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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  June 30, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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that little girl was me. >> we'll saadios to donald trump. >> you know he denies i totally. >> the u.s. advances. ♪ >> good morning and welcome to "sunday today" today on this june 3h. i'm willie geist. history made hours ago at the heavily fortifie credit unio bo with a diplomatic meeting proposed by mr. trump over twitter. the first sitting american president ever to setoot in north korea when he stepped
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across the line of demarcation in the demilitarized zone to kim. hands with historic. is it more than a photo op? richard engle is live near the border and we'll talk to chuck todd. >> plus, the life andork of former new york city police detective luis vhealvarez. ought cancer after working on the toxic pile at ground zero following the attacks of 9/11 d fought for the rights of first responde like him. he appeared before congress earlier this month with jon stewart, pleading politicians to fulfill their obligation. and later we wi turn to my sunday sitdown with the prolific seth mcfarland, creator of the hitnimated show "family guy" and the oroville. grammy nominated musician, oscars host and the star of a much discussed series aboutne f ws called "the loudest i voice". >> enjoy things that scare me. that's probably why i jump from
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"family guy," the t oroville the music. it's things that i think i can succeed at but i'm not really sure. >> a sunday sitdown with seth mcfarland. plus, harry smith and another life well lived later in the show. let's begin this morning with the historic handshakebe tween president trump and noh korean leader kim jong un just hours ago. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard eng s fele is near the dmz. good morning in new york and good evening in korea. >> reporter: good evening from korea. we are on the edge of the dmz and there was a scramble of activity hereoday. u could tell just by looking at it this was being thrown together in the last minute. opters coming and going, delegations arriving, journalists who didn't seem to know what was going on, what was going to happen next. kim jong un arrived. he said he didn't know that he was going to come until the very lastnu mi.
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president trump said he didn't know that he was going to actually cross into north korea untiright at president p was the first to arrive, walking slowly towards north korea in the no-man's land of the demilitarized zone, or then kim jong un emerged, walking faster to catch up. the two leaders sho hands. trump on south korean son . kim jong u. >> good to see you again. >> i never expected to meet you at t >> reporter: they were beparated only a narrow concrete strip. the demarcation le between the two koreas. . esident trump asked and was invited to cross >> i ask, w like here to come across the line? he said i would be honored to do that. i didn't know what he was goi to say, but it was myo honor t do it.
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>> reporter: the first american president to set foot on north korea north korn soil. kim jong un then stepped over the line into south korea. it was chaotic that president trump wanted to do this had been stirklating for weeks, but the details clearly came together in the last minute. security, camera crew north korean television got in each other's way. but real history is often messy. >> i said, hey, i'm over here. i want to call up chairman kim. we got toee mt. stepping across that line was a hgreator. a lot of progress has been made. a lot of friendships has been maee. this has b in particular a great friendship. >> reporter: the north korean leader, president trump, advisors and family members went in for extended talks. >> and i want to thank chairman kim for something else. when i put out the sial media otification, if he didn't show
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made us both look make i appreciate it. >> reporter: the demilitarized zone is one of the mostan uniqu tense places on earth. 160 miles long, 2.5 miles wide, it strad the border between north and south korea with the demarcation line running up the middle. the zone was set up in 1953 after theorn war to de-escalate hostilities. a safe place for enemies to meet. today being used exactly what it was built for. what was supposed to be five minutes lted over an hour. president trump walking un back to his se of the border. and president trump has now left korea. he tweeted short while ago echoing the same messages he said at the dmz, saying it was an honor to meema chair kim, that he stood on north korean soil. he said it was an important message for the world. he hopes to follow upn oit.
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>> an extraordinary scene, richard. by definition, it was historic. what hapns from here? does it change the dynamic of the negotiations such that they are with north korea? >> reporter: it may. there could be some real progress coming out of this because in all negotiations personal relationships are im rtant, especially when you with a state like north korea, which is a one-man show. it is a tota you atocracy. also, president trump wants to show that he is trying to make great accomplishments, that he is ald worlass statesman. he was taking credit for de-escalating tnsions thro korean peninsula, even though he was responsible for escalating those tensions. it could lead to progress, but it was also a bit of theater. >> what a day. thank you so much. now to chuck todd, nbc's
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political director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning. we had singapore. we had hanoi. now a meeting at the dmz which, by the way, which was t moren the handshake. there were 50 minutes of talks behind closed doors. is there a plan from the trump administration or was it a photo op? >> we will find out. king ast two ended up l if they were photo ops in the end. we thought they could lead to didn't.g, but they the first one having the summit gave the president a boost that he had neverotten before. the highest job approval rating we ever record for the president came after that first meeting with kim jong un. and i think in some ways,th williepresident keeps o recapture that moment, recapture, you know, with some other replacementhiny moment. after their second meeting north korea apparently, kim jong un ecuted the negotiating team there. so it's hard to anticipat ything more than this being a
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photo op that leads to more talks that may not lead to anything. so at some point the president needs progress. he hasn't gotten any yet. >> usually that handshake is after the deal is down. the president at the g20 meeting joking with vladimir putin at the request only of the media. hey, don't meddle in our election, sort of with a smile on his face. chummy with the crown prince of saudi arabia, who american's own ce agencies said directly ordered the murder of a "washington post" journalistma khashoggi. he showed a lot of affinity for strong men overseas. >> it is one of those. boy, what r would theublican reaction had been had president imama had a handshake wi k before doing these things? you go through all of these back and forths that this president hasnd done, a they are certainly unusual. i think the meeting list there tells you where he is more
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comfortable with these authoritarian leaders perhaps in some form. he likes the transactional politics. whatever you want to look at it, e does like that sort of transactional mindset. i think that's whatakes it more attractive to him. it is really sending quite the message to the more traditional allies of the united states. it's hard for them to getme ings with this president sometimes. >> chuck, you have a busy week yourself. i sawow you din miami. you were moderating t d democraticates. joe n came in, obviously, as the frontrunner, 20 pointsde nding what poll you look at. senator kamala harris took a bite out of him, if you will, in that debate. how mue did do you think was done to the vice president? how much did kamala harris help herself? >> well, look, she did a lot of perceived damage. the question is whether it translates intoumoll nbers.
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that we don't know. but the perceived damage is big because it's not just her that looks at biden walking around a bit wounded. 18 challengers that were on the stage those two nights as well who think, guess what? this nomination is gettable. if biden has another debate performance like that, then all of a sudden his support might start dwindling. it doesn't all go to one person. so i think the biggest development is you have a bunch of other candidates, another six to eight realistically, who look at biden's fragility and hsay,, this is winnable. this is gettable. i think what happens is the next debate everybody is am coming after joe biden. they are all going to want to have their own biden moment that harris got. that will be an interestingnt momeo see how biden handles it. >> by the way, senator harris raising a ton of money days since that debate. thanks so much. we look forward to you this morning on "meet the press." lifefter the debate for
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democrats. among his guests presidential contenders senator cory booker and julian castro. some sad news to pass along this morning. with the death of new york city police department dettive luis alvarez. he became the face of the health crisis plaguing first responters who spe months on the toxic pile at ground zero after the attacks of september 11th. alrez breathedhat air for three months while searching for arvivors then for remains. he was diagnosed in 2016 with cancer as a result of breathing their on the pile. on saturday he died from it, t becoming latest victim of the aftermath of 9/11. earlier this month just before his 69th chemotherapy treatment, alvarez testified on capitol d to replenish theeptember 11th victim compensation fund. >> i wt s by and watch
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as my friends with cancer from 9/11 like me are valued lessan th anyone else because of when they get sick they die you made me come down here the day before my 69th round of chemo. i am going to make sure that you never forget to take care of the 9/11 responders. >> a short time after thatlv testimony aez entered hospice care. old. alvarez was 53 years he leaves behind his wife elaine and their three sons. detective alvarez truly was one of new york's finest. some harrowing moments for a floridaolice officer on saturday during what began as a routine traffic stop. >> put your hands up! put your hands up!
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put your trickingands up! >> the driver refused to cooperate when the seminole county deputy asked h about the smell of marijuana in his car. the driver took off with the officer hanging oo te side of the suv and shooting into the car the deputy fell off, escaping serious injury while the driver sped away. the man is now in custodyannd charged a attempted murder. scary moments in madison, wisconsin, when gunshots were fired after a fireworks show. one person was shot. the injury is not life-threa a a poli. a police offic a leg injury. it was a c fran toigs between two people who knew each other. the new york yankees and boston red sox back in action, a day after a slugfest in london. the first time a major leagu grea this was note a gam for anybody who loves aood pitching dulos. they combined for 30 runs. y
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theankees won 17-13. it the came took 4 hoursnd a 42 minutes from start to finish. nearly a record. but the blink of an eye for british fans used to multiday cricket m. a sellout crowd in london for the yanks and sox. now a check of your local weather. ut> we have got temperature o e rright around 80 degrees. it's a beautiful morning out there. plenty of sunsh at this mome. around we are going to continue to see sun skies throughout the day. a little bit of a breeze as well. good news about todto it's going e nice about lower humidity. that temperature is going to be around 90 degrees. our average temperature this time mf year-to-upper 80s. so your sunday outlook pool perfect, yard work go for it, exerciseda anytime of the today because straight ahead, the highs and lows of -- including the proud big brother hug at a pre-i gradua ceremony that made
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america smile and tea up right along with them. and theilarious escape lion drill at a japaneseoo that confused the real lions. and later the return of disco, kind of. imagine if eveone at studio 54 had been wearing ear yds. ac inour own head, and then you can also intert with other >> it's all coming up on "sunday today" today. as we heado break, our photo of the week. u.s. women's national team star megan rapinoe striking a pose after scoring one of her two goals in the world cup quarterfinal victory overost country france. rapinoe, who found herself in a feud with the president of the united states th week, gave team usa all it needed in the airtight 2-1 vetory. mericans face england now in the semi-finals on tuesday. they ought to make this photo into a staturight now. ollowing ? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease,
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morganpiece on silent disco the show. first, our first t high goeso a heads up teenager in istanbul, turkey, whose heroic catch made him a star this week. the 17-year-old algerian immigrant was walng down the street when he saw a terrifying sight. a little girl about to fall from a second floor window above. fazzy moved closer to the buil hoping he would catch her when she fell. as you can see, he did just before she hit the ground. she got out of the window while her mother was cooking. we are happy to report the 2-year-old is fine. they became fast friends after their moment togethe spending a day in the park together on the swings. the fact that he saw that and got in position to make the
8:20 am
catch, incredible. >> to thinkt tha quickly and react. >> thank god he was there, right? our first low to the critics' reews of a local production of the "laon king" that pd out at aooapanese z during a safety drill the other day. this was at scene at the zoo as members of the staff practiced what ty would do inhe eslent ss a lio scape. a guy walks out in the lion costume. he begins to stalk around. the zook after m escaping his enclosure runsun a knocks oth over one of the sorety wkers before a van rolls up and shoots the fake lion with aake tranquilizer tha looks suspiciously like my 9-year-old's nerf the reaction of the lions who have looks o to say, is that guy in the lion costume supposed to be us? it gave the lions a chance to stud the zoo's defenses and prepar for escape. there is so much to say. let's start with the costume.
8:21 am
>> how would you to be the staff worker who getso wear the lion costume? >> that's the intern for the summer. >> get in the lion costume and pretend youpe esca our next high, the best big brotr in the whole wide world. we parents know graduations from airs. can be weepy a connecticut 8-year-old derrick smith is a different kind sibling. when his 5-year-old sister graduated he walked up and gave her a hug and said i'm so proud of you. then he burst into tears oy, pride and joausing his stie sam. the father and mother shared a moment on instagram. the hug was a mood making the world happy as it sho around the internet. mom and dad said the photo will go up in the living room leaving the rest of us to ask permission
8:22 am
to hang it i well. the fact that she tiered up, she >> i know. love. >> and for a8-year-old boy to have that kind of empathy, incredible. the final low, the low level of time, effort,nd manpower required by the greater manchester police force in make a high-profile arrest. josie was pinched in a sting she was asking for, literally. she has lived a clean life over a century and she wante a taste of living dangerously. r granddaughter let the police in in. they wte in a statement the request was for the grandmother to be arrested so she could experience what it was like to be on the wrong side of the law. the polic stopped short of putting josie behind bars, but pam said josie got what she wanted writing, a big thank y to the greater manchester police arresting my grand josie. ed for ted to be arresti
8:23 am
something before it's too late. she has a hea of gold and thoroughly enjoyed now we afraid to find out itat's next on josie's bunt list. 's nice when you get arrested ed and immtely walked out of. jail >> i didn't know this was a thing. pen for olderple, 104. >> it's an odd thing. nice to take off the cuffs and go home. all right. coming up danext, a suny sitdown with the multi-talented seth mcfarland. on 20 years of his shofa "ly guy" his role in the new series about fox news and a little time at the piano in one of new rk's most famous rooms. and then harry smith on the power through the years of a ngle photograph and a week when a tragic image gripped the country.
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good morning. 8:26 on this sunday, june 30th. i'ms. adam tus heavy rains may have played a role in a trag crash on the
8:27 am
beltway that killed a toddler in prince george's county. yesterday we learned that 2-year-old leelete andargie of oxon hill passed away. ing in a she was r car with her family on the outer loop near branch avenue. bother car slammed into their chicle fromehind causing a chain-reactionrash. medics took the little girl's mother and 5-year-old sister to the hospital withnjuries as well. montgomery county fire and rescue teams swift-water rescue teams brubing up on their skilla by tining near great falls on theotomac river. the river presents dferent challenges including different levels and currents. they have it down to a science. ten minutes from the time they t a call to the time that they hithe water. a calmer weather day is tap for today. maybmi less hudity. lauryn ricketts has a look at your forecaswhen we come bac
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get this humidity out of herek okay? what can do you about that? >> hey, liste'm i getting it out of here today and tomorrow, but then the humidity comes back as we get into your tuesday. so falling humidity outhere today. ask and you shall receive. another heat wave in theorks. tuesday back in the 90s. then we keep it going from there. and then taydail chances of rai tuesday through next weekend. the current temperatures right now 70s. 80s in warrenton an annapolis so far. maybeea hd to the golf course today or out and about. 90 degrees. it will be a little on the breezy side out there. again with low humidity. now we t keep theperatures on
8:30 am
the lower side tomorrow. back in the 90s tuesday. isolated storm. but wednesday, thursday, fourth ofuly we do have those chances of daily afternoon storms. >> all right. laury, thank you veruch. we are back in minutes with more news and weather.o for now back tunday " you know what i loved about your cereal? it tasd like blueberries. and you're a ghost. that's the boo. did you know y were doing that? oh, my god. ce>> that is a sne from the long running hit "family guy" created more than 20 years ago by a young animator named seth macfarlane. macfarlane, who con to voice many of the characters on "family guy," hasn the show in nearly a decade as his ambitious portfolio has grown. there has been more animated comedy like american dad and the cleveland show. movies about a raunchy teddy bear. a music career and even a gig
8:31 am
hosting the oscars. his latest role, the anticipated showtime series t"the loudest voice" about the man who built fox news and changed our political media culture. se and i got together this week for a sunday sitdown at a place where he has performed a couple of times, the famed cafe carlisle here in new y seth macfarlane is an actor, a writer, a producer a director, an animator, and even a singer. "come fly with me ♪ ♪ let's float down to peru >> he usually leaves the piano playing to someone >> [ bleep ] let's try sagain. >>ounds good to me, man. ♪ >> this is why i don't do this publicly. >> what's so special about the carlisle? >> it's small and intimate.
8:32 am
if you [ bleep ] up, and ver a few peopl going to see. >> there are no such concerns about macfarlane's latest project,he showtime miniseries "the loudest voice." >> i am not your source. >> it focuses on the rise and foul of the legendary and infamous fox news founder roger ailes played by russell crowe. >> what's all the ruckus. macf head of public relations at fox news who guarded the company's internal business ferociously. >> why is he an important character? >> this is the guy that roger would blow off steam to. also the guy who was comfortable enough keeping him in line when he maybe got a little too off the rails. hera was a democt, shockingly, working for fox news. the ethic didn't really come into play. >> lewis was with ales from the very beginning. he was fired abruptly in 2013. what was the breaking point
8:33 am
given his long relationship with ails? >> he started to seebe roger eving things that he had put out there initially as a form of entertainment. hehaelt t fox news should be simple,t should be heroes and villains, us and them, very simple concepts for the audience to latch on to so they didn't have to think a lot but be entertained. i think he was troubled by that. >> in real life, macfarlane has been criticalof fox news. that makes for ieresting moments. "family guy" and "american dad" and "the orville" all appear on the fox broadcasting network. what was your reaction when this came to you? >> they had to talk me into it a little bit. not because of my connection to fox. just because it was, as a performer, it was so outside the realm of, you know, i am like, you sure you don't want to call topher grace? i did call, you know, my friends
8:34 am
up there in murdoch landw do this. they sd this soundsike a great show. i'm sure you will be great. i have worked for them for years. i have had persona conversations with i have said i think this is a massively irresponsible operation over there. you said that to the executives at news corp? >> ye y, andet it's still, you know, we're still able to enter act. in the 20 years since the 45-year-old macfarlane arrived as a young hollywood prodigy he has made a career of looking for new challenges. >> i enjoy thingsdhat scare me. that's probably why i tendjuo mp from something like "fami guy" to something like "the orville." i had always wanted to do a science fiction series. i liked writing on "family guy" a lot. it was more work than this is. i think if you a had terrible
8:35 am
childhood it's easier to be a comedy writer. there is a lot of pain. i had a great childhood. >> he grew up with a younger sister in kent, connecticut, where his parents worked at a local prep school. he started drawing at the o age 2. at 9 he already h a weekly comic published in the local paper and wrote a letter to jim henson studios announcing his plans to become a cartoonist. where did this creative energy come from? >> my parents were an influence. they were ex-hippies who believed, you know, in creativity as a lifestyle and possibly as a professional hrsuit. >> mark far lanet the rhode island school of design and landed a job working at dinna-barbera animation sos. he was so good that fox trusted him to develop a show at just 24 years old. when "family guy" was born, macfarlane became the youngest executive producer of a pme time series ever.
8:36 am
"he's a familyuy". >> i have been doing the "family guy" pilot and staying up all night christmas eve to get it done. was almost fresh out of college. i had been working for a couple of years, but nothing like this. >> "family guy" enters its 18th season this fall. but the show was not an immediate hit. >> the show is so successful i forgot it was canceled twice. >> yeah. i mean, the cancellation was , it was as unchartered at the pick up. you know, oh, i got a show picked up. i got canceled. that's whate happens. thsh from the fans bougrought it back. love? >> it's concerned with entertainment. it just wants to make you laugh. after a long harday at the gravel pit. >> that guy has no idea how hard i'mki wor. bird! a bird got in. awesome. >> macfarlane voices several characters on the show, including peter grinch.
8:37 am
>> brian, there is a message in my alphabet. it says ooooh. >> stewie. >> mom, mom, mom. >> and brian. >> you're saying it weird. why are you putting so much emphasis on the h? >> which movie audiences recognize asd macfarlane playe a foul-mouthed teddy bear alongside marwahlberg in "ted" and "ted 2". that famous voice sounds a little different though whencf maarlane sings. inspired by a child hd listening to the gremerican long book, he released five albums and has been nomated for four grammy awards. his latest is called "once in a while." in high school were you the kid ndstening to frank sinatra everybody else was listening to motley crue? >> more or less. i was listening to the rio, get out of my dreams, get into my car, okay?
8:38 am
not missing a whole lot. >> you left billy ocean behind? >> yeah. "get out of my dreams". >> the loudest voice premieres on showtime 10:00 eastern and pacific. our thanks to the cafe carlisle for hosting our conversation and our jam session. to hear seth discuss the distinct possibility of a "family guy" movie and another installment of "ted" check out web kpras at subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the unedited interview with seth macfarlane. and next week on the week of the 30th anniversary of the debut of "seinfeld," we revisit one of our all-time favorite sunday sitdowns with jerry seinfeld himself. a two-part conversation next week. morgan radfordnd i will
8:39 am
answer your questions. use #"sunday today" on twitter, facebook, to orin agram. we will read our sunday mail at the end of the show. first, let's get a quick check of your local weather. sht suppressing that humidity. so it actually feels rather nice this morning with temperatures in the 70s. we do have some 80s out there. we are headed into the upper 80s and lower 90s for daytime highs today. a little y cooler thanterday. still hot definitely in the sunshine. it's going to feele temperatures as opposed to yesterday with 100 degrees with the humidit the humidity falling. it will be breezy with winds gusting up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. > next, disco in the 21st century. no loud nightclub necessary. .ust a group of friend ri
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the disco of the 1970s was a big loud glittery communal experience of music and dance. donna summer and gloria gaynor and the bee geesnd kung fu fighting. and then it was gone. but today disco is making a big of a comeback with a modern twist, and you might just see it at one of those weddings you are dressing up for this summer. morgan is bok now t explain in our sunday spotlight. ♪ >> take a deep breath in through your nose. city on a hotel rooftop overlooking the manhattan skyline -- >> inhale here. >> reporter: these 500 yogis are finding peace within. >> let it go you exhale. >> reporter: but in l as thann hour this moment of zen will transform into something co. a daybreak dance party that has been given the silent treatment,
8:43 am
or so you think. hi >> there is notng else that could give me a better vibe. >> the best way to start the morning. >>e to work after this. >> reporter: youea >> it's unbelievable that so many people want to get out of bed early to have this experience. >> reporter: the founder of sound off, one of several companies that brings so-called silent discos eve like these to cities across the globe. what is a silent disco? >> a dilentisco is a dance party with wireless'seadphones. whspecially about the headphones, it creates an immersive experience. i like t think much the experience as though you are singing in the shower, singing in the car. there is no inhibitions sore you' purely enjoying the music. >> reporter: while discos have been around for decades, they didn't go silent until the '90s when music festivals handed out
8:44 am
avoid late-night nois.echnology these days the trend is getting a reboot for brides, becoming a popular feature at weddings. newlyweds who wanted a unique way to keep the party going all night longee >> we have bn to so many weddings. we wanted to do this. >> i never have sweated this much at a wedding before. >> it's so much >> reporter: even better, the headphones aren't limited to one channel of audio, meaning that wedding guests can choose which genre and which deejay they prefer. >> you can have edm and hip hop and have, you know, '70s and '80s and motown for your parents. this way there is e dae floort all times. >> reporter: today the populari of silent discos, which still attract crowds at regur club events, have companies like quiet events
8:45 am
expanding new markets including fitness, cruises, and even -- >> absolutely free babysitting. >> reporter: at this silent disco the kids own the dance floor while the parents kick back. >> they get a chance to have a drink and hang out, and we just completely keep them entertained for four to five hours. lunchtime ready for a p. much >> you can like be in your own head and also interact with . >> when people put on headphones they wantt to be lef alone. this seeps like the opposite. >> yeah, musice connects peopl regardless of what genre you are into. good music brings people together. >> reporter: i can hear people cheering. >> yes. ur they are still going on. >> reporter: in overconnected world, tuning in doesn't have to mean tun >> oh, morgan, i have so many questions for you right now. i love your moves, first of all. >> can i teach you to move like
8:46 am
jagger? >> no. you were conducting a real interview while doing the moves. that's impressive. >> i appreciate it. >> it loo odd because you have people dancing to different music. what was it like for you? >> full disclosure. on my personal time i have been before. e defin been before. it's very freein abandon because they are happy to be there. are you coming? y >> a a daytime raver? >> after "sunday today" show. never before. >> brurj and a rave with morgan radford. thanks so much. see you in a minute. next on "nday today," as a photograph from the southern border stopped america in its tracks this week, harry smith oks back at the power of a ngle image to shape history. later a life well lived. one of the last o the tuskegee airmen. the world war iieroes who fought for their country that did not fight for themack .
8:47 am
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8:50 am
in a mexican newspaper shows a 2 a-year-old father, oscar, with his 23-month-old daughter shirt.a wrapped in his they are face down in the rio grande river, both dead. drowned together trying to ross the border from mexicoo int the united states after a long journey from el salvador. harry smith has our suny closer on the power of an image. reporter: you have seen the picture and y have your d opinion,eep felt. it calls f a response, and there were many. will the picture though move us as a people any closer to consensus about what to do on the border? a border people are willing to risk their lives to we saw a similar photo from europe a few years ago. people arounor the wld are moving these days to escape tyranny, poverty, and climate . from time to time we see a
8:51 am
picture that makes us stop and thtk. photos tha in an instant solidify a movement or a moment. we and our bundles of thoughts and emotions find clarity in a single image. joy, sorrow, defiance, struggle, victory, sace. the pictures allow us to timestamp our feelings. hey put us in places we often can't reach. they help us understand another's pain an anguish. when we look at these images we sometimes fool ourselves though into thinking we all see the same thing. not strue. it i merely that moment when the aperture opens, then closes. a snapshot that t oftenls us more abouturselves than what the image portrays. a man and his daughter dead in
8:52 am
the water. what does that m for "sunday today," harry smith, new yo. >> harry, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. before world war ii, rican-american service membe no united states military. in 1941, under legal pressure, the army air core created an all black squadron of pilotsai who d together at a base near tuskegee, alabama, to defend the country overseas that discriminated against them at home. history knows that group of heroes as the tuskegee airmen. robert friend was one of them. lieutenant colonel friend flew with the elite 332nd fighter group, eventually carrying out h africa in his mustang nd fighters with the tails famously painted red. friend was born in columbia, south carolina, the son of an
8:53 am
ecuadorian immigrant father who boy robert loved airplanes and signed up for a pilot training program in college before joining the military. over his 28 years in the air forceieutenant colonel frien korean ved during the and vietnam wars. in the late 1950s and early '60s friend led project blue book. the government's secret study of unidentified flying objts. in recent years he said publicly he does not believe earth has been visited by aliens, but that there is life out there. robert friend, one of the last of the famed tuskegee airmen, died lastn week i long beach, california. he was 99 years ol could be at risk of certain cancers later in life. from an infection, human papillomavirus i knew widespread hpv is and while hpv clears for most,
8:54 am
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keeps all your be td bain one s morgan is back to help us through through tday mail. we take your questions from facebook, twitter, instagram. ur first question comes from rita in jacksonville beach, florida. she asked, so did you watch tou debate or r vandy boys who, by uch i y, are champions better take thisad one. i h a split screen. of course i watched the debate on the nbc family of networks and ong espn watchin vanderbilt win the nionalhampionship. anchor down. congratulations. tim corbyn, our gat coach and the great gs who won us a national title. we don't get a lot of those. >> go vandy. >> the nt question from linda on facebook. have you ever had to interview someone you were me mz mer mize by and had a hard time getting through? >>t' tstrong.
8:58 am
that's a high bar. i will say one of my favorite was with martellus bennett and s wife. they were super funny. >> all-star. >> yeah. he and his wife and kid, rhey were juslly funny. >> i love that. >> yeah. think if we are going with messmerized, when mick jagger sat down across from me, as a rolling stones fan, wow. finally, what's your idea of a perfect last meal? my wife's chicken parm. >> a vietnamese dish. >> we got more of our "sunday today" mugshots. ank you judy in fairhaven, new jersey. celebrating suzie and curtis' 50th anniversary. looking good, parker. and jess and his dad dave from right here in central park. send ua photo with the #sundaytodet. you can g it online at the nbc online store. thank you, morgan. thank you por spendingart of
8:59 am
your morning with us. we will see you back here next week on "sunday today" with jerry seinfeld. t hundreds swarm streets to lly against i.c.e. opter two pele were etand. they want officials to enforce d.c.'s sanctuary city laws. and thousands tourngt for the pride parade through the annapolis. we will show you more of the good time that was had by all. first, let's ge you ought up on that historic meeting between prut and north korea's leader. prekident trump meeting with m jong un at the demilitarized zone and then crossing the line
9:00 am
into north rea become the first sitting president to visit the rebr repressive country. this took ple after meetings with south korea's president as well. much more in just a few minutes. but first welcome in on what is a busy sunday morning here. thanks for being with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm tracie potts in r neagan fitzgerald today. we have two thigs going on. we have heat and humidity. lauryn ricketts has promised to take one away for you. >> whi one would that be? >> which one would youike it to be? >> th. >> it's summer in d.c. i don't know if i can work my wonders that much. listen, guys, we have got the heat out there. but if you stepped outside you insided a little bit of a breeze. winds 20 to 30 miles today. that wind is coming out of the northwest so it's a lot drier and coor air that'soing to be suppressing that humidity today. oh, yeah, lower humidity out there today. look how beautiful it is on the potomac river. everything so green out there right


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