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heartbreaking. no child deserves nobody now at eleven ... soon. family.. friends.. and members of the community come together to lovell. jessie cook/ferrum resident sad i can't imagine somebody would do that, especially to a baby," and... charges are filed against a rocky mount woman after a baby is found in a dumpster. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. the community comes together to remember 13- year-old nicole lovell. family and friends paid their respects at mccoy funeral home tonight. that's where a visitation for the blacksburg middle school student took place. wsls 10's brie jackson is live in the studio. brie... you talked with people who attended the service. what are young girl? it was a somber day as family, friends, police officers and
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people i spoke with say she was so full of life. today they shared memories of the young girl who touched so many lives. hundreds gathered at this blacksburg funeral home to pay respects to nicole lovell .. including katie wilson. katie wilson 09-19 3:27:35 she fought so hard to get to this point in her life and you have people like that just take her innocence from her, it's just heartbreaking. loved ones and friends say they still can't believe "colie's" gone. sots 3:28:22 so loving just smiling all the time. she just enjoyed life. a life taken after police say she went missing from her home and was stabbed to death. now two virginia tech students remain in jail in connection to her murder. meanwhile...mou rners gave their condolences. nicole 's former teacher shared fond memories. bill sembellow - nicole teacher 46-57 3:31:40 she said merry christmas to be and walked away and then turned around and smiled. she reached in her
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candy cane. she broke it in half and said here you go many say the 13 year old was a kind and giving person. they admired how she gave her all when fighting health problems. people in this heartbroken community say nicole has taught them to appreciate life and to always cherish the good times. 3:32:00 i want you to think of her like that, the kid that would give you half her candy and wish you merry christmas that's what i want you to remember 3:28:28 remember her as the happy child she was the girl everybody loved. the smiling colie funeral services for nicole lovell will take place on thursday at 3pm. in the studio, brie jackson, wsls 10. a memorial fund has been set up at the national bank of blacksburg following the death of nicole. donations will be used to help with incidentals ... services and other related expenses. any remaining funds will then be used to start a scholarship in
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donations can be made at any national bank of blacksburg location. reveal new information about the case. lawyers for natalie keepers -- one of the virginia tech students police say was involved in nicole's stabbing death -- filed paperwork to request bond. a hearing has been set for 11 tomorrow morning. keepers is charged with accessory before the fact to first-degree murder ... accessory after the fact and improper disposal of a body. david eisenhauer is charged with first-degree murder. both are being held in the new river valley regional jail without bond. there has been a lot talk about social media following the death of nicole lovell and whether it played a role in this case. police aren't saying.... but it's not stopped some moms-- and likely some dads too from looking deeper into what their kids are doing online. but the question is... is it enough. natasha rodgers/mom on mission - "20 years ago predators had to search for their victims. they had to get in their cars go to the parks go to the mall integrate
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technology the double was sword that it is has allowed victims to just walk right into the predators hands." to keep your children safe ... police say to look up parental controls on whatever device you give your child... and know its features and how to control them. it's important to tell your kids you're not invading their privacy... be direct and tell them it's my job to protect you and make sure you're safe. meanwhile -- a bill aimed at teaching teens about healthy relationships makes its way through the general assembly. the bill introduced by delegate eileen filler-corn would require school districts to include education about relationships in high school health classes. students would be educated about dating and violence.. emotional health... and age appropriate relationships. a rocky mount woman is now charged in connection with the suspicious death of an infant. the police chief says ... the autopsy revealed the baby was a still born.
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morning in a dumpster at the franklin county dump sites. 24-year-old katherine dellis is charged with unlawful concealment of human remains. tonight town leaders are speaking out on the incident. matthew hankins/assistan t town manager - "that's about the most rotten thing you can hear, it's not something you want to hear in particular associated with your town it's an unfortunate circumstance and its shaken a lot of people hear in the community." dellis is being held in the roanoke city jail. fighting child abuse is priority number one in pulaski county. in a list of about 120 different four-year goals for the county.. a strong partnership with the big brothers big sisters program is listed as something leaders want to happen immediately. the county recently gave 30-thousand dollars to help expand the initiative.. which is now serving nine schools and 99 kids. they say while some children are being abused or neglected.. many in the program are not... but a strong adult
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lives better. shawn utt / big brother hopefully the stronger family life, relationships, knowing how to relate to an adult, i would think would help relating with their own parents. there are currently 19 kids on the waiting list in pulaski county.. so organizers are asking for more volunteers. salem dispatch tell us mill lane is closed tonight. parts of the road are covered in water due to the river rising. the salem fire department will assess the area within the next hour to determine if it will be reopen. new at eleven... we're taking a look at the number of guns seized by roanoke police last year and where those guns were taken from. according to police... they seized 78 guns in 2015. 14 firearms were taken from the southeast and northeast areas... while 12 guns were seized from the southwest part of the city. northwest had the highest number at 33. we spoke with members of the
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and firearms about efforts to get illegal guns out of our communities and put violent criminals in jail james panos / atf roanoke field office. 18:19:45 here in the roanoke field office we have a task force set up with local and county investigators. we work together to investigate violent crimes in those jurisdictions and present those case and prosecute the worst of the worst violent offenders. federal agents say many of the illegal guns they seize are later destroyed. a new firing range in roanoke will be the longest in the commonwealth ... and possibly along the east coast. local firearm dealer "safeside tactical" is planning to work with businesses and law enforcement agencies for training at the facility. crews have been working on the gun range for the past few weeks. it's a 32-thousand square foot range. however.... what makes this range even more unique is the length ... with some lanes 100 yards long. each lane will have interactive targets to train people when they
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firearm. matthew tyler/safeside tactical "they will allow us to program different distances .. they'll allow us to have targets to turn sideways and show one side or the other so we can do no shoot or shoot situations." the range will be ready by the end of the summer. with super bowl 50 just days away... local... state... and federal officials are working with the n-f-l to ensure a safe and fun event for everyone involved. thousands of fans are already in the san francisco area this week for festivities leading up to sunday's big game. although there is no credible threat .. law enforcement officials urge every person attending to report any suspicious activity. super bowl 50 is this sunday at santa clara's levi's stadium... where the denver broncos will take on the carolina panthers. the flint water crisis takes center stage on capitol hill. the water crisis in flint, michigan has been called a human
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thousands of people have been exposed to lead in their drinking water - now congress wants to know not only how this happened but who should be held responsible. virginia tech civil engineering professor marc edwards whose credited with discovering the high levels.. testified telling lawmakers how bad flint's water is... while michigan and national lawmakers made it clear... they want answers. rep. jason chaffetz / r utah "i'm disappointed at the response at the local level, at the state level, and at the federal level, it's a failure at every level. it's absolutely, fundamentally and totally wrong. the public has a right to be outraged. 'outraged' doesn't even begin to cover it." the f-b-i says it's working with several other agencies to see if this crisis could lead to criminal charges. construction crews are on the site of a historic plantation in botetourt county tonight, preparing to move two buildings that date back to the 18-th century. the buildings are being moved to
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development. the structures originally housed slaves on the greenfield plantation. people in the community have been fighting to keep the buildings where they are. new tonight at eleven... we're hearing reaction from experts on the issue from around the state. archaeologist matt reeves at montpelier in orange county says these buildings in their original location is extremely rare. matt reeves / archaeologist montpelier "what's amazing about it is there's not that many slave quarters from the 18th century that actually survive, and to have them in their original site with the, with the archaeology in tact, that means you get the individual stories of the people who lived there in tact." right now, the county plans to move the buildings to a location it has designated about a quarter of a mile away. reeves says the move would hurt the possibility of learning about the original slave community... and could possibly damage the structure. hunger continues to be an issue thousands of families in our region face each day.
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in need never go hungry ... wsls 10 is once again teaming up with feeding america for the 10 cares food drive. feeding america provides food to more than 400 food pantries and soup kitchens in southwest virginia. today we visited one those ... the 82-nd airborne christian ministry in roanoke. they see between 80 and 150 people each day who pick up a box of food to last them for a week. tomorrow we will be set up at krogers throughout the area collecting canned goods. we will be in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg from six a-m to seven p-m. if you didn't get a chance to take a ride on the 6-11 last year... you'll have the chance to do so this year. still ahead -- details on when you can purchase your tickets for an excursion on the queen of steam. plus.. athletes across the country commit to colleges and universities. where some of our top local athletes will go in the fall. that's coming up later in
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you can soon buy tickets to take this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business.
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a round-trip on the 6-11. ticket sales begin on february 10-th for eligible donors... and on february 15-th for the public. one of the trips is called the roanoker. the excursion will run from greensboro, north carolina to roanoke on april 23-rd and 24-th. the 6-11 will travel along the roanoke river and go on virginian rails .. which are seldom used for excursions. another excursion... the powhatan arrow... will travel from roanoke to lynchburg on may seventh and eighth. walker nelms / virginia museum of transportation: "we are just
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we're just over the moon about it. awfully excited we have the excursions set and starting in april and moving through may and into june." dollars. wednesday was a very wet day with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have some areas of flooding as well. the rain will get out of here by late this afternoon. it was a cooler than expected day, as the wedge was in play for some of us, holding temperatures down in spots. tonight: skies slowly clear, especially after midnight with lows in the lower 40s. fog is also possible too. tomorrow: mix of sun and clouds with highs in the upper 40s to near 50. both friday and
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mostly sunny. temperatures will only reach the middle 40s on friday, but will climb into the low-to-mid 50s on saturday. super bowl sunday will be partly sunny with highs in the lower 50s. so, although all weekend long are dry, we will probably see more clouds on sunday in comparison to saturday. monday will also see a mix of sun and clouds and it will be cooler with highs in the low-to-mid 40s. tuesday will be mostly cloudy with snow showers possible. at this point, it looks like the majority of the snow will fall to the northeast, but this will need to be watched closely. if the moisture moves west by a bit, we will be dealing with more snow.but for now, we'll just say light accumulations are possible. it will be colder with highs in the mid-to-upper 30s. wednesday will be mainly sunny and brutally cold with highs only
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look to return next week. with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have some areas of flooding as well. the rain will get out of here by late this afternoon. it was a cooler than expected day, as the wedge was in play for some of us, holding temperatures down in spots. tonight: skies slowly clear, especially after midnight with lows in the lower 40s. fog is also possible too. tomorrow: mix of sun and clouds with highs in the upper 40s to near 50. both friday and saturday will be mostly sunny. temperatures with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have some areas of flooding as well. the rain will get out of here by late this afternoon. it was a cooler than expected day, as the wedge was in play
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temperatures down in spots. tonight: skies slowly clear, especially after midnight with lows in the lower 40s. fog is also possible too. tomorrow: mix of sun and clouds with highs in the upper 40s to near 50. both friday and saturday will be mostly sunny. temperatures will only reach the middle 40s on friday, but will climb into the low-to-mid 50s on saturday. super bowl sunday will be partly sunny with highs in the coaching news..grabs the
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down.. and we'll take you on a tour of sw virginia on this special in sports. energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone. i'm zach bacon with appalachian power. i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia. to me, it's all about being able to help our customers learn energy efficiency. this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it. (woman) when we first moved in, the house wasn't very livable. it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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different spin on national signing day..for two schools. virginia tech's defensive secondary coach...torrian gray-is moving to the university of florida to be the db coach under coach jim mcelwain. gray was retained by coach fuente after being a member of coach beamer's staff since 2006.. the former nfl player for the vikings and db coach for the chicago bears--is a florida native..and still has plenty of recruiting ties in the state-- the future of college programs across the nation..hinge...on today's national signing day haul. and the hokies begin the fuente era....with a 21 talented newcomers. justin fuente/hokies head coach:"fuente:s till we still will have a high priority on the state of virginia and i think you'll continue to see that throughout my tenure here i'm proud of the kids they decided to stay close to home and play virginia tech."
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coordinator:"...i t's been a lot of hard work of mixing you know me being a part of the previous staff and hang on to some people and then to attack in this thing with the new staff it's been very exciting we had a good day today and and i look forward to working with the young men. meanwhile the cavs first class under new head coach bronco mendenhall holds plenty of promise.. and make no mistake...this is coach london's and large.. bronco mendenhall/uva head coach:" it's a great starting place is the way i would describe the majority of the recruits overwhelming majority coach london and his staff identified and committed and i was i was i was impressed as i went from home to home i didn't make it to every single home but the majority before official visit weekend but i was impressed by what coach london had done with the quality of the people meanwhile..coac h turner gil's flames are looking to get back to the next level..and that
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was another step in the direction. turner gill/liberty head coach:"....i think the one thing that comes to gather here on this whole group that i talk to high school coaches and i talk to administrators tremendously competitive this kind of thing that comes to my mind again both on the field and off the football field you say well what do you mean by competitive again they want to compete they want to be the best they can be in the classroom." to the high school ranks..and northside's carlos boogie basham.. will take his considerable defensive end wake forest.. the 6-4 230 pound senior helped northside to another stellar season in one of the perennial power programs in the area.. and he's thankful..for the northside family support carlos basham/signs with wake forest:"...i mean were all close all the sports is close we have a good family a good fanbase they come out and support us to as many games as they can make it to it's a good base out there we love it i mean a little bit but it feels good to finally sign the papers and make it official." in forest...six star cavalier athletes were signing--
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to mary washington. taylor brown will play football at ferrum, ben a preferred walk on to uva. josh play football at liberty... sarah crider..girls soccer to lynchburg college.. and sam randolph-macon for lacrosse... for trent---this was what you call in recruiting..a developing situation.. ben trent/headed to uva:.....virginia came to me pretty late with a coaching change you know got in touch with me over christmas break and they called saying they wanted me to come up and do a preferred walk on i've been around virginia my whole life it's something i knew a lot about and it's something i felt really comfortable with at gw danville..the eagles successful football program sends four to the next level.. tim glass to nc state, curtis cincinnati...donal d smith to hampton.. and maleek henderson--to north carolina central... it's a banner day for coach nick anderson and the eagles of gw.. nick anderson/gw danville coach:"'s just a huge honor and it makes a good outlook for a program these four guys have
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school career and they definitely deserve the scholarship that the receiving." star quarterback under coach alan fiddler.. q-shawn headed to the university charleston in west virginia.. the dual threat quarterback is ready to have an impact at the next level.. quishon calfee/patriots qb: "the coaches love me when i went up there he was a beautiful campus it was great scenery and everything and i could see myself up there for the next 4 to 5 years of my life." reached the schools' first ever state final.. and senior bradley lythgoe returned from a knee injury to help lead the way.. the speedster will head up the road to season.. bradley lythgoe/signs with vmi: i've been dreaming about this day since i was little vmi is a great institution great academics division i football and it's got great people to and that's one of the biggest parts about it ' ... at glenvar..the highlanders program sends two more---to the college ranks.. quentin alls and zachary deck..are both heading from coach kevin
11:24 pm uva wise.. coach says he's got at least a half dozen more still finalizing plans... we had the on our air back in the summer..but traveon redd of the state champion headed to wake as well. and lca 's matt a uva signee at linebacker. vmi signs 17 including 13 from va.. you heard from lythgoe..pulaski also sends a star to the keydets.. meanwhile....ther e was some hoopla tonight. quick check..of the 9th ranked cavs hosting b-c. the top ten hoos..out in force-- and the cavs--looking a 5th straight win..brought their defense...and malcolm brogdan. brogdan torched the twine...for 27 points on 7 of 10 shooting...and uva allowed a scant 47 points.. as the cavs...roll 61-47 to move to 18-4 on the season. finally ..your lite o the nite.. one of the great races..on the planet..the empire stae building run up..held today.. 86 flights...1576 stairs today..the 39th annual.. it's about a 5th of a mile.. men's course record is
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