area also on the shoulder at this point. as youook here northbound, southbound on bw parkway, route 1, 95, 29, everything northbound and southbound nice and green and moving. >> all right. thank you.
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5:02. new this morning, d.c. police say someone used a b.b. gun in a series of shootings that left several people injured. >> there were nine incidents on sunday across the district. in some cases, car windows were shot out. in other cases, people were hit with b.b. gun pellets. they are expected to be okay. d.c. police are looking for a vehicle of interest. take a look. police pulled this image from a surveillance camera. they say a suspect took off in this car after firing a b.b. gun in the 28 block of alabama avenue southeast. developing this morning,v intigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly helicopter crash on the roof of a midtown manhattan highrise. >> the two questions that will need to be answered during the investigation -- was this experienced pilot flying in bad weather, and why was he flying over a restricted area? here's one of the first calls for help. >> w have what appears to be a helicopter that crashed into the roof. the helicopter is on fire. >> the pilot, identified by officials as tim mccormack, was
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killed in the crash. no one else was injured. sources tell our affiliate in new york that the pilot had just dropped someone off and was is probably on h way back to the chopper's base in new jersey. aive report is just a few minutes away. red sox legend rvid otiz is back in boston ts morning st a day after being shot in what police describe as an ambush. this is a look at him being transported by ambulance last night to massachusetts general hospital. it had beened at a nightclub in the dominican republic -- the n shooting hap at a nightclub in the dominican republic sundah the preside-- the team's presids ceo say he was in good enough condition to fly back to the u.s. he is getting support from the team and boston. >> obviously an icon, the mt. rushmore of boston athletes. he is the guy in the dominican . republi you know, he's more famous than an president. >> ortiz was shot e th back. doctors had to remove his gall
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bladder and part of his intestines. it's not clear howe' long h be in the hospital. at least one shooting suspect is in custody. we'll have a report from boston coming up in our next ho. the man who police say started a panic during the capital pride parade on saturday is out of jail this morning. he pleaded not guilty yesterday to possession of a prohibited weapon. police say he pulled out a b.b. gun during a dispute, and that prompted many people in the area to panic and run in all directions. according to court documents, singh lives in virginia beach. is in the country illegally, though. he pleaded not guilty to possession of a prohibited udapon. stts will not be back in the classroom for a second day at d.c.'s sousa middle school because of vandalism. overthe weekend someone broke into the school in southeast and caused major damage throughout thebuilding. >> news4's molette green is live outside of the school with more. molette, what's goingn? >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, d.c. police are looking at security footage to
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try to find outho did this. but for now, as you said, no scool hereor a second day. the air quality inside the building is just not safe fore pe to be inside following that vands limp over the weekend -- vandalism over the weekend. our cameras capture cleanup and repair on monday and some ofth e damage. six firers extinguishemptied throughout the building.e whad exit signs that were broken, even a bleacher was vandalizeof. and all this happening so close to the last days of the school year. and parents are concerned. >> think that it's a part of the environment that we live in. the streets -- the crime rate is going up, the children are sufferingecause they can't number school, of course. and then they get into trouble. i think tt it's sad. >> reporter: and a letter went home to the parents explaining the circumstances for today and letting them know that between
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10:00 and noon today students can come to pick up meals to go. that is the latest outside susueousa middle school. back to you. >> thank you. 5:06. a gunpoint councilman -- a montgomery county councilm believes he was profiled by a state trooper. >> council member will juwondo said the trooper pulled him over saturday on new hampshire avenue. the trooper says he crossed a stop line at a red light, but juwondo said the first question the trooper askedhe is if owned the car. >> this is a pre-textural stop in looking for other violations, drugs, money, something. he thought i looked out of place. >> the trooper says he did not know the race or sex of the droper before stng the vehicle. he also says asking whether the driver owns the car is standard during traffic stops. in a statement to news4, the agency said, quote, the maryland state police strictly forbids
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bias-based policing in all aspects of its law enforcement activities. it's 5:06. today voters in virginia head to the polls inthe primary election. the polls open in less than an hour. >> aimee cho now with more. >> reporter: good morning. big day ahead. this primary county could be a o good indicar of what trends to expect in 2020. now here's what you need to know to vote -- the polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. anyone who is in line by 7:00 will be able to vote. you need bring a photo i.d.with you to the polls. if you don't have it, you can cast a provisional ballot that will be counted after you bring your i.d. all registered voters can vote in the democratic or republican primaries but not both. some of the races to watch closely -- 140 louse and senate seats on the ball the. chairman of the forecast board of
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cealth's attorney for fairfax, arlington, and prince william counties. news4 will be following the rac closely on air and in the nbc washington app. eun, aaron? >> aimee cho live in burke on primary day. thank you. happening today, jon stewart is in d.c. it help victims of 9/11. stewart along with several first responders from the september 11th attacks will speak on capitol hill in front of the house judiciary committe the group hopes to secure funding for the 9/11 victim compensationou fund. it's running low on money and payments to vicms and survivors have been reduced. they will vote tomorrow. today, catholic church leaders from around the country will come together inbaltimore. sex abuse scandals will be top of mind at the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. the bishops are under pressure to pass reforms.ns doze of archdiocese including ton are under investigation for the handling of allegations of abuse by priests. >>new this morning, tyson foods isg recallin ready-to-eat chicken after complaints that
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plastic was found in someb aded chicken. tyson is recalling more than 190,000 pounds of golden crispyf chicken chutters after getting complaints fromchools across the country. the recalled product is not sold in gcery stores. they were shipped to several states including maryland and open the nbc washington app and search "yson recall" for all the details. many people celebrate the utart ofer with a margaritaa. either frozen or on the rocks. a woman in florida says her drink burned her. after a day drinking by the pool, she woes up with red welts -- woke one red welts on her hands. doctors say margarita burn happens when the skin has a bad reaction to chemicals in the citrus fruit in the drink. uadd in a daynder the sun, and you have aies a ies aries are r recipe for a burn. you treat it with a i-inflammatory medications. when i hear margarita burn, i
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think of something different. >> i wonder why on the hands, if it's a chemical reaction internally -- >> maybe it was touching -- >> like frostbite or something. >> weird. >> strange. 5:10. up next, falling asleep with your tv on could be bad for your healthe the scienc behind new findings. we're working fo you with a look into the future of video games. we have a preview of some of th newones your kids will be asking for. >> lauryn? we have rain th the s for our friends in the negotiation neck and southern maryland. calvert county, st. mary's county, that is moving out. 've got clearing behind it. we also have this more rain, of course, for this ten-day forecast. ♪
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welcome back at 5:13. g,veloping this mornin investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly helicopter crash on the roof of a midtown manhattan highrise. >> two questions that will need to be answered during the investigation -- why was the experienced pilot flying in bad weather, and why was he flying over a restricted area? >> tracie strayhan is live in manhattan for us this morning with the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you can see it's coming down here in midtown manhattan. conditions that are very similar to when that chopper crashed on the roof of this 51-story highrise claiming the life of a very experienced pilot. this video that's come in to the newsroom shows the chopper just after 11n minutes i the air flying erratically, dipping and turning around 2:00 monday afternoon. might's- pilot's identified as tim mccormack. the crash led to a fire on the roof and a panicked evacuation of office workers down crowded staircases. now officials say there are no ties to terr ism. and no other injuries were reported. theeb ds was contained to the roof of the building.
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the ntsb investigators trying to figure out why the pilot chose to fly in these type of weather conditions. they're asking anyone in this area who possibly witnessed this scary crash to contact them immediately. it's sparked callssto have rections on helicopters that fly over this very busy area. live in midtown,manhattan tracie strayhan. back to you. the super bowl of video games kicks of this morning. your kids probably know all about the e3 expo. vmers from around the globe are in l.a. fordeo game tournaments and special events. the gaming companies pl to make big announcements about their latest developments, too. like tv, the future of gaving is get -- of gaming is getting into the streaming becom in ing market. google and xbox will roll out their service next month. >> it's gaming evolved. i can't wt to see what happe in the future. >> later nintendo iset to announce its latest project. target says it's beefing up
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benefits for its full and part-time hourly workers. at the end of this month, paid family leave willdouble from two weeks to four weeks. the company is doubling the reimbursement for adoption and surrogacy fees up to $10,000. starting this fall, target workers will receive 20 days ofi backup cldcare or elder care through a partner network. here's a question -- do you fall asleep with the tv on? it could cause you to gain weight. new research from the national institutes of health says exposure to light at night clockts your 24-hour bod and may mix up your metabolism. researchers say people who slept at night in a room with a tv or a light on were more likely t gain at least 11 pounds over five years than those who slept in the dark. i can't sleep with the lights on. i can't fall asleep. they were also 30%ore likely
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to become obese. >> doctors tell you to get rid of the technology. you need the darknessse to your body in the right rhythm for sleeping. >> what's interesting, though, the same study said a night light to read doesn't have the same effect. >> i don't have an answer. >> i don't either. >> i ow. kind ofke the margarita burn that we were talking about. why is it on your hands? a great point. >> i'll participate in the out.iment to figure i >> we'll figure it out. we should do it together. field trip -- >> not the sleep, the margarita. >> happy tuesday which is my friday actually. >> there you go. 5:00 somewhere. >> exactly. it is 5:17 now. >> there you go.> > a.m. i don't know if we can drink the pla margaritas now. a great sunrise coming up, the sun coming up at 5:42. the clouds are pitching out, that's why i think it will be gorgeous out there early this morning. not only throughout the day buta also t beautiful sunrise. as far as what we're looking at, all the rain and clouds are pushing out. still rain showers dwn to the
5:18 am
south, northern neck, a few showers, but that is pushing to the east. the humidity's on the low side today and wednesday. it amps back up on thursday. as well for friday and saturday. then hot and humid into sunday which is father's day. the next chance of rn is thursday. and unfortunately we have rain showers on your sunday, as well. the pool outlook for today, only thing you'll be dealing with, the main story, the winds. winds northwest gusting to 25, o 30 miles per . that's it. a great pool day tomorrow, today, thursday. if the kids are home plan for an indoor day on thursday. the rain is pushing out. you can see the showers calve st. mary's county. they are pushing to the eastern shore. look at the end of the cloud cover behind that. it's moving out of temtures in the 60s to around 70 right now. and we are headed to around today with very comfortable conditions. now as we continue through the -- today, tomorrow, we have rain late tomorrow night. let'srime it out foyou. we start at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. looking good.
5:19 am
a little bit more cloud cover. the evening commute should be, after 8:00, 9:00 we'll see showers moving in. those stichr with us tgh much of the day on thursday. by friday morning, we're back to nice conditions. back to dry conditions, as well. so low 80s today. tomorrow, even on thursday, friday, right around normal for this time of year. we will have a 60 chance of passing showers, even a storm on thursday. friday, saturday, looking good. father's day, muggy,hot, around 90. we stay this the low 90s, more rain chances to start next week. all right.l sa, let's look at the roadways. good morning. brand-new problem h templels inner loop before st. barnabas rd. tree down in the right lane is the report now. i'm not seeing much of a delay so far. i'll let you know if it changes. the rest of the beltway looks okay. two issues there, southbound 295, the ramp to inbound 11th street bridge, both of those are now on the shoulder of the roadway. as you take a look at fairfax, northbound forecast pay at braddock, that crash is hanging around. a newroblem in alexandria,
5:20 am
route one at boswell, dark traffic lights. probably won't be fixed until 8:00 this 27orning. 0 northbound, southbound, looking good. 'll take a lookoming up. eun? >> thank you. it's 5:20. next, why getting your feet rear for summe is about more than a pedicure. later today, howie mandel stops by "ellen." he'sking for advice on dealing with women. >> where are you? she said, i'm on the ventura freeway. and the car is out of gas, and i am losing power on the cell phone, and i think one of the tires are flat. i hung up the phone because -- >> this is a man married for 40 years. 40 years. >> that's when you hang up. i don't do anything for you, good-bye. howie will explain his approach this afternoon. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm.
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and you find that perfect spring dre at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's y for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. ats. yes for less. if it isn't here already, your family's summer vacation is prably right around the corner. >> and for a lot of people, summer means flip-flop time. news4's mental health is orking for you -- news4's meth is working for you with tips on keeping your feet feling and looking healthy this summer.
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>> reporter: sun and sand, a of swim on a hot day and, course, flip-flops. the hallmarks of summer. but they can take a toll on your feet. >> it can be pretty tough. > reporter: dr. sayeed is a podiatrist. she saysme this ti year the feet are more vulnerable because they get mord r exposure. with a little tlc, you can avoid injury and keep yots tooes looking good. emember the sunscree you slather it on to protect the rest of your body. don't neglect your feet. >> people. focus on their pface,ting sglak on their hands -- sunblock on their hands, feet you don do that. >> reporter: slower even can -- clear evennan be tough the skin. rinse off and pay special attention to the heels. footwear is alsoimportant. flip-flops are often the summertime go-to. but most don't offer enough .support or protection as one patient learned after falling off a ladder wearing
5:25 am
flip-flops. fibula, ractured her this line here that you see. >> reporter: and if you are going to wear flip-flops, wear the right kind. >> any flip-flop taat you can in your hand and bend in the middle and it's too flexible, do not wear that. i would say itould be like this, if you look at this, it has a thick sole, a nice arch support, and you can barely bend. it. >> reporter: going bare foot te be tempting, but the doctor says don't do. it you could get a cut or expose yourself fungus and other infections. megan mcgrath, news4. >> all right. still ahead on "news4 today," could fitness tracker you use to improve your health actually be having an adverse effect? why some say yes. plus, pride swag flap. what had to be removed to make way for a rainbow flag inne cal county that didn't sit well with a lot of people. how about weather, lauryn? >> a beautiful sunrise coming up
5:26 am
at 42 this morning. then we've got the wind with us. any more rain in the forecast, we'll talk about that coming up. we're the slowskys.
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orongnioomevng st.hrim aaron g >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check your t forecasd commute. those are two important things to start your day with. melissa mollet is standing by with the first 4 traffic. >> this is why we make it first thing. we nt to get right to it. meteorologist lauryn ricketts in for chuck this morning. let's get right to it. >> i'mni run around -- i never do thi showso i'm figuring out where to run to get in place. i'm going to run out ofhe shot to get my clicker. otherwise, look at the sunrise -- it's not coming up. i have nothing to talk about on thmap. now i've got it. back in my light. we've got the cloud cover out there. sun coming up just in about 15 minutes or so. it's going to be a great mornine mainly becauhe rain is pushing out of here. back edge of the clouds are pushing out, a too. wee going to see sunshine the next couple of hours. showers for my friends in northern maryland and eastern
5:30 am
neck, eastern shore. not bad, 67 degrees. we'll drop through the 5:00 a.m. hour and even more as the sun comes up. then the tempatures will get up there, 69 degrees will be the daytime, morning high. then we're moving into the low 80s for daytimeighs once again. let's talk about the big story for today which i think will be the wind. we'll show you those and talk about the next chance of rain which is coming on thursday. other than that, looking let's also ta about the weekend and talk aboutwiraffic th melissa. i have year other clicker here, by the way. when you come back, don't you worry. we have to have them everywhere. at st. barnabas rd., slowdowns at this point this morning. that is because of a tr down on the right side of the so we're seeing a lot of delays coming around inner loop before st. barnabas rd. the rest of the beltway, outer loop and inner loop, no issues. as you look at 270, looks okay overall until you zoom in and
5:31 am
look the frederick southbound 270 just after 70 g jngst 25 miles per hour. fairfax, northbound fairfax county parkway a braddock crash there. here, alexandria, route one, dark traffic lights until 8:00 a.m. ron? >> thank you. 5:31. we're following a developing story from new york stay.ic cofls say tim mccormack was partnering a heer that crashed in midtown manhattan yesterday afternoon. he was killed. no one else was injured. the crash, though, did cause panic and confusion among the people working inside that -story office building. they were forced to evacuate. we'll have a live report from new york city coming up in our ext half hour. also this morning, the investigation into why that crash happened is just beginning. >> officials say mccormack was an experienced pilot. the question is did he stray into restricted airspace because of an emergency? >> go into the area, a helicopter would need the l appro laguardia tower. we need to find out if that
5:32 am
happened or not. we do not know at this point. >> new yo has some of the most tightly controlled airspace in the country. those restrictions became each tighter after presidentrump was elected. he has a residence in trump tower in midtown manhattan. this morning, former red sox superstar david ortiz is bac in boston one day after he was shot i.the dominican republic from the plane, ortiz was taken by ambulance to a hospal where he will continue to recover. he underwent a six-hour surgery before coming back to the states. we'll have a live report from boston coming up in just a few minutes. it's 5:32. today is primary day in virginia. >> the polls will hope in less than 30 minutes. aimee cho is live with more onto what now before you head to your polling place, good morning. >> rorter: good morning. these primaries will set the stage for a battle for control of the virginia general assembly.ub right now repcans only hold
5:33 am
a slight majority in each chamr. if you are heading to the polls, here's what you need to have to vote. the polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to :00 p.m. as long as you're -- 7:00 p.m.r sloongz you in line before 7:00 you can vote. if you don't have your i.d., you can cast a provisional ballot that will counted after you bring in your i.d. all registered voters can vote in the democratic or republican primaries but not both. a here's look at what's at stake -- analysts will be looking for clueso theupcoming 2020 election. this could lead to highly charged battles in both newcomers are challenging democratic incumbents and challengers in both parties have accused incumbents of selling out while serving in richmond. with just 30 minutes to go u il the pollsen, news4 will be following all the results on air and in the nbc washington app. eun, aaron? >> aimee cho, thank you. thetrem trial of -- the
5:34 am
trial of a former university of maryland basketball star will continue. damonte dodd is accuof rain. his victim said prior to the night she was assaulted she never met dodd. she said they met in a college park bar and admitted to being drunk before arriving and snorting cocaine. a herttorney argues she was too intoxicated to consent to sex. dodd's attorney was unavailable but in a previous interview said the sex was consensual. a historic moment in montgomery county metropolitan to show inclusivity -- it metropol to show inclusivity is embroiled in controversy. yesterday for the first time a rainbow pride flag was rised outside of the county executives building in rockville. the area is also known as veterans affairs memorial plaza. veterans areupset that the p.o.w./mia flags were taken down and replaced by the pride flag. e countycknowledged the issue and is working to add more ring lets to the pole so both
5:35 am
flags can be raised. the pride flags win r will be up until the end of -- will be up until thend of june. here's a look at the other top stories. e man who police say started a panic during the capital ide parade in d.c. is in jail. he entered a not guilty plea to a charge of possessing a weapon. police say he pulled a b.b. g ring thedispute creating mistaken reports of shots fired. deeps's sousa middle school -- d.c.'s sousa middle school will be closed again. over the weekend people broke in. ix fire extinguishers were emptied and the area vandalized. officials need to make sure the air quality is safe. students can pick up lunch at the school between 10:00 and noon. we'll have a live report coming li. today catho church leaders from around the country will meet in baltimore. the bishops are under pressure to pass reforms folling multiple sex abuse scandals. dozens of archdiocese includinge
5:36 am
washington arnder investigation for the handling of allegations of abuse by priests. one lane on northbound gw parkway will remain closed ieefinitely. thational parks service is working to a long-term fix for the sinkhole that opened up last month. crews are having trouble coming up with a permanent solution that would prevent another collapse. there's no timeline for when the repairs would happen. news4's working 4 you in the community with news of a kickoff of a summer food program in loudoun county. >> it feeds students who rely free or reduced priced meals during the school year but often go hungry during the summer. at the sterling labor site students end one more than a omach. >> we'll have around nine other sites this summer where students can come out and enjoy meals. there's noel eligibility. woe -- no eligibility. w >> the kids came last year got library cards and became members, we see them yearun ro
5:37 am
>> you can get the location of summer food programs i your area no matter where you live by searching "summer food" in the nbc washington app. i think that's an important reminder that some students who use the free or reduced lunch don't have that option all summer long. >> great programs like this exist. ahead, 80 million miles traveled and 200 l daysogged in space. an astronaut brings the universe a bit closer for local students. plus, you may wear a fitness tracker to help with your heal. could it also be having a reverse effect? good morning, everyone. today on news4 at 5:00, we'll look at how a young man is using modern technology to help thousandaround the world who are struggling with mental health issues. and he's doing it one text message at a time. >> a soccer mom who is strengthsed or a college student in therapy.>> how giani is turning his pain into something positive. also, how you or somebody you
5:38 am
ulre about co
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5:40 am
what kid wouldn't like to meet an astronaut or anyone for that matter wants to meet an astronaut. last night at the oxon hill library dozens of local kids had the chance to do just that. the astronaut who studied at g.w. has logged nearly 200 days in space and traveled more than
5:41 am
80 million mimes. is there a frequent flyer card for something like that? she talked about the science experiments she helped conduct on the international space lk station and ta about what it was like to live and sleep in space. mean, they're -- few things cooler than talking to an astronaut about her experience. >> yeah. she's literally been out of this world. >> uh-huh. and she is out of this world. >> very cool. in health news, a reason to put the video games down for a while. >> physical activity in early ildhood may keep heart disease at bay later in life. this is according to a study by mcmaster university in canada. researchers studied 400 pre-coolers. kids that had the most exercise were more fit obviously and had less hardening of the arteries over the next thre which if you keep it up, it's how you end up later in life. many of us use fitbits, count the steps. >> the attraction may be taking
5:42 am
a toll on our mental health. a duke unirsity studyfound many of us feel the pressure to meet details like steps every day. while health tracking may p us to do more, it can make activities that were once enjoyable feel more like work. that notnly decreases enjoyment but can lower activity levels when those taxers there off. doctors say maintaining a balance between fitness and well being is key. stress can't be a good thing. you know, itority of is a wash.> > exactly. take case of your mental health, as well. speaking of mental health -- >> i know where y were goin with that -- >> he's trying to say you brighten ouray so much, lauryn, that it is calming and soothing. >> that's exactly what i thought thank you.g to say, so much for clarify for me. listen, this is going to be good for everybody because of all the sunshine that we are getting. it's going to be a beautiful
5:43 am
day. the clouds are clearing, the rain to the south and east is clearilkg. let's tabout the rest of the daynd the next a
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
14 before the hour. battleground iowa. just under nine month until the first votes are cast in the 20002000 race. all t democrats -- 2020 race. all the democrats are working overtime to secure a hawkeye state cauus victory. joe biden leading, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and pete buttigieg are in a statistical tie for second eaace. alsong to iowa today, another 2020 candidate if you will, and the current occupanto the white house, president trump. ne will speak delivering remarks on reble energy. all this while back in washington the democrats have just won a voiictory against th justice department. >> because of this a contempt in vote aga attorney general william barr and former white house counsel don mcghan originally scheduled for today has been suspended. news4's tracie potts joins us livl from capitoll with
5:47 am
more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was supposed to hapn today, but it's not happening becau democrats say they got the justice department to do a 180 and comply with a subpoena to let lwmakers see the underlying evidence, the document that special counsel robert mueller sed in his russia investigation,cifically documents about possible obstruction of justice department by president trump. doj first said that they would not release that information. but just hours before yesterday's hearing and a day before the contempt vote involving the attorney general, they changed their minds. now lawmakers will get a chance to seeho documents. the contempt votes for now are not happening as a result. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. won't you please join us as we offer a moment of reflection, thought, and prayer for complete healing and a full recovery for our beloved, big
5:48 am
papi. >> this morning, people around the country a sending well wishes to red sox legend david ortiz including his former teaml ers paused for a tribute before their game last night. ortiz is back in the united states just a day after being shot in his native dominican republic. john moroney from our boston station is live at mass general hospital with more on the condition. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. david ortiz is back in boston this morning, and he's being treated at mass general hospital. he came back into town about medical t night on a flight that had been arranged by the red sox. he was given a police escort to the hospital all this happening 24 hours after he was shot at a bar in his native dominican republic. bar pay transheed track down -- patrons helped track down suspects on th loose. ortiz was rushed to a nearby
5:49 am
clinic for emergency surgery. according to reports, his gall bladder wasremoved along with part of his liver. when they learned of the news, the sox said they wanted to get ortiz back tooston as soon as possible per his medical care given what he's given to the team and the city. pends athow long he'll mass general hospital. at last check we were told he was in serious but stable tendition. lighst in boston, john moroney, back to you. >> thank you. h certainlying for a speedy recovery. 5:49. couraging news from texas. we know that all of the survivors who were injured in that deadly crane collapse are expected to recover. the crane hit the building andi parkdeck during severe storms. a woman was kill and five others hurt. residents are being forced to move out. but the department owner is giving them their deposits and paying their utilities. the owner of the crane says it is fully investigating with
5:50 am
cooperators. tomorrow marks three years since the pulse nightclub attack n orlando. it's hoped to establish the cia as federally recognized national memorial. it was made during a tribute to the victims yesterday. in 2016 the w attackas the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. 49 people were killed.he t owner of the club has been working with a nonprofit to open a museum and memorial to pay tribute to those who were killed. >> there i there was in the hours after the shooting. obviously the report on it may quickly turn the area into essentially a shrine. it's very much a memorial now with images and words and flowers and things. >> y wonder if they'll live on forever. the memories of the people and lives lost during that horrible day. studeng won't be returnin to the classroom today at sousa middle school in southeast washington. >> the school is closed for a second day in a row because of vandalism. molette green is live outside the school with more on what
5:51 am
happened. good morning. >> reporter: good mong. i took a peek inside in the entryway. you can see cleaning materials sitting there, very visible.w floestion this is a big blow to the instructional routine. coming up on the last days of the schoolyear, no school here for a second straight day. the problem is the air quality inside deemed not safe just yet. following that vandalism over the weekend, our cameras captured the cleanup and t repair that happen wanted on monday. we saw the damage. six fire extinguishers emptied rough the building, exit signs broken, a bleacher was vandalized. listen to what sousa parent had to say about all o this. > we got a robo call from t school letting us know this is the -- the kids' safety is important and the school had been broken int and it was damaged. and they would let us know when
5:52 am
they could return.te >> repor now one important thing to note, that the students will be able to come here to pick up lunge between 10:00 a.m. and noon. that's very importance for -- a very important lunch program in is part of town for those young people. and d.c. police say they are looking at surveillance footage to try to figure out who did this. that is the latest live from sousa middle school in utheast. back to you. >> all right. thank you. let's turn to the forecast now. auryn ricketts is takinook outside. what do you see? >> i see cloud cover out there now. that is sweeping aw, moving out from the west to the east. our friends in shenandoah valley already seeing thes beautiful rise as the sun is coming up now. official sunrise in d.c. wast abouen minutes ago. we will continue to see more sun throughout the day. seeing rain showers, down to the south, southern maryland and the northern neck, vern shoereaster
5:53 am
shore, but most of us drying out. d ponding after rain yesterday evening, nice weather. humidity on the low side. that's filtering in now. it's breezy. you saw from the live shot, breezy out there. that's going to be the main story. gusting winds to 25, 30 miles per hour. next chance on thursday, that's when the humidi returns, as well. a nice werng 60s. as i said, we sill have the rain down to the south through southern maryland. extreme southern maryland. exterist. ry's it continues to push off of the eastern shore. there's the frontal system, it was in cincinnati. it's taking ts sweet timeto get through here. eventually it is moving out and we are starting to say the clearing toward i-81. a great day for the pool. lows around 80 degrees. for tomorrow, temperatures stay around 80, increasing clouds.
5:54 am
and we could have late hyphenati showers. we'll time it out for tomorrow. then after 8:00 or 9:00, rain showers move in. erwe will see rain shows through the day on thursday. by friday, looking a lot better. beautiful on friday and not too schaapy on saturday. it's going to be hot on saturdad hot for father's day. we vuls a chance for rain and storms on fathered. humid on father's day. chance of rain continuing through monday and tuesday. all right. good morning, medicalates, let's look at traffic. good morning. chopper 4 overthe problem on the inner loop of the beltway near st. barnabas rd. apparently a trees partially blocking the right side of the roadway. see something real delays theren ner loop near st. barnabas rd. you see that at the boom of the beltway. up top, outer loop near colesville. t look as crash in the middle of the roadway. everybody studying and troog to go around left -- and trying to go around left to right. eastbound 66 at 28, right lane blocked by a crash there.
5:55 am
alexandria, southbound van dorn at telegraph an accident, as well. travel times in virginia, 66. 95, no worries. 270 looks good. more coming up. >> reporter: at cnbc headquarters. amazon is launch ag my crowd for people with bad or no credit. the credit build willing program is in partnership with si synchronicity. there's no annual fee and will offers 5%o back on s purchase. however, customers have todent writ a security deposit and that's a linef credit. it's only for stores that offer amazon pay. you can be upgridded to a secure -- upgraded to a secure account once it'sbe shown to outstanding. game five of the nba finals ended in arreak for kevin
5:56 am
durant. in the second quarter of last night's game against the toron raptors, durant dropped to the floor, immediatelying grabbing his right leg. i'm seeing on twitter that people could dpg somethi was wrong. he injured hises achiendon. it and counsel a season ending injury if not worse. this is the same leg that hurt before that kept him out of games last month. the warriors won that game by one point. t at what cost? hope he's okay. >> we'll see what happens later today. re> 5:56. next at 6:00, a your quite ready for summer? >> there's much more to foot care. we'll talk about how to prepare your feet and children's fear for summer dangers.
5:57 am
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new information about the pilot of the helicopter that burst into flames on top of a new york city skyscraper. chicken recallment. a -- recall. a product that could ban drous to eat. if you're trying to watch yoan weight, you might to
6:00 am
turn off one common household item before you go to sleep. >> put that chain on the refrigerator every night before i go to bed. cut it off. can't get to i 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin this morning with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> and lauryn ricketts in for cluck with the first 4 forecast. lauryn? >> i know we've got cloud cover, but to the west, more sunshine. the clouds that came through, theera inthat came through overnight- the rain that came through overnight, sweeping out of here. the sun came up about 18 minutes ago. you can see the back edge of that cloud cover right there. that's the back edge of the front. still seeing some showers for our friends down in southern maryland, in through the n northernk. pushing off to the eastern shore right now. better widen out the view. again, you can clearly see where thfr


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