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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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she sa she's stepping down. tracee wilkins is standing by with a live report. first to breaking news in virgdeia. justice vered in the murder of a teenage fairfax county girl. minutes ago her ex-boyfriend pleaded guilty in her killing. jholie was 16 years old when she disappea back in january 18. h body was found nearly two weeks later. chris gordon is live outside the court. he has reaction. >>porter: he raised his hand in court and swore to tell the truth and before the judge he admitted he killed his ex-girlfriend and hid her body. the prosecutor said this was the final act in an abusive relationship. he killed her a in racontrollable ge, the 18-year-old admitted in court he straned his girlfriend,
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16-year-old jholie moussa as if he was possessed. he said he ld her from her mt. vernon home to a nearby park. she texted her sister she was ing to a party in norfolk, virginia. when she didn't come home, her family reported herin miss police first treated it as a ibrahim had previously been convicted of assaulting her by slapping her and once choking her to the point she passed out. he said he was angry she wasg tryi break up with him. when her body was found after the disappeared the confessed to a detective that he killed her. he will be sentenced here for first-degree murder in september. he faces the possibility of a sentence of up to life in prison. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from jholie moussa's mother as
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she sat in court t hear her daughter's ex-boyfriend admit he killed her child. that's the latest from the courthouse. back toou. >> thanks. reporting live. breaking news out of prince george's cnty where the former mayor of upper marlboro has just spoken about her abrupt resignation we first told y about. tonga turner's decision. tracee wilkins is live nown upper marlboro with what turner had to say this afternoon. tracee. >> reporter: pat, this is the first time from hearing from her since her abrupt resignation. today, e was saying to her counties. i've dealt with a lot of racism but that is not the reason i'm leaving office. this is about spending more te with her family and two young children and missed important events in their lives and wanted to be there moving forward. she said even though things were
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difficult in upper marlboro, oented constituents to understand whver comes after her would have to deal kno w it wasn't all rosie while she was here. hear now from the mayor. >> it was never my intention to give the public the impression i am being pushed out or scared and leaving my role, a role i desperately loved. at is knowst i'm a fighter. no one of any color, of any race, of any ethnicity is ever going to scare me into doing anything. >> reporter: turner talked about in that council meeting her tires had beensl hed, she had been called a number of racist terms and sexist terms. that she had been spat on by someone here in the city. then, there was the issue of a former member of the council
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drawing swastikas on a legal pad other people sitting around could see. a lot of things surprised folks who live in this predominantly african-american county but s turnerys that's not what drove her out of office but wanting to spend more time with her family made that decision for s her. shys it's a good thing. reporting live from upper marlboro, tracee wilkins. to the weather now. a lot of rain in the. region beautiful outside right now and could be lingering into tomorrow morning's commute. >> let's go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. what's the timing on the rain? >> the timing isve oight tonight, around 11:00, 12:00 tonight when it starts. heavy rain in the morng commute. take a look now. beautiful conditions. high temperatures in the 70s. not a drop of rain at all on storm team radar. right now, rain in the carolinas
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and southern virginia and heavyi rain ts way and moving up this way increasing in intensity and coverage by tomorrow morning. this is wha w can expect, a heavyain tomorrow morning and wet morning rush and gorgeous friday and saturday. >> you were also mentioning we could get strong stormsrr to. is that still the word? >> yes. we get showers overnight a a little bit of lull and a chance of severe weather coming tomorrow afternoon, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. i'll take you hour-by-hour coming up in a bit. >> thank you, doug. now is the time to make sure you have our nbc washington app. it's free app and once you have it you will get breaking alerts sent right to your phone. as police look for clues and a motive, we're hearing from the family of a young mangunned down getting introduce head off to his child graduation.
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yet another brazen daytime shooting in the districts, shots rang out on 62 street and northwest d.c. that's where we find pat collins. ed to orter: it was supp be a big day. day of celebration. he w going to pick up his son and take him to his elementary school graduation. but henever made it. gunned down before he could get behind the wheel of his car. the victim identified as 27-year-old daryl johnson, shot this morning on street where helived. news of his death spread quickly. family and friends consoling each other, watching closely as police gathered clues and evidence. on the scene, ernie johnson, the victim's uncle. >> how are you feeling man?
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>> you got to bury someone else infa your ly over somebody else's taking their life. >> reporter: it was like someone was waiting for him to come outside. 930 iin the morn daryl johnson leaves this apartment house and walks to his minivan. as he goes to get inside, a barrage of gunfire. we counted at least 15 shell casings on the ground, seven of the shots into the minivan, daryl johnson hit numerous times. he fell dead to the ground. >> quite surer; were waiting for him to come out probably, the way you see all them shell laying out there. who knows. > reporter: somebody has to know something. >> somebody has to know something. that's absolutely true. >> reporter: one of the stray bullets here went into a woman's
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apartment. i'll take you inside and show you what it was like, coming up at 5:00. back to you. >> that is so heart breaking. see you nextho r. as d.c. grapples with an outbreak of gun violence, they have three people who killed man st month and that suspect may be suspect in other murders. erika has the latest. >> rake willis, aka rocky and there are oers heay be involved in. this is the 1400 block of fort davis place andoutheast. 6-year-old sean schuler anddev 24-year-old tariq haygood were
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sprayed with bullets. one of them w tied to two other murders, cases in 2017 and 2018. the car was used in another homicid the warrant details an ongoing investigation into a murder in prince george's c nty this year willis may have had a role in. today, d.c. chief confirmed willis had previously served time for assault with intent to kill. this is an extremely dangerous guy now beingaken off the streets. >> 30 months for trying to kill otmebody. i'm so sure i'm comfortable with that. i live here in the district of columbia. maybe we need to rethink a penalty like that for somebody who tries to kill someone and now he's murdered three additional people. >> the chief says it's a small
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group of dangerous people in this district that lead to the violence. various motives may be at play in these different cases. a story we are paying close attention to. back to you. >> you got it. a man who filmed dozens of women and girls in four stores in fairfax, virginia, pleaded guilty to unlawful filming. he used t cameras to film 60 women and girls in fitting rooms and four different shopping centers. promenade, fairfax mall, yson's corner in virginia. one is a felony and the other three are misdemeanor. a rare flyover. twoighter jetslew over the lawn of the white house. lots of workers in washington were caught off guard by the roarand took to social media to
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ask t'whas going on. it was in honor of poland's president in townit visg president trump. they all watched from the lawn. poland is buying about three dozen jets from the s. that will replace aging soviet era planes. paving the way. a new honor in d.c. today for some of the first african-american women to work at nasa. and later on a dahter tells us what it means to her. a prize saxophone stolen not once but twice from l aal music storeho they eventually tracked down they eventually tracked down the the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs,
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but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're anglecting small towns d rural communities, leaving them on the wrong si of the digital divid if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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we have breaking news happening in d.c.'s logan circle neighborhood. a construction worker was injured in a row house collap 1 th street near n. street northwest. we're told part of the second floor crumbled in the back of the house and the worker was pirushed to the hal with serious but not life threat ing injuries. the cupational health administration have been called to the scene and we're working now to find ht how t happened. police in montgomery county lined the streets in honor of a former officer. kyle bolinger diedn april in
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arizona and died in a traffic stop 16 years ago. last week,th his dea was ruled a homicide. today, a celebration of his life was held. the shooter serving life plus 20 years in prison now and prosecutors deciding whether new charges wl be filed. finally, relief for the owner of middle c music in the district. a burglar with an affinity for a very expensive instrument broke into the store four times in two days and now he is behind bars.> eporter: verna loves this sound. at her middle c music store in northwest d.c.'s tenleytown. but she hates the awful sound of her store'sr >> the theft. >> the roller coaster of the
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burglary. >> this roller coaster story starts on this surveillance video early thursday morning. police say 55-year-old vincent hammon shown on the bottom of lsur screen breaks in and st this $4400 gerald albright cannon saxophone. oh, my god, at's going on. >> then, there was sweet good news on saturday. an anonymous man calle myrna and said he found the saxophone. >> to get someone who found it's absolute >> reposhe put the saxophone back in the store. within hours of recovering it early sunday morning police say hammon returned, shattering the front door and stealing thes axophone another time. >> and then the theft again. >> reporter: one of her employees was on a metro train the napped this noto of
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suspect with the saxophone in its case. >> i feel stunned. >> reporter: he followed hammonl and caed police and they arrested him. e hopes they can erase what happened. >> we hope he's given up. >> yes. >> off the streets for sure. find another hobby. a crazy story. >> let's change the tune. >> weather about to ange its tune. we have beautiful skies and we have rain coming in to get heavy at times just about, 10 12 hours from now. you wouldn't know it. beautiful condition bright blue skies. mid-70s. 76 degrees, winds out of the south at 8, 9 miles an hour. 78rd towa huntington.
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look at the radar. nothing in our area, everything is dry. to the south in parts of southern virginia, this system starting to get its act together to become an area of low pressure right up 95 and cause problems. look at this spin around st. louis is causing this to move north and thisom c tomorrow afternoon. round one, heavy rain overnight and a chance for storms tomorrow afternoon. 7:00 tonigh notice the cloud cover moving in. a few showers moving through. you see couple, not many. clouds moving through. 3:00, heavier rain. any time you see rain in orange, it's moving in. west of i-95 here and fredericksburg at 7:00 a.m., that is a wet morning rush. by 11:00, everybody is starting
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to dr out. then, we see the next system come through throu the i-81 corridor. these could be strong storms and strong winds and hail for tomorrow. that's something i will be watching very very closely. that system is out 7:00. a rainy day to start and stormy day in the afternoon. here's how much rain upward of an inch. an inch in leesburg, some computer models giving us 2, 2 1/2 inches but area wide, a half-inch, inch and a half. 78 degrees, chance of overnight storms coming through. tomorrow could be alert day. amelia wll be in here for chuck bell. beautiful friday and saturday and then we get to sto chances and the heat.
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90 degrees, rather humid. much more about that and potential for the heat wave at 4:45. >> tha you, doug. new information on the shooting of former red sox slugger, david ortiz. what wern leaed about the violence of the dominican republic. >> first, millions of us use >> first, millions of us use facebookveryday. e what comes with $1 soft drink from mcdonald's? ( ♪ ) $1 any size soft drink. joy included ( ♪ )
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i'm erika gonzalez back with breaking news from the live acsk. a former coh linked to the college admission scandal will avoid significant prison-time. john vander more, stanford's former sailing coach was just sentenced to one day in prison for his role in the scandal. he pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering, conspiracy for accepting more than in$700,000 bribes on behalf of the school's sailing ogram. the scandal gained international headlines when actresses, lori loughl and felicity huffman were indicted. huffman pleaded guilty, loughlin, not guilty.
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back to you in the studio.d. police have named their officer of the year. you have to admit she is pretty >> tiara brown has been with the department four years now. she'snot just a cop, she's also a champion boxer, plus, a volunteer with several community organizations and mentors youngsters from her neighborhood. t>> i think i's very important to show the community we care not just as officers but people we care about the community. >> brown isriginally from florida and as you can see, she's quickly made the district her home see.o gofor her. >> i bet she has made an impact on the kids she dealsith. millions of us use facebook everyday. facebook wants to pay you for using the site. explaining how this works out and how they collect information they use.ce
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>> fabook will once again be paying people for track agnew app called "the verge" and it will show the time spent using tae app and countryou're in and additional dnd features. acebook won't see specific content like messages and passwords. this comes after the last tracking app, facebook research, as shut down after it was reported it was marketed to teens and vioted the rules to get deeper access to your phone. >> facebook doesn't say how much they will pay participants to use the app but participants have to be at least 18 years d. >> now, they want your permission. >> at least they wi pay for it. don't mind giving it then. researchf the best named products you can buy over the counter.
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a. now at 4:30, storm team 4 is tracking big changes in the forecast. don't expect the sunny weather longer. around too much >> we will have fun how many hours? >> about six. sun goes down about 8:30. we will have sunshine. look where the rain is, down south at i-95. as it moves in here, seven or eight hours. it doesn't have to deal with the traffic in fredericksburg. some of that rain will be heavy at times and will affect your
4:30 pm
thursday morning rush. i will have your school forecast and how it affects you an the kids and most get out of going to school. >> thank you, doug. >> if youoi are just jng us, the mayor of upper marlboro says she didn't resign because of cism or bigotry. about 90 minutes ago tongane tu said she decided to step downto spend more time with her small children. abe does acknowledge a conversation ut racism in upper marlboro 23450ecneeds to discu ed. the ex-boyfriend of a 16-year-old plead guilty to stranglingjholi e moussa in an uncontrollable act of rage. we will hear from her mom at
4:31 pm
5:00. another brazen victim of gang violence, a you man leaving his home in northwest d.c. to go pick up his son for an elementary school graduation. our crew counted at15 least shell casings on the ground and the victim hit multiple times. no possible word of a motive. a thunderous roar, these two f-35 strike fighter jets flew over the white house. it's rare for anything like that to happen. it was done to celebrate poland's prsident who was visiting president trump. it will replace aging sovietra planes. >> came as a surprise to a lot of folks. the fbi is investigating the deaths of three americans in the same resort in the dominican republic, a couple from prince
4:32 pm
george's county. we were the first to tell you when they were discovy red dead ma0th. we're told toxitslogy repor could be held up to a month. now charged as anpl acce to attempted murder. police believe eddy vladimir driving the motorcycle of the man that shot him. he isen currly recovering in boston. >> the u.s. ambassador says the safety of those visiting the country remain the highest priority. the embassy says they are working hard to ensure citizens are safe and feel safe in the n
4:33 pm
entire country. governor hogan is asking for the delay to be considered. much of our progress as a nation most notably in the struggle for freedom and equal rights can be attributed to the sacrifices of this american hero. hard to see who can argue with that last quote from governor hogan. harri harriet tug man had specialnn cotions and escaped the understood ground railway and helped others. i guess others feels the same way. they feel he's spot on and support trying to get her image on the $20 bill. it seems the trump administration seems dead set rolling back anything approved during the obama administration.
4:34 pm
they are hoping -- this is an important issue t our listeners and hoping others step up to do what genuine hogan has done. denise says she is very prd of the governor. >> of all the things the governor can to focus on. i think this is great. why wait another year or two years just because. i think it's great. i'll sign a petition. >> secretary treasurer mnuchin says counterfeit is a problem. th seemed to come out of nowhere. critics say, maps this has do with politics and want to make sure it doesn't happen. how do you listeners feel about that?
4:35 pm
>> they feel it's time for other americans be featured on the currency. many noted the fact jackson was a well-known slave owner. the trump administration seems tobe dead set on stopping anything approved during the era. and many relatives said it's senseless. >> i think a it's good thing. i don't understand why they need to wait an additional four years. if it's already been proposed, why not go forward with it now. why wait for it. >> at least you will have something to talk about. taylor thomas, thank you. >> thank you. stick around for news at 5:00. new at 5, a ride for relief.
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a news4 consumer alert about two ford recalls. it is recalling about a million explorers between 2011 and 2017. problems with t rear suspension and transmission control could cause steering trouble and 2013 f-150 pickups being called for a second time earlier attempt to keep them from shifting into first gear apparently didn't work. build-a-bear's popular workshop is backis th year with rules. you might remember last year the one day event drew huge crowds and very long lines. stores h to close because of
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the very heavy turnout. this year you have until sunday to enter for a chance to participate. wi ers get ane-mail. >> they had to do soak. that was a madhouse last year. >> madness. you know thef struggle o trying to change your child's diaper in public without a changing table. research shows 9 out of 10 dadso had t change their baby in public rooms without a table. so pampers wants to help. singer john legend is partnering with them to install them in 25,000 cng rooms and together they will put up the first 500 in the next four weeks. hen it comes to food allergies, doctors say about half the people with a food allergy will develop them as results. a big part is genetic. medical experts say it's important to get your kids 4 to
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6 onths exposed to ods we meten associate with food allergies, so containing peanut and dairy. >> you can raise them in too sterile of ann envint and even in the presence of a puppy or dog is good to keep them from developing allergies later in life. >> instead of one by one, regularly expose your child to those foods. it was a proud moment for a proud daughter of one of the first african-american womeno work for nasa. >> to know she carries on her shoulders women of the world is amazing. >> she was there when d.c. gave her recognition. one sorm tot you know when you're at ross and you a price thas you, like... okay. that's yes for less.
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>> really good to know, traveling.if you're things happen when you're traveling on vacation with your kids andnowing what to get. >> after bite, i had never used this product. i will get some. y >> thanku. we need to prevent the use o solarthis and getai solarcne.y 're waking up tomorrow morning and have that morning commute, moving out quickly. a beautiful afternoon. clouds starting to move bk in. high temperatures mid 70s. 74, dropping about 67 by 11:00.
4:49 pm
that's when the showers move to the d.c. metro area. look atemperatures. 76, dulles, 76 manassas. 5-10 degrees below average again although we did get to 81 yesterday. no rain on the radar. see the clouds screaming in and starng in southern virginia. we have two storms, one spinning clearly spinning to the west and another to the south starting to get its spin on as well. this will spin out with the heaviest rain. this has cold air aloft and it will help enhance thunderstorms and see hail tomorrownd heavy rainfall as well. let's time it out for you hour-by-hour, 7:00.
4:50 pm
showers to the south, and we see a few showers, 9:00, 10:00. look at the newest computer model. 3 a.m.,rea ride. some rain is heavy at times. >> man waking up atf 5:30, amelia draper will be with you tomorrow. look at the heavy rain. fredericksburg, leesburg getting slammed around warrington. 7:00, 8:00, means your commute will be a sowl f the kids. 11:00 a.m., a little bit of break and maybe see a little sun here and we see the nexus wi upper level storms and 7:00 and d.c. metro area around 5:00. around the i-95 corridor, storms.
4:51 pm
that's why tomorrow will be a weather alert today. we will weather alert tonight at 11:00 because of the heavyn. r 47 on thursday. 78 on friday, 86 on saturday. good chance of storms, too. a little unsettled next week. >> thank you, doug. this was an emotional meeting. ,t happened on th "today" show. broadway star ollie and her biggest fan, 6-year-oldy henr henson are both in wheelchairs. and she becai the ft to be in a wheelchair. henry watched th whole scene and hexclaimed, that's me. his mom said it's the first time he realized anything is possible despiteis spina bifida. >> neither of them knew about the meeting ahead of time. when asked what he thoughtab ut
4:52 pm
the tonys, he gave a thumbs up. go bet you now he wants to see "oklahoma." >> probably. >> boy, did she have a powerful set of pipes. her voice was amazing. >> amazing. >> very sweet. >> what's coming up. >> this has been one of our top stories on our website. a lot ofouou curi about the plan to fly the baby trump balloon over the national mall the fourth of july. >> taking a look and what rganizers have to do to make that a realityand how police plan to handle other changes including a speech by the president. >> news4 is looking to protect your money. aouocal man fnd out the hard way yo money can disappear in a flash when you're using those cash sharing apps. >> this is animportant heads-up. susan hogan takes a look how you can make sure your money is going to the right place.
4:53 pm
>> that can be really scary. it's so easy. yeah, that was too easy. >> can't everything for granted. >> no, you can't, you have to know what you're doing. we willsee you with those
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ifou are just joining us, grab that umbrella. doug is tracking rain and
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storms. he has the timingupoming next at 5:00. this is a story you can't help be inspired by. the three black women who helped send astronauts into space. the story about them became a best-seller and movie and received critical acclaim. how those women are being honored in the district.>> eporter: street signs are there to show us the way. how fitting this sign honored women who showed everyehe t accomplished. hidden figures, kathryn johnson, ando others became the firsttw african-american women to work there. today,johnson's daughterhere to see the new street sign unveiled. >> it's quite exciting that people still want to know is it all real? she is very much an icon to us, the family. >> reporter: of the three hidden
4:57 pm
fires, johnson is the only one still alive. her nickname, the human calculator. she spoke to news4's barbara harrison back in 2017. >> wha 7 times 12? >> 84. >> that brain is still working. >> i'm glad something is still working. >> reporter: with this new sign at e and 3rd street southwest making sure hidden figures lives on, what was taken on when she wrote the book. >> it proves not only are women good at math, sometimes they're the best at math. >> the world now has embraced her, and to know that she carries on her shoulders women of the world is just amazing. >> reporter: kathryn johnson unfortunately wasn't able to ma it today see the new street sign in person but her daughter tells her mom is now almost 101 and still going strong. reporting in southwest, amy
4:58 pm
choe, news4. >> the person who came up with the idea to rename the street was texas senator ted cruz. >> when i saw him in the video of the unveiling i confess i was a bit surprised. he said he felt pretty inspired after seeing the movie. how about that? >> we were all inspired. >> i didn't know that. hisother was also space engineer. i didn't know that. i think is cool, really cool. >> 101. talk about inspiring. >> i love what she said to barbara, at least something still we all like that and we're 30 and 40 years younger than her. >> stay right there. news4 at 5 starts right now. anow 5:00, a consumer alert about those popular appso yse to send money to yourds frien. >> put in her first name and last name and it never got to her. >> reporter: susan hogan working to protect your mone a father gunned down on his way to his child's graduation.
4:59 pm
>> you have to bury someone else. >> reporter: pat collins w cold attack. ai>> reporter: first, breaking r silence. >> it was never my intention to give the public the impression i'm being scared or pushed out to leave my role. >> reporter: her sudden decision to step down. >> hi, everybody. tonga turner says her decision to walk away from h job does not have anythingo do with racism or bigotry. >> the mayor of erdiscussed her decision to ste down a few minutes ago. live what she had to say and who she is blaming for this controversy. >> reporter: she is saying this is a decision that was veryte privaor her. she wanted to spend more time with her family. on second thought, perhaps she should have separated the messages about the racism she's been enduring and her resignation. she was saying today the two art
5:00 pm
no eng f upper marlboro due to any racism or marlboro's first african-american mayor says she's been the target of attacks and bullying since taking office. she says that's not the reason she's abruptly resigning before the end of her term. >> no one of any color or any race or ethnicity is ever going to scare me into doing anything. >> reporter: in atownall monday she said enshe's be called racist names, received threatening e-mails h andad her tires slashed and spat on. and had ame hard ti in meetings due to a former commissioner who would interrupt and last meeting someone drawing swastikas on a notepad and someone t okis picture. >> racism has been alive and


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