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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> today a new trial for the alleged gang members accused of murdering police reserve captain kevin quick. the 2 years to the day quick was reported missing. a judge declared a mistrial after a defendant shared a list of personal information about potential jurors. in july it was moves to roanoke. we are learning about a west virginia man on the run. virginia state police say andrew arnod turned himself in after taking off during a traffic stop. 28 year old fled on foot after a trooper tried to stop him on saturday afternoon. he was want indeed west virginia. arnod charged with reckless
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license and attempting to elude police. >> melissa: good monday morning. after 6:00. if you are ready to head out. tell be a smooth commute to work or school. jump to satellite, got rain moving through west virginia. for us, clear to mostly clear skies. it is mild. 40s and 50s for many of us. 47 in lynchburg. 51 in danville. 40 in roanoke. 52 in brooknil. 48 in hot springs. as you head out the door you may want a light jacket. sun glasses we will see a mix of sun and clouds. this afternoon and evening you may need the umbrella, we will see scattered showers developing, we got a cold front that will approach and across the common wealth. if you like the 60s. low to mid 60s. a warm and mild day.
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mona? >> mona: firefighters responded to an early morning structure fire in danville. the 100 block of rubin court before 4:30 yesterday morning. fire. they got it under control and no injuries were reported. we are told the building is a total loss. cause is being determined. a british helicopter pilot is dead following an incident involving poachers. roger gallow was shot by poachers during an operation to fight poaching in the game reserve. gallow was able to land wounded but died before help could ash arrive. gunman are still at large. zoo keep nears oklahoma are heart broken over the death of an asian elephant. he was moved last may.
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asian elephant. animal right's groups tried to stop transfer. an insisted a safshgs iary in california would be better. he was found dead on saturday morning. >> this is a surprise. and a shock. she was normal behaving yesterday. >> it is hard for us. we think of these animals part of our family. >> mona: the rest of the herd seem says to okay. she is the second elephant to die over the past four months. >> imagine stumpling upon a prehistoric find in your backyard. that's what happened at oregon state university, this time it was a mammoth found near stadium. >> reporter: this is a big deal because it is big. >> we have the fumure, it
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of the whole thing. if this is five feet. thing is 15 feet. >> this mammoth is a kid. >> this say part of the lower leg. it will go back together when the animals older. but the fact the two cap is separated means that it was not a fully formed adid you tell. >> brings out something in the kid in all of us, toochlt >> reporter: students get first crack at bones and experience. >> tell give them experience in reaacceptbling skeletons and stabilize different bones that have been under ground. that is our first concern. how to get it stabilized so it does not fall apart on us. report >> reporter: working on the stadium. construction crews dug up bonus of a bison and prehistoric horse or camel. they are back to work. this is palien to about animal
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human fossils. the construction would have to shut down if that were the case. it did not take long for the find to get world attention. it became inspirational in short order. >> a foot long corn dog in pulled pork and chili and white cheddar. >> that's the fossil dog the latest from the stadium food staff. they are not stopping there. >> a monster mammoth burger and tie in the bison. we will do a beef rib and tie in black berry orange bbq sauce to bring in colors. >> this will be a special we run that they are building above the remain site. >> reporter: educational and taste. quite a find. 1-800-727-1017 on that note, we want to introduce you to this guy. the newest adition to zoo miami made a debut on friday. this little small tiger cub was born back in november.
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gaining strength he was introduceed his new habitat with loads of watching fans. the cub spent time eeth, plays and posing for pictures before saying goodbye. the zoo says the can you believe not live in the exhibit yet. this was just an introduction. >> it is an important process to smell his environment. understand whatting it is like. smelling the other tigers. he smells his dad and mom and marks his territory. >> mona: a fun fact. tigers are a highly endanger the species native to indonesia. biggest football weekend of the year is around the corn everybody. one of the oldest fans are getting ready to cheer her team on. david caught up with a 95 year old marry ward in north carolina to find out her plans for the game. >> reporter: wearing the pact are colors marry turned on
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she can't get enough of the team. >> i live the panthers. i don't watch nothing but them. only time i watch others when they are playing the panthers. i got no into in the rest of them. >> reporter: her grandson turned her into a fan. she fell in love woman team and that pose made famous by cam newton. i love them all. cam is the one i cater to. cam and that davis. he is a good player and good sportsman. what i like about all of them that they all play like a sport is supposed to be played. >> reporter: marry lived in the same home her life she never missed a panther's game except when she had to work. she will watch the game with family and wear this jersey for the organization. we asked if she wanted to give
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before they leave this weekend? >> i tell them keep pounding. keep going. keep doing g. done a good job this year. >> mona: still to come on good morning virginia, despite a life changing diagnose staying positive can be beneficial. you will hear a store nehealth check. here is a look at your forecast, about 47 in lynchburg. 51 in danville. 40 in roanoke.
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next "e.t," backstage the s.a.g. awards. >> that's what i was kpated
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>> all the >> melissa: good monday morning and happy february first. let's check your weather as we are starting a new month. a dry and cool morning. sun to mix in with clouds. clouds increase, yes, showers ash arrive by the afternoon. all thanks to a cold front that will cross us later in the day. as you head out, checking out doppler radar.
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and it is a mild start to the day. 47 in lynchburgful 40 in roanoke. 36 in blacksburg. we are seeing 47 for our viewers in martinsville. 51 in danville and 52 in farmville. compared to where we were 24 hours ago. we are nine degrees warmer in roanoke upon 10 in black burg, almost 15 in lynchburg. 15-20 degrees warmer to the south. we have a mild afternoon in store. quick check of hour by hour forecast. temperatures in the upper 40s for the first part of the day. upper 50s by lunchtime. a mix of sun and clouds. morning sun, enjoy it. a 40% chance for scattered showers later. the low to mid 60s for the start of february. get a check of the big picture, we have a lot going on.
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if will bring scattered showers over night this . is the next front it will approach us into wednesday. tell bring a stronger threat for heavy rain and rumbles of thunder. 30% chance for showers today. cloud and he damp. threat for rain on wednesday. take you through your future cast. clouds increase from west to east as we head to lunch. light shower activity, the front pushes through. couple 10th of an inch at best. not a wash ouch could see stronger storms to the south and the east. out of our viewing area, clouds will linger over night. spotty light showers. we got cloud cover in store for your tuesday. lock at your high's today. 62 in lynchburg. 63 for app mattick. 63 in smith mountain lake. 65 in danville. and 66 in south boston.
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61 in roanoke. over night, another mild one. temperatures falling in the low are 40s with cloudy sky and a possible stray shower. once we get through the rain for the week. look at thursday through sundayful lots of sun. tell be back to reality, 40s. that's a check of what is going on in weather. let's look at weather photo of the day. bob brown sent this in of the sun on the dan river. throughout the month of february, send the photos to mona? back to you. >> mona: thank you. samsung makes it official. a date is set to unveil its next smart phone. they have that information in tech bytes. >> hey in tech bytes samsung building a buzz over new galaxy smart phone. >> teaser is short on details.
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>> we don't know the name the galaxy f 7 is not confirmed. >> google's fiber is expanding phone service. it, allows users to use a phone number for all mobile device. >> now includes a land mine. google fiber is testing around the country. >> twitter is kicking off election season. >> users who tweet #i voted or #caucus will see an e moaning yee with a blue or red check mark.
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>> have a great day. moan mobile home we're back with health news. lubus can be life changing for a person who is diagnosed with it.
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college, women are 10 times more likely to as well lupus than men. you will meet a bam who is determineed have a positive outlook despite investigate disease. >> focus on solutions. >> reporter: seven years ago angela was diagnosed with lupus. >> inflammatory disease. it affects the joints of the body. it can affect any part of our body unfortunately from head to toe. affect the brain. >> reporter: disease affected her muscles, kidneys and cognitive ability. she could not walk. she fought back with medication and a positive attitude. >> my goal before my birthday was to know how to swim. i did it. it was amazing. >> reporter: that include it is
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not had a flair up since she was diagnosed. >> i look back on my life in 2009. i was lie nothing the bed. i couldn't walk. i did not know the word for apple. >> that is how impaired my cognitive ability was. for me to go from there to where i am now, i mean it is in my opinion it is a miracle. >> reporter: for health minute. i'm jennifer. >> mona: a look at the most viewed news stories on many are reading about the weekend developments in the case of nicole. a teen found dead after reported missing last week. many of you reading about how police are investigating a faith crash in pennsylvania county. two roanoke men charged with connection to a call shots
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3 dave good morning, virginia - time for sports. virginia tech had lost their last three in a row coming into play sunday. the hokies hoping to defeat the pitt panthers. 1st half, hokies down 3, allen will spot up for the long three, and nails it! that ties it at 23. a few minutes later, allen will hit from outside again, that breaks up a 10-0 panthers run. seth allen with a career high 28 points, but the hokies turn it over 20 times, leading to 33 panther points. pittsburgh sends
6:21 am
90-71 loss. 3 usa south - the averett men lost a tough on to lagrange, 94-87. bradley robinson and carter jones both with a double-double. the cougars host convenant on tuesday. on the women's side, #11 florida state defeats virginia tech 68-50. the hokies have now dropped 6 out of their last 7. 3 dave the big orange wrestling tournament wrapped up yesterday at william byrd high school. here's a list of the winners and their weight classes. christiansburg high school claimed 6 first place finishes, brookville had three wrestlers claim first place, reid stewart at 120, zach schmitt at 126, and austin wilkerson at 145. congrats to the winners! we'll have the complete list at 3 dave the 2015 uva baseball team reunited in charlottesville over the weekend to receive their national championship rings. while most of the 2015 roster will suit up again for the cavs this season, some like kenny towns and brandon waddell have moved on to begin their career in the big leagues. the 2016 cavaliers start their season
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and that's all for sports. have a great monday. mown >> melissa: it is 6:26. look how january ended. it is february first. 12 days in the month we were above average with our highs. two days we hit the average. 17 we were below. december above average. january over all ended below average. as we kickoff your february morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we will make it to the low to mid 60s this afternoon. 62 for the high in lynchburg. 65 in danville. 61 in roanoke. upper 50s near 60 in blacksburg. a mix of sun and clouds to start. by the afternoon continuing in the evening. a 40% chance for scattered showers. we have a cold front throughout the day. here is what we are tracking throughout monday, tuesday and wednesday. here is our cold front. it pushes through. again.
6:23 am
next its is in the four corners it will track to the east. bringing a stronger cold front on wchld bringing our greatest chance of rain. here are the rain chance. a 20% for the morning. 40% for the afternoon will a 20% for light showers or drizzle as we head to tuesday. got the wedge of high pressure. a cloudy, cool and damp day. with the cold front, 80% chance of rain. tell be rain as the temperatures are in the 60s. dry and cool for thursday. mona? >> mona: thanks. in the next half-hour, hope at finding a missing teen has been replaced with shock and grief. we have the latest on what authorities say they found, plus the two people they have in custody.
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he is recoverying and his f super bowl 50. >> mona: this morning there are still many unanswered questions about the death of nicole. the 13 year old girl who's body was found in north carolina on
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the young girl was missing. the hope of finding her replaced with shock and grief. amber roberts reports. >> reporter: family and friends are devastated about the death of 13 year old nicole level. small community where her remains were found is in shock. >> as far as how i feel, devastated. very saddened. i can't imagine. vithree daughters. >> reporter: at restaurant and store. miles down found the girl's body. the news spread quick. >> we saw the officers going by. we knew it was bad. all the rafrs. >> reporter: on saturday investigators found hear body in this area. near the curve on route 89. teen was last seen wednesday at her home in blacksburg via vamp two are arrested. david icen hour is accused of abducting her and killing herful
6:26 am
the girl previously knew each other. 19 year old natalie has been arrested. accused of helping to hide the body. both are virginia tech students and both are in jail with no bond. >> unusual something like that to happen here. >> reporter: law enforcement agency are involved in this investigation including the fbi. at this point there is no word on how investigators were tipped off about the where abouts of her body. we are taking a close look at david eisenhower. this is video from out of baltimore. eisenhower is from columbia, maryland was a run are in high school. named howard county male indoor track athlete of the year. and part of virginia tech's cross country team. we know that eisenhower was friends with level on social media. police have not gone into detail
6:27 am
>> police have not said weather she had prior connection to level. keepers is a sophomore engine ooerg major from laurel, maryland less than 15 miles from eisenhower's town. >> divers searching a lake for evidence in the case. at last check well is no word on whether or not sunday's search yielded new information on saturday night. the school's president released an all right to the community. saying, as a fourth and as well as a viarginia via tech president our community is supportive. lean on that and the resources available to you. it is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed at this time. you are not alone. the school has not released another statement since the announcement of the second student's arrest. sfik with us for the latest. you can stay up to speed on our
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facebook fan page. >> melissa: after 6. . 30. let's check weather. if you are ready to head out and start the day. no worries on that morning commute. clear skies. and not too shabby. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 47 in lynchburg now. 51 in danville. 40 in roanoke. 51 in brook nil. 38 in blacksburg. 48 in hot springs. you and your family are headed out you may want a light jacket and grab the glasses, a mix of sun and clouds then you need the umbrella later on we will see scattered showers thanks to a cold front that will across us as we kickoff a new week. a look at the school day weather. dry commute. temperatures in the 40s. then for the afternoon, look another day. tell be mild. we are back in the low to mid 60s. first of two cold fronts approaches today and more rain for wednesday. i will have the timing and
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mona? >> mona: roanoke police called to ak-motor friday after reports of shots. they found 25 year old in the parking lot. he told officers a man fired several shots at him in the parking lot and left. it start when they had an altercation inside. officers identified the second manace 22 year old darius branton. when he showed up later at the police department claiming he also showed a firearm. both are from own oak. bratton is charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. he is charged with brandishing a firearm. no one was injured during this shooting. a teen is dead after police say he crashed his car in pennsylvania county. it happened at 10:30 saturday morning on route 40. 19 year old cameron long's car crossed the center line. ran off the left side of the
6:30 am
long died at the scene. speed and alcohol were not a factor in the crash and long was wearing a seat belt. crash is still under investigation. now a 17 year old is recovering at lynchburg general after he was hit by a truck walking home. we want to warn you the pictures you are about to see are graphic. his parents say it happened around 7:00 in rusburg. he suffered broken facial bones, brain injury and his mouth is wired shut. driver of the truck wait with crews until emergency crews showed up but not charged. the family believes someone should be held accountable for their son's condition. >> out of respect it is i -- if i was in that man's shoes i would be here. i would be calling and finding ways to keep in touch with the
6:31 am
was okay. nothing. [inaudible] >> mona: family is urging people to slow down in the area to avoid accidents like this in the future. the speed limit ranges from 35-45 miles per hour. people often travel fast or that road. the family of a bedford firefighter battling a rare blood cancer held a fund raise or raise money for medical bills. hundreds came out in lynchburg to support david. the community brought raffle tickets and left donations to pay for his bone marrow transplant and housing. his cant plan today the sxevent grateful that so many showed up. >> i want to say, thank you. i want to say -- friends and family and this community have been behind him and our family and friends throughout this whole thing. >> mona: if you would like to
6:32 am head's up to driver in lynchburg the department of water resources will do water line work in the 2300 block of play horn road that may affect travel. this is throughed with february third. most of the work will be done in the evenings. but restricted to one lane in each direction. make note as you head out. in danville starting today both lanes of newt onon will be closed for a work on electric and communication lines. this is going on from 7:00-5:00 through february fourth. detour signs will be placed to redirect traffic. mostists are urged to slow or consider an alternate route. a reminority about our abc 13 good eats contest. long log to to wset comfor your final chance to win. scroll down the home page it surrender the contact's tab.
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today we are giving away a $25 to lavia. today is the last day to enter the contest. and still to come on good morning virginia, today is the day. iowa caucus begins. we have the latest information from the campaign trail as candidates take jabs trying to whoa voters. here is a look at your forecast
6:34 am
51 in danville and 40 in >> melissa: happy february
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here is a snapshot of what you can expect throughout your monday. there will be a dry and cool morning for us. sunshine to start. a cold front brings a 40% chance for showers later this afternoon and evening. if you and your family are ready to head out. no worries in the weather department. we are seeing clear skies across the area. temperatures in the 40s and 50s out there. 47 in lynchburg. 40 in roanoke. 48 in blacksburg. 46 in martinsville. 51 for danville. and got 52 right now in farmville. compared to 24 hours ordinary care it is a nice warm up. 10 degrees warper in blk burg and almost 10 in roanoke. 14 warmer in lynchburg. 20 in martinsville. 17 degrees warmer in doneville. taking you hour by hour to plan your day. temperatures staying in the upper 40s lower 50s for morning.
6:36 am
dry through the noon hour and as that cold front gets closer. rain increases. low to mid 60s for will afternoon. we will see showers moving through the area. continuing in the early evening hours. here is the reason why we got two cold fronts tracking throughout the first part of february. here is the first one, it will go throughout your monday. it is weak. if it will bring light showers as we head to today, we are looking at cloud and he cool weather. got a wedge setting up. looking ahead to wednesday issue strong are cold front begin to match to the east am could bring storms out toward the west for us. we could hear some thunder. no severe weather. tell bring the threat for heavy rain. time it out on future cast. we see clouds increasing west to east. light showers pushing through for the afternoon commute. not a wash ouch showers lingering into din are time. continuing light showers over
6:37 am
cloudy as you wake up tomorrow and going to be a cool and damp day for your tuesday. highs today enjoy 60s. 62 in lynchburg. 63 in alta vista. and 63 for an matapp mattics. 60 in the new river valley. cloudy skies with temperatures falling to the low 40s. not shabby as we head throughout the next couple of days. only into the upper 40s and le50aire for grouped hog's day. a 20% chance for light showers. in the 60s forked with. 80 percent chance for heavy rain. look at that dry and school the rest of the week. mona? >> mona: thank you. the wait is over. it is decision day in iowa the 2016 presidential nomination process kicks off. the candidates crisscrossed the
6:38 am
sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> i'm a better candidate and thanks to you i will be a better president and i want you to know that! >> reporter: this is it. time is up for three democrats and 11 republicans running for president. rob will be giving a caucus in western des moines. >> people will maybe that decision when they lynne to neighbors. >> on the republican and democrat side the pole found five points or less separating first and second place. and a third of voters waivering in supportful campaigns influence the results up to the last second. >> i ted cruise attended church. [inaudible]. >> reporter:ed he prayed for trump and rub i don'tiowho made this appeal.
6:39 am
united states. we will confront challenges. rubio fighting for a second place finisher better. >> get out of bed. >> trump gave his wife the m eeshgs c to close the deal in iowa. >> he will be unbelievable. >> for republicans expect to see results soon after seven tonight. for the democrat its can take longer since oftentimes the caucuses feel like a game of red recovery with campaigns trying to sway voters over to their side. abc news des moines. >> mona: bernie sanders brought his campaign to our area over the weekend. the opening of his second virginia office in roanoke. the new office is located on franklin road and opened to the public on saturday. earlier this week. sanders opened his another office in fairfax county. virginia is one of the 11 super
6:40 am
. u.s. defense department will not take additional action against the excrashing i adirect accused of sharing classified information. david patrags admitted to sharing the information with his misstress. carter's clood demoting patraeus from a four star general to three star that would have acted his requirement this . decision clears patraeus to receive his full retirement benefits as a retired four star general he is liable for wrong doing he committed on active duty. >> and still to come, a cancer patient proposes to his favorite nurse.
6:41 am
app >> mona: let's check your bus stop weather. 47 in lynchburg. 51 in danville. 40 in roanoke. a clear and cool start to our day. we head hour by hour through monday and february thirst. dry with a mix of sun and clouds through lunch. we are in the upper 50s near 60 by 12:00. high's the low to mid 60s. a 40 percent chance for showers the cold front will cross the common wealth. a 10th of an inch at best. not a wash out. here is the cold front. it is a taste of what is to come. first front crosses on monday. next system in the four corn are. the low pressure system will push to the east upon drag a stronger cold front on wednesday. tell be unsettled as we head to the 50 couple of days of february. >> a look at rain through this
6:42 am
a 20% chance for morning. 40% by this afternoon. not going to be a wash out. scattered showers for us. it will be cloud and he damp and drizzle on tuesday. lock at wednesday. 80% chance for showers. then we are drying out and cooling down for thursday, friday and the weekend. here is the next seven. low to mid 60s today. low are 40ary f groundhog's day and the 60s on withstand. mona? >> mona: thank you. a five year old boy in california fighting leukemia but not fighting it ash lone. family, friends and doctors are behind him with his favorite nurse he calls sailorasm the child grown close to sara so much so that he had a special surprise for her. kim explains. >> get down. oh !
6:43 am
that had witnesses in tears. what do you say? >> reporter: in a grand declaration the five year old a patient at children's hospital in san diego proposes to his nurse who he calls tall sara. >> i heard you got down on one knee. gi bend my combeen down and then i pulled the ring out. put it on her finger and then -- it was over -- >> were you nervous? >> no. >> reporter: his mom recorded the moment and the mother and son talk leading up to it. >> you are going to ask her can we see the ring. >> it has been a tough few months for him going through cheap oe chemo.
6:44 am
>> she gives you legos. yea, that's all i like. >> reporter: he is the one with the tough battle. all he wants is to make others happy. why he put a ring on it. >> i want to make her laugh. because she thinks i'm special funny boy. >> as far as the getting on the knee and saying will you marry me. he caught that on tv. i have no idea. >> reporter: anything that brings a smile to his face has mom's blessing. the only thing can you do when you here is make the most fun you can. >> mona: sweet boy. still to come, police arrested two people in connection to the death missing blacksburg teen
6:45 am
state police are investigating a >> mona: we are back with a look at the top stories. folks are talking about the case that has stunned the blacksburg community. police confirmd that nicole love found dead in north carolina. four days after she went missing from her home. the two teens charged 18 year old david eisenhower and 19 year old natalie keeper students at virginia tech. keepers charged with improper disposal of a dead body and accessory after the fact in a commission of a felony. news of her arrest came less than 24 hours after eisenhower is charged with murder. level's body was found on saturday around 4:00 p.m.
6:46 am
a teen is dead after he crash indeed pennsylvania county. police say it happened at 10. . 30 morning on route 40. cameron long's car crossed the center line. ran off the road and over turned. long died at the scene. speed and alcohol were not factors in the crash and long was wearing a seat belt. crash is under investigation. today a trial begins for the alleged gaping members accused of murdering a captain kevin quick. new trial marks two years to the day quick was reported miscellaneousing. his body was found a week later. a judge declared a miss trial after a defendant shared a list of personal information about potential jurors. it was moved to roanoke. >> the story today is we will be in the 60s. it is february first and we are getting a warm up. >> melissa: a nice warm up.
6:47 am
we are back in the 60s on wednesday. attempts to roller coaster. 42 right now. clear skies. cool morning. grab a jacket but back in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. morning sun gives way to 40% chance for afternoon showers and unsettled until wednesday and cool the rest of the week.
6:48 am
stayday. " good morning, america. and they're off. the first votes finally here in the race for president. >> it's going be big. >> we are going to make america history. >> bernie sanders says overnight, his campaign going all the way to the convention. ted cruz blasted for last-minute campaign tactics. a grueling year on the campaign trail. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> we're going to build a wall. >> donald, you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. 1500 rallies, 11 debates. always comes down to this -- >> this is about the men and women of iowa. >> the race closer than ever. donald trump taking the lead back from ted cruz. the billionaire and his family trying to close their biggest deal of all. clinton with a slight edge over
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