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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you do?" good night. >> anchor: in the last hour, a neighbor says nicole lovell told friends she was going to sneak out to meet her boyfriend, david, an 18-year-old she met through the kik app. two neighbors said that nicole lovell said that she would be sneaking out to see him. the mother of the girls said that they told her after the girl vanished. right now david eisenhauer is charged with murder and kidnapping. natalie keepers is now facing
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murder. the autopsy shows that the 13-year-old because stabbed to death. the final autopsy won't be available until march. the commonwealth's attorney, mary pettit, said that keeper will be back in court for further charges. the warrants will be changed to show that lovell was killed on wednesday, the same day she >> [indiscernible] she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, dreams of being on american idol some day. >> anchor: petit said after today, the only time she'll be discussing these cases is in court.
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with two women who said that this news hits too close to home. >> reporter: the murder of any young person with a promising future is always tragic. the group save the next girl is helping to stop this disturbing trend. the murder of nicole lovell strikes a chord with jane vance. >> she was young and innocent and very sophisticated with being good to people. >> reporter: morgan harrington was a student of hers at virginia tech when she was murdered, too. she is trying to spread a message of love. >> the community is the solution. >> reporter: now, she's vice president of the organization
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it started in harrington's memory. >> nicole did nothing wrong. neither did the school system or her parents. the only place to look is the perpetrator. >> reporter: the mother of morgan harrington says the scars of her daughter's death are still fresh and she feels sorry for the family of nicole. >> we are finding a way. you don't get over it, but you can get past it and you can accommodate to your injury. both she and vance hope that they can give healing to the lovell family. >> it's not time to beat the drum of argument. it's time to see the goodness in each other and hold each
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>> reporter: jane vance has spoken very highly about the support from the blacksburg and virginia tech community. she says that many students from the virginia tech chapter of help save the next girl are working on a special project that will be given to nicole's middle school this friday. and we'll be sure to show you the project when they receive it on friday. live in blacksburg, marissa para, abc-13 news. >> anchor: nicole lovell also had some troubling posts. we spoke with the internet crimes against children task force. steve sanders says that one things he hears from parents of children who have been victims of cyberbullying. that is not my child. that couldn't happen. he says the internet is a portal for predators.
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system in the entire school, and i asked the kindergarten class how many of them had access to the internet through a portable device. and 80% of them raised their hands. >> anchor: how to make the digital world less scary? there are apps to let you mirror your child's phone. know all of their passwords. be tech savvy. just talk to them. >> meanwhile, lovell's classmates have been created memorials, messages, drawings, and notes for nicole and family. and four of her friends created a sign that is on display in the cafeteria. students will be wearing blue all week in our honor.
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nicole's family. blacksburg schools had officials on site for counsel today. if you missed the press conference, you can watch the full thing at and you can get continual updates there and at our abc-13 facebook fan page. >> george: we're seeing drizzle and light rain across the heart of virginia. you can expect heavier rain by tomorrow morning. it doesn't show up very well on the radar, but if you've been driving around, you probably noticed it. the rain from the west will be here tomorrow. temperatures will stay in the 40s. later, we've made some updates to the forecast. we'll let you know how much rain to expect. >> anchor: a jury has now been
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opening statements will begin at 8:30 tomorrow morning in roanoke. 80 potential jurors were in the courtroom today to answer questions from the judge. the goal was to give attorneys the chance to determine which jurors they felt would be the most fair. 12 jurors and four alternates have been selected. the criminal case against bill cosby will resume in pennsylvania. cosby is charged with assault stemming from the alleged rape of a woman in his home in 2004. the comedian has not entered a plea and denies any wrongdoing wrongdoing.
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filed against him. dr. randolph neal was shot while walking home from work last night. the suspect also shot his neighbor. the shooting was the 200 block of the mount vernon avenue. dr. neal is in stable condition and his neighbor has been released from the hospital. >> we haven't had this type of crime in the area. in the recent past, we haven't had that type of crime. we've had larcenies and break-ins. that type of thing. >> anchor: a private source is is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved. the lynchburg police department has two new officers on its staff. jerwinthompson and tucker were sworn in today. thompson grew up locally and
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tucker grew up on southside and has three years experience as a deputy. congratulations to both of them. >> and another warning about the zika virus. c.d.c. officials say a sexually transmitted case has been confirmed. plus -- >> i was cold outside and i
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>> reporter: two cincinnati energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone. i'm zach bacon with appalachian power. i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia.
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to help our customers learn energy efficiency. this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it. (woman) when we first moved in, the house wasn't very livable. it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities comes from our people. >> mona: health officials say a patient in texas has acquired the zika virus
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the c.d.c. says the patient was infected after having sexual conta contact with a person who was returning from the country where zika was present. meanwhile, a french company is trying to make a vaccine for the virus. delegates in washington d.c. is proposing to provide federal buildings with lactation areas. >> it needs to be private. it cannot be a restroom. it needs to be a space that is set aside for lactation
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can be used for other purposes as necessary. >> mona: that means there wouldn't not be lactation rooms set aside if nobody needs it. united airlines is going back to an old policy. starting february 15th, parents with kids aged two and younger will be able to preboard united airlines flights. the policy was dropped in 2012. a company spokesperson says they were trying to simplify the boarding process but that going back to this policy is the right thing to do.
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rain is moving into >> george: i've made some
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since earlier as i've looked over the new data. and i'll show you those changes. it looks even wetter for tomorrow. we raised the forecast rainfall totals. i think many of us will end up with 1-2 inches. and there'll be a few locations tomorrow that get over two inches of rain. as far as the timing of the rain tomorrow, the heaviest rain is going to be between 8:00 and 4:00. that means most of the day is going to be very soggy. and we'll see rain moving in before 8:00 a.m. you may also be hearing thunder during the day as well as we'll hear a few thunderstorms. it's rare that we talk about thunderstorms in february, but we'll hear thunder tomorrow. this large area of rain we're tracking is in the south right now and it will be moving into virginia early in the morning. the temperatures are going to remain about the same all night. when you wake up in the
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the rain and the temperatures will be in the upper 40s. 47 degrees with an east wind at five. you can see the warmer temperatures down south. and in southside, you're going to warmer tomorrow, and it's more likely that we're going to see a few thunderstorms towards southside due to the warmer air. 50 danville, roanoke, blacksburg, 44. charlottesville, 45. many of us are obviously going to be asleep at 5:00 a.m., but if you do have to get up very early in the morning, melissa will be on and she'll update you on the rain. and stopping this at 9:00 a.m. if you're driving weather, if your travel plans include interstate 81, or you're watching from blacksburg or roanoke, you're going to see heavy rain before 9:00 a.m. and then for late morning-lunchtime, all these whiter colors are areas of downpours and thunderstorms.
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lunchtime tomorrow, we'll see very heavy rain across the heart of virginia. at the 3:00 p.m., we'll still have rain in the area. but at 3:00 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m., the rain is going to clear our area and make its way towards richmond. and over the wednesday-thursday, dry weather for all of us. many of us are going to get between 1-2 inches of rain. your hourly weather shows that it's going to be very mild as we're going to have a strong south wind. upper 50s at noon with lower 60s in the afternoon. with the bulk of the heaviest rain falling during the late morning-early afternoon. highs in the 60s with the rain for wednesday. and your 7-day forecast shows your outdoor plans are safe in the rain thursday-saturday. and next week, we could see a chance for snow toward tuesday.
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>> mona: you hear it all the time. people become police officers because they want to help. two cops went above and beyond to make sure a lost 2-year-old was okay. >> so at that point, i did what i enjoyed most when i see little children. i just started playing and grabbing toys and making sure that he didn't, you know, wander and get himself into any trouble. >> i got on a shirt and a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and some little spider manhoodies. which he seemed to really like. >> mona: the photo shows one officer tried to keep this scared and tired happy by getting down in full uniform and trying the play. the toddler somehow got out of his apartment building. the little boy has been turned over the child services.
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2016 race for the white house.
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gonzalez in >> mona: take a look at front page of the new york daily news. the cover showing donald trump in clown makeup saying he's dead clown walking. and now the candidates descend on new hampshire. >> reporter: back on the trail fueled by iowa inspired optimism. >> what an incredible, incredible evening we had last night. >> reporter: ted cruz celebrating a big win in the caucuses and beating trump. >> had i known we could have finished number two, i would have spent for time there. >> reporter: trump admitting skipping the last debate may
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>> i think it could have been the debate. >> reporter: marco rubio talking the voters in new hampshire. >> are you ready for a nap? so am i. >> reporter: after a strong third-place minute. >> we really came on strong. >> reporter: and confidence for both democratic candidates. despite the party's closest caucus finish ever, just a fraction of a point, clinton proudly declaring victory. >> i feel really great being back in new hampshire after winning in iowa and having a chance to come here. >> reporter: and bernie sanders calling this a political revolution. and refusing to concede. >> that was last night and the political revolution continues next tuesday, here in new hampshire. >> but ben carson is not here.
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today, ted cruz apologized to him more mistakenly telling people he had dropped out of the race. >> mona: and new tonight, both chambers of the general assembly have approved legislation to allow home schooled students to participate in public school sports. the measure is commonly known as the tebow bill. it passed in the senate today and in the house last week. a similar measure passed last year but was vetoed by governor mcauliffe. he says it poses a double standard for student athletes. >> reporter: sports is next.
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st >> reporter: hi there, everyone. a.c.c. heartbreaker for the
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justin bibs launches three. and laday free for the jam. and hokies led 30-44. and michael benajay gets overtime. [indiscernible] the l.u. men tonight hosting winthrop. the flames fans on their feet for this one. first half, talbert got the big block in the paint. and mcsquad off to a fast start. and reid dialed it up long distance. and reid, a perfect five for five. and l.u. up the half. and the eagles cut the lead to five.
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sawson drives and the foul. liberty wins 88-77. e.c. glass and jefferson forest. and camden smith, two of 16. and navy jones drives, stops, and scoots for two. the cavs ran up a 10-.-point lead. and final second in the half, nox fires in a three to draw the hilltoppers within one. j.f. 59. glass, 54. and at b.s. the bishops battled miller. and the b.s. lead to 11 with five minutes left. and less than a minute later, quinn feeds jones.
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27. and kipcart knocked down 2 free throws. and b.s. holds on 65-62. and the tornado hosted faith christian roanoke. and a right handed runner. and the tornado boys loving the action. and finnerty races ahead for the layup. and finnerty fights for the loose ball. and finnerty 21. the tornado lead 17 and 2 with a 19-9 victory. and boys, heritage won at
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and buckingham over >> mona: well, george, it seems like we're getting it all, the sunshine, snow, potentially rain. >> george: a whole range of weather conditions for virginia. you'll really want your umbrella for the morning. it's a 100 percent chance for rain. many of us, 1-2 inches of rain
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