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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 14, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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and then to celebrate with the team on e ice, come on! >> incredible. great news for everybody. iran shod deep dip loam sis not withr terro blood she had. >> attacks on two oil tankers push the u.s t. on precipice of war president trump saying he'd cept dirt from a foreign wer. storming ahead with new tech weather forecasting system gets an upgrade >>wh> shame ile you shop grocery stores getting customers to go green. we the north are now we the
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champions. the raptors are 2019 nba champs. >> the kings of the north. the raptors topple the warrior we'll tell you how toronto made it happen. "early today" starts right now >> good friday morningri i'm frances ra >> and i'm phillip mena. that's a wrap on the nba season. the toronto raptorwent into oakland and came out with their first nba title. game six was tightso klay thompn on the floor there. he had to leave the game after falling awkwardly. he was able to shoot free throws stef curry was the only star the warriors had last chance for golden state, curry misses the free throw and it is over they close out the series
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114-110. all eyes on finalsvp kawhi leonard as he led his team to the first title in toronto >> this is something special for me you know how the lasart ye, everybody was looking at me and i stayed true to myself. ied a great support system >> great goggles there champaign burns, got to protect the eyes raptor fans celebrating there deep into the night and probably still going on to the conflict on the high seas united states blaming iran after two fuel tankers were attacked in the gulf of oman.te the united stas released this video that they believe shows them removing a mine from the side of the tanker >> reporter: the u.s. accusing
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iran of carrying out a blatant attack the japanese owner saying it was targeted twice the u.s. navy ceto provide help the iranian navy said it rescued some cwmembers the secretary of state blames iran >> these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat >> iran denies involvement >> reporter: here in tehran the leadership calling the attack, quote, beyond suspicious saying why would they attack the japanese shipshile thete japanese prime minisr was in iran >> last month, four tankers were hit here the cling for an emergency. oil tankers in flames in a
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region ready to ignite at any time this morning secretary pompeo vowing to keep up the pressure on iran while president trump saying it is too soon to even think about a deal tweeting, they are not ready and neither are we >>hank you the white house is ending the workweek in full dame ntrol mode amid a growing tide of backlash over president trump's comment thate would be open to accepting dirt from on opponent by a foreign entity and the watch dog calls for the firing of another. sara sanders is officially on her way out. >> reporter: that's right. she is leaving t end of the month. ontter and also saying he ng her hopes she runs for governor of arkansas she's headed back home to
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arkansas another top spokesperson, kellyanne conway calls that she should be fired.rt reg that her public comments about democratic candidates violateederal laws and standards. we are still monitoring the fall out from president trump in that abc interview thate would accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government this statement from the federal elections commissioner, let me make something 100% clear that it is illegal to not only receive contributions or anything of value, adding this is not a novel concept on capitol hill both democrats and republicans are questioning what the psident said. >> the president gave us once again evid that he does not
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know right from wrong. it is a very sad thing >> i think it is a mistake if a foreign government comes to you and offers to help your campaign, giving you anything whether money or information, the right answer is no >> reporter: now there are some republicans defending the president here butgr coness has rejected a measureo require ndidates to report all contact with foreign nat at they would have to reportoad dreamers who work for their campaign >> thank you tracie potts for joining us thi mass protests in hong kong have led to legislatures suspend meetings to the tradition bill coming as clashes haveurned increasingly violent police have used rubber bullets and tear spraypp oing the
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bill 22 officers have been injured and over 80 people were injured for protest-related injuries e chief executive condemned the acts cuba gooding jr. turned himself and is nowacing a criminal charge after a woman accused him of groping her at a bar. he dies the allegation and surveillance video shows no criminal conduct >> mr. gooding has not acting inappropriately in any shape or i frankly am shocked and horrified that this case is ing prosecuted >> the nypd is confirming a cond woman came forward alleging he touched her inappropriately back in 2008 but it is unlikely they can move forward with that case becau it falls outside the statute of
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limitation in new york state, cracking down on measles. new york has become the epicenter of the out break wh more than 800 people sickened. calling the out breaks a public health emergency the law will require school children to be vcinated despite their parents objections it goes into effect immediately. prosecutors have dismissed all charges in the flint water charge the water experienced an out break of they say charges can be refiled and there may beio additl charges. to the first major upgrade to give you even more accurate forecasts whener seve weather is on the way here is nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: it has been 40
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years since the federal government improved thate instruments th predict this weather. this year, it all changes. upgrading the computer system. >> if you think of the american weather model as aor cvette. we are replacing the engine with one that is higher performing and more efficient >> they still input data from weather balloons and bouys >> reporter: noaa hoping to match the european models to predict strong storms. these improvements should better help residents decide if they should stay put or must get out. >> that was kerry sanders reporting. we still need a good
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meteorologist to help us out >>ri happy fy to you guys. i want to talk about severe weather. that's why models arso important. yesterday, we saw that severe weather roll through the northeast. we had a tchnado tou down in southern new jersey last night this is a second one in just the mstth we are in a very active pattern. the bull's-eye today is in central and southern plains including dodge city here is a closer look at your day ahead. >> we are looking at more storms in florida we have the tale end of that fron we heato the middle of the country, we are looking at severe weather at least ae chancin southern and centraplains but enjoy today. happy fridayth enjoy e sunshine and tomorrow is really nice too before the rain returns >> father's day weekend too. thank you.
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those that fell short are steve bullock and others catch the debate here on june 26 and 27 a new threat from tech that is called nightmarish. congress is tackling deep fakes. those videos that look uncaningly real. >> reporter: seeing is no longer believing. experts spoke to the house intelligence committee about the threat of so-called deep fakes manipulated video. >> you seei would never say these things >> reporter: that look real. >> someone else would. someone likeordan peel this technology used in the doctored video of markbe
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zucker that recently went viral fuelling growingon ccerns about swaying voters in the 2020 election >> tre is no solution and gekely to t worse before it gets better. detecting fakes becomes more difficult. those with the skill remain out gunned even aft deemed a fake, a negative impression remain stradling the line between sensoring speech >> i think we have to have a self-regular la tory model >> for now, the focus is on uca. >> we need to be far more skeptical consumers of anything we see on line watch out for that just ahead, burger king brings the water to the upside down to
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♪ baby shark ♪ baby shark ♪ baby shark >> if you live on planet earth, you know that song now baby shark is getting transformed into a live stage show a north american tour is in the works and will visit 100 cities. i don't know much about it got to be honest >> an entire movement i thought was dying down but now this tour, hear we go >> they found a way to make money. so "stranger things" is turning burger king on its head. an upside down whoper. a none to the upside down in "stranger things." season 3 premiers next month
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along with limited edition catsupok packets lo at it it is a whoper they turned upside down on a bum >> that's probably the laziest promotion i've eveseen >> you can turn it upside down yourself >> look what we did. watch "stranger things." one grocery store is using a new tactic vancouver's east west market is trying to cut down and plastic waste. they started printing embarrassing statements. you better bring your own reusable tote. the store owner hopes it will motivate customere to ce their eco foot print >> it might backfire because those are funny and they may
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>> right that is today's shot of the day. literally a hole in one on day one for roryni sabbati only the 45th hole in one in u.s. open history and tht e firs time it has happened in five years. >> father's day goals for a lot of dads. chances are it is not. we'll seif the weather is going to cooperate >> that is true. i think the goal is to sit on the couch all day long and watch it looking at 63 degrees. another nice golfing day in theortheast, looking really nice breezy but temperatures in the 70s. back to you. when we acme bk, the story of the remarkable girl who won a hand writing prize against all odds this is "early tay" on a friday
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good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. you made it to friday.e are, aaron. father's day weekend is here, and we are helping you with last-minute gift ideas. >> we'll help you find something he'll love that won't break the bank. first, lauren will have yout r's day forecast. >> yeah, not looking too bad out there this morning. the rain has moved out of the area. y's going to be a beautiful start tour friday. how about that weekend?
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now on "news4 today," commuters could be one step closer to a faster drive to work. new details about the first phase of construction on maryland's toll lane. plus, paren are worried
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now that a school worker is accused of rape. how the company that hired the man says it's working to protect children. on this father's day weekend, a group ofng distiished dads explains the lessons learneduring their 70-year friendship. 4:00 on the dot. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is a -- >> friday? >> friday, we made it here. it's going to be a beautiful day ahead. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day. we'll begin with the check of the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet has storm team traffic. >> and lauryn ricketts is in for chuck today with a look outside. good morni, lauren. >> good morning. we've got aoeautiful l outside. it is cool, so grab the jacket on the way out the door.ra tempetures in the 50s right now. its a little on the chilly side out there after a frontal system passed through the area. we are dry out there early on this friday morning. a few showers just to the wt ght now s


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