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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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13-year-old nicole lovell. and the coldest temperatures of the year are headed our way t >> whitney: tonight the presidential candidates are in new hampshire for the state primary election. right now they're gathered in dixville notch. the town is getting ready for the midnight vote there. nine people will be the first to cast their ballots in the new hampshire primary. all of the candidates are fighting down to the wire for every vote, especially those from undecided voters. these are the last hours before the very first presidential primary of 2016. polls are giving donald trump a big lead among republicans while bernie sanders from nearby vermont
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hillary clinton. and one big wild card, many voters in the granite state say they are undecided. marcy is live in new hampshire. >> reporter: good evening, those endless events today are now over. the candidates made their final pitches to the voters and they're waiting for the first results to come in. the first ballots are about to be cast. three small precincts in new hampshire are voting tonight. >> it's a privilege to be part of the democratic process. lot of this country. >> reporter: the candidates worked into the night to win them over. >> this is sort of our final love fest, all right. because tomorrow you have to get out and vote no matter what.
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ahead by double digits in the polls leading marco rubio. . >> it's a movement, folks. it's a movement. >> reporter: sanders was what he called a revolution ahead of hillary clinton in the polls. >> tomorrow the people of new hampshire will have the opportunity to say that enough is enough. >> reporter: clinton, though, feeling confident. with bill chelsea's help, helping for a repeat of the success she had in new hampshire in 2008. and while there are clear frontrunners in the polls, the outcome tomorrow could be much different with 44% of the
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undecideded tonight. >> anchor: here at home, some folks are seeing a light blanket of snow on the ground. and i'm joined by chief meteorologist george flickinger. >> george: most of the snow has been falling in the mountains and the new river valley. there are some school delays tomorrow and that information is on most of the traffic is moving along smoothly, however temperatures are dropping below freezing, so some of that rain from earlier are causing slippery spots on the road. and we are seeing right rain in whitville. additional light rain and snow is possible tonight. >> anchor: thank you, george. it's been almost two weeks since nicole lovell disappeared. her story has drawn national attention and support, but
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local community honoring her memory. marissa para was at the vigil for her tonight and she's live with this story. >> reporter: whitney, it was bitterly cold tonight. you can still the remnants of the snow that happened earlier tonight, but that didn't stop the supporters from coming out. a community coming together to honor nicole lovell. >> our poor students. they were all volunteers that came tonight. >> reporter: susan anderson says it speaks to their generosity. >> i can't tell you how many offers came in. our public works department
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this street has lightsenen -- lights on it, but not nicole's favorite color. >> reporter: nicole's mother tried to thank the community, but couldn't find the words through her tears. she got help from a friend in blue. >> our police department has been incredible with the family, giving great support to nicole's mom. >> reporter: among the speakers we saw tonight, the blacksburg middle school principal, the blacksburg chief of police, and the blacksburg mayor. the mural we saw tonight was made tonight by the virginia chapter of save the next girl.
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nicole lovell's memory at blacksburg middle school. >> whitney: nicole lovell's father is expected to appear on dr. phil this wednesday. he is expected to talk to dr. phil about his daughter including what he knew about her social media activities. he found out before christmas that she was talking to older boys online and took her phone away. now, the app that police believe that nicole used to meet with her murder is called kik. it is allows you to be anonymous and they say it's up to parents to be vigilant to know what their children are doing online. >> you need to look at that phone all the time. you need to know how the apps
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it's your responsibility. >> whitney: authorities say that predators are on the other end of that app. keep an open dialogue with our kids. place parental controls on their devices. disable location services. and google your child's name. you might be surprised what you might find. a judge is trying to seat a jury for a woman charged with an abuse and neglect of her 5-year-old son. ashley white entered a not guilty plea. stay with abc-13 for updates
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and tonight an update on the motorcycle crash we told you about friday night. carter craft lost his life following the accident at the billy craft chrysler dealership. he died from his injuries last night. a woman was indicted on a dui charge after hitting a woman last night. the crash happened back in september, according to the roanoke county police. they say simmons was driving east on dent road when she left the road and hit marvin on the shoulder. tonight two injured pitbulls are recovering at the lynchburg humane society after two residents in the county
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weekend. a lot of you were worried after seeing the pictures of the injuries. the department says they are certain the pitbulls were not part of a dog fighting ring but instead were probably fighting each. >> reporter: the human society says that one stabbed this dog friday night. the executive director says the stab wound is massive. you have any information, contact the humane society. >> lawmakers are cracking down on distracted driving.
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community is very concerned >> whitney: a legislative panel approved a bill to expand a state's law about texting while driving. it would make it illegal for a driver to select icons on a cell phone or hand held cell phone device. it would also prohibit a driver from looking at the device. the current law applies only to e-mail and text messages. the bill will now be considered by the full house transportation committee.
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e-mail, text, or message that you wish you hadn't? you may want to be a little more careful. a little known federal law from 30 years ago allows the government without a warrant to read any digital message six months after you send it. it's called the 180 day rule. in 1986, congress started treating messages as older an 180 degrees abandoned and less protected against search and seizure. and now officials are saying it's time the update that law. >> your digital and physical phone should be treated the same way and that's that law enforcement and a judge need to get a search warrant before using either one.
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officials say it's a problem. investigative agencies say they're not opposed to updating the law as long as it protects investigators to make want. and even though these messages don't need a warrant, they do need a subpoena. and don't worry about purging your inbox, deleted messages store on a remote server. light rain and possible snow comin (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices.
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>> george:e're going to start you off in the new river valley and that's where another batch of snow is moving moving in.
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interstate 81 in the next 24 hours, this batch of snow is reducing visibility. a lot of this is melting into rain as its made its way into lynchburg and danville. we're going to see a mix of light rain and snow. i don't think we'll see any significant accumulation. and as temperatures drop below freezing, you can see slippery roads tomorrow. and on wset, you can find information on schools that are delayed in the morning. and overnight tonight and for tomorrow we'll see a few slippery roads. i don't think we're going to see widespread travel issues, but use caution as the roads could be slick on tuesday morning. most of the snow accumulations are going to end up as 0.
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around 1/2 inch. temperatures are now dropping below freezing. we're in the upper twenties in lynchburg. cloudy skies. and 29 in lynchburg. roanoke, 33. blacksburg and also dublin, you could see some slippery areas. southside is below freezing. this is an accumulation map showing how much snow is going to fall. where you see colors on the map, that means there's a light coating of snow possible. these areas of brighter blue are more into the mountains and interstate 81 and down into southwestern virginia. and very few of us will gelt measurable snow out of this. and when you see this blue, it's more likely that we'll see slippery areas on your tuesday morning.
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20s when you wake up in the morning. amherst, 27. appomattox, 30. and upper 20s towards south boston. your forecast for tomorrow shows we'll be below freezing through 9:00. and temperatures are going to be colder tomorrow than today. highs are going to reach the 30s. tomorrow, highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s. danville at 41. your 7-day forecast, this is going to be the coldest seven days that we've seen so far this season. wednesday, we may stay below freezing all day. highs in the upper 20s for thursday. and for the weekend, lows in the ten degrees. stay warm. >> whitney: when you think of sports-related injuries, what comes to mind?
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think of sports injuries, concussions and broken bones usually come to mind. but the overuse and overload injuries are the most common. here's cynthia with more. >> we can put this here on the patient. >> reporter: as tough as it was for [indiscernible] to swallow, he knew his season was over. >> it was one of the worst experiences of my life. the pain was the worst that i felt. it felt like someone was stabbing me in the back. >> reporter: an x-ray revealed the problem. >> it's a lumbar repetitive condition. >> the doctor said we don't want to risk it. >> and we want to stretch this area as much as possible to
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>> reporter: and now after rest and rehab, cameron is on the mend. >> these young athletes are in the process of rapid growth phases and they are more susceptible for overload injuries. >> reporter: dr. ketka says that pushing through an injury only makes it worth. >> do not play through pain. and you see guys that have gain. that's incorrect. you do not play through pain. >> reporter: he says that although girls are more susceptible, there is risk with every sport. he says younger athletes need
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focusing on technical and sound biomechanics. >> let them recognize it and treat it properly. >> reporter: vary the load on muscles and joins. and sometimes a little physical therapy is all it takes to get an athlete back in winning form. >> now, it's gone. >> whitney: and you can find out more about overuse injuries and what to watch out for on the y.s.a. website. it's unfortunate to see young athletes getting burned out like that. >> reporter: coming up, we'll tell you about
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we'll see if duke was able to >> reporter: hi there, everyone. we begin with high school
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always a good matchup. the alta vista colonels playing against dan river. they led in the third before finishing the quarter. and malbeck with another three to give the colonels a lead in the third quarter. and this offbalance shot by reynolds. and alta vista hands dan river it's second lost of the season. colonels 45. wild cats, 41. >> it's the first time i beat dan river in my whole career. >> we slowed the game down, and we had to get our perfect shot, not the first shot. >> reporter: and
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bassett. and faith christian roanoke rolled to a big win. and hannah young led the bees with 23. and evans had 25 for j.f. and finnerty had a triple-double triple-double. and franklin county beat amherst 54-34. and chatham won at william campbell. . virginia's moved up to 7th in this week's men's basketball poll and received a first place vote. the cavaliers are now highest ranked a.c.c. team. virginia hosts virginia tech tomorrow night. the hokies upset the cavs last month in blacksburg. >> if you just get caught up in the this is a rivalry, we got to get revenge. that losts for a minute or two and then you've got 38 minutes to play.
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you can and hopefully showing you're in a better spot than the first time. >> reporter: and tonight at duke, the blue devils host louisville. and 18 points, ten rebounds, and allen led with 19. and louisville reached a 15 point deficit the second half. and duke beats a ranked opponent. duke 72. louisville, 65. and l.u.'s adams is the big south player of the week. adams posted back to back double-doubles. and l.u. men's guard, cavil is the freshman of the week. and marshawn lynch is intend, to retire. he played nine seasons in the n.f.l. and won a super bowl with seattle. and women's college basketball. yukon beat south carolina by
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we're coming right back. >> whitney: so, george, a few delays tomorrow but not a lot of snow accumulation to worry about. >> george: the snow is having a tough time accumulating, however there'll be a couple of slippery roads in the
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