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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:50pm EDT

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police collected video from nearby surveillance cameras and went door-to-door talking with neighbors. this area of eastern avenue is known for its transgender sex workers that walkse streets at night. people who live hearsay they don't know what to do about it. >> i just wish that they could do something, the police or do something to get rid of all of this prostitution. > reporter: in march just a few blocksaway, another transgender woman was found shot to death. her murder is still unsolved. the two women knew each other ng accordio prince george's county police, but they say it's too early to say if the two murders are >> unusual that we had two murders like this within a couple blocks of each other. what we will say to the community that's out there is for each other.lo i still can't say that these two cases are related to each other. it's something that we are looking a very closely. >> the chief of police for
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fairmont heights says the prostitution between his town and the d.c. water can't be solved with arrests alone. >> there used to be agencies more involved with keeping some of these folks off the street and getting them into a better environment rather than trying to walk the streets and make a few dollars, because this is here.rous out this has been going on out here for many, many years. >> prince george's county police are offering up to $25,000 in reward money. for in rmation that helpsad to an arrest in this case. reporting live from palmer park, i'm tracee wilkins. >> tracee, thank you. advocates and members of the lgbt community have been ounding alarm about violence against the transgender community for several years now. to make matters worse, the human rights campaign which tracks such cases says the majotty of victims are black transgender women. prior to last night's homicide, the advocacy group has tracked nine transgender murders this
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year in the u.s. all of those victims, black transgender women. there were 26 known transgender last year and 29 the year fore. tonight president trump is walking back comments he made this week in an interview with a abc's george stephanopoulos. today the president calledto in his favorite morning show to practiceamage control. earlier this week his comments about accepting campaign help from russia or other foreign governments unleashed a storm of bipartisan criticism. craig boswell isth tracking e story first from the hill tonight. craig. >> the president today clarifying and contradicting saying he would still listen to what he calls opposition research from foreign powers now saying he would report it. president trump tel fox news he would still look at dirt on from foreign powers but seeming to reverse himself on what he would do with it. >> and of course you have to a look it because if you don't look at it you're not going to know if it's bad.
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ow are you going to know if it's bad? >> this is what he told abc news. >> this is somebody that said we have information on yourne oppo. oh, let me call the fbi. give me a break. >> the president facing a firestorm of controversy for his comments. the chair of the federal election commission says the law is clear. >> anyone in the united states istoot allowed accept anything of value from a foreign national, particularly a foreign government, in connection with an election. >> in the same interview with fox, the president accused iran for attacks on oil tankers in the straight of hormuz sailing surveillance video shows iranian soldiers removing a mine. >> iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat. >> iran denies involvemant. >> if of those mines get aimed at american ships and an american ship gets hit, we could see thesiation totally escalate. >> the president did not name a replacement for sarah snders or endorse vice president mike pence if he runs in 2024, but
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the president did bash his 02potential 2 rival. >> everybody knowshat joe biden does not have what it takes. >> the president on his 73rd birthday attacking candidates calling in to cable tv shows, gn ns he's already in camp mode. > the president's attacks on joe biden, the former vice president slammed the president on accepting foreign help and in a video joe biden pledging not to use this information in a campaign. back to you. >> craig, thank you. as we wrap up another week in which the president walked b sparked a huge controversy, nbc's chuck todd will join us live in the dio. take a closer look at what'sstu becoming a familiar cycle. that's ahead at6:15. tonight we've learned the name of the man found shot to death insidea car in d. police identifying the victim as damon bell. they say he'd beenhot multiple times. is is the crime s west virginia avenue in the trinidad ne hborhood.
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police have not released any otheinformation about the shooting that happened today and so far no one's been arrested. after last month's massacre in vheginia beach, t calls for gun control legislation are growing stronger in the commonwealth. virginia attorney general mark haring joined otesters here outside nra headquarters in a ling ton in support of the upcoming session when lawmakers discuss gun control. the debate has been revived. two weeks ago tonight a cityem oyee opened fire inside that municipal building killing 12 people. the special session in richmond starts july 9th. >> mystics guard natasha cloud is taking a stand againstun violence in the district. she took to instagram after learning aut a school window shattered by gunfire in southeast. cloud says she will not talk about anything but city's issue with shooting until the leaders come up with a plan.
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d.c. mayor and council man treyon white have esponded. cory smith will have reaction from them and new reaction from cloud ahead at6:30. i'm erika gonzalez with breaking news on thath guns heist in montgomery county. the suspect who was shot and . kihel's bee n identified as mque montgomery county police say officer john gloss opened fire when the suspect's suv drove at him near thenited gun store on randolph road in rockville. the suv sped away and then broke down abo four suspects made a run for it. weems was found dead insid police now say they've caught three of the four others. the youngest is just 15 years old. police say the group stole 27 guns. 17 of the weapons have beenco reered. officers are still looking for that fifth suspect and the 17-year-old shot the
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has been placed on administrative leave. back over to you all in the studio. as montgomery county police search for a new police ief, we're sitting down with actingi chef marcus jones. he gets candid about a number of issues facing the department. he talked to us about his reaction to one of his officers caught on camera using a racial slur. this is the first time we've heard fromim on this issue since that video went viral. here's what he told news 4's chris gordon today. >> this h beenisturbing to us. we still are damaged by it. we know the community is hurt by it. >> actie police chf marcus jones says he's angry and disappointed that the officer used the "n" word. >> we have an officer who made -- who stooped to a level that we'd never expect our officers to do. we are regrettably sorry that this has happened. we will address this. >> this controversy builds
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npolice oshooting that killedar even though the officer was joeared of any wrongdoing. chief es believes community meetings and open to rebuild trust in the police departmen >> i just think that would be a better understan we are today compared to where people just make assumptions about officers who they think are racist. montgomery been a county cop 33 years. he is the first acting chief promoted from the ranks. he wants the job permanently and thinks he has the leadership and experience to be chief. s>> i love thi community. i love this police department. i think that this police department is one of the greatest departments in this country. >> chris, we know montgomery county, there is an search uder way for a new police chief. h what'sappened with that? >> it's a natioide search for the best candidate. at the end of february there's
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already been online surveys asking people in the county w they want in a new policeie chf. there will be panel discussio and input and th in august county executive will make the selection of the final candidate and submit thee nam to the montgomery county council. >> all right. we'll stay on top of it. chris gordon, thanks so much. turning to our weather now, boy, it really doesn't feel much like the middle june out there, does it? but doug is tracking some chges just in time for the weekend. these changes are good news, right, doug? >> they are, especially if you're thinking about heading to the pool. many of us are. it was really cool early. you might have had a tough time heading to the pool. not just cool but we had wind gusting up wards of 30 miles an hour. 79, five below the average high of 84. not a single 80 degree temperature anywhere on this map. that is goingi to change d the day tomorrow. no clouds right now.
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we have clear skies. we're back to the west. we are tracking a stem that will of storm and bring us that warmer airbrin toso. i'll show you what thi all means for your father's day eekend. next week too. >> we'll see you then. don't forget, you get the power of storm team whenever you go out this father's day. just make sure you have the nbc washington app for hour by hour updates, live radar and alerts for your neighborhood. the troubled v.a. medical center here in washington will be the subject of a house committeeearing next week. the hearing ishe direct result of a three year investigation by our news 4. i-team in 2017 a man overdosed on the property, yet h body went undiscovered for more than a day until his sister found him dead inside his car in the parking lot. and in may a psychiatric patient who escaped a secure ward throughhe ceiling tiles in the shower and headed to a homen i manassas where he was accused of
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holding a woman against her will and assaulting her. the house oversight committee meeting is scheduled for next twersday. , it was supposed to be a proclamation honoring victims of lynchin c >> tonighttroversy surrounds the council member whoe d why sh wantim to lose his job. >> a piece of "the daily show" brings something for president trump just steps from the whiho se. who is debating whom? we now know how the 20 presidential hopefuls will be decidedup between two nights of llbates. we' break it down
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it's time for a look behind the scenes of some of the biggest political headlines. >>day" comes to mind. pres ent trump says ores something controversial, public wsoutrage follo, then the president sparks a new controversy and the cycle starts all over again. >> in it is meantime tensions with iran are escalating and the nation has been without a senate confirmed defense secretary for six months now. >> there is big news tonight in the 2020 race. the first democratic debate lineups are out. >> chuck todd is nbc's political director. also the moderat t of "meet press". let's start with the outrage cycle. you and your team talked about this on first ad this morning. we are getting all too familiar with it. > tnk about our conversations everyfriday. it usuallys start with one of las tariffs in mexico.
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these. the week before was u.s.s. mccain. four years ago tomorrow it began with an escalator ride. if you recall the campaign, the mexican rapist comment and john mccain. this is where we've gone. people go this comment about foreign interference, this is the one that's going to break through. none of it breaks through. one of this may be the resident's lity, it's one of those things, one controversy, if he had none would stick out atrsyryre thumb. if h week, it starts to look normal. >> a fresh one every8 the regio. degrees on sunday after a beautiful day tomorrow of 84. 91 on monday. 87 on tuesday. a little bit unsettled as we head into next week. we'll talk more about father's day. see you back here at6:45. >> thank you, doug. a local professional athlete calling out the d.c. mayor and city leaders. >> all new at 6:30 tonight, she's speaking publicly for the first timendbout her sta
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against gun violence in our city and how the mayors now responding. councilman controversy. the message that a local leader left onprok clclamation for a lynching victim that has some lynching victim that has some calling for him to lose his job.
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when you get the diagnosis of cancer you don't know how you're regoing to handle it. you ly don't know what's coming down the road for you. i was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer the doctors at g w hospital were fantastic. they were willing to advocate for an alternative treatment that had better outcomes for me. a better life over a longer term with fewer side effects. i want to say thank you for getting me through ccer treatment and back to living my life. for life's defining moments the george washington universitl defining medice.
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we're talking about empowering our children, giving them opportunities. it starts with their education. our kids can't even feel safe t go to school right now. >> a southeast d.c. school hit by gunfire in the district, it was the last straw for a d.c. pro athlete who says this violence hasto stop. and until d.c. leaders show her a concrete plan, mystics guard natasha cloud says she won't stop talking about it. >> cloud issued that ultimatum to leaders on instagram and today they responded. news 4's cory smith is live for us in southeast d.c. with that t reaction and new response
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from cloud. met?, was that ultimatum >> reporter: well, jim, that was my first question to her. i asked her if we could talk basketball and just shook her head and said no, we are going to talk about violence in southeast d.c. take a listen to what shetust d me a few moments ago. >> basketball is just a game. we've got to go home and feel good tbout the communityhat we live in, we've got to feel safe about the community we live in. there's a problem right now in southeast d.c. >> reporter: this all started on thursday. cloud went to henley elementary and found out that the school had been hit by gunfire at least two times in the last few weeksl that to her making this ultimatum on social media calling out mayor bowser, calling out treyon white. they have both responded basically telling cloud it's great she is speaking up, but actions do speak louder than asords. hoat my next question to cloud. is she going to turn her
6:21 pm
words into action? here's what she said. >> we spoke to the team today. we want to be part of e solution. it's not dividing us. it's unifying us. i'm asking what is in place right now so we know where to go in the future. monumental is giving me a great opportunity to meet with leaders andl poicymakers, so as soon as we get back from our long road trip, i will be meeting with ic polakers. >> reporter: cloud is just the latest athlete to use their platform for activism. they have a game that's going to be starting here at 7:00 tonight. i'm sure she will be asked quee,ions postgamso we'll see if she sticks to her promise to not speak about anything but violence in southeast. as you hear, she is excited to get back here to ndd.c. aet started and here teammates are completely behind her. >> thank you, cory. a quick look at some of our other top stories. somebody shot and killed a transgender woman late last
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night in fairmo heights. police say it's the same neighborhood where someone kied another transgender woman back in late march. they're looking into a possible connection bween these two cases. expect road closures around the mall and the white house this weekend. film crews for an upcoming hbo mini series called the plot against america will be filming this weekend. closures begin at 7:00 toniaht go until 5:00 in the morning. other closures will last a bit longer. parts of 17th street, 18th street, constitution avenue and indiana avenue will be closed. nbc news has announced the lineup for the first debate of the 2020 president aial race. there will be a two night event withda 10 candis each night. elizabeth warren is the highest polling candidate for the first night. the second night cludes joe biden as well as bernie sanders, kamala harris and pete buttigieg. you seet all right here on nbc 4 june26th and 27th. a leesburg town councilman
6:23 pm
is under fire tonight cused of defacing a public proclamation. >> council member tom dunn did not sign theth proclamation was to go to the descendants of who was lynched. >> derrick ward reports on the controversy. >> reporter: the town of leesburg virginia is steeped in its history. a little bit controversial like the 1889 lynching of 18-year-old orion anderson and the effort to recognize that event. >> we detail the story of mr. anderson. >> pastor thomas is the president of theaa np. they're planning to place a marker at the site of the lynching. anderson was murdered at the freight depot in 1889 where this bike th is now. it would have been part of the abe ons. pastor thomas's statement was i response to council member thomas dunn who instead of signing a proclamation wrote a statement on the line where his signature would go. >> the statement read juneteenth
6:24 pm
is a celebration. >> part of a statement says, quote, it is a celebration of the freedom of slavery by texas and should not be diminished by bringing in other issues while important are not to be celebrated t observed such as lynching. >> we are not celebrating the lynching. we are celebrating the person. >> and thom and others say dunn defaced the proclamation. >> lsburg town council tom dunn wasmust resign immediately >> he characterizes the naacp division as divisive and he's not planning on resigning. members of the naacp note he's made similar statements regarding gun control and gay and lesbian rights. >> it kee happening and if we let themall stuff go, the big
6:25 pm
stuff moves in. cody central's "the daily show" opened a presidential twitterar libry in honor of president trump's birthday today. the pop-up exhibit takes a spin si a predential library paying tribute to all the ways president trump has used twitter to express his opinion. >> you don't gothrough all this trouble of putting together a nice gift for somebody and hope they don't at least swing by.r you cook fosomebody, you want weem to at least try the food, right? re three blocks from you. >> i don't know if that's going to happen. this library of tweets is open through the weekend at the showroom on 14th street. a ground breaking move that could keep your lights on during the next b storm. why it could alsoou bring traffic troubles and a higher electric bill. plus who's toblame for bullying? the unique tactic that could get a lot of parents' attention when
6:26 pm
something happens at school. and not a single 80 degree temperaturma on the that's going to change in a big that's going to change in a big way as weead toward h
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notre dame cathedral in paris will hol the first mass since a fire devastated the building. time reports tomorrow's service will be small. only about 20 people. it will be held inside a chapel that was notmaged in april's fire. for safety asons, the worshippers are still being asked to wear hard hats. tomorrow's mass will be broadcast live and will be led by the archbishop of pis. so far more than 850 million euros have been pledged to help repair the roof that was destroyed. pepco launches a ground breaking project to boost reliability, b this plan to put power lines underground is going to cost you. the tility and d.c. leaders rolled out the projects. the next seven years they will move power lines and transformers from street poles to underground vaults. pellco customers wi pay for the
6:30 pm
$500 million effort. to learn when work begins in your neighborhood, open our nbc washington app and search plug. bullying is a major problem in our schools and social media. now one city in wisconsin is looking at financial deterrent to bullying. the wisconsin rapid trip boone says they're considering charging people for harassing others. parents would be responsible for their children. the schoolnd superintent proposed it after a widely shared post revealing a middle school girl who received handwritten notes from oer students encouraging her to take her own life. the ordinance would fine $50 for a first offense with additiosl co totaling more than $300. our changing climate affects more than just the weathes >> that'right. news 4's barbara harrison shows us one part of our area that's working to restore its natural nd one child at a time. plus father's day weekend and your weather is in for a few
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changdos, folks. joins us for a look
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hotter days and a whole lot more. we're been reporting a lot about our changing climate lately. >> scientists have beentalking about this for years with melting ice and growing levels of green house gases in our atmosphere. they're warning we need to do more to be proactive. tonight barbara harrison joins us with a story about starting a grassroots effort. >> grassroots for sure.e scientists havbeen telling us for a long time we ought to be doing something about what's going on with our natureut here. while most of us think the melting ice is something for the experts and we all think that, there are things we can do to help save our precious nature
6:35 pm
right here in our own back yards and starting at an elementary level. >> go ahead and come over here.y >> th're planting a tree. these preschoolers each anxious to do the part to fight the changing climate. th say they love nature. what is nature? >> nature is everything outside. > their classroom is often outdoors. the grounds of the beautiful audobon sanctuary. 40 acres. maybe not as pristine before attlers arrived, but they're working on it it all began with saving the birds. >> in the late 1800 birds were being foddered for fashion and food. women who loved and treasured birds wanted to stop that from happening, so they placed societies all over the united states to lobby forthe protection of birds. >> it was a gift. >> this is marion wells owns this beautiful estate and when she passed away, she bequeathed it to the odd bon national
6:36 pm
society as a bird sanctuary. >> it was original inhabited by tribes. parcels were differivvied up fo farming. this is for plain drinking because of the stream that passed through it. now down to a trickle, it was no doubt an important water source. p preserving and restoring on the natural state is the aim. the beauty th has survived is now threatened by our changing climates. >> there are answers to a lot of theharoblems that climate ce brings on. we have bigger storms than we've ever had before, but with things like rain gardens anree planting, you help control for flooding. we think of it as ang livi laboratory. as a place where we can demonstrate for people what they can do to help prepare us and to
6:37 pm
lp ecl mihemate akchange. >> these students hope this tree willake a difference. >> can we come back and visit this tree another day? >> of course. it will hopefully be here a long ti time. w >> probably whre not alive anymore. >> what will happen? >> we won't be here anymore and the lifell cycle wi go on and on andon. >> fantastic. she said it. st off the eltway in chevy chase maryland and the folks have classes onon conserva and a long list of many events throughout the year that puts you in touch with an you probably have noted, we here at nbc 4 are working for you with in-depth coverag of our changing climate. go to nbc washington app to learn how to -- this impacts your family, your money, your health, and even your commute. just searchlimate change.
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>> she's got a head start on all of us. >> was she incredible? >> she was. >> arehey part of -- there's a preschool there, an outdoor preschool. >> yes. those kids are so into it. it's wonderful. >> what an asset for our whole community too. >> beautiful. et>> and very easy to g to. >> i was wondering where it was. now i know exactly where it is.t i finally g it in my head. that's a great spot. >> easyto to get . >> thanks, barbara. appreciate it. what a day for ite we'v had. incredible out there, doug. >> it doesn't get much better than this. i put on my facebook page are you loving this weather or are you waiting for the heat? >> loving this. >> there's a couple of them. pat muse. you want the heat, it's coming. if you like this beautiful weather, we've got another day tomorrow. starting off on the cool side. it feels fresh, doesn't it? a very nice start tomorrowrn
6:39 pm
g. temperatures only in the low to mid 50s. get ready. t's going to be a nice cool night. beautiful conditions. 78 degrees at the airport dropping through the 70s into the 60s. that's in the city. many of you will be cooler than that. right now down to 74 in gaithersburg, 77 in manassas. really nice night out there on a friday. i told you earlier this week we call it a fantastic friday. that's exactly what it is, even though it was quite windy earlier. wins gusting up to 30 miles an hour. as we make our way through the rest of the day, we're not talking any raineally all the way through most of your weekend. i am tracking a system well back west. nothing in our area now. i'm tracking this system right here. it's going to get rather unsettled. not just over the next couple days, but probably all the way into early next week. even in the middle of next week. enjoy what we've got today. enjoy what we've got tomorrow. high of 84 tomorrow. right around average. another great day. it will be a little bit warmer and with lighter winds. tomorrow is a perfect, perfect
6:40 pm
pool day. now, how about you folks heading fiol, catiohes? on saturday. 82 degrees on monday. 84 on monday -- rather sunday 82 with a good day for fathers. 84 on monday.n 40% cha of storms during the afternoon, but most of them just inland i think. that's looking like a good beach forecast. as we make our way through father's day, doing back yard bs barbecuing, no problem there. eat dinner a little bit earlier, i think you'll be okay. again, that shower and thunderstorm activity does come ning.nday e high of 89 degrees on sunday. 91 on monday. 87onunstuettleday all the way through the middle of next week. could see a lot of rain over the next 7 to 10 days. >> all right. happy father's dayo you, doug. >> thank you very much. >> and to all the fathers who
6:41 pm
are watching. >> coming up, there is a new champion in the nba and the raptors success might affect thr wiza off-season plan. we're going to hit the hardwood
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fohe first time in the nba, 73 year history, the term actually pion accurate from a technical standpoint. winning their first title last night, theor tonto raptors became the first teamoutside the u.s. to win the nba finals. and in case you miss it, we have some of the game six drama. klay thompson had a hard start. he finished with 30 points, but lanesat awkwardly on this mpt and tears his acl. amvin durant tore his achilles the previous he headed for the locker room, came back to shoot free throws.
6:45 pm
the crowd went nuts. steph curry could not connect. kawhi leonard the mvp and shout out to malcolm mler and jeremy lin for becoming the first asian player to win an nbait t. moments after the raptors win, espn reported the wizards preparing to make a prolific offer to toronto to fill their vacant spot. the 48-year-old is a foer executive of the year with the gug ne nuggets. they will reportedly offer a $10 million annual lary as well as an ownership stake. he is already one of the highest paid gms, so it's gomog to take than money to convince him to come over. and he was allegely involved in a postgame altercation with police immediately after the win. heads in a suit and tie on the left side of the this is the immediate aftermath. the sheriff office is
6:46 pm
investigating him shoving a deputy on the way to the resentation. the sheriff's office says he didn't show proper credentials and that's when things escalated. the investigatfin should be ished byw next they made a bigmove today trading matt niskanen to the fliers for gudas. niskanen spent the last five years in d.c., was a huge part of the c 2018 stanleyup run. they created more than $3 million with cap space with tha move. guys, father's day is around the corner. what better way to celebrate the day than by going to work with your son every day? i guess that coulbe both good and bad. that's the case for the winningest coach inwnbc history. mik tebow and his son eric tebow caught up with dave john >yhe'll tell you i actuall tried to talk him out of it when
6:47 pm
he was in college. he was such writer. > i don't remember being discouraged that hard from coaching in the 50 plafirst pla >> i learned early onhe's probably smarter than me. >> i'm goi to record that. i'm going to need that clip. >> i mean that in all seriousness in that he had a t background in game that was far advanced compared to my start in thisss busine. you always wonder sometimes as a dad how that's going to work. you can be father and n, but are you going to ruin that sh relationip sometimes because of the pressures of day-to-day asaching? so far thatt happened. we have our moments like all -- >> i will record thes nice thingand play them back in staff meetings. >> but we also have ours. da i think it's -- the first couple years here i think it stunned our staff, thest of the staff a little bit that we could go alt each other about some things and it wasn't personal. >> i probably take some liberties saying things to him that i wouldn't say to maybe if
6:48 pm
i was working for scott brooks or another head coach as he reminds me from time to time that you wouldn't say that to somebody else, but i think it also drops that guard a little bit a wen get right into, you know, more honest or direct discussion and i n't worry about stepping on or hurting his feelings and he certainly doesn't worry about hurting mine. i know it's dad, but when we're at work, i don't think that type of relationship is what the players see. i think they see ang coac staff. >> could be tough working with a parent, but they make it work. >> happy first father's day to. >> thank you very much. very excited. appreciate it.
6:49 pm
. tonight a > tonight a dangerous war of words escalates between the u.s. and iran after the attacks on two tankers. president trump says
6:50 pm
g iran did do it sitin avideo said to show iranian boat recovering evidence the attack while iran and other countries cast doubt on the claim. so what really happened and who was really responsible? the deepening mystery after the deaths of two more americans in the dominican reblic. >> she was where anywhere else in the world, she would be alivda


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