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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. abc 13 digs deeper into the construction sites in lynchburg making a mess on our roads as all this winter weather is here. and plus, there is still 9,000 people without power in our region tonight. we were out there with those field crews working to turn on lights and the heat. cold and dry weather tonight. i will let you know when you can expect rain and you will need your umbrella again. anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news.
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been tracking progress on that erosion into is leaving parts of warwick road in lynchburg a mess. katie brooke spoke with the city community development office today, and joins us with what we know tonight. >> reporter: danner, residence inn should be here by summer. the city approved it six months ago. the city has done all they can to stop erosion, you can't combat weather like this. it can mess up the construction site. required to do construction on all residential sites. there are two building inspectors and currently 120 sites. here workers have had to excavate this slope to make a retaining wall. as me build that wall the pile of dirt will backfill in the wall and the mound will go away and a flat spot to build the hotel, but they can't move forward until the soil.
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compact it, it is like squeezecompact it, it is like squeezing a ball. it spreads out. and instead of staying with the two. >> reporter: building inspector>> reporter: building inspectors tell me this site is safe, and if there is a problem, they will work with public works to make lane closures and be sure that the public stays safe. in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> danner: we learned power will not be restored to the appalachian power customers who are in the dark until tomorrow night because of the sheer volume of the outages. 900 homes don't have power, but at one point 50,000 customers. so they are making some headso they are making some headway. the power company has been working 16-hour shifts and brought in extra crews from tennessee and west virginia, but even with the extra help, they say it is a long process. >> this is life. you have to take it in stride. bundle up. play some games. enjoy each other's company. an get through. >> danner: also back to class for students in five schools in
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school today because they didn't have power. three people in bedford county are displaced after a fire broke out from a heat lamp. the fire marshal said that lamp was on for the owner's cats housed in the garage. it happened in the 1100 block of shepherd store road just off of dickerson mill road after 4:00 this morning. fire fighters from four different units battled the blaze for several hours. there are no reported injuries. a damage from the fire is estimated at $200,000. federal prosecutors wrapped up their case in the murder trial of reserve williamsburg police captain kevin quick a few hours ago. the prosecution fbi special agent jason warren analyzed cell phone records that put quick and one of the six defendants near the same location the night he went missing. the second record of quick using his cell phone on the same road where his girlfriend lived. but quick never made it to his home where his family said he was headed that night chick on
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his cell phone pinged a tower near where she lived. one of the defendant mercedes shelton's cell phone pinged that same tower the moment before. a big change in the way lynchburg schools calculate students' gpa scores. the school board arrived at a 5the school board arrived at a 5-4 vote, very close for capping those scores last night. priscilla kaiser spoke with the superintendent -- assistant superintendent today and joins us from outside the lynchburg school administration building. >> reporter: i am told by a school board member it was a lengthy discussion that took place in the building to the right of me. some board members feel that limiting the amount of advanced placement or ap courses students can take limits their achievement. while others believe it allows students to take elective courses without worrying about lowering their gpa. under the new rules, only five ap course also count toward a
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they can still take seven if they choose, but only the five will actually count. assistant superintendent dr. jay mcclain says this moves the school back to the decades-old way of which the gpa was intendway of which the gpa was intended to work, and away from the imbalance that exists today. >> what that has created is almost some folks term it as educational arms race, where you have students taking as many courses as possible to the point that a number students end up taking more collegeend up taking more college-level courses in a -- in a semester year they would take if in college. >> reporter: new gpa formula will go into effect in the fall for those entering their 10th grade year or younger. students currently in 10th, 111students currently in 10th, 111th and 12th grade will stay under the old gpa calculation system. priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. a skate park could soon be coming to danville. parks and recreation says for years, skaters asked for
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danville park and they noticed people skating in other parts of the city. the department has $75,000 to spend on either improving the current park or building a new one at the riverfront park opposite main street plaza. there is a meeting next thursday at the city auditorium so skaters can vote on designs. >> and maybe not a full skate park, but what they call the skate of the future. you know, elements of the park that you can skate that won't tear it up, but stills that kind of urban skating feel. >> danner: the new skate park is part of parks and rec master city plan. it includes extending indoor gym hours, constructing or dog parks and a playground. centra is one step closer of building its medical center in danville. doctors and nurses watched the construction crew put up the final beam to the facility. the beam is filled front and back from signatures of
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the 48,000the 48,000-square-foot will have physical therapy and many other medical services. cetra employees are looking forward for the central location. >> many of our patients are elderly patients, and one place that we can give them the care, all the services they need in one site. so they don't have to travel one or the other office. >> danner: they won't open for a while. the grand opening is set for september. the fda has new guidelines of keeping the zika virus out of the u.s. blood supply. the agency is asking people to recently traveled to affected countries to wait four weeks before donating blood. this also applies to anyone who had sexual contact with those travelers. those people affected by zika don't show symptoms, but doctors say the four-week wait should be enough for their um mountain systems to clear the virus. zika is spreading through central america, central africa and southeast asia.
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investigators create a back door into the iphone. in two minutes, find out what smartphone owners think of this battle over privacy versus security. you likely enjoyed seeing a lot more of that ice and snow melting away today. you saw highs reaching to lower 50s. 51 in lynchburg with roanoke topping out at 46. if you have evening plans, we are going to remain above freezing through the evening, and then tomorrow morning, we will be colder. lows falling down into the 20s.
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willille, bedford, roanoke and the new river valley.
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ordering apple to have apple unlock a cell phone of one of the people responsible for the san bernandino attack. the iphone in question was used by syed farook. nd 's had wife open fired on a holiday party killing 14 peopleholiday party killing 14 people. the two were later killed in a slightout with police. the fbi said they tried to unlock the phone for two months without success. the judge's order requires appear toll disable a feature that wipes the phone's data after ten incorrect password attempts in would allow them to try millions of passcord combinations without threatening. apple says they can not unlock iphones for law enforcement. what does that mean for the millions of iphone users in the u.s.? jeff barnes examines this controversial case which pits privacy and corporate autonomy against government security. >> reporter: government investigators say it owes the family of the san bernandino victims a thorough investigation. but one security expert says
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apple create a iphone back door for government use is a slippery slope and in the just for iphone users. >> in pursuit for information in this particular case, you official director appear roll the dice is with the internet security of nearly every american. >> reporter: the government suggests using this back door only one on this one phone. but apple says this is not true, that this can be used on several devices seriously compromising apple customers. opinions are mixed. i think security should be -- should take precedent over spry see. >> the fbi, however, should just be able to get information from apple just to spy on people. >> i do think that privacy is very important. >> reporter: edington say any owner of a mobile device should stand up and take notice because any flaw into encryption like a back door
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like ringing a dinner bell for an intelligence service and hacker. >> they will figure it out. they will get to it and everybody is laid bare. >> reporter: nag has changed among privacy of iphone's customers. many legal analysts agree that this case can go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. >> i think it is a very complicated issue. >> reporter: in washington, i am jeff barnes, reporting. comcast is apologizing for the service interruption earlier in the week, and they have a little something they would like to offer for your trouble. all right, coming up next, i will let you know when all of us will be enjoying warmer weather, and plus take a look
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all right, we want to pull something up on the computer for you. we are streaming live on georgewe are streaming live on george's facebook right now. i don't know if you can -- there he is. this is the facebook live. we told but it in the news
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let's do this tonight at 7:00, so, hey, we are live on the air and on facebook. >> george: this looks weird. >> danner: and so, you know, go like george -- there he is. >> george: if would you like to send us a comment if there is anything you would like to post about, say hello to dannerpost about, say hello to danner, post on the page and what i am going to do, danner, while i am doing the weathercast hand this to you and you can film whatever you want to. >> danner: oops, that is the wrong way. [ laughter ] take it away, george. >> george: i will go and stand in front of the weather wall here. your thursday, mostly sunny and cool, and it is going to be a pleasant day. a little cooler than what we had today. highs in the lower 40s toward the mountains. lower 50s for the rest of us. if you have any plans this evening, maybe you and your date are headed out to dinner. temperatures will be just above freezing and dress warmly as we have a temp of 40 and the wind is light. i don't know if you have to worry about any ice or snow refreezing tonight, and even tomorrow morning when
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freezing, most of it has already melted or evaporated away so i don't think we will see too many icy roads in the morning. if you were watching us from blacksburg, virginia tech at 46blacksburg, virginia tech at 46. charlotteville at 43. and 46 from danville. a check of your weather for thursday. when you wake up in the morning, clear skies and areas of clouds out to the west we will have 20s in the morning and not going to be below freezing very long. a lot of sunshine showing up for your afternoon. mostly sunny skies for your thursday. jumping ahead toward your friday, your weather forecast also looks good. if you have any travel plans, say, out of virginia, then the weather is also looking good as well. we will show you some of the neighboring states. no major storm systems headed our direction, so quiet weather for you coming up for your friday. then we will see those 60s returning by the weekend. so overnight tonight, we will see lows falling down into the 20s. if you were watching us from amherst, 25. bedford, 26. 26 in lynchburg. 27 in altavista.
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normal for what we normally see this time of year. do watch out for a few icy spots as the temps will be below freezing. i don't think we will see too many icemany icy roads out there because it is too dry. after 9 a.m., our temperatures will be above freezing and we are going to warm up fairly rapidly between 9 and noon. 34 at 9 and up to 43 at noon. lots of sunshine. you will notice the breeze tomorrow, but the wind is not going to be that strong. the wind from the north and west and temperatures tomorrow will be a touch cooler compared to what we had today and falling into the 30s into the evening. around the rest of the area tomorrow. wamping us from nelson county, 44, appomattox at 48. across south side, highs in the upper 40s. south boston at 50. danville at 50. roanoke you will reach 43 tomorrow and 40 in blacksburg. the farther west you live from lynchburg, the colder the temperatures are going to be on thursday. think you are going to really smile at this weekend's
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saturday, looks great for your outdoor plans. we will see highs in the lower 60s jumping ahead toward your sunday. we may see a few showers. i don't think we will see everything heavy and most of that rain on sunday is going to stay out to the west. stay tuned and we will keep you changes. possible. then for tuesday and wednesday, we will see cold rain, which could be mixed in with some sleet and snow as well. stay with us for the new information i. this feels so weird, danner because live on abc 13 and also live on facebook, so -- >> danner: let's pan over to the cameraman to see -- >> george: all right. >> danner: there you go. >> george: okay. >> danner: facebook live. it is amazing. comcast are offering some customers a credit on the bill as customers apologized for -- they apologized for the service outage. broadcast and local tv channels
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minutes for customers countryminutes for customers countrywide. a spokesperson told cnn that customers will receive a credit for day's worth of video service which is $2. cred lits vary depending on how customers were impacted. take some time this friday to enjoy both soup and pets. the lynchburg humane society is hosting food truck bow wow. cute name. this friday 11 to 2 at the center for pets. mama crocketts, cider doughnutsmama crocketts, cider doughnuts, upper crust pizza and cheesy riders. after lunch, encouraged to visit with the pets. the humane society hope this will bring in new visitors to the center and find more of those pets forever home. the race is on for presidential candidatespresidential candidates here in virginia.
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the candidates are trying to democratic presidential
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campaign is launching a television advertising campaign here in virginia. clinton's campaign announced it is running its first virginia tv ads in the richmond market. the 32nd spot highlights foreign policy, women's right and other issues. the campaign didn't say exactly how much they are spending on that advertising. clinton currently has a lead in virginia polls and has the support of both the state's u.s. senators and governor terry mcauliffe. republican presidential hopeful donald trump is planhopeful donald trump is planning to return to virginia ahead of the march 1 primary. the gop front runner set to appear at an event on february 24 in virginia beach. other gop hopefuls are set to visit the state before the primary. dr. ben carson will be at regent's university february 29 and ohio governor john kasich is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting monday at virginia commonwealth university in richmond. right now the candidates are campaigning in both nevada and south carolina.
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senator ted cruz over a campaign ad. trump's attorney says the cruz campaign a cesae and desist order. they requested that ad to be removed. a 1999 in which trump called himself pro choice in every respect. >> it is a remarkable contention that an ad that plays video of donald trump speaking on national television is somehow defamation. >> danner: trump said his views on abortion have evolved over the last 17 years and he is pro-life. during a press conference todayduring a press conference today, cruz today said that the ad would continue to run. as we go to break, let's go live to donald trump at a rally in south carolina tonight. >> you better believe it. so -- and they are going to pay for it.
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told you, with a $58 billion
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in other a lot of you are joining us on air and joining us online. we have facebook live going on right now through our abc 13 account, and george's account tonight. so we are having a lot of fun with that tonight. >> george: so much fun all of our viewers commenting and sending us comments. we will get back on there and
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>> danner: the grammy aftershock shaking hollywoodtonight. >> is kanye west trying to steal your fame? >> taylor swift is dodging the kanye controversy. and rumors of a melt down came to light. perform. >> she ran through her entire performance twice just hours before the show. >> and lady gaga couture. we're with her stylist fashion week. bowie transformati sequins and feat and fashion advice from an expert. >> 50 crafts minnesota working on this dress. >> good morning "e.t.." >> cover girls, we're with the curvy model speaking out. >> kate hudson on this racy
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>> "e.t." you hear here first. >> and one of all time biggest divas making news tonight. >> this is not my hair. this is a wig. >> dynasty's linda evans on going bald and contemplating suicide. >> i was face down in the gravel. my face was bloody. i went, oh, god, what just happened to me. >> now for 2016, this is entertainment tonight. taylor swift gets peppered with questions about kanye. meanwhile new questions about why rihanna really backed out of grammys at the lastminute. >> we talked to people day of the show and who is taking big issues. today's big story, grammy aftershock. >> taylor can kanye west trying to steal yourfame? >> taylor swift celebrating three wins over lunch in hills. fellow girl squad member gigi hadid told us she is team taylor.


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