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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i didn't know what it was. i just felt blood coming from my head. a lot of news this friday night. the council is looking to strip its longest serving member of some of its power. >> all of this coming just a day afrer evans gned from metro's board of directors over ethics violations. he joins us live. mark? >> reporter: goevening. this has been a long and tough week for jack eva. details of that coming out earlier this week. calls for him to stem down. what the fbi is telling us is that what happenedor this mng was a court authorized police action. 's all part of a federal investigation.
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itedll star before 6:00 this morning federal ageat the home of long-time d.c. council member jack evans. police closed off the entire lock for hours as the fbi agents searched evans' home. >> it's not a normal friday morning in the neighborhood, but i think it's necessary. >> it's sad. wat's all. >> evansaited outside as agents brought out what appeared to be evidence boxes. no one commented. hours after the raid at evans' home, phil mendelson announced the council would launch its own investigation and remove evidence. yesterday he announced he would resign as chairman aftern a
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investigation found evans had violated its cold of ethics. mayor muriel bowser has been a staunch supporter of evans. now she was asked if she still had full faith and confidence in her colleague. >> what i will say, mark, it's very disappointing and troubling. i'm upset about what i read because i do think it represents conflicts of interest for the council member, but i want the federal authorities to do theiro .: >> reporteren the fbi comes to your home, it rarely goes one. the last time they raided the home was 211 when they raided the home of thomas jr. aft toms h after that rai jr. was indicted. >> mark segraves. thank you, mark. we're tracking the latest
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tensions between the u.s. and iransi the peran gulf is one of the most volatile areas in the world. one false move could trigger an accidental shooting war there. president trump explains to chuck todd why he did it. >> first we go to jennifer johnson. she's got the latest on this escalating conflict. jennifer? >> apirnlly this all went down around 7:30 last night. the white house said the president had the pentagon's support but he decided almost at the very last minute not to do it. tense momen at the white houseur thday night as president trump almost launches an attack against iran for downing a u.s. drone. he sai we were cocked and ready to retaliate, but then in an interview with "meet the press," said, he realized 150 people could die. >> they shot down a drone,
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plane, whatever you want to call it and here we're sitting with 150 people th would have taken place a half hour after i said go ahead. i didn't like it. i didn't. >> iran fired back that it repeatedly sent warnings and didn't attack a spy plane with 35 people near the drone.i a warn of how close the two sides are coming to a conflict. >> we need a strong steady hand nd frankly we don't have that right now. >> i give him credit. they're pushing toward this confrontation. >> there would be collateral
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damage. i'm so glad the president didn't do that. >> reporter: several major world airlines have begun rerouting their flights. and the u.s. plans to brief the u.n. security council in a closed door meeting monday about e situation withiran. live in washington, jennifer johnson, leon, back to you. >> all right. very, very tricky swak. thank you. >> chuck todd is going to share oumore. it shld be very interesting. also deloping tonight immigration authorities may begin mass roundups of undocumented immiants who have been issued deportation orders. this could happen on sunday. i.c.e. could target as many as ,000 people starting this weekend. they reportedly plan to start in major major areas. the fiance and friends of
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wendy martinez are satisfied that the suspect admitted to her death. he stabbed her seven times while she was out for a jog. she ecaped to call for help but died at the hospital. karla flores says there were a lot of tears in the courtroom today and after it was all over, she spoke with wendy martinez's fiance. >> i hope at this time he uses the time to reflect on what he did, that he basically ruined his life. hopefully he can make peace with god. i'd really use this time to reflect on what he did. >> under the terms of his plea deal, he'll get 30 years in prison. a district resident says she can't feelafe inside her own home. gunfire broke out on benning road last nht. a bullet fliem.
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"news4" "news4's" -- >> this needs to stop. >> this motherou shld know. her home was struck three times, one through a gas pipe, one through the siding, and one through this window. this one hit her 21-year-old daughter. >> i felt bloo >> she say mom, i'm i'm hit. i couldn't stop calming down. >> i'm didn't know how bad she was you ju saw blood everywhere. >> reporter: neighbors say crime is becoming the rm. >> they say security patrols the
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parking lot. >> do you see em doing that? >> no, i do not. >> i was hopingrand ping i would get to see here th next day. >> reporter: she's very alucky. >> an inch, a centimeter difference, you might not be here. >> that's why i give praise to the almighty one. >> reporter: two tnsgender women were murdered and another was attacked. that woman called police to say a m hurled home focussing slurs at her and transgender women. two were killed within months of each other at the same neighborhood. people are starting to goal even
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right now to addess this violence. >> the community needs to understand at the bof itt ittall, we face it. >> a second vigil will be held tonight at dupont circle. members of the transgender ty communi often face moreos in the minority are especially aggressive. all were black walen. a totf 126 were killed in 2018. time for a check of the weather just in time for the weekend. >> it's great to see the sunshine too. amelia amelia, what can we expect for the plans?
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>> a beautiful evening. it's still toughut there. we're going to continue to see breezy conditions through about 7:00, 8:00 pmt.ce on we approach 9:00, the wind will is up size r nchsally pleasant out there for your friday evening with temperatures in the 70s through 11:00 and alling into the 60s for overnight lows. comfortable out there for ifin you're wonderg does that pin she's wearing have meaning it does. b the closer to 1850, the red clos to 2018. i have much more on this on my facebook and twitter pages. doreen and leon. >> thank you, amelia.
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>> reporter: f. for the first time we're hearing a chilling announcement. >> how he admitted to killing his girlfriend and hoe he broke. will it hurt his chances a he runs for the white house. >> plus, here are the polling positions. can one of these lesser known pre si
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well, another business week in politics. >> chuck todd with what the president was thinking through all of that. >> as if we could know. >> and rivals unleashed the sharpest attacks against biedsen. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." start with your exclusive interview with tresident today. he explained why he canceled the iran strike. let's play some of it and talk about it on the other side. >>e said, sir, we're ready to go, we'd like a decion. i said, i want a minute. before we go. how many people will be killed. he say, sir, i'd like to get back to you on that. he came back and said, sir, appromately 150. i said, you know what? they shot down an unmanned
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drone, plain, whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with 150 dead people that would havel taken pe probably within a half hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it. i didn't think it was -- i didn't think it was proportiona proportionate. >> you know, it's interesting. look. you heard what he said. i was fascinated by the confidence he had in his decision, th in his demeanor, when we talked on the record, you'll see further off the record. he's soomfortable with the decision. none of us k willnow for sure. there were two iings he said the interview that you'll see more portions of itly obvious on sunday. i asked him, whatyo do think the motivation was of the iranians. he said, they want to talk. i said -- and he clearly -- he wants to send a message to the atollah. he does through the interview.
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all right, send a message. he made this very dramatic decision to say i didn't want to ee iranians die. he does want one-on-one talks. he thinks he can get the same thing as he didi w kim jong-un. kim jong-un calls ought the shots. with iran, it doesn't work like that.ey the more hawkish on dealing with iran than clearly he. >> do you read anything on that? >> i read into it a who he is. i think, look, if there's -- there's a con up of in. one is on trade and the other is his believe. nd how he learned politics over the last 20 years that middle eastern conflicts are bad
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politics.oc he's laser fused on the 2020 campaign. i do think he thinks anything of ack-and-forth whatever you want to call its good for him. he believes he was elected. that he has brought thepu reblican party or he's returned it to what it was before, which means a tariffs -- that was the republican politics. >> let's talk about joe biden, once again making news. roll eresting, the eye going in, leon. >> everyone knew he was going to play some kind of a gaffe. that's what happened this wean. hoe wu able to workith a
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couple of avowed white blow acists and he got back from it. >> the timing is interesting. it also came the day the president was asked a question. young afric-american men admitted guilt to something they didn't commit. my points that's what's inresting. i think it tells you one thing. democratic party had a zero tolerance. they know there's nothing to be gained with going after trump perhaps, but what i found fascinating is how older african-american politicians,
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those who were beigely his piers were much more forgiving.o you have n idea what that era s about. it's younger african-american leaders who are going, what are you doing? can't you bring ubob dole. whthis fell bigger for biden is not due to the race issue but due to fact that you're in noon era. >> we're just at the beginning. >> i will say this. they picked a good week to start this up. maybe we can have presidenting a depate. >> they did it just for you. >> that's wonderful. >> are they going to be wearing name tagsing chuck? >> that's interesting.
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tony asked what if someone calls in sick. >> what do the others thin>> they're going to be less attacking on each ore, more hitting electric chblt they're going to be. this may be the only time. steve bullock didn't make it this time but will next meti mai they name it. that's the wild cart steve pollard will.
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we go deep from iraq. the muller report. migration. child separation. impeach meant. it's a number of topics. it's donald trump being donald trump. whether you love him or hate him r rnl. only time he sat down and talked with never before krr. >> you're saving them up. >>ee kilometer you can see "meet the press" right here on nbc 4? amelia draper is going to oin us with how things luge xp the
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firsive plans. . > also ahead, viagra has been around for years but women may investigate their own verngs. >> our erin gill correct will be >> our erin gill correct will be will be.
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. i'm thinking should we salute her with that. 's>> it #metsunite. #showyourstripes. >> she just explained it. >> i've gotten some calls. meteorologists aroundthe world today are wearing something that might look like this whether it's aeck tie or his pin is showing, the annual global temperature since 1850 to 2018. this is going to be 2018. this is going to be1850 you can see the clear warming trep. it started last year,
6:26 pm
meteorologists are doing it this year. there's no debate. climate exchange is what you expect when you hecht updoo. we're completely dry out there tonight as we take look at the radar, the bigger picture. look at thi impressive disturbance out in the method. this is going to diminish overnight. but it may sended cloud. areas here, rain. for most of us, eat is complet y dry out there. 8 degrees. winds, still cain of breezy. northwest at 20, 21 miles an hour. what a beautiful evening. theolleneport not that great. check it out. grasses red mold spores a coming in high. weeds mtt rat. we'll see the weather come down. tomorrow, 64 degrees. beautiful sunshine around for
6:27 pm
the afternoon and evening hours with a high of 83. on sunday, we start off at 63. it reese comfortable. we're going to keep it dry. i ooh going to have the ten-day forecast coming up right around 6:45. monday we hit a high temperature of 92 degrees. not only that, it starts to feel humid out there, and about a 41% chance of late day showers. something we'll keep an eye on. on tuesday there's a 30% chance of thunderstorms later in the day with a temperature of 91. >> we've got lotsyl of dht hours. >> longest day so far this ar. >> right. with a weekend forecast like that, it looks like the perfect weekend to tee off.
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how. . there's something for everyone even ifop you're nom a fwehr. . last week he pleaded guiltyi to king the teenage girl he claimed to have once loved. tonight
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it was a disturbing crime. a 16-year-old girl firsi mis and then found dead. last week her former boyfriend also a teenager pleaded glty to murdering here. >> torn for the first time we're get ing lookat a videotape and a critical piece of evidence. julie carey has a story you'll see only on "news4." >> is that the choke hold you used? >> reporter: a chilling
6:32 pm
confession fom a teenaged killer, chilling in its detail and chilling because nebu facts.m it is closed the this shows the 16-year-old stepping out the door on the last nate of herlife. when her body was found two weeks ler, ebrahim became the chief suspect because he already faced charges for a previous assault on moussa. in a five-ho police interview, he calmly describes in great detail the night he ended s moussife when the two ended up in a county park. he said he ended up choking her in a blind rage. as detectives pressed for details, ibrahim shows how he described an mma-style choke mld around ssa's neck. he told him how he could stop the attack, but he didn't.
6:33 pm
once moussa lost consciousness and ebrahim realized she was dead, he carried her body into the woods and covers it with r leaves, never calling fohelp. the victim's mother now looking for justice when ebrahim is sentenced? and i want him to be convicted to the fullest extend of the law and the maximum time. he nee to learn his lesson. i don't want any young woman to ll to the same fate my daughter did. >> reporter: he could face up to life in prison. in fairfax county, julie carey, bc police say an attack happened wednesday, june 12th in reston. the victim told police she had bee talking to the man in the harris teeter atsp thetrum center and when she started to walk home, he attacked her from behind, beat her, and raped her.
6:34 pm
the police have put out this sketch. police believe he is in his 50s or 60s with wavy gray hair. president trump told nbc 4's chuck todd he abruptly canceled the attack because knew150 would be killed. tehran claims the drone was in iranian airspace. u.s. military officials insist the drone wasoff the coast of iran innternational airspace. the growing tangs have american iranians here on edge. >> reporter: day thousands marched from the state to the white house saying they want change in their home country, but they don't want a war.or >> repr: iranian americans from across the united states rallying in front of the us state department. they wan free iran, a
6:35 pm
nonnuclear iran, and they want regime change. >> my brother was arrested at 17 fresh out ofigh school. kept in prison for 6 1/2 years and executed at the same time of the 1988 massacre of prisoners in iran. >> reporter: a small group of demonstrators from code pink showed up. they were quickly surrounded and shot down. >> we are here toncourage the u.s. government to seek peace with iran, dialogue with iran, aift the sanctions. they there stavg iranian people. >> reporter: they marched from the state department to the white house. many of these inian americans say that the united nations has appeased the iranian government for decades and some say they like the fact that the united
6:36 pm
states appears to be standing up to iran now. >> do you want the united state togo to war with iran? >> that's an absolute no. that's why we are here torque make sure there is no war. >> reporter: i'm to this rally in manner was seen in iran because of live coverage overin thernet. reporting from the white house. chris gordon, "news4." >> reporter:t's a medication that men have benefitted from for decades. just ahead, how women could get their own version of viagra. >> reporter: we are at top golf. i'm tracee wilkins. if you have notlayed this game, you're going to want to. he grand opening was today at national harbor. >> that was straight at the pin. awesome swing as we take a look at your temperature trend. the average high, 86. so enjoytomorrow,sunday, because after that, the heat is
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a5wz z16fz y3a5wy y16fy . a former metro transit police officer convicted of
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helping isis will still serve 15 years in prison despite somear chs tossed out. he was charged with obstruction and providing materiel support ta terroristgroup. instead the appeals court dropped two of the convictions. today the judge reimposed the 15-year term saying his conduct remains troubling. fairfax county schoo are changing the age in which they warn students about texting. sixth graders will now be taught the dangers. ninth graders will learn how pornography impacts healthy threlationships. instruction will touch on the emotional impact and the legal relationship of sharing among fiends and classmates. it's similar to viagra, but now there's a new drug to help womenho need a pharmaceutical
6:41 pm
boost to the bedroom. it's an injectable drug and can be used to treat female high powe sexual disorder. it aferkted one third of the women in the u.s. >> it's gong be a busy weekend.w 'sll give you a taste and why for some it going to be downright dirty. >> go back to the barbecue. speaking of the weekend, we have to look at the weather with
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your ews4" is working for weekend. >> it ooh going to be a busy one for the dmv. four things you need to know. first the grub. pennsylvania avenue is going to be transformedinto the giant barbecue battle. if you're a speculator, there
6:45 pm
will be plenty barbecue. >> conditional you smell thee scenalready? in montgomery county, you can get down and dirty. enjoy an afternoon of mud sling and mud pie making ate woodstock equestrian park. that kind of looks like fun. it costs $15 for a whole bunch of people. >> that would be great for a ca christmas too. for those of you who like to eat, check out the foodie festival. bites of food are going to be available for runners and walkers along the way, so you can balancehe calories burned and the calories earned. this is theirst weekend you can tee off at a local t entertainmen venue. >> this new attraction has bells and whistles the whol family can enjoy. >> our prince george's county tracee wilkins got in some
6:46 pm
swings. it till you see this. >> reporter: i love golf, and playing at top golf is like driving golf balls in a lounge as someone brings you food and drinks all as complete strangers cheer for you. >> half the people that walk into a top golf venue do not pick up a golf club, do not play golf. they like the social aspect. >> you can bring your own clubs like me or use letheirs, but ave your balls. theirs are high tech. top golf began in the uk and opening its first location 14 ago.s this is their 55th location. >> we hired over 500 associates, which is incredible to bring to the county, to the d.c. airy. >> there are all kinds of games you can play while driving a
6:47 pm
ball. most of the gets we met were first-timers like eddie, who's celebring his 12thrt ay here. that makes you like a pro, you know. >> i guess. >> it's a l cooler. >> it's proof thatcompanies see this county as a place to invest. >> it's been like a newason for prince george's county. it's finally here and it's a great time to be a part of that. >> if you've never golfed e before, mayb feeling intimidated to hang out, that i have a golf pro who can actually give you lessons here at top golf. for more information go to n and sear top golf. tracee wilkins, nbc w4. >>ho knew.
6:48 pm
you're a golfer. >> i'm going to invite myself over to tracee. she plays golf and made this amazing shrimp pasta in her instapot. looks good. whatever plans you have outdoor, we have a barbecue fest goingo the weather is cooperating. happy sum eric by the way. the longest day of the year. it only gets shorter from here. ,hate to say it winter is coming even though "game of thrones" is over. kind of. theyre wet wrong. we can enjoy this nice long day while we have it. it's going to stick around. we're looking at a really nice weekend. the potential for golf out there is dying right now out in the midwest, but we could get some cloudiness till about 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. e heat wave is shaping up next week, and if it pans out the way it's looking out right now, it
6:49 pm
will be the hottest stretch of weather so far this year. speaking of summer, sunrise was at 5:43. sunset at 8:37. putting our daylight at 14 hours an minutes. here's the good news. we're going to have this until aust 17. we have pretty much all summer to enjoy the later sun sets. 70 to low 0s. manassas, 89. starting off tomorrow, 64. maybe cloudiness sunshine thhout the day. 4:00 p.m. rng not too hot. we're at 3 degrees. the humidity levels still in check on your sunday. a high of 86, which is average for this time of. year the humidity is still not an issue out there on sunday. so a great weekend to head to the pool, either tom or sunday. if you're getting out in your garden, maybe cutting the grass, i would pick tomorrow because
6:50 pm
sunday's going to feel warmer out there. either day, the weather will be just fine. of course, wehe have t national barbecue battle taking place. warr out there. that's kind of splitting hairs. we don't get this weather this time of your in june. check out your humidityle ls. a lot of smile ts toward the weekend. not just because it's monday, but because it's starting toefield a little bit humi looks of shock on those emojis because of the heat. >> those aren't bowling balls. >> no. monday, tuesday, when, thursday, mid-90s next thursday and friday. maybe late-day thunderstorms on onday and tuesday. this weekend, it's shaping up to e a perfect 10, door rohn and leon. >> we'd better enjoy it while can. >> we're going to wear that face the whole next week. comin up, the wizards'
6:51 pm
first round pick. we're going to hear from
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no letdown. oh to be 21 and a millionaire again. this is exciting stuf. rui hachimura hit town this oo afternn. the head coach scott broo joked if it esn't work out, he could be a model. that's always been my motto. it will work out because of his model approach. he became the first to get drafted through hard work. t wizards have been told to
6:55 pm
watch out for hatchimura for overdoing it. he playedal baseb it wasn't his idea to ay basketball but a friend wouldn't op bugging him. >> he said, let's pay basketball. come out one time. i said, okay. i thought one time if i go out he'll give up. i go, i'm coming. i met the coach in junior high. he pointed at me and he said, go you're ing to the nba. i was like, i have no idea. i didn'teven know what nba was. i was like, you know, i was stupid and i believed him. i went home, and i talked to m mom, and i was like what if i switch to tbbaskeall. my mom said, yeah, i think that's true, and so i started playing basketball. >> give kreds it to mom. if mom says it's cool, it's
6:56 pm
cool. >> reporter: bruno fernando was rafted second round by the sixers but will play in atlanta. fernando becomes the first native native. de'andre hunter. hawks traded him to guillaume. >tehe xted me. he said yeah. i said, what are you talking about. he said i was picked at 4. i was pretty happy about that.n i ca explain iright now. i'm just really happy. a lot of nerves and excitement going into tonight. i'm pretty happy i g picked pretty early? maybe every ioek for the ls. but ther nationalsgoing forward. three wins in 36 hours including
6:57 pm
max scherzer's. they added to the national surmg in the standings. first place in town after nationals jumped from fourth to third. three ofthem, include another one from anthony rendon and defense. something the nats fans have been waiting for all. season they're going to keep the ticke and they're back in playoff contention. martinez rewarded for his patience. >> for me, nothing's changed, you know. i've always said the process is fearless. we stick to the process. they come, we prepare every day, ond yu hope at the end of the day, you cme out with a victory. now it's happening. that part of it does feel good, but we've got to prepare for the next day, which is today.
6:58 pm
>> yogi berra was right. 90% is mental it. should be a game-tying double in the tenth inning. anderson feliz thought the game was over,nd watch this. he just tosses the ball into the crowd. the batter would come all the way around to score. that's a tough one.di he 't realize. the game's not over. it's still going on. see? 90% of the gameis mental. the other half is physical. the capitals announced ame ho opener. nhl draft also kic off tomorrow. caps take 25th. we'll have that at 11:00 and so much more. >> i'm telling that was a masterpiece with the broken nose and the blck eye? awesome. now they've got it going snow they're on a roll. >> thank you, dave. >> thanks foroining us. "nightly news" starting in 60 seconds. >> we hope to see you for "news4" at 11:00.
6:59 pm
>> go nats.
7:00 pm
. breaking news tonight, an nbc news akx bg news cl tonight, nbc news exclusive, president otrump deciding t stop an imminent strike on iran. >> i said how many people are going to be killed. >> the tense late playing ama inside the white house. the president said the cocked ry was and aded, why he called off the mission with minutes to spare. his message to iran. >> i'm not looking for war. and if it is, it'll be obliteration like seen e nev before. >> a prominent writer and advice columnist accuses donald trump of assaulting her in a department store dressing room in shocking detail. what she says happen as the president


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