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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 21, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow. > good evening. for much of the country it's been a leweltering weekend of unreing heat. excessive heat warnings and advisories in effect from the midwest to the east coast. the heat t indexping 110 in baltimore, norfolk and atlantic city. at least three deaths are blamed othe heat. late word today, a lightning strike on clearwater beach on florida's gulf coast. our kathy park has all the latest. >> reporter: this asp t a beach g in clearwater florida, struck a man in his 40s.
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>> shocked and thrown onto the ground. >> reporter: sending himnto cardiac arrest. he's in intensive care, and several others are being cared for. another day of relentless heat. outside of manhattan, in queens, hundreds of customers were without power, many finding relief outside rather than inside their home. last week, expecting mom elsa cano was admitted to the heat. physically do you think you can handle another one? >> no. no. >> reporter: the storms exasperating conditions, with thousands of customers entering day three ho off-line wit electricity. also in the midwest, the heat index reached 110 in indianapolis, where the metro police force was out on the ng street handi out water for the city's homeless. >> this is all about ,giving back making shen that everyone's
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personality health and safety is taken care of. >> reporter: also to beat the heat is zoos in illinois and oklahoma, as bears, tigers and d off es coo with easy treats and cold ers. thankfully the end of this heat wave is in sight. >> all things pass. >> reporter: but the brutal weekend bakinging in the sun is one that many won't eworget. in nork city, the excessive heat warning expire set to until 9:00 tonight, t it won'te until tomorrow when new yorkers feel a difference when they walk outside. the cooler temperatures also come with an increased risk of dangerous storms. nbc meteorologist erica groh has more. >> the heat wave is finally about to come to a end. as of now we still have heat alerts in affect for 80 million people. a cold front is on the
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way, and we're finally going to be agemperatures below aver for this time of year. in pittsburgh a high of ,71 my walkee also cooler than average temperatures. by tuesdayhat relief moves into the rest of the northeast and mid-atlantic charlotte listen nine degrees gbelow average, but alonith this cold front will come the threat for severe thunderstorms, and that risk mainly in d.c. and philadelphia on moay, 17 million people at risk for severe thunderstorms to start off the workweek. kate? >> wnbc's erica grow. late today the governor of puerto rico announced he will not seek reelection and stepping down as head of hi parties acknowledging that, quote, saying sorry is not enough, about you he is not resigning. thousands of protesters have filled the streets after private chats request the governors and others were leaked at contained --
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e th th ameri can country flying aggressively close to a u.s. plane. the u.s. is providing the video to prove it. morgan chesky joins us with more. >> good evening, kate. the military flyingn encounter highly reckless saying this wednesday whalen jet not only acted aggressively, but jeopardized the safety of the americancrew. tonight the u.s. military says there's no mistaking the mission of this venezuelan fighter. officials call it an aggressive shado ng of a u.s. subvailance plane, the that the jet endangered the american crew with an unsafe maneuver. this only raises tension. russia macing nicklaolas madu maduro, as the u.s.
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supports the man trying to replace him, guaido. >> they're lashing out against the united states. >> reporter: they say it demonstrates blrussia's irrespon support of the regime, andunder score the behavior. >> if they ever harmed any u.s. aircraft, they would soon have zero. >> reporr: important to note on the same day this event happened, the trump administration nsnnounced sanctions agai four of the top officials of the intelligence agency. kate? >> morgan, thank you. new audio is reviolation what happened moments before iran seized a british oil tanker on friday. uk forces can be been can be heard- that attempting to board would violate international law. ma bradley has late details. >> reporter: tonight, fresh audio from a
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standoff the high seas. >> if you obey, you will be safe. alter your courseo t 360 degrees immediately. over. >> this is british warship foxtrot. >> reporter: it records british sailors trying to stop the revolutionary guard from seizing a tanker in the strait of hormuz. >> you must not impair, impede, obstruct o hamper the passage. >> reporter: but iranian sailors took the ship anyway. iran released this doootage showing comman rappelling from hell k079 ore, the ship is in and out topped with an iranian flag. from tean's perspective, the publicity is part of the plans. ari arouzi is in tehran. >> reporter: the video and communications are dramatic, provocative and aggressive. that exactly the message the guards want to get across,
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that if their interests are threatened, they can cause major disruption. >> reporter: iran says it was just enforcing binternational law, new questions tonight t on whether iwas payback for britain seizing a in july. they say they're yi tr every diplomatic method theyn ca to defuse the situation that's increasingly looking like at this time for fot a time -- titat retaliation. britain canceled flights for what the government could us a heightened risk o terrorism. here's more from london. >> kate, cairo has canceledas aif you're flying british airways, they're suspending all flights for one week due f an unspecified security threat. the airline says it's a precaution to allow for furth assessment. thegn uk forei office
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warns there's a heightened risk o terrorism against aviation. >> are u.s. airlines affected? >> the faa sayshere are no u.s. airlines that fly directly to or from cairo, but there's level 2 advisory in effect for egypt. the state department is warning americans to exercise increased m.aution due to terror >> sarah harman, thank you. a startling incident when two southwest planes collided on the tarmac in nashville. the airlines say the two winglets came into contact. the first "s" in " appears to be clipped off. the planes were taken out of service. president trump launched new twier attacks as more lawmakers decry the rhetoric emerging from the nation's highest office as racist.
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hans nichols has the la latest. >> reporter: before returning to washington after a weekend at his bed minister golf resource, he sharpened his attacks, characterizing four women, even suggesting they're irredeemable. today democratic lawmakers returned fire. >> do youelieve president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes, no doubt about it. hend i tried to give him t benefit of the ioubt. >> h somebody using race like a weapon to divide our country against itsself. >> reporter: but white house advisers defended the position. >>un fmentally disagree with the view at if you criticize somedy and they happened to be a different color color skin that that makes it a racist criticism. >> we're not going
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anywhere. >> vice president pence was unclear whether mr. trump would stay silent, like he did for 13 seconds last week his supporters repeat their chant "send her back." >> the president was clear. >> was he? >> that he wasn't happy about it, and if it happened again, he would make an effort to speak out about it. >> hans is with us now. democrats have called special counsel robert mueller to testify before congress this week. what do we expect? >> the challenge is to get mueller beyond what he wrote, and to clarify what he meant when he said attorney general barr didn't capture the substanceof is report. it was a big weekend at the box office with "the lion king" breaking the reco for theiggest july opening ever, with $192 million made, but it's another
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disnie that's smashing the ultimate hollywood record. here is kendis gibson. >> we owe it to everyone not in this room to try. he> not only did they try, t succeeded, the president of marvel studios saying thank to you, it's the biggest game of all time. the movie smashing the te box officer report today, surpassing 2009's "avatar." with an estimated $2.79 billion rldwide in only 13 weeks. >> marvel universe is penparalleled. every at number one. they all generally hit a billion worldwide. r >>orter: but "avengers end game" became f thest to -- it may by attributed to something very early -- inflation. when it comes to the most tickets sold.
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>> tomorrow is another day. >> kendis gibson, n ws. my family bought a lot of those tickets. still ahead, live nation accused of selling tickets directly to scalpers, sending prices even higher. sending prices even higher. also camp and [music playing] sending prices even higher. also camp and across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. , but what if, one day there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. regi today at and i didn't have to call your wife.o meet you at the doctorft.
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re new ere allegations tonight about how they helped ace tickets on scalpers, without giving fans a chance to buy them at face valuable molly hunter reports. >> reporter: the ive ld's largest entertainment company is in hot water for helping bands scalp tickets at higher prices. live tion, which also tones ticketmasters, tells nbc news it's worked with bands to put concert tickets directly on the secondary market. >> they are not alone on this practice. it's been an open secret in the concert industry for years. >> live nation set face know the value is often lower than the market value, and many work with a middle ma'n to try to recapture some of the money. >> it's an exclusive report in "billboard" focu rng on aorded
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phone calls between a promoter from metallic and live nation's president. call,rding to the their agreement -- to sell some 88,000 metallica tickets directly to resell he sites at hig prices. never putting them up for safe. live nay confirms they worked with an inns consultant on a unique strategy that used a secretary market. here's the thing. it's a catch 22 for any artest dish price the tickets at market value, selling more e tickets, or price lower and avoid angering fans. some nalysts even estimate the secondary market is worth up to $10 billion, but lawmakers say it should b all about transparency, and fans should know where their tickets are coming from, and where their money isgood. molly hunter, nbc news, los angeles.
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protests erupted giving in hong kong today and turned violent when police fired tear gas and rubber bullets following a massive pro-democracy rally. ga democrats be more than a month ago in opposition to a proposed bill that will allow extradition to mainland china. and in fort balance thousands of firefighters are battling a wildfire blazing through the middle oft country. at least eight fire fighters and a dozens civilians have been injured. helicopters and tanr planes are being used flames. t the back here in the u.s., a shark gave a family quite the scare when it lea into the air just a few feet from their fishing boat in cape cod. check this out. a young boy was watching the catch bein reeled in when you see that great white suddenlye emerg and snatch the fish off the line. no one was injur during that close encounter. i we're back a moment with the
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humiec if you have an infon. f be there you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. it was two years ago this week that president trump and the taiwanese production giant foxconn struck a costly deal for a
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factory to wisconsin. it came with promise of jobs and asvitalization, but jo ling kent reports -- some believe those are promises broken. >> reporter: two years ago president trump announced a new plant for foxconn breaking ground in mt. pleasant, wisconsin, last year. >> this is justhe beginning. >> reporter: the plan, a manufacturing hub to make lcdsc tv ens, creating 13,000 blue class jobs. in return foxconns secured tax breaks from the state. >> it started out, i k theople were excite >> reporter: kelly gal aher has been tracking it sinceay one. mt. pleasant has borrowed money for buy up land. m >> pleasant is on track to spend $900
6:52 pm
million in land acquisition and infrastruc that's 38 times ouran al budget. >> reporter: the town's credit rating has been downgraded because of at. foxconn has also changed the scale of the project telling routers it's too expensive to make tv screens in the u.s. >> they said it will be a technology hub, then an a.i. institute. >> reporter: the drama has h eowners furious, too. this is prairie view drive. this road used to lead into an entire neighborhood of houses, they've been cleared out and now the residence have been asking, was it worth it? kim is one ofem th. she built her custom home. >> the whole process has been somewhatf a nightmare. >> now her house is the last standing. her neighbors took offers to move out and raze their home. she received a lowbalance appraisal,
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she says, so she toad der ground. >> i't trust anything our president says.>> reporter: nbc requested interviews with foxconn. the company says it looks forward to du beginning proion in late 2020. the local government tells us they rye main optimistic, with a deal lulling strong taxpayer protection. b have residenn taking for a ride? >> there's a reafear we've been taken for a ride. our only hope is they build someing. when we come back, the biggest musical instrument in the instrument in the d orlfinally making sing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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it is the biggest in ical instrumen the world, neglected for over 50 years. after a lot of hard work, it's making music ain. here is ron allen on who volunteer spend a decade to bring it back to life. >> reporter:he sounds of the pipe organ, a engineering marvel.
6:57 pm
>>s roughly 33,000 pipes. >> reporter: at 90 he's the same age as the organ. it was all by destroyed in a deadly hurricane, and neglected for nearly half a century. duddy and a team of volunteers have taken it apart and mutt it back together. t >>hese things have ul, and it reaches rabs youst and holds on. n >> reporter: a instrument literally build into the wall, ceiling and basement of what was thence a hugely popular venue. >> we're in the organ. >> that's the auditorium. >> reporter: our guide took us best hind. ma the sest pipe, the size of a fingertip. it mimics an eire orchestra. >> hard to grasp how massive this thing is. >> that's the beauty of it. it's hidden behind
6:58 pm
here, becausi meant to ing music to the ul. >> reporter: machines pump up hurricanes of pounds of pressure to power the sound. all of that and they have restored onl half of it. >> to close your eyes, the music to me is it was -- it was almost like waves here. you could feel the music you floating. >> reporter: they il st have several years of painstaking work to fully restore it. a musical treasure coming back to life. ron allen, nbc, la atntic city. you can visit it in atlantic city. that is "nightly newson a sunday.
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