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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 26, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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it was an emotional moment.xp you don'tt those things to happen to your child. two breaking stories overnight. first, robermueller agreeing to testify before two housn e committees oly 17th about the trump russia probe t i don't think special counsel's office would characterize it as a friendly subpoena testifyhe made that very clear. and nonetheless, they will respect the subpoena he will appear he'll be testifying. >> and then breaking overseas, two u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan today. details stil nl coming in to news what we know, just l ahead e last night the house approved $4.5 billion in emergency humanitarian aid to stem a crisis at the border.
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group oflshad a tree fall on a we're going to need at least two ambulances >> an ea11-yold girl scout on a camping trip is struck and killed by a falling tree this morning an indiana community is in shock. then the crackdown on those annoying robocalls and one man known as the dialer accused of 60 million calls alone and the bronx bomberanjust seher major league record. "early today" starts right now good to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip men breaking news this morning congress will finally hear from the special counsel. robert mueller has agreed to testify publicly on july 17th before both thhouse judiciary and house intelligce committees with cameras rolling he will speak about his findings and hih report on russian interference in the ca16 mpaign for more on what we can expect let's go to nbc's craig boswell, nbc. craig, good morning. bthis coulde a watershed moment in the mueller saga.
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>> repaiter: it certy could, phillip. good morning good morning, everyone this is the star witness that democrats have wanted to question publicly since robert mueller made his only statement russia report.ter re as you mentioned, he will speak about his findings and his report on russian terference in the 2016 campaign and while mueller has been -- and was reluctant to appear, he agreed to respect the subpoenas issued by the two committees house intelligence committee chairmanm adahiff detailed what to expect on msnbc last night. >> he did refer this matter to congress we have taken up that referral and it's fully appropriatet n our view tha have the opportunity to flesh out what the russians did, how they did it, what the role of the trump campaign personnel were, what were the counterintelligence issues, what was the process used to handle the counterintelligence concerns, where are the findingsof all these questions and a grt many more the american
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people should have the opportunity to pose through their representatives to mueller himself. we never felt it was suffici t to rely simply on a written report or a ten-minute statement without th fe ability toollow up with questions be a closed door session with d his committee and mueller's team as for the white house the president's attorney has told fox news he doesn't think they'll see anything different in mueller's testimony, hear anything different in mueller's. testimon and we heard from the president actually two words that he tweeted when this news broke, simply saying "presideial harassment." that is the word from president trump. again, the star witness thatha democrats wanted to hear from, they will get on july 17th three weeks from today phillip, back to you >> it'll be here before we know it craihank you we also have breaking news for you from afghanistan that's where two u.s. service members have bn killed according to the nato-led resolute support mission
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that's a non-combat grouped aimed at training and advising afghan security forces the service members' names as well as detas about the location and circumstances of the deaths have not yet been released as they notify the next of kin the word war continues toes clait between the u.s. and iran. president trump once again threatening iran with leader dismissed the new sanctions against the country as window dressing. nbc's chief foreigndn correst richard engel has the latest from the region >> reporter: new insults from iran calling u.s. sanctions on the country's suprem aleader stupid outrageous. iran's president saying they're a sign the white house is afflicted with mental illness. president trump responded with a new threat "iran's very ignorant and insulting statement put out today t ly shows thaey do not understand reality any attack by iran on anything american will be met with great and overwhelming force, in some areas overwhelmi will meante
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oblition." the secretary of state also responding to iran's insults >> that's a bit immature and child-like but know that the united states will remain steadfast in undertaking the actions that the president laid out in his strategy to create stability throughout the middle east >> reporter: but the president's vow to respond to a strike on anything amerin is a si aificant switchfter calling off a military reprisal against iran for soting down an american drone, whiciran says was in i airspace. the u.s. says the drone was in international airspace, monitoring waters where iran is accused of attacking six tankers. officials here in the gulf tell us they worry the tripwire for a conflict couldy be triggered by hard-liners in the u.s. and iran who want a war richard engel, nbc news, doha, qatar. a bill for billions of dollars in aid for migrant children is heading to the senate 37 late last night the hoe approved a bill with $4.5
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billion in spending for food, water, and medical service that dpite democratic infighting in the threat of a veto from the white house. it comes amid growing outrage aftedozens of detained migrant children who were relocated back to a controversial detention center in clint, texas nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest fm the texas border good morning, gabe >> reporter: frances, about 100 migrant childr returned to this facility because federal authorities now say it is no longer too crowded. but many migrant advocates say the conditions here along the border are getting worse and we should warn you, one of the images in this story is especially disturbing. these images of detained migrants in the hot texas sun. for months customs andorder protection facilities have been overflowing. more and more immigrants making the grueling journey from central america. this heartbreaking photo highlighting the danger. a man and his 23-month-old daughter drowning on the ryo grande her arm wrapped around her father
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now more accounts of children in detention with little food, going without soap, showers, or toothbrushes for days, even weeks. >> treating these children ian this mr is completely unacceptable >> reporter: is this a funding problem or aanagement problem? >> i think it's definitely a management problff >> reporter: cbp oials said allegations of civil rights abuses are taken seriously and acknowledges there is overcrowding but later the official disputed accounts of inadequate food saying "don't buy it and i personally don't believe the allegations. of undocumented migrants here firsthand. border patrol officials telling us these facilities were only there's a massive backlog. now >> they're oust room they just don't have anybody and there'r s nowhere fothem to go >> reporter:ru there's growing ny of migrant detention across the country luz from honduras didn't want us though her face or use her last name she spent mohs in an i.c.e. detention center in texas while she says her 15-year-old son was sent to a different one. "they eated meike an
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animal," she says. "it was horrible." after federal authorities announced that nearly 300 children were being removed from this facility, about 100 have been brought back. and there's no telling how long they'll stay cbp officials say that the average number of migrant i childrenits custody is now 1,000. that's down from about 2,600 a week ago frances? >> all right, gabe, thank you. in the wake of the border controversy a major shake-up at the white house. president trump's acti commissioner of customs and border protection is stepping down john sanders didn't explain why he's leaving but a cbp source says many believe it is connected to the treatment o children in border facilities. and we now knowiw who replace outgoing pre secretary sarah sanders at the end of the week stephanie grisham is ticking ov that role she currently handles communications for the first lady and has been with the president since the early days of his campaign. some 9/11 first responders took their fight for future compensation straight to capitol
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hill it tuesday the group met wh a top senate republican mitch mcconnell. first responders say mcconnell agreed to hold a vote in august on a bill to fully fund the 9/11 victims compensation fund. passion the bill would extend funding for 70 years here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: the fight to secure funding for 9/11 first responders went straight to the senate majority leader's front door >> and today mit mcconnell promised to work for us. >> reporter: mcconnell committing to an augussenate vote oa bill that would extendg fundr 70 years the house vote set for july. >> this bill will offer thatre ef to thousands of men and women across our country because they came together on september 11th in the days and weeks after. >> reporter: each of the seven men who met with mcconnell suffered some kind of illness or injury from breathing problems to cancer. >> we're going to leave here anv luis aez is going to die >> reporter: luis alvarez
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testified just weeks ago on capitol hill >> you made me come down here -- >> reporter: a bomb squad technician at ground zero, his e ncer has becomuntreatable. >> 100% they really are failing it and we shouldn't have to go down to congress every five years and beg for money. >> reporter: of the $7 billion allocated tohe fund in 2011, more than 5 billion has been paid out with the money dwindling, payments on new claims are being cut and will stop altogether in december 2020 unless a new bill is passed. >> in that meeting we gave senate majority leader mitch mcconnell luislvarez'sadge, and we wanted the senate majority leader to be reminded of people like detective luis alvarez. >> reporter: they have been battling for years to get help they need, hoping this time they will finally get it. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york a small southern indiana community is in mourning after the death of an 11-year-old girl
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scout. while at a campsite authorities say she was hit by a falling tree which also left several others injured we go to nbc's annone thomps who has more on this tragedy >> reporter: a freak accident is what officials say took the life of 11-year-old girl scouisabel meyer. her death moving the sheriff >> you know, these are girl scouts >> reporter: a law enforcement veteran in tears >> sorry they were there to have a good time >> reporter: it happened at the girl scouts camp cook in southern indiana a' s meyers group finished a hike. >> we've had a tree fall on a gr gp ofls we're going to need at least two ambulances >> reporter: two adult volunteers were seriously hurt a 10-year-old suffered a hand injury a scout for her short life, a local newspaper snapped isabel filling gift baghes for chemotpy patients. it's not clear why the tree fell, but to stay safe in the woods the u.s. forest service
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saysid avo dead trees, trees leaning more than 10 degrees, and look for soil heaving or upliftround roots. >> we're prepared for everything but when you actually roll up on a scene it's hard, it's tough, especially when there's a child involved >> reporter: the camp now closed as the girl scouts mourn one of their own. anne thompso nbc news. let's take a turn now and pay some attention to the weather out there. especially with some extreme heat here's nbcst meteorologiill karins >> thero heat can be d and deadly too we're seeing it expanding. it hantds been that hot of a june nm areas of the country but high pressure's building in. the jet stream's going to the north. it's already been plenty hot along the gulf coast that continues today tampa will be one of the warm spots. 105 heat index this afternoon. then we sesome of thheat spreading to the ohio valley and eventually up into the northeast. one of the other huge stories is it's hotn the u.s. but it's going to be exceptionally hot in europe as the jet stream's taking a big dip to the north. we're expecting the possibility of nine different countries setting their all-time hottest
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terteratures, even as far no as denmark into the mid 90s. even netherlands get into the hundreds unheard of that's a look ig the beather story of the day, and here's a closer look at your day ahead. as we go throughout the day today we are seeing a few areas of hhunderstorms e one complex that's in areas of southeast kansas trying push into missouri a stray could see shower or thunderstorm this afternoon in ohio. also heading toward pittsburgh but it will be hit and miss. many people will avoid it. we'll talk about that severe weather risk coming up >> all right, bill, sounds good. a philadelphia flyers faat shriners hospital got a monster of a surprise. the team's mascot, gritty, made an off-ice appearance when he found out that caden o'rourke, a 7-year-old who has a rare orthopedic condition, asked for a prosthetic leg with gritty's ce on it yeah, caden told reporters all so he may be creepy but he's kind >> all the other kids are likeer don't go anywhe near me, gritty still ahead the battle against those annoying robocalls gets more serious. f and forgetly balls
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as part of this complete breakfast.-r they're gr-r-reat! the stage is set 2069 democratic primary candidatesre preparing tmake their case to the country. nbc news is hosting the first debate tonight a pt 9:00.m. eastern. senator elizabeth warren will take center stage as ten candidates square off tonight. and ten more will square off tomorrow night, including bernie sanders and former vice president joe biden. leading the news, there y be some relief in sight for the millions of americans who receive those unwanted robocalls every day. on tuesday theederal trade commission announced a major crackdown on illegal robocalls it's called "operation call it quits. it's a coordinated effort with more than twrao dozen fedel, state, and local law enforcement agencies nionwide. nbc's tom costello has the latest [ phone ringing >> reporter: anyonhoe with a p
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can attest to the aggravation. >> you have to see it to believe it >> try the lower rate on your credit card. >> jus st suspend yourocial security number. >> please call immediately >> reporter: billions of illegal robocalls each year. targetinikrandom americans le you and me and anthony dunkel in minnesota. zblefr time i see my phone light up it's -- i just roll my eyes now. it's just 98% of the time i know it's just another robocall and it's just another annoyance. hour after hour. >> reporter: a crackdown the federal trade commission and 40 statend local partners announcing 82 enforcement actions nationwide our collective message to robocallers is simple. it's time to call it quits >> reporter: the action includes five federal criminacases. among those charged a robocaller known as the dialer. a florida-based developer using an auto dialer who allegedly sent more than 57 million calls in just six months to do not call registered phone numbers. the ftc's messagfor consumer to stem the surge of unwanted
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calls, hang up, block it, and report robocalls the agency says it gets more than 10,000 complaints each dayo the fedsw this won't stop bocalls. the fcc is working with phone companies to automatically enroll customers into call blocking >> thanks to tom costello for that rept. ahead, serena williams makes history again. and ready to fl that wide open space in your heart details on the dieix chi s' you're watching "early today." o commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me nil the way out to califor and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollarsc on my car insurawith geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. bigaihot's" got his own trler. ♪ wheeeeeee! believe it! geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. the best way to hit the beach? with neutrogena® ach defense® sunscreen.
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in today's quick hits, the dixie chicks are ready for a comeba the group took to social mediat to tease thaa new album is coming this would mark the firs 1album in3 years. >> cute. but i also want to know what filter it is they're using to distort their faces. serena williams makes hiory again. she's now the second african-american tennis player to grace the box of wheatiesre ce the grand slam champion says she has dreamt of this moment since she was a young woman. michael chavous accidentally let his bat slip out of his hands during a rainy inning against the white sox. it fleout of his hands and bounced right into the hands of that lucky guy there at the end of the row thankfully everyone dodged injury >> it ended with smiles there instead of -- >> yeah. still ahead bill is tracking and a hero makes history meet the first living aqir war
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coming up before your children head outside to play today, we're talking summer safety, helping you think aboutd hiddenangers on the playground and in your yard. butfirst chuck bell is tracking day two of our heat wave. >> yes, indeed. made it back to 90 yesterday. no doubt we'll be back in the
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now on news 4 today, this g, mornine know robert mueller will testify and you will hear every wd. we're working to learn more about what to expect. plus, keep your family safe
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online. we'll show you how cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated and share steps you can take tour protect yo phone and email.nd s the democrats running for president gear up for the first debate, some of their colleagues prepare to run the bases. we head to nationals park ahead of the annual congressional baseball game. >> announcer: news 4 today starts now.>> e.going to be hot out there for that gam good morning, everyone, i eun yang. >> i'm molette green. aaron is in miami preparing forw this eek's presidential debate. >> it's wednesday. we're almost to the middle of the week and helping you get ready for the day ahead. dave is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> let'start things off with chuck bell. beautiful day yesterday. how are we looking for today? > well, as long as you liked yesterday i don't think you'll have too many complaints with today. it's off to a comfortable start he this orning, but there will be a noticeable change in humidity levels as we get a little bit up closer to the weekend. for now, though, high pressure do


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