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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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their messages to the american people. >> and aaron gilchrist is anchoring our coverage from florida. and he has his early conversations wi some of the candidates. we'll go live to miami in a few minutes. but first this afternoon tragic new developments after a lice chase ends in a deadly crash. >> a young woman in the wrong plap ce at the wrong time. brittany burkes was in her suv at the side ofhe road when a man on the run from police slammed right into her. she died at the scene. she was studying to become ad tist. pat collins spoke with her friends. pat, it has to be just heartbreaking for them. >> reporter: it is an incredible loss. you know, i'm here in congress heights in southeast. you might say to yourself why are you in southeast doing a story about something that started over in northeast? i'll explain that to you in a minute. but as you said, the victim of this crash, a 27-year-old dental
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student, she was in her car on the side of the road when sheck was strund killed. the driver of the striking car, a 24-year-old man, he was running from the cops. a dream lost on that bw parkway. on her facebook page, she identified herself as your future dentist. and alongside a cake decorated with dental supplies, she talked about her dream. i've always wanted to be a dentist, and i couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. that came to a violent end monday night on the baltimore-washington parkway. 27-year-old brittany burkes killed in that horrific crash. she was in her honda crv on the side of the road when her car was rear ended by a man speeding away from the cops. brittany burkes, pronounced dead
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at the scene. she was a third year student at howard university dental school. she was from amhurst new york near buffalo. this is her friend. >> i'm very surprised. and shocked to know that something would happen to someone so nice, so kind. >> reporter: this all beyn monda night in the 4500 block northeast.treet in a car struck a police vehicle and then kept on going. police began a pursuit. the suspect speeds away on to the bw parkway and then slamsmio the side of the road. the driver is identifie as 24-year-old darnell bassett. according to cocrt reds, he lives on coral street about a block away from where this all began. remember yesterday they called it a follow, today police are
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calling it a pursuit. and the question is, did that pursuit contribute to ts fatal accident which brings me out here to this anti-violence rally, the chief is supposed to be here, we want to talk to him about that. pat, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. let's turn to decision 2020. and a big hurdle for the candidates hoping to take on donald trump. the stage all eset, we'rust hours away from the first democratic debate tonight. l,two presidential hopefuen tonight, ten tomorrow, will be facing off. aaron gilchrist is joining us in miami where this is all set to go down. like after weeks of talking about the plaffs, they will finally start tonight. >> reportr: you're right. everything is ready to go tonight. you just saw the beautiful debate stage all set up behind me. you are actually seeing press filing area and also the spin room where we expect we'll
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see some of the candidates after the debateovis r. again like you said, ten people ready to go tonight of the 20 candidates up for or vying for e the whiouse at this point. and so the question now becomes what might you expect as we go into tonight. let me show you a few things that you can watch for. first of all, elizabeth warren. how does she handle being the frontrunner going into tonight. polls are growing in her favor over the last few days. so people will be looking at her looking toward her to see if she can meet high expectations. so, who else who has been polling well can break through. beto o'rourke, cory booker, amy klobuchar. wholse can have a moment, who else can gain name recognition by way of th prformance in this debate tonight. and the last thing to think about, how long will the coverage of tonight's debate la . tomorrow obviously we'll be having a second debate along
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with -- that will of course include jer biden and some oth big names in this race. and so folks tonight will be looking for things to continue beyond today in terms of press coverage. and anybody who breaks throuni tot will be hoping to stay in the news cycle. hewe know that some of t candidates are going to be visiting parts of florida here d in thes to come and then going back out into iowa and so forth as well. among the peopleho will be looking to stay in the news cycle, john delaney for sure. we had a chance to sit down with the former maryland congressman yesterday and he declared his run back in 2071, 17. and he is very awareis that he an unknown in a lot of places. barely registering in some of the recent national polls that are out there. but delaney is banking on tonight to change his momentum. >> i thek the american peopl
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will see a lot of new candidates, candidates they haven't really focused on and i think that they will walk out oe the debaaying some of the other candidates are actually pretty darn good and i want to focus on them and i expect them to say that about me. >> reporter: i also asked him about his ideas and why his ideas are better than the other candes here. and we also talked about the trump factor in tonight's debate. we'll have that for you at 5:00. for now, would he live here in miami. back to you. >> going to be interesting to see what breaks through more, ideas or personalities. keep it here for complete of coverage the first democratic debat all of the action kicks off tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. a o ahead inur next half hour here, we'll be joined by claire mcaskill, she served with some of the candidates who will be
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taking the stage. and turning now to the forecast, we are in the middle of what could be close to a two week heat wave. doug kammerer is in the storm center. is tis dangerous heat? >> no, i don't think that it will be dangerous. but it will be hot and humid. and if you are out for an extended period of time, it could potentially, but we're not talking about two things. one the heat in-debl dd ornigexht low temperatures are very dangerous when they do not below 80. and as of right now, we expect every night to drop at least into the 70s. so there is at least some relief. ohere right now, 91 the current temperature in d.c., 93 in richmond. hagerstown at 89. take aook around our area, not much in the way of cloud cover at all. there are a few storms back to the west, so there is a chance of an isolated storm the next
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couple days. but a long heat wave for sure. humidity will be on the increase. bond we will talk a the heat index and then tracking the weekend, and your july 4th holiday. see you back here in about ten mines. we want to turn to white knuckle video showing this awful scooter crash. >> tough to look at temperature news 4 obtained this video, a car making a turn hits a scooter and sends the woman head over heels. >> chris gordon is live with what we're learning. >> reporter: the school scooter happened right behind me in bethesda. it was during yesterday's rush hour. a car was traveling in this direction trying to turn into that parking lot behind me when er crashed into the scooter sending the ridto the hospital. >> definitely scary sight to see. >> reporter: colleen was with co-workers watching the police and fire trucks across the street. she knew the surveillance camera
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mounted on the second floor balcony where she works may have caught the cras she went to her computer and found this video of the e-scooter getting hit. >> it made me think more about making that turn every morning.n it is not a easy turn to always see what is coming. there is a lot of construction vehicles out there and always so much going on. >> reporter: police say the driver was cited for failing to yield the right-of-way. she told police that she didn't see the e-scooter. police tell me the victim of the crash is a woman who serves in the military. sheas taken to a local hospital. montgomery county police ptain says that because most scooter riders don't wear helmet, she is lucky she wasn't killed. >> when you see the footage, you can see the initial contact was pretty severe. rae or of this e-scooter was flipped up over the car, but a lot of times when they com
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into contact with the pavement, and if they come head-first, serious trauma occurs. >> porter: montgomery county police share safety tips for driversrnd scoote riders. in my report coming up at 5:00. that is the latest live in bethesdck to you. >> you see that and you think get a helmet, please. thank you, chris. the loudoun county school community is mourning the loss of an assistant principal. he died in a car crash after leaving work monday afternoon. he worked at briarwoods high school. he was 37 years old. the principal told us that kite was a selfless administrator with a quick wit and special connection with the students. for some unknown reason, kite crossed the median and hit anotheraehicle heon. the other driver also died.
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>> i can't think of anybody ever saying somet is just unbelievable. probably the best way to say it, an unbelievable guy. >> kite had been with loudoun schools nce 2011. cuba gooding .wants his groping case dismissed. the actor was in court this morning for charges stemming frm an incident at abar earlier this month. gooding's attorney saysro pcutors failed to provide a sworn statement by hisr. accuse he also points to video from the manhattan bar whichhe says contradicts the woman's claims that gooding groped her. gooding pleaded not guil . ifconvicted, he could photo jail forphoto -- go to jail for a year. we know you try to keep your grocery bill down. >> and we've learned the prices you paen for c may be rigged. why the justice department thinks producers are in coots with each other. and a local boy's mission to
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fight a rare disease, how he is helping others decide his own health battles. and how long the he b wave is on and the
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humidity coming back. the updatedimg tomorrow. s>> back now with a look at temperatures acros the mid-atlantic. doug is back in a few minutes with the word on when i the heat wave will peak. targe isgoing after amazon. next month it will have its
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first ever deal days. thousands of items will be on sale julynd 15 a 16, the same days at amazon's prime days. and you can also pick up your online ords the same day. and there is no membership fee required. ebay is also having a so-called crash sale and plans to drop big crashes amazon's site those days. and federal investigators aboutmething is not right the price that you are paying for chicken. they are looking into elections at the top through poultry producers. tyson's food, pilgrim's pridrs and sandeon farms control tnearly half of market. a pilgrim'snd sanderson deny price fixing. tyson has notnswered requests for comment. >> don't tell doughis wing shoes have been cheaper. according to a harvard study, there is ju one thing
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that you need to life long happiness. >> here is why relationships are key. >> do we lead our lives t at way? that is the problem. we get up early, we work our buts off, we then come home, we're on our phone, we're not spending quality time with our d k we might be next to them, but we're on our phones doing other thing . i think is important to really live their lis with this idea at heart and really focus on thosela reonships. so what advice for adults who are in that -- you are in the c. washington, d.area. we are type a, we are so busy, we don't have time to look up. what advice would you have in order to achieve that happiness? >> i thinkhat you need to make it a priority, you need to remind yourself maybe it is a be sticky note,ome sort of thing that you say to yoevself ery morning in terms of this is what i need to really focus on. comparing qlity of your rdlationships today versus how they were yesteay. always focusing on trying to
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improve tho relationships. there is a myriad of ways that you can improve the relationships. one idea that i think is nice, ngmaybe every month writi a letter and either sending a letter or better yet going and e reading th letter to some person that has had a meaningful e pact on your lifd sharing with them why they have had a meaningful impact for imagine how great that would make youeel as the recipient and also of coursel you wil feel great being that peon who shares that information with somebody. it will strengthen the at relnship, it will make everybody feel better. and hopefully lead to you eeling over time that you have led a more fulfilled happier life. >> i love that idea.ha s. great advice. leon, doug, you guys mean the world to me. we >> thank you very much. >> her nose is growing. >> no, great working with you both. >> now you'll live forever.
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>> it really is amazing. i took a vacation last week and it was one of the best that i ever had. we didn't have any cellic serve, we were just together. >> and you didn't get lot sunshine. >> didn't get a lot of sunshine. it wasndgreat. a relationships were able to grow. and you come back home and boom, life just hits you. >> you're getting the sunshine now. >> yeah, it is here now. warming things up. the heat is here. i know pat loves it. are you ready for the heat or did you like the temperatures in the 70s and 80s? i'd say about 95% were like we like the 70s and but p is one of the 5%. and we do have a few more of you out there that like the heat. and here it comes. 91 degre winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. under partly cloudy skies. 89 gaitherurg, 91 in manassas. so this is heat. but remember, the arch high this time mi -- average i this time of year is 87. so not a lot of humidity. if the heat index was any
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higher, i'd show yo but it is not. but that will be going up. yes, it is a hot day, but that t is normally e get this time of year. nothing on the radar picture. we're dry currently. there are some storms back to the west forming back in toward maryland. we'll see this they make their way closer to us. most of us should remain on the dry side. through west virginia, you may see some of these. but most of us will stay dry tonight. the widerwi picture s not much happening. we have a storm system in the middle of the the big deal is the heat that is developing. we've seen very cool air to the north. hot air staying to the south.e next coupldays, that heat will move across much of the country right now. and it is already doing so. look at these numbers, 90 in st. louis, 88 this denver. they have seen very cool numbers. 86 in chicago. tho have been on the c side as well. we are at 91. so we do have some heat trying
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to make its way across the eastern half of the naon. 93 tomorrow. a little bit more humid, but not a ton. plenty of sunshine and an isolated shower ch nce. canle out a shower or thunderstorm anyay where we have the heat and humidity. but we really think friday will be the day to watch not only hot, but very humid on friday with the heat index close to 100. remember tomorrow backyard i'll be live in backyard around our area, so tune in tomorrow afternoon. i'll be live in the heat. yes! saturday and sunday chance of a shower or storm. heat index around 100 as well. >> you're pulling our leg, doug. >> oh, no,ll be out there. >> maybe they will have a pool. >> thank you, doug. we are working for your health with new research on the risks of sintting. yogove heard that it is to get up and move around, but now
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we know the way you sit can y affectour heart health. but first, new reaction to this video, a metro transit r police office uses a stun gun on a man, and what some in our com mu
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a stun gun was used on an unarmed man. this video shows the transit officer repeatedly using the stun gun on a man that police say was interfering in an investigation at the time. charges against the man have since been dropped. metro is it also conductingwn i investigation. and area residents, hard to forget it. what are your listeners telling you? > we always know these are complicated issues. very subjective. but the short answer to your question, no. they are not realy satisfied with what they see. many of our listeners feel that what they see here is that police are too quick to default to an aggressive tactic in situations like this. though they like the faic that
4:25 pm
the p chief is calling for an investigation, he has said in a statement that he approves of the way thater his officealt with theatyoung man and th they arrested and actually tased. so that could be problematic. >> but here is the thing. your listeners raise the question that i think everybody has, don't the officers know that there are ceras everywhere? they know other people have erht in such an aggrecassive way >> i think that is what has our rpsteners pelexed. wekn everyone has a came him are camera on their phone and in this case the lady was saying this.lming and i think some of our listeners are feeling that maybe police have a certain sense of immunity no matter what you see here, thathey will not be prosecuted for what ty see for -- for what they do. >> is so what do your listeners say about whether this could
4:26 pm
have been avoided? >> most believe that it could en have b avoided. and i think most of our listeners when they look at this, they see wait a minute, there is a feeling of overpolici overpolicing. and especially when it is relatedo african-americans and specifically african-american males. a listener saidr sense was that she ft the second officer come into the scene and escalate instead of deescalate a tense issue that was already present. >> so i definitely position that tthat -- i think that the police handled it very inappropriately just becau the young man was speaking to another police officer and he was disrupted ith aggressive force from another police officer. so this is definitely a case where the police did o much
4:27 pm
and should reevaluate how they approach situations especially when the person who they are approaching is doubt your list be watching to see how it ends up. pat, back over to. y the experience of a life time today for a local young man fighting a rare disease. 'll show you the special honor he has received. plus we are helping you keep your july 4th celebrations safe. what to consider if you are planning to set off fireworks. and a live look as we count down to the democratic debate miami. foer senator clairerm
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we have new information about thinnocent woman killed on the crash in the bw parkway.ld 27-year-o brittany burkes was in her car when she was rear ended by a man speeding away from police. burkes died at the scene. friends tell news 4 that she was udying to become a dentist. and surveillance video captures a car striking a woman riding a scooter. really hard to watch. the woman had to go to the hospital. the driver told police she didn't see the rider. that driver was cited for not yielding the right-of-way. a deadly crash in page county took the life of a popular local educator. jonathan kite s an assistant principal at briarwoods high school in ashburn. he was killed in a head-on crash monday. kite's co-workers remember him as an unbelievable guy who made a special connection with his students. and a live look inside the
4:32 pm
center in miami where in just over four hourse we'll se some presidential hopefuls standing behind those podiums. this is th first democratic debate in the 2020 primary season. tonight's lineup includes senator elizabeth warren who is gaining in polls as well as john delaney. back to you. and as you know there are around two dozen people trying to win the party nomination. >> and tonight ten of them will be going head to head in miami. and claire mccaskill is joining us with her insights. so glad to have you with us. you cause from a state i thats so much like most of the country than most of the other states are out there. tell us what your insights u'ar. yo worked with at least three of the figures on the stage tonight. what is your insight so what you
4:33 pm
expect tonight? >> well, i think they are under a lot of pressure. there will be a lot of at candidates till drop out after these two debates because they rton't get enough suppoo continue financially. so they will have to in a very onort period of time try to make an impressn the american people. that is a actutall order. >> will it be tough for you to watch, senator? >> well, in some ways it is hara to tch. i'm nerve you alous on their li. but it will be interesting because you will see some candidates who n haveo shot try to punch through and do something to get attention. that could go well or it could go -- it could be an epic failure. >> who do you think is best suited to make that breakthrough? >> i think that amy klobuchar will do very well tonight. .he has a good huor comfortable thinking on her feet. i also think cory booker can
4:34 pm
inspire andse of cour elizabeth warren is going to be formidable. beto, it remains to be seen whether he can break out tonight. >> and if you are warren and considered a frontrunner or maybe biden tomorrow, everybody is coming after you, how do you protect yourself? >> i think that you have to deflect and pivot to the things that you really want to communicate about. if you spend all your time trying to answer charges that are being made against you, you are noing to be effective at really getting your message across to the american people and that is what tonight should be about.> can't wait and see how tonight goes. so glad to have you with us, senator. take care. several ways that you can tomorrow.ght and first you can stay right here on news channel 4, the debates will also air on msbc and telemundo 44. tonight at 9:00. and also stream live onnbc twitter and youtube pages and
4:35 pm > and a consumer alert for you this afternoon. susan hogan work position for you to warn you about a hidden hazard that may be in your home. she'll explain how it may bett g your safety at risk. and first, how you sit may affectour heart health. we'll walk you through n research on that. and we're only in day two of a potentially 12 day lg heat wave. meaning we hit 90 degrees or higher through next saturday. and it is not just us.e ope is also dealing with ope is also dealing with this summer the thrills are bigger, and the nights are brighter at busch gardens williamsburg. tar 80 feet in the air onhe new finnegan's flyer screamin' swing. it will send you over the edge at 45 miles per hour.
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early, but when it came to sitting at work, there were no health risk differences between those who sat the most and those who sat t least. news 4 is working for you in the community. you know summer always brings blood shortages.e' but wre told that this year is worse than usual. so the national card is doing something about it. members came out in force this morning to donate. and they helped pump up blood supplies which right now are critically low. >> we're all activated soldiers and we just decided to come oute and assume community in which we live in and serve every day. >> if you want to know where you can find a blood donation site, just search blood in the n washington app. parts of europe are dealing with the hottest days in june of. four cities set new record high temperatures f>> today.
4:40 pm
o we the worst is yet to hear. our changing climate partly to blame for the extreme temperatures. amelia draper is here with the ience behind the trend that may be deadly. >> absolutely. and you have to think in a lot of thesee laces thern't air conditioning. and when we talk about dangerous heat, overnight lows are hecritical, you want t temperature to drop below 80 degrees and that is notli lyeu. so first more on the heat. this is the hottest june temperatures ever for parts of france, germany, poland and the czech republic. and it is only going to get worse. the heat wave in europe will hit tomorrow and friday about the soccer world cup going on in france for the women, yeah, they are playing there friday night at 9:00 p.m. i'll show you tperatures there what they might be dealing with in a moment. heat waves aren't new, right? but thisdoes relate to climate change in the sense that as we talk about our change in climate, the extremesre
4:41 pm
getting more extreme. we're talking about temperatures running 20 to 30 degrees would havom normal fr spain to portland with high temperatures generally around 100 in these llcations. what is causing a of this? this is attributed to a massive igh pressure that is either going fed by deserts and the sahara. talking about temperatures with wh the women might be dealing with on friday, playing 9:00 p.m. in france, 30 p.m.ur time, well, right now it is 10:00 in paris and the temperature of 77 degrees. looks kfully while i like it won't necessarilybe dangerous during that game, it will certainly be hot. >> wouldn't be confident abomfo. >> thanks, amelia. the experience of a lifetime for a local boy and his mother's emotional reaction. >> we can' ask for a day to see
4:42 pm
my child smile ando be able -- sorry. >> how service members in maryland made dreams come true for ts family. >> plus, a new sport that you could be seeing at the
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. we are back with a look atn curemperatures. doug and amelia say we're in the middle of what could be a two week long heat wave. we'll see whenhe temps spike. and a local 13-year-old is fighting a rare disease, but that is not stopping him from living out his dream. drew wilder was there as the boy served as pilot for the day at joint base andrews. >> reporter: inside joint base andrews, a boy lives o his dream. swearing in 13-year-old oryon
4:46 pm
jolly off to be pilot for the day. >> see how excited he is a awesome. >> reporter: he was born with a numbersef disea and relies on his wheelchair and also a feeding tube. >> you st want to cry. >> reporter: a few years ago, he developed a rare brain disease. >> we can't ask for a day to see my child smile and be able to -- sorry. be able to do this. you know?pl because peo don't realize what you have when you have it. and we don' >rter: which is why the nonprofit andel colonel sted him for the biannual pilot for a day program. >> we can't change what is happening with him, but we can replace all the sad memories with all the good memories.
4:47 pm
reporter: he wants to be a rescue swimmer in the coast guard. he will need a helicopter do that. he needs a medical miracle to join the coast guard one day, but he is giving himself for other people right now. see those bracelets? he makes those, sells them and donates the money to the children's hospital specifically to fund research for his disease. >> i like to share hope around the world. >> reporter: he will only be a brigadier general for one day, but his service will changees countls lives forever. drew wildr, news 4. >> and he was given aetter and picture from the president and lady. >> and just south of where he was sitting, mgm national hrbor decided to declare today oryan
4:48 pm
jolly day. >> good to him. >> and i lovehe giving t positive memories instead of the negative. that family going through a lot. >> good stuff. and how about you, you gotg d stuff for us? >> if you like the heat. and here is the thing. what kind of heat do they have in vegas? >> dry.ou ynow it is dry. >> dry heat. and that is what we have today. yeah, you will sweat a little bit,uthe humidity not nearly a factor as what it will probably be on friday. and yeah, we're talking about af potential o a two week heat wave or close to it. i'm not predicting much in the way of dangerous heat. that 1 norm when is anonymously when the heat index is 100 to 105 or more. we don't have that anywhere in t our foreca so that is good news. y soh, we're talking heat, but not all that hot. 91 right now, but with low humidity, 91 feels hot but not too humid. 86 degrees by 7:00, dropping do about 83 by 9:00. we are 81 at 11:00 last night in
4:49 pm
the city. so without the humidity we will cool overnight. 91 right now i in monassas. so hot everywhere beingcross ou region. tomorrow i think a little bit more humid. 93 re going to a high of tomorrow. slightly more humid, maybe a 95.t index 94, you might notice it more sweating out there, but plenty of sunshine. an isolated shower chance is possible, but not expecting much of that. and we think friday will be the hottest day here and probably into saturday, possibly sunday as well. >> and that is when the humidity srts to build in on friday. i'll have your humidity forecast in a moment.t but i wan to break down tomorrow for you starting off already mild out there. if you walk to work, whatou y were dealing with this morning, similar tomorrow morning. we are dry at 75. and on your lunch hour, we're at
4:50 pm
88, plenty of sunshine out there. the humidity is really not that bad especially for d.c. standards. i said that yesterday saying it again today because we just rarely get heat like this without oppressive midity levels really as well. a high of 93. and talking to that thunderstorm chance, it is really mainly west of the metro area later in the day tomorrow, but most if not everybody isdry. but look at your hourly temperature at 7:00, kids are t tside playing, 90 still 7:00 p.m. so it is all about the sunscreen and the water. perfect poolr days fo sure. hot and humid friday. so here is the humidity levels. a lookceat that fa on saturday, yeah,eeling pretty humid out there. by monday though, much more comfortable as far as the humidity goes, but we have put together the 10 day forecast and
4:51 pm
potentially 12 degrees sday ofs or higher. >> yeah, it will be hot and humid. and we can see the heat index get unto100. 93 tomorrow, backyard weather tomorrow going to be a hot one. 94 friday. more humid friday and saturday. 30% chance of a storm on saturday.0% on sunday. maybe a couple stronger storms on sunday. anytime you get this hot, we have a chance f strong storms. cooler on monday, but still at 90, whichnu would conti the heat wave. mid-90s all next week. and look at fourth of july, if you are sitting on ultimate on the mall, definitely looking on the ot side. high94 degrees.ut on the mall, definitely looking on the hot .ide. high of 94 degrees and summer just started.
4:52 pm
soon you may beymble to win c gold for doing this, break dancing. the international olympic committee added the sport to the 2024 games in paris. >> still one more vote before it is an official sport. i don't get this at all. and i does this id this as a ki. break out the cord box acardbop. but otherts are also coming. surfing and skateboarding. >> and what i'd beilng to bet your paycheck on xnet? spor? >> it is huge. making money. >> it is all in the wrists. >> i think that ngeak danci because that takes a lot of
4:53 pm
core. i think that is pretty physical. news 4 is challenging to you a danceoff. maybe tomorrow. >> nobody wants to see that. like sharks theet j we'll rumble. >> pat and i will be the judgesl that is we'll be. a busy afternoon. public transportation on demand. the unique program that could lower the cost of getting around. and you will love that ory. and also this one, lost and found, a young woman's reunion with her dog that is much more to her than just a pets. >> and also tonight at 5:00, a consumer alert about a hden hazard that could cause a fire in your home. >> susan hogan will report on the vice that may be putting you safety at risk and what need to protect yourself if you have one of these in your home. those stories just about 7 minutes away.
4:54 pm
we keep hearing you talk about dry heat. so this is nhing for otyo
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
safety experts arede vering a warning about fire work this is year. last year we saw more than 9,000 injuries. >> and we're talking about deverything from cuts an scrapes to permanent t.disfigmen
4:57 pm
sarah dallof with what you need to watch out for this year. >> reporter: as fireworks soar skyigh around the fourth of july, so do injuries. these devices canni easily explode. and consumer products safety commissiont demonstraed the power of fireworks legal and illegal. according tohe cpsc, in 2018, five peoore were killed and m than 9,000 injured in fireworks related incidents. the majority i a 30 day period around july 4th. >> 180 people visit our emergency rooms on a daily basis during this period of time because of fireworks injuries and deaths. t >> reporter:hose injuries include severe burns, amputation of fingers and serious eye au tra. and it is not just airborne and explosion five fireworks.
4:58 pm
spa sparklers also burn. >> and it kcould melt metals. >> reporter: to recuse risk, fireworks should be lit one at a time, never thrown or pointed at another person or picked up if they fail to ignite. >> more than 50% of incidents happen in spite of parental vision. first at 5:00, a young woman in the wrong p at the wrong time. >> and we now know the name of the innocentle victim kil following a police .pursu >> her name is brittany burkes,d the 27-year-olas in her suv on the side of bw parkway when a
4:59 pm
car slammed right into her kiher at the scene. >> that driver was on the run from police at the time leading to questions about whether that chase contributed to this crash. >> pat colpns juste with the police chief this afternoon. what is he telling you? >> reporter: here is the question, jim. did a police pursuit of that speeding car contribute to that fatal crash on the bw parkway? here now from the police chief. >> it is too early to tell right now, pat. as you know, we have a very strict pursuit policy. so we don't want the police to be engaged in a pursuit which resulted in someb hurt or in this particular case sod.ebody was kill so we'll take a very close look at the police actios. >> reporter: 27-year-old brittany burkes killed in that horrific crash. she was in her honda crv on the side of the road when her car was rear ended b a man speeding
5:00 pm
away from the cops.bu brittany es pronounced dead at the scene. she was a third year student at howard university dental school. e was from amhurst new york near buffalo. chastity was her friend.> >henever she was at school, she is also looked like she was here to do what she is supposed to do and do a great job. she will be missed. >> reporter: this all began monday night in the 4500 block ofeecoral str in northeast. a car struck a police vehicle and then kept on going. police began a pursuit. >>here are questions about this pursuit? >> you know, it is very concerning the information that we have to thihave to this poin. i don't want to pre-judge >> reporter: the suspect speeds around and then slams into miss burkes' car on the side of the road. the driver of the striking car


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