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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 26, 2019 4:30am-4:58am EDT

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onestly i think we'll have today andst of tomorrow to enjoy as the heat without the humidity. right now it's 68 in chantilly, virginia. 73 in upper mar bro this morning. temperatures in the low 70s by 7:00 area wide. 6.n is up before the warmup begins thereafter. temperatures mid to upper 70s by 9:00. today's high, 93 degrees. but that northwest wind will p help kee humidity levels in check for another day or so. closer look at the weekend and, of course, the fourth of july coming up later on in the half ur. for now, over to the man himself, dave dildine. >> let's go for ascenic rooif along the pa tomic river, northbound, two work zones, the usual suspects under key bridge and spout run, left lane gets by. virtually no delays. wrapping up d be the work zones on the outer loop
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on georgetown pike. i-270 southbound through frederick county, urban thatnd germantown and the lane divide it's clear sailing and without delay traveling south this early morning. that is the very latest. back over to you. >> dave, thank you. 4:31 thousand. special counsel robermueller announced he will appear before two house committees to testify publicly next month about his work on the russia report. weeks ago he said he preferred to let the report speak for itself, but that wasn't enough for the chairman of and judiciary committees. last night, mueller was served subpoenas from both of them. the back-to-back july 7th hearings will no doubt be some of the most highly anticipated congressional hearings in years. r more worked quietly than two years never speaking publicly last week when he announced he was stepping down from the position of special
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counsel. lapt week president trum tweeted, quote, presidential harassment. breaking this morning, the associated pressng reporthat a third summit between the united states and north korea is in the works. the last time president trp nd kim jong-un met was four months ago in vietnam. this is video from that meeting. they tried to come t an agreement about north korea's expanding nuclear program but failed to do so. ce twountries first met just over two years ago in singapore. nbc news is working to confirm this overnight report by the a.p. and will keep you posted. two leesburg council member are accused of making inappropriate comments about juneteenth and the pride month. >> the controversy arose over a eesburg proclamation celebrating the end of slavery. councilman tom dunn wrote a comment juneteenth is celebration, lching is not.
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councilman josh seal is also in hot water after making a comment about a esburg pride proclamation writing everyone is equal. identities don't help. last night members of the community on both sides this issue spoke out at a council meeting. >> people are really scared right now. and you had an opportunity to do something respectful and you . failed >> and all of a sudden groups and individuals are coming in and telling you, you don't know how to run your town. >> councilman dunn and steal come ed our invitation to on camera. it's time to slap rules on the electric scooters zipping around the district. they're proposing some en requirem they say would make the roads safer for everyone, rules such as no scooters between 10 and 9 and 4 in the morning establishing a hot line for illegal parking. cutting the sidewalk speed limit to 6 miles per hourle increasing the street speed
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limit to 15 mis per hour. they also want to re ire payment to cover property damage. >> a lot of it makes sense. definitely there's a lotf danger to it riding at night can cause some issues. definitely people being intoxicated while riding is an issue. >> the bill would also establish electric scooter parking ocations. council member mary is sponsoring the bill and said it would be discuss in the fall. 34 4:, you may remember just last week d. dot temporarily suspended the permit of one electric scooters skip scooters over battery fires. it was inside of a building where ski stores some of its scooters. earlier it caught fire in a downtown street. the company is one week into a suspension. in prince georges county, a confrontation caught on camera has more than a million views on
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twitter. >> i'm sorry. >> that'sus funny becae your video is going to be a bunch of lies. >> the womenere considering living a the addition apartments in hyasville until a potential neighbor took issue with them having a glass bottle at the pool. then there was this confrontation between nick star street and the women. the women left and starstreak followed. he was involved in a similar the tion at the same pool day before and th incidents police decided not to press charges. one of the women did file a restraining order against star-street. we reached out to him but we haven' gotten a response yet. for several years neighbors in dupont circle have been complaining that someone stealing flowers from their garden. >> now there's surveillance video of a recent theft. a lo you see a man here walking up to the stairs of the house. he grabbed severalwe flors out of the ground. then he walks off.
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this theft happened on may -- in mayear o. and 21st streets a u blocks away from the dupont metro station. if y have information and recognize .is person call dc. police. that is personal property. 4:36. a l at the other top stories we're following for you this morning. police have released more dainformation about mony night's deadly reck on t b.w. parkway. a woman was killed. officers say they're purs tng the carhat hit her. she hasn't been identified but the suspect was also injured. he is recovering at the hospital. police say they've arrested lakeisha hazelwood of southeast washingtonnd charged h with arson. they say sheet a fire that damaged auilding on pennsylvania avenue last monday. no one was hurt but the building sustained smoke damage andn mor t dozen windows were blown out of there. officers say tips from the public helped them make this mearrest. tro's police chief wants the u.s. attorney's ofice to review this weekend'sid inct.
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officers used a stun gunn a man who was coming to the aid of teens he thought were being treated unfairly by police. metro originally said he was interfering with an investigation, but those charges re dropped yesterday. tonight lawmakers will set aside their partisan differences and take part in the annual congressional baseball game. the republicans are looking to end the democrat's winning st eak. they won nine of the past ten matchups. all the proceeds from tonight's game go towards d.c. area a charitiesnd the game tonight is at 7:05 at ts park. >> should be good one. still ahead, major staff shakeups in the west wing. we havdetails on who is leaving and who is replacing them. plus, the d.c. region has its fair share of great restaurants. but where is the best place to eat in allhe world? this morning we know. we're going to tell you when "news 4 today" conties.
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welc e back. 4:40, staggering numbers from the centers for disease control andrevention show that the number of students that are vaping is on the rise. last night, city leaders in san francisco took action. san francisco is now the first u.s. city to ban the sale of e cigarettes at least until the roduct receives a full fda approval. critics of the ban say it will leaders ilers but city
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say the ban will help protect d and sticking to that topic, for the first time ever, the u.s. preventive servicesfoask ce is including e cigarettes to its list of tobacco products. the task force says nearly 90% of smokers try their first cigarette before they're 18 years old. because of that, the task force is urging doctors to talk to their younger patnts about the health-related daners of e cigarettes. >> okay. who doesn't like to eat? especially right here. we like to eat. okay? >> i mean, i want to eat at every sirle estaurant. >> how about eating at the world's best restaurant? >> this morning we know which ha restaurant the title. >> mirazur on the french -- i'mn not sayg that right. i don't speak french. mirazur was named the number one eatery in the world. this was from the ceremony held in singapore for the world's 50 best restaurants. only five americans made that
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list,othot sp in new york, chicago and san francisco. also at this event, chef jose ndres won the icon award in recognition of his work with world central kitchen. >> fantastic. >> he has fed so many people in crisis all over the world with his incredible work and charity. >> so we're going to this restaurant, right? >> ridt. i diee a tweet the best restaurants in the world are not often the fanciest ones but the ones in your neighborhood where you're treated lke royaltyno matter what. >> totally. >> i promise you, you have to go to the south of france, it's going to be fancy. and winninghatcontest, they just moved all the prices up 10 euros. dog-walking forecast for today this 7-year-old cutie is named chance. love the docksons. temperatures today will be in the 90s. there's a lot more where that came om. e you in a flash with the ten-day. plus, immigration.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." mark your calendars now july 17 is the day special counsel robert mueller has agreed to testify publicly before congress. he'll answerquestions about the investigation into russian
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involvement in our el how the trump campaign and then administration handled it. >> the opinion of the chair approves it. >> late last night the house passed an emergency border bill llich wi set aside billions of dollars in aid to help care for migrants and children detained at thes.u.exico border. house speaker nancy pelosi says she fund will help keep fanllies together and e children have food, clothing and medical care. immigration, muelle and the on going situation with iran are all topics that will no doubt b atought up tonight during the first d presidential primary debate in miami. >> 20 candidates qualify for this first debate, so it's been divided into two nights. the first night will include elizabeth warren, cory booker and former maryland congressman john delanie.t second night's lineup will feature joe biden, bernie
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sanders and pete buttigieg. tracie potts joins us live now with more on what we can expect. tracie, good morning. >> hi, eun and molette, good morning. that's the dndbate hall behi me and what we expect tonight are five sections of questions divided amongst the candidates. they won't have a lot of time to answer. by one estimate maybe as little as six or seven minutes of this entire two-hour debate. so, thereill be no opening statements. they will each get a chance to deliver the closing argument. in addition to those that you mentioned we'll also see tonight beto o'rourke, bill de blasio and others who made the cut and made the random selection for this first night of the debate. we talked about some of th issues -- iran, immigration and certainly the economy as the first group of democrats come before the voters tonight. >> all right, tracie, thanks so much. and a reminder our aaron gilchrist is also in miami
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covesng the ebaitor us. you can check out his reports tonight beginning on ws 4 at 4 and follow him on twitter for live updates on the debate. it's 4:48 this morning. we have details on two big staffing changes in the trump administration. >> sarah huckabee sanders is on her way out, president trump d announceis new press secretary stephanie grish ham will step in. she is currently the first lady's press s she will remain in that position along with taking over duties as the white house press secretary and the white house communications director. grisham has been with the trump team since 2015. >> the administration is losing a top official as well. the acting commissioner of customs and border protection is stepping down. in a message to employees john sanders announce head would resign on july 5th. the agency has bee under intense scrutiny because of the questionable conditions at facilities at the u.s./mexico r. bor while she is still very much a member of the trump administration, senior adviser
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kellyanne conway may be in trouble with congress. yesterday the white house announced she would not testify before lawmakers. today they will vote to subpoena her in an effort to force her to testify. she has been under scrutiny nm since a goverent wash dog group accused her of violating the hatch act. just in time t foris week's heat wave, news 4 learned that theermanent fix to the pool station will be delayed. those are along the red line. metro tells us while trying to fix the pipes that supply cool air which are buried under connecticut avenue, workers hit a l post in the path. metro now has permission from the district to move the lamp post and hopes to restore chilled air to the station sometime next month. in the meantime, as news 4 has u found t, temperatures inside those stations can routinely stay in the 90 degree range. >> this is not a good week for this ting is really bad. if anyone has any sortmm of ie
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issues or health issues, they should stay away because it cld be angerous. >> yeah, good recommendation. as the weather heats up, more oomilies will be lking to cool off by the pool. h>> you know youngdren and deep water not always a good combination. can be very dangerous news 4 meagan fitzgerald tells us about a recent close call iny montgomercounty. >> reporter: montgomery county fire officials will tell you this is their busiest time of year when they get calls for possible drownings. sometimes they arrive and it's too late. but yesterday they got on scene to find an 18-year-old who they're calling a hero. parents and life guards know it only takes seconds for a child to slip under the water and drown. it almost happened at the stonebridge community pool in gaithersburg yesterday. >> the life guard thought that the child was going down to retrieve somethinghat may have fallen to the bottom of the pool. but when the child didn't return to the rface in a timely fashion, that's what engaged e fe guard.
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>> reporter: a 4-year-old child could have drowned but battalion chief calvin thomassays a ne well-traid 18-year-old life guard who was on duty acted quickly. diving in, pulling the child out and immediately starting cpr. first resers say the teenager's action are the reason the child is still alive. >> you can't become a bigger hero than tt and actually taking part in saving someone's life. we believe that's what happened. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4.ou >> ifan't get to a pool, there are other ways to cool down. news 4 camteas spotd this group of kids and their parents staying refreshed by playing in ne water at the pet worth spray park inthwest washington. expect a similar scene at the park again today. hotter temperatures expected all week as chuck has been telling us. >> that's right. we'll get a little more steam in the forecast today, right, chuck? .> yeah. not steam yet we're going to steam it up on friday.y w,midit levels are -- you kn
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we don't want to just slap you e right in the with it. we'll get you used to the 90 degree weather and a the humidity in as we get toward frida the weekend. for now, though, notoo bad outside. 76 in washington. northwest nds will be your best friend for today and tomorrow. it will keep humidity levels lo 68 now in fairfax county. 68 in loudoun county. 68 in fredericksburg. ap78 in annis as you begin your wednesday. your commuter forecast for today, zero percent chance for rain today. it will be plenty hot. temperatures in the upper 80s by lunchtime and in the low 90s for hig today. car-washing forecast, nothing t. worry abou lorain chances, in fact, for today, tomorrow and most of us won't need to worry about a small chance for rain untilba proy end of the weekend. high pressu in charge. we're on the right side of things. any time we have a northwest wind at this time of the year, it may not keep it any cooler because if the air comes down the front range of the appalachian mountains it does
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get compressed and warms up a little bit, but at least it will keep the humidity a levels low keep rain chances away for the next couple days. we had a rainy mth of june so far. 93 today, 93 again for tomorrow. if you are beach-bound for the weekend, friday, saturday and sunday the weekend will start off hotn nd raifree. storm chances return by sunday afternoon. here is your ten-day outlook. we had d nines of 90 degrees or higher so far this year and we have nine out of the next ten days expected to dbe 90rees or higher. dave, that sounds like summertime to me. >> it sure does. astronomical and meteorological. we'll start you off i-66 eastbound there is a broken down vehicle near fairfax county parkway blocking the left lane. trooper should be behind it. george washington parkway we have work zones northbound near key bridge and the pout run left lane getting by. all the overnight work zones are
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in the process of clearing or should be. it's a nice quiet morning on 270 out the door earlyeading south frederick towards germantown, e gaithrsburg. 121 a light southbound flow of traffic lots of space between those headlights. that's the very latest. back over to you. >> dave, thank you. a record-numberan of americ is expected to travel this fourth of july. aaa predicts 49 million people will be o the go. the group says most people will be driving. about 4 million will fly. aaa says lower gas prices are the main reason the in travel. and you know it's not just gas prices, eun, overall y.ending is down this independence da the national retail federation says fewer amicans are celebrates the holiday this year, which means less mon ent on food, about 73 bucks per person. but it's not as cheap as it sounds. in total, americans will still spend $6.7 billion for the
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holiday. >> every holiday i can think of for is surrounding food. it's like the perfect -- >> and spending money for food. a police chief in south carolina wants people to stop digging holes in the beach. >> and he is ready to start handing out tickets. take a . the chief presents his ideas to the council last night. he wants to be able to fine people who d large holes in the sand and don't fill them back up. those open holes can be dangerous for people and animals. any holeess than t feet deep and two feet wide wouldn't be a problem. >> began to become concerned about the risk of several public safety risks. people stepping in or falling into these holes. these holes can fill with water and can be a drowning hazard for a vis>or. under the chief's proposal, anyone leaving a large hole unattended would be subjt to a $130 fine. he says ideally enforcement
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wouldn't be too strict. >> i didn't know this was issue. >> well, i guess, if you're building a hole that big, digging it up, there could be a small child or pet or something like that. coming up on "news 4 today," used to be easy to spot cyber criminals, but remember the email from the nigerian prince was easy to spot. these aysthey're becoming more sop'sticated. were helping you spot their tricks. before your children head outside to play today, we're talking summer safety. helping you think about some of those hidden dangers on the playground and in your backyard. s
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you should know the location of a decent bathrooakation, my gut says, tisaily supplement helps maintainesh naturally si while relieving occa donal disc.
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this morning we know robertt mueller willtify and you will hear every word. we' working toearn more about what to expect. plus, keeping your family safe online. we'll show you how cyber k criminals are getti more sophisticate and share someyo and as the running first te, some of theirco lleagues prepare to run the adas


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