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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> breaking news tonight, and it's a bombshell. saprosecutors now baseball legend david ortiz was not the intended target. instead, he was shot in a case ofmistaken identity. a shocking turn of events and who authorities say s the real target. a hazardous emergency, a train loaded with military explosives, grenades, and small arms derails sendi a plume of smoke and white powder billowing from the eckage. hazmat teams racing to the scene fearing a dangerous explosion. captain sully, the hero pilot from the miracle on the hudson blasts boeing over the 737 max disasters. >> these accidents should never haveappened. and tonight his
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new warning about what has to happen before the planes get back in the air. joe biden coming under fire democrats,ow what he said about ascivility in the pt and getting things ne with segregationist senators that sparked sharp reaction. adl highway inferno, a tractor-trailer slamming into oncoming traffic exploding in a massive fire ball a another plunging over the overpass. and when every second counts, a frightening robo calls crisis good evening, as we come on the air there is breaking news from the dominican republic where late today prosecutors dropped a bombshell, revealing that red sox legend david ortiz was not, in fact, the tended target of a shooting that left him injured in a bar less th two weeks ago. rather it was a case of mistaken identity. morgan chesky is in the dominican republic tonight. morgan, what do we
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know about this? >> reporter: lester, good evening, we're ar leng new details coming from a press conference happening as we speak about the coordinated attack on the former red sox star david ortiz when hwas shot in the back in point blank range. the attorney general in a press conference that's happening ongoing said this was a case of mistaken identity. and ortiz was not the intended target. instead it was supposed to be a friend of his who frequented that same restaurant and always am sat at that table. the shooter was shown a photo taken moments before he enteredhe restaurant, and it looked like the target was wearing whitepa s when in fact ortiz was the one wearing white pants. so, when t gunman approached, he mistakenly shot ortiz in the back thinking he was the target. 11 people have been arrested so far including the alleged gunman and authorities are still looking for the peon o funded that hit. meanwhile back in boston, big poppy is in the hospital and doctors have upgraded
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his condition to good. lester. >> morgan chesky with that late thyou. heart stopping moments today when a train carrying military explosives including grenades and small arms derailed in nevada. a hazardous material alert was declared and we get details from miguel almaguer. >> smokerom a white power could be seen billowing from t train. loaded with military ammunitions, the area was shut down, the public ordered to stay away. more than 20 cars flew off the tracks. officials confirms aluminum oxide was also on board. >> with hazmat teams responding, the local sheriffs say a decontamination process is under way, tbut there's noeat to the public. it's believed the weapons were not in the cars over turned. >> there were protocols that the railroads follow for proper placement of
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such dangerous commodities. >> reporter: after faring the worse, authorities shut down interstate 80 with no confirmati confirmation on what caused the crash. officials say the dodged a bullet after a train carrying high grade weapons overturned. the pilot who was the hero of th miracle on the hudson landing is blasting boeing for the troubled 737 max. sull a issued new warning of what he thinks needs to happen before those planes can get back in the air. here's tom costello. >> reporter: he may be amhe most trusted pilot in ica, the man who saved 155 people on the hudson river 10 years ago took boeing and the faa to task two fatal crashes that killed 346 people overseas. nt system r of aircraft design and certification has failed these accidents should never have happened. >> reporter: before
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last october's crash, boeing never told pilot of a new antistall system called mcaz blamed for both crashes. sully says pilots must have simulator training before they fly the max again. >> we must face it firsthandn the simulator before we face a crisis in flight with an airplane ful of passengers and crew. >> boeing has opposed mandatory simulation time saying ipad traing will be enough. >> they l the traveling public down in a fatal and catastrophic way. boeing ght, says safety is a shared priority and we are working closely with our industry partners to learn from these tragedies, answ their questions, and take steps to reearn peoples' trust. >> boeing saying it's still not scheduled an flight. the u.s. airlines are hoping it's approved for flight by late
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jugust. oe biden is under fire this evening as his rivals pounce on comments he made about workin along side segregationist senators in the past. >> joe biden made the remarks at a fund racer last night ack against liberal critics saying his willingness is old shioned. biden recalling h early senate career, bricking up others who awealled african-americans an interior race. he never called me sooy, he always called me at least there was some civility. we got things done. we didn't agree of much of anything. we got things done. the backlash immediate including from 2020 rivals. >> to coddle the reputation of s, segregationistf people who if they had their way i would literally not be standing here as a member of the united states senate, i think it's misinformed and
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yong. >> cory booker demanding an apology saying you don't joke about calling black men boys. he is wor using his relationships with eastland as examples of how to bring our country together. biden has long touted his civil rights record and has strong suppor in the african-american community. tonight james clyburn rushing to his side. >> he didn't endorse their positions. it's a story points and the point of the story is that you have to be able to work with people even they hold positions repugnant to you. >> biden made the comment despite his aides having long urged him not to discuss those relationships. >> to a highly anticipated testimony from hope hicks. hicks not answering
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m questions froasey hunt. democrats say she didn't answer many of their questions either with white house lawyers raising objections. meantime, president trump is pushing full speed ahead with his re-elect campaign after a kick off that touched on the themes that helped him win the white house the first time. here's hallie jackson. >> in front of a crowd hungry for the hi, the president delivering. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. re >> pdent trump officially kicking off his re-election push in front of ten os of thousands of supporters and along side hise. >> he truly loves his country. >> the 2020 launch feeling a lot like similar h t strategy, fire up his base, again, on topics from trade -- >> we're er going to have a good deal or not a deal at all. >> -- to immigration. >> our immigration
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laws are a disgrace. >> to the media, familiar faces and foes as the president railed against someone he's not even running against. >> crooked hillary. >> the difference is now the podium's presidential seal and a new twist on an old slogan. >> you ready? keep america great. >> some of the democrats hoping to win the white house themselves like senator kamala harris are blasting the president, arguing he's looking backwards. lester. >> hallie jack sit the white house, thanks. there's a new point of friction with iran after rocket attack. our billly neeas the latest. >> reporter: tonight americans evacuated and fears growing after a short range rocket slammed into the iraqi headquarters of exxonmobil. iranian backedilitia now blamed by iraqi security officials.
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news today of two other attacks in two days on bases housing us military personal in iraq. this comes after explosions on oil tankers last week. the u.s. navy showing ntvidence today, tiny frag of what it iranian an mine and the magnet that fixed it to the side of the ship. >>he mine that was used does bear a strike i resemblance was hat whi displayed in iranian military parades. >> the.s. navy now saying they have high confidence that was caused by amine. we're also learning the u.s. has ink iffer printsf at least one >> iran denies it carried out the attacks. all this as another 1,000 aman troops are being sent to the region. >> president trump says the tanker attacks are very minor. but the number of nstrikes and threats o u.s. facilities in the region is growing,
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causing u.s. officials real concern. lester. >> bill neely, thas. > prosecutors charge four men today in the shooting down of a passenger plane five ar ye ago over ukraine. all 298 people on board that plane wer killed. richard engel has details. >> reporter: after nearly five years of pain staking work, international investigators finally named the suspects they say were responsible for shooting down a inassenger jet over ukrae. >> i just want to know the trutth is the truth. >> the malaysian airlines flight was aveling from amsterdam in july 2014. as it crossed over ukraine, it was hit. investigators say by a russian antiaircraft missile sending and luggage into fields below. today investigators said three russian inte igence officers and the commander of a russian backed militia in ukraine would be charged with murder under dutch law. the research group
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helped link russian intelligence directly to the .disast >> russia says it didn't shoot down that plane. >> they faked evidence. oghey faked a satellite photph. at some point you just have to stop taking them seriously. >> reporter: investigators think the plane wasikely shot down by accident. russia andmlin backed militias were fighting against t ukrainian government at the time and may have confused the passenger jet for an enemy rcaift. >> reporter: moscow again denied involvement and prosecutors believe it's highly unlikely russia would hand over the suspects. tonight violent storms are pushingac ss the country including a threat of tornados. al, where's it headed? >> lester, severeth derstorm watches, tornado watches stretching from texas all the way to the mississippi river valley. 43 million people at risk for flash flooding and tonight we've got 14 states
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under severe weather watches. we've got 24 million people at risk for possibility of tornados. east coast tomorrow, 10 states, damaging winds, hail, 49 million people at risk and airports will be a risk from new york, clevand, washington, charlotte, and atlanta, strong storms. lester. okay. al, thanks. dramatic moments today at a fiery hearing a hot button issue, over whether the descendants of slaves should receive reparations. we'll g more on this from jeff bennett. >> reporter: tonight congress is considering the controversial concept of reparations for african-americans, payments or policies aimed at repairing the lingerg effects of slavery and discrimination. house democrats today calling for a bipartisan commission inviting the journalist of the4 201 article that reignited the debate. >> why should the federal government bear resibility for economic and
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social. >> i think the most n obvious reaso is because the federal government is complicit in it. >> many 2020 hopefuls backing some for of reparations. most republicans reject the idea. >> i think we're so far removed from the event. >> we've tried to deal with our original sinof slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing land mark civil rights legislatio we elected an african-american president. >> a new chapter in a growing national debate. jeff bennett, nbc news washington. >> just a week until the first democratic bcdebate here on n and tonight in our series "my big idea" senator amy klobuchar tells harry smith about an issue that hits close to home for her. >> what's your big idea? >> my big idea is that we nd to reallyo something about treating mental health and fighting addiction.he >> amy klobuchar runs for office, she wins big.
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elected to the u.s. senate three times by margins of 20 points or more. she is both minnesota nice and a former prosecutor. i will focus on gettinghi tngs done. that's what i my whole life. o> it was the first dayf this year's des moines farmer's market when we caught up with klobuchar at the downtown coffee shop java joes, addiction for mental health her are issues that hit home. >> my dad ugh stralled with alcoholism his whole life. he went to treatment and in his words hewa pursued by grace. that was his faith and that was the treatment. that was the community, his friends, his family surrounding him and saying you've got to change. and he did. >> klobuchar wants $100 billion over ten ars. in part for more beds and treatment centers. and early intervention for mental health d disorders. she'll fund her plaax on and lawsuits against opioid manufacturers. >> we have the
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resources in this country. we do. and we have to take them from the pockets bf the people that haveeen profiting on the addiction and help et off these drugs. >> fighting addiction, treating mental alth. that's amy klobuchar's big idea. harry smith, nbc news. >> moreomorrow when elizabeth warren ig shares her b idea. just ahead, the robo call invasion. they're not just annoying. hospitaling warning they could put lives at risk. and a deadly four on the highway. . . the ai i need? it's gotta scale across my business. e, starting her in procurement, helping us find the right suppliers. then here in logistic, to avoid disruptions! he in sales. even here! i'm talking about ai we can bui to work... here, predicting trends. ev and here, wher our data lives! with all our other ai! i think we're done here. expect more from ai. ibm watson.
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but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drives. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? we're all annoyed by the incessant robo calls now some hospitals say they're a matter of life and death clogging up their phone lines. here's dave gutierrez. >> at the medical universi of south carolina in charleston, robo calls could be more than a nuance. >> it could be a matter of life and death. >> reporter: the manager of security
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says they've become a life threatening problem. health care workers across the country flooded with robo calls. >> they're expecting legitimate calls to come in. >> scammers use a technique known as spoofing to cover your tracks. the call appears to come from your area code and that tricks hospitalnto thinking it's a local patient. >> scammers are masking their nbers pretending to call from hospitals. according to one estimate there are 163 million calling every day in america. that has tripped over the last three years. >> when are telecom mp coanies going to crack down on this? >> ihink they're going to self-police until there are better situations. >> the worst case scenario for me is we have a denial of attacks.
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at aslewo t fiery crash involving two semitrucks the on a wisconsin interstate. ron allen has the story. >> just got some type of major incident. >> a roaring inferno, a semitractor-trailer interpass. mid-afternoon traffic backed up for miles in both directions. investigator say it appears one semiplowed you there a center uks causing n several travellers to crash. another truck driver turnedvo to aid causing what could have been a worse pile up. that's the truck that went off tbridge. >> this unfortune deceased individual is a hero by turning down risk k his own life to
7:24 pm
avoid crashin into innocent people. >> both truck drivers died and two other moat rhyss with burns and fractures rushed to the hospital. investigators looking for answers of what caused the crash. we're going to a tell you about mom's life saving gift that is inspiring america. in a neigd with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh,make me a? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone howed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive cat protect you om becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. progressive cat protect you om becoming your parents. and i smoked while (amanda) my i ths pregnant. is the view i had of my baby in the nicu. my tip is, speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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in tonight's in tonight's inspiring america, a mom, afirefighter, and a life-saving gift. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: have you heard the one about the angel who walked into a bar. so, you were wearing this behin the bar? >> yep. >> reporter: that's how bill cox describes what happened to him when he need aid kidney transplant and becca bundy showed up
7:28 pm
to the bar in minnesota. >> he had a shirt on that said he was in need of a kidney. what parked the interest was that he had his blood type on his shirt. i knew thaoo my bld type matched his. >> reporter: you think it was destiny? >> i think so. >> reporter: becca had seen bill before because bill is also a volunteer firefighter and was the first to arrive after he dialle 911 one night when her daughter was seriously ill. becca alw wanted to pay it back. this was her chance. >> hi bl. doing okay. >> repter: the kidney. >> translator: went ever so smoothly. nowadays everyone's family. you call him bill? yeah. >> i feel really blessed to be chosen to be on his journey. he's given me and my family so much. ew>> reporter: like for bill, so he carved
7:29 pm
becca a wooden angel. >> she saved my life? >> reporter: do you find it odd all these angels are hanging around a bar? >> i don't think it's odd. i think angels are erywhere. my goodness, what a wonderful twist of faith. that's nightly news for the wednesday. that's nightly news for the wednesday. i'm lester holt.
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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp ande refd deer park 100% natural spring water. born better® deer park 100% natural sz3a5wz z16fz y3a5wy y16fy lights, camera "access." >> let me tell you somethin >> i kind of just froze. >> mr. white. [ laughter ] >> the talent they're now taking far beyond detroit. >> only


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