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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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oh, thas right. you're aaron gilchrist. we might have heavy rain ghat might roll throu the area later today. the rain chances making today 4 storm teameather alert day. >> somara theodore is here with a look at a that. >> don't forget the umbrellaf you can bring it where you're going because rain is going to pour. i'd probably wear a poncho. the good new it's a dry start to the morning. if you're an early ryer, you're going out for a runnd you're looking good. the storm we do see today will be on the widespre side of thing. any storm could easily -- why can't i talk -- on the strong to severe side. currently, temperatures are in the upper seven70s. it will be a humid and muggy start to the day. nenel, we cou not only that, we could see fog out on there the road. temperatures quickly rising.
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impacts for the storms that we are expecting today, i think heavy rain, downpours is going to be the greatest issue. we will also see strong damaging wind and i can't rule out any isolated hail. now the timing on this is going to be between 2:00 and 9:00 p.m. the window we are working with. it's a critical hour for fireworks. i'll break it down and then we will take a look at a few regions coming up. for now, back t you. >> rain could threaten tonight's fourth of july celebrations. >> president trump salute to america and a concerts happening but you may want a backup plan. justin finch is live along the national mall for us this morning. good morning to you, justin. >> reporter: happy fourth. it might be smart t bring a poncho if you come out later. so far the weather is holding up.
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we got here a few moments ago and we have been watching police clear off this area for all of the celebration set to begin later today. a line of police cruisers out here clearing away a lot of the cars that were parked. are expecting people across the country an a lot of them have weather on their mind, including a couple that we met from north carolina who tell us they are coming prepared. >> rain plan is i did research on the internet and i said you only go aund once. et's splurge a little bit on the hotel so i found a embassy row hotel and they have a party -- not a party. t a package. and they have a wonderful rooftop terrace! >> joo. >> reporter: that is pretty smart idea for her family here is a list of things not to
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bring if you plan on coming down. and leave your weapons at home too. if you plan on coming out, you can sign up for these alerts about events going on here. text from your phone july fourth d.c. to 888-777. you'll get updates on traffic flow and other alerts as well as weather and notices for missing or lost children. back inside to you. >> justin finch, live for us this mornin thank you. a reminder ofho w dangerous the weather can be. maryland health official say a m 65-year-old has died in the state's first hot weather death of the year. her exact cause of death areana her has not been released in at this pot. health official say during the celebratio today takeution to avoid overheating and make y sureou stay hydrated. happening now. a lot of road closures around the national mall for the fourth of july events. take a look. this is a map showing the
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impacted areas. if you plan on going to tooled's events, you're best bet is take metro. metro plans ton near rush hour service starting this afternoon at 2:00. that ramped up service will continue after the fireworks and presidt trump's event at the lincoln memorial. now to the skies now. flights at reagan national airport will be suspended for military flyover that is a part of frethe president's event 6:1 and 7:45 tonight. air trafc will stop again etween 9:00 and 9:45 for the fireworks show. dulles and bwi marshall airports will not be impacted. > heads-up. you can get a free ride home tonight from sober ride.
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lyft is offering this to prevent drunk driving. hyou will need to get tpromo code and enter it on the lyft app. the free rides start at 7:00 p.m. and run until 2:00 a.m. this morning. up to $15 of that ride will be free. sign up for the nbc washington ap you will get the latest weather, traffic alerts, and warnings and list of all the fireworks shows across our area. open it up. search fourth of july. a lot of people will celebrate thisoliday weekend on the water and we are working fo you to keep you safe. news4 molette green is live at the alexandria waterfront with what you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for a lot of people, the fourth of july weekend means getting out on the water, getting out oa a b and while that can be fun, it can also be dangerous. so there are some safety tips haw you want to be sure pay attention to and follow if you're going out on a boat. not just this weekend or any time. take a lookhere. first of all, make sure that you wear a life vest. you never know when you're going
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to fall over and get into the water. also have a working radio, a two-way radioecause cell reception out there on the water can be a little bit dicey. also don't drink and boat. andon't boat alone if you can avoid it. it's always good to have someone with you and another set of eyes, another set of hand in case something happens out there on the water. now in addition to the general boating safety tip, thereis something else to be aware of this yea take a look at these pictures. a boy who went swimming in a bay near ocean city contracted a form of flesh eating bacteria. these photos were posted on facebook by the boy's mother. fibrio is present in the water of the chesapeake bay and surrounding waterways and thrives in warm water health officials say if you have a cut or open wound, be sure to cover it with a waterproof bandage. better yet, avoid going into the
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water if you can, especially if s a deep wound. the bacteria can move incredibly fast so it's very important if you think that you' been exposed and you're showing some sort of reaction to seek medical treatment immediately before it gets out of hand. the boys' mother says her son is doing well. he is responding well to treatment. the pediatrician is happy about that but, again, a warning for people. now health official say the water is still safe, that this case is very rare, but just want to make sure you take precaions out there. >> molette green in alexandria, thank you. a montgomery county judge has ordered a new psychological evaluation for a mother charged with killing her two children. katherine hugle has been in a psychiatric hospital ever since her children went missing five years ago.
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hoggle, some say she is faking her illness. judge says each side can have their own psychiatrist evaluate her. three men are recovering after two separate shootings on tuesday afternoon. this morning fairfax county police say the shootings appear to be gang-related. here is video from the first shooting scene. this was outside of music studio on telegraph road in alexandria section of the county. shortly after the first shooting, police responded to another shooting on james drive. all three victims are expected we have learned an off-duty d.c. police officer who shot and killed a man last year will not be charged.e thffice of the united states district attorney say the unnamed offic will not face charges in the death of 24-year-old dekwan young. young was shot near the brentwood recreation center on 15th street in the northeast. the investigation found young pulled a gun on the officer and did not follow commands to put it down. virginia's general assembly will hold a special session next week to discuss new gun safety
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measures and new poll shows thers is proud support for thi kind of change that lawmakers will condition. 54% say it's more important to control gun ownership than to protect gun rights. but a there partisanf on this issue. 82% of democrats strongly favor gun control and 54% of republicans favor begun rights but the bipartisanship narrow when asked about policy. 84% favor background ecks on all gun sales. >> virginia governor northam called response to the recent massacre in virginia beach. a city employee killed a dozen e inside a municipa building in late may and was later killed by police. y, governor northam released a list of bills that he plans to introduce next week and they included mandatory background checks, assault style wereons ban and a so-called d flag law that would let law
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enforcement temporarily remove a person's firearm if they exhibit dangerous behavior. charlottesville is a replacing a holiday celebrating thomas jefferson who owned slaves with one that will slavery.e the the city council voted to remove april 13th is founding father's birthday as a paid holiday but instead they will observe freedom and liberation day on may 3rd. jefferson's hometown was charlottesville and he helped to find the start of t university virginia. the news4 scott macfarlane was first to report a new probe into the decision to cancel the move in the fbi adquarters out of d.c. an internal justice watchdog will interview why the fbi voted and decided to keep the j. edgar hoover building downtown. instead of movingit to fairfax ounty. president trump may have opposed the move because he didn't want commercial developers to take
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over the property and compete h directly withe trump hotel and feel the fbi headquarters are acting and too small. we are learning new details about another shoppers set t a close in oura. in a statement to news4, shoppers says the store near falls church will have a liquidation sale on monday and sale xpted expected to last through august 3rd.expected to august 3rd. the location will be turned into a giant food store this fall. last month, employees protested outside the store saying the company has kept th a in the darkut which stores are closing. things could start disappearing off the nu at taco bell. find out more about the problems that could stop you from enjoying your favorite meal. setting off fireworks can be fun than any show but you'll want to hear important safety tips before getting your party started. how about our weather? >> heading to the pool today? best time to go is before 2:00an p.m. i say around lunch
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time. hot enough for sure but storm are starting in thafternoe on
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welcome back. is morning, an alabama woman charged in the shooting death of her unborn child will not be prosecuted for manslaughter. marshay jones was five months pregnant when she was shot in an altercation last year. a grand jury concluded she intentionally caused the death of her fetus by having a fight. the judge agreed with the district attorney that her charge should be dropped. dramatic video shows one man take justice into his own hands inside of an indiana courtroom.
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he had just been sentenced for the death of his 11-week-old son a uncle was thrown a punch. the uncle was taken into custody and is facing charges. california is t first state to protect against natural hair discrimination in work places and school. california governor gavin newsome signed the bill into law. locks, yles including twists, braids are now considered traits of a protected class. the aurnls st bill sayrk woace dress codes that prohibited national hairdisproportionately impactedafrican-americans. a a big firet a jim beam fiant. massive you who destroyed barrels of jim beam in kentucky. 45,000 barrel of whithkey lost n s blaze! lhey believe aghtning strike caused the fire. that is rough. there is concern that runoff from e fire could end up in
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the kentucky river and impactin the aquatic life in the river. drunk salmon, you don't want that bear in the water are going like this. >> can you imagine? fire safety is top concern today and people across the country get ready to celebrate the fourth of july with firework a >> everybodyees the fireworks show is a lot of fun but that fun can take a dangerous turn. nbc sarah dollop has more on how to stay safe. >> reporter: at fireworks stands across the country, business is, well, booming. >> i plan on having a big show. once the sun goes down. >> reporter: the focus in south carolina's area 51 is on gettin thbiggest bang for your buck, it's also on safety. >> you have to have safety and you have to have somebody there to help you and don't drink! that is t>> whole key. eporter: more than 9,000 people were hurt in fireworks-related accidents last year. dr. j.r. young sees injuries, including cuts, burns, and permanent disfiguration.
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>> of children that had injury to the eye with fireworks, 30% of those lead to blindness, permanent blindness. >> reporter: pets are also at works can injure or spoof he them so tsay to update micro chip and put them in an escape-roof room, and if you're barbecuing keep away from fire and skewer. for many cooking out, fda has this to prevent food-born children. >> cook meat to the proper temperature and chill lefton rs within aur.e >> bacteria lo grow faster at thosegh hi temperatures. >> reporter: from firi up the grill to fireworks, simple tips for a safe fourth of july. sarah dollop, nbc news. >> there are places in our region are all fireworks are
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illegal. to check the fireworks laws where you ive, check the nbc washington app and check fireworks. how many burgers could you eat in ten minutes? >> just a few? >> how about 32? someone has you beat. molly schuyler won the hamburgei ea competition in washingtonda yest she devoured 32 burgers in ten minutes! skyler has won this competition five years in a row. she beat othercompetitors from around the country. she took home the grand price of $1,500. have you noticed the eating champions are always thin? look. look, look. i think she has a little belly there. i think i notice a little
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something there. just sayin'! >> aaron, you have tostop. you may have trouble eating your favorite burrito or chalupa at taco bell. can you imagine not being able to order your favorite item at taco bell? if you need a crunch wrap supreme, you might have other thing go on there.ha do you know wi mean? >> need might not be the right word! >> the supplier say this issue, plier issue is causing an issue of tortillas. >> the worst thing when you go to a fast food restaurant or a icken place -- >> let me not even. y'all know what i'm talking about. look at that behind us. my goodness! >> it's sunrise. >> gorgeous. in coordination here.
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'll lead with that, the goo weather. bad weather is on the way. temperature in the upper 70s. waking up? a warm start. 79 in the district. really hanging on to that heat. 75 right now inmanassas. 72 in leesburg. low 90s today. let's get to the rain. after 2:00 p.m., it is fair game tr anyone to see shower and storm throughout area. widespread threat. d.c. metro area definitely going to see showers and storm pop up. keep our fingers crossed. the threat move farther east and south to sunse a line very strong back along i-81 developing through te ning as well. we could see the shower and storm chances sweeping through just after sunse tomorrow, a lot of the same. your friday setting up to be cloudier start and we will see showers and storm on the back urd of the day as well. planning out yofourth of july
5:21 am
by the number. we start off in the 70s here. temperature are going toise to the low 90s by this afternoon. it's going to be a hot fourth of july. hot and humid.t you know wha else? we could see a little bit of fog out there this morning for sure. this afternoon, thos storm chances, be ready. the storms could be strong to severe so we are going to be packing a punch once they hit and we will see the storm hit through sunset. so you need to be prepared if you are goings it gorkeds.
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welcome back. our changing cli has led to growing concern for the honeybee population around the world. i >> you mt be surprised to learn that hotels are getting in the business of bees to help the environment. this s what erika gonzalez is showing you how you eat and how you relax at the spa.
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>> reporter: it's a windy day at the gaylord national resort and convention center. but if you listen closely, you can hear the but of bees coming from the resort's rooftop at national harbor and if you look closely, you'll find hundred of thousand of bees, little guys ofght in here. >> these are onehe things you assume are just around. >> reporter: david kramer is the executive chef at gaylord national where they are supporting honey bee sustainability. >> we started out with four hives on the roof. four strong hives and got those 2017. in and built additional four hives, approximately 350,000 bees. >> reporter: the bee's first harvest brought in 40pounds of honey to be used starting with the kitchen. >> i like that. >> we take our cheese and give a great drizzle over the top of that. re >> porter: so good. >> a grate glaze on the salmon. >> reporter: i'll take three. creating a more sustainable food and beverage program is a goal but the only use for thhoney. there is also the resort's spa. we want the correct amount so
5:26 am
it will continue to glide over the skin and not too sticky us the honey is used in pedis and. >> it can let the skin glow. >> reporter: the color can vary depending on what the bees are eating on. the resort is having a hand in that by adding flowers, plants, hebs. >> to make sure the area blooms. . thout that, we can't lower our carbon footpri >> reporter: thchef says that it's about doing good for our ecosystem and in the hotel industry, what is being done up here is buzz worthy. erika gonzalez, news4. for a closer look at the impact of climate change, open the nbc washington app and search climate to see how it caf affect yourmily and even your commute. i is5:26 right now. next up, outdoor hacks. your family will likely be outside the next feud so we are
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helping you get ahead ofny potential problem. >> just in time for july fourth, a wounded virginia veteran and his family receive an immense gift. we are there to learn about their new mortgage-free home. >> we are showers and storms expected for your fourth of july afternoon. high temperatures in the 90s and a hot one. i'll
5:28 am
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a weather alesp could l trouble for tonight's fourth of july fireworks displays. >> you likely have a lot of thurgs planned for yo family today. parade, picnics, fireworks. we are helping you get started on the right foot this morning and it's about the weather. you have a show you can watch today because it's not happening. good morning, everybody. 5:30. >> don't say that! it might happen! >> the odds are not in your favor. >> make sure y have a plan arand we are here to work for you to looking forward to a busy weekend.
5:31 am
storm team 4 somara theodore is here today for chuck bell. >> this setup is a lot of pressure on me! >> i know it's not your fault. you're just the messenger. >> let's relish in the beauty of this live shot. my goodnestu temperas right now in the upper 70s. so we are looking at a warm start to our fourth of july and we are on getting hotterrom there. temperatures expected to rise into the low 90s by about 4:00 or 5:00. you can see throughout the day, first the cloud begin troll in and we get that threat for showers and storms probably after lunch time really peaking during that evening hour 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. around sunset there. here are the impacts we are expecting with these storms. heavy rain. downpour. wind, damaging wind and possibly a little bit of hail there.
5:32 am
the timing is 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. if you want it hour-by-hour, stick around. i got you. back to ay we celebrate our nation's independence and the fourth of july is a big deal here at tour nation's capital. >> now it's time tonjoy it all. >> that is the sound "the voice" winner practicing. she sounds great. it is an annual event in its 39th year. people come all over the country to theshow. the real start tonight, though, the fireworks. but they might be having rain. >> you might want to have a backup pl because of the rain. >> there is still a plan for
5:33 am
thing to happen as they originall wanted them to, justin, right? >> reporter: that's right. they are still planning a full fourth of july show here today. the smart moneymight be on having a small umbrella or a poncho in case thing don't goay thehey are planning right now. we are can tell you here on the national mall, we have been watching here all morning the preps are still very much under way. you can see behind me, this is constitution avenue right by 15th street. a line of police cruisers already there. traffic is already closed off. they are ready for thefirst big event of the day which will be the parade that does go along constitution and it starts at 11:45 and going along the avenue between 17th and 7th street here. look at this number here on your screen. sign up for a text alert. these are from the national park service here. these alerts will be sent to your smarhone by text july 4dc
5:34 am
to 888-777. not only your weath updates but logistical updates to connect you to your lost children and kid get lost often at these big events here too. the national park service also wants you to know there are thing they do not want you to bring. those items include those glass bottle. leave those. leave your bike ander scoot don't want those either. large umbrella, leave home and duffel bag and suitcases, leave those home. all coolers and backpacks will be checked and leave your wereworks and drones and guns at home. come back out here live. we can tell you, again, looking around, everything is in place for aull celebration today. a lot of attention in the salute to america event that will feature a speech from the president. gates open for that at 3:30 this afternoon at the lincoln memorial and that event starts
5:35 am
at 6:30. back inside to you. many roads around the mallos are cl for today's celebrations. >> melissa mollet is helping for you to get around the shutdown streets. let's go over the roads shut down. here is a list. as far as the tunnels go, here is that list. now if you're heading in to town to see the fireworks downtown, you want to take the 95 express lanes. they are staying open northbound until 7:00 p.m. lanes reopen in the southbound direction to get everybody home around 9:00 p.m. so that will be helpful.
5:36 am
plenty of thing to do t as you might know. we are working for you with a list of parade, concerts, andr fiorks showscr all aoss the d.c. area. check the nbcwashington app and search fourth of july. this morning, stafford county sheriff's office is a investigating eadly shooting. deputies say twoeople were shot overnight on garrisonville road in stafford and oneso pern died. police believe they found the body of a missing 2-year-old virginia boy. noah tomlin has been missing more than a week. the medical examiner is working to identify the remains found yesterday at a steam plant in hampton, virginia. the boy's mother jul tomlin was arrested on friday.
5:37 am
one man is dead after a crash on river road in montgomery county. chopper 4 flew over the scene wednesday af srnoon. police a car collided with a truck carrying sod. the driver was killed. he has not been identified yet. the truckdriver was treated for minor injuries. ur here is a look at other top story we are following for you this morning. authorities say the victims of a deadly jet ski accident anne arundel county, were a married couple from reston. elizabeth howell and jeffrey sessions crashed into a mark on the south river in edgewater in the morning and neither were wearing a life vest. it marks six deaths in anne arundel county in the last week. new videshow a man throwing a lit firework at a prince george's county paol accomplice recorded the whole thing on cell phone on satuay night. the officer was not hurt. police have a person of interest in this case. charlottesville, virginia, is replacing a holiday celebrating thomas jefferson birthday to end slavery.
5:38 am
a ail 13th has been removeda paid holiday. they will observe liberation and freedom day on march 3 which will celebrate the emancipation of slave people in arlottesville. a purple heart recipient will soon call virginia h e, thanks to a special surprise from a national >>nprofit. peration finally home works with construction companies around the nation to pvide mortgagefree homes to wounded ver veterans. this week, they helped sergeant brennan and their family break ground on their new home in culpeper. easement we deeply appreciate it. >> he served and suffered a brain injury during combat. operation finally home have completed hundreds of homes in more than 30 states. what an incredible honor. >> right. next on "news4 today," we are helping you get ready for your fourth of julyl ration.
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♪ >> no, it's not christmas but you canxpect to see this home all lit up for the fourth of july. some manassas residen t will ir salute to america there. the show through sunday evening. the organizers say all proceeds will be donated to the honor flight network. now you can hear me. >> that's better. that is a nice house all lit up. >> with the lights and music? absolutely. between swimming, cookouts, and fireworks, you'll probably
5:42 am
spend a lot of time outside this weekend. >> before you head out the door, we have some hack that will make your life easier. i know you're tired of us saying this, but, first, don't forget your ensunscre we remind you all the time. experts say your be bet is sunscreen with at least 30. you should apply about two tablespoons to the entire body before stepping outside and reapply every 90 minutes. and don't forget your hand and feet. >> second. ay hydrated. drink as much water as you can and remember that alcohte and caffeidrink can add to dehydration and if you're outside, take break in the shade. >> keeping your distance from breeding ground such as ponds. you don't want to deal with all of that. >> i'll keep staying inside and that will help avoid all of that. if you're hitting the roads this fourth of july, you might ve some money.
5:43 am
drivers are expected to pay ten cents less per gallon than last year. experts say the cost of gas likely peaked in may and continue to fall in the coming months. let's turn to the forecast and see what thet weather aler is about today. >> it's about the storms that are impacting what? the fireworks. yeah, we could be seeing somes showerd storm this afternoon. primary hitting between 2:00 and 9:00 p.m., the critical hours. your a tarp and definitely chair and download the nbc washingtoapp forn
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>> reporter: good morning. for a lot of people, the fourth of july weekend means getting out on the water, getting out on a boat and while that can be fun, it can also be dangerous. so there are some safety tips that you want to be sure than pay attentio and follow if you're going out on a boat. not just this weekend or any time.
5:47 am
take a look here. first of all, make sure that you wear a life vest. you never know when you're going to fall over and get into the water. also have a workingadio, a two-way radio because cell reception out there on the water can be a little bit dicey. also don't drink and boat. and don't boat alone if you can avoid it. it's always good to have someone oith you and another set of eyes, another set hand in case something happens out there on the water. now in addition to the general boating safety tip, there is something else to be aware of this year. take a look at th e pictures. a boy who went swimming in a bay near ocean city contracted a form of flesh eating bacteria. these photos were posted on facebook by the boy's mother. fibrio is present in the water of the chesapeake bay and surrounding waterways and thrives in warm water conditions. yhealth officials say if have a cut or open wound, be sure to cover it with a waterproof bandage. better yet, avoid going into the water if you can, especially if it is a dect wound. the ia can move incredibly fast so it's very important if you think that you've been exposed, seek treatment immediately. >> some woul redness or area of swelling that is spreading rapidly. an area severely painful and if it's associated with fever. >> reporter: if you have any of those symptoms, just get to a doctor immediately. now, the boys mother says that he is dog well. she posted that on facebook
5:48 am
responding well to treatment. health official sa that this is a rare case and that things are okay -- it's okay to be swimming but certainly be aware of the nd signs a symptoms. back to you. >> megan cgrath for in alexandria, thank you. tanks, but no tanks. we don't want tanks on the strel streets of d.c. >> the military tanks parked along the mall to symbolize frefrthe president's fourth of july in d.c. critics say it's unnecessary. >> the tanks are part of the president's salute america. the president will make a speech tonight at the lincoln memorial. >> news4 craig bosley joins us from comril with the latest on this capitol hill with the latest on this controversy. ul i spoke with people as the tanks wereng into place about this and theyan elicited
5:49 am
emotional response from many. many people saying it's great to honor those who have served and fought for our freedom. others saying the military hardware has no place in thisti parlar event. police are bracing for opposing vup viewpoints on this. the the president confused maybe about the cost saying this is not costing as much as it's worth. according to the pent the flyover for cost 35,000 an hour and air force one 120,000 per hour and the national park service diverting 2.5 million for this celebration and money intended for parks across the nation. now the fireworks show is expected tot las more than 30 minute tonight, upward of 40 minutes. two different companies doing
5:50 am
two backo-back shows but it is that discussion and debate over the militaryshow that is lengthyre and mo length adds to more lingering surrounding this event. back to you. on raig boswell live for us capitol hill,k thanu. a 9/11 first responder who spent his final days fighting for funding for his colleagues has been laid to rest. hundreds of people gathered to pay their last respects to luis alvarez in new york city yesteday. the former new york city police detective died on saturday after a long battle with cancer. his illness is connected to his time spent at ground zero. last month, he specified before ngress asking lawmakers to continue to fund the september 11th victim compensation fund. this morning, decorated navy s.e.a.l. david gallagher is free. yesterday he was found not guilty of murderrybut militaf posing for a photo with a dead
5:51 am
body. the navy s.e.a.l. was sentenced to months confinement but because of time served he was released and take two months of feduced pay. he was accused oilling an iraqi prisoner and shoot an unarmed civilian during his deployment in 2017. maryland health official say a 65-year-old woman has died in the state's first hot weather death of the year. her exact cause of death and er name has not been released at this point. . there were concerns about the weather last night but we hearli the rol stones had an amazing show. no rain-out for mr. jagger. >> there you go. we may n be so lucky for people heading out to the fourth of july celebrations tonight.
5:52 am
>> we are expersing showend storm and on the widespread side. begin.ce a lot of us will a few of us will luck out. temperatures right now still in the upper 70s. have not budged. i thought before sunrise we would get to 77 in d.c. so it's a warm start. it's going to be a warm finish o the day. right now 75 degrees in manassas and 72 gaithersburg and 72 in sb leeurg.y highs todalow 90s and another hot and humid day and could be in for fog out there so bere cal on the road. i think the bigger story here is the storm and the rain chances. this is our future cast. a it'smodel that kind of help tell what time the storm are rolling in. some days i agree with it and some days i don't but i think on the mark today after 2:00 p.m. and see the rst storms pop and after that they get rolling. it's not everyone is going to be seeing storm but where they hit they will be heavy. heavy rain and damaging wind gusts and the possibility for some hail in there andots of
5:53 am
lightning as well. hop out out of thepool. 7:00 p.m. dry. i-81 seeing showers and stor around that fireworks time. 11:00 p.m., still seeing the threat linger. out,ven though we dry thing we start to see the sunset. we usually see storm chances dimishing after sunset. tonight we could see a few storms lingering. tomorrow, much of the same but i think we will see a lot more cloud for your friday along with the threat for shower and stormt inhe afternoon. your otreworks forecast is h out there. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. it's really a window of pp oortunity. the thing about summertime storms you want them to pass and they move quickly so hopef ly whoever is doing the fireworks can monitor that and download o a washington appnd maybe do a little bit of the delon. ouhey are out, we tend to dry thing still a muggy night.tu temperas down to the low 80s. your weekend forecast sets up
5:54 am
similarly. temperatures in the 90s and 80s. another hot weeked. then we are going to see threat for showers and storm over the weekend. friendly reminder fourth of july celebrations are a lot of fun they can also be dangerous. >> every year thousands of people are hurt in fireworks related accidents. nbc sarah dollop has more on hos to staye. >> reporter: at fireworks stands across the country, business is, well, booming. >> i plan on having a big show once the sun goes down. >> reporte the focus in south carolina's area 51 is on getting the biggest bang for your buck, it's also on safety. >> you have to have safety and you have to have somebody there to help you and don't drink! that is the whole key. >> reporter: more than 9,000 people were hurt in fireworks-related accidents last year.
5:55 am
dr. j.r. young sees injuries, in uding cuts, burns, and permanent disfiguration. >> of children that had injury to the eye with fireworks, 30% of those lead to blindness, permanent blindness. >> reporter: pets are also at risk. fireworks can injure or spoof them so experts advise paren to updated all tags a micro chips. even better, put them in an escape-roof room, and if you're barbecuing keep away from the hot grills and skewer. for many cooking out, fda has this to prent food-bourn hildren. >> cook meat to the proper temperature and chill leftovers within an hour. >> bacteria like to grow faster at those higher temperatures. >> repore r: from firing up th grill to fireworks, simple tips for a safe fourth of july. sarah dollop, nbc news.
5:56 am
>> good advice there. tonight, we are all getting ready for big independence day celebration. >> even if you aren't at the national mall a lot going on around our area. coming up at 6:00 on "news4 today," an easy way to make sure everyone gets home safely from tonight's parties. we will show you how to land a free ride home. rn >> we are leag more about a deadly river accident in maryland. the latest on th case and more on what has turned into a deadly week on the water in anne arundel county is straht ahead on "news4 today." stay with us.
5:57 am
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♪ one esame street" fun on side of the mall and a show of military strength on the other. we are learning more about two people found dead at a maryland river. the latest episode what has been a deadly week in anne arundel county. more than a year after a
6:00 am
d.c. police officer shot a man near a rec center, we are now finding out he won't face any charge. ♪ bert and ernie leading t arge there! we are hours away from the july fourth celebration on the national mall. huge crowd expected for the annual concert and fireworks. this is all part of the rehearsal you're watching for pb capital fourth last night. >> i think sesame street was singing "your land is our land." people were packing the area re the on the other side of the mall is a salute to america and hu tanks are on hand that will include protest


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