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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea summer sale. oooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only june 26th to july 7th. ikea. right now to the breaking news, chopper 4 above a very serious crash shutting down all northbound lanes of the
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baltimore washington parkway tonight. its a real mess out there, folks. andn the last few minutes we have learned someonewas killed in this wreck. >> thts is rig where i-295 andee i-495 min prince george's county. we also sawva med helicopter at the scene just a while ago. we're hearing this might be related to a hit a run crash involving a police vehicle in northeast d.c. sh sho marie is live on the scene. >> i'm here at quarles street and kennal worth avenue. there is a damaged k-9 d.c. police suv. it has four flat tire this is where police believe that this entire ing started. let's rll some video. police say a maroon colored infinity hit the suv causing the
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flat tires in the 4,500 block of quarles street. that driver sped off. d.c. police were pursuing the suspect on i-295. however, officers called off that pursuit, andat th's when the suspect continued to drive northbound into maryland. he crashed into another vehicle around 9:15 tonight. prince george's county fire officials y one person died on the scene of the crash. another person was flown to a chopper center. chopper 4 was showing two vehicles splashed across the paway. he suspect is now in custody, and we're waiting to see if it was him or the victim who was transported to the hospital. worth mentions northbound i-295 is closed between river dale and i-495. there's a lot of unanswered questions. this news is developing as we speak, and we will bring you the latt new details here on news
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4 as they become available. live shah marry stone. >> it's n clear how longe back ups will last. we'll be watching them through the night. we'll have theat upd at first 4 traffic at 4:00 a.m. >> now to our storm team 4 forecast. if theemperatures today weren't proof enough, summer is here, folks. >> and with this heat could come a few storms as you head off to sleep. doug is here to fill us in. >> we're cracking storm team 4 radar right now. showers and thunderstorms off to the west. you will see these storms first. already seeing strong storms into our viewing area all the way back towards west virginia. showingam storm t 4 radar right now. this area was under tornado warning a little bit earlier. nothing around d.c. area right now. just back to the west from
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frostburg down towards petersburg towards charlottesville you ca see lightning and heavy rain associated with this. we will get in on this action in a couple hours. something else, extreme heat. we're talking a pretty expansive heat wave, and talk how long it lasts in about ten minutes. >> a hot week ahead. thanks. metro wants to make it lessr expensive foou to get home if you work the late shift. >> we all know metro doesn't run 24 hour so now it's helping you pay the bill for your ride share ride. >> how is this new program gotog work, dorothy? >> reporter: well, metro is gong to be providing these $3 subsidies. that doesn't sound like a lot of money, but we've been talki to people who work the late shift tonight in adams morgan and they tery me e little bit helps. daryl hayden, jr., works at the
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amsterd flafl shop. he commutes from prince george's county. because metro closes at midnight, before he gs off work, getting home can take a long time. >> i probably get home because i have to wait the s iset up, probably don't get home until 3:00 and i leave here at 12: i probably don't get home until 3:00or 3:15.po >> rerter: hayden says he likes the program. the after hours commuter services program will provide $3 subsidies to shared ride on lyft a.m.en midnight and 4:00 >> any help is better than thing. i'm going to use it. whatever they're offering to help out. >> reporter: the program is meant to benefit those in the ops talty and health care industries. workers can get the subsidies up to ten rides a week. pete bergen agrees the subsidies
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will help. he says some workers have to h leave tr jobs early to catch the train. >> a lot of people especially in the back of the house, it's not cost effective for trkm to wo late, so we have to send people home early sometimes. this will enable them to be able to stay later and get home at a reasonable price. >> reporter: this is a one-year pilot program with a million dollar budget. you do ha to register through metro's wed site. the program gets under way july 1st. bk to you. >> darcy, thank you. now to an investigation you will only see here on news 4. n accusations against the maker of a controversial guardrail that's being blamed for a number of deaths here in our region and all over the country. >> this particular guardrail and piece called the x light has been at the center of a news 4 consumer investigation f nearly two years. susan hogan has the new details. >> steve's daughter hannahie dd
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in 16 after hitting an light. product is the defective and he is on a mission to get the guardrails removed from our nation'sy his. so, we travelled to his home in tennessee earlier this year to give you a firsthand look side his ground zero where he says he's made some surprising discovies. >> this represents the max we can spend. >> reporter: it's a typical wednesday morning. melissa pulling double duty as mom and home schoolteacher for seven of her kids. >> here ducks. >> reporter:ea before lng for work, steve feeds the animals. nick chases the chickens and plays near the memorial garden >uilt for the sister he never met. you can be fine one minute and then you never know what's going to get you. >> reporter: hah was just 17 years old when she crashed into an x light guardrail and died.
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the tragic accident changed this family forever. >> it is something that is always there. i'm aware of it. but it doesn't always stab me in the heart. after a while we've been able to think of, youow kn, you remember hannah and it's not instantly the memory of how she wasilled but more of her life in general. >> reporter: me sssa andve say the grief never goes away. it just looks different over and they're working to make sure no other family has to experience it. for the past two years, steve's been researchin the x-lite guardrail. he's digging deeper after learning three other people had also died in tennessee when x-lite pierced their vehicles. the deadly accidents have happened in other states too. sarah wine berg was killed on i-66 in virginia and michael carter, jr. died in maryland. maryland, virgini and 14 other
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states are now in the process oa rng x-lite. back in tennessee steve sorts through the thousands of pages he's collected through public records request and online research. the tennessee department of transpoation says the x-lite functioned properly in hannah's crash,ing sm this father doesn't accept. he's bothered by emails he found showing the highway administration was air wah of concerns about the x lithe d before highter died. >> i have federal highway talking about extraordinary images. >> you're looking at those extraordinary images. we obtained them through the faedom of informon act. they show different crash scenes in missouri where x-lites were hit. >> i have the meetingice in may and june of 2016 in discussing these concerns. >> reporter: just a few months
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after these meetings, federal highways sent concerns. >> it says have trends check with missouri dot before they use thete x-li. they knew this was an issue. they knew this was an issue. >> reporter: steve says emails from state transportation officials also detailed concerns about the guardrail. >>ere's an email from the georgia d.o.t. they said we have issues with performance. >> reporter: in this email, the rhode island d.o.t. describes, quote, quality concerns, and this one from arizona mentions constructbility challenges. but steve says the most he's made iscover isn't in all of these papers on his kitchen table. it's out here on the road. >> they he increased it by about 50%. >> reporter: he believes the x-lite guardrails that line our thghways today are not same products that passed crash test
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during development. >> what we have is the head is thicker. this part here is not as wide. these are longer and more narrow. this bolt has been three erowid st sizes. o, reporr:te dif ferences?s he simply compared his measurements to specificaons provided by the manufacturer in this crash test report. he says he found dozens of changes. >> they were having performancee iss, and i believe they just -- and installation issues and multiple issues all the way down. we basically have changes virtually every part on this system. >> reporter: kind of on the fly. >> on t fly. we were just let's try this, let's try that, let's try this, maybe we can make it a little better. >> reporter: we asked the maker changes lite about the and whether they have run new crash tests. they didn't answer our questions and declined on-camera interview citing receive's wrongful death lawsuit. bu d they send a statement says the federal highway administration has examined and
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reexamined the x-lite and inservicece performnd has gathered input from state departments across the country performed ite has consistently with other end terminals on u.s. roads and highwayshw but the hig administration acknowledges it has limited information about how specific types of guardrails perform in crashes. just a few years ago, most weren't even collecting it. thonly hard numbers federal highways has to go on is from a pilot program it launched in 2015 which looked at about 500 crashes involving several different type of guardrails. back at home, steve tells us he will continue to fight until every state removes the x-lites on the road. >> my goal is a national change.
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i don'have to fix all the world's problems, but for some reason i've been -- i feel like this is my responslity to see it through. >> reporter: melissa says she'll continue to support her husband's mission, and she thinks their daughter hannah would be so proud. >> i would like to think that she's pleased and very proud of her dad. >> reporter: steve's going to keep pushing states toremove these guardrails because the decision isly ultimate theirs. as far as changes to the x-litea thefacturer was allowed to maketi modificaons prior to 2015. but again, since the company is not commenting on the changes that steve has found,e w don't know exactly wheney thwere made or why. back to you. >> susan hogan. >> a father is not going to let up. that's for sure. what a fight. when we come ck, new footage released from the jussie smollett investigation.
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>> police say it was staged attack. a closer look at the evidence. pl whyousands of you will be able to stay out later on the fourth of july without
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new tonight, hundreds of hours of new video from theju ssie smollett case were released today. chicago police are sharing the videos and more records about the actor's alleged attack that dremassive amounts of scrutiny. >> news 4 leon harris joins us and it is anwful lot to sift through here. >> that's right. we're all making our way through all of that footage. it all started in january when
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the "empire" actor reported the two men attacked him. nowwe are seeing the two brothers who claim they wereo paid thout slurs at him because he's gay the in this c the night of the incident. police say that smollett faked the whole incident because he was unhappy with his salary the show. in the weeks following, the city slapped smollett with 16 counts that were eventually dropped. this comes on the prosecutor investigating whether there are grounds to prosecute. prosecutors droppedhges today against a man who metro police tried stun with a stun gun over the weekend. police arrestednd charged the man. an officer pushedhim back and use aid stun gun after he raised his hands.
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this came after reports of kids lighting fireworks. police detained two teenagers but it turns out that weren't the ones involved. police opened internal investigation into the use of the stun gun. the officer deployed it, sti on active duty. new tonight we've got a holiday heads upouor y, the f orth of july celebrati the national mall is next week, and there b will several road closures. those closures go into effect at 4:00 a.m. on the fourth until 11:00 that night. constitution avenue along with several other streets and bridges. entry to the national mall will open at 10:00 a.m. we have a t list of events happening on our n washington app. state employees in maryland will have more time off to celebrate. governor larry hogan announced tonight they will have a holiday on july 5th in addition to the 4th. independence day of course falls on a thursday this year.
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the extra day gives state emuoyees a day weekend. we always love that. hogan says the additional day is to spend time withheir families and enjoy celebrations taking place across the sate and head to the beach. >> maybe and spend money there. >> right. >> ocean city, availability? >> give them friday off, right? >> right. >> wow. that's pretty cool. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you brought the hot weather with you. >> where i was, it was clly. i had one day of sunshine the entire day. i enjoyed it, no problem. if you've been one of those people and there have been saying wwe'reting for more warm temperatures and at, that's coming too. you want to know how wete star today? very nicely. take a look at this shot. this was from -- >> >> look at this. this was from julia squire who shot this this morning. you can see it over the reflecting pool jubsolute gorgeous weather
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we had this morning and pretty much all day, buthe heat was on. look at the sun making its way up. we live in a great city, don't we. out there, different, high temperature in 88 in d.c. 91 warren ton. heat index hit 101 today, extremely humid. right now not nearly as hot and humid. degrees winds out of the south at # 5-miles-per-hour. you can feel the humidity. something else we're watching, no storms or showers around d.c. got some around frederick, leezburg, bothrhose as seeing showers. brand-new severe thunderstorm warning. this just happened in the last couple of minutes. this is for page county in towards madis county and to the south and west of culpeper county. you can see what's happening here. you can see the whole line, strong storms making their way right towards i-81.
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of s storm right here a lot lightning north andest with of ruccersville making it's way into madison county and the blue ridge. t storms should weaken as they move our way. there's rain associated with this for sure. everybody gets in onn the rai the next couple of hours. the morning commute, wet roads, but that's about it because the storm will be out of here. all you have to do is follow the storms up and around. here's the storm. this storm is going to set us up. this will move through by tomorrow morning, but what comes through is the heat. by around 1:00, we see stronger storms around i-81 and just to ridge.t of the blue dying as they move toward d.c. around 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. but you will hear the rain. sunshine when you wake up. here's 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, un plenty of s look at the numbers here. as we make our way through the tomorrow planner, high temperatures into the 80s, by
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1:00, 90s. heat wave starting tomorrow. check out friday and saturday, both days at 96. it is hot, humid, heat index close to 100 degrees through the weekend. slight chance of showers and storms although most of the next few days hot and dry. july 4th, very hot then too. >> july 4th now in the 10-day forecast. >> 89 is where we're at. >> thank you doug. >> coming up bradley biel takinn on a award for his work. on a award for his work. >> chrissy teaguen is here. not all water is created equal.
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this is the xfinity sports
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desk. >> we know he's awesome on the court it's nice to be reminded of thw good rk he does. >> it's so great when we get to see inside when they get d to these awesome things. part of being a professional is giving back to the f communityor these athletes. for the wizards all star guard priority.el is a top he was recognized as the nba cares community assist award winner. john wall one of the presenters for the award making progressng walki from that torn achilles. he gets to present his teammate with it. honors a player for positively impacting their community. he brought two students from thh high sool with him on stage and throughout the season beal partnered with the high school. spending time with students and
11:26 pm
giving back to the community is the main message. >> we're all basketball players and we all have a platform, if it's one message i can encourage everybody, please, please let's give back to the youth. they need us. they're the future. kids look up to us as role models whether we like it or not. i ask you to give back, your words, your love, your touch. those things go greater distance than anything. it's way bigger than basketball. >> the u.s. taking care of business against spain, but it wasn't easy. inside of the box, navell goes down, this one reviewed. united states awarded a penalty kick. lready scored on one to start the game and makes it 2 for 2. usa beats spain 2-1. they advance to the quarterfinals to take on france friday. >> the nationals and orioles
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off tonight, but the 's were family signing their number one overall pick. the deal includes a record breaking $8.1 million signing bonus. >> th's the bonus. >> that's the bonus. this is why. he's considered to be one of the best prospects since brice harper. the o's will introduce their first round pick tomorrow when they host thedr pas. do you know who happens to be on the padres? manny machado making return to baltimore tomorrow. little bit of new, little bit of old. >>io $8 milln bonus right out of school. >> casual, just 8 million. >> oh, boy.
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astronauts could finally be getting comfort food up in space. it's a long time coming. they'll be able to bake. bake in an ven for the first time in august. >> the first item on the menu, war chocolate chip cookies. who doesn't love those? the double tree by hilton is sending special cookie dough to make its special cookie. astronauts will be using a prototype oven to bake them. >> doug ande i know t cookies well. >> you get a compliment y >> i've got to try these. i've had a hot chocolate chip cookie and i think they have them at the hamptonn inn. >> they do not.
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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp d refreshing enough to be called deer park 100% natural spring water. born better® [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show" starri jimmy fallon. and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon


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