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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in the south and west, the dew point values are approaching teens. and we believe the snow is reaching the ground in blacksburg and dublin. the snow will move in overnight tonight. it will continue through monday morning before that snow will change to a wintry mix of precipitation monday afternoon. outside, a few 20s and teens in blacksburg. a few records set last night. roanoke got down to nine. and danville got down to 13 which broke their old record of 15 in 1986. >> whitney: all right. thank you, will. today we spoke to the director of lynchburg public works who said crews have taken all the necessary precautions. all the plows and spreaders on
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and they have workers on standby. public works has $150,000 left in their snow budget which should cover this round of snow and ice. >> we only have enough trucks to work on primary and secondary. so those will be our priorities until we get those passable. >> whitney: lowe's also had all of their snow prep and removal items on deck. they stocked up on ice melts, shovels, and snow blowers. >> a lot of generators, especially shovels and ice melts by the pallet. >> whitney: and that's snow blowers, not ice blowers. and they tell us that supplies are going fast. so head out before it's too
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officials in danville said they began treating the roads there with brine on friday. the decision was made to start early because the frigid temperatures we saw this weekend could have caused that brine to freeze. it takes crews ten hours to pretreat all of the main thorough thoroughfares. we'll keep you updated. and you can stay update at tonight a campbell county family is dealing with unspeakable tragedy after a car accident last night left a couple and a 1-year-old baby dead. courtney wheaton spoke to a relative in an interview that you'll only see tonight on abc-13. >> reporter: i spoke to family members who say they're trying to deal with the
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three loved ones at once. according to police, a single vehicle accident happened at 10:00 last night on waterlick road near leesville road. it was driving at a high rate of speed when it hit an micalynn arthur white, kylin, died at the scene. >> i think that he would want to be remembered as the person that was always there for his family, even with some of the the decisions he made. they weren't always the best decisions, and he did it for his family, and everyone has to respect that. >> reporter: she always said that she'll miss her little brother dearly. >> reporter: she says is that neither her father or brother has insurance.
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gofundme page. we'll have a link at >> whitney: very sad, thank you, courtney. well, state police are investigating a deputy involved shooting in buckingham county. police say 9-year-old dishawn perkins was shot and killed after he allegedly attacked one of them. there was a call that came in saying that perkins had talked two people at a nearby store. before police arrived, perkins had left the store, broken into a home nearby and assault an elderly couple. deputies found him at another address. that's when they say that perkins attacked a deputy and was killed. we're learning more about the fierce political battle in
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trails surrounding the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> reporter: flags will fly at half staff today to honor supreme court justice, antonin scalia. the 79-year-old died yesterday. scalia was a champion for conservativism. >> he honor his extraordinary service our nation. i plan to fill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a success tor in due time. and there'll be time for the senate to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> reporter: but republicans don't believe that a president with less than a year left in
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they want the next president to make that choice. >> the president can appoint he wantses -- wants, but we're not moving forward until after the next election. >> he clearly has the power to do it. but given the choice of the supreme court justices in the past, the senate should not confirm someone who's out of the mainstream. >> whitney: coming up, we'll have more on the winter weather. >> reporter: there's a lot of bills that we pay automatically every month that
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paper copies of your favorite periodicals? you can get them online or at the library. take one expense every week and see if you can find it for less. for help, go to you name the expense and we'll find a way to do it cheaper. want to pay less taxes next april? check out my new course, mastering your taxes. learn more at >> whitney: happy valentine's day, will. i feel like we've forgotten about that with all the winter weather. >> will: did you have a good one?
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i have a valentine's day day >> whitney: take a look, folks. this will what we'll see moving into our area as the night goes on. we're talking about snow and ice for the whole viewing area. tonight we have team weather coverage with chief meteorologist george flickinger and will stafford. >> george: outside right now
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one reason why we're not seeing snow right now is our dew point is low at four below 0. we've got a moisten the air up a little bit. visibility wide open. and that south, southeast breeze is responsible for moving this moisture into the is the area. 20 in dublin. 25 in charlottesville. we have started to moisten up the air for dublin, blacksburg, and hillsville to get the dew point to stick. so even though this looks a little bit intimidating, none of this is reaching ground until you head south and west of blacksburg. that stream will come here in the overnight hours tonight.
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winter storm warning. it goes through tonight-noon on tuesday. andwe've got this area of high pressure that provided the weather throughout the past few days. if this high pressure would stay parked, we would have all snow. but the high pressure is going to retreat up to the north. the cold air will follow. we'll tap into is this warmer air and then it won't be until that boundary slides completely through the area until we can get rid of this some time on tuesday. on future cast. a lot of that not reaching the ground right now at 7:00. we feel fairly confident that by 11:00, it will be reaching the ground in the form of snow. snow continues throughout the overnight hours. it could be heavy on monday morning. and then we'll tap into that warmer air that goes over the
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so mixing going on monday afternoon. it will continue monday afternoon-monday night before enough warm air comes in and we'll change over to rain. and rain could fall heavily for tuesday morning before the system exits on tuesday afternoon. heading over to george flickinger. >> george: when most of you wake up in the morning, there'll be snow on the ground. and i want to show you a map. we haven't changed the forecast much. 2-5 inches of snow in bedford, lynchburg, southside. closer towards the mountains, say, blacksburg, web county, toward roanoke, 4-9 inch totals will be common. and in farmville and richmond, 1-2 inches of snowfall. most of us will wake up to snow on the ground tomorrow morning.
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some of that ice. and the greatest concentration of the ice will be in the southside locations. the snow will start overnight tonight. a wintry mix coming in for monday afternoon. that will stay a wintry mix through tuesday morning. and tuesday afternoon, it just changes over to rain. overnight lows 20 in lynchburg. 24 in danville. the snow will develop. and daytime highs tomorrow 30 for lynchburg. 32 danville. 31 martinsville. amherst going to 30 tomorrow. dillwyn 31. rustburg, alta vista, 30. danville, 32. the lake 31. brookneal 30. charlotte courthouse, 31. shenandoah valley, 30 degrees. we're warming up for wednesday. we'll keep the clouds around
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and saturday and sunday, sunshine and nearing 60 degrees. we can almost sit back and relax with a forecast like that. >> whitney: i love that. but tonight and tomorrow morning they're asking folks to stay off the roads if you don't have to be. and we have a lot of closings. those are scrolling on the bottom of your screen and at wset. let's head over to dave.
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tries to regroup after
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it was the storybook ending for u.v.a. yesterday until it wasn't. they thought they'd seal the win at camden stadium. with ten second left, the cavs let a one .-point lead. and now u.v.a. cavs face a game against n.c. state. >> just refocus. we played a good game today, but there are areas that we can improve in and we'll come back tomorrow and be ready for monday's game. >> that stings but i give thanks. i told our guys you battled and showed metal in a super charged environment. and we'll grow from it.
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for next week's daytona 500 was today. the sprint limited offered high drama. and seven drivers involved in a direct. harvick ends up out of the race. vicars finished 24. and edwards in the 19 fighting against position. and bumped from behind. and this one takes out four cars. and hamlin starts the year off right taking the checkered at the sprint unlimited. >> i got better at speed racing over the last few years and learned a lot from my teammates. and you can look back at this race and had my teammates not stuck with me, we wouldn't have been able to stay up front.
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will be in the number two spot. the story today belongs to the 24 24 car. >> daytona 500 qualifying day is such an opportunity for the teams to really i feel like show what they've done off season and the kind of work ethic they had. it's not about me. it's about those guys. >> reporter: so chase elliott starts on the pole. kenszsit in second. and dale jr. in third. busch, stenhouse jr. johnson, blaknee. and hamlin will start in 10th. n.b.a. all-star game is
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and all eyes will be on kobe bryant. and thompson and curry would move on to the finals. in the finals. curry hits three out of five. and thompson says challenge accepted. and ice water in his face. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. and clay thompson, your 2016 three point championship. and orlando's gordon. he tells the fans, it's over. it's mine.
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the back two handed 3monday brings a wintry mess of a day.p-type: we'll see a mixture of everything. snow/sleet/freezing rain. timing: snowfall will spread the area overnight sunday and last into monday morning. monday afternoon, the snow will change to sleet and freezing rain. this will last through tuesday afternoon, when it changes over to plain rain.accumulations: snowfall totals will be the highest in
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lesser amounts south and east. welcome to "world news tonight." remembering justice antonin scalia. and now, the battle to replace him. the conservative titan of america's highest court. brilliant, sharp, provocative. his sudden death in an election year. obama vowing to appoint his successor. the republicans saying no way. the new justice could shape the supreme court for a generation. southern brawl. the fiery republican debate in south carolina, the next primary state. the rowdiest, loudest, and angriest yet. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. arctic express. the bitter blast of sub-freezing cold. bone-chilling and dangerous. the whiteouts. the accidents. and the new winter storm on the move. 100 million people in the way.


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