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neighborhood on edge ... after a shooting in a place many call safe. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at seven. i'm lindsey ward. and i'm dawn jefferies. roanoke police identify a suspect following an early morning shooting. it happened in the 47-hundred block of delray street northwest just after midnight. police said there was a disturbance inside a home. when those involved left, shots were fired by different individuals outside. police say about a dozen people called in response to the shots. wsls10's christina craig has the story. 3-10 "we spoke to area neighbors who called for help and they told us this is typically a safe and quiet neighborhood. however, friday morning it was anything but that as neighbors said they heard several gunshots." police found shell casings and bullet holes in a nearby house. fortunately, nobody was injured. however, several neighbors awoke to the gunshots and called 9-11. 21-29
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find out that there's gunshot in your neighborhood and nobody really knows what's going on. it definitely put some fear in you. it's a little scary" neighbors say this is typically a safe area. police have not named the suspect at this time. "police were in the delray neighborhood early friday morning talking to neighbors and gathering information which assisted in their investigation." the town of blacksburg joins several other localities, including roanoke and montgomery county, in "banning the box" on job applications. that means the town will no longer ask about criminal history when considering candidates. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch explains why the town is taking this step. blacksburg mayor ron rordam says the concern here is that as soon as someone reviewing applications sees a felony conviction, they might toss it aside. now, they won't have that information to consider when looking at candidates. 888vo888 town attorney larry spencer says it won't create any safety concerns, because applicants will still have to go through background checks if they're
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the move is meant to eliminate initial bias when reviewing qualified applicants don't even bother going through the process because they don't think they'll receive a fair review. ron rordam, blacksburg mayor: 21:40:09 "so many times if someone has something in their background that normally the town would not really see as a problem, they wouldn't apply, because so often someone who checks that box yes, the application just gets tossed 888vo888 rordam says the switch only required changing one section of the application and the town used montgomery county's application as a guideline. on cam rordam says going forward, he hopes other localities will follow in blacksburg's footsteps, including the town of christiansburg. in studio, rob manch w-s-l-s 10. woodberry elementary school in danville is working to become reaccredited. the state school board will revoke the schools accreditation at this month's meeting. the decision was after s-o-l scores failed to meet state expectations the past few years.
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school has been changing the way students learn in order to help bring scores up. dr. stanley jones/superinte ndent"i would say confident is an understatement . we're prepared. we're ready. we're going to make this happen." the school district will schedule a time to meet with parents to discuss the situation -- a required step after losing accreditation. a landfill in campbell county is getting a lot of complaints over its smell. neighbors who live by the they can smell gas-like odors .. even few miles away. however .. these complaints are not going unnoticed. wsls 10's organization is working to fix the problem. ananda ananda rochita/campbel l county "region 2000 is spending about a million dollars after receiving numerous smelly complaints hardie/neighbor 07:59:42 i never thought any odors or any problems would ever come from that landfill
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and trees in the countryside. complaints started coming when it became a regional landfill -- serving lynchburg, campbell, appomattox, and nelson counties in 2012. nat sound showing the book and complaints the region 2000 services authority .. which oversees the landfill ... says it's taking the complaints seriously. in addition to mask the smell ... region 2000 is constructing a full-scale landfill gas collection system .. which is expected to be finished by the end of this year. clarke gibson/region 2000 services authority, director 08;14:09 although were operating under our permit requirements we want to voluntarily put in these systems and improve the existing systems we have. ananda rochita/campbel l county "region 2000 is expected to finish construction on a full scale landfill gas collection system by the end of this year. in campbell county, ananda rochita wsls 10." new at 7 ... virginia environmental regulators issued a violation
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potomac river. the virginia department of environmental equality says more than 13- thousand gallons was oil was spilled after a transformer failure at the crystal spring substation. it was discovered on february 3-rd. ... ducks and other waterfowl died as a result. 95- cleaned up. flint michigan will receive extra money to replace its lead water pipes. the deteriorating pipes contributed to the contamination supply. two million dollars from the state's distressed cities fund will go toward the project. virginia tech students are about to return to flint to retest the city's water after tech researchers exposed exposed those lead levels that far exceeded federal guidelines. nearly a dozen students, part of the so called flint water team, in kits for homeowners.
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they're the same homes tested in august 2015 where toxic levels of lead were found. marc edwards/virgini a tech "doing this home by home comparison is critical to understanding how much better the situation is now. and we think it is much much better. but you don't know for sure until you sample," the water kits, made up of the trio of bottles and testing instructions, are expected to be distributed march 5. testing should be complete three weeks later. turning now to your forecast ... a sunny and fairly warm day out there today .... storm team ten chief meteorologist jeff haniewich joins us now ... jeff ... we're in for a warm-up this weekend? friday was another nice day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly, not as cold with lows in the mid- to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little
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with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly cloudy skies. passing showers will return on sunday afternoon and last into sunday evening. so, to help keep you safe. whether you realize it or not ... v-dot has extra eyes on the road to help keep you safe. they're called the safety service patrol. 16 workers travel across our region everyday... looking for drivers who need help. they respond to disabled cars or crashes on the interstate - with a total of more than 10-thousand calls each year. jason bond/vdot spokesperson" they can do all kinds of things from helping start your car, helping you get gas if you run out to get you to a gas station. they can even do cpr and minor first aid." if you need help while on the interstate ... just dial pound 7-7 on your phone and the nearest service patrol driver will come to help.
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a motion against apple. the motion would force the company to comply with the f-b-i and break into the i-phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. this comes after apple refused the government's request ... saying it's a breach of privacy for its customers. facebook and twitter have openly supported the company's decision. apple must file an opposition motion by february 26th. a hearing is set for late march. campaign takeover in south carolina as the republican candidates make their rounds before tomorrow's primary. donald trump remains the front runner ... but not by much. according to an nbc news wall street journal marist poll ... trump is leading cruz by five points. marco rubio rounds out the top three. things are heating up on the other side of the aisle as democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the nevada primary this weekend. virginians donated at least 7-million dollars to presidential candidates in 2015. according to the virginia public
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clinton cash. clinton received more than 2- million dollars bush got nearly 1-point-3-million. bernie sanders brought in about 263-thousand dollars while marco rubio came in second in the g- o-p with 666- thousand dollars. the state's presidential primary is march first. virginia tech students are getting a lesson ... in beer. the new program dedicated to the growing industry.
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen.
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no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. industry.. and it's bringing students along for the ride. the school just opened its own brewhouse with a quarter of a million dollar brewing system. here.. students will get hands on experience with malting.. techniques. the craft beer industry pours
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into virginia's economy each year. professors say this is the only facility in the area that is being used for this kind of research. herbert bruce, brewing instructor - 19 sec it's actually a natural progression of food science technology. it just so happens right now that the craft brewing industry is really taking off. it is huge, and there is really no research facility in this area that has the ability to look at craft brewing and help with the industry. the goal is to eventually bring in industry professionals to collaborate at the campus brewhouse. now a look ahead to stories that will be making headlines later tonight and tomorrow... duke coming up tonight on wsls ten at 11 we are on virginia tech's campus where leaders are looking to raise awareness about diversity on campus like having conferences that empowers black men especially in higher education. we'll tell you what came out of the conference and issues african american males face on tech's campus. that
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this weekend on virginia today ... the blacksburg museum and cultural foundation hosts its second annual soul food sampling celebration. members from the museum are here to give us an inside look at the unique black history month event. plus ... one energetic canine is searching for a loving home. how you can help the roanoke valley spca's pet of the week find a new family. that's coming up this weekend on virginia today on saturday and sunday starting at six a-m. jeff will have another check of your storm team 10 forecast in just a few minutes. then ... heads up drone users ... why you need to register it with the f-a-a by the end of the day plus ... thousands of people apply for a chance ... to walk on mars. how many nasa plans to take on
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friday was another nice day across the area, as temperatures climbed well up into the 40s under partly to mostly sunny skies. clouds will however thicken tonight into the weekend. tonight: clouds roll in slowly, not as cold with lows in the mid- to-upper 30s. saturday: partly sunny, a little breezy, and much warmer with highs in the lower 60s. we will stay in the lower 60s on sunday under mostly cloudy skies. passing showers will return on sunday afternoon and last into sunday evening. so, right now saturday looks like the better of the two weekend days to be outside.
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than with a stray shower or two possible. it will not be as warm with highs in the lower 50s. things start to then get interesting heading into tuesday and wednesday. as of now and this will likely change, it does look like much of tuesday will just see the chance for a cold rain, maybe starting out as a mix for a brief period tuesday morning before the changeover to just plain rain. late tuesday, tuesday night into wednesday, there is the chance for a switchover back to a mix at times. the computer models are coming a little warmer today but could easily go back to a colder solution once again, so if that stays true, that would cut
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we see. i do think at some point in time on tuesday night into wednesday there will be some snow around, it just may only be for a little while though and may only bring a couple of inches into some areas. we'll continue to watch this very closely for you, so please stay tuned. temperatures both days will only reach the upper 30s to near 40. thursday will see increasing sunshine and if there is any leftover precipitation around, it will end early. friday will be partly sunny with only a slight chance for a few showers in the mountains. both days will turn a bit warmer, topping
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more than 18- thousand people ... want to join nasa ... for the chance to walk on mars. nasa announced it received 18,300 applicants for its next astronaut class. that's the largest amount of applicants since the previous record of 8-thousand ... set in 19-78. out of the thousands ... only a maximum of 14 people will be chosen. the future astronauts will train to fly to the international space station ... nasa plans to send astronauts to mars in 2030. now to a wsls 10 consumer watch. today is the deadline for drone owners to register with the f-a-a. the rule was announced last year before an estimated one the holidays. the first month since the rule took effect. but after today, unregistered drone owners could face serious consequences.
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explains. birds..... and planes.... have lots of company in the skies these days. and with the popularity of drone aircraft rising steadily drone owners need to get squared away with the faa. :13-:21 roger cheng, cnet executive editor "this registration is a way for the faa to keep tabs on drone owners and basically anyone who's got a drone that's over half a pound or under 55 lbs has to register" it's a simple online process... users pay 5 dollars for a three- year registration with the faa... and they're presented with safety guidelines. :31-:39 michael huerta, faa administrator "we want to raise public awareness, for many operators of unmanned aircraft, particularly hobbyists, they may not be aware of what the rules are" the f-a-a also has an app called before you fly "b4ufly" that shows the flying rules wherever you are. nats "warning- no fly zone!" even small drones can pose potential problems... so the f-a-a hopes education will help reduce collisions with other aircraft, as well as property damage and injury.
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definitely have to be mindful of the people around. they could actually be dangerous if you hit somebody." even if you're just flying drones for fun... not registering could mean consequences not-so-fun. "there are some penalties civil up to 27 thousand dollars and criminal fine of up to 250 thousand dollars, including imprisonment. so, there are some repercussions if you don't register that drone." it's a big responsibility... but one that offers.... sky high reward. with this consumer report erin brookshier wsls 10. oprah winfrey is giving away some of her favorite things ...
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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oprah fans ... could soon own one of her favorite items. oprah is clearing out her closet and starting march first she will auction off more than 250 of her items on e- bay. the items include everything from dresses to coats to jewelery and shoes. bidding starts at 99 cents. oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls. ### here's what you can expect to see on prime time tonight ... thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at seven. don't forget to join jeff, john, and me back here for wsls 10 at eleven. tonight at 11 ...
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>> trump versus the pope. >> world reaction.
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versus kanye west like nothing. then walking dead 911. cops raid their home because they're watching the "the walking" dead. >> now final vindication. >> wrong. day. and you don't even know it. >> wrong. wrong. >> you're doing it wrong. >> you're not even eating a cupcake the right way. >> and pizza, you're doing it all wrong. >> the proper way to eat a slice of pizza. >> you don't even know how to take a shower. >> now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. they're the everyday things that you never knew you were


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