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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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primetime. >> and when the season starts, not everybody will get to play. >> just about three hours before the candidates take the stage. >> all hoping to propel their campaign to the next level. >> and with ten on the stage, getting a word in can be proving to be difficult. >> aaron gilchrist, give us a sense of the excitement builrtng. >> repo: definitely. more and more are mowering in. i would imagine that the candidates are huddled with their tea p trying to the last minute touches on the ideas after brevity and substance. they will only have 60 seconds to directly answer the questions the moderators put to them. so a lot of attention will be focused on elizabeth warren next to beto o'rourke.
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those on the edges will be trying to make an impress wanting to their names to be memorable. we sat down with john delaney and talked to him about what his game plan is tonight. >> i feel like i've been preparing the last year and a half. >> reporter: he declared in july of 2017. irst to announce that he would challenge president trump. now he is prepared to at that time debate stage on take on democrats first. >> we have real issues that need to be dealt with. >> reporter: and he has been to iowa almost 30 times. he will take what he has learned and try to talk up what he calls workable plans for improving public education and managing student debt, tackling infrastructure and affordable
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house, and what he says is thet biggessue, health care. >> it is a crowded field. they ontwon't hany moments to make a moment, but to show their credibility to break out of the pack. l be a rter: it w crowded stage. ten candidates tonight varyingl levef name seconds to directly answer questions and make a mark. elizabeth warren is at center stage and improving her position in many polls. expectations foro presce acyndli a eager to hear specific slug solutions to the problems. so she has a moment tonight. >> reporter: and this questiono resident trump, how much of their precious little time will the spend spend taking on competitors who aren't on the stage? >> who can stand u and show that they are tough enough to take on donald trump. and there will probably be some
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shots at joe biden possibly because he's not there. >> reporter: so even the ten candidates who wil not be in the room tonight will be paying attention, how they might incorporate it into their debate tomorrow. i can tell you that they are done with the questions, they may be fweekitweaking a few wort ready to put the candidates to the test. >> no doubt champing at the bit. >> and have you memorized all 20 names yet, aaron? >> i can get you through ten of hem tonight. tomorrow is another story. >> ten at a time, that is all. in a challenge for the time rticipating in the debate and for those of you coverin abouit. thank you. and results of the latest
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poll are not surprising but there is something else of interest. >> this is the new poll of democratic primary voters. joe biden holds the 7 point lipd ov lead followed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kamala harris and pete buttigieg and cory book booker. >> but a majority of the primar voters say that they might change their vote. the candidates with the most voi loyal have biden and sanders. about 30% of the erecollectilet spoken for. so that leaves a narrow lane for a path to the nomination. ghke a look at the lineup for the second ni tomorrow you can see from the podium placement that the higher polling candidatesua are sited in the center with biden,
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sanders, harris and buttigieg oig ta taking snar stacenter stag aaron will have look at the four things to watch for and keep it locked on nbc 4, night one of the first democrat edge ic deba kicks on the at 9:00. new developments in three white hatuse controversies th could come up tonight. they include the special counsel investigation. white house counselor kellyanne count lore a kouns alrea
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coun . any vetted to subpoena her. and democrats are loasing into elhat she violated federal law. and a haunting photo will add to the border crisis. susan mcginnis has the latest. >> reporter: reports of horrific conditions in detention facilities has lawmakers here on capitol hill trying to agree on action to solvehe crisis. the glowi growing crisis forcing lawmakers to take action. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> reporter: the senate following the house in passing bill provide billions in emergency aid for migrants, but republicans and democrats still have to find a compromise on how the money will be spent. ld president trump look at this picture is and not
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rstand that these are human beings? >>. >> reporter: emotions running high after this photoof a father and 2-year-old daughter drowned. >> i don't want to see another picture likeld leas more about the father and his daughter who lost their ves, president trump blarms democrats. >> open borders mean ople drawning in the rivers. they have to change the ws. >> reporter: it is following disturbing reports atat th facility where there were complaints of inadequate food, wear and sanitation. in boston workers walking out at wayd
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wayfair. frustrations are growing to a breaking point. the white house says it won't allow any new fund toggle salvadore,r hondu and guatemala uil they do more. >> we'll very to see how many mind that the picture may change. thank you, susan. new tonight, we know that the name of the innocent woman killed following a police pursuit. brittany burkes was inside her suv on the bw parkwayhen a car h slachled in slammed into her killing her.driver was on the run from police. >> reporter: did thece poli pursuit contribute to the fatal
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crash on the bw parkway? well, we asked the ief. >> you know, it is very concerning the information that we have to this point.w ll wait until very have all the information. >> reporter: 27-year-old brittany burkes killed in that horrific crash. i she was her honda crv on the side of road when her car was rear ended by a man speeding away from the cops. wri rittany burkes pronounced dead at the scene. she was a third year student at howard university dental school. chastity was her friend. >> she will be missed. >> reporter: on her facebook page, she identified herself as your future dentist.lo andside a cake decorated
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with dental supplies, she talked about her drm. dentist, and i couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. at came to a violent he said on the baltimore-washington parkway. policwere pursuing and the suspect slam in order miss burkes' car. theriver a24-year-old darnell bassett. according to court records, he lives onral street about a block away fromhere this all began. there are a number of investigations going on here. it could be some time before we know exactly wat happened.
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back to you. >> such a senseless loss. scooters are all over the local streets and one woman is lucky to be alive. >> this is ta crazy video. and a school in shot, the tribute for a be loved oig assistant principal who died. frts . the hea is here. but th. humidity not so mu that is a good thing but you know what is coming. i'll show you how warm things will really gets a wemake our
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we're back with hard to watch video of an awful scooter crash. >> a car makes a turn around a const bction site inhesda and it hits a scooter and sends the woman flying head over heels. >> chris gordan hdon has the st. >> reporter: we had to do a little detective work to find the lotion of the crash. this 7 second video shows the scooter rider hit by the car turning no a private parking lot. this was sebts to uus sent to u didn't he will us where or when the scooter accident took place. we traced it to this security camera.he will us where or when
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scooter accident took place. we traced it to this security camera.didn't he will us where the scooter accident took place. we traced it to this security camera. >> a scary sight to see. >> reporter: colleen was with co-workers watching and she went to her cputer and found this video of the escooter on woodmont avenue getting hit by r turning left into the lot. made me think more about making that turn. >> reporter: police and i the driver was cited for failing too yield the right-of-way. she told police she doesn't see. etimwhserved i military. police say th because most ooter riders don't ar helmet, she is lucky she wasn't contact was pretty severe. the operator of the escooter was flipped up over the car. but a lot of times when they
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come into contactith the pavement, if they come first, serious trauma >> reporter: the speed limit for scooters iser0 miles pour on road, but he believes that montgomery county will lower the speed limit for safety reasons. from bethesdis ch gordon, news 4. new at 6:00, congress wants an investigation into alleged sexual harassment. the u.s. house judiciary committee says that women have been mistreated. >> and more than a dozen women including several from d.c. have sued the u.s. justice department alleging that they face
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stereotypes. and dai today democrats and republicans have interested investigators to look into how the fbi selects new agents and runs the training program. if allegations are true, such conduct cannot be tolerated. in oneme pass anlgt said that females were subjected to several jokesncluding preg nabls ci pregnancy and manner of dress. they say they committed to fostering a work environment lo where all empdwlees ha where all employees have respected. a worst nightmare, a pet runs around. but that is what happened to a fairfax woman 37 b
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fairfax woman. meagan fitzgerald mass the story of how it went from lostto found. >> reporter: like most, life ofnsred many ups and dow >> i was nervous. >> reporter: she has struggled with severe anxiety. and it has impacted her ability to live her best life. and she feared baseballing addict dled to her prescription. but she gound hfound her pet an was so much better abo but after she left for
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vacation, she lereceived a call her pet had run around. and on the seven day -- >> i looked in my rear you view mirror and i seen the dog. >> reporter: so today -- >> i something. i'm so thankful for everyone. >> reporter: she stopped by to say thank you for proving that never give up >> that poor thing. >> anybody who has ever had a et get lost knows that it is a terrible feeling. >> mad to mahad to make it so m. glad they are backhe togetr. and imagine this d.c. and
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new york in less than half an hour. >> someone is working on that. >> a look at the project that could look at the wayyou travel in the u.s. hotter and hotter, are you ready
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. warm yesterday. >> humidity makes all the difference. hot but comfortable. efd if you stand in the shade, you got reli if you are in the pool, you get relief. and humidity on friday, shade won't matter. when you get ar your and you are just sweating. and that will be the case as we make our way the next coupleda s. humidity will be going up. this is the congressional baseball game going on at nats park. democrats taking on the republicans. don't know the -- actually, if i remember correctly, it is tied up. but i think that it is like the
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sear requiries tied up. but i could be wrong. kevin, what did you say? last year democrats won 21-5. wow. most will be at the tee ba deba. if you are getting utside, 91 with low humidity. winds at 6 miles per hour. once the sunoes down, it will help keep things cooler. manassas 89. we don't have intense heat. and i'm really not predicting intense heat. w that isen we get over 100 and 105. that is not happeningith in heat wave. so at least some good news there.
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right now we're on the dry side. we will stay that way. no real big systems anywhere. we do have strong are storms toward the middle part of the country. we've been right about average, t that is changing. the heat is coming and that is why we haves heat wave that will last for quite some time, the next 12 days most likely. 93 tomorrow. backyard weather. hottest days friday and saturday because of the added humidity. congressmann johlewis stood alongside dr. liuther king
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a closer look at our top demoatic debate. >> it is an extremely crowded field of candidates and tonight the first ten get to come face-to-face. >> we're just about 2 1/2 hours away from them taking the stage in this primetime meeting. >> and sena r elizabeth warren lk ri will be right there center stage. and aaron gilchrist is joining us live with what to watch for. >> reporter: yeoeayeah, those tl trying to make sure their voices e heard.
6:30 pm
want to show you live picture from the inside the debate hall. lester moment a lester holt and his team are preparing getting ready for the newscast. but as far as the debate itself goes, you can see ten podiums in place who will debate tonight. they he been moving in and out of the press room. a little earlierhe each of candidates had time to do a walk through to see where their podiums are, tir perspective, where they will be able to see people in the 2,000 plus seat concert hall here iami. you can see beto o'rourke there, you will be standing center stage next to elizabeth warren. but all ready for what will come tonight. so the questi for you at home,
6:31 pm
what should you look out for? he is a listf things that you might want to keep an eye out for. first, elizabeth warren, how does sheandle the frontrunner status that she has on this debate stage. second, who will be the breakthrough person. we know that beto o'rourke will be standing next to her,coriey booker and amy clone can they break out. they are all looking for an opportunity to make themselves really seen tonight. and how long does the ofverage tonight's debate last? obviously there is another dete tomorrow and so they want name recognition going into the weekend. we talked with h
6:32 pm
and she had something intere interesting to say. the candidates with lesser known names have the most to lose and to gain tonight. so you have people who polling in the top fiv like john delaney, even bill de blasio who just don't vhave the name recognition. so they will be looking for that moment. i think that they will be wary of trying to go create something. if you work too hard to try to go too hard, i think voefters wl know that is not authenti >> reporter: making sure that the voters feel like they that are hearing something that they can hold on to. so a small amount of time to make themselves hear they willhave 60 seconds respond to the five questions across the night.
6:33 pm
and we'll be watching to see if there are any fireworks. of course we'll have that for you at the1: 1 news. >> and you can watch all the action right here at 9:00. lester holt, a vsavannah guthas will oderators. and aaron gilchrist will be there forrers. jonathan kite was an assistant principal briarwoods high school in ashburn. he died on monday in a crash. car c
6:34 pm
darcy spencer has his spoer. >> reporter: he was an assistant principal for just proper yes r. he own for his hard work. >> it is a shock. jonathan's impact on students is going to be felt far and wide. >> reporter: the shock, kite died in a car crash after leaving work monday afternoon. police say for unknown reasons, he crossed the median and collided with another car head-on in page county. the other driver also died. kite was 37. >> it will be probably two or three people needed to replace just the shear impact of thewo that he would employ. >> reporter: kite is being remembered for the special way that he was able to connect with students. whether it was something that he was wring or the snacks he kept in his office. this w his office for the two
6:35 pm
years. the noodle soup he would give to student,ehe candy to mak a tough day stsier. f members can't believe that he will never walk through the door again. school a sect at the and cheer leading coach. she asays everyone will miss hi. >> he just brought love which is the only thing that matters. >> reporter: administrators and staff are talking about what they can do to honor kite's legacy when students returnrom summer break. darcy spencer, you you news 4. ground breaking technology on capitol hill daitoday hoping grow support for more research and funding. the hyper loop could get people around more than 600 miles per u hr. and that would mean traveling between d ad.c. and new york in
6:36 pm
just27 minutes. virgin highway loop currently has a work demo in nevada..c. a just 27 minutes. virgin highway loop currently has a work demo in nevada. they want to be the first to make this technology a reality. just over a week until theh fourt july. which day is expected to have the busiest roads and airports and it make you not be when you expect. and all the proof you need to leave the oo 46789hs and aah the 1k3er7b89experts. and temperatures are soaring above average. it will feel warm. we're talking humidity. i'll show you how long it will last. congressional baseball game is ready to go. ready to go. 7:05 start te
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independence day holiday. that is the most on record for the fourth of july. on you add in flights, trains, buses, cruises, we are looking at a record breaking 48.9li americans planning to travel for the fourth of july. that means record delays i you plan to drive. aaa is redis achlt achl predict increase. worst day of travel is july 7 during the late morning hours. and everybody loves a good show offireworks. but this fourth of july, it may be a good idea to leave these to display he experts. year in and year out, last year fire works killed five and injured more than 9100. that includes permanent disfigurerace.
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and today the consumer safety experts illustrated the dangers. so being safe this year. and how about the sun? doug is tracking a long heat wave as well as your fourth of july onhe 10 day forecast. but first, barbara harrison sits down with the civil rights leader, his new fight for equality that could be a game changer for countless families. >> it is so important
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a civil rights actist turned congressman john lewis has been fighting for equality for much of his life. he was even arearested as you
6:45 pm
helped rally the nation. and now at 79, the veteran congress mana congressman is taking up the fight again. >> and barbara harrison has more about his new plan. er he is a legend. and so wondful to sit down and talk to the fly equality council has been spearheading an effort to push against the discriminationo that of lgbtq people feel when they try to adopt through foster care. they found a hero in this organization in john lewis who has taken up their cause for human rights. >> this was a morning that>- reporter: john lewis was celebrating with president johnson on that morning in the summer of 1965 when the voting rights bill with us signed. that photo is among the men
6:46 pm
memorabilia that cover every space in his office. in his office he sred a a book about adoption as he talked about a billing that he sponsored recently called the every child deserves a child act. it seeks to create more loving adoptive families by ending discrimination based on gende sexual identity and other factors. >> it is so important for a child, little children, to have someone who cares about them, for someone who loves them, nursed them, look out for them. he saysthe civil rights struggle was about human rights. >> respect and dignity. that is what the movement taught us. >> and that is woris worth stanp for. >> you cannot free one segment of the society. we have to free all of our
6:47 pm
people. let the people free. let people be human. >> he says as a little boy growing up inl the rura south, he often wondered why people saw each other in any other way. >> i would ask my mother, my father, my grandparents, why? they would say boy that is the way it is. don't get in the way. don't get in >> r he got are arrested for standing up against hate as head of a student nonviolent coordinatin committee. he joined martin luther king jr. in delivering a message of hope to america. >> to tell the america people we're better. and we must get people to never hate. hate is too heavy of a burden to bear. >> minds can be changed he says. and he related a story about wanting to borrow a book from a neighborhood library when he was just a boy. >> we were told thatra the lib was a white only and not for
6:48 pm
coloreds. and i neverk went bac to that library until july 5th, s 1998 i for a book signing of my first book. by this time i'm in the congress. it changed my life. so many black and white people showed up. >> john lewis plans to continue his efforts to reverse the divisive rhetoric. >> i'd like to see us just some way try to be kind to people. take a lesson from the 1i6civil rights movemen a message of pe, of love. just love everybody. i remember dr. king saying on one occasion, just love the hell outf everybody.
6:49 pm
>> i love that. ohn lewis says every child deserves a family and his act was introduced earlier this month. we'll keep you updated on how it goes. >> couldn't have a better advocate. he has the aura and authority to actually get people to come togeth and think about things. >> he is wonderful person. he has promised to keep his office open to come whenever i want to. a lot of good advice to even though from georgia, born in alabama, he considers washington home. haseen here a long time and the respect of everybody in this town. thank you, barbara. doug is back with more about our ather. and the heat wave that is just about to get worse. >> jaw, you know kind of like the small part of the heat wave and we're building up to the bigger act.yeajaw,
6:50 pm
the small part of the heat wave and we're building up to the bid ger, you know kin li the small part of the heat wave and we're building up to the, bigger act.wyou know kind of li the small part of the heat wave and we're buildibi up to the er act., you know kind of like the small part of the heat wave 're building up to the bigger act.h, you know kind of the small part of the heat wave and we're building uto the bigger act. it is the mid-90s and heat indices ar to worry about friday and saturday. this is not dangerous heat, not too oppressive, but watch out as we make our way through the nexy couple d because this will be the first real potential for real vegnificant heat that w had so far. yeah, it was hot, but not too humid around tharea. 91 around leesburg. sure.t for average high this time of year is 87. so you know we're supposed to be hot as we move into late jne and early july. 86 next hour, 83 by 9:00.rm so wa for sure. still 90 back toward leesburg and dulles. 88 toward annapolis. no rain, we will stay dry for the next couple days.
6:51 pm
not really much happening here. what is comis our way i more heat and the heat is starting to build across the country now. it has been very cool, but places like minneapolis and denver, around st. louis and chicago. you see the heat building even toward cancanada. and that will continue to build day after day. highs tomorrow around 93. humidity not too bad tomorrow. still not a highly impactful day, but yeah, if you are out there in the sun for an extended period of time, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. 3 30% of a shower on saturday. and look next week, humidity down but then right back up middle of thenk middle of next week.
6:52 pm
ourth of july looking rather hot. cong up, lots of attention first round pick. but he is not the on rising star. star. >>hy a w
6:53 pm
z3a5wz z16fz
6:54 pm
y3a5wy y16fy
6:55 pm
>> so wizards number one pick talkingnumbers. >> we just learned that he will wear number eight because in apanese it translatesto eight. so a perfect the young players are taking in eir first full days at professional basketball players. and garnering all the attention is theirst round pick. all the eyes will be on their ninth pick. and i'll be sitting down with hill onehim one o-on-one time.
6:56 pm
and virginia tech pointuard justin robinson signed a multilar partia guaranteed contract as a free agent. he knew d.c. was the right fit for him. >> my parents can come and see me and being an hour away from manassas, it is a blessing for me. so i just think that just to build off of that and it is a great feeling. so just to back play management organization is a great feeling f me. and kevin durant sweepstakes part two begins.
6:57 pm
the warrior star signed a player option with golden state. and this week he will become an unrestricted free agent. so cue the relative humidity ors of whe rumors of where h will land next. >> and also elana will be playing at mvp level. schooling one of the players that she was traded for. she beat the sho beit clock an mystics a perfect 4-0. and also machado comes and happy to see them . he made his return to camden
6:58 pm
yard for the two games. it was a hot sunny day for afternoon baseball. reyes slet thi tlehis one go. and padres up 4-1. in the fifth, armstrong and same result, blastinghis one to the deepest part ofe fild. they have given up 31u over the last three games. so at least nice weather. something to be excited about. >> more home runs than anybody in the league. >> they are struggling very much. >> and thought our bullpen was chernobyl. a rebuilding th for joining us. "nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. we hope that we will see you for
6:59 pm
the late news after the democratic debate.
7:00 pm
tonight from miami, it's debate night in america. 20 democrats clashing o on stage on back to back nights for the very first debate of the 2020 presidential race, their first ef major test bore a national audience, a make or break chance to share their competing visions for america. who will have a break out moment, and who will have the best case to take on president trump. the image has shocke the nation, a migrant girl clinging to her father, both drowned crossing the rio grande into the u.s. we're on the border with the first sp reonders. tonight the gut wrenching story bend e father/daughter journey ending in tragedy at the border. breaking news tonight, the faa has found another potential safety risk involving the 73ma


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