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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, turning top the pressure ght, turning up the pressure on iran. saresident trump levels new nctions against iran's supreme leader and several top officials days after calling off air stris in retaliation for iran shooting down a u.s. drone. iran now threatening to do it again as tensions escalate. hundreds of migrant children removed from a border detention center after appalling conditions were revealed inside. e children unabl bathe, not getting enough to eat, exposed to illness. and tonight what nancy pelosi warned the ayresident about before he del mass deportatioraids. the mystery in thesk diving crash in hawaii that killed all 11 on board, family members of the victims eaking out. >> he was passionate
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about his family. and he -- he was just full of life. >> tonight new questions, should that plane have been in the air after a previous close call. new details on the desperate search for a missing college studen police say she took a late night lyft to a park at 3:00 a.m. more than a week ago. n and hasn't ben since. and the heart stopping moment at the ball park, yet another fan struck by a foul ball during a game. major league baseball facing new calls to make stadiums safer. i>> announcer: this "nbc nightly news" with loath reporting tonight from miami. good evening everyone. we're here in miami getting ready for the democratic presidential debates on wednesday and thursday. thbrewing crisis with iran on t candidate's radar as president trump turned up the heat on iran. the president imposed more econoc
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sanctions, this time targetin iran's most powerful figure as secretary of state pompeo travelled to the region hoping to niform a uted military front against iranian provocations. our chief foreign correspondent richard ge enhas the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. dropped another hammer on iran today, more sanctions, this time targeting the very top, iran's supreme leader, ayatollah ali khamenei. >> the supreme leader of iran is one who is responsible for the thostile conduct regime. >> reporter: while the supreme leader hasn't set foot outside of iran for three decades and may not be personally affected, the sanctions are a oad stroke, targeting any one or any institution believed to do business with the ayatollah or his inner circle. the sanctions were in part due to iran shooting down an american drone, last week the president decidingot to launch
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military strikes in response. >> a lot of restraint has been shown by us and that doesn't mean ho we're going toit in the future. i >> reporter:ran is floundering under u.s. sanctions and has been lashing out. in addition to shooting down tha u.s. drone, it's accused the u.s. of attacking six tankers in the persian gulf. secretary of state tpompeo travelledre today to convince gulf leaders to create and pay for a military alliance to patrol the waterway to catch iran if it tries to disrupt shipping. ran reporter: responded to the latest moves with a new threat saying it's capable of shooting e,own another american dron an action which this time could easilyle to military confrontation. lester. >> all right. richard engel tonight, thank you. this evening hundreds of migrant be children have en relocated after they o were found t living in squall conditions. new details about president trump's
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decision to delay depoation raids. here's hallie jackson. >> reporter: tonight a new more for nearly dr300 migrant chilen detained in filthy, it crowded condions. they've now been transferred to a tent camp afterna a natio outcry when lawyers visited. >> there is no access to soap. there's no access to tooth brs. there's also a lice infestation. and these are the most appalling conditions ive een in my 12 years of representing children and families who are detained. >> reporter: that facility in texas is one of many packed past capacity. as the government tries to findo ways t accommodate 144,000 in may, the highest monthly total now the countdown is on. president trump, an abrupt about-face announced he's holding off for two weeks on
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deportation raids planned over the weekend. he's hoping to pressure democrats to cut a deal to changeyl laws. unlikely, but a goal of the president as he tries to crackdown on illegal immigration, the reversal of the raids prompted by a one on one call with e use speaker. >> when i spoke tohe president, i said look, i'm a mom. children are scared. you're scaring the children of america, not just in those families, but their neighbors in their communities. you're scaring the children. >> reporter: congress is also considering approving $4.5 billion cy money, mostly for food and medical supplies for unaccompanied children at the border. >> whyet the political debate hurt these children? they could be impacted for years. >> if the democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes which they drefuse to because they think it's good politics, everything would be solved immediately. but they refuse to do it. >> hallie joins us now. it doesn't look like those sweeping changes the president wants are going to happen within two weeks, so are we going to end up back in this same
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place? >> reporter: it's absolutely possible, lester. keep in mind that even though the president says changing the asylum law would solve everything, it doesn't take that act of congress to make sure detained children have example.shes, for as for the aid package, the house can vote as early as tomorrow to advance it. lester. >> hallie, thank you. when democrats take the debate stage here in miami this week, a lot of eyes will be on pete buttigieg, the south bend, indiana mayor who has risen from obscurity to become a contender. but buttieg is facing feedback back home where emotions are running high after a police shooting. e >> reporter: pet buttigieg facing the first fire storm of his presidtial campaign facing racial tension boiling over in his hometown with many at a weekend town hall saying he is not doing enough. >> how are we suosed to trust you? >> reporter: it comes a week after a white south bend police officer shot and killed eric logan, a le black man aldly
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armed with a knife. the officer's body camera was not turned on. >> get the racist off the street. it's disrespectful i wake up every day scared. >> reporteuttigieg stepped away from the gn trail to focus on the fall out. >> if anyone who is on patrol is shown to be a racist, that is their last day on the street. >> buttigieg has been criticized for not diversifying the south bend police department and forcing out the city's first black police chief who had ordered the taping ofe alls of senior officers who the chief said made racist comments about him. over the weekend, tt buieg marching e residents >> did you just ask me if black lives matter? of course black lives matter. on >> reporter: tht the county prosecutor where that shooting occurred is calling for an independent investigation,
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something buttigieg says he supports, all of it his first major test with the democratic debates just days away. lester. >> all right. thank u. this evening investigators in hawaii are looking into the maintenance ory of a sky diving charter plane that crashed on friday killing all 11 on board. >> reporter: these are the flaming remains of a flight carrying 11 sky divers which crashed less than a minute after take off from hawaii's north shore. >> we are looking for photos from the last two years of this aircraft, specifically front views of theai rcraft or rear views of the aircraft. >> reporter: tonight we're learning more about the 11 people on board including bryan any ash weikel celebrating their one year anniversary. >> if you wanted a true image of true love, it was a picture of them. >> and josh drablos.
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>> reporter: as investigators comb through e debris a look at the plane's history shows another t alarming inc happening three years ago when the same aircrafttarted spinning out of control. >> those midair rolls captured on camera. the video, panic on board as the sky divers scramble to get out of the spiraling plane, part of the aircraft's tail coming apart and falling from the sky, the damage blamed on pilot error. the parachute center didn't respond to request for comment. the ntsb team will review all repair records in addition to other factors to determine whether the plane should have been allowed back in the air. and from a tragedy in the air to the rror on the road in new hampshire, the driver of a pick up truck in a crash that killed seven motorcyclists has been arrested tonht. here's steve patterson. >> reporter: tonight the 23-year-old truck ifriver involved in a horr new hampshire highway crash charged with seven counts of
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negligent homicid t re is a vehicle on fire. >> reporter: friday, police say his pick up truck fired into member of a jar heads motorcycle club kiing 7. >> it was awful. it was absolute chaos. >>eporter: he was charged just last month with operating under the influence of alcohol. he denies the allegations. police also say they locatewhat is believed to be heroin residue in the suspect's apartment, the crash, one of the worst in new hampshire history, shattering this community of veterans >> these are some of the greatest people i've come across in my life. >> reporter: a brotherhood bound by a love for the road riding throu catastrophic loss. steve patterson, nbc news. tonight chicago police have released te0 hours of video connecd to the jussie smollett investigation. the new footage includes officers approaching the actor in his apartment while a is still wearing noose after he claimed he was the victim o a hate crime.
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other video shows the arrests of the brothers who carried out thattack. police say the actor orchestrated the hoax to drum up publicity. charges were dropped. he continues to maintain he is the victim of te crime. there is a deepening mystery over an american med school grad believed to have been kidnapped in mexico only to turn up alive in the u.s. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: when jey pacheco arrived home safely in arkansas, police in mexico were stued to see him alive. >> i thought my life was overbut i'm home. >> reporter: the 29-year-old new doctor was feared dead after mexican police believed he was kidnapped by organized crime members in the state where 319 have gone missing in the first four months of this year. >> i can't recall anything. i mean, it was just complete black out. >> reporter: after a press conference in which pacheco said he didn remember what what happened while missing a week, today
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he tells nbc news his arms were tightly bound, both wrists showing deep gashes. after graduating from medical school, pacheco and his friend were attacked leaving this bar in gad hah guadalajara. authorities later found his friend dead. pacheco says he was hit in the back of the , head and blacked out his family remaining silent on what happened while he was gone. >> we were just xtcelebrating and ne thing you know, blacked out. and then i up showing back, you know, back home. i'm just glad i'm home. >> reporter: tonight jessy pacheco is safe, but what rlly happened to the young doctor remains a mystery. miguel almaguer, nbc news. tonight a major fire storm is pitting religious doctrine against lgbt rights, whether teachers in same s marriages should be allowed to teach in catholic schools. here's anne thompson. >> reporr: in indianapolis, two different responses to the archdiocese
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command that teachers in same sex marriages be fired. cathedral high school bowing to archbishop charles thompson, its leader writing keeping the teacher on would result in us ur forfeiting o catholic identity because of the teacher living in contradiction to cath marriage.g on last week the archbishop announced he would no longer recognize brebeuf prep as a catholic institution because the high school refused to fire a teacher in a same sex marriage. >> it's been a demand we felt was not in g with our values in the institution. reporter: the archdiocese considers ch catholic teas ministers of faith and all ministers must convey and be supportive of all teachings of the catholic church. though it would cost
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cathedral high the ability to celebrate people have signed a petition. they were standing firm. >> diversity and inclusivity are values we hold dear here. >> reporter: valued defined differently by different members of the church. this week marks 50 years since an infamous raid and revolt that sparked the modern gay rights povement in americ joerior looks back at the stonewall riot and the triumphs and tragedies nce. >> reporter: long before the stowall inn was a rainbow spangled scene o pride, it was a scene of uprising. >> it's extremely sentimental. >> reporte was a regular back at the time when gay bars were raided by police. >> just the mere act of going out having adr k was risky, wasn't it? >> this was extraordinarily risky. >> reporter: when alfficers raided stonewin 1969, the crowd fought back. >> there was rioting. there was significant rioting, and people were setting fires to all garbage cans.
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>> as you're sitting there just taking this all inwhat's going through your mind? >> i coun't believe it. i thought it was -- it did seem like a movie. >> repor the riots continued for several nights, and the movement lasted much ionger. >> andediately afterwards lgbt groups c were formed toombat discrimination and fight for liberation. >> reporter: ovethe years, the stonewall inn took on other identities including a bagel shop a chinese restaurant, but today it's once again a bar attracting tourists e.from across the gl >> i could feel like my adrenaline is feeling the importance of society. >> reporter: in 2016, stonewall became a national monument where peopleathered to celebrate milestones like the legalization of gay marriage and to mourn tragedies like the pulse night club shooting. >> this is a gay , hurch. i meanis is where pride began. >> you just say that one word, stonewall, and it has a lot of meaning to people. >> absolutely. it's bigger than a
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bar. it's bigger than a brand. bigger than anything else because it's the movement. >> reporter: this friday marks half a century since those riots began. >> on th anniversary, what is it you want people to remember? >> that nothing occurswi out a spark. >> reporter: 50 years later, the fire lit by stonewall's spark still burns. joe fryer, nbc news, new york. and just ahead tonight the college student who vanished, new questions tonight. did she meet someone at a park in the middle of the night? new pressure on major league baseball. -and we welcome back gary, who's alreadwon three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't h'se to buzz in. itot a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ]
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week, her phone turned shf. arrived at salt lake international airport last monday after attending her grandmother's funeral in california. at 2:01 she texted her mother she landed safely, 2:42 she booked a car service lyft to take her to a park north of town. >> she was met by an individual. she did not appear to be in any type of distress. >> police don't know the make and model of the car. kennedy stoner is one of her best friends. >> i do know she was casually dating around like a normal 23-year-old. but nothing was ever suspicious to me. >> reporter: police say they have no reason to doubt the lyft driver's account. in the statement lyft writes the safety of our community is fundamental to lyft and we are actively assisting law enforcement. for now it remains a missing person case. >> i just want her to be safe, and i want her to be okay. , > reporter: until thenother day goes
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because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. next tonight, major league baseball tfacing new calls improve safety after inanother frighteng ball park incident. here's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: the girl was hit in the head by a foul ball off the bat of the dodger's first baseman cody bellenen jer. minutes later she was taken to the hospital. >> they're close to the playing field. orter: just last month at houston a child was also hit by a foul ball, the batter visibly shaken. and a year ago, 79-year-old linda goldbloom died after being struck in the head at dodger stadium. her daughter told us she's outraged teams aren't doing more to
7:24 pm
protect fans. >> there's no excuse. it's not a costly investment. there's a solution to the problem and t there's reaswait any longer. >> reporter: in 2015 major league basall requested they extend dug out to dug out. texas rangers and washington nationals will move their r netting past the dug outs. last week the league's commissioner said the .decision is up to each team >> every ball park design is a little differen it is very difficult to come up with a one si fits all rule. >> the question now, will more teamfo ow? utierrez, nbc news. up next for us a nail biter today for team usa. we'll be back. the good news? our comfort lasts all day. the bad news? so does his energy. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect o ynot, life's better when're in it. be there with depend®.
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finally tonight, the beat goes on for the u.s. women's soccer team athe world cup. as blaine alexander reports, this one was a thriller. >> reporter: it penalty kick that sealed the deal. team usa headed to the world cup quarterfinals. with a 2-1 win over spain. but unlike the first matches, this was not smooth sailing. s both u.s. goalored on penalty kicks. after the first, it took less than three minutes. the reigning three-time world cup championeam usa favored to bring it home again. >> just the heart and grit and resolve. that's a big part of world cup soccer no game is easy in t thrnament. >> reporter: friday's game will not be easy, team usa takes on france, another iavorite on their home
7:29 pm
turfparis. lester. >> all right. thanks and continued good luck to the u.s. women, a lot of people cheering them on. ne that's "nightl" from miami. we hope you'll join us for the first democratic debate wednesday and thursday night. i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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three words i never ever thought possible. >> what did you say to her in those last moments? >> ihought i would be cured. >> i miss m.y friend >> the iconic angel gone a


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