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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 12, 2019 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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"n starts now. it is 6:00 a.m. now. veod morning, body. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's begin with a check on your foreca commute. our melissa mollet is starting with your traffic. chuck. >> another nice start on your wednes we're at 64 degrees. some cloudiness out there. overal we are going to have more clouds today than yester comfor 7:00 a.m. i still think we're going drop a degree around 63. 9 a.m. close to 70 degre and more clouds as the day wears onh humidity, nice and low with the high temperature today of 78. here's the latest check of store 4 radar. i'm tracking this system moving into north carolina, out of
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this is goi to bring some rain to the area later today mainly during overnight hours. this storm system back t the tomorr i'm to have much more on the timing of the rain and the fi melissa, tracking issues on 66 right now? >> that's right. first 4 traffic alert here, a this is a five-vehicle crash on so you can see the the chopper is going to zoom out show us what we're r a th mile delay on 66 you can try and take 29 instead. you definitely do not want to op on 66. we see the tows there on the sce. it will still take time for this to completely get there also, you could see on the map we're slowr for th miles.
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mainbreak. road there is closed. aaron? >> melissa, thanyou. 6:02 right now. the mayor of upper marlboro, maryla says she is stepping wn do >> it an unexpected move that has a lot of people resign meghan mcgrath with more on the issue. meghan good morning. in a written statement mayor tonga turner does not give a reason her resignation. she talks about her excitement for what the future holds, but and a her resignation came as a surpri to many. now a spokesperson becaus of negative incidents
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but she, rather, wants to >> there have been some things that have happened during her shdi talk aboutat the town meetin night. there have been some incidents those were not incidents that had anything to do with her resign >> rep mayor turner us was ng for economic growth. she also wanted to expand the town limits. things not necessarily popular her resignation, next friday. ma or upsets from the virginia theo stamos was defeated. in fairfax county, commonwealt
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stedescano. jeff mckay won the democratic primar >> we are going to do in a collaborative way, we will americ incumb he served time in jail as part you can open the nbc washington
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thefaa said the pilot who was killed was notga ley allowed to flee in bad weather. certif to fly when there visibi jeff guzetti tells us why they ve to have extra training. spatia disorientation and that you cannot see the horizon. so your mind doesn't knowhich way is up and which way is down ichb strumts.
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there no flight data record hear more coming up on "today." the school has beense clod for classe were canceled monday and tuesda so crews could clean up worker needed protective mas becaus of chemical orders. officetoday. heavie normal traffic is route from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 officedollinger die back in april. he was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in a
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traffi stopin silver springs. police sy he died as a result know body found at one of d.c.'s mostul popar golf courses is of an adult male. we brought you this story last night. u it'clear how long the body had there and the circumnd surrouing that discov are unclear as well. george county coupleare back in the dominican public. prelim autopsy reports, they want another autopsy done. a pennsylvaniwoman died within
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thsame cause of death. desper for answers in the killin of an aspiring rapper. earl this month tony vegas was shottr in dist heights. he died monday night. walker mother told pat collins her son's most important role >> yes. >> toeces. we have to tell her tonight hat r dad is never coming back so it's going to be easyau b they were inseparable. also killed in that attack. the two had just recorded a song togeth walker family has set up go funera expenses. a local man suspected of
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jill. late ysterday he showed videos a judge ordered stevenson to be trump' oldest son will be back on capitol hill. source tell nbc news donald the committee wnts to question topics expect to take action to
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others they will talk about the 9/11 fund. they'r dealing with health issues linked to breathing toxic fumes. stewar shamed members of that stage thatdidn't tweet out, forget the heroes of 9/11. here they are and where are they? >> two members of subcom were not present. other of the committee the9/11 victim's compensatio if something isn't done. thee brilliant minds. the three african-american scient were instrumenta in this comes weeks before the 50th
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annive of apollo 11. aimee cho will tell us more to provide much-needed a toll lanes already extend far would more than double the road'sca pacity in the rush hour direct making this long commute -- making easier isn't what everyo in the area has in mind. >> my family purposefully mov outsid of d.c. and it wasn't everyo moving in. me people are coming. toll lanes is the best way to
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you'll want to make some travel buddie could cost 30 to $40 during some sh hour. a virginia dad returns from servin more than a year over seas. let's stick around for her reacti chaos zbleer build a bear >> tomorrow morning right around widesp rain, even heavy rain impact the area.
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choppe 4 showing you a big mess here eastbound 66 near 123. four-m backuphi at tpoint. might want to take 29 instead if soon. full details onthis coming up. eun? update it's6:15. do you play video gaths? face of games is changing. more women are playing video that's according to the associ 46% gamers are women. more women play than teenage boys. many are on hand for the e3 i remember telling my mom. place cllednd reay waerthth isto go there. >> e average gamer in the u.s. is now 33 years old.
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subscr video game svice that doesn't surprise me, right? >> right. right? >> uh-huh. st ummer at build a bear? the workshops nationwide were i overru cry children be your age a promotion got little that chachb is bringing it back this year with extra rules. famili will have to register >> they have to spread that over some days though. people showing up for their free bear. deployments are a tough thing military families. kids who count down the days until dad will come home. virgin the wait is finally springr > it's story time
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they are anxious to learn what unfold who will be this week's mystery reader spoile alert, u.s. coast guard member and father just back from a year long deployment ove seas and be ready to recommence his east. every day she told me she misses me can't wait to see me. kaylee daddy. away, that first hug, that firss kiight not seem veal kaylee >> i'm so happy and it's a great day for our family and it's a from a 100 -- no, from a one this year-old was keeping
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>> corey smith, news 4. exactl >> all right, amelia. off a pret nice start this ornin i think. feelsetty comfortable outsid lowmi huty again. we are going to have ouds, are we running about another nice day. tomorr some rain at times but finall looking gorgeous on we do start to warm back up as right now our temperature are 59 in rockville, 60 out at camp spring 54 in manass. refres the bus stop. temper 62. recess definitely outdoors. nice at 75 degrees. even you're just having your
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on lunch break, the weather is going to be fantastic. later on when you are picking rain nofs around midnight and future weather tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. shower in place pretty much the tire area. some brighter colors moving nlat's some heavier rain that could certai slow you down mornin here we are, future weather at then we'll see another wave of and evening hours. it's between 4 and 8 p.m.un that the second round of rainfa gusty winds and hail someth wll be on the lookou for. mornin rain and afternoon
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thunde tomorr breezy on friday. so that 80 will actually feel like we're in the 70s wit there' a peek at your weekend foreca 86 on saturday. late day storms and high of92 r melissking breaking news >> breaking news. a 4-mile east66 as you approach 123, you'll be sitting in this. after outer .ops borne ater closed
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ur. mi per hour.ltway, per hour.en ww mornin coming up, a young man who found a way to help relieve his world. hi wife about -- >> oh, no. look at my face. i've never been so scared in my life. that's mom fear. >> roller coaster. >> roller coaster. "ellen at nbc 4 and stick hoht s lactose intofod in mil
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welcome back. 6:25. a young man is turning his smartp into a support group disord schizophrenia and depres johnny crowder felt to help lift his spirits he left motiva messages around the house and slowly his outlook now he's turned that simple concep into an online business called cope notes. it's text messaging service that sends a random text message each day to anybody who signs up. they'v reacd 8,000 people in 72 countries this year. the cope no's tech messages are intended to support tradit treatment wants to bring a big change to he's partnering with diaper
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9 out of ten dads have changed have a changing table. the love the change isorking pamper says the first five locati been chosen. it makes complete sense. glad it's happening. a local mother says her son was questi by police without her an coen where mouth is. t major donation the company notice the emojis. a lot of smiles there.
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66 near 123. five vehicle collision on the left side of the road. doesn' matter. major delays headed in bound. you can try 29. you do want to commit to 66 if you're headed out sometime soon. you can see the map showing you manass lehigh way north of dudley lane getting by. beltwa volume, love this. cross fingers. hopefu it stays as light as upper marlboro, south osborne, water main lreak withes blocke 270 looks good through the
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into town, out of town, no worrie same situation out of the top. 95maryland, nice and clear. >> that's john glenn. landin johnso in the film "hidden figure she wa a human computer. at w a great movie. john g asked her to double africa female scient will bey honored b fire way. aimee cho is live with more. imee? these women contributed so much this is that e and 3rd street
6:33 am
southw at it. the sign is covered up now but hidden figures way. yased on the lives of katheryn johnso dorothvaughan and e they w som of the first brains behind the operation that launch astronaut john glenn the women often had to battle racism and sexism to accomplish all that they did. of the three hidden figures, still alive. she is the one on the left in she's now 100 years old but our own barbara harrison sat down with her a couple years ago. take a listen. intern sensation? >> for what reason? >> because of what you did. >> john glenn could not take a trip without you saying it was
6:34 am
okay. >> yeah, he was -- he was like me. he didn't trust the -- they put everyt in the computers. >> rep the street :00 live in southwest, aimee cho, montgo county this morning, family community activists are fighting for justice for robert white a year after >> we've got to always try to love. >> he had a lht within him and when i heard things, it was >> white was shot and killed montgo county police officer last year. he was unarmed. the silver springs justice family and friends said white
6:35 am
had mental illness and the situat should have been incide of racial profiling. it's not isolated. we have a problem with our policeofficers. >> the officer was clred of the coalition wants better with mental health issues. new details this morning in the montgo county pncsecutors ae again asking the judge to grant an independent mental she's accused of murdering her they have never been found and arfor th past five ye she's trial by doctors with the state psychi hospital. the defense has two weeks to there will be another hearing on july 3rd. is planning to fight homele amazon is donating $3io mi
6:36 am
it will go towards fighting here's a look at other top storie the mayor of maryland will be steppi down. mayor tonga said she will spend washin reopen today. vandal caused so muchmage cancel died while vacationing in the domini republic have schedu secondary autopsies. ahead this morning, and already one local school securi year.
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we'll tell you how. have heard of before. "news will be right back. stay withu wednesday morning, everyo sendin money through an app has made lives super comup today at 5:00, we're thesepps have made your life mo difficult. he sent his mom $2500 and it
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my name is tanya, i work in the network operstions center for comca we are working to make things simple, easynd awesome. 6:39. common somplaint amongdents usuall it comes to doing
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when wll i ever need to use do you use math now? >> some of it. simple math problems. high school in kentucky is gettin attention for a new class designed to give students a crash course in life after gradua it's called adulting 101. a allout the basics apparently, from under the car hood to the studen shown how to manage situat that are not typicaep dcted in textbooks. >> we had bankers come in and talk to our students abo basic loans. we had state farm here talking we had representatives here >> among the other lessons is how to interact with police the timing of the adulting s 101 claouldn't have come at a better time. in a new story from credit cards. a large number of adults say their parents never taught them basic finance lesson many said they were taught the
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how mu time you use them, where you are and other data feat you use. facebo says it will not see facebo sent out another app that used -- another user it has been marketed to teens iphone with your cnbc morning business ecwe're chng in with amelia draper roads. tomorrus most of cominghome, still some wet
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i'm going to have more on timing on tomorrow's rain. we issues in northern virgin we're talking about a seven mile backup eastbound. we'll give you the full details coming up.>> plus, taking the hot seat. donre jr. pres to testify
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health issue, certainly 9/11 decide whether to live or to hava to live. emotio testimony before a set to vote on fune ing for th 9/11 victim compensation fund today. the cash is set to run out next year. stewar and others are pushing also taking place on capitol on, donald jr., takes the hot seat. he will meet with the republ senate
6:46 am
he'll be asked a number of questi several issues trump tower meeting. for his part the president is upcomi 2020 election. both men held events in iowa yester and both took shots at each other. nbc's peter alexander joins us live with more. two weeks from today that's when two weeks from today that's when democ gaer in m start ramp up. we are getting the preview look at a possible 2020general electi match-up between the front- former vice presid has repeatedly bashed biden calling him a loser and who is, quote, weak
6:47 am
mental despit the president's aides who have warned him against elevat biden. biden was tough as well taking and on politics telling him -- tellin audience that we for our safety's sake, he said, his view of the presidency. well, publicly president trump is dismissive oftrump. biden said he is concerned about his prospect and the new poll number back to you. >> peter alexander live for us at the white house. thank you. coming up next on "today." the first black mayor of upper she took office she's been the meghan mcgrath has more on the meghan in a written statement mayor tonga turner id she's excited
6:48 am
she does not give a reason for her resignation. during town meeting mayor ncshe's experienced si taking office now turner is the first marlbo angel solas was at that meeting. she wa surprised to hear of the challe mayor turner was facing >> she explained a lot about being certain words from her tires have been slashed from what i understand. >> rep a spokesperso for th says that mayor any negative incidents. rath wanted spend more time her family. her resignation takes effect june 21st. back to you.
6:49 am
thank you. a montgomery county mothe said her 10-year-old son was questi by police without herse co tiffan saider son has autism kelly said she thinks he was africa that aominties, we know not minorities. any suspicion thatrf counteeit money is being used. they now admit police should not incide students be over for in maryland. alread one district is planning they detailed several areas to
6:50 am
improv for building security personnel. the school system wants to increa themount of security person and schedule more county police involed in those conver electi over and there were some surprising results. first arlington commonwealth attorn thea stos lost to dehgha county ray morrogh lost to steve. dick sasla won by 500votes. frank principi was defeated by
6:51 am
go nbc washington's app and search virginia primary for more it is 6:51 right now. tracki the traffic report. >> eastbound 66 at 123. here's the problem. left side of the roadway is th i because of an earlier crash involving five vehicles. everyb is getting by to the right. it is a seven mile backup right now. if you can take 29, that's going to be a really good alternate you do to commit to 66 it is just way too slow. there' the map showing you why it is so bad. burt tonsville, southbound 29 at green castle. right side is blocked there. inner loop and outer loop. upper marlbotio, situa there a water main eak. as for travel times, 270 southb41 miles per hour. top of the beltway a little slow
6:52 am
here at 29 miles per hour. 66 in bound 18 miles per hour near 123 and 95 north. 53 miles per hour this morning. rememb to listen to wtop fm. temper refreshing this ornin 47 degrees in petersburg. 64 in washington. 54 in manassas. a great d for getting out in clouds and sunshine for wednes more clouds thanes yrday. lighte winds at 75. high t at 78. that's five degrees below normal center us you can stop crab grass from ertaking your lawn and garden. if you've used it in april, you it will be around the midday and
6:53 am
early afternoon hours. then some askedered. it's breezy, sunny. friday looking like yester here's your storm team ten day foreca partly to mostly cloudy skies. for tomorrow, we're in the70 s once again. we'll have mostly cloudy skies throug day and, again, around midnight. it's raining out there for your that rain likely heavy in spots. we could see around an inch shower and thunderstorms later in mainround 3 and 8 p.m. storms later tomorrow on your thursd hail. tomorr likely storm team 4 foreca breezy highs around 80. with winds out there on we do warm up in the weekend. 86 on saturday. humidi still in check.
6:54 am
92 on sunday for father's day. scte late day showers and thunde plenty of dry time especially then the heat is on we're sunday monday and tuesday as well. 's muggy out there with a few thunde on monday and tuesda nice weather days ahead. a big congratulations to the u.s. women's soccer team. the team took on thailand in women' world cup and not only w on, they won by 13-0. r histo fan favorite alex morgan scored five of those goals. equal pay. that's been the big issue with this women's world cup and how o awesom the women's team is. game 7 of the stanley cup finals will b played right here on nbc
6:55 am
4 at 8:00. on the st. louis blues in new englan night' 5-1. tonigh will mean that the cup offici leaves the washington capita very sad. just one more. t's enjoy these amazing images from t caps' victory last year. how awesome was this. someth about caps fans have fear not, we are confident will come through. founta that image never gets old. sad that this rein is ending. here 4 things to know. today funeral is set for he from the wounds this past april.
6:56 am
maryla said she is stepping down. she faced racism and bullying. more time with her family. we'll have more on the issues she's faced in office on the nbc washin app. it is to honor katheryn johnson, doroth vaughan and mary jackso the three african-american advanc nasa's space program, today the oeston will secondtime. the committee wants to question him for a project dealing with a rump tower in moscow and other topics you can go to the nbc washington app for the latest. >> tighperature today of 78 degree partly to mostly cloudy skies and low humidity. a rain times. heavy rain during the morning
6:57 am
77. breezy and beautiful. >> i am, amelia. 7 mile backup in bound. eastbo66 at 50 is where lookinat. this is chopper 4 showing the you can try 29 everyt is quite slow. >> melissa, thank you. that i the news for today. we'll see you in 25ut . we'll see you in 25ut . enjoy your day.
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good morning. warningig s? the new polling this srning thatws the president's re-election could be in trouble as he and joe biden duke it out in iowa. >> ielieve that trump poses a fundamental threat toamerica. >> i like running again people that are weak mentally. >> just ahead, what the numbers show for the president in a head-to-head with democratic front runners. taking a stand. >> i'm sorry if i sound angry and undiplomat ic, but i'm an >> jon stewart tears into congress overli dwi 9/11 funds for responders. >> it is a sin


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