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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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>> the images you see show the first steps of the recovery process, raking, shifting and picking up the pieces. >> while many people survived the churn through central virginia, 20 homes in more than one hundred structures for damage. >> chief meteorologist jeff haniewich made the trip to appomattox county to see the effects firsthand . jeff, you track the store for us on wednesday from the station. tonight your monitoring the impact and how this community is bouncing back. >> the mile here, there is a lot of sadness but there is a lot of hope as well. there is a lot of confidence in this rebuild and a lot of gratitude to the man upstairs because the timing of this, if there's a positive it was a timing because a lot of these folks were not home at the time that this tornado graham through evergreen. in addition to that the kids weren't school.
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kids but don't kid yourself there's a lot of that is going on. >> it devastates you. you think you don't have anything. is taken everything you have for you do have your life. and a lot of people are pulling together and helping those in so many words. i appreciate you and i thank god for you. >> lots of people helping. we got here around 2:00 o'clock in the work hundreds, hundreds of people would chainsaws and hundreds of people that are just for support. as i said earlier seeing the communities come together like this is truly touching. reporting live in evergreen in appomattox county i'm jeff
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>> jeff, i know that going to be working throughout the weekend to clean up got to agree, what is after that once the trees are gone and they get what they can out of what's left of their homes? >> that's the epitome of a rebuild. hopefully there is so much instruction here, you can see it from highway 460 and you can see it along the side roads here. my hope and prayer is that folks are able to rebuild quickly. you saw that happen in p lasky burglary have tracked families but their lives up and rebuild. our hope and prayer here is that the same thing happens here. the destruction here, you can even put it into words. the pictures and videos we have seen, you saw the destruction but when you actually see your eyes focus on this is the -- sisters direction it gives you a different vantage point.
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forecasting snow, when you see 12 to 18 inches is a different feeling than if you're just calling for it. 18 inches is a lot of snow just like the devastation here has been devastating. my hope and prayer is that the rebuild goes quickly here. >> thank you for that perspective. we're hearing from the family of the county man who died during the tornado. as we reported edward harris is wanna four people killed in the storm here in the commonwealth. his body was found thursday night and hit -- at his home. his wife was also hurt during the storm. his brother tells us his daughter and his own home was damaged. he says he will greatly miss his big brother. >> he was a good brother. he always tried to help provide for his family and the other
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>> the community has offered a lot of support to his family and they are very appreciative. funeral arrangement have not been set but we do know robinsons funeral home will be handling the service. today marks day to a scouring through scraps of memories and mementos and tokens of what many people would say make a house a home. substructures are completely leveled during the tornado living family trying to savage anything they can. we're continuing our team coverage in appomattox county tonight. rachel i understand that the national guard as been very helpful in this process. >> reporter: absolutely. throughout this process we have had a lot of churches and community organizations and volunteers providing aid in red emergency work -- and made a bit difference but throughout all of this there is a lot of heavy
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done. the governor declared a state of emergency and the national guard was able to be activated sending troops there. i have followed the troop more than about 50 soldiers that we're here today as they were helping with the relief efforts and it certainly was a welcome change for these homeowners. >> for those who still have long-standing downed trees and heavy but debris still linger making it impossible to move forward in making their house a home. >> it looks like we had a war. >> that is the case for this woman who survived the storm and so did her trailer. it took a beating from down trees she could not move and around. >> sightseers came up here and just looked. >> onlookers who did not offer a helping hand. >> they came up here sightseeing. they all had sons and things on their pickup trucks and they
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back down the road. that when all day long and into the night. >> this morning help arrived. >> this house had a very large tree sitting on top of it. >> they are sweethearts. >> the feeling is mutual. >> she was grateful to have her house cleared. >> all day long the soldiers cleared the damage and help homeowners in the with a good. >> that's why i joined to come out here and help people. >> the troops will be here over the next few days and i can tell you that they have made a lot of progress. we have been here since early yesterday and while there is still a lot of debris in damage to be cleaned up they are making progress.
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this morning and into this afternoon as those troops abroad in their chainsaws and gotten rid of those down trees and large remnants of homes that are now level. we will continue to keep you updated with the progress of the cleanup. live in evergreen. security measures are now in place to keep people out of the devastated areas. state police say first responders and family members and volunteer groups are the only people who should be traveling to appomattox county right now. checkpoints are set up and roads leading to the hardest hit neighborhoods in addition starting tomorrow police will require placards on all vehicles to gain access to the site. the support from volunteers has been tremendous. county leaders say rules for individual volunteers are for field but if you would like to help they are asking for all volunteers to register with the
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>> the tornado was having an impact on super tuesday. because of damage the voting location for the chap precinct will be moved to friendship baptist church. and he tornado victim who still needs a photo id can get a temporary won at the appomattox county registrars office. a group travels to make a difference. by members of gods picked cruz
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the neighbors. and organizational for helping communities all across the nation is now helping the people right here in evergreen. members of god's pit crew delivered several pallets of water, gatorade and blessing buckets. the buckets are packed full of essentials like toiletries and nonperishable food items. members of god's pit crew where here yesterday trying to figure out how they can best use the resources to help. the volunteers say it's bittersweet seeing these resources staying right here in the area. >> is fantastic to be able to give back to the community and to everybody that donates and loves cause -- god's pit crew but it's also sad. it's at is happen here in our own backyard. >> god's pit crew members to morning. volunteers plan to stay 4 to 5 days to help with cleanup efforts. >> these folks know what they're doing. >> they go all over the country. often times it's because of
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>> they have seen the worst of the worst devastation and i know it breaks the heart. >> glad we have to. >> as we head into the break we want to take a live group at debris and appomattox county. we will hear more about the toll it's taken as a community gets on the road to recovery.
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the areas best weather cast is awarded by the associated press. good evening. there's always an awesome shot somewhere on our airport sky cam. as the sun goes down tonight just a few clouds out there. we will see mostly clear skies
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a few extra classes start today. satellite radar shows we have clouds in a few light snow showers on the western slopes and into west virginia. those will stay there. we also have mostly clear skies across the south side. that's really all she wrote. quiet but a little breezy and the blustery afternoon. the winds will subside heading into the weekend but they will be blustery at times. nothing like we've seen over the past couple of days. looking at tomorrow morning we have areas of fog or cloud cover by that dark gray shading across all site. low-level flock potentially but clearing. as we head toward the afternoon look at this, mostly clear skies. something that continues into the weekend. hour by hour is working. nothing locally. sunshine will dominate once we get past tomorrow morning. we will crank up the thermostat
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middle 30s in raleigh. some of the what we're going to tap into over the next couple of days is average the lower 50s. we're below that mark on saturday. once we get into sunday, low to middle 60s. lower 60s on monday with a cold front monday afternoon. we will be back in the middle 60s on tuesday as we get extra warmth from the south. tonight a cool clear night for the most part and heading into tomorrow we're mostly sunny especially after the early portion of the money -- morning. temperatures in the upper 40s with a bit of a breeze. 47 tomorrow and we will keep warm all the way into early next week. watching the system for wednesday will be a larger system. we will have thunderstorms and we will be talking about a wintry mix with temperatures
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forecast for today was to 42. actual high 39. our monthly total comes to $360. >> as people continue to pick up the pieces following the deadly tornado. >> jeff haniewich is continuing our coverage of the devastation. >> i see you joined by two volunteers. >> im. we are about one hundred yards from evergreen baptist church which is the hub or the command center for the folks impacted by the storm. i have with me susanshirey . describe for me the emotion of the day. >> it's been overwhelming. we got here this morning and i've been working in the kitchen most of the day helping to put food on the table for the workers. it's overwhelmed -- overwhelming the response of the community. people have run -- people of brought food and put the doors
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supplies in. it really brought tears to my eyes. >> we also have b.j. woolwine was a member of this church. describe your emotion. >> it's been overwhelming. i've been here since this began. the outpouring of all these people working together, the state police, the power company, everyone giving back to these people. it's overwhelming. tears come to your rise. the out calling of the communities. supplies are just pouring dead. we are blessed, truly blessed
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in evergreen. >> we are blessed to have your help so thank you for all you've done for everyone in this community. reporting live i'm jeff haniewich. back to you. >> the good news is nice weather this weekend. the cleanup is just beginning. >> they need a break for sure. >> we will continue our tornado coverage later on tonight. >> in the meantime you can find more storm related stories online at later on tonight. >> in the meantime you can find
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>> it's a big day in wsls 10 sports from the ford sports says. i've always had great success there. i think this track with a high tire wear and the bumpy conditions and the fact that you've got a search around releases my style and suits my upbringing racing on the dirt. >> i'm having a good time. you can really drive the race car here. sliding all over the place.
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>> two of the favorites in this weekends nascar stop in atlanta. the new rules package will be in play. less downforce means less control and with any luck are passing in the peach state. tonight the you're coach of the year and is third-seeded maroons will take the floor and quarterfinal action against the. rona college currently third in division iii basketball in the nation in scoring offense with more than 97 points per game. there is a third seat at 19-six on the season after being picked 10th in the preseason polls. the vikings have won 22 straight games. tonight they will try and topple spotswood for the 3a west region at cave spring. they have dispatch winnsboro and western albemarle and region term in action to in the way here. this is a rematch of last years region final which was won by spotswood. the vikings, 25-won on the season. at duke grayson allen he's
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suspended for this blatant trip move on florida states player. they've issued a reprimand to the leading scorer and the coach has called florida state staff to apologize. again, no suspension for dukes leading scorer. it was a landmark day for an area high school program in minor. coach jack turner totally turned around the eagles football fortunes. today they read some of the walmart to come long after the path of been put away. signing day includes taylor naff making his intentions known to marshall. the first division i ever from auburn high school. alan bolen is headed to bluefield while logan harrison goals of ferrum college. it is all day that it's been a long time coming for auburn.
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these kids move forward. these kids are going to play college football and continue their education. it's a great thing. >> turner stepped down after the season because of health concerns. he's been battling. i should mention qualifying is underway in atlanta. fifa has a new president. he is from switzerland. i don't think he can do worse. >> right? >> i don't know if anybody has any chance of beating this team and this guy. three little words, what big highlight.
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breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 1 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down. tonight, what we've learned happened in the hours before the massacre. zika in america. the cdc warns of a surge in cases. the virus is now striking pregnant women here. and farry tale ending. a little girl's unicorn on the loose, and a police chase like we've never seen before. "nightly news" begins right now.


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