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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'm storm teaka. bestege oume. >> don't call it a beauty pageant. >> the reigning miss district of columbia 2018. >> local seniors share life lessons in elegance,ho sist and strength in the d.c. community. and first this afternoon we want to get right to chances for potentially sevega storms a this afternoon. >> and you can see them popping up right now on storm team 4 radar, so let's get to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. hi, doug, what's the word now? >> some of us will see very heavyerainfall in som areas and others not so much. that's like yesterday. some areas saw big storms and otrs stayed dr storm team 4 radar, tracking storms coming through parts of the metro area. first though we actually saw the storms on chopperwa this s the storm as mog it wa mnasssas. some ve ry heavy rain. a lot of lightning associated with this storm as it came through manassas.
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the rain shafts coming through this thunderstorm. there's a nice little lightning bolt right there. that was chopper 4 about 20 minutgo that. same storm. take a look at it on storm team 4 radar has really declined and decdased in intensity, an what it's done is sent out this boundary, so we're seeing other storms form in parts of fauquier and fairfax county and prince william county. let's go in and zoom on it. let's show you in through fairfax county nd greatfalls, the heaviest of which coming towards quantico. strockest storms now, ba into jefferson county west virginia. a lot of lightning with this one and a ne forming back towards thisn our way moving t through evening. on the hot side. 91 so far today, leon and we'll go higher tomorrow. >>ngou've been talki about the chances of a 12-day long heat wave. are we still on track for that? >> the one day we're really watching would bemo nda 8y.9.
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that would take us out of the heat wave, but if we're looking at 89 to give us some relief, you know we'v got some issues out there with some heat. >> that's official. that's a heat wave. good deal. thanks, doug. pat? >> now to breaking news in charlottesville where just a short time ago a white supremacist was sentenced to life in prison. >> hjames fields crashed car into a crowd of counterprotesters during a unite the right rally in charlottesville back in august of 201er >> north virginia bureau chief julie carey was in court for the sentencing, and she joins us live now. julie? pat. life in prison times 29. that was the full prisonse ence for white supremacist james field, though most sentences will run concurrently to amount to two life terms. that sentence delivered by the judge after an emotional day of estimony as the victims of his car attack recounted how it has changed their lives forever, really changed the city of
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charlottesville forever as well, and there was something new today. for the first time that avoid white supremacist james field lide a brief apology saying, quote, would i to apologize for my actions on august 12th, and i would like tofo apologize r the hurt and loss i've causets his commen came after several hours ofst heartbreaking teony as victims and witnesibs descred the lasting impact of is hate-fueled drive into a crowd of counterdemonstrators and they had gathered to oppose the unteth rally. heath heath heather haathe some can no longer run because of broken legs and others struggle even to walk and many suffer from debilitating ptsd. here now is treaction from heather hayer's mom and the activist who witnessed the deadly car attack. >> knowing that he won't be out
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again to cause more harm to people helps. knowing that a clearag mess has been sent having to prevent other deaths. that helps. >> he gets what heeserves. he deserved that more. for him to ask for mercy, that right there, it didn't resonate to me. like are youserious? >> reporter: and prosecutors hoping this sentence today sent a strong message to other white supremacists and neo-nazi hate imes will beunished severely. james field was also tried and convicted in the local charlottesville court here. also the jury recommended a life term plus some 400 years there. the final judicial sentencing on th comes in mid-july. back to you now in the newsroom. >> all right. julie carey, thank you so much. >> we've got more breaking news this evening. police have arrested the two suspected masterminds behind a
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murder plot that left red sox star david ortiz seriously injured. victor hugo gomez and alberto rodriguez mota are said to have ordered a hit intended for ortiz's friend but instead ortiz was shot in his back at a dominican republic bar. ortiz is nowbesaid to in good condition after having his gallbladder and part of his intestines removed. ten other people have been arrestein this tavel to the dom republic is off by 74% compared to this year. according to forward keys which analyzes travel patterns, a lot of people are threbooking r flights to new destinations in the caribbean. flight bookings started to fall off in may. this was after d theth of the prince george's county couple nathaniel holmes and cynthia day. the bookings dropped again when other american deaths were announces. fireworks, police out in full force today. > today we're learning about details for the schedule of
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events for the fourth of july and what you need to know if you planon heading to celebrations down on the mall. >> news 4's corey smithoins us live from the lincoln memorial. >> hi, cory. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, guys. i'm stoked to experience my first fourth of july here in the nation's capital and with less than a week to go obviously it's crunch time and celebration has rown at the request of president trump. now, we can show you some video of those preparations getting under way right near the steps the lincoln memorial. that's where president trump will kick off his salute to america. you're going to need a ticket to get anywhere close to the stage thugh, and you can only get those through the white hse. that's going to be followed by a major display of u.s. military air power. the blue angels, air force one and aircraft from all five branches of the military will conduct flyovers from the national mall, and as you know that's edrestrict airspace so it will be a sight to behold. the folks who want to fly the baby trump blimps, they are
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trying to secure a the ballistic missile will have to be tethered to the ground because balloons are prohibited. that's not stopping from some people from selling miniature baby trump balloons online, so today duringthat press conference we asked park police whether the little mini balloond will be allow in. prohibited n. items list. they will not be allowed in the area. if they comply with the prohibited items list we'll allow those kinds of otherct ities and items to come into the area. >> reporter: never make a cha me toke a sale. coming up in the next hour. we're going to tell you about all the timing for the events on the fourth of july. the district and the president's salute to america. pat, back to you. >> all right. there's going to be a lot going on. thanks, cory. >> and we have a full list of july 4 closures in the nbc washington app. >> life in prison for t ms-13 gang member convicted in a
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deadly double shooting in prince george's county. fernando bayer t life in prison plus 25 years. prosecutors say he was just 17 when he and two younger accomplices aaulted the victims ao nightclub and fllowed the victim home, shot and injured him and then killed a friend of t victim. >> while we grieve for the families of the defendant because they don't believe he is guilty, we believe that the jury got pt right. >>osecutors say the victim who was wounded had been part of a rival gang years ago and was noger affiliated. the victim who died was not involved in any gang activity. it's been one year since a gunman stormed the "capital gazette" newsroom and killed five people in his path. the ambush devastated a news 4's chris gordon was with survivors today as they came to remember their colleagues.
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♪ ♪ shine on me >> reporter: the memorial began with the all children's chorus of annapolis. members of the "capital gazette" family came to honor their colleagues. one year ago a gunman shot his way into their newsroom killed gerald fischman, rob ri hardyson, john mcnamara, rebecca smith and wendi winters. >> we thought a garden inn olis would be an appropriate way to memorialize our colleague as well as offer both solace and joy. >> reporter: five survivors of the "capital gazette" shootings were called up to dedicate the memorial gardens with five rows bushes symboling hope, promises and new beginnings. the survivors don't want more promises and prayers. they want, to end mass shootings like this. >> gun violence is a disease, but ican be eradicated. when you come here, i would invite to you think about any
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ways big or small that you can help prevent that. >> reporter: u.s. senator chris van hollen of maryland says he's trying to be an agent of change. >> we've got to pass legislation that meaningfull addresses gun violence, and people do need to be held accountable for their vote. >> reporter: "the capital gazett had a moment of silence at 2:33 this aternoon, exactly one year after the shooting started in their newsroom. we asked if we could be present, but staffers said they preferred to be together and alone in private, and, of ndurse, we uerstood. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news 4. >> thank you, chris. the supreme court will cide the fate of the daca program during its next term.he today tcourt agreed to take up the case after several lower courts ruled the president coule not daca. president barack obama created it. it allows young undocumented immigrants to remain in america
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if they are under 16 or we under 16 when their parents brought them to the u.s. before 2007. president trump order an end to the program in to 17 resulting in .urt challenges the high court will now decide the case next fall. late developments today in the case of a missing college student in utah. it's been 11in days sce mackenzie lueck disappeared. the evidence that led detectives to file murder charges this afternoon. >> choicer to home, the great garden debate. why some folks are reporting their neighbors because of their front yard garden. >> the storms out there that rn could tu severe. >> doug is back with the ting imon>>ckow with look at
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current temperatures. this heat could bring in some storms over the weekend. we'll see how the pattern plays out. doug is back track the impact for us in two minutes. so keep it right here. a big focus on youth violence today in the strict. he u.s. attorney's office held its ninth annual breaking the silence youth violence summit. this event at catholic university of america folked on gun violence and drug prevention. youngdeople atten sessions and highlighthe causes of violence and if youearn how to make better choices of the summit is the part of the department of justice's project safe neighborhood program, a nationwide effort to reduce
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violent crime. pat? >> so would you want to live next to this? a patch o vegetables in fairfax county. residents weren't allow to grow gar in their front yards, but the county just passed or nance to change that. some say they are thrilled and others are not thrilled at all. news 4's aimee cho takes us to anendale where the great garden debate is under way. >> this is lettuce i'm about to eat in my sandwt'h and is pretty delicious. >> reporter: name any plant and there's a good chance that leo has it in his garden. he and his girlfriend ashley ayers have been building their garden a year, technically beedre it was allow they say they wanted to help the environment and have some extra food in the >>process. we had both supporters and detractors and in fact got reported to the county and had inspectors out here and had to go through the whole gamarole. porter: fairfax county is
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giving folks the green light to grow gardens in the frontrd and over the first half year, there's also been some growing resentment. >> i think he's failed with his vegetable garden. >> reporter: valerie smith lives nearby and likes the idea of the garden, but wishes they would take better care of it. n> at least all our junk is behind the housenobody can see it. >> i mean, personally, i do not think it looks all that good. >> reporter: arturo also lives nearby. i personally think i would have been more okay with it if i had been given a head's up, but they didn't and that's kind of where we are. >> pasca says he knows his plants have been a prickly topic. >> i've met more of my neighbors in the past year that i put this up than i have in the ten years i've lived here previously. >> the couple is now planning to put upe ven morplants. >> and the ones that don't like it have managed to find ways to
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live with it. >> in anendale, aimee cho, news 4. >> that's quite a sight. >> he can dress igh to make it look a littlet houup t exotic. >> gardens are supposed to be beautiful places. all right. >> focus on theth food re. >> okay. good. there you go. food and community. >> hot it. >>pe what whatever they are growing out there likes sun. > got the heat across our area today. a very hot and humidy. officially a heat wave. 990 degrees to get the heat wave for three days, yeah, you've t it. how about this. want to cool off? >> that looks good. >> town towards woodbridge and the water park down there. this is the plash park and, yes. how manyof you -- would you guys get on a water slide? >> sure. >> somebody said they wouldn't do it. >> is that your next backyard? >> i hope it is. you'd see me going down that
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water slid no problemt all. >> did have storms around that area though. we can see what's happening on storm team 4 radar. we actlly have two areas of storminess. one off to the left there, another one off to the right. some shower activity outside with this one and that's what we're watching right in here. 89 degrees at the airport because we do have shade now. southerly wind warms everybody up. the rest of the area stith in 90s. 91 degrees in cull person and 95 in huntingtown and in fredericksburg. we're at 100 in annapolis and 89 baltimore. feels like 95 in d.c. and i do think we get warmer still tomorrow. okay. lehere's the last coup of hours showing the storms that have moved through. had a pretty good one that came over towards manassas and down towards woodbridge and that park. could be looking at showers and thunderstorms with that one.
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continue to watch. tracking this area and showers make their way through parts of jefferson county and take a look what's going on in the d.c. metro area. i was just showing you. one off to the left and that was over towards cheatheverley. wing this line as we make our way through the rest of the evening hours. heads up. you see or hear thunder. hear thunder, get indoors and as tomorrow. we do think tomorrow will be the hotst day of the heat wave. scattered showers and storms as well. better chance of storms evening, and headpo to the , most of the day is awesome for pool weather. beach weather, looking good. put in an exclamation point. two or three and that's how good it's going to be. d.c. united game. a perft night for a game headed out towards the audi field and looking good for that,
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too. here's relief. 89 degrees with much less humidity and we'll go back to tuesday. a little bit more about the beachec fort. we'll get that for you at 4:45. >> news 4 is in the community. mmy mcfly is coming up next, he's got a spotlight on a festival coming out. what's going to be different down at mall this weekend. >> and in the next half hour strength in sisterhood, the women of the miss senior d.c. pageant. share their lessons on lifelong share their lessons on lifelong friendship and o what comes with $1 soft drink from mcdonald's? ( ♪ ) $1 any size soft drink. joy included. ( ♪ )
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pride month continues this weekend and some of our favorite daytime soap stars will be in town for a very special event. freddy smith and greg rickard from "days of our lives" will take part in the daytime pride event and "news 4 midday" explains how important that is to help young lbgtq yoh. roceeds go to a program called true colors united which helps homeless young people. >> really focused on the youth homelessn es andspecially focused on the lbgtq youth.
4:24 pm
>>enthe percge of young men and women that get kicked out of their homes for being lbgtq i amongst the straight communitie' so is particularly important that they have support and organizations that give them a safe place to be. >> you need a ticket for evomorrow's ts, and tickets are still available. the event starts at 10:00 at the human rights campaign building on rhode island avenue. >> looking forfamily friendly events for the weekend. >> an unusual schedule for the smithsonian folk life festival andfi some unusual works special. >> here's what's up for your weekend. >> "hamilton" is coming to work. i'm tommy mcfly with what's up for your weekend and every american indian tribe will be recognized on the national mall at the folk lifeti fesval.
4:25 pm
this year it's a wo-day celebration instead of a two-week run. in baltimoret the hippodream theater "hamilton" is startind its run a there are a few tickets left, and you've got to hand over handfuls of haimtons fore it ends on july 21st. lake fairfax park is making it happen tomorrow. they open up at dawn, and the park stays openntil the la fireworks disappears into the night sky. there's music, there's family fun, food, enrtainment, and if you're in a fireworks kind of mood we've got a whole bunch for you over the next week and a half or so on the nbc washington app. serb reworks for our fireworks t'nder. for w up for your weekend, i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> for more things to do around the area check out the scene in the nbc washington app. now we've got some information for you if you're a
4:26 pm
pet opener. why vets say certain types of food could put your pet risk of heart disease. >> and a breakout performance from kamala harris at her first democratic debate last night. the response today fromt- frnner joe biden. >> and storm team 4 is tracking the chance for some potentially severe storms. doug i back to tell us who cod see those tonight. ul this is fred.
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if you're just joining us at 4 portion let's get you caught up with the four things to knowp white smacist james field was sentenced to life in prison for hate crimes. ield crashed his car into crowd of counterprotesters during a unite the rally in 2017 in charlottesville. in court field apologized for the hurt and loss he caused. some of us could see some strong storms tonight. iwe're seeing a l look at storm team 4 radar.
4:30 pm
strong storms popping off right now. doug and amelia tracking any chnces for severe weather tonight and through the weekend so we'll check back with them in a few minutes. the two suspected masterminds behind the murder plot that left red sox star david ortiz injured have been arrested. victor hugo gomez and alberto rodriguez mota are said to have dered a hit intended for rtiz's friend. instead ortizas shot in the back at a dominican republic bar. ten other people have been arrested in this attack. all right. it's crunch timencor ageies getting ready for the big fourth of july celebration on the mall. crews are repairing for the president's speech that's going to be at lincoln memorial. here will also be military flyovers thisear and a longer fireworks show as well. that all means more security on the nation mall. for a look at the full schedule of events head to the nbc washington app.yo back over to in the studio. >> thanks, erika. >> joe biden trying to defend his record today after facing a direct challenge in last night's
4:31 pm
debate against kamala harris. >> the confrontation putting the former vice presidt onefense in the second night of the first democratic debate, one that had a very different feel from the first one. lat's get the lest now from susanmcguinnes on capitol hill. what did you think, susan? >> reporter: hi, pat. more intense last night than on night number one, but like you said it was really a night when the gloves were off and the biggest jabs thrown by kamala harris right at joe biden. >> fresh off lst night's fiery debate, democratic presidential candidates hit the campaign trail, several appearing together at a migrant detention center in homestead, florida, showing opposition to the treatment of children held here. >> this adminisation has no humanity. >> it is wrong. >> the unity a far cry from last night whenen candidates went at it. >> today front-runner joe biden in chicago. >> i never, never, never ever
4:32 pm
opposed voluntary busing. >> biden clarifyings position after last night's rebuke by california senator kamala harris. >> that's why we have theoting rights act. >> for saying he was able to find common ground with two segregationist senators. th you also worked with em to oppose busing. >> she held the audience spellbouin of the little girl this photograph. she wasse buto school every day, and that lttle girl as me. >> biden fought back. >> that's a mischaracterization of my position across the board. >> in order for her to win the nomination she has to consolidate to some degree the african-american vote and win in states like south carolina next february. >> perhaps not a unknockout but a wake-up call. >> he's in trouble. he has enough strengththat this won't knock him out of the race, but if he still wants to be front-runner, he's got to really perform at the next debate. >> for some it's far too soon to decide who could beat president trump. >> at least we've got some good candidates. >> i think there are many, yes.
4:33 pm
shape. we're in good early optimism for an election mor than a year out. >> several reactions from the president today. i heard it was not a good day for sleepy joe or crazy bernie. one section halved and the other is nuts so what'sthe big deal in the candidates get back on the debate stage, leon, july 30th in detroit. >> as we've seen over the years, these things t better and better as they get more and more time and practice at that podium and the microphone so we'll see what happens in detroit. thanks, susan. important information for is is about dog foods. there are some16 brands ofdog foods out there that you may not want to feed your little buddy. we told you the fda was looking into posstwle links ben dog foods and heart problems. that report is finished now, and it turns out there were 16br ds that were most frequently identified with that disorder. most of the dogs mostly ate dry food labeled grain free and
4:34 pm
contained peas and lentils, golden retrievers and mixedab breeds 'dores most likely to be affectedt. e heat is evenby greater insid your car. >> not just hot but dangerously hot and eveeay, especially for young children and pets. meteorologist check bell has the arning every parentd pet owner needs to hear. >> earlier thised in a hot car,n th-old baby down in texas. the h in a hot car year. last year 52 kids died in hot cars. there's no such thing as an acceptable amount of time to leave kids or animals in an it's nded car, even wh just 80 degrees outside, it gets up to nearly 110 degrees after just 20 minutes in the sun.up warm it o 95 degrees like we have today, and coming up on saturday, after just ten minutes it's nearly 115 degrees in the
4:35 pm
car and after 30 minutes it's 130 degrees almost. that is lethal. do not make that same mistake. make sure you always bring your kids into the store with you or if you're going to have to leave your animals in the car, leave the car running with the airnd coioning on. it is no amount of time that is safe to be leaving kids or animals in hot cars. >> thanks for that, chuck. >> good advice. >> that heat danger far from over for >us. that's right. >> amelia. >> yeah. if you're escaping town and heading to our local beaches this weekend, you have the right idea. temperatures there ie mid to upper 80s. maybe an isolated storm chance and overall really nice weaer. the water temperature currently at 71 degrees. talking about our changing climate, we've seen all u.s. coastal waters warm since 1901. i'll have more on this after the break. you want to stick around for "news 4 at 5:00," th week harris' hero will warm your
4:36 pm
heart. >> see how one woman's teachingn is iring young women in our community. >> and new developments in the disappearance of a college student in why detves filed murder at havertys hwe know everyone differindependence day we're to find your style at havertys 4th of jy sale. and right now, get free financing for up to five yrs. it's big savings on furniture that's already marked down! with more styles and custom fabrics to choose from. celebrate your independence with furniture that fits you.oo havertys life good celebrate your independence with
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a man is dead and a woman ic criticaldition after a shooting at an apartment complex in frederick. gregory knight was discovered dead in a vehicle parked at the apartment at sunset complex on columbine drive last night. a woman in the vehicle was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. so far police haveade no arrests in the case. news 4 is committed to bringing you reports on our changing climate. >> new research shows our waters are warming and that is affecting fishil ines like the bay. amelia draper explain. leon, and it's not just the warming waters.
4:40 pm
i reached out to bait and tackle shops across the area today, and they also said that afer our wettest year on record, it's also really impacting the salinity in the bay which is having a big impactn fishing. back in the warming waters, this map here is showing you e change i average ocean mperatures since 1901 and they have all gone up. you've seen the brighter colors seeing the temperatures increase more so since 1901. that's on the west coast of mexico and also very notably in the northeast including right here in our area where some waters have warmed by three degrees fahrenheit since 1901. this can have a big impact on fishing because fish need certain temperatures if the waters are getting too warm they will try to migrate they will become stressed and even die. >> now all u.s.oa19st01 cal aat five of the great lakes have warmed in the last 25 years as well. now, one of the people i reached out to today was davi lowry.
4:41 pm
he's water man and since the 1990s the warming temperatures and pollution have led to algab oms and the red tide in the barracks and that just depletes the water of the oxygen so the fish died, the oysters can'te m they die off as well, salinity isain, the down from all of the rain. we'll have more on the storm outlook coming up for the weekend with doug and i in five minutes or so. >> if you want to convince folks to pay attention, tell them it's fecting the crabs. >> that's right, and it is. that's what david lowry says. the red tide and algae bloom does have an effect. >> a story we can't wait to w shareh you. >> local women finding strength in sisterhood. >> learning how to walk and talk is like a second chance. >> lcal seniors sharing life lessons and elegance. poise and finding strenh right here in d.y.
4:42 pm
>> you heard amelia, she and doug are back to time out the sances for
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boy, is the heat on right now. going to be setting up a chance for strong storms tonight. that's the word. we're back now with the storm team 4 forecast. >> doug, everybody will see storms tonight and for the folks who do how strong will the storms be? the. >> the downpours the strongest that we'll se yesterday we had some really big storms pop up. a couple out there right now,b once again most of us should be on the drier side of things. let's show you what we're dealing with. you can see thecloud cover out there. that's a mix of sun and clouds and off to the left side of your creen do have some showers making your way in. 89 degrees the current temperature. a few storms around 6:00, 7:00 here. might po back up to 91 as we get the sun pack in here and back to 89 degrees and 82 y
4:46 pm
degrees b 11:00. what are we looking at. 91 in gaithersburg. look at huntingtown coming in at 95 degrees. definitely the hot spot and baltimore coming in at 96 degrees. the heat index close to 100. you see a few showers and storms especially pack along i-81. a couple he and around t d.c. metro area as well. i want to zoom in on this one right here. right along 50 andht 495 rig along the beltway and making its way over towards bowie. heads up if you live around deathering, right around fedex field. this is making its way right across 15. move over into portions of prince george's county. a few more showers and storms making their way on through here where we're a little unsettled. we'll see a better chance of a few showers and storms tomorrow. >> a very nice day for the beaches asell and the next couple of days looking pretty good. >> the weather having a pretty low impact on yo weekend. yeah, it's hot and humid and
4:47 pm
we're in summer and that's what we would expect here in washington, d.c. now, tomorrow i think we'll have some storms around potentially during the afternoon hours, but during the evening hours is the est chance for some showers and thunderstorms out there on your saturday. sunday now looking mainly dry, so with that id i know a lot of people, even my parents are saying when shoul cut the grass this weekend. do that early tomorrow or first thing before it really starts to heat up or later in the dan sunday when we have a nice breeze and the humidity is lower. personally though when i cut grass maybe back in high school it's been a while. it wasn'tn when the wind was blowing so maybe early saturday morning. >> any time, amelia. didn't you teach kenton how to cut the grass with a push mower. >> come on . >> going out to brunch, hot on saturday so it might be better to have brunch indoors and looking nice indoors and outside rlercise with the heat and humidity, the eaier the better
4:48 pm
and speaking of the humidity. that says it all out there. sunday, lower humity and monday is going to be quite nice as well. bringous the ice tee meter. the medium ice tea by monday. probably a large and definitely an extra large. different kind of glass and nice little garnish. >> let's take a look and show you what wre dealing with. yes, the heat tomorrow going for a high of 94 and maybe up to 96 in some areas. 93 on sunday and 9 on monday. that's the day f relief. lowering humidity and monday a high temperature of only 89 so that would break our heat wave officially, t thene'll start another one. 59 on tuesday, 96 wednesday and fourth of july, a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. right now remains to be seen if they impact the fireworks at
4:49 pm
9:00 and hopefully they will be out of here by then. all days wellabove 90 degrees so the heat wave continues. sunday will be a rather hot day and the next senior d.c. pageant is on sunday. of course, that's inside. >> that will be indoors. >> all right. >> district women 60 and up, i'm not going to say older, they will be competing for that title, and they serve throughout the year. >> the news 4 digital team spoke with some of thentestants who were ready to o showff their talents and share their story. >> the miss senior d.c. pageant is not a beauty contest. it's elegance.nd it's poise a sophisticated, maturity. things that you want to share with your young ones as they mature into seniorhood. >> oh, look. >> that's good. >> i am miss seniort distr columbia 2017.
4:50 pm
we represent the nation's capital and the many dynamic seniors that reside here. learn how to talk andlk and it's like a second chance. i mean, we're seniors, so let's do it right. an way we can be inspiration to the younger nd generation ahow them how it's really done. you know, elegance and sophistication. hallelujah ♪ i wanna wake uphe morning >> reigning miss senior district of columbia 2018 and we have a completely new group who a vying for the crown and they have a variety of talent from boxing to singing. i have a lottf respec for a woman who is willing to step out
4:51 pm
of the box and maybe do something different. >> i like to show my style and i'm happy to be in the pageant. >> this group is a wderful group. it's like a sisterhood. we love these chdren like sisters. we call them our sisters. >> one of my sons have had a lifelong illness so i feel like raising my boys all through the years, i think this is like a reward for me in a way. so even if i don'tg win bein surround by all ese great women and learning their stories and being inspired. that just motivated me. >> i feel like i have developed some relationships tha will go far beyond just the involvement
4:52 pm
in the pageant and in these abe of my sister that's really nice. >> essence is beauty. >> and we can lrn a lot from them. >> i can hear the kids now. dad, grandma is twerking again. you don't mention that, grandma. they are dynamic. >> and the hula hoop. how about that. >> the ssterhood that they talk about, too. you can see how they get together and really enjoy it. that's just amazing. >> so important r women of any age. >> you can find the full story and search miss s.iors d.c >> all right. >> that was fun to watch. they certainly brought it. so much talent, not even going o to try replicate >> they were doing it. the sound of d.c. take center stage at the folk life festival.
4:53 pm
>> you can see the popular celebration that gets under way and concerns about police profiles. >> and now a big change that will affect the d.c. police department and possibly give more peace of mind to those who live or travel through the city. >> and only on 4, what investigators say a woman did after stealing her sister's identy to get jobs in medical offices. >> yeah. >> that's just one of the stories that you've got to see tonight so stick around. we'll join you in six minutes. >> leon, t,pa
4:54 pm
hmm.alxactly. liberty muustomizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limuiothat's yot only pay for what you need. ♪beiberty, liberty, liy, liberty ♪
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z3a66z z16fz y3a66y y16fy
4:56 pm
if you are just s,ining u check out a live look at storm team 4 radar right now. two storms popping up out there, and depending on where you live, you could s see moreorms over doug is back to track it all fok you next at 5:00. >> they are loud. they are bright and they are mesmerizing, and they can be dangerous. thousands of people are injured every yr by fireworks. fairfax county showed us just how much damage these things can do with the demonstrations they did today. all fireworks that explode or shoot up in the air are outlawed locally around here. sparklers are legal in parts of virginia, but, folk even they can burn at over 1,000 degrees and they can do some serious damage so the best advice to have a safe 4th is to let the experts handle the show. >> that's the best advice. >> absolutel >> after 11 days a sad ending to
4:57 pm
the search for a missing student, college student in utah. >> police say th found the body of 23-year-old mackenzie lueck, and this afternoon they arrested her accused killer and charged him wit >> nbc's chris pillion says the family still has so many s neth nat weens esmad de. >> reporter: in salt lake city a devastating end to the search for a missing college student. olice s ue sis 23-year-ol uveyudniittrs o mack. one man has been arrested. >> after an exhaustive week of mustigations, we are filing rgchaes of aggravated kidnapping and deseation a body. >> reporter: police say theju . detectives spent hours wednesday and thursday collecting evidence at hisci salt lake home. >> the neighbors said they observed him burning something
4:58 pm
in his backyard with the use of gasoline on the dates of june 17thand june 18th. t lueck was last seen s lake city airport. toaokrl a lyft tpoaye ol as pa. detectives sbelieve another ca was waitingor her ne heard from her again. >> investigations of both the arrest persons and maonenzie's b t ords shheow ho epark within less than a minute of each other. >> thebe relationship een lueck and ajayi is unclear and the investigation remains open. mackenzie lueck's family and friends left with so many unanswed questions. chris pillion, nbc news. >> hello, everybody. we begin the hour with justice served in charlottesville. >> a white g supremaciss life in prison for a deadly hate crime.
4:59 pm
james field drove car into a crowd of counterprotesters during a rally in august of 2017 killing heather heyer. >> our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey will join us c live with reon to that sentence coming up in aew f minutes. but first we turn to the weather. storm team 4 tracking a chance for some storms this afternoon, d doug is joining us from the storm center. >> boy, it was baking out there >> it really was, continues to be on the hot side for sure. right now the heat index into the mid-90s. tracking showers and thunderstorms and own couple stronger storms, and we're trackin are making their way on phyllis theroux shenandoah county. >> rappahannock, shenandoah and. there it is right there. ps pop u sawpa th here. this is until 5:45. a severe thunderstorm warning now. i want to take you int two places. first of all, in towards prince george's county, and you can see the ones h along the beltway over towards oxen hill.thunders and i want to -- we can zoom i
5:00 pm
a little bit morein towards shenandoah county, around r nd unt ,pretray :4good line, an 5d look at you a the lightning associated with this as i makes itsay downeast. this is pa line and oowers of storms that hasart developed ai-81 that not done lo yet, guys. most of us on the dry side and we'll see more storms develop and push across our area tonight so headup for those. when thunder roars get indoors. we'll talk much more about the weekend forecast here. we've got a lot to talk about as far as theweekend is concerned. high temperatures, yes, will stay in the 90s, but we'll finally get some relief for the we bend, and ater chance of showers and thunderstorms out there on friday and saturday. look at hagerstown coming down a little bit because of the heed. same deal in richmond b shower activity around richmond. philadelphia. 83de


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