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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rain over the city of fairfax and woodbridge seeing the rain as weifl. even you're not seeing heavy rain. areas of frederick and montgomery counties, alexandria, just seeing showers out there and i'm told that the national weather service did just allow the severe thunderstorm for montgomery county to expire. that was in effect until can have. good news there, but it has been raining heavily and steadily almost over the last two hours in parts of fairfax county, including teston. wit we have a flood warning in effect here until 11:15. potentially up to 2 inches of rain has fallen in this area. leon, i'm going to have more on when these storms fizzle out and what this means for the rt of the workweek and weekend coming up. >> all righty. ening got a busy e shaping up in the next hour, amelia. we'll keep you updated on air rightc up until "nb nightly news" at 7:00 tonight. and you can also track them by using our nbcto washingapp. now to miami where finahead
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the second night of the first democraticebate of this election season. ten more candidates willtage ton and bernie sanders right at center stage. we're nowt just abouhree hours away from the primetime matchup. >> that's right. so so will we see any fireworks? will the top contenders face attacks and will you had a the audio kinks be worked out? >> along with biden and sanders as'll see pete buttigieg and kamala harris well as some political newkoerms on the stage. >> all right. let's go now to news 4's aaron gilchrist who is anchoring our overage down there in miami. aaron, set the stage for us now. >> reporter: hey, leon, i think you can say yes to theuestions you asked there. we'll see four of the top five polling contenders on the stage tonight as well as two politicai nos. the reality is that they know millions of people will be watching them all tonight.
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potential voters, potential supporters as we we talked to some voters today. they are going to be looking for substance. nd >> a day that start like many on the trail, candidates drawing attention to tir issues. wednesday's debaters drawing cameras to the migrant child detention center south of miami. one of tonight's top contenders senator bernie sanders also thee to decry conditions at center. >> they must be treated with respect and compassion. >> but tonight the focus returns to the debate hall, joe biden, bernie sanders, kamala and pete bourget at center rr hitstage. a>> ertainly could be person's chance to try to knock off the front-rnie's polls have down. s have been going up. >> politic reelasn'idh e,abetar been listening for things they care about. >> and i'm hoping for optimism and just, you know, making the -- the country a better place. >> reporter: she was born in cuba and she will watch to hr about --
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>> the environment and student loans and debt and wages and just, you know, honestly, making people want to stay in this co try. >> reporter: raymond will watch again tonight but hopes the candidates get more time to go deeper. >> i felt like they really focused on only a fewcandidates last night and there were a couple of other candidates that didn't get enough time to speak their opinion. >> reporter: when the stage fills up, more time may be more hard to come by. candidates like joe biden can't be too presumptuous about wrapping up the nomination even with front-runner status. he'll have to work to stay there. >> joe biden has some real ities here, to show that he still has his fastball. he's got to show that hes as sharp as he has been in previous vice presidential debates. >> reporter: and i think everybody on that stage willto have how how sharp they are and how much they can pull people into the fold as they leave the debate stage tonight and go ck on to the campaign trail. coming up ahead at 6:30, leon and doreen, we'll take a closer look at four things you can expect from tonight's debate and
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how the candidates say they have prepared for the debate stage this evening. >> all right. we'll see you in a few minu aaron gilchrist, thank you. last night's debate through more than 15io mill television viewers, re than any primary i debate durng the 2008 and 2012c eleon cycle. >> more than 9 million people watched the live stream online. that's a lot of valuable exposure for candidates who don't have national name recognition like jay inlee, the governor ofstate. >> look, i've started virtually unknown nationally. bill clinton and jimmy carter started where i am which is in the low single tcauhey we noknniowtsgigh ri n nationally. that's why we have campaigns. ch governor inslee is running on a climate ge platform but when asked last night to name ueatest threat to the security of thenited states, his answer was donald trump. >> one of the big applause lines. night. >> um-hum our coverage of ight two of the democrat debates just getting started. aaron gilchrist will join us
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again at30 6 and will have an update on the last-minute prep and things to watch out for tonight and keep it locked right here on nbc 4 evening. the debate starts at 9:00 p.m. and then stick around for live updates and post-debate analysis on news 4 at 11:00. the supreme court issued two majordadecisions to one is a defeat for president trump and his administration. the court ruling the citizenship question cannot be added to theu censs, at least for now. the other decision is adi ppointment for many democrats. the door closed or the courts closed the door on federal challenges to partisan gerrymandering. susan mcginnis joins to us break it all down. hi, susan. >> reporter: hi, doreen. the supreme court hanged down these two key rules as it winds down its term, and with the lyections on the horizon, both is rules were hi anticipated. the supreme court rules against adding a citizenship question t
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the u.s. census. >> we're going to look at this as an optimistic day for now. >> the trump administration argueit was necessary to get a true snapshot of the population, but opponents called it a thinly disguised effort to scare immigrants. >> it was a carefully devised political strategy to discouragi panics from reporting their status to the census seek dozen immigrant groups arguedee it wod lead to undercounting of areas with high immigrant and latino populations which are also likely democratic voters. the court questioning the administration's reasoning for adding the questine you send ou a census and you're noted ayetor ape llis a an american citizen. >> the preside today a ent lawyers try toad dress the court's concerns. ersecond decision involved gerrymandering whe state legislatures redraw investigate maps with the party in power yi often tr to gain an l electora advantage.
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rth carolina and maryland challenged for maps that look like this. >> because there such thing as a non-partisan gerry manneder. >> reporter: the court ruled engineer manned serg a politica process andit's not for the courts to decide exactly where and how the lines should be drawn. in her dissent justice elana kagan accused the conservative judges of an did icating their duty and ensuring free and fair elections. the census bureau estimates 3 million to 25e million peopl would not fill out the form if the citizenship question i not included. leon. >> now to yet another tragedy on the baltimore-washington parkway. this time a father of five killed by a hit-and-run diver. mark johnson sr. was out walking to a gas station when he was suddenly struck on the road. news 4's darcy spencer spoke with johnson's wife and son about their unbelievables lo
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>> reporter: mark johansson sr. was a husband, father and grandfather. he was also a plummer. he waswe working esday night when he ran out of gags on the bw parkway in green belt. his family says he took off walking to find the closest gas station, and that's when he was struck and killed. the driver didn't stop. >> i d't wntynamae, m just an incident, another hit and run on the bw pkway. his name was mark johnson sr., and he has a loving family, wife, kids, grand a kids who want to see his killer brought to justice. >> reporter: johnson was 52 years old, the father to five sons. he had 13 grandchildren. he had his own plumbing business. in ft, he was his way to an emergency call when he got stranded. >> unfortunately which ear here rdw because some c decided eo hit my father and leave him on the side of th road. >> reporter: it happened just before midnight on the southbound side of 495. u.s. park police say at least
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one, possibly more, hit johnson. none of them stopped and no witnesses came forward. >> i need you to listen to me and remain calm, okory. >> repr: his wife pamly having to tell their sons that their father is gone. she and johnson were high school sweet hearts. she shared their prom picture from decades ago. she said he was a hard working provider who didn't deserve to die this way. >> well, hopefully after seeing this, someone will have a heart and just decide to make a phone call and say, you know, i have behind selfishly. >> reporter: now the family hopes thatl someone wil come forward so they can get theju stice that they are looking for. rcy spencer, news 4. > president trump attended a fund-raiser for his re-election campaign at his hotel here in washington on tuesday, and that viit may have cost xpayers thousand hoz of dollars. nbc news has obtained documents showing that trump international hotel build t period between
6:10 pm
september 2016 and febary 2018. in june of 2017 the agency paid more than $33,000 for unspecified charges. the president's first e-election fund-raiser was held that type. events that have type require the advanced presence of a secret service detail and the trump administrationot did respond to news 4's request for comment. kind of hard to believe but the fourth oly is coming up. it's just one book away. >> time flies when you're sweating to death, and after summer got off to a late start, we an in-deptt al the ymall or whether you're going try to avoid the area. >> first the storm team 4 weather alert,eavy rain, lightning and stronginds are kicking up and causing real 'problems. we get an update from the storm center. >> and we're toefgt the career of a news 4d. le after more than three decades,
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our barbara harrison is starting a new chapter, and she's going to joinshere in the studio with a special tribute a special tribute . we are sisters. and we just moved in together.
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storm team 4 has declared a weather alert tonight for you. we're tracking severe storms that have popped up fast, folks. >> here's a live look at the city of fairfax. this isaiax boulevard and main street. this is one. areas that has seen a lot of rain in a short time. we'll get an update from our storm center in just a moment. but first, breaking tonight at 6:00, a short time ago arlington county extendedts condolences
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after a terrible tragedy. >> a massive tree limb killed a woman. she was out walking along a path in lucky run park when the limb fell right on top of her. >> news 4's b jackiensen explains how popular that pathway is. >> reporter: we're told it happened just a few hundred feet that way. aoman was walking and there was no rain, no wind or storm, and all of a sudden amb giant li fell down, crushed her. arlington county fire and rescue responded. fortunately, the woman did not survive her injuries. >> this path is very heavily used because you have a residential area. it's an excellent place to walk your dog. constantly you'll see young children instrollers, you'll see toddlers following the strollers. >> it's so tragic that someone was out and enjoying our great parks and services that we have here to lose their life. that is tragic accident, but
6:15 pm
we'll completely inhistigate t incident as we would any unattended death in our community. >> reporter: it's not clear from looking at the tree whether it had a type of rot situation, whether it was damaged in any way, but obvioly thatill be part of the investigation. in arlington, jackie bensen, news 4. >> time for an update on our weather. storm team 4 has declared a weather alert eveninguseof sevee thunderstorms popping up out there and there's new warnings out. >> we could be seeing more big branches coming down. amislia is tracking th for us in the storm center. >> this the latest. this just in from the national weather service. i have a new severehunderstorm warning in effect until 7:00 p.m. in effect for parts of northern fauquier, the northern most parts i prince wiam county and western loudoun county as well and back into parts of clark and jeffersontcounty. t part of the warning has just expired. again, for the area here in orange, a new severe thunderstorm warning mainly for nouithern fauqer. parts of western loudon and the tyrthern most ports of prince
6:16 pm
william counntil 7:00 p.m. the rain in that warning is slowly moving towards the south at about 15 miles an hour. this is e situation right now. seeing very heavy rainfall in that area. also seeing some very heavy rainfall in the county of fairfax and we just have a new severe thunderstorm warning and i'll step out and get information on that. the national weather service, you hear the buiping, iss a new severe thunderstorm, with a. this is in effect until 7:00 p.m. as well. for parts of prince george's nt cou, loudoun county, stafford, the city of fairfax, the county of fair facts and circums manassas and prince william county and parts of alexandria, again, this severe thunderstorm warning is in: effect until 7 tonight. as i take off the radar there, theryou see where the severe thunderstorm warnings are right now, so for the most part in northern virginia. we're also seeing rainfall rates of up to an inchn hour, and that's leading to some flood concerns out there, so the
6:17 pm
biggest concerns tonight, there gest threat is going to be heavy rain leading to some flooding, strong winds potentially gusting up to 60, maybe even 70 miles an hour, and also some small hail. i saw a report of pea-sized hai coming ou franconia area. not seeing a tornadothreat tonight, and talking about heavy rain and franconia, look at thd here, the bright colors on the radar. this the rain is also not moving, and that's why we could see some flooding concerns out there it's pretty much just sitting there. areas le burke as well. out around the clifton area you're seeing the heavy rain tht's nearly stationary. the heavy rain and severe thunderstorm area exiting th bluemont as it heads south towards the marshall area taking you back into fairfax county. areas of reston and herndon under warnings until 11:00 tonight. i'm seeing potentially up to 2 tsnches of rain in par of this,
6:18 pm
with a. remember, if you ce across a flooded roadway, never drive through. drown.ound, don't we have a rain-cooled 86 out ere tonight. as this rain exits the area, we'll see the temperatures warm ck up i think a few degrees and t humidity really is going to kick in. with these storms fizzling out around 9:00 p.m. a we lose the sunshine that's helping to fuel these thunderstorms. by 11:00 perit's warm and most of us are mainly dry at that point with a temperature of 82. the first part of the weathers storyout these storms. was thin tenacity and coverage unexpected? yes. did i mention an isolated thunderstorm developing rotentially but this atmosphere is by fa and away overperforming out there right now. the other story is the heat. today is day tee of potentially a 12-day long heat wave meaning we've h0 9 degrees or higher through next saturday. with the heat we're seeing groun ozone levels coming up and putting ourd alireve today and tomorrow at poor.
6:19 pm
what that means you is want to limit time outdoor, especially for young kids and the elderly. when you talk about the humidity tomorrow through the weekend, it fee close to 100 tomorrow, about 103 saturday afternoon an about degrees sunday afternoon, and we're going to keep an isolated storm chance in there tomorrow. i actually think that looking at computer models and in hindsight we have a better chance of dealing with rain tonight than we do tomorrow. we startff the day already warm at 75 degrees. 7:00 on your friday night it's only -- it'sstill i should say 92 degre out there. a really hot day. hot on saturday and sunday as well. we'll have some scattered showers and thunderstorms over the weekend during the afternoon and evening hours, but plenty of dry time. leeon, i mean, thly is basical a summer forecast and on the fourth of july we'll have maybe ime thunderstorms. this is summer d.c. for sure. >> yes, big time. >> summers on steroid almost. all right. >> thanks, amelia. >> someone is pulling a fast one
6:20 pm
on people mourning the death of loved ones. what can you do to help police find what they believe are cemetery swlers. >> and after almost 38 years here at nbc 4, our barbaraon harris is starting a new chapter. join us for a s pe
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b owin>> nwik fairfax county. thieves targeting families in mourning. tw men went into cemeteries in the falls church area and stole purses at a parked car and then went on a shopping spree with the credit cards they swiped hitting target and oher stars multiple the are surveillance photos from the store. if you recognize these men call police. today the city of virginia beach recalled 12 citizens murdered in a senseless act of violence. ♪ >> the sound of bagpipes at the start of a memorial service to pay victims of the terrible mass shooting on may 31st. a city engineer shot and killed 12 people while they were at work. most of the victims were his colleagues. the unman was killed in a shootout with police. for the first tity of
6:24 pm
annapolis is hosting a pride parade. people are coming out to celebrate diversity on saturday. the parade kicks off at noon on west street in the artsdi rict. there's also a festival that will run from noon to 5:00 og bringing ther local organizations and businesses. mean whale, new york city is hosting world pride bringing y people to newk from all over the world. this sunday it's also the 50th annual pride march. this year's march will pass through midtown in the west village. it will also pass by the historistonewall inn marking the 50th ancni versary the stonewall riots that began the gay rights movement. we're just a week away from independence day. after a late sta to the planning, we've got more details on what to expect if you're heading downtown to celebrate. tonight the main event. democratic heavyweights taking the debate stage. i'm aaron gilchrist live in miami wiur fo things y
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and we remain in storm team 4 weather alert mde here this evening. the areas in orange are under severe thunderstorm warnings until 7:00 p. including parts of loudon, fauquier and prince william and a little bit in alexandria. the cities of manassas and fairfax really heavy ghinfall ri now, especially in western loudoun county moving into the middberg area. fairfax is just getting pounded. the same areas like reston and herndon seeing very heavy l. rainfal you're also under flood warning in those areas until 11:15 tonight. doreen? >> we'll keep you posted. back now at 6:30 with our top story. round two for the first democratic debate. >> that's right. >> and sis time we'llee four of the five top candidates facing off. no>> we're just about two and a half hours away from the candidates taking to the stage.
6:29 pm
>> and standing right in the center ll be joe biden and bernie sanders and the are flanked by pete bourget and kamala harris. >> let's go back to miami and news 4's aaron gilchrist for a preview. >> reporter: hey, doreen and leon, you're right. tonight the tage is all set. you talked about the two candidates in the center. they are prepared as well as the two people who are right next to them who want to increa their standing in the polls, increase their support around the country. let's take you inside the debate hall first here. we can show you live pictures of the stage that is set for ten people to be on stage together tonight and workg to get a little extra attention to folks who are on the edges really. the they will have only 60 seconds toueespond toions but from what we've heard tonight they are prepared and we've seen themrdo thei walk-throughs earlier today to see how they are spaced from each other and how close they will be to their competitors. the swalwell walked through spin room here just a few minutes o, ow, sino teyer rmsth of what d
6:30 pm
be looking for at home, the nbc news political team has put together a list of things you might want to keep an eye out for. first among those things the title match, if you will, between joe biden and bernie sanders. the poll leaders now, the party elders, if you will, taking two very different directions, two very different views of how this party needs to move forward. the mooed rat joe biden and the more leftiveprogressive some call democratic socialist bernie sanders. also, second thing here, kamala harris and pete buttigieg. they ha done welln their travels around the country and in terms of developing support. they need to make a mark tonight. theneed to try to steal some of that thunder away from bernie sanders and joe biden. third on this list will there bo anyer breakthrough candidate. we have a stage that is filled with seasoned politicians and then there are the wild cards,p peo who don't have police kaeblgs appearance and andrew yang, for example, mariann, williamsone author. what will they do tonight to get more attention on themselves, and then the other question,
6:31 pm
will experience matter tonight? will people who have experience being on a debate stage be able to draw the spotlight to them and make it work for them? >> you're going to have this striking contrast between, for example, joe biden on the one a hand and me somebody like indiana mayor, south bend mayor s te buttigieg on the other, someone who iung, a millenial mayor who is looking to show in fact he can drive progress and be the fresh face of the party. the porter: now joe bide front-runner in the polls right now has said that he is prepared. he told -- his team told nbc news that he's prepared for this generational change question that could come up tonightpo sibly from the moderators, possibly from a pete buttigieg who is on the stage, but doreen and leon, he has indicated that he's studied up on -- on the other candidates on the stage and he's ready to answer any challenges to his past ando at he wants to do in the future. >> and aaron, talk about being ready. stgheams like toni's debaters have a little bit of an advantage over last night's. these folks got to watch how the
6:32 pm
format works. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. they were able to see how in everyth is going to work tonight. joe biden said that he did watch the debate last night just to see how it all worked. it's been seven years since joe biden has been on a debate stage. senator sanders said that he's also prepared for this. he knows his message, and he's ready to talk about what he already knows very well. we saw him a bit earlier today actually walking with one of his aides, we would belie, just out for a stroll so he's calmed and red for the debate coming a couple hours away from now. >> all right. e're ready, too, aaron. thank you for the preview. >> see aayou, on. from climate change to equal pay, the ten candidates who debated last night made some pretty big claims on that stage. on the nbc washington app we have an in-depth fact check of last night's debate. head to our nbc washington app r and se fact check to learn morn and oce again, tonight nbc's lester holt, savannah
6:33 pm
guthrie and chuck todd along with telemundo jose diaz-balart and msnbc's racheladdow will be moderating. watch it all unfold here on channel 4 at 9:00 and join us after the debate. aaron will be back live from miami and will haveomplete analysis for you on "news 4 at 11:00". >> just a week away from the fourthf july and crews are already busy setting up on the national mall. this year the fireworks will be launched from a severe place. the areabe will big and security tighter because thepr esident will give a speech at the lincoln memorial. here's what you need to know you're planning to celebrate the fourth on the mall. >> the national park service is planning security at the lincoln memorial. federal and local police i agencies be working together. the stage is set for president trump's speech here. the salute to america honoring
6:34 pm
the armed forces with music, military demonstrations and flyovers. there will be six security gates around the mall. >> for tse ticketed visitors that are coming to the salute to america at the lincoln memorial, they will find a second layer of security. they will pass through secret service checkpoints. >> reporter: i'mold this year's fireworks show will be the biggest ever. it's been moved from the area near the washington monument to west potomac park. the fireworks can be seen anywhere on the mall, on the potomac and from cars parked beside the river. metro will run from 7:00 in the morning until is 1:30 at night. starting at 2:00 in the afternoon trains r on a rush hour schedule. no coolers or bikes are allowed on the trains because of the crowds. metro advisesids to fill their smart trip cards before the fourtof july to avoid declaes. >> riders should expect some crowding at the normal stations, smithsonian, fogg bottom.
6:35 pm
those stations may switch to r ter/exit only at times. >> reporter: fony people who live in our area, there's no place like the mall on the ourth of july. >> i am going the mall. my parents are coming in town to see president trump speak so i will thereby. >> i'm staying away from the mall. >> reporte why? >> crowds. >> reporter: well, if you like crowds and are coming to the paul, the national park service suggests that you bring plenty of water and leave pets at home. that' the latest from the lincoln memorial, chris godon, news 4. >> up neglect, a wild arrest outside the white house. the wild video coming up after the break. and bitterswee farewell. we're sending off our ar iend barbara harrison and she'll join us live with a special message for you. o geickes it easy to get help when you need it.
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with licensed agents available 24/7.
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it's not just easy. it's having-a-us-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay u no sleepies. >>ghnew tonit, dramatic video shows secret service officers jumping on the hood of a car and pulling a suspect out through the sunroof. >> yeah. a viewer sending us this video a ort time ago. you can see several officers are shown on top of the car near the
6:39 pm
white house this. happened earlier this aftethoon. officers then pulled the driver out of vehicle and through the sunroof there. s the secretvice tells us that this guy stopped the car there on the street blocking traffic on 17th street northwestetween new york and d street. you can see here the officers pe forced the susct to the ground and took him under arrest. the officers charged him with failure to obey, but this arrest closed down streets in the area for some time. the back over now. >> whenever flu season approaches health experts urge us all to get a flu shot but p thisast year the hot didn't work as well as they helped. or disease enters control reported the overall effectiveness was only 29%, one of the lost levels in recent years n.february the flu shot was 47% effective and then a second strae emerged. >> what would you would i if you
6:40 pm
knew there was a 99% chance it wouldn't work. >> i'd get the chance anyway because i'veot no chance if i et don't g it at all. temperatures are climbing and we haven't even seen the worst of it yet. >> we're toasting our friendba rbara harrison who is moving on to the nextap r after
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storm team 4 radar has been popping all evening. we've got word of more severe storms outshis. >> whahe latest, amelia? >> this just in, a new severe thunderstorm warni in effect for parts of clark, warren and fauquier counties is now in infect until 7:30. i'm also track more severe thunderstorm warnings. the new one though is circled here in yellow. mgain, this area now under a severe thunderstorwarning until 7:30. we also have a severe thunderstorm warning for other parts of northern fauquier
6:44 pm
county and a southern western loudoun county until 7:00 p.m. warning for fairfax and prince william county in effect until 7:00 p.m. as well. continues to pour in fairfax county including chantilly as well as thecity of fairfax. finally you're seeing a bit of a break in reston, but you're under a flood warning until 11:15 tonight. out around the burke and franconia area, seeing light rain withe havier rain slowly o shifting te south down towards the mt. vernon area. we've gotten reports of small hail out in the franconia area, and speang of the flooding concerns, look at this flood warning here, this is in effect until 11:15 tonight, and this includes the weston area and herndon and oakton area as well. here a look athe storm team 4 ten-day forecast. 94 tomorrow. maybe an isolated thunderstorm and maybe storms hot and humid or the weekend. >> looksik, doesn't it?
6:45 pm
>> yes, it does. >> thanks, amelia. >> and this looks bittersweet. >> we're joined by our friend barbara harrison who is beginning a newhapter after almost 38 years he sharing her time and talent with all of us and all of you nbc 4 viewers. >> barbara is moving on from full-time work here but we're not saying good-bye tonight becau she will continue to a contributing storyteller and happy.kes all of us tonight we celebrate barbara's legacy and the incredible variety of great work that she's done over the years there are so many reasons why everyone in washington loves barbara ha rrison. >> welcome back to the second half of news 4 today. i'm barbara harrison. >> maybehe it's warm good morning that greeted us for 16 years while sheew anchored 4 today" or because she asked everyone and has really interviewed just about everyone. >> i have to ask you. do you know that they call can you the notorious? >> the notorious rbg.
6:46 pm
>> all the questions you a wonderedout. no one could say no to barbara from presidents to people on the street. her sincerity andheart always came through. remember when she worked out th condoleezza rice or when she traveled to cuba with the washington ballet. >> reporter: here at the u.s. intersection in havana -- >> you could love barbara bause she spoke at your high school graduation or a community event that youte ated. there's been thousands of those, and she didn't just speak at them, she was all in. i'll never forgot biki to d.c. from north carolina to raise money for aids prevention. therwere 16 ofus from nbc 4 on that ride, and barbara's hark wo out on the road inspired all of us. >> so happy that i got invited to your house. >> reporter: barbara's story could be the reason that you love her. sometimes they were about herself. did you know she gave birth to her youngest daughter on our air? but most were about you, and when barbara's beautifully
6:47 pm
written stories on a newscast, everyone in our newsroom stops what they are doing to watch. >> this iswrc-tv channel 4. barbara harrison, pat lawson. >> reporter: you might love the fact that barbara and pataw ln muse were the first pair of a can american women who co-anchored the news together. re the in other news today. >> there they a in 1982. >>i, gerard. i'm so glad to see you. >> maybe it's her devotion to children, notably those on foster care, hundreds and hundreds of children went to bed in a permanent home because of barbara and her wednesday's child program. >> i can go one or two ways, i can be happy or i can be in foster care somewhere lost alone. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> and how wonderful it's been lately to see the wednesday's children as adults, telling barbara how thankful they are for what she's done.
6:48 pm
>> i a long me way. >> but to her nbc 4 family it's her enduring spirit that leaves the greatest impression, and i can tell you that after more than 35 years of wthking w barbara she's always been the same, professional, warm, delightful and thorough. >> she's thrown parties for oure mistones and given heartfelt gifts, sometimes just >> she mentored so many young staff members and stayed in touch with them long after they had moved on, and always tirelessly working at her desk barb could always stop for a h chat wh was so lovely. we're going to miss those conversations along with so many other things. >> we know you ll, too, and that's why we're so glad that this isn't good-bye to our dear friendbarbara. she will still be back on nbc 4 from time to time contributing the kinds of wonderful stories that have been her hallmark for so many years. >> yes, there are a lot of reasons why all of washington
6:49 pm
loves barbara, not the lead being that barbara loves all of us back. >> yes. >> salute. >> cheers. >> to a fun summer before you come back and get back to work. >> that's right, >> barbarau've made -- >> we love you. >>ou've made us better. >> yes. >> and you've made this town >> yeah. >> you made us -- >> we love youe and hav meant so much for usu' so yove meant so much to me as well. guess i get to somghhing rit here? >> yes, you do. it's yours. >> i'm not sure i can get this out, but i was recently i vited to a conference up at yale in story ling. they had fiction writers there. some. names you probably would c reognize, and there were also news writers from eltevision. the "new york times" was there, some nbc people. o was there to talk about what
6:50 pm
we do and how we d. well, those of us who deal withf real l stories have to think about how we'rereally going to tell them towel so we can grab your attention and keep you end. until t i had the opportunity to interview over ese years many people, presidents, first ladies,pcelebrities, sts hero, and i've also spent a lot of time with neighbors, everyday people who live and work in this gion telling stories that have changed lives, like those othe wednesday's child children that i have told you about over the last 3 years. most recently the
6:51 pm
letting me wk for you and i may not sigh, but you can believe thatour well is being what hasoriven me t continue this effort for so long. it's been my greatest honor to cover the things that you do, bringing you stories that hopefully enlighten, entertain or educate and you're to learn about things that you didn't know b.some of the stories that i've covered have been fuartbreaking, so some of them have been joy as you know, but in the end i hope that they have made you careabout your neighbors, to cry with them, to laugh with them. i don't know how i'm going to end thiso story tnight. that's why i'm not going to say goodbye. i'll just s i'llbe seeing you around, for sure. >> we're not going to let you say good-bye. >> nobody does it btter, barbara. >> no. >> thank you. >> we love you. >> thank you for everything. >> to barbara harrison, the
6:52 pm
living legend at news 4. >> god bless you. >> some dan mad i did get here earlier. >> we love you, too. >> we'll right back. honey, this gig-speed internet is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses.
6:53 pm
keeping up th the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses simple. easy. aw want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options at new low price. get started now for ash. t call, click or visit a store today.
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6:55 pm
man. you get to hang out with the number one rookie in town. >> yeah. we've been talking about the wizards for the last week. there's really been a buzz around wizards mini camp that we haven't seen before. rui hachimura is drawlocal and international media, the first japanese player to be selected in td first ro the nba draft. today i caught up with hachimura after practice after this whirlwind processr of going f toyama, japan, to weesy. >> it's been craze, as you know. like you can see, there's a lot of japanese media. right now japan is like -- like everything is about me, you know, all the newspapers, all the news channels and stuff.
6:56 pm
it's been fun. i've been dreaming about this, you know, and i was ready, you know, to be like this. being ready, just being ready. >> what are you looking forward to mosre about being hin washington, d.c.? >> like there's a lot of kind of people here and the culture, so i want to see like a lot of things, different things, especially i like to see the culture. bradley ou talked t beal and what kind of conversations havyou had with the veterans? >> they are just so excitou ab it, bradley beal, he's like i played with him last year, and he was a great guy. i can't wait to see him. al these are quintessen washington, d.c. things i'm told. do you know what this is? >> like, i don't know, sweet, hot, like a barbecue sauce.. >> kind people put it on their wings called mumbo sauce. is it like hot? no, i've never heard about it. i think i've heard about this actually. put it in like seafood. >> old bay.
6:57 pm
>> crab or shrimp, something like this. >> welcome to d.c. >> thank you. >> so i didn't think it would be appropriate to show the crab cakes or half smokes. we'll have to follow up. >> you can take him out to lunch or something. >> later. >> a smart move. >> we try our best. >> so from oneuy hoping to be a star here in d.c. to someone who already s.wayne rooney definitely scoring a goal of the yea candidate all the way from the other side of the. field rooney noticing the keeper way out, wayne just launched it right over his head. this al has to have been viewed nearly a million times on mls' twitter. united got the win 1-0, but what incredible goal. it was insane. >> as for who is leaving the ds wiz former wnba and olympic champion kara lawson as an assistant cold. the northern virginia native who is also an espn analyst has been on the wizards broadcast on nbc
6:58 pm
sports washington the past two seasons. law aon has joined growing group of women coaches on nba henches thisseason, including toliver with t wizards and most recently lindsay gottleib with the cavs, and we're wishing kara the best. she's been getting a lot of love and congratulaons online. we wanted to bring this full circle. a couple years ago when kara was in for an interview and got the job it was a reunion with barbara harrison who had done a story on kara when she w 8, a star girl football player, right, and barbara won an emmy for the story. both of them, you can kind of say, moving on today. >> that's karmic. >> than, sherree. >> back to amelia and a new flood warning. what's going on? >> this flood warning in parts for newington and franconia until 1:00 a.m. and this in effect until 11:00 tonight. we're still tracking very heavy
6:59 pm
rainfall on storm tm 4
7:00 pm
tonight, from miami, the front runners face off. in a final round of the first 2020 presidential debate, biden versus sanders as ten more democrats take our stage. biden out to protect his lead in the polls. sanders looking to erain ground on the formp. rs and rising sta kamala harris and pete buttigieg hoping to steal their thunder.wi wh stand out from the pack after the fireworks in round one? >> i think that you should do your homework on the issue. our you did homework on the issue, you would know -- >> new demands to hold the trump administtion in contempt over filthy conditions inside migrant child at th tension faciliti.


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