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tv   WSLS 10 at 5 PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we're bringing you live team coverage on theemotional statement from tammy weeks. plus ... the new charge against one of the suspects in the case. good evening... and thanks for joining us for w- s-l-s ten at five. i'm lindsey ward. and i'm john carlin. a virginia tech student faces a new charge tonight in connection with the death of 13- year-old nicole lovell. commonwealth's attorney mary pettitt announced during a news conference today ... natalie keepers is now charged with accessory before the fact to willfully ... deliberately and with premeditation kill nicole in the first degree. david eisenhauer is still charged with first degree murder and abduction. we've also learned ... the preliminary autopsy shows ... nicole was stabbed to death. w-s-l-s ten's dawn jefferies sat in on today's news conference. dawn... what more can you tell us? we also heard from nicole
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out to share some personal details about her daughter... everything from her health battles to her favorite animal. dawn "my daughter nicole lovell, colee is what we called her." it's a position no mother should ever be in. "she was born she was born may 3, 2000." tammy weeks.. speaking to what's become a nationwide audience... talks about her daughter nicole lovell... born 13 years ago and almost immediatley fighting for her life. 10.55.56 "after many tests and scans and blood work she was diagnosed with... a rare tumor in her liver." at just 10 months old... nicole had a liver transplant. a few years later... another fight. 10.5616 "colee try to live a normal life at the age of four when she was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. at this point we almost lost her for second time." tammy says nicole fought to live a third time..
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condition in which her daughter had a one percent chance of survival. "we were of survival. she beat the odds and thrived." she thrived only to be taken before fulfilling her childhood dreams. 10.57.00 "she had a passion for being on american idol someday. her favorite color was blue. nicole was a very boat very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life."
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be tomorrow... her funeral thursday.. both here in blacksburg. in blacksburg, dj wsls 10. nicole's family isn't alone in mourning her death. her friends and classmates are also paying tribute to her memory. students at blacksburg middle school have created a series of memorials for nicole. the memorials include personal messages and memories... along with drawings for nicole and her family. students and faculty also wore the color blue today in nicole's memory. as we just told you .. there are also new and more severe charges today in nicole lovell's death. 19-year-old natalie keepers is now charged with accessory before the fact to first degree murder. wsls 10's bethany teague joins us live from blacksburg as part of our team coverage. bethany... what do these new charges mean? it means keepers could spend the
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she is convicted. as you mentioned... she is now charged with accessory to first degree murder before the fact... transporting or concealing a dead body... and accessory after the fact. up until today... she was only charged with accessory after the fact and concealing or transporting. this new charge carries with it a sentence of 20 years to life in prison. according to her arrest warrant... the crime was committed in montgomery county from january 4th to january 27th. keepers is currently being held without bond in roanoke county. she is scheduled to be arraigned on the new charge thursday in juvenile and domestic relations court. live in blacksburg bethany teague wsls 10. we hear directly from blacksburg police about how the murder investigation is impacting... but not defining... the community... tonight on w-s-l-s ten at 5-30. for more on how the community is
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and the latest details on the investigation into her murder... visit our website... w-s-l-s dot com. we still don't know a lot about what happened during last night's double- shooting in danville. police are keeping the details of the investigation quiet for now... but here's what we do know. the city of danville says two men were shot... as part of an ettempted robbery. the shooting happened on mount vernon avenue... just after 8 p-m. one of the victims... a doctor at danville regional medical center... remains hospitalized tonight. the other man was treated and released. w-s-l-s ten's colter anstaett has been following this case... and has more on the investigation. on cam police say both shootings happened within a block of where i'm standing now at the intersection of mt. vernon avenue and virginia avenue. police say the first shooting happened at about 7:08 p.m. last night in the 200 block of mt. vernon avenue as a result of what they are calling an attempted robbery. vo
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year old dr. randolph neal was shot several times. on cam after that, police say the suspect or suspects ran down the 100 block of virginia vo that's where police saya homeowner whop lives on virginia avenue came out of their home to see what all the comotion was about and at that point one of the suspects noticed the homeowner come out of their home, fired a shot at that homeowner and the homeowner was consequently hit. both the homeowner and dr. neal were taken to for treatment. the homeowner was treated and released, we are told dr. neal was transferred to another hospital but police have not confirmed what hospital that was yet. as far as whether dr. neal may have been targeted in this shooting, police will not say. lt. mike wallace/danvill e police department sot
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danville police are also investigating an overnight burglary of the "trending topic" clothing store on piney forest. when employees arrived this morning they noticed the glass was busted out of one of the front doors. police say this is the second time the store has been burglarized and they are seeing an increase in clothing store burglaries in the city. so far, police have not released a description of any suspects. new information tonight on a fatal train crash in roanoke county. a-e-p truck was heading to a company parking lot across the tracks when it was hit. it is currently unknown why the truck entered the crossing when a train was approaching... this time. the county also says the crash's survivor... johnny collins... has been transferred to the burn center at wake forest. his condition is listed as fair. the truck's other occupant... william lineberry... died at the scene. the case against a woman accused of killing a 3-year old in
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county moves forward. hope mcvey perdue was indicted on second degree murder and felony child abuse charges monday. her next court date is april 26-th for a motions hearing. a trial date is also expected to be set at that point. the charges against perdue stem from callen mullins' death. the 3-year old was in perdue's care... when he was found unresponsive by emergency crews. callen died at the scene. a 19 month long investigation by danville police and virginia state police into possible misconduct by some employees at danville's utilities department is now wrapping up. as a result of the investigation, six employees were ultimately convicted of charges related to overtime fraud, theft of city property, and improper procurement. danville's interim city manager says the city now has new employee policies regarding vehicles and credit cards to help prevent this type of misconduct in the future. "they have to justify their expense, they have to provide
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administrator and then they look it over... the vehicles that all the employees use now have avls, which are automatic vehicle locators." you can read the full press release from the city when you read this story on our website... wsls dot com. jury selection continues in the kevin quick murder trial tonight. attorneys are still interviewing potential jurors individually there are 87 potential jurors right now. lawyers are trying to narrow the pool down to 12 including alternates. prosecutors say alleged gang members abducted and murdered captain quick in january 2014. however the case is now being tried in roanoke after a judge declared a mistrial last year. judge glen conrad granted a mistrial for all six defendants ... after investigators discovered one of them got a list of potential jurors and their information. a vehicle fire on interstate 81 southbound caused major delays throughout the
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v-dot says a truck climbing lane which was a 78-million-dollar highway expansion project back in 20-13 helped minimize the back up. jason bond with v-dot says having a third lane as opposed to two definitely improves the traffic flow by giving drivers more options. bond also says a third lane can help reopen a road sooner. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... good news for your drive home tonight ... the roads are looking clear. there are currently no major accidents to report at this time. last night's caucus may have been in iowa... but the results are being discussed across the country. we talk to local experts about what the caucus means for persidential hopefuls. everyday... families in south-west virginia struggle with hunger. this week... you have the opportunity to make a difference for your community. stop by our w-s- l-s ten cares food drive... and help in the fight against hunger. this thursday... from 6 a-m up until 7 p-m... we'll be accepting donations in bonsack... cave
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if you believe groundhogs can predict the weather... get ready to grab your flip-flops, t-shirts and shorts. an early spring is on the way. punxsutawney phil made his prediction tuesday morning after the groundhog emerged from a mock tree stump in western pennsylvania. his handlers told a crowd of thousands there will be early spring- like weather this year... and were greeted with cheers. should phil's prediction have you packing up your winter clothes? perhaps not. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration pegs phil's accuracy at about 45- percent. this is a live look from our tower cam. happy groundhog day! well, if punxsutawney phil is correct, because he did not see his shadow, we have an early spring on the way. we'll see if that indeed
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the infamous wedge was in play today and brought us clouds, areas of drizzle, and cooler temperatures. the wedge will break tonight, but no because high pressure will be in control. rather, we will have a pretty significant storm system bring us the chance for some heavy rain and isolated storms on our hump day. tonight: cloudy with scattered showers form later, fog may be around too.lows in the low-to-mid 40s. wednesday: overcast with rain, even a few storms. warmer with highs in the middle 60s. a few of the storms could be on
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the afternoon hours of wednesday. we will could see anywhere between 0.5-1.5" of rain before all is said and done, which could lead to localized flooding. thursday and friday look drier under partly to mostly sunny skies perhaps a little more sun on friday in comparison to thursday. it will be cooler, though, with highs in the lower 50s on thursday, falling into the middle 40s on friday. saturday
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coverage... democrats and republicans are now one state closer to choosing their nominee for president. on the democratic side, that vote was decided by the narrowest margin in iowa caucus history. hillary clinton barely edged out bernie sanders by less than half a percentage point to take the victory. but this was a primary she was expected to win handedly. political analyst ed lynch at hollins university says the caucus may have said more about her opponent, bernie sanders, and the hard fight ahead for the nomination. ed lynch, hollins political science chair00:34:21 "now he has great momentum from this near miss going into new hampshire where bernie sanders was already favored. so i think that sanders has got to be thinking that his campaign is in very good shape right now." lynch says because sanders is favored in new hampshire, it might be in clinton's favor to skip campaigning in the state altogether. but he says he doesn't aticipate her making that move. on the republican side, ted cruz
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the largest margin in iowa caucus history. we'll hear lynch's analysis on that race on your w-s-l-s 10 news at 5-30. the fight over school start times in montgomery county comes to a close. we break down what the district's new superintendent has proposed... to end the
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ntgomery county school
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on the agenda.... the widely debated change to school start times. it's been a controversial topic over the last year. wsls ten's jenna zibton explains what the superintendent is recommending. jenna after months of debates, meetings and surveys the montgomery county school superintendent will recommend not changing school start times. vo instead... he says there is an opportunity to shorten the bus routes... enabling students to sleep longer. under the plan.... elementary students will still go to school at 9 a.m. and secondary students will still go to school around 7:45 a.m. the superintendent says they have heard from many parents that childcare would be an issue for families if start times were later. the board heard from parents for two hours last month... at a meeting. previously, the school board voted to send elementary school students to school earlier and push back the time kids in secondary schools attend class. the board meets tonight... and
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on cam there is an eight page report highlighting what similar size school districts do... and more information on feedback and plans. you'll find a link on wsls dot com. jenna zibton, wsls 10. if you have an education matters story idea for jenna... let her know! give her a call... send her an email... or find her on
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