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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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marijuana is legal in d.c. and available for medicinal purposes in maryland. this morning, pressure is p mounting toass laws making it okay f peoplen virginia to have pot. that was god telling me it was all in his hands and it was happening for a reason and that i would be okay. phone en stayed by her and now she wants everyone to know about the app that led to her rescue. it's 6:00 on the dot. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. monday morning starts with a weather alert. and melissa mollet is here with your first 4 traffic. >> a chance for severe storms er lunch time today and nothing before then but i can't rule out a few showers especially in the shenandoah valley. sun already up and mostly cloudy skies in the washington area.
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a weather alert today. severe storms are possible this afternoon. likelihood earlier than normal. could be as early as 1:00 or 2:00. it will peak between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. today. temperatures u theper 60s and low 70s so a steamy start. highest likelihood in this highlighted area that includes the metro d.c. area and also a flash flood watch for prince george's county, arlington and dricket a fairfax county. rsno heavy rain here f thing this morning. mid-70s now and near 90 today and rain chance today stands ate 70%, ssa. >> thank you, chuck.
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first 4 traffic. inner loo n atw hampshire he avenue. a truck fire on the right side. initially we didn't think the backups would build so quic ay but two to three-mile delay at this point and that is because things are hanging around. you can get by t on far left side of the road. to think another way to get around this because of this slow down. outer loop of the beltway is not impacted. another vantage point of the inner loop befe new hampshire avenue. looks like they are almost stopped. suv into the wall on this not causing a majorlow down. zoom out and look at 66 and 95, no big complaints. aaron? >> thank you. prince george's county family is heartbroken this morning after a teenager w hit and killed near bowie. >> kamal nashid was crossing the
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street and struck by a car.wa he an honors student and just graduated from the eighth grade. justin finch is in the newsroom with the information the police are looking for. >> reporter: the police are continuing their investigation of this fatal collision and looking for someone they believe could be a critical witness. the driver of a red pickup they say who was there moments before nashid was struck. kamal was a rising ninth grader at a d school. they say he made his way into a crosswalk on busy church road andng arrivi there before southbound vehicle had finished. kamal managed to get by the he pickup but triver of a second car did strike him and that driver stayed behind and the pickup driver did not. kamal died from his injuries. the neighbor said something needed to done long al to
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stop speeding and get drivers more alert at that crossing. >> cops come out here a lot to, i guesheyou could say, catch t speeders but there is a lot of accidents so we are always, like, when is somebody going to put a four-way stop or a traffic signal. >> reporter: the driver of that striking vehicle is cooperating with the investigation. hikamal leaves behind parents and three siblings. to learn how you can help them go to our nbc washington app. a deadly crash that haerened yesty afternoon in clarksburg on snowden farm parkway. they say mario collided wit d mckenna whoied at the scene. sanchez was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. we are hoping to learn more about a drowning in fairfax county. police were called to the pine
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hi road home and found a man dead in a backyard pool they don't expect foul play. hthe pool was at oxforduse which helps people struggling on with addicti. are mark herring wrote a weekend op-ed laying out his reasoning, he thinks small amouof marijuana should be decriminalized. he says criminal prosecution costs the states tens of millions of dollars and roportionately affects african-americans. we asked people in virginia to weigh in. >> the criminal justice system has been overbearing on the use of drugs and possession of cannabis, so by all means, i think it's definitely that should be definitely looked a. >> people should have the right to use cannabis responsibly. >> small amounts, i'm totally behind it. >> herrg, a democrat, hopes to make marijuana use l in virginia. the republican-led general assemblhas killed past efforts to decriminalize marijuana.
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in maryland, medical marijuana is legal and recreational pot is illegalut you can't be arrested for having ten grams or less. in d.c., marijuana is legal for recognize racial -- recreational and medical use, but it's illegal to sell pot. cracial -- medical use, but it's illegal to sell pot-- recreatio, but it's illegal to sell potrecreational but it's illegal to sell pot. there is a bit of g lm in hong kter this massive demonstration yesterday. protesters packed major roads and shut down businesses. the protest is over a controversial extradition bill with china. the hong kong government has decided to suspend the bill, but pro democracy groups want the bill withdrawn altogether and they're calling people to bodacott classes and work to president trump is making headlines for his candid interview with abc george stephanopoulos. >> she. >> they spent hours with the president. the russia investigation came up several times. president. the ssia investigation came
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up several times. >> no collusion, no obsyuction because the attor general, who is a great gentleman and highly respected man, based on the evidence given, said there is no obstruction here. >> you're -ns >> rod rosein, which is a big thing, he agreed with him. >> the 2020 election w p also a bigt of the conversation. the president refused to acknowledge polls that show he is behind in a head-to- ad matchup with democratic candidate and former vice president joe biden. he kicks off this week with a campaign event in florida. investigationbout sexually misconduct involving after-school employee. justin hickman was arrested last week and previously accused of sexual contact with a 1llyear-old girl at capitol montessori school in logan. he was employed by the springboard education before the company fired him. d.c. has susrended befo and after-school activities by springboard. d he say the company could not
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provide criminal background employee for many of its mployees. >> a house fire in the 6,000 block of debald road. fire officials say one resident is being treated for minor injuries. no word on what may have caused that fire. over the weekend, a teenager was accidentally shot ild wounded whplaying with a loaded gun in virginia. this happened on saturday afternoon. the norfolk police department said the 13-year-old boy and a friend were playing with a gun inside the home. the gun fired, the teen. he is expected to be okay. happening today, two round table talks about how to stop mass shootings and gun violence. virginia senatorim kaine will host meetings in richmond and fredericksburg. he is pushing for congress and virginia's general assembly to pass gun safety legislation in the wake of the virginia beach massacre. >> a man convicted will learn t today how muche he'll spend behind bars. daniel beckwith was found
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guilty for the murder of kofra. he hired kofra to build a bomb shelter below his home that overloaded power strip started that killed kofra. beckwith faces up to 30 years in prison. lone. lonnie bunch became first african-american to hold t s position which oversees 19 museums and the national zoo. something he is ready for. >> oh, yeah. this weekend there was a special mass at d.c.'s basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. >> the archbishop of washiedton recognizundreds of couples who are celebrating wedding
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anniversaries and it ranged from 25 to 75 years. it was part of a mass. of those in attendance, more than 300 couples have been married for 50 years or more. one wife offered her secret to a long marriage. >> try to understand each other and love. and love. and being always together when you go to mass. >> during the mass, there were ten couples that were recognized for having beenarried for 70 years or more. >> if you'veeen married 70 years, i'm listening to your advice. upext a raging fire caught on camera at a popular vacation spot. saving money when you send your kids to summer camp. a reminder who can take advantage of a certain tax break. don't waste your tnge goi out to get new tires to put ony r car. we will tell you how to get the mechanic to come to you. it is a storm team 4 alert
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day. chance of storms later. if you're planning to go to the 7:00 game against the phillies and someuy named bryce harper, we hope to win that one. a high likelihood for a rain delay but they plan to get that rain in tonight. hey there! i'm surrounded by kids, ceos. these young entrepreneurs are seting up for their big business launch on sunday. everything from scented candles to dog treats to 3d printer at crens. and we have got a young woman who is getting a write-up in big magazine coming up as well. so stay with us on "news4 today." we will tell you about the young entrepreneur business fair coming up in a fe
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we have newdeo to show you this morning from sea isle city, new jersey. a vacaon spot that is popular with people from this area. waterfrontunday in a shed spread to a fishing tank. nearby house was danimaged and o people were hurt. we are helping you save money when you send your child to summer camp. >> the irs reminding paren t they can save about $1,000 per child through the child and dependent care tax credit. there are some conditions. in order to receive that credit you have to be working or actively seeking a job. if one spouse stays home, your family does not qualify. overnight camps don't count but day camps do and childreneave to bounger than 13. theyt may be able to
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drive yet but they can run a business. >> we are working in the community this morning introducing you to pint-sized ceos and we are ahead in gainesville ahead of the young entrepreneur business fair. >> the kids set up and ready to go for sunday. here are the creations by this young lady. talented kids. ceos and ready to launch their business. i want to bring in desi rubelo who has her business wag and wolf and she will be written up in magazine about her business and already on facebook. you're selling what? wag and woof? >> all natural dog treats. >> reporter: what is this? hold it up. let me see. >> i have fourifferent sizes. i have snacks, small, medium, and large. the prices are 2, 4, 6, and 8. >> reporter: i love it. thank you so much. 12 years oldesnd a busin
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owner already. some of these guys are holding up their creations. they are going to launching their business on sunday right here at the eclipse restaurant. i want to bring in a more personal touch to what the kids ceos are trying to do. mom is with her daughters here. just ice is the name of their business but a personal story to this? >> yes, ma'am. my daughters justice is a business owner of just ice. >> how did that start? >> s itrted with raising awareness for cystic fibrosis and justice was hospitalized so she was able to start her business for cystic fibrosis. >> just ice has more than selling behind it and you're doing quite well, aren't you? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: yes? >> yes. >> she is 8 years old. all of the parents and people behindhis are right here at the restaurant. aren't we excited about sunday? >> yea!t >> reporter: put up the
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information. 26 kids will be here setting up their businesses. how does that sound? are you ready? >> a! >> i'm going over here to the candy setup. this is where aaron would be at the business fair, right? >> there needs ae chair for m at that table. you're right! >> very impressive! very impressive youngeople there. molette green, thank you for that. i think today is the most likely day of the week we will have severe weather so we will send out push alerts to our app as needed this afternoon. i suspect some need for some push alerts as severe weather ewill be a r possibility
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today. sun is already up as of 6:17 in the morning. it's been that sunshine wlli quickly todace a chanof strong to severe storms today. 70% chance for rain on your monday. more storms tomorrow. rain again on wednesday. another storm chance on thursday. that umbrella will be yo best friend this week. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in the shenandoah valley. upper 60s in the western s. suburb mid-70s downtown. next to the chesapeake bay mid-70s. plan on temperatures in the mid upper 80s. one or two spots might touch90 and severe storms later on in the day. the most likely area for severe weather will be thizhighlighted e around the d.c. and baltimore corridor. know that any storms today have that opportunity. high pressure down south is pumping warm and humidir straight into the mid-atltic. st of the rain this morning and no severe weather before
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lunch time but most of the rain this moning will be in northern maryland, western maryland, and into the mountains of west virginia. showers near romney, west virginia and heading towards hagerstown. a quick warm-up near 90. 1:30 storms possible. winchester moving towards the leesburg area. i think our chances for severe weather around the city peak somewhere between 3:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. earlier this normal. then severe storm possibilities mover down into parts of southern maryland and fredericksburg about:00 and things dry out 8:00 or 9:00 this evening and relatively quiet weather thereafter. tomorrow another big rain chance.
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i think we can take the rain out of the alert for your friday plans, melissa. >> i like that. that is good. first 4 traffic. chopper 4 over this ieroop near new hampshire avenue. a big delay because of this earlierfitractor-trailer . right now, only two left lanes are getting by. the bilkup has b quickly. another look different vantage point showing you what is happening. chopper 4 above that showing us what is going on as well. rest of the beltway inner lote and ouloop looking okay. here are a couple more. remembersto li to not all water is createdqual.
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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park 100% natural spring water. betterĀ®
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welcome back. there could be money just sitting in yourarking spot right now. car sharing is becoming a popular side hustle and some people who own cars would walk or take mass transit to work are renting out their vehicles. think of it airbnb for your car. >> people who o cars' don't use them on a regular basis to share them with others and earn mon with their cars earning around $500 a month from sharing reeir cars with other neighbors or travelers whoisiting their town. >> car rtal companies are pushing back against this idea. 34 states are considering legislation that would require car sharing compaes to play by the same rules as rental companies.
6:25 am
>> probably like airbnb and try to make it >> seems like a lot of work. >> we ha busy lives and little time to spare. last thing you want to do is waiting for your car to be dar.ep >> consumer rter susan hogan is working for you with new details a new concept being rolled out in our region to help you get that precious time back. d reporter: we spend a lot of time on the roal of that wear and tear on our cars means a lot of upkeep, but the next time yoneed new tires, don't take your car to the shop. let the tires come to you instead.>> roll is a whole new way of buying tires that gives you time back. >> reporter: the new concept offers three options.of >> onur installation service is a mobile van service and we literally come to you ore the valetice where we can pick up your car and take it to
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the shop and bring it back to you. >> reporter: or you can drop it off yourself. mia gardner chose tbihave the mole van come to her workplace. >> just walked to the store and did it real quick and set up an appointment d i did that yesterday which meant i can do y it todnd super easy. >> reporter: mia was able to watch from her office window as her tech took the tires off her car and put news ones on her rims and put them back on her car. a quick call to her. >> i want to let you know i finished your mobile installation. >> reporter: she ducked out of the office to get her keys back and thankful to take back the hours she would have spent sitting at the shop. >> probably half a day, at ast. es, definitely. >> reporter: so there is no f extra charge for any oe installation options, including the mobile van. you'll pay the same price for the tireand also for the labor that you'd pay if you went to the shop. back to you. still aheadne on "ws4
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today." under arrest. a local man taken into custody after allegedly trespassing near the offices of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> wt police say he did insi that building. watch out. a bear is popping up in a local neighborhood. we are looking at the effort to have the animal removed. > good morning. orm team 4 weather alert day. chance for severe weather this afternoon. get yoct outdoorities done early this morning. rain chances to 70% for later on today! here is a gardening tip. protect your plants or lose them the dtoee protect your plants or lose them
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now on "news4 today," running wild and causing trouble. yikes. a black bear pops upin a local neighborhood much to the surprise of everyone who lives there. this morning, they are talking to news4. frightening moments. a chemicalsmell forces the evacuation of a d.c. apartment building. this morning, we know the cau. us, the economy is booming, but it's making things
6:31 am
harder fr the fbi. we will tell you why and how the bureau is spending big money to change. >> it's 6:30. we begin this halfour with a live look outside. if you're a fan of hot, humid summer days and a chance of storms in the afternoon, we could never be friends. just wouldn't work out between us. there is a threat of those conditions this afternoon, though. we are in weather alert modeg this mornin good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm e yang. i love we ce friends. >> just the hot part. i can deal with it but the hot part? anterior let's begin with a look at your forecast and communite. we begin with chuck bell and details on this weather al>>t. we are under the gun for potentially song to severe storms during the middle part of the afternoon. they are likely to come a little earlier today than normally would be expected. keep that in mind. early this morning, haze and
6:32 am
humidity hanging over d.c. temperature 76 now at national airport. cooler in the suburbs. so also because of the possibity for some periods of heavy rain a flood watch from 2:00 until 10:00 today that starts in fairfax county andeo prince ge's county up north to the mason dixon line. severe weather peaking or severe weather peaking in the d.c. area between 3:00 and 5:00. i'll show youuture weather
6:33 am
coming up. first 4 traffic. only two lanes getting by here on the beltway inner loop at new hampshire area. a truck fire. you can see the response on the right side of the roadway and four-mile backup because of i ths. inner loop of the beltway near new hampshire area. outer loop moving fine but as pyou're approaching theblem a little delay on the outer loop but once you get by it, no big problem. as you look at 270, a little slow as you're h southbound aga near montrose road. >> thank you. we are staying on top of a developing story in
6:34 am
philadelphia. one person was killed and fiv others wounded during a shooting at a graduation party last night. it happened after 10:00. investigators say 60 people at celebration and someone drove up and fired four rounds. one adult died and the others are expected to survive. closer to home. a sunday morning homicide in southeast washington rains under investigation. police say arkeen jackson was found dead and he hadbeen shot. a woman was also hit multiple times but is still alive. aty local commun continues to mourn the death of a 14-year-old. kamal nashid died over the weend. he just graduated from day school in georgetown in d.c. people who live in the neighborhood say they have complained about that interction for years. justin finch will join us live with more details coming up.
6:35 am
> .pr otests erupted during the mayor muriel bowser's speech at a event over the weekend. >> there is no affordable housing! >> one protester called lhe mayor ar about the district's efforts to ensure affordable housing in the dwhtrict. hear the mayor had to say in reaction. >> the one thing i am not -- i never allow anybody to do or to say is toall muriel bowser a liar. >> police quickly escorte the protesters out of theconvention center. the mayor made to make it easier for people to afford a new homei and alloounted rates the to city employees. here is a look at other top stories. no evidence of foul play following a weekend drowning in mcclain. a man was found dead on saturday
6:36 am
in a pool on pine h.ll ro the pool was at oxford house, a place that helps people struggling with addiction. virginia's attorney general is calling for the state to decriminalized marijuana. mark herring wrote an op-ed in the daily press newspaput. he laid o the reasons he believes the state should decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. he says state prosecution cost the state tens of thousands of dollardisproportionately affect african-americans. tragedy in laurel over the weekend. a horse died during a race and was caught on camera. they say the horse suffered a heart attack. beckwith will than convicted today. he is guilty of a murder of man he hired toig tunnels underneath his home. f beckwies up to 30 years in prison. thanks to a strong economy this year, college graduates ad expec face the best job market in esdecad.
6:37 am
many career choices are available and most with pretty high pay. >> that isgood news. it poses a problem for the fbi which can't compete when it s comesary in most areas. the bureau is trying to recruit 16,000 applicants a year. the bureau is spending 1.2 million dollars on a campaign it's called unexpected agent and trying to change the image who is a potential agent. you don't need a military or law enforcement background to apply. they are hiring former engineers and power plant workers and even scientists and hoping to hire more women and minoriti as well. still ahead on "news4 today,"he things we all keep inside our home that are posing a risk to the health of children. plus a wild weekend for aweather. were taking you across the countr sowing you what happened and the mess that needs be cleaned up.
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across the country, schools are wrapping up classes for the year. tht may be reason for students to celebrate. but if you're a parent who relies on the free school lunch program to help feed your child, the summer months can be difficult. because ofthis, the federal government is reminding everyone about the summer food service program. last summer, more tha 2 million kids were helped through the program. for information search summer food program on the usga site. important to note many local districts provide meals for students over the summer.ho >> a lot ofs got out last weeknd already launching the summer school programs. >> it's iportant to remember dot part of what the schools for kids in the community. ady new stu shows how often a child requires and visit because of things you keepnd arou your mohammed.
6:41 am
>> the nationwide children's hospital says that every two hours, a child has to go to the e.r. because of personal care products. we are talking about shampoos, eye drops and things like that. usu product or makes contact with the skin or naolish remover led to the most e.r. visits but hair care products that caused the most serious injuries and often required hospitalization. i'm frank holland. americanairlines is have access to entire fleet that fly domestic routes and the jets offer free access to channels of ceve tv you can stream to your personal devi american has plans to install power outlets in every seat for its mainly and regional fleets and tablet holders to most aircrafts. good morning. we have a storm team 4 alert because a chance for severe weather this aftern more coming up. dog walking forecast? this is lady.
6:42 am
available for adoption at the humane rescue line. a jack russell terrier mix so this little lady will be probably take pounds or less. go to there to find outow you cn rescue her. your ten-day forecupt is coming . first 4 traffic. delays at the top of the beltway because of a fire. we will tell you how big the backups are and what you might want to do took avoid there. we are working with you for an alrnat alternate. president truan plans to unce his bid for re-election this week. could an interview over the weekend take the spotlight off his accomplishments and put it on his controversies? stay with us.
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brought with it chance for severe weather. today d.ll be hot and humi this afternoon, a potential for storme we are in wather alert mode
6:46 am
this morning and meteorologist chuck bell is putting the finishing touches on the forecasts and be back with us in a moment. president trump will announce his official bid for re-ection this afternoon in orlando. it's expected he'll tout his rey rd on the economy and sa was cleared of collusion with russia in the mueller report. hall kshallie j joins us from the white house with more details. >> reporter: good moralng. we are tng about a wide ranging interview in which unscripted unplugged president talks about everything from the mueller report to domestic to foreign policy. at one point in a moment that is going viral calling on his chief of staff for coughing in the middle of that interview. he talked about robert mule eand the special counsel's report pushing back against what was described in the report that he tried to have mueller fid. the president said that's not true but suggested he could of if he wanted to and invoking
6:47 am
article 2 of the constitution. he trying to repeal obamacare. thiis risky for the president. the health care law key provisions are popular with many amldicans. he to abc news that the president will be making an announcement on his own health care plan sometime in the next couple of mths, maybe oner. we will have much more to say on what the president had to say and everythi from north korea and more coming up on "today." don't miss it. >> for sure. hallie jackson live for us at the white house, thank you. her full reportis coming up ngxt on "today." this morni, a community is remembering a loc teen who was killed over the weekend after by being hit a car. >> kamal nashid was a rising freshman in high school. justin finch is in the newsroom with more on this story. a sad development. >> reporter: very sad, indeed. prince george's county police are after more details and their attention is
6:48 am
turning to the driver of a red dickup truck. someone who coul be crucial in their fatal collision investigation. 14-year-old kama nashid was not far from home on saturday afternoon. police say he was jogging before making we inway into a crosswaln the crosswalk before sorahbound tic finished passing it appears that he was able to get by the red pickup but struck by a second vehicle and thatdriver remind at the scene but the pickup driver kept going. kamal died at the hospital. he was just 14. a rising ninth grader at grgetown day school. in his neighborhood, heartbreak for his mother and his family. >> my heart just broke for her. so tragic. so horrible to find out that happened to your child in your neighborhood and you think your child can go out and come back home. >> we are told the striking
6:49 am
driver is cooperating with the police. a fund has been raised for the family. to see how can you help go to our app. police in new york arrested a d.c. man who is now accused of setting off a fire extinguisher inside the building that houses congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. they say the man didn't make it nto her office but he was on the same floor andno she was there at the time. >> frightening moments for people in downtown d.c. a hazmat crew had to go door-tandoor after evacuating apartment on tenth street after the smell of ammonia was reported last night. investigators quickly figured out there was a water leak and that water had mixed with a chemical thataused the smell. the situation was corrected and most residents were allowed back in. the people who are still impacted are those who live in
6:50 am
the apartments directly affected by the leak. this morning a prince george's county community is abuzz followingr weekend b siting. >> he was spotted several times, each time in residential areas. the most recent sighting was last night in ft. washington in the area of jackson drive and adams drive. the bear was also seen on saturday. look at this. surveillance cameras caught him rummages near trash cans and hanging out and knocking over bird bathsnd running across backyards. a lot of people say the first time they have seenar the b and some are on edge. they spoke withne "4 today" darcy spencer last my. >> what would you do? >> i don't know. maybe run away. i don't know. >> reporter: go back in the house? >>eah. >> animal control has been notified. many people "news4 today" spoke to said they don't want the bear hurt but just relocated to new
6:51 am
place. that makes sense. >>p kee your distance. this weekend was a destructive one weather wise. we begin in indiana. national weather se vice says firnadoes touched down in various parts of that state over the weekend everyone in the affected areas has been accounted for and no injuries have been reported. in arizona, a wildfire was the cause of concern.s dry conditionnd strong winds are fueling the flames. this is happening in the superstition wilderness outside of phoenix. -the-not. >> it's not known how the fire started but it's growing peopl a many people asked to stay inside. s funnel cloud that formed over central oklahoma over the weekend. nod confirm any tornado touched down. the entire state was hit with heavy rain and hail and wind. another round ofng flood warni was issued also. let's check what it's
6:52 am
looking like in our area. storm team 4 eteorologist chuck bell is here with our forecast. >> a steamyer start h in the nation's capital. sun is out. at least here in theshowntown wagton area where temperatures are in the mid-70s. there will be a chance for severe weather ts afternoon. main focus for severe weather chances will be in this highlighted zone that does include all of the washington b andtimore metro area and, in addition to the chance for some severe weather which could add wind gusts up over 60 miles per along with ng rain the storms could cause flash flooding. a flash flood watch is up from 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. today. remember nev drive on a road that you can't see. turn around, don't drown. 68 in fairfax county. 76 in washington. 70 leesburg and free derick. close to 90. storms likely between 1:00 and
6:53 am
7:00oday. chance of getting rained on is 70%. have your umbrella handy. swirl in southwestern and southern pennsylvania. that will be what is the atmosphere lift this afternoon to turn ou stronger thunderstorms. no severe weather before lunch ncme, though. still rain chaes across parts of eastern west virginia, northern and western maryland. future weather brings this chance for some stronger storms to develop around 1:00 and then peaking around the d.c. metro area between 3:00 and 5:00 today. then carrying down into parts of southern maryland ay weather alert. e will send out any alerts through our nbc washington app. friday and saturdayok dry, melissa. >> good. first 4 traffic alert. beltway inner loop near new hire area.
6:54 am
truck fire on the right side and all lanes reopened the last 20 seconds or so. now four lanes getti by but still slow. chopper 4 can slow you this.ur fo-mile back june on the inner loop near new hampshire avenue. may think about the inicc ead and outer loop is getting slowdowns there. rest of the beltway okay but up top not so hot. delays on the orange line. remember to listen to 103.5 fm if your car today.
6:55 am
>> thanks. 6:55. a branenew business own are ready to take the business by storm. >> molette green has more of the school fair in gainesville. >> the kids, they are ceos and ready to launch their businesses. they have a lot p ofent support behind me. what are you selling? >> candy. >> dog treats. >> candles. >> pin cushions and headbands and crafts and gifts. custom wood working and imprinted design. : >> reporterld it up. >> desserts. >> dog treats. >> scculent arrangements. >> dog toys. >> we have so much more! >> activity books. >> bands and twisties. >> raising awareness for cystic fibrosis! >> this is awesome and this is happening on sunday.
6:56 am
business entrepreneur fair is in its second year. megan o'toole has more. we have a lot of industrial kids in our community and give them a showcase to have them learn how to start a business. >> come here on sndday a check out these businesses in gainesville at the eclipse kirestaurant. ceos are awesome! >> yea! >> reporter: back to you. >> very impressive ideas. >> chuck, what do you have? >> hopefully, they have been infanti inin ining -- inventingm ella. chance of rain today 70%. flash flood threat is relatively high. we have this problem on the right side of the road at new hampshire avenue.
6:57 am
all lanes reopen but the three mile backup is hanging around for us this morning. think about the ipc if you're heading out soon. outer loop through that section loop g slow but the inner there at new hampshire is your biggest issue. >> gout to love mondays. >> i know. >> that is e news fortoday. we appreciate you waking up for. >> "today" is next. see you in take minutes for news, weather, traffic. until then, enjoy your day! >> make a great one, everybody!
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breakingng ov new threats. what iran just seraid tsgh morng about its nuclear program. l theest fallout from that aggressive attack on two oil tankers. the region with where this showdown could be headed. >> on the record, president trump's new comments overnight denying he ever triedo t fire the special counsel. >> i watch richard nixon going aroubo firing every and that didn't work out too jwell. >>ust ahead with his re-election cpaign about to kick off, why the president just got rid of several of his pollst is. >> dangern the water. the third shark attacth in carolina in less than three weeks. this time,ye b sh t hon we'll have the latest on his n.
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