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tv   WSLS 10 at 530 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> please this is wsls10 at 5:30. >> attorneys for natalie keepers argue she should not be in jail. we'll take a look at their released. >> plus, what prosecutors said led them to wytheville when lovell was cilgd. prosecutors spell autism alarming new details about the killing of blacksburg teen nicole lovell. the attorneys for natalie keepers argueship shouldn't be in jail. >> the testimony leading up to the judge denying the virginia tech student's bond. we have more live in the studio with more on the plea from keepers and her lawyers to keep
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dawn, why do they believe she should be released. >> attorney mary pettitt said the charges against natalie keepers essentially put her in the same place has david eisenhauer who, as you know, stabbed nicole lovell to death. the two bounced ideas off each other, eisenhauer and keepers on how to do the killing long before lovell disappeared. eisenhauer admitted it when nicole climbed out of her blanket. keepers said he lured her to a location that they had planned and she helped load nicole's body into his lexus so they could dump it.
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wytheville to buy cleaning supplies. as to why she should get out of jail. she went to her mental health and said in 8th and 9th grade she thought about suicide. her parents sent her to a counseling camp. she said she had a hard time transitioning from high school to college. a psychiatrist prescribed medication for anxiety attacks and depression. she said the jail is giving her medications. keepers said she has an allergy and the jaism -- jail doesn't provide for gluen allergies. tonight i will share how
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daughter they wanted to bail out. we'll moven -- move on to other news. an arrest made at the vaughan- bassett furniture company. corey hodges was arrested and charged with breaking and entering and felony destruction of property. he broke in. the early report showed vandalism caused 100,000 in damage. the virginia department of elections will throw out an affiliation statement. they plan to enforce it in the march 1st presidential primary. it would have required all gop primary voters to sign a form to declare themselves republicans before casting a ballot. according to the montgomery county register's office, the decision to rescind the oath could affect the primary.
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may switch over or a lot more independence. >> now most states don't require an oath because voters must register by party. turning to your forecast, things are starting to dry up after the recent wet weather. it was kind of warm today. >> it wasn't a bad day at all lindsey. tomorrow we'll see more sun. tonight there will be a disturbance. we have river flood warnings for the dan river in danville. also the roanoke river in randolph. this are scheduled to expire an friday and saturday. a piece of energy may dip across the region tonight and provide pus snowflakes or sleet. it shouldn't be a big deal. 51 danville.
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upper 30s. a.m. that is our best chance to see the light wintery mix that will last 3 to 4 hours. it will be very light and in accumulation. if we see light accumulation, nothing more than a coating in the mountains. food insecurity is a commonwealth. are food insecure. >> many of the counties that suffer the most are in southwest virginia. that's why wsls10 is teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia and we won't be done until 7:00 tonight. kicking off our team coverage,
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continue to be filled up. this is the second time they were filled up today. they were filled up beyond capacity. all of the food will go to local food banks and local food pantries. that is something they say is very needed by many. community. >> i see a bunch. a lot of people are hurting. when we came in, thought they were giving out tags. we thought this was a good thing that you're doing. >> reporter: feeding america estimates about 15% of henry population is food insecure, meaning they don't know where their next meal will come from. mean while in montgomery county, more than 14,000
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our team coverage takes us to blacksburg. that's where wsls10's bethany teague is at the kroger. hi, bethany. >> reporter: right now there are about 1600 pounds of food in the feeding america southwest virginia truck. that number has exceeded expectations. another thing they're happy about is these donation boxes have almost sold out. they come prepackaged with enough food to prepare a meal. i'm also joined live by post -- austin bower. what are your plans? >> actually, i have 1800 pounds. we'll feed probably 150 to 250 families. we have other agencies that will help with the peanut butter and canals.
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-- some of these boxes. it's been -- you said exceed expectations, you're not kidding. we've had a wonderful day here. >> thank you for being with us. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to someone who has benefited from the food drives and what he's doing to help others in need. live in blacksburg, bethany teague. >> earlier today john and i visited the kroger in cade springs. if that one as closer to you -- one's closer to you, stop by there. >> we did do some shopping, didn't we? >> that's one thing i'm good at, shopping. >> i just picked out peanut butter. they want protein. i know we got tuna fish and canned meat. they always measure this by pounds.
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>> yes, peanut butter, cereal. >> a lot of folks stopped by to drop off food items, so it was nice to thank them. so hopefully -- you got until 7:00. come on out and buy a bag of food. meantime, let's take a look at your wsls10 time saver report. right now all the major roads are running smoothly has there are no -- as there are no accidents or delays. we'll take a look at our 10 cares food drive. we'll get more in a few
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here's a look at stocks. you're looking at a live picture. we're seeing sunshine. out east a little more cloud cover. nevertheless, along the mountains and other communities, especially
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-- highlands, a pretty nice sunset. it will spend moisture in our direction. we could have a very light wintery mix in some spots, not widespread but in some spots as we head into the overnight. could produce areas of sleet, perhaps a few areas of just rain showers and perhaps in the mountains a few areas of snow showers. so your night planner showing we are looking at temperatures tonight likely falling into the 30 for the most part with more clouds tonight than what we had during the day. this is 1 1-67b8g9 we're -- 11:00. we're still dry. beyond 1 a.m. we'll see a little bit of moisture moving in. could be in the form of a few light rain showers. it may be cold enough in the mountains. light snow showers is not widespread.
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all of this moisture is gone. so i think for the morning commute there could be maybe a few slick spots on hear roadways -- area roadways. as we go through time, clouds will go away. we'll see lots of sunshine as we head into friday afternoon. saturday starts off with a lot of sunshine. as we head into saturday afternoon we'll see a little more cloud cover. maybe increasing clouds late in the day. looking ahead to the weekend and also into early next week we'll be watching a coastal low that will combine with some moisture from annal bertha clipper. this will be the main moisture soarings for us on monday and tuesday. as that clipper system moves to the south and to the east and as this low pressure moves offshore, it could have a little bit of moisture returning as we head into monday and tuesday. what that means for us is the potential for some snow across
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this could turn into a good old- fashioned nor'easter. these are things we'll be watching closely. we could get light accumulation. it shouldn't be a big deal but we'll be watching it, maybe 1 to 2 or 3 earns-- inches. the winds about 3 to 13 miles per hour. tomorrow wind gusts 20 or 30 miles per hour. then the winds will not play a huge role. 49 in len much -- lynchburg. tonight a light wintery mix with lows in the 20s and 30s. for the day, high temperatures will climb into the 30s and 40s with increasing sunshine. 3-degree guarantee is 45. you'll notice the seven-day 50s. 20s on wednesday.
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our 10 cares food drive team continues. >> we go to jonathan kegges. he's at the bonsack kroger location. how are things going? >> reporter: we're where the
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we're at the kroger in bonsack. they made it easy to donate. they have a setup with all the food items that they are wanting you to collect, to buy and donate for the people who are less fortunate, to give people who need this. here's a cool story. i'm now joined by james andrews virginia. several hours. you told me an awesome story of one gentleman. >> one of the gentlemen came. as he was leaving, he said i came to buy soda but i'm going to give you this whole cart of food. it brought tears to my eyes. i met so many people, so much food has come in. it's just a blessing to be there. i just thank you. >> reporter: awesome. perfect.
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bee have an hour or so -- we have an hour or so left. we really need your help. reporting live at the kroger in bonsack, jonathan kegges. restaurant week eateries saw high numbers. they're calling it a success. 28 roanoke restaurants participated making it the largest group since the start of restaurant week. the event helped during a typically slower season. >> we get a good 50 to 75 extra that week if it want for restaurant week. >> we want to push people
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wouldn't, so extending it into the warmer months. >> they made a men mum -- minimum of $1400 alone. >> learning about chinese culture, there's plenty of
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we'll have a it's almost friday.
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to do, we have some ideas. >> celebrating the year of the monkey at the museum of art as they hold their annual china new year's celebration. there will be martial arts demonstration. head to tanglewood mall for tons of fun 2016. there will be musicians, crafts, face painting and more. 10 to 4 on saturday. there's an urban style race returning to roanoke. runners will race up and down several of roanoke's landmarks. the run begins at 9 a.m. on saturday. with a look at what's happening
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we'd like to get another check on hour latest efforts to fight hunger. >> we go to lynchburg. christina. >> reporter: this is what we like to see, food going to helping the hugger in the lynchburg area. they're finding a lot of generous shoppers standing by dropping off boxes of food or just a few items. everything helps. the most common items -- peanut butter, cereal, your pasta. now i'm joined by a food bank representative. what are you asking for? >> canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruits, peanut butter like you mentioned. we're also specifically asking
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sodium, low sugar, whole grain containing foods because we often have clients with special health concerns that are related to diet, so healthier foods really go a long way in us helping our clients. >> reporter: sounds like you're looking for your canned meats, canned fruits, the essentials to create a healthy meal right. >> reporter: if you're looking to donate we'll be here until 7:00 tonight. reporting for wsls10. >> thank you and thank you to everyone who's come out. >> your 90 minutes of news continues right now. we saw a little more sunshine today, especially in the mountains. watching this low pressure system that could throw moisture in hour direction, may
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maybe a few pellets of sleet. 41 in blacksburg. 50 in danesburg. we turn sunny. we'll talk all about the weekend coming up in 15 minutes. wsls10 at 6 starts right now. >> this is wsls10 at 6. now at 6 family and friends say their good-bye to a girl they call coaly. family members of the accused and victim hear for the first time details. >> why natalie keepers wanted to be part of something secret and special. good evening. thank you for joining us. emotions ran high inside the montgomery county courthouse today has prosecutors laid out
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