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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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see that snowfall. and everything is freezing up because we have temperature readings down in the single digits back here live up at beach mountain right now. coming right out of the northwest. and in order to do this live shot, i've actually placed the camera on the backside of my live truck, kind of creating a wind break so the camera doesn't get blown over. again very strong winds, dang d apple devices. breaking now in mint hill, cms officials are investigating rumors of a threat against a school. they are adding extra security to rocky river high school right now.
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becker is live on that scene have been able to determine no credible threats here. it was something supposedly that was posted on facebook. but mint hill police say they posting. still, we've been here for about an hour now. and they've seen a steady stream of cars as parents have come to pick up their students at rocky river high school. those parents told us they began to hear rumors of the threat at the school this morning from children or other parents. and several students here told us that a shooting. at this point, we must stress there's no reason to believe that threat is real. but the principal here sent out a message to parents saying that they had heard rumors of that incident and had brought on extra security as a precaution and several of the parents we spoke with said they made the decision to come here simply to be safe. >> my first intentions was to
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but then after, you know, the multiple communications and i called up to the school. and they were mentioning what was going on. i mean, you just never know. >> reporter: the parents we spoke with said they applaud the way the school has handled this thing so far. the school principal said she would send out another message at the end of the day once all is clear. reporting live in mint hill, mark becker, channel 9 eyewitness news. all right mark, thank you, new details this midday on a lawsuit filed against calgary church in south charlotte. we're learning two more families have accused the church of discrimination. back in january two families claimed the school run by calgary dismissed their kids because they had medical issues. after our story airs, two more families joined the lawsuit. right now we are talking to them. their story today starting at 5:00. right now, cms leaders are asking for feedback on a controversial student reassignment plan.
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shared their thoughts both for and against it for nearly two hours. new at noon, eyewitness news anchor liz foster found out about a different tactic that parents are also using to stop liz? >> reporter: more than 2,000 people have signed this one online petition to keep current school assignments based on where kids live. but leaders of charlotte mecklenburg schools say the district must under go a comprehensive student assignment review every six years. it's a controversial plan that impacts all students in the district with the goal of making schools more diverse and more academically successful. last night dozens of parents filled a meeting to voice concerns about the plan to shift thousands of students to different schools. and just within the past hour, i spoke to a parent who says she wonders if it's more of an administrative issue. >> what are the people in the administration doing on this
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doing on the other side of town they're sending your child too? is it an administrative issue? or is it more of a community >> reporter: right now parents from the school and nearly 200 others in cms are taking an online survey to give board members their opinion on a student assignment review. the survey comes to an end on february 22nd and then the school board will vote on the plan sometime this spring. i'll have more details for you on this controversial issue tonight at 5:00. reporting live in west charlotte, liz foster, channel 9 eyewitness news. liz, thank you, here's the time line for the student assignment plan, as liz mentioned the survey closes on february 22nd unless the district extends the deadline. the board plans to vote on the reassignment plan goals the next day. it also plans to hire a consultant by the end of the month. this spring the board will decide whether or not the plan is doable for the 2017-18 school year or if it needs to be pushed back.
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to extend superintendent anne clark's contract. they wanted more time to search for her replacement. she officially took over in january 2015 after dr. heath morrison suddenly resigned. the board plans to vote on a time line for the superintendent search at its next meeting in two weeks. in the next hour, a teen is expected to face a judge. he's accused of bringing a handgun to myers park high school yesterday. we first brought you this story as breaking news last night at 10:00. officers charged the 17-year- old with possession of a handgun by a minor and having a gun on school property. cms says the gun was found after school hours. no one was hurt. we're asking for more details about the incident. new concerns about the zika virus spreading in the u.s. the popular u.s. olympic athlete now threatening to boycott the olympics because of the virus. then -- >> i thought that the boat was going to tip over. >> -- for the first time, we're hearing from passengers and the
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as a cruise ship sailed straight into a storm. the reason one expert is defending the captain's decision. it's cold sunshine out there today over uptown. temperature only 35. but here's the issue, the windchill is coming down. 27 now. as the wind kicks up today, the
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i'll show you the i'll stocks are mixed this midday as the federal reserve chairwoman tells congress about the growing risk to the u.s. economy. the dow is down 11 points. and the nasdaq is up 48 points. new at noon, a cruise ship
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sailed right into a storm right off the carolina coast. 30-foot waves and hurricane- force winds battered the ships sunday. the captain says he didn't realize just how big the storm was. >> we have not seen a lot of what we experienced. >> passengers are describing the terrifying trip. >> i thought that the boat was going to tip over. you could hear the sheer furiousty of the winds. >> the waves found like they were almost crashing into our room. >> the ship originally headed for the bahamas is now heading back toward new jersey but is traveling slowly because of bad weather. today attorneys hope to wrap up jury selection and get to opening statements in the trial
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killing his girlfriend's baby. jason moore is charged with murder. doctors say the baby girl died in 2013 of blunt force trauma. she also showed signs of abuse. students at community colleges in north carolina could have trouble getting financial aid because of other students who default on their loans. eyewitness news is investigating the changes putting some students in a bind. why more schools are opting out of financial aid that students say they need. tonight at 6:00 on channel 9 eyewitness news. all eyes are on south carolina as presidential candidates vie for votes. the new challenge they'll face in the palmetto state and the latest candidate considering dropping out. then new cases of the zika virus in the u.s. the reason
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forced to make a choice valentine's plans on saturday
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start to drop off very to budge. and the worst of it is still ahead. because sunday it's colder than today believe it or not. >> and look at these temperatures. taking the kids to the bus stop, letting them stand at the bus stop, make sure they on plenty of layers. >> try to get out there right before the bus comes. >> and get them as they're getting off the bus as we >> thanks keith. identity thieves don't just target adults. they target children. >> you have to think, kids have nice, pristine social security numbers. >> the new way to protect your children. >> i wouldn't want him to have to go through what i went through. >> and how to do it today. an action 9 investigation today news. today marks one year since
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gunned down near unc. the impact they're still having on the community and the efforts to honor them today. a look at the winning numbers from the north carolina educatioy st
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(phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the call today marks one year since three muslim students were killed near unc chapel hill. craig shot and killed three people last february over a parking dispute.
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serving others. one of their mothers says she went to the dmv last week where name. >> she looked at me, she said, you know, he helped build my home. >> the campus will hold a moment of silence and a memorial service today. president obama is talking about the new national initiative to eliminate cancer. the vice president will speak at duke university. address last month, president
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