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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 28, 2019 7:00pm-7:28pm EDT

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at>> tonight, the dram fall out from our fiery first debate, joe biden on defense after the blistering attack from break out candidate kamala harris. >> it was very hurtful. >> going after the former vice president on the issue of race. >> she was bussed to school every day. and that little girl was me. t ight the perceived winners and the new questions, how ech did this debat shake up the race? >> a drowning migrant teen plucked from the waters teri yo grand, border patrol agents performing cpr, saving his life. resident trump face to face with otladimir putin warning himo meddle in the 2020 election. we're in japan traveling with the
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president. development in the case of the missing utah student, s.w.a.t team guns drawn arresting a suspect on murder and kidnapping charges. tonight police go or searching f motive. a big break in the ba shooting of ball legend david ortiz, the suspected ma ermind arrested face timing his family p asice closed in. a second suspect attempting to flee to puerto rico captured on his get away boat. and team usa with a win that was heated in more ways than one. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening, ears are still ringing tonight after what was by far the most memorable moment in last night's democratic atpresidential debe. the sering exchange between kamala harris and joe biden over oace. both them quickly back on the campaign trail todaha rris trying to capitalize on what many saw as a strong performance. biden the front runner t defense after harris and others
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sharpest arrows were for him. the candidates fighting out about as much as the past as the future. >> reporter: for joe biden and kamala r harris, anothelit re sc moment today, she in south florida talking immigration, he in chicago talking about her. >> i respect senator harris. but w k allw that 30 to 60 seconds on the campaign debate exchange can't do justice toet le commitment to civil rights. i never, every, ever, ever opposed voluntary buses. >> biden defense of the civil rights record comes after themo st dramatic moment of the primary season so ar. >> i'm going to direct this to vice president biden. h >>arris confronting him over working with segregationist na sers decades ago and calling out his st paosition on noussing in the '70s. >> i dbelieve
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you are a racist, and i agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance o finding common ground. ieve -- lso b and it is personal and it was very hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two united states senators who built their reputations and career on segregation of race in this country. and it was not only that, but you also worked with them to . oppose bussing t and, you know,here was a little girl in california who was part of e second class to integrate her public schools. and she was bussed to school every day. and th little girl was me. >> reporter: her campaign tweeting this image. >> mischaracterization of my position across the board. iid not praise racistth at is not true, number one. number two, if we want to have the campaign litigated on who supports civil rights,
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i'm happy to do that. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to a?ppose bussing in americ do you agree? >> i did not oppos bussing in america. what i opposed is bussing ordered by the department of education. your city council made that decision. it was a local decision. >> that's why we have the voting rights act and the civil rights act. that's why we need to pass the equality act. that's why we need to pass the e.r.a. because there are moments in history which they failed to preserve the civil rights of all people. t >> i'm the guy tha extended the voting or rights act f5 years. i've also argued very strongly that we, in fact, deal with the notion of denying people access to the ballot box. i agree that everybody once they -- my time is up. i'm sorry. >> the former vice president, the night's biggest target. >> we're going to solve the issues of crim the torch.pass >> i'm holding on to that torch. >> democrated divided
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on medicare for all, senator bernisanders arguing the cost is worth it. >> they will pay more in taxes but less in health care for what they get. >> after this show of hands -- >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> -- president trump pouncing tweeting how about taking care of american citizens first? that's the end of that race. and that clip we just showed, thten candidates on stage showing support of health care coverage for undocumented immigrants, get ready to see that many more times over the next year and a half with republicans already seizing on it as a campaign issue. lester. >> hallie jackson at the white house tonight. thanks. biden spent part of today as we noted at the top defending his cord on civil rights after thatfu powerl attack from harris. jeff bennett has a closer look at that decade's old bussing controversy that's ncake on on a new relein this case. >> it's a new flash point for the early democratic front runner. >> it's a constitutional question to protect the civil rights of
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every single american. and that's always been my position. >> at that same event, civil rights leader jesse jackson choosing sides in joe biden's ho wdown with senator kamala harris, and it wasn't biden. >> kamala harris last night was right. bussing for racial balance was not about transportation. it was about race. >> it all centers on the controversy over biden's decade's old push to put the brakes on bussing to integr e the country's public schools. in the 1970s, certain school districts under federal supervision began bussing black students t majority white schools and some white stunts to mostly black ones, a policy aimed at achieving the promise of equality in the education system decades after the supreme court struck down segregation. biden's record now under scrutiny for suggesting the federal government should have a limited role in integration. biden telling a delaware newspaper in 1975 he didn't buy the
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concept that in order to even the score we must now give the black man a head start or even ho white man back to even the race. i don't buy that. biden today touting ouis report. >> it my heart to ounsure that civil rights, voting rights, equal rights are enforced everywhere.>> arris's showdown with biden is raising fresh questions about his standing among african-american voters which is key to his status. >> now that we've heard from the candidates these last two evening, we wanted to hear from the voters. gotty swartz spoke with some to get their reaction to this debate. >> reporter: at a bus stop on the south side of chicago today, the talk is politics. 100 year old beatrice lumpkin watched both debates. who are you leaning t towards righw? >> well, between sanders, i love warren too. >> sanders and warren. elaine car michael had dsbeen leaning towar joe biden and elizabeth warren, but after last night --
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stick with kamala.o >> let's head towi sconsin keyba ttleground state. >> in the small city of kenosha, we found 52-year-old undecided democrat janice barnhill who's owned the coffee pot for 14 years. >> what were the policies you were ing for? >> health care is big. >> health care. >> health care is real big. >> why? >> because i was diagnosed with b cancer back in october. >> janice is worried cabout a $150,000 medibill and is headed to treatment just after our interview. >> did anybody impressu? yo >> harris. and at the pie shop down the street, a similar sentiment. who do you think could go up against president trump? >> i feel like harris definitely could. ar>> but for 19-yeld independent augusta who's top concern is national security -- >> i would still go for trump. >> with more than a year until the
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election, there's plenty of debate to come. gotty swartz, nbc news, kenosha, wisconsin. another major story we're following, the crisis at our border. new video of a e dramatic rescuis showing the risks so many migrants take with their lives when they attempt into the u.s. illegally. gabe gutierrez is at the border. >> reporter: on that boat in the distance is a rescue mission, border patrol agents performing cpr on a 13-year-old migrant from honduras. he wasn't breathing after trying to swim across the rio grande in eagle pass, texas. but he survived. >> this child would have died had it not been for the quick life saving actions by the border patrol agents. >> hundreds of migrants die each year along the border either in the stifling heat in the desert or the water. this is the most dangerous time of year for migrants. just look at the current on that canal. there's the heat, more rain, and irrigation season for farmers making it extremely
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risky to try and cross that water. the rapid surge in migrants has stressed the resources of agents like frank who spends his time caring for women and children. >> that's what it is hard for us to see. she doesn't know where she's at. she doesn't know she's here with her mom on this dangerous journey. >> in mexico, this woman is weighing whether to finish that journey. her family is at a shelter after escaping violence in el salvador, but she'll have to wait in mexicofo at least six months before her u.s. asylum case is processed. nobody cares, she says. we're fleeing from a problem, and we'resc ed. she's considering going back to central america even though she fears for her life. the border patrol chief here in el paso says about half of his agents are now caring for those in custody instead of patrolling .the border itself >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. the supreme court has agreed to take up the future of the obama era daca program that has allowed ousands of young
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undocumented immigrants to stay in the country. wthe courtl decide whether president trump can shut it down. pete williams is at the courtonight. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: lester, daca is short for deferred action for childhood arrivals. it lets children stay here in the u.s. if they were under 16 when their parents brought them here. it has allowed 700,000 young people avoid deportation, go to college, and get jobs. two years ago, president trump tried to shut it down. the federal courts ordered the government to keep the program going. now the supreme court says it will take up the trump administration's appeal of those ordered. the prograwill keep going until the court rules which will probably be a year from now, suring that daca will figure in the presidential campaign. lester. >> pete, thanks. tonight, i president trump remains overseas at the g20 summit in japan and making waves during a meeting with vladimir putin when pressed about confronting putin over election interference.
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kristen welker is there. >> reporter: president trump meeting face to face with russian president vladimir putin for the firs time since the mueller report was released. the report detailed russian meddling in the 2016 election. the president was asked would he press putin about russia's behavior. >> don't meddle in the election. meddle in the election. >> the president smiling, putin smiling too. moments earlier, russian tv captured the two leaders joking about the media. while the muelle report concluded there was no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia, the special counsel d id find russia mountesweeping and systematic operation to influence the election on behalf of mr. trump. telligence officials recently warning it could happen again. >> we expect russia will continue to wage its information war
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against democracies and to use social media to attempt to divide our societies. >> reporter: the senate's top democrat blasting the president's comments. >> americans will lose face in their democracy, and this aresident jokes at it? it'sppalling. it's disgraceful. >> repor and tonight former president jimmy carter unleashing this bombshell, suggesting he does not think president trump is legitimate. >> i think the interference, although not yet quantified, i think fully investigated would show trump didn't win the election in 2016. >> reporter: that comes days after president trump praised carter on nbc noting that carter defended him in the past. carter even offered to work with him onrt nokorea. back home major developments ou suing a missing college student in utah. it's not the news so many had hoped for. ave arrested a man on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. nbc's miguel almaguer has late details. >> reporter: with guns
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drawn, the arrest was made by the salt lake tcity s.w.a.t team,he man taken into can you custody ayoola ajayi will be taken in for murder and kidnapping. >> investigation into her phone records show the last communication ar were with the rested person. >> today's arrest come after police raided the suspect's home. investigators spending 19 hours scouring the property. during the overnight dig unearthing evidence they say the suspect tried to burn. >> excavation of the burn area was conducted which resultedthe finding of several charred items that were consistent with personal items of mackenzie lueck. other charred material was located which has been determined to be female human tissue. >> reporter: vanishing 12 days ago, police y sathe university of utah student and the sp sut were texting before she arrived at the salt lake city airport. investigators say she
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took a lyft to a park where a car was waiting for her at 3:00 a.m. detectives say the suspect and victim's cell phod registere in the same area before mackenzie's went dark. tha member of utah national guard, the suspect rented rooms at his house on airbnb. jillian stayed at the home. >> a couple weeks later, he tried to friend me on facebook. i just didn't accept it because it was a little weird. >> reporter: tonight police are offering no motive for the murder, but they say they now have the man who killed mackenzie lueck. miguel almaguer, nbc news. tonight a white supremacist has been sentenced to life in prison for ramming his car into a crowd in charlottesville in the summer of 2017, the attack killing heather heyer and injuring others who were rallying. james fields pleaded
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guilty to hate crimes back in march. before being ntenced, he apologized after hearg testimony from survivors including one that told him you deserve everything you get. just ahead here tonight, dramatic arrests in the shooting of red sox legend david ortiz including the mastermind of the plot. also we'll check in on the usa team. and the star lestudded cebration, the moment 50 years ago that start it all. sales, supply chain, inventory - ♪ ♪ it needs to track it all, from cincinnati to singapore. ooo! ♪ ♪ and protect it all. customer records, our financials, they better be secured.t bui also need easy access, to manage data across my clouds - no matter where it lives. ♪ ♪ so if an auditor shows up, i can be a step ahead. that's the cloud i want. is that to much to ask? fr expect mor your cloud. ibm cloud. a asoctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first...
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there is wd tonight from authorities in the dominican republic of the so-called stermind that left david ortiz badly un wod has been arrested >> reporter: it's the desperate face time call to family capturing a wanted man's final moments of freedom. victor hugo gomez calling relatives in the u.s. as dominican police close in, suspected of him
7:19 pm
masterminding the plot that led to the shooting of david ortiz. in another video, gomez alleges innocence. his accomplice was caught by the dominican armada on a boat trying tsc eape to puerto rico. he was caught on ersurveillance cam the directive, kill the man in white pants. he confused his target with the similarly dressedrtiz. gomez has already served time in a raominican prison for drug ticking and in the u.s. there was a $10,000 reward for information leang to his arrest on federal drug c rges. tonight as ortiz recovers in a boston hospital, the number of people now i custody for the shooting up to more than a dozen. facing charges for nearly killing a man tpolice say wasn' their targe morgan chesky,bc
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another big win tonight for the usa he host ating french team at the women's world cup, one step closer to the final. kelly cobiella is there. >> the u.s. women tonight proving they can take the heat. megan scoring the first goal and the second, team usa stopping every shot but one. a late french come back blockedn front of a home crowd of 40,000. cheers from parisnd across the atlantic. the match played while europe melts, an all-time high in france, 114 periodic toble 6, paris dow 86 by kick off. heartbreak for france tonight, but for the u.s. a new challenge.
7:24 pm
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storm team 4 radar still tracking strong storms, most of them starting to die off here, but we have a very dangerous cupeper counrn portions ever ty finally tonight, celebrations and surprises, 50 years t since the nighat launched the modern gay rights movement in america. here's joe fer. >> reporter: on the street that 50 years ago was the scene of a riot, today a star-studded celebration with big names taking the stage. >> lady gaga. >> you are the definition of courage. do you know that? >> reporter: all of it taking place in front
7:28 pm
of the stonewall inn. ea what does it mto be here on this day? >> i got goose bumps. >> it's a beautiful celebratioand a beautiful reminder that we still have to continue to fight. >> reporter: on june to9th, 1969, police raidedwall, something that happened often at gay bars, but this time the crowd fought back. 50 years later, those that took part in the uprising gathered in front of stonewall n. ag >> it's the young people that have to carry on after we're gone. it's important that the young folks know the history of stonewall. >> this month stonewall has been the


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