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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> my nicole lovell was born [indiscernible] >> danner: nicole lovell's mother gives us a glimpse of the little girl that she lost. >> i'm taking my ideas and my record to the people of new hampshire this week. >> danner: next up on the campaign rail, new hampshire. voters choose their candidates. >> george: i'll let you know when the heaviest rain will begin and when the heaviest rain will move out of the heart of virginia. >> danner: tonight we have the latest on the missing blacksburg teen found dead. police have updated charges for natalie keepers. she is now charged with accessory to first-degree murder before the fact as well. nona is in the newsroom.
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stabbed to death shortly after she left her blacksburg home on wednesday. that's according to the commonwealth's attorney. police have adjusted that date on the search warrant. and now natalie keepers involved with nicole's death is said to be a lot sooner. she is now charged with accessory before the fact. >> koley had a passion for moving, dance. >> danner: she also revealed that her daughter was a victim of online bullying. she said that she believes that it was online that nicole
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>> danner: her mother talked about her daughter's short life and how she touched so many. priscilla kaiser has the latest. >> reporter: a mother stricken by grief just days after learning of her daughter's faith. tammy weeks was visibly upset. she recalled her daughters life including multiple medical struggles early on many life. she always touched on lovell's passion such as pandas, music, dancing. she said her daughter loved life and others. >> her favorite color was blue. nicole was a lovable perp and touched many people. >> reporter: a represent from help save is the next girl says he has spent a week with lovell's family and can't
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is feeling after the tragic death. >> she overcame obstacles in her life. i consider her a miracle child. for her life to end this way is not fair. >> reporter: a visitation is set for tomorrow from 5:00-8:00 a.m. at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. the funeral is thursday at 3:00 a.m. the funeral home. >> danner: tonight marissa para is sitting down with save the next girl, the organization put together by morgan harrington's parents after they lost their daughter. she's learning about what the organization is doing to help in this case. we'll have that story at 11:00. and meanwhile, nicole's classmates have left drawings, messages, and notes for her family, as well as a sign in the cafeteria.
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of nicole's classrooms where students can remember her. students will be wearing blue all week to honor here. along with the online activities we mentioned earlier. nicole also had troubling posts. investigators say that they frequently heard parents of kids who have become digital crime crimes say, not my child. it couldn't happen to me. a member of the internet crimes task force says that it's a portal. >> we were allowing our children to access people we would never invite into our home. >> danner: there are apps out
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mirror your child's phones. know all their passwords. you need to keep up with their digital life. finally experts say, talk to them. >> george: we're going to see rain moving in late tonight and early tomorrow. right now the weather is dry. if you have some evening plans and you want to stay dry, you won't have any problems. we're tracking a lot of rain. there's some strong thunderstorms that are making their way from the south and southeast. we're going to see mainly dry weather for the evening. after 8:00 a.m., increasing heavier rain. >> danner: a jury has now bp seated in the kevin quick murder trial. wcav in charlottesville reports to the opening statement states will begin tomorrow morning.
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courtroom to answer questions from the judge. both side are determining which jurors they feel will be the most fair. 12 jurors and four alternates have been selected. we are continuing to track down the latest information in last night's double shooting of a danville doctor and his neighbor. police say dr. randolph neal was walking home from work last night in the 200 block of mount vernon avenue. one of them men asked for money and shot him several times. the doctor is in condition at wake forest medical center and his neighbor has been released from the hospital. >> we haven't had this type of crime in that area. it's not to say that it's never been.
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haven't had that type of crime. >> danner: police have no suspects. a private source is offering a $10,000 reward. they've installed more than seven miles of new pipe to decrease sewage flow into the james river. and now the entire project is almost complete. the riverfront park is torn up in lynchburg and has been since 2014. the director of water resources says that they are in the last phase and should finish by may. the delay has caused mason square to delay their own expansion. >> we need space. we're at max capacity as far as how many programs and schools. how many events we're able to do, exhibitions we introduce to the community. >> danner: mason square says they'll break ground this
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project is finished or not.
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clinton both won the iowa (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work,
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we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities comes from our people. >> is an awakening sweeping this country. i wanted to ask everyone here to look forward to january 2017. [ applause ] >> so new hampshire, come with me this week. make this journey with me. [ applause ] >> stand up for me. fight for me! .
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up and fight for you every single day. ! . thank you, and god bless you. >> danner: and now that the iowa caucus is in the rearview mirror, pundits say trust in the candidates played a significant role. an expert said that trust will be an issue in this turbulent season. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> reporter: as iowans went in record numbers to choose their candidates, the issue of trust clearly played a major factor. >> trust is an important issue that the any candidate running for office, people want to feel good about, believe in. >> reporter: more than half of
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claimed evangelicals that put trust at the top. >> that draws real questions for donald trump who is not necessarily lived a christian life and is something is that christian values voters in the republican party will have trouble with. >> reporter: even though mr. trump attracts large crowds, it's often because of his celebrity status. and the e-mail scandal continues to plague hillary clinton's campaign. and that could explain why senator bernie sanders came so close to winning iowa. and they believe that moving forward. hillary clinton must win the trust of the independent voters. >> the way that this investigation continues to play out and the way that the clinton campaign can explain
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for how independents see clinton. >> george: today was cloudy. highs in the upper 40s and 50s. we'll see warmer weather
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we'll t >> danner: we want to let you know about a weather situation. a tornado touched down in pickens county, alabama just a few hours ago. we have video from a tornado chaser in the area. so far no injuries. pickens county is located 100 miles west of birmingham. can you see the funnel in that picture? >> george: in that view i don't see it. >> danner: i don't either. >> george: it was a large tornado which was on the
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and i was just checking, danner, reports in fayette county which west of picket counties. we're going to see some rain of our own copping up -- coming up. it's a 100 percent chance for rain. so all of us are going to get the rain. heavy rain will start in the morning and persist in the afternoon. we'll see the rain ending by wednesday night. and you may be hearing some thunder as thunderstorms and listening may be possible. the temperature has stayed about the same all day. we've had cloudy skies, and generally dry weather. we have seen drizzles across the mountains as well. 46 in lynchburg.
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45 roanoke, 50s in the southside. if you have something outside that i don't want to get wet and rained on, bring it in this evening. when you wake up in the morning, this is a look at wednesday at 7:00 a.m. you can see that rain moving in from the west. the heaviest of the rain will be after 7:00 a.m.-late morning hours and lunchtime. here's a look at your weather at lunchtime. here's 12:30. very heavy rain for much of us across the heart of virginia. this pocket of red is where we could see heavier rain ongoing. by 3:00 p.m., make sure that children are prepared for the rain and have their umbrella as we'll see heavy rain continuing across the heart of virginia. by 5:00-7:00 a.m., most of the rain is going to end and move out of to the east by richmond. overnight tonight, cloudy,
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if you're going out this evening, generally dry though you may notice drizzle on your windshield. we'll see lows in the 40s and 50s in southside. increasing light rain after midnight. hourly weather for tomorrow, rain in the morning at 8:00 a.m. notice the temperatures tomorrow. it's going to be windy as well. it's a breezy south wind. that's going to warm us to the upper 50s at lunchtime and upper 60s in the afternoon. decreasing rain by 8:00 a.m. as the rain will be to the east of us. the rest of area, low-mid-60s. we're not expecting to see any icy roads. bedford 63. amherst 62. your 7-day forecast shows outdoor plans will be safe from the rain on thursday and
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moves in. lows in the twenties and highs in the 40s. and we could see light rain for early next week and continued cooler weather. >> danner: newborns at danville regional medical center will be wearing red hats this month to celebrate american heart month. volunteers from the american heart association are making hats for the babies. a new facility for women struggling with addiction is ready to go, but one important role needs to be filled. we told you about horizon's recovery residence in november. it's a home for women transitioning back into the community for detoxication services. before the house can open, horizon must find a house manager.
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this story at >> the virginia tech engineering professor who discovered the water crisis in
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testify >> danner: trust is -- trash is the topic of the meeting of the board of supervisors meeting. the president of the landfill citizens group has requested to inform the board that the landfill has had on the community. we'll bring you the results as soon as we get them. the virginia tech professor who discovered the flint, water crisis will
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house and oversight government reform committee. he'll review the e.p.a.'s administration of the safe drinking water act there in the city. the general assembly set up a referendum on whether the right to work laws should be in the state constitution. virginia is already a right to worker state, meaning that workers do not have to join a union in order to work in the commonwealth. democrats called the measure purely political. opposition in the general assembly today over whether or not virginia should say where they get the drugs used in executions. senator scott summerville introduced that bill after the state used drugs in texas in the execution of alfredo preetoe.
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was from. a subcommittee rejected the bill. an inheritance for cats. >> we deserve some of that.
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are just throwing their >> danner: a lady in maine is fighting to get money she says that she's owed to help stay cats. brenda jarvis said a woman used to give money to help stray animals. after thorpe died, she left her money to the cats. she says that trustees have
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the clooney's date all hail to clooney. george and take "e.t" inside their old ho date night. arriving in style, amal's recycled wedding look. plus co-star's channing tatum's next role, dirty dancing live?
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you don't put channing in a corn
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