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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  July 8, 2019 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: and welcome to "the tonight show!" and here's your host jimmy fallon
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you. hello. welcome. hey, looking good. thank you very much. everybody welcome. welcome,elcome welcome to the "tonight show."or give it up f the roots right there, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers ] nice to see you, boys. [ cheers ] thank you, sir yog guys, there's so much go on right now beyonce just dropped a new album -- [ cheers and applause and a netflix documentary all in the same day. also, "the time" 100 list was releasedel the mur report comes out tomorrow, and someone leaked the end to "the avengers." [ audience ohs ] there's a lot to go over so, let's just jump in, and cover all of it at first up, let's he it for beyonce who just released a new album, and a new documentary
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[ cheers and applause oushe has been busy, and ynow who else has been busy robert mueller he's been working on his report for 22 months. the president was like, "that's crazy, that's four years." but you know what else could take 22 months watching every "avengers" movie. someone -- [ cheers and applause well earned months someone just leaked the ending to "endgame," and now everyone is freaking out, so please don't post spoilers. if you do, you know where you won't end up, on "time's" list of 100 most influential people yeah [ applause ]10 people, that's the same number of people that still subscribe to "time magazine," but there are so many great names on this year's list. michelle obama, lebron james, and of course robert mueller [ laughter ] president trump says mueller's report will exonerate him, but
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democrats aren't so sure which makes sense. i mean, they're known to swing -- ♪ to the left to the lef♪ [ laughter ] i still can't believe beyonce released an album and a documentary. i mean, how did she find the time speaking of "the time" 100, i saw that bts made this year's list we love those guys they have almost as many members as "the avengers." seriously, don't post spoilers if you do, guess who's going to be knocking on your door robert mueller [ laughter ] in conclusion, "time's" list read it. mueller report read it. beyonce documentary, watch it."a vengers" spoilers, watch it.e [ cheers and appla there is a - there's a lot to talk about, but we got to start with beyonce. i mean, everybody is excited about her documentary, that includes local news anchors. seems like they all ha theen same idea t came to covering it.
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watch this >> the beehive is buzzing. >> the bey-hivis buzzing >> the beehive is buzzing. >> the beehive buzzing >> queen bee, she is buzzing >> all right [ laughter ] >>immy: all right. >> steve: all right. >> jim: "queen buzz is beying i am so stanight now, af." [ applause ] it's pretty amazing though she released a documentary and a surprise album when they heard that democrats and republicans wele like, "forget the report, this is the only release that matters. i mean this is it right here." [ cheers and applause you guys hear about this "fifty shades of grey," she's come out with her newest erotic novel. >> steve: ooh.he mister. [ audience oohs >> jimmy: and the story's actually about income inequality, or as bernie sanders put it, "i've never been so turned on in my life." [ cheers and applause i want to read chapter two that's right, the miok is critics are calling itost
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sexually charged story ever about the guy at the super market that sprays the produce hi, i'm the mister [ laughter ] here is a -- [ laughter ] --see, i'm trying to do thra >> steve: spbottles. >> jimmy: the sound effect, yeah spray -- >> steve: i like the sound effect, too. that was a good one. [ croaking ] now do the 409at i'll do thor you >> jimmy: oh, what's the other -- >> steve: you go like this >> jimmy: all right so [ croaking ] [ laughter ] >> steve: "mr. mister. >> jimmy: oh nice. "mr. mister." reference. ♪ kyrie eleison down the roa that i must travel kyrie eleison ♪ i'm in a mr. mister cover band [ laughter ]
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here's a crazy story a science teacher in japan was arreed for teaching his students how to make ecstasy s the teacher says he feel terrible, but also really, really good. [ laughter ] [ applause ] listen to this, the other day in connecticut a police officer who likes to wear tap shoes while he's on duty was able to run down a car thief, and the rsspect asked how many yea he'd spend in jail, the officer was like, "five, six, seven, eight. [ applause ] i like that. >> steve: come >> jimmy: nally, check this out. carl's jr. is testing out a cbd infused buer [ cheers and applause so far, it's working cause customers, eat the burger outside, look up and say sweet, carl's jr. and then walk back inside [ laughter ] it works it's fantastic kind of genius [ applause ] guys, i read something that really disturbed me recently american kids are ranked 30th in the world in terms of math
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skillswh >> steve: >> jimmy: so we've updated math to make the equations more about stuff modern kids can relate to in a segment called "popular mathematics." [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ popular mathematics mathematics ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: first, letr take a look at ourst equation here if you take anderson cooper, plus sticking a fork in an electrical outlet, it equals bernie sanders >> steve: what >> jimmy: you see what i'm saying so that's -- dyou understand yeah, if you take your sexy math teacher >> steve: love it. >> jimmy: plus the enthusiasm of a summer intern, it equals beto o'rourke. >> steve: oh [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i'm so excited to teach you algebra. here's another one striking a match >> steve: okay >> jimmy: plus abercrombie and fitch, it equals lit [ hter ] >> steve: lit af. >> jimmy: that joke was on fleek >> steve: eek. on fleek street. [ laughter ] bought a condo there
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[ lahter ] >> jimmy: if you take "candy crush. >> steve: sure >> jimmy: plus playing while you're on the toilet, it equals game on thrones. >> steve: oh [ cheers ] >> jimmyonthere you go, that e -- come on. >> steve: come on.u' >> jimmy: now yore stretching the imagination. >> steve: that's crappy. >> jimmy: here is another one, fall out boy's pete wentz -- >> steve: sure >> jimmy: plus pirate's booty, plus the edge -- times two. >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: equals pete buttigieg >> steve: oh [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: if you take bl i minus the lettuce,t equals bts. >> steve: oh ] [ cheers >> jimmy: great sandwich great band what'sour favorite sandwich? >> steve: i have to say, gosh dang it. >> jimmy: is it like a - >> steve: it's either a reuben - >> jimmy: a reuben >> steve: yeah, thank you. >> jimmy: i understand - >> steve: reuben is a good one >> french dip! >> jimmy: french dip my favorite rapper dude. >> steve: french dip >> jimmy: ladies and gentlemen -- french dip [ airhorn
11:43 pm
♪ i might dip i like this i dip it like that i dip it wit a whiffle ball bat ♪ [ airhorn >> steve: french dat >> jimmy: french dat dude, french dab, dude >> steve: ah >> jimmy: french dab >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: french dab taq, favorite sandwich >> tariq: questlove's impossible cheese steaks >> jimmy: oh [ audience oohs feels like a [ laer ] that feels like -- [ talking over each other >> jimmy: do you have a favorite sandwich, cause you're a cook?ye >> tariq: , i'm going to go rotisserie chicken salad >> jimmy: oh, rotisserie chicken salad? >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: what makes it a salad, mayonnaise? >> tariq: celery, see i like you, iate mayonnaise, but a little teeny bit, like in a chicken salad, in a tuna salad, you know what i mean, just a dab of mayo >> jimmy: wait, you dab? >> steve: hey! ♪ [ air horn ] ♪ yo yo yo say rotisserie that's why i say r you say tisserie rotisserie rotisserie ♪ give it up for french dab.
11:44 pm
[ cheers ] >> steve: 501 hundred, the sandwich squad top of the billboard [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, here is another one, continuing the bit. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: popular math here we go a this one is spottingat, plus saturday night fever, equals panic at the disco. >> steve: oh jimmy: you understand this is math >> steve: math [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: and finally if you take stanley tucci, plus aeqock strap, it ls the stanley cup. that's what i'm talking about. >> steve: oh [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: guys, we have a great show tonight she stars in the new series, "the widow" on amazon prime video. kate beckinsale is here tonight.pp [ cheers and ause it's a good show plus, his show "cobra kai" is back for a second ason on youtube premium. ralph macchio is here. "cobra kai!" [ cheers and applause and since it is national poetry month, we're closing out the show with spoken word poet rudy francisco
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>> steve: whoapplause >> jimmy: stick around we'll be right back with more of "the tonight show" everybody. ♪ ♪ [ air horn ] ♪ [text tone] [text tone] [text tone] ♪ ♪nice ♪ ♪mmmmmm ♪ so nice♪ ♪ ♪nice ♪ steady the elbna shootowe one? ♪ ♪ ahh ak boom shaka l feisty. ♪ ahh
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we're about to play a fun game called "can you feel it? [ cheers and applause ♪ can you feel it >> jimmy: tonight i'll be facing off against a very o worthypponent. she stars in the new series n "the widow" on amazoprime video. please welcome the one and only kate beckinsale. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> i'm scared already. jimmy: i no are you a little bit >> kind of scared. >> jimmy: all right, no, it's going to be fun. here is how it works we're going to have a number of front of us and our jois to in guess what each one is the catch is that we have to figure it out by touch alone >> just feeling. >> jimmy: you put -- yeah, just feeling.
11:50 pm
d i'm freaked out about this - >> i am. >> jimmy: game alrea[ laughter ] all right, so since i'm the host, i'm gointo go first. >> excellent >> jimmy: that's what it says on the card. why? [ laughter ] oh, my gosh. all right, let's get the object why? why?an >> c look at what it is? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah you can look, yeah >> okay. >> jimmy: okay >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. [ laughter ] if that's your poker foru're -- what all right, i'll have 30 seconds to identify what this is here we go ♪ [ laughter ] >> watch out there [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's freaking me out it feels warm or something it's warm, i don't like it whatever it is [ ughter ] it really grossing me out. this is so odd i can't even describe this i'm not looking at anyone. ah [ laughter ] oh, man, oh, manca i just put my right hand - >> that's cheating you have to do both. >> jimmy: oh, sh oh i hate this game so much [ laughter ] i'm going to freak out right now. all right. i'm doing it here we go hey. [ cheers ] ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah please
11:51 pm
please oh, my god [ laughter [ applause ] oh, oh, it's marshmallow peeps >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: god, you guys are the worst!th you are all e worst people you were cringing. you were like -- oh, my god. the worst. my own audience turned on me oh, my god do not trust, especially her >> that one? >> jimmy: yes. >> alright, i ve my eye on you. >> jimmy: she was making a faceu like, "eh, don't tch it. all right. [ laughter ] all right. kate, you know we would never do anything wrong or rude to you. so you have 30 seconds [ audience oohs >> oy. >> jimmy: but no, the saying - >> all right >> jimmy: they're not oohing that they're excited about -- [ laughter ] we get to talk about your new show, "the widow." it's going to be fun oh [ laughter ] >> okay. we have a deal about i can't touch vomit. i'll touch poop -- [ laughter ]>> jimmy: i would never do that
11:52 pm
really, i would never ever, ever, ever i would never do that. >> i'm phobic about -- >> jimmy: ah >> i don't like -- [ laughter ] i don't like poo but i'm phobic of vomit. and i'll go home >> jimmy: no, stop saying "poo" and "vomit." >> sorry [ laughter ] >> jimmy: er're not doing eith we're -- no, this is network television here we go but, you never know what it might be wait no poo [ laughter ] >> if i have to, i'll do poo >> jimmy: all right, yeah. laughter ]mit, i'm going home. >> jimmy: well, then -- well, then i think you'll be -- you'll be close on this one. >> is it poo [ laughter ] they wouldn't do poo to me, would they [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not quite. [ laughter ] >> is it going to bite me? [ laughter ] is it? >> jg my: you know, i'm dabbin you right now. i'm dabbing you right now.ed i'm so e just go for it >> stop it >> jimmy: go for i come on! >> oh, god >> jimmy: oh, no [ cheers ] >> it's sticky it sticky and wet. it's a poo it's a huge poo.
11:53 pm
[ laughter ] is it? >> jimmy: no you cagrab it. >> oh, is this alive >> jimmy: not >> oh, waia minute is it a cinnamon roll? >> jimmy: yes! [ cheers and applause ♪ i love that. how did you guess that >> way to fake me out. >> jimmy: this game -- i mean, it was good, right yeah >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: no, i would never do that >> i've aged quite a few years >> jimmy: kate beckinsale, are you kidding me no, no, no my turn unfortately, again ♪ ah all right. here we go [ audience ohs ] [ cheers and applause >> come on get there >> jimmy: okay, now the audience is playing the game and i don't like it at all [ laughter ] woo! >> remember how lovely peeps were remember how lovely peeps were >> jimmy: ah, is it moving
11:54 pm
is it moving [ laughter and applause im freaking out, man come on, dude. >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, god. [ laughter ] freaking out right now all right. oh, my gosh. i hate this game so much >> this is slightly less of an easter theme [ light laughter ] [ cheers ]mm oh, [ cheers ] >> jimmy: is it -- it's a pile -- eww is it worms? >> yes [ cheers and applause yes! ♪ >> jimmy: get that out of re [ laughter ]
11:55 pm
>> this is the worst game ever ♪ [ laughter ] that wasn't good >> jimmy: everyone knows i don't like any of that stuff [ laughter ] this purell's not enough oh, my god [ laughter ] >> oh, god >> jimmy: not a bi i'm fine with worms. are you kidding me i'm li a total outdoorsman [ laughter ]gh all rit, kate, you're up got be easier than thaon, it's here we go yeah here we go ♪ ah ah [ audience oohs no no >> no. >> jimmy: oh >> oh, that lady in the mustard yellowas made me scared. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh >> do i wish it was poo? >> jimmy: oh >> i wish it was pooer [ laught ] don't say that what
11:56 pm
can you see it [ audience screams ] god, youuys. [ laughter ] don't. it's so much scarier when it's [ laughter ]oing it. [ audience screams ] oh, watch out.[ dience screams ] oh, it's leathery. was it the under belly of someing? what is -- what is that? what is that [ audience screams ] it moved [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: ah, time is up >> i didn't know there was a a timer. i was over here all day. >> jimmy: there was a -- it was a giant frog [ laughter ] >> no. was it really? >> jmy: look at it yeah, he's cute. [ laughter ] >> oh, god [ fog horn ] oh, god. >> jimmy: what did you think it was? it was leathery. >> it was leatheryet i thought it wasng's under belly and it was >> jimmy: it was [ laughter ] you were actually right. oh, this is e last round thank goodness the final round.
11:57 pm
>> i'm light headed. >> jimmy: for this one, we're t both going to gethe same item [ laughter ] >> at the same time? oh [ laughter and applause i don't like - [ indiscernibl >> jimmy: we're going to get the same item. the first person to guess it, wins ch so we go in one side ea >> jimmy: yes. [ laughter ] >> ah! [ cymbals crash >> jimmy: i touched your hand. >> i knothat [ laughter ] was it jimmy's hand? >> jimmy: ah ah >> did you feel something? >> jimmy: it felt warm or something. >> warm? >> jimmy: yes. [ laughter ] ah >> it's alive. it alive [ laughter ] oh it's a person. >> jimmy: ah [ laughter ] >> is it a man >> jimmy: what is it not a a person >> don't -- look
11:58 pm
is it a man? [ laughter ]pdad oh, it's moving around a lot [ laughter ] a it'serson. it's a >> jimmy: it's a pern. what is it a him? >> who is that >> jimmy: that's a foot. [ laughter ] >> oh, my god. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: gethe -- where's the purell now >> where's the purell? >> jimmy: yes. [ laughter ] >> that was a foot who's foot was that? >> jimmy: i have no idea that was tom cruise's foot [ laughter ] all right, thanks to kate beckinsale. stk around [ cheers and applause we're going to be talking with b kate after thereak you better come on back. [ cheers and applause ♪
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call 1-800-501-6000 today. ♪ [ cheers and applause j >>my: our first guest stars in the new series, "the widow," which is currently streaming on amazon prime video ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, kate beckinsale [ cheers and applause ♪
12:03 am
♪go >> jimmy: oh my ness >> goodness, me. >> jimmy: thank you for coming thank you for playing "can you feel it? >> i'm never playing it again, ever g>> jimmy: ever -- oh, my that's -- but i love that you think, is this poo or vomit? why were you talking about -- we would never do that >> by the end of it, i was actually hoping for poo. that's how much you've damaged me laughter ] >> jimmy: you were - >> please let it - >> jimmy: looking forward to that no >> just let it be poo, at least it's not moving. >> jimmy: i love having you here i like you being in new york city. >> i do. >> think of your movie ys "serendipity" -- >> aww >> jimmy: with john cusack >> that's right, yeah. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: and you were fantastic in that. >> thanks. >> jimmy: you just did something recently that i thought was very funny were you in toronto? or no, were -- >> i was i was at the toronto film festiv and i hate to ruin it for everybody. but some of "serendipity" was not shot in new york so, first of all, it was august and we were pretending it was christmas and ice skating.
12:04 am
and we were sweating so that -- i'm ruining the movie. sorry. >> jimmy: no, no, that's movie making >> and then, the insides were mostly in toronto. so, i was leaving -- i was late for the airport and leaving the festival i found myself in the elevator going, "wait a second, i've been in this elevator before this elevator's very familiawh h never -- i'm not constantly saying that in elevators. i've never said it before. [ laughter ] and i realized it was the one that, you know, we had this very romantic moment of, well, let's press floors and see what floor we end up on and if it's the same one, we're meant to be together which is such a]. a [ bleep i can't even imagine [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, it's romantic. what are you talking about >> i mean, what a terrible idea, really but anyway, i realized it was that and i go, "even though i'm late for the airport, i would love to reenact this. p and the onlyson there was this porter who had our luggage and had never seen the movie or knew anything about me at all. and i just said, "look, could you just say this when i say this?" and he said, "absolutely not." and i said - [ laughter ], i saidould you please? i'm begging you. so, he was a real sport in the end.di and he actually it
12:05 am
i mean cusack should watch out 'cause he crushed it >> jimmy: really >> but he did a good job, yeah >> jimmy: we do have a - >>o you? >> jimmy: clip yes, here is kate beckinsale recreating a scene from "serendipity" with this porter check this out >> get in. take a breath and then when the n.door closes, hit a butto >> i don't understand what you're saying. un you don't have to rstand you ju have to have faith. >> what? >> destiny >> stop bothering me i gotta work i'm going to call my manager [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: he's great >> he's the best ever. >> he is fantastic >> he was such a sport i'm so glad we get the opportunity to tell him thank you.>> immy: i heard this thing about you. i don't know if it's true or not. but i heard that you have a very good fake sneeze. >> it is quite good, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how did you know you could do a fake sneeze >> well, i was really of jealous of people who had allergies when i was at school [ laughter ] >> jmy: what >> i didn't have them. i didn't believe -- i believe it now because i have every allergy going. i but at school,idn't have them so people would sneeze, you know, two or three hundred
12:06 am
times and then get sent out of a science class. >> jimmy: yeahhi >> and i had not so i, sort of, worked up a a really convincing sneeze andd then teste out hey, presto, outside i was, doing something more fun [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so could you give us a taste of what a fake sneeze would be could you do it for us >> yeah, you want me to do it? >>immy: yeah >> okay. >> jimmy: you guys want to hear it [ cheers ] >> ready >> jimmy: here we go [ cheers and applause >> it's really good. okay, ready? >> jimmy: yeah [ sneeze ] [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: that aually -- >> good isn't it? >> jimmy: that is fantastic. >> yeah. because i give this sort of illusion that there is matter in there and there isn't. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this -- you've got toa teach likeaster class on this wait, so i go like - [ sneeze ] make it wetter you'v >> jimmy: wetter >> you've got to use that clack -- that punch bag thing at the back of your throat - >> jimmy: oh, yeah >> to make it slightly wetter. [ sneeze ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that sounded gross >> commit. commit harder. [ sneeze ] j
12:07 am
>>my: no [ laughter ] [ sneeze ] >> jimmy: i can't do it. >> that's nearly good. you just got to try it >> jimmy: just do it one more time iteally is good. [ sneeze ] [ sneeze ] [ sneeze ] [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: that is -- that is unbelievable >> it's quite good isn't it? >> jimmy: is that how you sneeze in real life? >> no. >> jimmy: no >> no. i'm not allowed to sneeze. >> jimmy: are you one of these people that go - >> no. i love it when people do that. >> jimmy: i do not likthat at all. >> i do. >> jimmy: it's got to release somewhere. you know and i feel like -- m >> i know what yn. >> jimmy: something is going to happen you're like your brains go - >> yeah. eyes come out. but i like, especially when men do it like that.ey >> jimmy: and th go, god bless you. >> when a man does that, it's endearing. that is a sneeze >> jimmy: the watermelon, yeah neeze. my real i'm banned from doing it at home my daughter says -- my daughter -- i mean -- the thing is, i heard, maybe one of you know, either an orgasm is an eighth of a sneeze or a sneeze is an eighth of an orgasm. which way is it? [ laughter ] that's true.
12:08 am
anyway - >> jimmy: well, we just faked it for a good 30 seconds there so i -- wait, are you really - >> that's an actual medical fact that's a fact. that's defitely true i just can't fully -- i don't know which way around it is. >> jimmy: what >> it's true anyway, if you can't [ laughter ] well, i like it. it's sort of a nose orgasm that sometimes -- i don't get to sneeze very often >> jimmy: you called it a nose orgasm >> it is >> jimmy: that's not true at al that's not a medical term at >> a noseg >> jimmy: it's not a nosegasm. >> it isme well, for t is >> jimmy: for you it is. >> i have a very sensitive nose [ laughter ] li a labrador puppy. >> jimmy: holy moly. >> anyway, so i like to really open up all the flanges and i don't sneeze very -- >> jimmy: i really don't -- really, i'm kind of intrigued. how do you really sneeze, then >> well, if i'm at home, i wouldn't do this in public but if i'm at home i like to really kind of open my mouth as wide as i n. [ laughter ] ♪
12:09 am
>> jimmy: oh, my gosh. all right. wow. and then you just go for it. >> i just really let it flow, yeah [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we're good i got you, okay. now, let's talk about your -- let's talk about your series on amazon, please "the widow." >> i'm sweating now. >> jimmy: i know i'm sweating trust me, me too all right. now i'm thinking of the person that sneezes like -- yeah. >> and what they're hiding you know >> jimmy: let's talk about "the widow." >> okay, let's >> jimmy: this is a -- i like the premise of this. >> yeah, no one sneezes in it. >> jimmy: no, but you play aan a character whose hudies in a plane crash>> yeah. >> jimmy: and it's tragic.en but then what happs is, you see yo husband >> yes, she thinks she sees like a second of him on some news footage in africa and obviously freaks out and - >> jimmy: that's the premise right there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and it's fantastic >> so every terrible thing that could happen to a person either
12:10 am
happens to her or nearly happens to her >> jimmy: yeah >> apart from like, a colonoscopy, which isn't that dramatic but almost everything else happens. trying to find hims chasing an >> yeah, she goes out to africa and tries to find him and then sort of gets weird messages to lee. and it's all -- you know, it's a lot. >> jimmy: it's well done i want to show everyone a clip here is the great ns kate beckie in "the widow. take a look at this. >> there are two men with guns watchi you turn around. >> no, there's got to be a wayth out back of this market. maybe there. >> where are you now georgia. georgia. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:11 am
>> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. [ cheers and applause kate beckinsale. season one of "the widow" is streaming now on amazon prime video. ralph macchio joins us after the break. stick around, everybody. [ eers and applause ♪ guys - i've got an idea.oo h - what is it? so people love iphone xr, right? well, it does have an incredible camera. and it comes in all those amazing colors. uh-huh. what if we give the people iphone xr when they join t-mobile? iphone xr on us? yeah. iphone xr on us. what's not to love about that!i for a limited me, join t-mobile t and gethe awesome iphone xr on us. ♪
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(music throughout) ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back to she guys, be sure to tune in the rest of the week andy cohen and pete davidson will be here cheers and applause then on friday we got michael shannon, dr. jane goodall, and all new thank you notes, it's going to be good. stick around we'll be rigcc back with
12:17 am
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♪ run around the back and ♪ pull up the track, cause yaow ♪ ♪ i just learru some jazz today, it's♪ y ♪ gon' learn ♪ ♪ you gon' learn ♪ ♪ you gon' learn, hey ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest is a great actor who returns the iconic karate kid in his hit show "cobra kai. the second season premieres
12:23 am
april 24th on youtube premium. everyone please welcome ralph macchio. us [ cheers and appla ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: ralph. ralph macchio. welcome back to the show >> thank youn >> jimmy: congrats o "cobra kai." >> thank you, man. >> jimmy: last time we were here we we're talking about it, before it came out >> yep >> jimmy: now it's been out and everyone loved it. it was a super hit it's 100% fresh on rotte tomatoes congratulations. that's a big deal. [ applause ] i also read it's one of the most searched tv shows on google for 2018. >> we'll take it >> jimmy: exactly, yeah. that's pretty fun. >> it has been beyond at expectns and we are just hopefully only just beginning so, it's really exciting
12:24 am
jimmy: i loved it are kids now coming up to you?h, >> you know, that's what's great about it. we have great young characters in the show along with, you know, thgreat rivalry between johnny and daniel. but -- well, i get a lot of young kids now it's like, they're like, this is my favorite show and my dad,r it was his fave movie and now this is our favorite thing to do together, watch "cobra kai." >> jmy: that's good to hear. >> and it's awesome then they usually say, and my grana had you on her wall. [ laughter ] and i do the math and it'sma ybe true >> jimmy: no, that's not true. >> then you get these guys that, you know, the movie changed their life, or whatever this is the show that they never thought they needed and they jt are a very passionate and their like, then my dad, he grew up in jersey just like u, too, ralph. and i'm like, you know, i didn't grow up in jersey that was the character he's like, "no, you're from newark, man. [ laughter ] and i'm like, "no, i actually live in the 'burbs in new york he's says, "no, no, yoother drives a green station wagon and when it stalls, you push it
12:25 am
and that's how you got to california." >> jimmy: wax on, wax off. i know all about your life, >> memories get a warped, like someone, you know, who will also say, i've been a a fan since "happy days. [ laughter ] i'll say, you know what, pat morita played arnold on "h py days. and he was mr. miyagi, so i see the confusion. like, no, no, when you loved joanie and i'm like, "look, dude, i'm not chachi." right? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't makee roundhouse you i'm not chachi >> with all due respect. >> jimmy: is it true that your son's name is daniel >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: is it based on y character? >> it had a little something to do with it i mean, i thought, you know it's one of those things and who would ever think i'd come back to it. we love the name my wife and i love the name daniel her cousin and good friend growing up, his name was daniel the character initially was named danny weber and then i got the part and they added some vowels.: >> jimmyniel larusso >> yeah, larusso t but, my son, ihink, is proud of it. >> jimmy: yeah >> it's funny because when he
12:26 am
was a kid, he was like 6olr 7 year little league, i was behind -- not coaching the team but cheering my kid on ande running around third and he takes a spill going around third base and tumbles and you just hear the coach on the other team going, down goes laruo. [ laughter ] it's like, dude, that's my kid it's like john kreese frombr cokai was coaching the other team >> jimmy: yeah, exactly, yeah. but you know what, to be honest, even if he was named ben -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: he still would have said, down goes larusso. >> yeah. you got it season twolet's talk about i'm so excited about this. "cobra kai." william zabka, who plays johnny, i mean, gosh, you guys are just - >> he kills it >> you guys are great together >> thanks, man >> jimmy: but you guys fight this season? >> well i can't say too muchit about but they put it in the trailer, there's a little bit of a tease. so it was interesting after 35 years, you know, i was a little nervous, you know, getting back the some people think i won with the illegal kick and the original film so here's nsidered the dick ofs arguably
12:27 am
the '80's, i guess [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's how good he was. >> he's a great friend, a sweetheart of a guy, a a phenomenal actor, but i'm thinking maybe he's a little pissed >> jimmy: yeah wow. >> it's his chance and it was funny, we were doing the rehearsal of some of the sfisticuffs there before t it the next day and he's like, "okay, let's just run through this one more time but just, let's just do this rt just for pretend. and i took pause to that and i said, "you know, bill, listen, tomorrow when the cameras are here, it's still pretend [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we are not actually ever going to fight. >> and he's like, "no, no, you're going to be you're going tine. it was great we shared a great laugh. >> jimmy: he's like, "oops." >> and i'm here to talk about it so you guys are going to love it >> jimmy: 's greatthe show is g. it's funny it's got heart it's family. i just -- hits it all the bases for mech i loved it so >> thank you man >> jimmy: what's happening in season 2 now >> sean 2 is sort of the battle for the heart of the san fernando valley. it's cobra kai versus miyagi-do where daniel larusso now opens
12:28 am
up miyagi-do dojo to teach and carry on the legacy of the >> jimmy: >> so there is a lot of that woven into the show and it becomes, you know, the good over evil depending which side you feel is good or evil, you know, and it's exciting. it's exciting. it's a great rivalry marty kove, is back and he kicks butt in the show the great cast, young cast, is terrific i want to show everyone a clip it's fantastic here's ralph macchio in the new season of "cobra kai." take a look at this. >> so did i tell you i had to double the classes at cobra so many kids want to jn my dojo >> wow, that's great i'm so proud of you, johnny. >> i love how passionate my students are sure, there may not be as many, but they have heart. okay. so this is happening >> i'm just saying, it's not the quantity it's the quality. >> bigger is better. >> well, it was just little old me at the all valley, so -- didn't need an army, just the
12:29 am
right moves. >> okay, are you two done comparing class sizes? [ cheers and applause erybody.ralph macchio, the new season of "cobra kai" premieres april 24th on youtube premium. we'll be right back with rudy francisco stick around everybody [ cheers and applause stick around everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
12:30 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: in honor of national poetry month, our next guest is here to perform the poem "rifle" from his book "helium. please welcome back to the
12:33 am
show, rudy francis [ cheers and applause ♪ >> and the article says the mexican government confiscates approximately 30,000 illegal firearms per year. when the guns are taken, they get dismantled and the metal is used to make other types of weapons that will later be liilized by their miry in 2012, pedro reyes, an artist from mexico city convinced his ggovernment to donate thes to him and he turned them into music instruments. so somewhere there's a a tambourine, a drum set, a guitar, all made out of things that were used to take people lives but now they create fesound that puts li back into people bodies, which is to say a weapon will ways be a weapon
12:34 am
but we choose how we fight the r. and from this, i learned that even the most destructivme instrunts can still create a a melody worth dancing to sometimes. don't we also call that a battle i wonder how long it took to convince the first rifle that it can hold the note instead of a bullet but still fire into a a crowd and make everyone move when i was six, i was taught how to throw a punch in the '80s, that was the anti-bullying movement the first time, one of classmates took a "yo momma" joke a little too far. i remembered my training so i turned his nose into a fotain my fist five pennies i closed my eyes i made a wish. i came home with bloody knuckles and it was the first piece of artwork we hung on the fridge. i rember staring at my handse s a test when all your answers are corrt. i didn't know what classhis was. but i did know i was passing and isn't that what masculinity has become a bunch of dudes afraid of their own feelings terrified of any emotion other than anger constantly yelling at the shads on the wall. but still having to realize that we're the ones standing in front of the light we learn how to dodge a jab.
12:35 am
we learn how to step in before we swing we learn the heart is the same size as the fist but we keep forgetting the don't have the samfunctions. we keep telling each other to man up well, we don't even know what that means we turn our boys into bayonets t we pointm in the wrong direction. we pull their triggers and then we ignore all the damage they're doing in the distance the word repurposed. the word repurposed. the word repurposed. it means to take an object and give it amnesia. it means to maket omething forget whait's been trained to do. so it can use it for a better reas i am learning that this body is not a shotgun. i am learning that this body is not a pistol i am learning that a man is not defined by what he can destroy i am learning that person who only knows how to fight can only communicate in violence yoand that shouldn't be an's first language i'm learning the difference between a garden and a a graveyard is only what you choose to put in the ground. you see once - once i came across a picture of a strange-looking violinit the caption said thaas
12:36 am
made out a rifle and i thought to myself, "you know, someday at could be me." [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: rudy franciscors [ cheend applause that's how you do it thank you so much. "helium" is in stores my thanks to kate beckinsale, ralph macchio. rudy francisco [ cheers and applause and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania stay tuned for "late night with thank you for watching have a great night i hope to see you tomorrow bye-bye, everybodyla [ cheers and appe ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ee [ chrs and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night wh seth meyers. tonight -- olivia munn, comedian ramy youssef, music from matt maeson featuring the 8g band with jon wurster. ♪ [ cheers and applaus ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night.w' hos everybody doing tonight? [ chrs and applause that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news in a new interview president trump said that he is not prepared to lose the 2020 election saying, "i ven't lost very much in
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