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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight from miami, it's debate night in america. 20 democrats clashing o on stage on back to back nights for the very first debate of the 2020 presidential race, their first ef major test bore a national audience, a make or break chance to share their competing visions for america. who will have a break out moment, and who will have the best case to take on president trump. the image has shocke the nation, a migrant girl clinging to her father, both drowned crossing the rio grande into the u.s. we're on the border with the first sp reonders. tonight the gut wrenching story bend e father/daughter journey ending in tragedy at the border. breaking news tonight, the faa has found another potential safety risk involving the 737 max after two deadly
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crashes. what the agency is now saying a when it could be allowed to fly again. and the major federal investigation into something a lot tf american family's dinnerles tonight. are companies conspiring to drive up the price you pay? >> announcer: this is "nbc night news" with lester holt reporting from miami, thsite of the first democratic debate. good evening everybody. tonight becomes the center of the political univse. over the next two nights, 20 democratic candidates for president will take thisebate stage and stand behind these lecterns to defend their positions and try to make a connection with democratic voters. some of the names are quite familiar, others m not, but all the searching for a way to stand out in this crowd. if history is any guide, the risks and rewards in this first debate are hig hallie jackson has more on the stakes and what to watch for. >> reporter: the cotdown nearly over, ten of the candidates, one stage tonight. so, what should you be watching for?
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first, who will have a break out moment? maybe se t lizabeth warren, the biggesme and the biggest target tonight, spending her day talk ing immigration at a deteion center in south florida. >> i hope it comes up in the debate tonight. i'm glad to have a chance to talk about what i've seen here today. >> reporter: but senator amy klobuchar no stranger to high pressure momen could also steal the spotlight. >> with ten people it could get hard, but i'm hoping they'll be fair and everyone will have a chance toalk. senator cory booker and former congressman beto o'rourke hope to elbow their way into the top tier, but the stakes may be highest for the candidates polling the lowest. almost half of voters do not know who you e. w do you plan to change that tonight? >> i think we change it by being in the debate. most americans haven't tuned into this race at all. >> reporter: to get ready, they're cramming, practicing ck debates, practice 60 second answers,
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ewen pumping a f bicep curls. another key dynamic to watch, how big are assues like health care the economy be? watch for more progressive candidates to push medicare for all with the more moderate contenders not ready to go that far. >> we've got 60 seconds to respond to the biggest questions on the mind's of american people right now. >> it's not about the people in the audience tonight but the millions more watching on tv. that will probably include one man who's not on stage, but looming over it, president trump. so, what will the trump factor be? he's already on the attack, planning to tune in from his 15-hour flight to japan tonight. >> it just seems very boring but i'm going to watch it because i have to. .that's part of my life you know, it's part of my life. do i want to watch it? do i want to watch these people? ery unexciting group of people. >> and hallie joins us now. any number of b topics da these candis want to talk about, but the bigger question is which one can beat donald trump.
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>> ultimately that's the goal for the person who makes it to the primary, who cwi the white house. tonight it's not about president trump. it is about their vision, what they can do to lea the country as a democrat. remember for the lesser known candidates, tonight is a do or die moment. they're going to want to show votersho they are, not just who they're against. >> hallie, thank you. one of the major topics candidates are eager to talk about tonight, immigration. tonight a haunti image seen around the world is becoming a heart wrenching symbol of the crisis at our border. gabe gutierrez there tonight. we have to warn you, these images are quite disturbing. >> reporter: oscar martinez ramirez was trying to swim across the rio grande in south texas with his 23 mo old daughter. now their final moments have captured the world's attention. the mother in agony.
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this is home video of the family, the new faces of the border crisis. at mother tonya wched in horror as the water swept her husband and daughter away. the photographer who took the disturbing image says the family grew desperate after in beg forced to wait seeking asylum at a leagual port of entry. nearly a year ago we reported from that crowded bridge in mexico. there were 283 deaths along the u.s. southern border last year. found the two bodies. >> the fire department water rescue tm says he's seen 7 drownings last month. there were 11 all of last year. why do you think that is? >> there seems to be an influx of people trying to come across. >> overnight the house approved $4.5 billioin mergency aid for the border. >> if we had the right laws that e democrats are not leing us have, those people, they wouldn't be coming up. they wouldn't be
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trying. >> reporter: today after fierce debate, senators passed their own version of the bill, heading back to the house. >> i hope that pictureal one will catalyze this congress, this senate, this committee to do something. >> reporter: far from capitol hill, a family in central america is mourning the loss of a young girl who would not let go ofer father. >> gabe, that's a hard image for us to erase from our minds. you were just given a tour inside that troubled facility in clint. can you tell us what erit was like in th >> lester, no cameras were allowed inside. the border patrol station was built to hold 106 children. right now it's holding 117. a month and a half ath e were almost 700 children inside. today we saw a central processing center with 9,000 children inside. one older child was crying as she went back to her cell, but other than that we didn't see clear signs of any children in any distress. i what struck mehow
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they were able to cram 700 children in this compound. lester. >> all right. gabe gutierrez at the border in texas. thank you. oc some demtic candidates spent the hours leading up to tonight's debate visiting center here in florida where over 13,000 migrant children have been placed since march of last year as outrage grows about conditions inside theacilities. >> the country's largest facility for unaccompanied migrant children, where conditions have been called prison like. the for-profit privately run shelter becoming a must visit for 2020 hopefuls. >> it is a stain on our country. >> reporter: senators oblizabeth warren and amy klhar stopping by just hours before the debate. >> this president has put us into this situation with an inhumane policy. >> what's happening here at homestead is wrong, and we will fight it with everything we have. >> reporter: earlier this week, congressman eric swalwell was
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denied access.f >>ere's nothing to hide, let a congressman in. >> bernie sanders, beto o'rourke, kamala pete s, a buttigieg all planning visits before the weekend end. children are being held here staying average of 36 days court filings describe the conditions inside, childreniven limited contact with families, showers limited to five minutes, and no touching, even siblings. president trump was recently pressed about the shelter by nbc's chuck todd. >> down in homestead florida where i grew up, the conditions are terrible. >> i agree. >> do mething. >> it's been that way for a lon time. >> do something. p >>resident obama built the cages. >> tonight m y 2020 democrats using the homestead shelter which doesn't have cages as a backdrop, calling for facilities like this to be closed down for good. >> there's breaking news that could impac
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some of the children detained at homestead. what can you tell us? >> that's right. late this afternoon we broke the story that hhs now acknowledges that federal funds used to provide free legal defense for lihild migrants in facies just like this is now running out. no funds are available to be used in the two new facilities being stood up on military bases. this is directly tied to the border appropriation funding bill. until itses you may see child migrants showing up in immigration court including babies to defend themselves from deportation. thank you. a major online retailer is facing controversy over furniture sales to migrant detention centers. hundreds of wayfair employees walked off the job in protest in boston today. responding to the backlash, wayfair says it will donate s,100,000 to the red crosut indicated it will not stop doing business with contractors that run migrant facilities. another headline, the surprise move by robert mueller bowing
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to democrat subpoenas to publicly testify at what may be the most anticipated congressionahearing of the decade. nbc's peter alexander has that story. >> reporter: democrats tonight got what ey've been clamoring for, a reluctant former special counsel robert mueller submitting to subpoenas, agreeing to testify in public before both the house intelligence and judiciary committees july 17th. but whatinf anythg new will mueller re al beyond his 448-page report. >> my work speaks for itself. and the report is my testimony. >> reporter: since t release of that report, a growing number of democrats have been pushing for impeachment hearings, but so far nancy pelosi and other party leaders have resisd. judiciary chairman jerry nadler says el mur's testimony ioould sway public opinn. >> it's very important that the american people hear from mr. mueller and not have to rely on the misinformation spread lby the attorney generar on reading the report. >> reporter: democrats
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will likely drill down on the ten episodes of possible obstruction by the president revealedthe report. they're upset attorney general william barr who today surprised theonference of u.s. attorneys with a bag pipe performance cleared the president of obstruction. ueller what said last month. >> if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would haveaid so. reporter: republicans were ready blasting next month's hearing as a waste of time will likely zero in on the origins of the investigation that they aued was political. the president tweeting presidential harassment and lashing out today. >> there was no collusion, no obstructioo nothing. how many times do we have to hear it? it never ends. it just keeps going on and on. >> and peter is with me now how might this move the impeachment deba needle? >> 76 house democrats want to see the proceedings begin. mueller's testimony is
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going to be crucial here. not just for public opinion but whether or not it can sway a majority of democrats to favor that. president trump is on his way to thg20 summit in japan while speculation is swirling about a possible third summit with north korea's kim tong-un. we gethe latest from richard engel. >> reporter: it would be round three for president trump and kim jong-un. and it may have been set in motion by a letter. the north korean leader sent president trump a birthday greeting this month, which the ident described as beautiful. the president responded with a friendly letter of his n. un shown reading the quote, excellent note, on north korean state media. the white house said the two leaders have had ongoing communications. >> north korea has a phenomenal future. t>> reporter: butir last face to face in february didn't go well. president trump leaving hanoi early saying north korea wanted a sanctions lifted in exchange forso denuclearization.
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today the north korean leadership accused the u.s. of extreme hostility, but it did c not directlyriticize president trump. china's president was just in north korea and doesn't want its old ally to get too close to the u.s. the timing of a third ssible summit remains unclear, but south korean officials said today preside trump will travel to seoul this weekend. lester. >> richard, thanks. tonight new twists and turns in a war crimes trial for a navy seal accused of murdering teenage prisoner. could another seal who took the stand and shocked the courtroom face charges of his own? steve patterson is at the trial. tonight te yet another bombshell in war crimes trial of decorated navy seal chief edward gallagher. the navy is considering charging seal team medic corey scott with perjury ter his testimony that shocked the courtroom. scott admitted after taking an immunity deal that it was he, not gallagher, who
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killed an unarmed isis detainee, but that testimony may contradict scott's previous sments to ncis investigators opening him up to perjury charges and possibly voiding his immunity deal. >> i think if the navy tried charging corey scott with perjury, that would probably be the only thing more stupid that a prosecutor could do than to try to bring a rder case based on this evidence. >> reporter: in a trial lacking physical evidence, it's a battle of whose witnesses will create the most believable story. steverson, nbc news. one of the top issues in the voter's minds as the 2020 democratmeet for their first debate here tonight, health care. we sat down with three miami doctors to talk about a system many americans.ling >> reporter: just twomi s from the debate stage, jackson health system is on the front lines of the nation's health care crisis.
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>> who thinks the health care system is broken? all of you? >> the copays are so high they just can't hafford it. >> the to choose between the medications or the kind of food they eat. >> they are helpless. we don't know how to help these families. >> his pediatrician sees more and more families skipping e check ups du costs. >> i've been working here 30 years. they used to come on a regular basis. the ramification of that trend is that they have poor health. and when we physicians end up seeing them, they areicker. >> 5% of children under 18 have no health insurance. in all, 30.1 million americans under age 65 are currently uninsured. >> and typically they'll come back to the hospital, and they'll co back to the hospital until they come back no more. >> reporter: manual mayor is director of cardiology. people younger, 30 years old, having heart attacks, and it has a lot to d with getting inappropriate
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care, ineffective care early: >> this doctor sees iepsychiatric pats denied care because it's mental health. >> it's heartbreaking an when someone to put their life back together. our medicasion is restricted by guidelines that we know is just directed by numbers. is not a one size fits all. >> reporter: neither is the solution. >> i think both republicans realize that's the case. i think the solution that they have to come up with have to be joint solutions. >> are you optimistic about that? >> i think our system will go broke at some point if we don't do mething different. >> until then, these doctors aren't giving up on finding answers or on their patients. >> we continue to try and do it today and tomorrow and next week. and it's going to have to be something that everybody buys into that we can really do the right thing.
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back now with l reaking news, potentw trouble were boeing and the grounded 737 max. this time it involves ftware fix that boeing hopes the faa will soon approve. tom costello covers aviation for us. tom, what can you tell us? >> lester, the pilots have found a problem with the new software that's supposed to address a potentially law with the max. the problem tied to the plane's flight comput affected the faa pilot's ability toqu kly recover from the kind of emergency that caused the two fatal crashes overseas. this new issue described as potentially very serious. boeing tells nbc news
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it believes another ssoftware fix can addreshe problem, and safety remains its highest priority. if boeing can't fix this quickly, it will be a much longer delay for the the max is approved for flight. united airlines is not planning to have the it max back in fleet before september 3rd. coming up tonight, is here a conspiracy to fix the price you pay for chicken? stuffy? that's bec se your home is fill with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresr. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them awaydries. use febreze every time you tidy up le to keep your who houseies. smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clea routine for whole home freshness. starts with looking buiat something old,nk and saying, "really?" so we built capital one cafes,
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we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. > now to the price you pay and the federal investigation into whether there is a scheme to charge you too much for a regular part of a family dinner. rom 's get more miguel almaguer. >> reporr: it's the most popular meat on american plates. now federal investigators are looking into whether the country's biggest chicken producing companies, including imtyson foods, pil pride, sanderson farm, und purdue conspired to driprices on everything from chicken breasts to chicken tacos to
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chicken nuggets. >> how we doi? >> is this restaurant in colorado, owner t.j. ingram spends up to $2,000 a week on chicken but says higher prices have cut into profits and forced him to make changes. >> what can i do with chicken to make it go further or keep it on the menu withouthu ing the bottom line? >> americans spend about $90 billion a year on chicken. athe federal investn comes as several recent lawsuits including one brought by walmart have accused the indust of collusion. the suits allege that from 2008 to 2016 prices rose 50% even as production costs were falling. the nbc news business un estimates a typical american house hold would pay an extra $210 a year. >> chicken is an anmeric s e, taaspl much as they notice the price of milk, the price of bread, the price of orange juice. >> reporter: tonight all four companies deny allegations of
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he the debates here these next two nights are the first test for the sprawling field of candidates. for some, their race res in thi may very well rest on a single zinger, a gaffe, or a revealing moment. these are the early days of a marathon to next year's nomination, but what happens here matters as america gets to know who they are and what they stand for. n ushope you'll j for round one. i'll be questioning the candidates along
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savannah guthrie, jose belard and chuck todd starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. for now, that's nightly news for this wednesday. i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbws hank you for watching and good night.
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