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tv   Today  NBC  June 20, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. shot down. iran takes aim at a u.s. drone overnight. a surface and air missile downing the navy aircraft off the coast of iran in a major escalation. the u.s. cling that attack unprovoked. iran saying the drone was in its air space, and this morning, the leader of the revolutionary guard says his country is completelyr.eady for >> no apolog >> racist bone in my body. >> joe biden not backing down.n his rival ihe 2020 race unload. >> i think it's misinformed and it's wrong.
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>> so insulting, and so missing the larger point. >> just, ahe why the former vice president says he is the one owed an apology. >> mistaken identity. the surprising turn in the david ortiz shooting. why officials now believe the bullet that almost killed them was meant for someone else. pl> all that, us fireworks. the controversial changes coming to this year's fireworks on the mall. >> base brawl. >> police searching for parents in the figh at this youth baseball game. >> and 25 years at stud 1-a. it's been 25 years since millions of americansth changed e way they start their day. we're celebrating big today. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannahie g
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andt hoda ko live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today toda nice to have you with us on a thursday morning. where were you 25 years ago today? >> i was watching. >> i was, too. katie and brian out there, reopening today's iconic window on the world. we're going to mark it with a greato 's tosreg ws,ratieb lreally concerning. iranians force have downed a u.s. drone overnight. it was in international air space off the coastof iran. iran said it was in their air space. it's being described by one official from iran as a clear message to america. we'll start with bill neely, who is there. bill, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. well, the flashpoint we ave been talking about got very real overnight where for the first
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timeth in crisis, iranian troops destroyed a u.s. military targ target. shooting down anunmanned, unarmed drone. a serious escalation and also a warning from iran overnight, and at the white house and pentagon this morning, no doubt serious discussions. the u.s. military says one ofts i global hawk drones was shot down by a surface-to-air missile overnight in an unprovoked attack. iran claims the drone violated its air space. the u.s. says it happened over the straits of hormuz, international air space, and no u.s. aircraft flew over iran. iranian state tv aounced the attack within hours. misidentifying the drone as a h globalk, saying the country's elite revolutionary guard had shot down a u.s. spy drone. the guard commander says the shooting down sends a clearm sage to america, and while
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iran don't want war, it's ready for i it's the second time in a week that iran has fired at a u.s. surveillance drone. the last, justhors before two oil tankersere attacked in the same area. the u.s. says revolutionary guards detonated mines on the ship. the u.s. navy d playing evidence. tiny fragments of what it says is an iranian mine and the a magnets itffixed to the side of the ship. the latest incident comes a day after a rocet hit the headquarters on the u.s. oil company exxonmobilin iraq, forcing the evacuation of 21 workers. an attack blamed on iranian-backed militias. hours before the attack, former secretary of state condoleezza rice spoke to sheinelle jones about the rising tensions with iran. >> it's a dangerous moment because the iranians are reckless, and the iranians are the troublemakers in the middle eas they're the most trouble making
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dangerous power in the middle east. >> all this as another 1,000 american troops are being sent to the region to join the u.s. carrier strikep, grou and air force bombers. >> we are there to deter aggression. president trump does not want war. the overnight aggression by iran was not deterred. president trump must now decide how to do that and how to respond. no question this a serious provocation. president trump said the tanker attacks were very minor. last night, he said don't worry about a thing, but iranian troops destroying a u.s. military aircraft is a v ry ifferent d very challenge. back to you. >> bill neely starting us off. thank you. >> let's bing in nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker. what are we hearing from the trump administration? >> moments ago, i spoketo a white house official who tells me the administration is assessing the situation right now. the conversations are ongoing at
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this point, and it's expected there will be meetings about atest provocation at the white house later today. overnight, mr. trump was pressed about tensions about iran before this news broke, and he did ry to downplay any escalation, telling fox news, as you just eard, don't worry about a thing. is under contro that echoed what he said last iran fter the u.s. blamed or attacking norwegian an japanese oil tankers in the ulf of oman. in that tinstance,he president said while he would go to war over nuclear weapons, he cast doubt over any military action for other clashes. bigger picture here, tensions between the u.s. and iran have been steadily increasing since the president walked away from the iran nuclear deal a year ago. for hispart, secretary of state mike pompeo, has said the admngistration is consideri range of options to deal with iran's provocations in recent weeks. this comes as predent trump's pick for defense secretary
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withdrew his name earlier this week, and the new acting defensy secretaust started yesterday. >> thank you. t's turn to admiral james stav retacy who is here now. a drone shot out of the sky, how big of a deal is this? >> this is a big a big raft. it has a 130-foot wing span. the size of a good sized learjet. it can fly 8,000 to 5,000 miles and it costs $120 million. thank god it's an unmanned aircraft. this is a significant step up from what we saw last week with the tanker attacks. >> the tanker attacks, the drone,ramping up of the nuclear capabilities as well. what might their strategy be ? he what is this message the iranians are trying to send? > a good pelto interestingly. kim jong-un, when he wants
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attention, he launches long-range ballistic missiles. he sets off a nuclear device. the iranians are taking a play out of that page eyd e going to continue to ramp up these tensions as we go forward. a very dangerous situation. >> tecically, iran is saying this morning this drone was in its own air space. the u.s. is saying it was in international waters. what are the chances a drone could accidentally be in iranian air space? >> extremely small. eun high-tech precisely guided, computers. i would pet that was i international air space. >> does the u.s. need to put out proof if we can? to e have to prove the cas the world. >> james, good to have you with us. thank you. always this morning, issues of race are suddenly front and center in the 2020 battle for the white house. oe biden says he will not apologize for touting his work with segregationist senators back in the97 10s.
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despite an utcray from his democratic rivals, and a renewed debate over reparations for slavery has jumped from the campaign trail to congress now. it got two reports this morning, starting with peter alexander. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. with jong biden takio the democratic debate stage exactly one week from today, the fireworks have already started. the flashpot here, biden's comments, you noted, invoking his work with segregationist senators earlyn his career, arguing it's a sign of his ability to forge personal relationships even with politicians he disagrees with. his rivals say he's out of touch with the times and out of step with his party. >> overnight, former environment joe biden firings back at hi critics. >> there's not a racist bone in my body. i have been involved in rights my whole career, period. >> how does it feel that your democratic rivals are implicitly
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saying you have issues talking about race. >> they know better. >> the democratic ont-runner on defense and digging in after touting his working relationship with two segregationist senators during the 1970s. james eastland, and herme, talmadg both democrats. cory booker blasted biden's c comments as wrong. >> cory should apologize. he knows better. >> booker responding overnight wrfrb. >> for his posture to be to me, have done nothing wrong. you should apologize, i'm not a racist, is so insulting. and soissing the larger point. that he should not have to have explained to him. >> several of biden's 2020 rivals pouncing, aiming to cast him out of step in an increasingly progressive democratic party. >> the coddle e segregationists, people who if they had their way, i wouldn't
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be standing here in the united tates senate, it's misinformed and it's wrong. >> i don't think you should be bragging aboutking on a bipartisan basis with segregationists. >> it started tuesday on a fund-raiser when biden touted the civility that once existed in the senate, stressing t need to reach consensus. eastland called african-americans an inferior rate and said this in 1957. >> separation of the racists for the mst harmonious race relation. >> biden argued he worked to combat eastland's views, pushing to extend the voting rights act. >> you don't have to like the people in terms of their views, but you just simply make the case, and you beat them. >> biden, who served along de the nation's first african-american president, of course, has long touted his civil rights record and he has strong support within the black community. still, biden's aides have long urgedt him no discuss his
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relationships with segregationist senators. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> race is at the center of a tense debate on capitol hill. the debate on reparations yesterday explored the idea of using taxpayer dollars to compensate descendants of u.s. slaves. good morning. >> we heard impassioned and at times hated testimony yesterday as to whether or how descend nlts of slaves should be compensated for the forced and the centuries of discrimination that followed. the question of reparation picking up traction and gaining attention both on the campaign trail and here on capitol hill. once politically unpopular, it's now a major issue for 2020 democratic presidential ul hop reparations. many now backing the controversial concept of payments or policies aimed at repairing lingering effects from centuries of slavery and
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discrimination. >> these injustices do not just cause tiinjus for african-americans. it enforces a deep injustice in our nation as a whole. it's a cancer on the soul of our country. >> senat and democratic presidential candidate cory booker speaking at a congressional hearing wednesday. as house democrats call for a bipartisan commission to study reparatio. >> this committee must note -- >> inviting the best selling author whose 2014 article r gniting the debate. >> why should the federal government bear respo eibility fonomic and social damages to the descendants of the slaves? >> i think the most obvious reason is because the federal government is complicit in it. >> reparations were once viewed as a fringe idea, but a wave ofo grassr activism among racial inequality is sparking a shift. 54% dfmocratic primary voters say they're likely to support a
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candidate who backs reparations. but many republicans reject the idea. >> we are so far removed from the event. >> we ve, you know, tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting acivil war, by passing landmark civil rights gislation. weelected an african-american president. >> a view which koets addressed head on. >> many of us would love to be taxed for the things we are solely and individually responsible for, but are american citizens and thus bound to a collective enterprise that extends beyond our individual and personal reach. >> now, this bill faces major obstacles but that has not stopped the national conversation about america's history with slavery and how it should best atone for its past. >> geoff bennett on the hill this morning. thank you. president trump is speaking out on a range of topics from u.s./mexico relations to the
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2020 re-election. he sat down with jose diaz bulart for his first interview on a spanish english network. >> i have been asked that question. you never know. i could comment on different ones. but i won't bother too much. i think just a little b bernie looks like he's had it. bernie looks crazy, but he always did, but he looks tired crazy right now. joe biden, he looks like he's just exhausted. i don't know what happened to him, but he's exhausted, and he doesn't do any work. he's not working. one thing i find out about this job to do it right, and i have done it eright, you hav to work hard. >> you can see that full 11:00 iew tomorrow night, eastern on telemundo. >> check in with the world of sports. lots to get to. we'll start with the women's world cup. the u.s. taking on sweden this a fternoon. the americans are seeking some revenge for their loss to the swedes in the 2016 olympic games. both teams have secured spots in
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the tournament's knockout round. but the u.s. needs aor win tie today in order to win its group, group f. >> also tonight, the nba draft happening right here in new york city at barclay's center. perhaps you have heard, former duke star zion williamson, idely considered the top player available in thedraft, and the new orleans pelicans, they have that number one pick, and here's little doubt in just about anyone's mind that the pelicans will be selecting zion williaauon. >> bec he could change the game for them, right? for change the game for them and for the league, perhaps. should be interesting tonight. let's do this right now, 7:16. let's check in with mr. roker. how are we lookingwith the weather? >> it's not great and not going to get better for a while. this is just outside dallas. tornado toucng down, causing massive damage. several reports of tornadoes yesterday and we'll praerbl see more today. you can see we already have stor firing up rig now. heavy thunderstorms moving out
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of new orleans and louisiana, to the southeast. we have flash flood watches for 40 million people in the northeast and in the ohio river valley. today, all eyes on the mid-atlantic states where we have an enhanced risk. nine states. a talkingut 50 million people, low tornado threat, but damaging winds and hail, which continues tomorrow for 8 million folks back through the blains. we're looking at this slow-moving meandering system bringing storms with massive downpours. laguardia already has a ground stop this morning. it's going to be a mess. pack your patience. friday, that system finally moves off the east coast. in the meantime, the damage will be done. today, look for delays. new york, d.c., charlotte, atlanta, also in clevela on the road from nd,i-95,nd fro jacksonville to bangor, from boston to chicago on i-90. chicago to birmingham, and especially in the northeast and into new england, heavy rain. rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. we'll have a real mess today.
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we'll do your local forecast coming up in the nex 30 seconds. >> everybody has a great story to tell, and our job as producers is to help pull that story out. it's very powerl, and just speeds up your whole day. l fu i always have ateast 4 or 5 programs open on my computer. i do need to be able to work everywhere. 16+ hour days are pretty common, so i need a long battery life.rd it feelso be on this side of the camera for sure. aloudy and humid start to your this, and we're going to be watching the weather very closely. a sigficant threat for severe thunderstorms from 4:00 to 9:00 this evening. likely to impact your evening commute.m teratures right now are in the sticky 70s across the area. above 90 degrees today. 91 and turning very stormy later in the afternoon and evening.
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much better weather owrives tomorr >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up, surprising turn in the s doting ofavid ortiz. why police are now saying big pahe was not t intended target after al >> early fireworks in the nation's fourth of july capitol. are they putting politics over patriotism? first, this is "today" on nbc. of savings and service.
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this is a news 4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time now on this thursday, june 20th, 2019. i'm eun yan >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're staying on top of a developing story. virginia state police say a driver is dead after a fiery crash last night on the beltway on the ocpy outer loop near i-66. >> the car he was driving hit a cement barrier and caught on re. let's get the latest on the commute. >> it's still slow, outer loop t 66, because we still ha that crash on the scene there.o taking a l southbound 270,
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kind of your normal delays. manassas, eastbound 66 after prince william parkway, delays there because the right shut down from that accident. >> thank you. later today on news 4, we're working for you and we're going to show you the top rated appliance brands so you don't waste your money. >> that's today at 5:00. we'll take a break now. your check ofst your foreca is next. stay with us. compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider do not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sound plike a whole businessackage, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? i let's do (laughs) comcast business gives you more. switch now and get fast, reliable internet for a new low price of $39.95 a month. plus, get free installati. better, faster? i mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-501-6000. comcast business. beyond fast.
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good morning, everybody. it's humid outside this morning and it will be hothis afternoon. temperatures back above 90 degrees. strong thunderstorms across parts of eastern tennessee are going to be arriving here later on in the day today. our future weather model brings the chances for strong to popengsally severe storms between 4:00 and 9:00 today. it's a weather alert day today. stay with us for push aerts should they be necessary this afternoon. good news is lower humidity arrives for tomorrow. and we'll have rtcool, comfole weather for friday, saturday,
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and even into sunday morning. m> we like that. thank you very h. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day. everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugain your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. er we're working togetho do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance.
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because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. ♪ now, who does not remember that song? 7:30, tuesday morning, june 20th, 2019. i got a couple chills when i heard that. 25 yeago a, that was the theme song of thetoday" show. ou're rs ago today, what looking at, this window on the world, was opened once again, returning to its past, the way it started all those years ago. we're going sitbrate this morning. >> you're getting misty. s >> it's touching. i was a young girl 25 years ago, and i watched the "today" show and couldn't have dreamed sitting here. >> me and you both. i grew up with that music andr ember watching katie and brian on this dev, not this
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desk, but asimilar desk we made to bring back. >> we pull together here. the first morning, the history, the highlights from the first 25 years. some surprises as well.t' >> le get right to the news this morning. t.major escalation overnight in the middle eas iran shot down a u.s. drone above the strait of hormuz in the waters right off iran. iran claims the drone was violating its own air space, but the u.s. said it happened in internatioal air space and no u.s. aircraft flew over iran. this news comes, of coue, amid rising tensions in the region. american officials bled iran for an attack on oil tankers in the gulf of oman. >> sacramento police are mourning the loss of one of their own. 26-year-old officer tara o'sullivan was shot and killed responding to a domestic disturbance yesterday. the suspected shooter then barricaded himself inside the home and continuedo tre shots
7:32 am
at other officers. o'sullivan was on the job for just over a year, is the first o police officer to die in the line of duty in two decades. >> now to a frightening floes call. it was caught on camera.od a tdler narrowing msing ing struck by a flying n umbrella o a south carolina h. beac a mother was recording her song playinin the sand when a gust of dflyineng. the young boy steps out of the e way just in t nick of time. the mother sared the video to remind beachgoers to make sure your umbrella is securely anchored in the sand. >> there are new developments in the ambush shooting whatounded former red sox star david ortiz. officials in the dominican republic now claim big papi was the victim of mistaken identity. morgan has been following the story and joins us from the dr this morning with the late. at do we know? >> yeah, craig, good morning. the attorney general for the
7:33 am
dominican republic s s the proof lies in the pants, specifically a pair of white pants that the intended target was supposed to w ring. only when the shooter opened igre, it ended up being on a national hero, b papi. dominican authorities now believe a bulle that nearly killed david ortiz was meant for someone else. the baseball superstar apparently mistaken forhe intended target. after investigato accused gunmenthg. this securionty v cideose captue moment ortiz was shot in the back inside a popular restaurant. the attorney general said the shooter was told his target was wearing white pants, causing him to accidentally shoot ortiz. that target, a friend of the former red sox slugger sitting at theery same table. officials detailing a complex murder plot worthy of a crime novel, involving more than a dozen people, 11 of them now in custody. but police say three are still the loose, including two of
7:34 am
the master minds. one of those men shown here, police say, came to the club early to watch for the target known to frequent t place. you see ortiz's friend arriving, and shortly after, police sayth spotter took his photo. sending it by cell phone to a man in prison who allegedly set up the hit. the conspiracy henched by m who had served time together. authorities say who then hired seryral others to c it out. the motive, still a question. police only saying that this man, victor hugo gomez vazquez, had a past relationship with the man that went back and blamed him when he ended up in prison. ortiz's friend has no criminal background. in boston, big papi's condition conues to improve. numerous surgeries have left him without a gallbladder and part of his intestines and liver, bit in a statement, his wife says the baseball icon is on the mend, having been upgraded to good condition after a rough uple weeks.
7:35 am
>> good to know big papi is getting better. morgan, what more do we know about the suspects who are still on the loose? >>craig, dominican authorities are working hand in hand with track ficials to try to down those fugitives, some of whom may be hiding in the united states and are told the alleged ma isea. craig, savannah. >> such ast o, k ebi >>za 7:35.r mr. rokes here. what are you looking at? >> heat starting to file into the country and bringing heat advisories down through texas because we'll have hot, warm, muggy ait look ahese temperatures, but more importantly, the heat indexes. going to feel like 109 in new orleans today. 111, houston. 100, ft. smith. tallahassee, 10 fiesk, andrr tomo that spreads to the east with charleston feeling like 100. same in tampa. mobile will be 106. same in austin and shreveport. into next week, new york city
7:36 am
warming up, getting into the 80s. raleigh in the 90s. mid to upper 80s in indianapolis. kansas city looking toasty as well with a high on saturday near 90. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team form meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy and super hud this morning. temperatures well up into the 70s. 77 in washington and quantico. radar shows not a lot of rain in the city just yet, but showers in parts of western maryland and an increasing chance for stronger storms later on into the afternoon. keep a weather eye to the sky and your weatheror ear out f nbc washington to send your updates as needed 4:00 to 9:00 p.>> that's your latest weather. >> thanks. coming up, what could we bo controversy the fourth of july celebration on the national mall? the big changes this year that are causing a stir in washingto >> first,though, the police investigation just launched into this fight between parents at a
7:37 am
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this morning on in depth, as carson joins the table, the latest on a shocking scene at a youth baseball game in colorado. >> a massive brawl broke out on the field between parents righr in f of their stunned 7-year-old parent. miguel almaguer has me on how this all unfolded and the investigation now. good morning. >> good morning.e policn lakewood, colorado, tweeted the video out when they were trying to identify the man brawl. center of the like other parents, he could face a felony for his role in the fight. >> what is happening? >> the baseball game between 7-year-olds turned into a street fight between adults. >> this cannot happen. >> a ebase-clearing brawl that left at least one person seriously injured after parents began to argue with one another during a heated game between
7:42 am
kids. >>it appears that bothac cohes and parents from both teams began to confront each other in front of the dugout. ahoving match ensued and not tfar after hat, fights started creaking out. >> in a sreen described by officers as shocking and disappointing, just behind the melee, one woman is seen ushering frightened children off the field, running away from the fist fight. moments later as one man ismm ed to the ground, a young girl watches just feet away. >> i'm sad and ashamed it happened. >> nate and his wife liz said they tried to break up the brawl. >> the kids were in shock. i told them to leave. >> my heart is broken for the children, bothteams,that they had to experience this vietence bween adults. >> hoping to make more arrests today, police in lakewood, colorado, tweeted the video while trying to ident tack.nvolved in the some adults caught suckern punchiothers. more than a dozen parents could be cited. no children were injured.
7:43 am
>> these are their coaches, these are their parents. these are the people they look up to, that they learn from. and you have to ask yourself,wh are they learning watching this? inin what is just the lates a long list of parents behaving badly at sporting sevents, thi morning, police say these are the real children who need to grow up. police say they have already issued four citations. more arely to come. they're taking this incredibly seriously, aying some of the adults could face felony charges. others could be charged with e for putting their children in danger. back to you. >> miguel almaguer. i don't know what to say about this. >> i go to a lot of these l basebal games. i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. their kids are trying to learn about sportsmanship, and so many parents get so crazy at the average little leaguee. gam >> i hope these people are punished so maybe it will send a message out to parents. >> i think that's what they're
7:44 am
trying to do. in this case,um the re was a kid. it's ridiculous. >> just ahead here, on a thursday morning, some unexpected fireworks. the clash ier pol and parades on the national mall right after this. points toward things like complimentary maintenance. or for vehicle accessories. and with fordpass, a tap can also get you 24/7 roadside assistance. and lock your vehicle. only fordpass puts all this in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving. ar weing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®.. neutrogena®
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7:48 am
7:47. new changes to this ye fourth of july celebrations on the national mall, and some people are raising their eyebrows about it. >> chief white house rrespondent hallie jackson joins us from the national mall with details on this. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're talking about a celebration that will happen two weeks from today here on the national mall. a washington tradition that this year will come with a newtwist. new elements being added by president trump. we're talking about everything from military donstrations to music, even a speech. i'm told by white house officials the president willba proy deliver it from right here at the lincoln memorial, but all of it has some of the president's critics worried this will now become more political than patriotic, setting up a different kind of fireworks over the holiday. its untry has celebrated independence for 242 years, but
7:49 am
this year may stand ane. >> july 4th w inashington, d.c., come on down. we're going to have a big day. >> not just the usual fireworks. think music, military demonstrations. even a reporfoed air ce one flyover above the national mall, and as donald trump tweeted, an address by your favorite president, me. >> we're going to have hundreds of thousands of people. we're going to cebrate america. >> now, critics are accusing president trump of hijacking the ceebration, making itess about the country and more about the man who runs it. in a letter to the administration, congressman steny hoyer and oer house democrats say they worry about the appearance of a televised partisan campaign rally on the mall at public expense. >> that's not what july 4th is about. it's not about politics in the partisan sense. it's about democracy. it's about freedom. >> and they're concerned about
7:50 am
the cost to taxpayers who could rput a biggebill. >> the president spired by this impressive display that delighted him in france. a bastille day celebration he called one of the greatest parades he's ever seen. >> i thinke're going to start looking at that ourselves. we're thinking about fourth of july, nnsylvania avenueaving a really great parade to show our military strength. >> plenty of presidents ha participated in july 4th festivities before, but only president harry truman took an active ro, delivering a speech about the korean war. >> we have been missing to show off about our military because we should be proud of them and what they do for us. >> probably just feeding more of his ego. i don't think we need to spend money on that. >> what about the potential for protests at this fourth of july event this year? is that a conc at all? >> yeah, it definitely is, craig, especially given all the changes to this year's fourth oe july ebration.
7:51 am
it is something that's been raised. i can tell you federal officials are preparing for that. a spokrson for the national park service, which oversees the national mall here, tells me this is an area wherebo every can exercise their first amendment rights, but officials are ready to make sure any demonstrations happen safely. >> hal hallie jackson on the mall. thank you. >> just ahead, we'll celebrate 25 years of "today" from our iconic window on the world, studio 1a and theplaza. it all started 25 years ago on this day. >> many iconic moments, memories, concerts. we'll take a look back. our silver anniversary, but first, your local news. and do what you wanna do. so...
7:52 am
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br >> 7:56 is your time now on this thursday, june 20th, 2019. good morning. umeun yang. the anne arundel board of education changes the way it chooses valedictorian and salutatorian students. this affects students entering ninth grade in the 2021-2022 school year. >> an update on theo outer l at 66. we still have a situation where a part of the beltway is shut down. we only have two lanes getting by there, and wedo s ill see some delays from an earlier fatal crash. >> 270 southbound going about 40 miles per hour. 66 inbound, earlier crash at manaas has cleared. 95 northbound also looking okay. >> thank you. we'll ta a break and check
7:57 am
your forecast next. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies, temperatures already mid to upper 70s acss ch of the area. we will get increasing sunshine late morning into the afternoon. rain early today is confined to parof western maryland, but our chances for rain and possibly strong to severe storms goes up later in the day toda all along the i-95 corridor. we'll send push alerts ozneeded to our nbcng wasn app. the risk for severe weather is between 4:00 and 9:00 thisoo afterninto this evening. stay weather alert for your thursday. >> thank you. local news update for you in 25 minute for now, back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on else it's 8:00 on "today," this morning, we're celebrating 25 years on stud you 1-a. >> we'll be a takin look back at the memories. >> j.b. >> how are you doing? >> how are y doing? >> i feel good. >> we're suounded by dozens and dozens of incredible survivors. >> come on newyork. >> the moments. >>will you marryme? >> the fun. and the fans. >> been a fan of "today" -- >> since >> was born in 1994, 25
8:01 am
years -- >> of studio 1a. >> join us as we turn back e clock 25 years to 1994. ♪ >> 8:00 on a monday morning. christening the new studio on this 20th morning of june, 1994, day one of our studio on the window, studio 1a.m >> good ning, everybody. let me button my blazer. welcome back to "today" on this special thursday morning, as we celebrate aquarter century of studio 1a. hi, brian. oh, no. >> hi, i dind his tie, though. here's the thing, the chairs are more omfortable. we might have to keep these. there we are in the split screen. this was the set they were using 25 years ago today. same window, too. it's going to be really fun this morning to look back, take a stroll down memory lane. g >> we'reing to throw it back
8:02 am
to 1994 for a bit. >> first, let's stay current. let's get the news. a busy morning. the standoff in the middle east intensified overnight with iran shooting down an american droneh in the u.s. calls international air space, but iran disagrees. bill neely is in the raiion for us this morning, and tensions are running high, bill. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. a serious escalation because f the first time in this crisis, iranian troops have destroyed a tas. military target. the u.s. mili saying one of its drones was hit by a surface-to-air missile in an unprovoked attack. iran says that drone had violated its air space. the u.s. saystas flying over the straits of hormuz, that's on interna air space. and this was an unprovoked attack. ran's revolutionary guard commander said this morning thah shooting down sends a clear message to america. and thra while in doesn't want
8:03 am
war, it is ready for war. it is actually the second time iran has targeted a u.s. drone in the last week. it follows an attack on the headquarters of exxonmobil in iraq yesterday. an attack widelyd blame on iranian-backed militias, and of course, itoows those tanker attacks la week. president trump called those attacks on tankers very minor. he said last night, don't worry about a thing, but iranian troops destroying a u.s.mi tary aircraft is a very direct challenge, and somethinge he wil forced to respond to. savannah. >> bill neely, thank you very much. >> democratic presidential kront-runner joe biden is refusing to bacown after saying he got things down in the senate decades ago, even en it meant working with segregationist members. biden was criticized by democratic rivals who said he's out of touch with the times, a they called on him to appall yz. >> there's not aeratest bone in my body.
8:04 am
vil ve been involved in c rights my whole career, period. period, period. >> biden said last night that he, quote, detesd the views of the segregationists and he was able to beat theer on evhing they stood for. ay and der, the first democratic thursday night in miami, florida, airing here on nbc asm. savannah, of course, one of the temoderators with lesr holt, jose diaz balart, and rael ch >> a new york jury has convicted a member of a sex cult. keith ran bp nier faces life behind bars. the cult grew out of what was pposedly a self-help group called nexium.ll aon mack has already pleaded guilty to recruiting new female members. >> a california police department has rolled out a new crime fighting tool. check this out.
8:05 am
this robo cop reported for duty as the newest member of the huntington park police force. will patrol city parks and buildings, keeping a digital eye out for trouble. it can also send a live video feed to headquarters and record footage for later viewing. >> does it make that noise? >> i really like it. >> wow. mesmerizing. >> that's the news. are you ready for a boost? >> give us a boost. >> something happened last night at the nhl awards show. the audience waswatching a video showing a feel-good moment of the year. it showed carey pricemi rescing about meeting a young fan who just lost his mother. that's when price surprised the person.showing up in >> it was very special to me. hold up, hold up. >> where ihe going? f he didn'tish his message.
8:06 am
>> getting dusty again in here this morning. price not only gave him the jersey. he invited him to attend next year's all-star game as well. what a moment. >> yeah. mr. roker, is this what you were wearing in 199 >> yeah, just it was twice as big. let's show you, i took up alot more space here. anyway, we have a lot of wet weather making its way from chicago into buffalo. heavy storms also out through the plains. n theoday, the heat is on west and in the southern plains with temperatures in the 90s and 100s. still cool here in the northeast and the great lakes. 90s on the southeast and down into florida. for today, severe storms making their way along the eastern seaboard. a lot of airport delays. the creasing winds out west and look for showers in the central plains.
8:07 am
here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist . chuck bell humid outside this morning, and already plenty warm. 77 here in washington. nearly 80 by the chesapeake bay, and even low 70s in t shenandoah valley. our chances for strong storms are going up with time during the day. just some rain showers early his morning across western maryld, but the main area of concern is still wll down across southwestern virginia. keep a weather eye to the sky and a weather ear for wtop and here for nbc washington between 4:00 an>>9:00 today. hat's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up, we're going to kick off ournniversary celebration of the special place we call studio 1-a, and the plaza. >> yeah, how this became our home 25 years ago. it's history from the inside out. had then we'll give you a live guded tour of w goes on here hehind the scen every day to get this show onir every morning. fir, these messages.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
sit! bad dog. morning, everybody, welcome back and it's a really special good morning, everybody. welcome back. it's a special morning here on "today." 25 years ago this morning, we christianed th studio, studio 1a in rockefeller plaza in the heart of manhattan. we're going to start our celebration with a look back at how it all began. >> we wll find ourselves a new home, a window on the world to begin aew chapter in morning television. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a mnday morning. >> for a quarter of a century, our "today" home has been studio 1a. >> welcome to "today." thanks for joining us. >> a street side studio on 49th stet in the heart of manhatt manhattan. >> aremember when the plaz was
8:12 am
reopened. >> i would wake up in the a morningnd watch brian and katie. and i remember thinking that, that looks lif a lot o fun. >> gene shalit took the move literally. >> here we go. >> ce a bank, a vision for the new studio was drawn, blueprint, maand a time lapse recorded. >> this pioneering, exciting, innovative return to the past in a rn to the "today" show's past. >> the "today" show premiered in 1952 with a windowed studio at a time when television was a new invention. >> part of our cast is you. you the public, at least. weein a big glsed in fish bowl. we can look out the window and see the people looking in at us any time, and we see all sorts of fascinating folks. >> yes, i watch itvery time i t a chance to. >> from regular folks to prominent ones like forme president harry s. truman stopping by on a morng stroll. >>o president clinton taking
8:13 am
questions from the crowd. >> will we be able to have ourt 30 high school reunion being held at the white house? >> to a presidential town hall, and our celebration of in ternational day of the girl. >> mrs. obama, good morning. >> "today" show's past echoes its presence. from the legendary duke ellington jammi in the'50s, to our first performance outside therplaza, th, wind, and fire inhe '90s, beginning new trend in television. mmer concerts. >> the follow program is broug you -- >> in the s,mid-'60 nbc became the firstne twork to broadcast in color. >> when we went to color, the colors of today couldn't handle the cnges of light. >> to avoid the sunlight, "today" moved inside to a traditional studio, until we returned to our roots, our window on theworld. > when they brought the window back, you knew it was the "today" show immediately because it almost opened upou this fh dimension.
8:14 am
>> we love it when people come because it connects us to the people who aretc wang. we get to see you right back. >> it's exciting. so to mark this anniversary, we thought we would give you a special sneak peek behind the scenes of our studio 1a. we're spread out all over the studio. we're ready to show you around. just so you isknow, ths three floors.actually three floors, w work our way up.ou carson, ye at the bottom in the basement, good morning. >> i'm down on the concourse level, one level belown you i the studio. before i go i this is a popular level because the control room is here. when my kids come they love is, this is the world'sni skinest escalator, bigon attracti come on in here, behind the scenes look on everything, the greathistory, 25 years of studio 1a, great security here, soou've got all this -- dave >> when people come to the trane "today" shhe,, ty want to come to the epicenter, the brain tod"
8:15 am
trust of the entire show. as y o can imagine,ur show is e r 24-hou living, breathing operation. people are here all times of thi day, gthering news, editing, writing, getting ready for the n show. we don't comethat in o all tha, but we would like to take you is now.ur this is our control room which w you saw in the opiece, we were e first control room to go to color. i bout this is now all hihd, w i think we did a year ago.o.grap you have execs in the back row, graphic, editing, the teleprompter, which is branch right now, soso t this is off te dome, as they say, and all the bigwigs. libby, howg?are you doinng? how is the show. sho jimmy the director. matt, how are we doing on time?> >> better keep it going.>> >> ls to see inside studio the hardworking p ople here are our production assistants.ey of thome here ungodly hours and do all the work. by the way, this elevator, shoot this, this is the original elevator when this buding was n a bank.. it gets crowded,t's very smallte like an escalator. how areyou?
8:16 am
very up. it's also very, very slow.o this is one of our production o. assistants.yo aka jazzy jay. what time did you wake eup? u >> 3:00 >> that's early. they're busy getting scripts. thank you very much.s. weet our scripts a go up thehe stairs. this is one of my favorite things if you can getof a shot it. of i'm a big irish n.g iris we hit that before we get to ouo bcast. i'm goingo ass off daly talk to savannah. savan >> all right. thank you,so carn. now we're right at the door of studio 1a. this is the thing that you see on tv every day. we walk right in here. and down the, hallwayand this a. is where we greet you every morning. 7:00 a.m., weg, 7:0 call it hom. that's where we deliver the newe of the morning.of the the thing i really want to telll you about is our beautiful crew. you know someguf theseys havehee been here, they were here 25 5 years ago, if not before, likeb obby acre, my friend. we call whenb, you started, they used te call you the kid.eree how old wer you?>> i w >> 24. >> the crew loves that.
8:17 am
so that wasrs25 yeaago.was >> 35 years ago. >> 35 years ago when you ago. started. do you remember when theydo y od this window on the waurld? >> i do. yeahhow was two hours lon then, and i didn't need >>lasse. ou and the>> rest of the crew. you're the heart and soul of thi splace.e.ou it's your anniversary too. you probably recognize this, al's weather monitor.weat let me seean if i c get the temperature inside studio 1a. 67 degrees. looks like roker has been managing the thermostat. it's always a little cold in ths studio and the girls and guys ig have a f about that. here is our desk, although de today, we'ring the very desk tie and brian had, but you know what they didn't have? o a rotating set. we turn it around and it up our view into our studio ito which we use for so many things. and craig, you can tell that story from here.ry fro >> good to you there, savannah. one of the mostre, coveted partf udhis st here in 1a, this wall. is magic t wall, 1a wall
8:18 am
area. .wall it's the thing of beautyhat producers actually fight over io terms of which segments can go f llhere at the o we use this thing for just abouo everything. thof course, a lot of e interviews happen in this space in addition to the interviews, r we also do whenvi o we're notutn the plaza having a concert, we as well.ncerts in 1a we use the wall for the ncerts. concerts. of course, kelly clarkson.. celeities love the ll. you should see the number of ts people whoome into the studio h and look at the wall, posre and their pictures and the movies e and the shows.ll they look at the wall, all in, and my favorite, the s cooking segments. the cooking segments happen at the wall as well. we use this thing for just about everything. here something else youou probably don't know about studio 1a. it's a workingstudio. sorry, sorry. a lot of times, things are coming in and out during the actual show. they're like a nascar pit crew,. these guys.
8:19 am
this is the scene dock. a behind the scenes here, a lot o the food segments, our prep kitchen. oh, look. it's ashley, candy, kae. tina is down there. what are we having? >> breaking breakfast. want some doughnuts? >> this is my favite part. it's always very, very good, by the way. so in addition tovery, the fooda prepped back here, all kinds of random stuff that we use on thee show. got a drum sehere, got a footba. we're number one. o you never know when you're goinn to need that.g t fakeo flowers. disco ballsas well. never know what you're going tot find back ohere, like this randm megaphone. not sure why it's here, but we'll use it. welcome. all right, thank you, this is whe we like to call cal this special effects or makeup, where they make us look good. we mary kaye and laurie have been h here since we opened up you know who has been missing?
8:20 am
hyoa. we miss so comemuch. and come with me on the to wr, then, we have our hallway where we go ck to our wardrobe area. back to >> hey, hoda. how are you? i'm sure she wouldagree, you're one of the hardest working men in the building.le >> s go over to the wardrobe. area. thism goin is where wein coorde wardrobe, make sure we look ood. here's lyle and alex hanging aku out. look,o i guys? and a >> great. l >> youok do >> thank you. all right. guess i'll just -- all r >> oh,ig sorry. i waschanging. >> something on her jacket. is thisimrom a long t ago? >> 19. de lapel. and of course, we spend a iot of time in here, in our tchen. is area is called the spa, the satellite production area, and we have curtis stone. how is >> you love cooking here, right? i i love it. i love cutting your anges.ever i have been coming here 12 yearr
8:21 am
and i cut your, tha >> and of course, this is where we conduct other interviews whet we have her stuff going on ther downstairs, d here we are. >> good job, buddy. >> there's no one better than an roker to give that tour becauser you were here, you are the hear, and soul of thi place as well.le what do you remember about thiss building? you were here at 30 ck back 30 k then? >> we kept coming back over. when you buy a house and you come in and look. it was we thought, but what if they wt reopen it up and nobody shows ea ,up. of court that didn't happen. then everybody decided they had to getn outdoor studio. in television, this is a serious form of flattery. >> by the way, on that tour, we made this place look a lot e m bigger than it is. ue loo wesed every inch of this place. >> people who come o tof th vise that will hehe first thing ay they say. i can't believe it's so small. >> savannah, when you were
8:22 am
showing the black and white pictures, it makes us feel likes we're part of somethinguc great. such a legacy >>l, you're out on the plaza , o more than anybody else.dy else. what do people say?e why do they come?y >> thecome to be part of our family. family part of our that's what sets us apart.that they were worried at first it y would maybe be w just some new s yorkers a nobody else. yorke this has become a destination. om's international. people come frll around the ala country, all around the world, l just to be part of this.o be p in a dayag and of social age media, when everybody can see everybody else, they still love coming here. >> they do. you know what i lov i love ey come to celebrate. if they have an event, if they t want to give a shout out to somebody, this is where they iss come. we're so w honed by hat. h we're going to have a lot more r just ahead. we're going to look to great memories we have had hereh lights, the epic concerts, the unforgettable costumes, the weather. >> the food.. >> out on the plaza.n th it can bee a little changeable. yes, i it can.t can. >> but first, your lowel news and her. i
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
this is a news 4 today news break. >> good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this thursday, june 20th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start with melissa mollet. g. good morn outer loop at 66 still a little slow because of that earlier fatalnv crash iving a tractor trailer that's still not completely gone. outer loop at leesburg pike has an accident, and silver spng, southbound new hampshire before 29, right side blocked by a crasthere. >> we'll have a check on your n forecast whe come back. stay with us. ,2,3,4 ♪ this spring, it's out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in withhe fastest, most reliable internet from xfinity xfi. so you can be in with brilliantly connted
8:27 am
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8:28 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4eo mologist chuck bell. slivers of sunshine are starting to get throury our ve gray and overcast sky in the washington area. it's already very humid. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. today's high, 91 derees, and not everyone is gng to get rained on, but a 60% of strong, potentially severe thunderstorms later today means you need to stay weather alertith nbc washin non. rain forow is confined to far western maryland and the west viginia mountains but developing showers should be
8:29 am
arriving 4:00 to 9:00 this afternoon into this evening. once the coldront goes by, we turn less humid andreezy tomorrow. >> you can get the latestews and weather anytime in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you get a look at ground level here on 49th and the plaza on what is a lovely monday morning. >> that's right, a beautiful morning. a couple hundred people here from all over the country. they have come to watch, and they have messages. all sorts of fun things. >> it's 8:30 now, thursday morning, june 20th, 2019. exactly 25 years since the very first broadcast fromtudio 1a, and in our corner of rkefeller plaza in new york city. it began at this spot, katie
8:31 am
couric, brian gumbel. we have followed in their footsteps and this morning in their fashion. >> that's right. still get a couple hundred rople every morning f all over the country, all over the world now. we also do something differentw as ll. we do a crowd moment. our celebration will roll on with stoes a snapshots from all the amazing times we had on the plaza. >> where'sca son? >> we have a lot coming up. you see the crowd hanging up. we have birthdays happening. soalways a good r to celebrate here outside on the plaza. coming up, we'll do a special pop start. 199ition where we look at what was going on in pop culture. by the way, 1994 may be one of the biggest years in films. we'll tell you the incredible films. what music you were looking at. >> and of course, we can't celebrate without food. we're going to dohat with the team behind some of our favorite segments. fun fact, doou know who our
8:32 am
first cooking guest was in 1994? >> no. >> al roker >> no. >> giada de laurentiis. >> that's fun. now who has the crowd moment this morning? >> i have it right here. >> we didn't do this in '94. this is something new, but i'm lookingr for ma from new jersey. oh. we have marie, and where's hailey. we'll s rt withmarie. what brings you here to the plaza? >> celebrating my 60th birthday here today. >>ppy birthday. would not have guessed it. you're here with your family? >> my children brooke and spencer. >>ere are you in from? >> long beach island, new jersey. >> where are you from? >> south of seattle. >> what brings you here? >> we're on vacatiore but w also headed to a wedding upstate next weekend. >> who's with you? >> my mom diane. >> thank you for coming to our anniversary party. >> i can't believe i'm here. >> we have gifts for you.s here'ome "today" backstage
8:33 am
passes. i want you guys to come from behind that thing and goe. insid make sure you have these passes, give them to security or it will get ugly. we'll see you inside. >>ilr it w get ugly? >> it will get ugly. >> we gotheucky with t weather this morning. sometimes it can be downright torrential. wh that's at is so amazing, when the weather gets horrible, people are still out here. let's start with the first dayo summer, friday. rain in the morning in the northeast. heat advisorie through texas. nshine out west. we move into saturday. breezy inew england, unusually cool weather through the rockies, sunday, sunday, southern heat continues. look for stormy conditions in the midmississippi and the ohio valley, and the rest of the third of the country looking good. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell. it's a storm team 4 weather
8:34 am
alert day today. there's a risk of severe weather along the i-95 corridor thaf ternoon into this eve pg. right now, no rain along the metro area. there are showers in the west virginiamountains. on our future weather, between 5:00 and 8:00 this evening, the likelihood for strong, potentially severe weather this afternoon. the good news is it turns more humid and more comfortable tomorrow. >> thank you. >> we're going down memory lane. look at our cameraman jimmy over here. he's wearing a vintage 1994 rain coat with the old "today" show logo. >> very cool. >> i know. >> he's our vintage cameraman. >> just ahead, the biggest moments shared here on the plaza over the past 25 years from proposals to pregnancy nouncements. huge stars, touching reunions. when we go big, we go to the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc. a. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ and welcome back. when "today" first moved to studio 1a 25 years ago, our window studio looking out at rockefeller plaza brought something new, outdoor space. >> a place to try out new things from halloween costume parties andur summer concert seri big surprises along the way. it's a place where you, our viewer, could visit and be part of th show. wow, 25 years.ha it really been 25 years? the plaza was reopened and a was big deal, and bryant d katie were out there. >> good morning, and welcome to "today" on a monday morning. >> welcome to studio 1a. >> what i remember most about the window is it was so definitive to the "today" show. >> it felt like this return to the past, in a way. >> they were in a big glassed in kind of fishbowl.
8:38 am
we could look out the window and see the p.ple looking in at us >> i remember back then thinking, that looks like a lot of fun. >> all of sudden, everybody br and their other wanted to be seen on tv. >> my people. >> the crowd is really a cast member. they come out in all kinds of weather. >> we're singing in the rain. >> it's 18 degrees out. >>co it's d, rainy. >> snow. >> sleeting. >> and they're ways so excited, like genuinely excited about seeing us. >> and we love it when people come. because it connects us to the people w are watching. >> can i borrow this? >> for those few moments when you come to the aza, we get to see you right back. >> things happen here.
8:39 am
sometimes planned. sometimes not plned. >> wow. >> how you doing? >> good. how are you doingod >> i feel go >> oh, my god. >> you happen to know somebody here. e's not just your friend, your sister. >> sorority sister. >> mrs. kinney was my fifth grade teacher. you're her son? yes, sir. >> please send my love. >> me saying hello to her that morning meant more than i would ever know, because just days before, she had been diagnosed inpar k apnpreciated until i became par of it. >> people come, and when they come, they want to canebrate. >> ce all say happy birthday to molly? >> happy 16th birthday. >> thank you. t >> i'm goingo be a mom! >> she's pregnant. ♪ you ought to see her
8:40 am
>> yeah. >> "today" show has done a good job throughout the years of just transforming it into so many magical places. >> we had a country fair out there. >> a beach, a chapel, a zo >> we had obstacle courses. nothing is too big, too difficult, tootoheavy, dangerous. we have done it all on the plaza. >> long live the plaza. >> probably the largest early morning costume party in the history of america. >> halloween is prom year. it's the biggest deal ever. >> it seems like every year we try to go bigger and bigger and bigger. when natalie and i dres up as vern and shirley and i was
8:41 am
holding on for dear life. >> i dressed up like my grandmother, that was risky. >> may the fourth be with you. name an artist, name a huge they to our plaza. star. >> rolmontage now. >> nobody likes country like the "today" >> people lid up for blocks and blocks and blocks. i remember thinking, is my job to attend a concert? this is incredible. >> any number of causes that motivate people to action for good happenson our plaza. >> we're deemingup with our friends at habitat for humanity. we're going to be building homes. > we can do really big event. >> we're surrounded by dozens an dozens o incredible survivors. >> we had michelleobama on the international day of the girl, and we celebrated young women. all our kids were out on the plaza.
8:42 am
there's something about being outdoors and having this space that enables us to really shoot r the stars. >> will you marry me? >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god, the surprises. >> you'reer going to the s bowl. >> so will you read the prompter. >> prom is just a few weeks ago, and mohammed would like you to go to the prom. >> wow. cently that had all of us iati she w really surprised. she broke into tears. when people come, they're coming and connecting with us right back. >> it's for you guys. >> that's what we really love about bt. >> we'ven lucky. eoe made some pple's dreams come true. o >> the thing that really has remained constant. it's the same window. people are still coming for the
8:43 am
samean reason d still having a good time. >> how fun is that? >> it brings back a lot memories. >> it really does. i love the whole spirit of the windowron the world fo us to say we love you right back. come see us. >> you have been around longer than us. what's your favorite memory of the plaza? >> well, when we went to color. >> you weren't there for that, al. >> i think the proposals. they're always special. life starting anew. >> yeah. we did a citizenship ceremony once on this plaza. there was not a dry eye. >> or adoption palooza. >> we have done really cool big things. >> olympics, they built a whole ramp and were skiing andng jumpi off it. they put the warped wall off there. >> they had that mudder course. i almost died. we'll not remember that. >> coming up next, we throw it back to 1994 with a special
8:44 am
edition of pop start, music, movie, and more from 25 years ago as ourr celebion continues on nbc. what really sets duke's apart is that little bit of extra tang. it's the iest. i mean the flavorfantastic. it makes your food taste so much better. it's clearly the best mayonnaise in the world. right? who thought ycould ? in the cake, instead of the butter i use duke's mayonnaise. it's nice and smooth, and you don't have to woy about any sugars. delicious. it's crazy moist. is there anything that duke's can't fix? don't look like it. (laughs)do i t think there is.
8:45 am
8:46 am
oh, yeah. they're playing our song. that was then and this is now. but it looks pretty close to what it was in 1994. >> desk is a little bigger. >> i wto say, there's a gow more oasf >>g it's been fun to throw it it?k this morning, hasn't >> while we're doing the throwback, how about a throwback pop start. 1994. >> where were you in 1994?'s letake a trip back in ourtime m. ieltarttaing mov '94, as i mentioned earlier, was a monster year for the film industry. now, of course, these are classics. talking about what i think is the greatest movie of all time, shawshank redemption. speed, pulp fiction. they were all reased that year. which ones were most at the box office.
8:47 am
at number three, we've got true lies. remember that movie? >> i loved that. >> arnold schwarzenegger, jamie lee curtis. it made $146 million in profits at the box the second highest grossing film, still in t1994, lion king also came out that year. animated film made more than $312 million domestically. any guesses as to what was the highest grossing film of '94? >> forrest gump. >> it came out in 1994. $329 million in just u.s.m and tonks won the oscar that year for best actor. >> let's go to tv. small screen.t beforeaming was a thing, there was tv. you watch television on your actual tv box. >> and your vcr. >> here are the most popular tv shows that aired on cable networks, cing in at number three, it was home improvement. tim allen playing tim the toolman taylor. did it f eight seasons. the show ended in 1999 with seven mmys underits tool belt.
8:48 am
coming in ato, number tw we'll take the prize for bronze and silververather, sil and gold, rather, e.r., ran for 15 seasons. a lot of actors got their big breaks. particular geoe clooney. what was the biggest show, 1994? >> seinfeld. >> i would have known if i didn't read it on the teleprompter. >> nine seasons, made jerry seinfeld a household name and a few buc there's movies, there's tv. 1994 brought us a l of new music. the spice girls and foo fighters debuted that year. what were the mostpolabipurboar 100 singles, 1994. here's number three. ♪ and i'll hold you tight baby all through the night ♪ >> 'll make love toyou, featured on their album. >> we're back atlthe high schoo dance. >> we went back to seventh grade. >> what's happening over there? >> we're doing the hug dance you
8:49 am
did. remember? >> i rememberth. >> lav rm for t holy ghost. >> is that what it was? >> that's what they say in catholic school. >> amazing. number two, songs, 1994. ♪ and i swear by the moon and the stars ♪ >> there they go. i swear. that's all for one. classic. can't believe it's been 25 years. that won a grammy, by the way, best pop by a group. mowever, that song, theance sone that holds number one, biggest song of 1994, didn't win grammys, but here's the song. ♪ i saw the sign i opened up my eyes ♪ >> ace of base, the song was at the top of the boards. the group from sweden did not win any awards from the single but it's fun to look back. fifth alum when it came out on ace of base's album is nine times certified platinum. one of the butgest deb albums
8:50 am
of all time. >> that's so fun. all right, you have a click, a '90s click? >> we do. we have to get back for the special throwback thursday daily click worthy of our 25th anniversary. bacin 1994, before twitter, before insta, before email, all of that, our anchors, katie couric, bryant gumbel, and elizabeth gavargas had a questi, what's the inteet? the a and then a ring around it. that's what i said. katie said she thought it was about. but i ner heard it said. i had only seen the mark. >> @nbc. what is intnet anyway? what do you write it, like mail? >> a lot of people use it and communicate. i guess they can communicate with nbcte wri and producers. allison, can you explain what internet is? >> there's allison.m >> ti have changed. >> allison was our google. >> she was. >> we had a moment like that earlier this week.
8:51 am
>> we were talking about cryptocurrency. we don't get it. >> what are we t sayingat in 2044, or whatever is the next one? > what is bitcoin. what is libra? >> that was great. >> that was in a super bowl commercial, that moment. >> for bmw. >> up next, a taste of studio 1a's first quarter century with celebrity chefs, stars, even royals we have cooked with through the years. but first, this is "today" on nbc. co are comcast businessto your cur. r current service provide does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcness gives you more. switch now and get fast, reliable internet for a new low price of $39.95 a month. plus, get free installation. better, faster? i mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-1-6000. mc cot business. beyond fast.
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dluckily her dorm iss heabout 10 minutes. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's abdht 10 minutes from a wyn. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndhamk.s closer than you th visit
8:53 am
never a never a celebration around here, of course, without some cake. not only are celebrating 25 years of studio 1a, but also 25 years of "today" food. >> we didn't always have our gourmet kitchen we have upstairs. our cooking segments used to be simpler. e team would roll out a tabletop ando from there. don't believe me? check it out for 25 years, studio 1 pa has
8:54 am
been serving it up. and dishing it out. >> good. >> from hollywood stars to chef celebrities. >> this is really about how you can make this stuff at home. >> almost not worth eating anymore. >> even af future member o the royal family. today's kitchen has been a place to share thousands of recipes. is emeril, this is wonderful. it really >> this is the shizzle. >> a-plus. >> and tastes many dishes -- >> whoa. >> i'm done. >> fantastic. >> i finished. >> back then, our cooking re segmentdone on a tabletop, but thanks to a studin upgrade i 2007, a top notch kitchen was unveiled. >> what we're going to lldo, fi this all in and it's going to be a dedicated kitchen studio set. at's sweet. >> come >> giada de laurentiis. >> i can bake a lot of cookies in here.
8:55 am
>> today's kitchen is all for cooking chefs. >> yes, yes. >> whoa. >> welcomes family. >> great job. >>thanks. >> sweetie pie. hank you. >> should i put this in here? >> sorry y had no idea. >> and the occasional unexpected guest. >> someone would really enjoy thi fwlatenning that chicken fly. >> year after year, dish after dish, we break food around the table, proving food brings us closer together. oh, and the magicians behind all tt food magic are here. ashle tina, our incredible food stylists. >> give it up. >> katie, they made us an anniversary cake here. it's eight feet tall. >> that's lincredib >> wow. >> you should smell that cake. >> are there secrets? >> there are quite a few secrets. >> can you tell us? >> most of it is fake. >> that's aod secret. >> we owe you a huge thanks.
8:56 am
people never see you guys. you're here early, making all the food we have. >> the greatest compliment every chef who comes in talks about how great you are. >> who are some chefs you have worked with over the years you're most excitedabout. >> michael simon is always so great when he's in here. we have curtis stone upstairs right now. >> the pesto was the highlight. >> and the crew that have been here for 25 years. >> there they are. >> or more. >> it says this is a wonderful place to work. >> we'll be on again tomorrow. see you. this is a news 4 today news break. >> good morning, everybody. 8:56 on this thursday. june 20th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start with a look at the roads. melissa mollet ishere with your first 4 traffic. >> outer loop at 66, they have everything temporari stopped here. firefighters spraying off tro ad after a fatal crash with a rollover last night, and a fire.
8:57 am
outer loop after branch avenue, disabled vehicle. out r loopp to east 4 crash onight side of t crash. 65, 95 don't look bad at all. >> thank you. we will get a check on your forecast en we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hot and hmid today ahead of a chance for severe weather later on in the day. our future weather indicates oul highest elihood for severe weather between 4:00 and 9:00. stay weather alert with nbc washington tood. et t hea break from heat andan hu latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. another update on news 4 midday at 11:00 a.m.
9:00 am
♪ >>live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone. good thursday, welcome to the third hour of "today," craig with al and chanel. >> cheers. >> we have the champagne. >> exactly, champagne just for you, carson. >> we're going to talk about that in a moment. this is a big moment for us, big day for us. we have been celebrating all morning, our home here, studio 1a, turns 25 today, silver anniversary. let's toast carson and ourselves. >> there you go. >> before this started everybody had an enclosed studio. we opened this up and everybody and their brother then decided they neede


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