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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer. a beautiful day, but rain chances are not far off. and a show of respect. >> the selfless act by a group of local students to honor the dead in an african-american cemetery. >>nnouncer: news 4 at 4:00 kbi begins with break tg news. t's right. now at 4:00, an accused isis sympathizer locked up in the district. >> the fedss telling he posted isis videos and made death threats on line. >> scott macfarlane broke this story on twitter this afternoon. he joins us now from the live desk. >> a local man named jeremy stevenson formerly charged with dealing m drugs, but founde when he was held in custody. he ministered a crowd at a bar in d.c. at the presidential inauguration by showing isis videos. they say he's death threats, searched the internet for the phrases how to join u.s. and isis police head cut off and
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photos show drugs, show phones, and images of stevenson making hand signals allegedly connected to isis. there are other crimes alleged in court filings today as well. feds say stevenson called 911 and threatened to shoot police at the seventh police district. he's charged with dealing drugs. no response yet from his attorney but late today a judge ordered stevenson to be helin custody on the drug charges. i'm scott macfarlane, back to you. >> thank you, scott. now let's turn to the abrupt resignation by the mayor of upper marlboro, maryland. >> tonga turner saidshe's been the target of ongoing racist attacks and bullyint cee wilkins has been working to learn more about what prompted her resiheation. s's live now in upper marlboro. what have you learned about this case? >> reporter: well, the call came out in the town meeting yesterday.
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there were a lotf people w had no idea what this mayor says she had been dealing with. she is the firstam africaican mayor for the town of upper marlboro. this is the county seat of prince george's cou but as of the end of month, it looks like their first african-american mayor is going to resign. she issu her resignation letter online. it's on the facebook page for the town here. now, tonga turner is saying she was called the "n" word. she said she's had her tires slashed, has been heckled in town meetings and dealing with other issues from folks who have confronted her making her very uncomfortable. when we spoke with a spokesperson for the town of upper marlboro, they told us she is not leaving baus of tecause racist attacks but because she wants to spend more time with her family. >> she's had words said to her, tires slashed, people spit at her because she's a very different type of mayor than what the town has been used to in the past.
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>> reporter: how so? >> she's put out change. s's about making things different, about not accepting the status quo, shaking things up, and that has not been bl acceptato a lot of people. >> reporter: now, we tried speaking with tga in person, but she declined comments, so we're going through part of what she included in her resignation letter saying i am writing to inform you effective friday june 24th, 2019, i will no longer bea serving president and mayor of the board of commissioners. the truly excited about future -- about what the future holds for the town and what the future holds for meh as we bot embark on new journeys. we've talked with a number of people who were at the meeting last nightve and we ha more information on what they heard and why the naacpat was in th meeting as well. all of that coming up on news 4 at 5:00. i'm tracee wilkins, back you to all in thest udio.
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>> certainly a story to follow. thank you, tracee. the bodies of age prince rge's county couple are back here in the u.s. today. news 4 was first to report the deat nathaniel holmes and cynthia day in the dominican republic. their bodies found inside a hotel room at the bahia report last months. it says they died of generalized organ failure. family members say they want another autopsy done because onesre skeptical about the done by the dominican authorities. as reports continue to surface about american deaths in the dominican, more people are coming forward with their own suspicions. a widow from brandywine maryland is one of those people now asking questions. her husband david harrison died at the hard rock hotel and casino last year. pole blamed respiratory failure and a buildup of fluid in his lungs. but after recent stories, she's questioning whether thoser orts are correct. talking to
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harrison's wife right now.stacog ne occupy ws 4. former red sox slugger david ortiz is rovering from surgery. he was flown back to the states after being shot inside a bar ov the pweekend. shi's now resting comfortably. and today we're getting our rst indications thatourism to the dr could be taking a hit. a kayak survey found between monday and tuesday online flight searches fell by 13%. they continue to fall the rest of the week as the story continued to develop. the biggest dip happened last thurssy with searc down 22% from the week before. state side now, investigators are looking for ry clues to to figure out why a helicopter made a fiery landing on top of w e rk city
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skyscraper. the impact obliterated the chopper and killed the pilot atyesterday. th pilot, tim mccormick. people who know him say he was a veteran of the new york city skies, but it's not clear just why he was flying so low in restricted air space on such a rainy, cloudy day. new york cityauthorities say the incident hasco no ection terrorism. closer to home, another lay today in the katherine hog case. the ntgomery county county mother is accused of murdering her two children. they disappeared in 2014 and have never been found. wendy rieger stding by at the live desk with a look at what happened in court and some new reaction from the children's father. >> since 2014 there have been multiple state mental evaluations and all of those evaluatis have come back the same. doctors say she is not competent to stand trial. today another mental evaluation, theameesult. so prosecutors have once again asked the judge to have
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independent psychiatri en given weeks to respond and there will be other hearing on july 3rd. after today's hearing thopfather was hul the result would be different. >> when we're here on the 3rd, it's jacob's birthday. maybe he'll get a birthday gift. >> in your opinion that would be what? >> her being found competent and some form of justice for him and his sister. >> she has spent the last three years in a state psychiatric scau l. theho pichildrtaen areow presumed dead. back to you. >> still a mystery. thank you, wendy. montgomery county is trying to resolve a flag slap after an hi historic moment. they have raised the p.o.w./mia flag. e flag had been taken down yesterday and the pride flag was raised in its place to celebrate
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pride month. u'll see the p.o.w. flag is now flying under the american flag. the pride flag will be taken down at the end from now on, though,of theune. p.o.w./mia flag will remain there. right now catholic church leaders are coming together in baltimore. sex abuse scandals are going to be at the top of the jane there. bishops from around the country are undera increng pressure to pass reforms. dozens of archdiocese including this one in washington are under investigation for their handling of the sex abuse allegations. new washington archbishop wilton gregory is at today's conference. foer archbishop cardinal stepped down from his post because of those criticisms. virginia voters casting ballots in primary races today that will shape the fall elections. but inli heavily blue places ke arlington and fairfax county, the winners will be thrown
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favorites toei rprevail in em novber. julie carey joins us with a look at what's on voters minds as a they c their ballots. julie. >> reporter: hi, pat. we're at marshall high school along route 7. 'm sure you tell by all these signs posted blind ehind me thee running of candidates in a lot of different primaries. all of them vote here in fairfax county, democratic primaries. the marquis race, the race to decide who wi be the democratic nominee for fairfax county board chairman. with the retirement, that seat is opening up for the first me in a decade. there are four candidates seeking that nomination. thi include crrent supervisor jeff mccabe along with two political newcomers. we checked in with voters today to find out what exactly is guiding their decision. >> i have two kids, so the future of the schools is a big issue for me, so that's something that was on our mind.
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also there's soe much dlopment going on in this area right now and traffic, so those are all things that are hot topics for us. >> how do we mane our traffic flow in relation to our development? and so i feel likee we n some other alternatives in terms of public transportation. voters er big focus for is something we're going to be watching closely. the races for commonwealth attorney both here in fairfax county and in arlington county in both case, long time incumbent prosecutors are being chaly political newcomers who say the pace of criminal justice reform has to be accelerated. thosehallenges campaign fueled by a lot of out of state money from wealthy decratic incumbent gettinstrong support from the police in both those jurisdictions. back you to nno ihe stioud s. t washington app to kee up to date on all of the results from today's voting.
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find out why a s statenator who hasn't had a challeng in 40 years has two of them this year. redskins players may not be signing yearbooks right now, but after this week they're going to head their separate ways. next time they'll be together will be at training camp in recidivism mond at t richmond in the end of july. many of the veterans not in attendance, but the quarterbacks were. both dwayne haskins and case keenum, new to the team both of them, and learning as much as they can. even though the skins ull be offil training camp, the rook k rookie haskins is still going to be putting in work. >> train, train, train and gabbing grabbing olders that live out he and trying get together with thosed guys doing all i can to get ready for training camp. >> that's exactly what he should be doing and saying. it begins on july 25th. >>oi saying and all the right things.
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good choice. finding a safe home for aging parent or loved one can be a daunting task. >> but knowing what to ask to ma your search a little easier, coming up later on, the four things you'll want to knoy as u begin to look around. >> first, though, a story you'll see only on news 4. why a local family is suing fisher price after the death of their 5 month old boy. and we have seen a phenomenal day today. 81 oogrees. evenr to the north. great night tonight. rain, yeah. it's right back into the forecast. by plmorrow night i'll ein w
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back with a live lo on a gorgeous day out tlrks bhesa, bg ys you'll need the umbrella soon. he'll be back to tell us when wo get re rain. only on newsn 4, an arlingto family is suing fisher price after the d of their 5 month old baby. >> their little boy died in a rock and play sleeper which you m remember being inhe news just a few weeks ago after being linked to a number of deaths. consumer reporter susan hogan has been working this story and joins us from the newsroom with the latest development in this case. >> pat, this the actual lawsuit that was filed just a few days ago. heartbreaking details of a little boy who died while sleeping right next to his
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father. the lawsuit says 5 month old ezra fell asleep a in rock and play similar to this. when he woke up, ez appeared to have pushed himself into a standing position and his face was pressed against the fabric. unable to breathe, ezra died of suffocation. the lawsuit claims fisher price odanut kwboutthe thes deathand in had occurred, but continued to sell millions of rock and plays insisting they were safe. fisher pricine walnounced p it recalling more than $4 million of rock and play sleepers. since the product was introduced in 2009, over 30 babies have died after rolling over while unrestrained or under other circumstances. now, ezra's parents say he was properly restrained sndid the only label warning about suffocation hazard was hidden from view. news 4f course reached out to fisher price and its parent company mattel, but we have not
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yet received a response from them. backto you. >> thnkou, susan. so many of you probly watch nbc's "the vo on that show it's all about the inging. now nbc has a new show that's focusing on the ngsowriting. a local song zoowriter is showi off his talents. ♪ he's got the weird al kind of look there. daniel fields grew up in herndon, virginia and he now living in los angeles. he is competing on the nbc show "songland". they're pitching their original material to be the next hit song. letheck and see how he does. you can watch it tonight at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. something tells me he's going to ben l.a. for a while. >> more local talent. >> herndon, baby. >> your somping grounds.
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>> i love my herndon hornets. >> we all do. and we love >>today. can't beat this. >> can we keep it going for a minute? >> tomo aow is going to be pretty nice day too. a lot more clouds. today is simply gorgeous. we've got temperatures ound 80, 81 degrees right now. low humidity, plenty of sunshine that system that came through, that cold front wiped out any of the pollution. just look at that osot. pcard type day. wow. just gorgeous. out there right now, 81 degrees. winds out of the north at 17 miles an hour. still a little breezy. it's been on the breezy side. wids gusting upwards of 20, 25 miles an hour. everybody into the upper 70s. 79 huntingtown. simply beautiful across our region. tonight it's going to be a little bit of a cool night. many of you wake up to the low 50s in the suburbs. no rain right now. i'm not tracking any tonight or tomorrow. but watch this. as we widen out here, nothing
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going on. you can see that storm system that made its way through. there it is. hat front all the way down toward the sought. some rain around savannah.e' notice got clouds streaming in across our area this evening and we've got one storm up towards minneapolis. ano ter system down around dallas area. these, too, are going to come together right around our region that 's how they intera gives us a much bigger chance for rain tomorrow night into thursday. tomorrow it's beautiful. 78, clouds and sun. still quite nice. but we will be reclouds, especially late in the day. those clouds increasing. good chance for rain. 82 degrees onh tsday. again, morning rain and then maybe a chance for storms too. i want to take you hour by hour on your thursday. if i can do that and show you what we're dealing with here. a lot of cloud cover tomorr night. tomorrow afternoon some sun but mixed with clouds. 11:00 we're still dry. all of wednesday dry. watch what happens thursday morning. look at 3:30 in the morning. look at the rain and heavy rain
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along i-95. heavy rain right along the i-95 corridor. aiis is really heavy r for the first part of the morning rush and then getting out of here quickly. watch this. weigh may oe a chancef thunderstorm activity on the back side of this. so thursday may be a day that we're really going to have to watch here as we makour way through the next few days. behind that system we get another day like today on friday. i will call it a faastic friday, because friday is looking beautiful. saturday also looking great. temperatures 86. we're talkng our next heat wave. i'll show you when thaarrives at 4:45. >> thankstdoug. still ahead, reap the reward. amazon launches a new way to shop and save. we'll explain. plus david ortizg recoverin after the shooting in his native dominican republic. dominican republic. what investigators re you teknot ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that'ses for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yeto seriously, 20 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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and you get your deposit back. right now former red sox slugger david ortiz is ecovering in boston. he hadother surgery today shortly after he was flown back from the dominican republic. nbc morgan -- >> right in the very neighborhood where david ortiz was shot late sunday night and this is the venue where it happened. dial bar and lounge. you see where that sign not up yesterday. national police issuing a temporary closure as this investigation into this shooting continues. here's what we know right now. the investigators hearsay t they do not believe that ortiz was shot as a result of a robbery.he however,re still looking into whether he was specifically targeted by that gunman who walksed in and shot him in the back at basic point blank range. of course the incident involving ortiz just the latest in a eries involving american tourists here in the dominican
4:25 pm
republic. new numbers show six tourists have died here over the past year and that at least three of those people consumed alcohol on the premises of their hotel before becoming ill and later dying. right now american investigators say they do not have enough tidence to link any ofse cases together and that is essentially what the dominican officials are saying and that these are isolated incidents and people need to keep in mind millions of tourists visit the country every year and it is still very much safe to come here and visit. nbc news, santa do mmingo. >> if ifwas not some sort o robbery, was there history plbetween him and the peo involved? >> we know that they knew who he was more than likely. everybody knows who david ortiz is. >> we'll keep you updated. we're staying on top of breaking news. if you're just joining us, we'll tell you how the feds caught an apparent isis sympathizer in the district. san hogan is back with tips on how to fine the rightis
4:26 pm
assed living facility for your loved ones. >> it's an historic african-american cetery in the middle of one of the most affluent neighborhoods in our region. find out what happened when some local hi take-off. and this a loving reminder from his wife. this is will finally depositing that expense check.
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if you're just joining let's get you caught up with four things to know. an accused isis sympathizer locked up in d.c. the ds tell us jeremy stevenson posted isis videos and made death threats online. formalit he is charged dealing drugs. court documents reveal information that does link him to the terror group. h he's beeneld pending trial on charges. no response from his attorney. the mayor of upper marlboha abruptly resigned. tonga turner was the town's first african-american elected leader. she says she's been the target of racist attacks and bullying.
4:30 pm
turner says that's not her reason for resignis. says she's stepping down to spend more time with her family. the bodies of prince george's county couple are back in the united states today. news 4 was first to report the deaths of niathaniel holmes and sin cynthia day last mont t autopsy sayshey died of generalized organ failure. family members want another autopsy done here in the u.s. nbc news has confirmed donald trump juniorll be back on capitol hill tomorrow morning to clear up some of hisea rlier testimony. t president'seldest son will testify before the senate intelligence committee, but do it behind closed doors. the appearance comes after the committee slapped trump with subpoena when he refused to appear before it. back to you guys. endy.anks, now to a tale of two candidates in the 2020 presidential race. >> the front runner in the crowded democratic field, joe
4:31 pm
biden. andoday he's facing off against president trump as if he's already the nominee. both candidates caaigning in iowa today. susan mcginnis tracking both of them. they're already trading shots at each other. >> yeah, they sure are and again, right about now they are both speaking at the same but this is the first time in this e lection ctiycle thae,tm two are appearing in iowa at the same me all in the same day, both of them hoping to gain the upper hand with voters. today in iowa a snapshot of what the 2020 race for president might look like. trump versus biden. both campaigning in this crucial land caucus state ready to some punches. >> i heard biden who is the loser. joe never got more than 1%. >> he is a genuine threat to our core values. >> the jabs were early and often. >> i think he's the weakest mentally. and i like running against peop that are weak mentally. >> the way he calls people the names he calls, no president has
4:32 pm
doneomething like that. >> where trump got personal? >> joe biden is a dummy. >> biden chose policy. >> iowa farmers have been crushed by his tariff war with c ina. >> trump a great counter puncher. he loves to insult people into these daily games. democrats should not get caught in that trap. >> polls show biden currently holding the lead among democratic presidential hopefuls and beating trump in the general election. >> the polling got it completely wrong in 2016. i don't think it's right now. >> while biden may hold the lead today, he has been losing some ground. >> 65% of iowa caucus goers want primarily someone who can beat donald trump. >> biden making his case that he's the answer to president um tr >> let's make america america again. >> but first he has to fight his way out of this crowded primary field. now, with the iowa caucus eight months away, all of the 2020
4:33 pm
hopefuls are increase are their staff and increasing their concentration in the hawkeye state. >> thanks, susan. if you have aging par finding them safe and affordable assisting living facilities can be a daunting task. >> really the right questions to ask, that can help make your a search ttle easier. tonight consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you to help you make good choice. >> i know, because of course we all want the best for our parents. the options for assisted living facility really seem endless and so overwhelming, but we are here o help you sort through a lot of it. washington consumerer checkbook recently surveye 192 assisted here in cilities righ the d.c. region. based on what they learned, here are four things you need to know as you begin your search. tour as many facilities as you whn whi can. e there, talk to residents
4:34 pm
and taste the food. be wear of a la cart services. check about help with daily tasks su as getting dressed and bathing. get all costs in writing. ask if the assisted living facility canccommodate your parent as their health declines. do they offer a transition to skilled nursing that doesn't require your parent moving to another location? and when it comes to pricing, that's where checkbooks undercover shoppers have the biggest frustration because mana cilities flat-out refuse to give any pricing information over the phone. >> they want you to come in. they want you to take a tour. they want to give you sales pitch. i think thate anyhat won't over the phone or in an email ricing u all their information is a community you should very avoiding. why not be transparent about this? what's the big secret? >> to help you through this process, consider using a geriatric care manager.
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thiouperson can help y find a facility that meets all of your parents' needs and most importantly they don't wo for any assisted living facility ant are supposedo give unbiased and tsee the ratings of ovice. assiited living facilies in our area, go to our nbc washington app and searched assist living. this is just so hard on so many peoples hearts and finding the right place is so tough. this really does give you a little bit of a guidebook to help you through it. >> there's nothing like the peace of mind from answering all those questions, answers. >> and the survey they can with their undercover shoppers that ey used was really incredible what they found. so it real lays it all out f you. >> good info. thank you, susan. folks, stick around for news 4 at 5:00.
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a sailorrom virginia surprises his daughter at school after more than a year of serving our country overseas. wait until you seeea her rion. also new at 5:00, a local alpper killed. his mother now tks to news 4 pat collins about her loss and the search for the killers. plus check out the picture from a few days ago. this is the mississippi river in st. louis. you can see the gateway arch, now the river at historic levels not just this weekend, but since the beginniof the year. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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i won't let a heart attack or stroke come between me and everything i love. neither should you. tell your doctor to lower your ldl and reduce your risk with repatha®. pay ore than $5 per month with the repatha® copay card. i want to show you this new video of flooding rescues out in the midwest. this is video from illinois right along the mississippi river. >> this is amazing. flooding along the mississipp is rivaling its worst level since the 20s. and our changing climb is partly to blame for aphis. amelia joins us to explain. >> betweennow melt and
4:40 pm
unprecedented rainfall, the midwest cannot catch a break. what i'm showing you in the background, floodarning along the mississippi, but this also includes the missouri and illinois rivers. you can see them all kmgt together right around st. louis. we head nrfurther down to the south. this means flooding along the misriver. climate change plays into this. as we see warmer temperatures that charges the water cycle so you get heavier rainfall. just look at some of these numbers. st. louis over the weekend had its second highest crest of the mississippi river ever in recordkeeping history. number one goes back to 1993. st. louis they have records of the mississippi river dating back to 1785. so when you look at 12 major precents since that time period, half of them have happened in the last six years. then we head down to baton rougs and the msippi there has been above floodage since
4:41 pm
january, since the beginning of the year. this is unfortunately leading to many homes being destroyed, major damage and it's also impacting crops. impacting the farmers outere in the midwest. >> this comforting trend. >> the good news is the river over the next several weeks is expected to start a receding bit. >> that's good new >> thanks, amelia. we are working for you with in-depth coverage of our changing climate. go to the nbc washington app to learn how it affects your y, familour money, your health, even your commute. just search climate change. >> still ahead for us here this hour, a show of respect. the selfless act by a group of local students to honor the dead in african-american cemetery. >> plus the faa says the pilot of that chopp that crashed in new york city shouldn't have new york city shouldn't have be flying.en
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plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios. back now with a look at currentutemperatures o there.
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doug says it will stay cool tomorrow, but the heat returns soon. we'll haveis full forecast here in less than two minutes. historic african-american sem tear cemetery in the heart of one of t most affluent neighborhoods has been nearly forgotten. >> when som local hig school students learned about the itndition, they decided to do something about >> mark segraves has the story you will onlyee on news 4 about the mt. zion scemetery in georgetown. >> reporter: it's the final resting place for between to 10,000 people, mostly african-americans who lived in worked in d.c. from 1808 to 1950. the mt. zion metery looks more like a graveyard for tombstones than an actual cemetery.
4:46 pm
lisa baker is working t turnit into a memorial park so those buries will not be forgotten. >> it feels so sad that we have not been able to say their names or remember them. >> alicia butler, a history teacher, helps her opportunities research the historic scemetery which was part of the underground railroad. slaves would take refuge in this crypt. when students saw the condition, they wanted to take action. >> it makes me feel distraught because it is ruined and run down and it has to do with my history. >> reporter: so today the students put on work gloves and fied trash bags with debris and weeds as a way to pay respect to their past. >> i feel kind of a connection to these pople because they're black like me and they lived here in way harder times. >> reporter: theo students a learn ds t
4:47 pm
learned the history of the mostly while well-cared for cemetery right next to it. >> i think it shows a little bit of how our society treats our history today. >> reporter: at the mt. zion cemetery in georgetown, mark segraves, news 4. >> i love those kids. >> good for them. >> way toth get out re. >> a wonderful thing for them to do. you can't imagine the stories that must be there. >> and the lessons they're teaching and passing on. >> they had a good day to go out there and do that too. >> thank you, doug. >> i'd love to take credit for it. >> thanks for telling us about it. u >> telling yo about it, that's one thindoi can . we've got sunshine.t we'veue skies. just perfect.ld i to you many times my perfect day, 80, low humidity, sunny. that's exactly what we've got out there today. although like you, there's a couple people in the newsroom that think where's the heat. isn't it supposed in the 90s? >> it's summer, doug. >> the average high is only 8 you guys have to wait. the heat is not quite here yet.
4:48 pm
i'll tell you, just gorgeous across our region. that was national harbor. now we're lookg from the northwest off toward the north. 81 degrees. dropping through the 70s. e're going to drop fairly quick. it's going to be a really nice night. temperature wise it's going to be on the cool side tomorrow orning. little belowerage tomorrow morning. that's where we are now. 84 is the average. little below average today. 78 dulle 80 degrees manassas. 77 in camp springs. all in all a gorgeous afternoon. to talk about take a look at the wider picture. you see clear skies here. look what's coming. we've already got clouds coming. that's ahead of our next storm system and it's coming together. it's really two systems. one, this big storm up toward the north. a lot of cold air associated with it. torm down to the south around dallas. these two are going to come together around our region. something else we've been noticing, this is the cold fronh that came tugh this entire region. boy, did it cool things down. look at the numbers here. no heatnywhere. 76 in savannah.
4:49 pm
77 nashville. 80 in st. louis. there's not a single 90 degree temperature anywhere. all of the heat way out towards the west. san francisco yesterday, 100 hagrees. the hottest they ever been in the month of june. just incredible how warm they have beenen we've n the milder side here. another nice day tomorrow. and then we're talking about the changes as we make our way towards tomorrow night and thursday. >> yea absolutely. 're going to have some rain out there on thursday with those two systems doug was just showing you on the satellite and radar. we start off really nice tomorrow. a little bit of cloudiness, but 62 degrees tonight as theo windows n, a.c. off kind of night. running errands on your lunch hour tomorrow. we have low humidity. temperature around 72. more clouds as we finish off the day. the day is completely dry with the high of 78.ll rea nice again tomorrow unless you want those 90 degree days. here is late tomorrow night, early thursday morning. i'm talking about 2:00 a.m. w this ishen rain moves in. notice the bright colors here on
4:50 pm
future weather. 8:00 a.m., notice the orange there. that's going to slow you don as we track pockets of heavier rain moving through the area. a break on thursday around the midday hours. and heen we hit t afternoon hours and we'll see moresc tered showers and thunderstorms m nly between about 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. the storms later in the day on thursday cld have some strong winds and some hail as well. so for the most part right now thursday we're thinking widesprd rain, mainly early in the morning, then again during thes afternoon hour keep it dry friday. saturday, father's day, doug, on sunday, i didn't even have a chance to ask you if you have plans. do you have plans? >> oh, i got plans. i don't know if my family has plans for me. >> well, whatever you're doing on father's day, herlier the best, because we're going to have some thunderstorms out there we're thinking probably later in the day. >> you and i were talking about we could have some stronger storms on father's day too. next couple of days, again, nice tomorrow with increasing clouds. 82 on your thursday with that rai chance. friday might be exactly like
4:51 pm
today. if you love today, you're going to love friday. 86 on saturday. and then here's the heat, pat. yes, it's coming. 91 degrees coming up. 92 on sunday. 93 on monday. 91 on tuesday. temperatures really starting to get back to the very warm aire saw so much of in the light portion. >> more like summer. >> it's coming for you. glad you like it. >> i unders you should probably clear your calendar for sunday. >> you know something they don't? >> i'm just saying holly might have plans. >> okay. we've got to tell you folks about this fascinating connection with controversial song. maybe you've heard it's a hint of old town road. >> a minnesota mother is giving that song credit for helping her son who has autism speak. >> wow.
4:52 pm
she posted that video of her son daniel and it quickly went viral. she said daniel hadn't strung any words together since he was born, but he has this song down. wow. that isazg what goes on inside theerain. >> sh hosts a podcast on a radio in minneapolis. >> and kids love this song. my daughter's field de th other day, when this song came on, everybody was out there dancing and singing the >> now you've got to learn it. >> i don't think i'm cool thymore. wait, i know song, but i don't know it like you know this song. well, the little boy knows it. one song can make a difference. >> exactly. >> what's coming up, guys? >> ahead at 5:00, speaking of changes mindins, one text messa ata time. >> doreen gentzler reports on a
4:53 pm
young manu oh --
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it's been a beautiful day as we tak o a live looktside over the district. dougays keep your umbrella nearby. when rain moves back into the region next at 5:00. ntsb investigators are now on the scene looking for clues after yesterday's deadly chopper crash in new york city. >> today the faa says that ho chopper suld not have been in the air. jay gray reports the investigation into what happened is going to be difficult, because the pilot is dead and that chopper was destroyed. >> this building in the middle of manhattan is locked down. only essential personnel is allowed inside as instigators work through debris on the roof of the 54-story skyscraper less than 2hours after a fatal chopper crash. >> the wreckage is com fined to the roof top. it is highly grfragmented and a
4:57 pm
post crash fire consumed much of the wreckage. >> senior law enforcement official says this shows the helicopter ying erratically before impact. as the chopper slammed to the building, it rattled those working inside. >> it felt like an earthquake. >> huneds rushed to get out. ha >> you people screaming at you, get outside, get outside. >> here for many sparked b memories of 9/11. >> as soon as you hear an aircrt hit a building, i think my mind goes where every new yorker's nd goes. >> federal agents have ruled out terror. the family of pilot timothy mccormick says he died saving others in the crowded downtown area. his brother writing by putting the helicopter on the rooff thebuilding which took great skill and in my opinion he saved
4:58 pm
many lives by doingc su it is a true act of heroism. mccormickwas the only person on the chopper at the time of the crash. jay gray, nbc news. >> the faa says helicopter pilots need a special license to fly in foul weather and relymeo instru control. >> the agency also says timothy mccormick did not have that license. ne 4 at 5:00 starts right now with jim and wendy. well, first tonight an unfortunate twist after ahi storic first. >> last year tonga turner became the first african-american mayor in the town of uper marlboro. today she is resigning. >> she won't say why she's steppingown but says she's been the target of racist attacks and bullying. >> prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins working this sty for us. she's live in upber marlboro with details. tracee. >> reporter: she is the first african-american mayor here in upper marlboro. this is the county seat for
4:59 pm
prince george's county. much of what's going on in the county seat has not changed. it's pret much been the same. in fact, having the first african-american mayor here was a very big shakeup and now she's resigning. >> good evening prince george's county. this is mayor tonga turner, mayor for the town of upper rmarlboro. orter: the first african-american mayor says she's been the target of racist attacks and bullying sinceki ta office according to people who were in last night's town hall meeting. >> she explained a lot about receiving threatening emails and being called certain words from her constituents t heres have been slashed from what i understand. and then kind of like the kicker, and i think witt made be a part of the meeting is that someone who attends very regularly had been sketching swastika signs. >> allegedly drawing the
5:00 pm
swastikas is a former commissioner. monica wilson took these pictures of him in a meeting. he had a long legal pad. he normally takes lots of notes. i look over and see him scribbling swastikas over and over again. he flips the pages, continues to scribble additional swastikas. >> there have been some things that happened during your year t and half thhe did talk about at the town meeting last night. there have been some incidents that she's had to deal with, but those were not incidents that had anything to do with her resignation. >> upper maboro spokesperson ray feldman says while the racism has been a challenge, she resigned so she could spend mori with family. her progressive did get some pushback. >> she's about not accepting the status quo, shaking things up, and thatot ofas people. >> reporter: very litt has changed in the small historic town. it's the county seat for prince george's county and now


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