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tv   WSLS 10 at 7 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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where is your husband? now at 7:00, 13-year-old nicole lovells. the chilling details released by prosecutors about natalie keepers role in natalie's death. i'm lindsey ward. montgomery prosecutors laid out a time line and details about nicole lovell's death. john jeffries with with inside the courtroom, don prosecutors say keepers with a part of eisenhower's plan before lovell
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killed someone she never even met because she wanted to be part of something secret and special with david eisenhower. this was something the two plotted, they planned before caring it it out, at one point they sat inside a cookout, a burger restaurant to discuss it. the plan was to lure nichole out of the house, and take her to a remote location where he would kill her. here is how she spelled it out. she crawled out of the window of her apartment with her cell phone and her minion character blanket. eisenhower admitted to being here, he give nichole a side hug and went back to campus, prosecutors say at that is not what happen next. instead, eisenhower at some point killed nichole then keepers returned to help load nichole's body into the trunk of eisenhower's lexus. they went to a wal-mart to buy
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the stand describing how she thought about suicide in 8th and 9th grade and started cutting. as soon as she got to virginia tech she says she sought counseling before she -- because she had a hard time transitioning from high school to college. a psychiatrist prescribed medication for anxiety attacks and depression, parts of her argument for requesting bill. the jail she says is only giving her half of the prescribed dose of her medicine, she also cited a glue ten allergy saying the jail doesn't offer a glue ten free diet. keepers parents offered to bail her out and pay for home electronic monitoring in their home. described them as close as a strong christian family and said his daughter was a wonderful role model for her siblings. he broke down op the stand when telling the court his daughter wanted to follow in his footsteps and be an aerospace engineer.
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calling the case a tragedy in the every sense of the word. a lot of details there, today the victim in the case 13- year-old nicole lovell was laid to rest, family and friends gathered in blacks burg to say good-bye to nichole one final time. a memorial fund has been set up at the national bank of blacksburg in nichole's name help/e helping with services, any remaining funds will be used to start a scholarship in her name. donations can be made at any national bank of blacksburg location. we are learning new details every day about nichole's death, we will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available, remember when we are not on the air can you visit us online at
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han. jeff producing heavy rain commonwealth and carolinas, that could throw a little bit of moisture in our direction, we could have light wintery mix in few spots consisting of flurries, rain showers and sleet pellets, best chance after midnight to night. 47 in lynchburg, 49 in danville, mid to upper pros across the new river valley. temperatures will fall into the mid to upper 30s midnight. again after midnight tonight that is our best chance to pick up again a very very light wintery mix. otherwise we are looking at more sunshine as we head into the day tomorrow. the weekend looks good but snow could be possible for us as we head monday into tuesday, i don't think it is going to be a huge deal, a coating to maybe 3 inches across the region, we'll have to fine tune this forecast for you, as far as clippers go, the one on monday and tuesday
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ones we've seen in awhile. we've been warned. 10 cares food drive is wrapping up, we done have exact numbers just yet, you helped us collect thousands of pounds of food so far. we have crews out in blacksburg and martinsville taking donations. she is joining us live from blacksburg, so bethany things are down your way, how was the turnout? >> reporter: hi, the turnout was great at the kroger in blacks burr, the feeding america finished up with 2300 pounds of food in it. the prepackaged donation boxes almost sold out as well, these donations are so important when you think about the fact even here in montgomery county alone almost 15% of the population is considered food insecure, that equals 14,000 individuals, allen crockett was one of those people at one time, he now
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>> there are a lot more people that need it than you really realize. especially now with the high electric bills and everything, it's just a blessing to so many people, people are really struggling right now i think it's really it affects people for the good. >> reporter: the drive just wrapped up a few homes ago, the overall goal is to exceed last year's total of 26,000 pounds of food throughout the different locations. live in blacksburg, bethany teague. during our 10 cares food drive, the blue ridge area food bank says many are donating peanut butter and mac and cheese. one shopper says she knows the importance of what a warm meal can mean because a close friend of hers has struggled for years
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meal or check was going to come from. i have been very blessed in my life, and i just want to pass that on, i know there is a lot of need in this area. and so every little bit that i what a great attitude. the food bank says every little bit helps folks from all walks of life. new tonight at 7:00 a company called power school group llc out of california bought roanoke achievement providing software to help school systems to evaluate school performance as well as effectiveness of teaching techniques, allowing power school to expand services, currently interactive achievement is in school districts in 13 states and united kingdom, there are no immediate change in service and support, the company employs 100 people. plans are moving forward to
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bedford, after they needed to show information to show a stop in bedford, the town hired wendell companies, looking at data such as rider analysis and economic benefits. >> this is a big step. we realize it's a long and arduous journey to get this, but we are commit today convincing them that there is a definite benefit to the region and the commonwealth in having a stop in bedford. >> charlie coal says the town paid wendel company $792,000, some is tax pay injury dollars but also organizations who contribute the add well. the virginia department of elections votes to throw out and a affiliation statement the republican party wanted to requested the oath at the end of last year, it would have required all gop primary voters
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themselves republicans before casting a ballot. accord to go the month monday county registrars office the decision to rescind the oath could impact the outcome of the primary here in virginia. >> we anticipate more people now that you don't have the oath may switch over or a lot more independents may vote. >> most states done require an oath because voters must register by party.
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continues still ahead we 10 cares food drive team coverage continues in roanoke county, live at the kroger, so johnathan when we checked in
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i still hear the cash registers still ringing behind us. >> we are still getting boxes, people are still bringing it in, bringing in bags and beings of food. all of this food you see here at the kroger, this is just around 5:00 until now, all coming at us until 5:00, we had a couple full boxes in front, but in the back we overflowed to even adding a few carts. we've had a lot of food donated, it's been going strong all morning long, just response how well the community has responded to this call for this need. i'm joined by john shoulders, you have seen this all morning long, all day long. >> all day long and it's been exciting, while the public has supported us, so much of the success of feed america comes from partnerships all throughout virginia, channel 10
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this a huge success and we appreciate that so much. >> reporter: we keep talking about this dry spell after the holidays, after the season, what does it mean to see all the people come out to donate. >> i almost see a resurgence because through thanksgiving and christmas people are in a mood of buying and giving, that is what they are used to doing, after christmas you get into new years resolutions, today when this comes along it is such a great time they are reminded again people are hungry, they need help and response -- the people coming into the stores has been so rewarding. >> reporter: thank you so much john for all the help and work you put in and everyone who has been apart of this planning for this today. we still have the boxes, great afternoon and morning. reporting live at the kroger, johnathan kegges cal cal. >> scanners are still going strong. jeff another check of storm team forecast coming up in a
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super bowl celebrations golden anniversary, the budget that comes along with turning
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consumer watch. (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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welcome back friends, i'm meteorologist jeff haniewich. after midnight we could see a light wintery mix, slight snow showers, light rain showers, maybe a few sleet pellets, you need to know that.
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a little bit of light precipitation toward 2:00 might start to see flurries or sleet pellets. by 7:00 it's all gone. by the time you wake up in the morning all this moisture is gone. i think most of us won see anything. it's just the few of us that could see light winery mix. any clouds scour out by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. mostly sunny everywhere. saturday starts off with abundant sunshine. winds right now out of the northwest anywhere between 5-12 miles and hour sustained. especially towards higher elevations, winds are going to pick up tonight and turn blustery out there. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow wind gusts over 30 miles per hour, as we head into lunch time tomorrow wind gusts over 25 miles per hour, late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night winds will start to weaken, saturday wrong winds will play and important role in
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the uptick they are not going to stay that strong. had 94 lexington, roanoke. 36 in hillsville. we are looking at a light wintery mix, overnight lows 20s and 30s, mostly sunny, breezy though, highs in the 30s and 40s. 50s return for us saturday and sunday, if you have tunnel vision, i don't blame you. monday and tuesday we will have the chance for light snow showers, by wednesday we are only in the 20s. right now it looks like monday into early tuesday we could see between a coating to maybe 2-3 inches in spots, it doesn't look like a huge deal for us but it could be a strong chipper pulling in cold air. >> yes, 28 degrees for a high? >> and then overnight lows in the teens. >> winter is still here. this just in. this just in.
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>> not going to retreat any >> yes. i don't know i was hoping like groundhog -- >> we still might be. soon. march. >> i know, it's such a long time away. >> thank you, jeff. consumer watch, it's the super bowl's golden annie varies to celebrate the big 50 america's biggest game is set to make a whole lot of money. aaron brook shire breaks down the super budget of the super bowl. >> it's hard to believe the super bowl is almost here. and as an event the super bowl is the most valuable sports event in the whole world. for super bowl l the nfl is expected to make at least $620 million. and if you want to go to the big game it is going to cost you, see geek predicts super bowl to be the most expensive ever, the lowest price on seek geek runs in the $3500 range
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but a listing on the 50-yard line costs as much as a new car, running people $16,600. you are going to have to pay up when looking for hotels in the area as well even if you can get a rom. some places jacked up their prices 6 times the normal rate. companies want to go cash in will also have to pay a pretty penny, a 30 second commercial during the game is costing $5 million. and some of this year's big spenders anheuser-busch, pepsi, and coke. one group that won't get played is cold play. but don't cry for the super bowl half time performer it's good for business, last year more than is 18 million people watched the super bowl half time show. in fact on average, more people watched the performance than
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last year's performance, katy perry that free gig turned into a 12 minute commercial much as you watch this game or just the commercials try not to think about all the green, aaron brook shire wsls.
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7:00, 10 care food dr our 10 cares food drive team coverage continues in martinville, he has been at the kroger all day long collecting food. coulter, how are things going down your way? >> yeah, as the food drive winds down here we are loading up the remaining donated food items here at the kroger in martinsville getting loaded up and ready to get on their journey to the shelf the of local food banks and food pantries here in the south side area much it was busy here all day today, several of these food boxes were filled to capacity and a representative from one of the local food banks will eventually be receiving some of this food from feeding america says this food comes at a good time. >> this time of year has always been a slow -- february and march, before spring time. so, it's a blessing to have something like this.
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estimates that about 23% of the population here in martinsville, about 15% of the population in henry county are food insecure meaning they done know where their next meal is going to come from, colton wsls 10. >> thank you, coulter, is he working while he is working. thank you and don't forget to join us back here at 11:00 and hopefully we'll have some
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