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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we're dealing with what is being investigated and reported as a water main break. the volume getting through but it is starting to pick up. 6:01. if you're headed out in the next couple of minutes, use caution. we're not seeing big delays, it is expected to have an impact later on this morning as things start to build. right now you're at 60 miles an hour but again use caution if you're headed up toward the john belk and brookshire which is also checking clear of any big problems at the posted speed limit. >> you'll need a lot of layers, the temperatures dipping into the teens. >> cms is taking precautions to help students stay warm out. there eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live at bus stop. imagine, they're heading out. joe? >> the bus lot is starting to empty. we've been here since four in the morning. we've seen people getting inside
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before leaving to pick up kids for school. cms leaders say that is one of the ways that is one way they're trying to make sure the temperatures don't impact students. if they remain too early, they will wait in the bus. some had to be out in the cold like the construction crews working overnight on the i-77 toll lane project. channel 9 cameras were rolling as people were leaving the bars and restaurants at the epicentre. some sprinting to get home and out of the cold. >> make sure you bundle up and stay warm. >> the hot hands going in the pockets. >> we have gloves. >> i have, like, four layers going on in this shirt. >> a shirt under a shirt under a shirt. >> we reached out to aaa as well. they had several calls for dead batteries and are anticipating more as people try to leave for work. reporting live in west charlotte. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> you need to take care of your
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the cost of the cold weather damage can add up. it drains the life of your battery. if yours is five years or older it runs a higher risk of dying in the temperatures. it could cost you more $200 to replace it depending your car type. the cold can also affect your tire pressure which can impact your gas mileage. the cheapest tires are sold around $60 apiece. warming up your car for five minutes can increase fuel consumption for 14%. download our wsoc weather app for your smart phone. breaking within the last 30 minutes. kannapolis police confirm someone broke into firefighters personal dispatchers while they were responding to a call. this happened outside sta3 on florida avenue around 5:30 this morning while officers responded to a chimney fire and medical call. channel 9 is asking what, if any, items were taken from
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we're learning breaking new details about the fire in kannapolis. they had to rescue a baby who has health problems when the baby's house caught fire. there isn't any damage on the outside. it started in the chimney and caused carbon monoxide levels to rise. they had to wait for officials to arrive. they're all doing okay now. charlotte-mecklenburg police chief says the department is working to become united again following former officer randall west kerrick's trial. >> that trial really impacted the cmpd family. it almost ripped us in half. >> an internal advisory council made up of officers and detective seas helping the department work through morale issues. the jury was not able to reach a verdict in the trial for shooting and killing an unarmed black man. chief putney spoke at a group thursday and spoke about his
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handle an increase in crime. he is asking city council $16 million to hire 125 more officers and 80 civil positions. autopsy results show a woman died from gunshot wounds during an east charlotte shooting in december. angel carlton was shot in her chest and stomach. she was shot and killed near the playground at lawrence orr elementary school ar 10:30 at night. police charged montez mclauren with murder and robbery in her death. mclauren targeted carlton but didn't say why or how the two knew each other. police say the crime and those involved were not associated with the school. a mier's park student has a public defender after police found him with a gun on a school bus. the teen, montrez smallwood may have had the gun for several days. they can't say why the teen had the gun but he may have felt he needed protection. in court, none of his family was
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the area easy largest hospital system is expected to name a new leader. carolina's healthcare system current ceo is retiring at end of june. channel 9 will be there and let you know as oon as they release details will the new ceo. watch eyewitness news this morning. 4% of the 150 charter schools are on a financial watch list. the watch list tracks taxpayer money going to the nontraditional public schools. there are six charter schools with financial problems, severe enough to receive taxpayer money on a month to month basis. last week, the state board of education voted to close a 7th charter school, cross roads charter high school in charlotte. there is a push to remove
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one will give the group authorities to take it down. pictures showed cadets wearing white pillow cases on their heads reminding some of the kkk. they pushed for the removal after the confederate flag came down at the state house. it will be stored in a museum. following the emanuel ame shooting last year. there were pictures of the suspected shooter, dylann roof with the confederate flag. he killed nine people during a bible study. he is awaiting trial on murder and hate crime charges. we're checking wall street futures after the dow closed down again yesterday. right now, the dow is also down 270 points. the nasdaq is down 83 points. the falling stock prices are causing the federal reserve to hold off on raising interest rates again. janet yellin told congress yesterday the fed is concerned about china's economy. analysts expected four rate
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may be only 1 or 2. governor pat mccrory is opening up about the minor crash he was involved in after leaving the super bowl. >> it was just surreal and sitting on the side of the california highway after the super bowl in the dead of dark going what am i doing here? and get me home to north carolina. >> the driver rear ended the highway patrol cruiser he was riding in. the cruiser was totalled. he was on the way to the airport. he just put on his seatbelt shortly before the crash. former panthers stars will speak to a crowd in charlotte to analyze key plays in the super bowl. the finale event was scheduled before the panthers made it to the big game. attendees will hear from ball and muhammad. it is for a non-profit called dress for success. >> passengers cheered as this
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strong storm returned to port in new jersey. we've shown you video of 30-foot waves and 120 miles an hour winds that caused damage to the ship. many passengers say they thought they were going to die. >> not only would the boat go up and come smashing down so when you were in bed you fell out of bed. at one point i looked at my wife and said it is over. we held hands. we thought it was over. >> no one was seriously hurt and the passengers will get a refund. royal caribbean say the storm was stronger than forecasts. they're investigating the decision to sail into the storm. look at that damage. >> they have to clean up some of those rooms. i bet a lot of people got sick. >> yes. without a doubt. >> no, thanks. time is 10 minutes after 6:00. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday. i think the temperatures are making some people sick. they've been doing a number on
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>> it is a mess. the cold weather is here. more clouds in the mountains. you'll find a few flakes in place today. nothing will be sticking around. all clear in charlotte. into tomorrow, more mountain snows will be starting up once again. we may see a few flakes coming into charlotte as the next wave of cold air starts to roll in. i'll show you that in the futurecast data coming up. cold weather for valentine's day plans. it looks worse than what we have to deal with for today and we're watching monday. a decent sized storm system can be coming in with more wintery weather. p. >> the traffic is building and we're seeing minor on looker delays for folks heading inbound. this is just past the ramp to charlotte town avenue approaching 277. crews have the right lane blocked expected to cause big problems later especially. we'll keep an eye on this. angela hong arrived on the scene. she is gotting more information
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not seeing a big delay as of yet but we're expecting a bigger impact as the morning rush continues. checking drive times, 77 out of cornelius. we'll look at that coming up next and get updates at traffic team nine. >> outraged parents suing one of charlotte's biggest churches. the medical conditions they say got their children dismissed from a popular daycare program. >> fewer people are developing dementia. it could be due to advances in treats heart disease. >> cms isn't done with the
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. we're following breaking news for you right now. we're giving you live pictures this is independence and charlotte town. you can see crews are out there right now. they have 1 inbound lane blocked right now because water is coming up through the pavement. you can see the temperature on your screen right now. we're in the 20's. that is freezing and causing dangerous conditions. that is why the 1 inbound lane is closed. reporter angela hong just got to the scene and she will give us an update on the situation in
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this weekend, channel 9 brought you a magsive back upright -- massive back upright in the same area. ice caused four crashes saturday morning along independence boulevard at i-277. the back-ups lasted for over an hour and you can see one wreck, look at that right there, caused a car to hit a guard rail. let's go to mark taylor for alternate routes. terrible timing for this, mark. >> as we head into rush hour with the right lane blked. it is causing minor delays as they head up and past the charlotte town avenue. we're seeing a minor delay but as the traffic builds, we're expecting bigger congestion issues. we'll let you know as soon as they completely clear the scene. time is 6:15. there is a new push for the
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>> parents have a new petition to keep the students in the school they're currently in. they voiced their opinions against the plan. they say it needs to under go an assignment review every six years. they've been asked to fill out a survey with their opinion. so far ann clark says 1,000 people have taken the survey. we posted a link to the reassignment survey at look for that under the news tab. researchers say they found people are more likely to miss identify a toy as a weapon after seeing a black face rather than a white face. usa today says the university of iowa produced the study which has been described as black iowians and advocates as heartbreaking. they were responding to recent accounts of the alarming rate by which young black americans are shot and killed by police in the u.s.. prosecutors upgraded the charges in a drug trafficking case where two delta airline
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commercial flights from georgia to new york. new york district attorney says five people have been charged three face charges of enterprise construction. a 5th suspect was arrested last week. more than 150 guns were seized during the seven-month probe. delta says it has cooperated with the investigation. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> big story this morning, the cold temperatures. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> andndhankfully not much more snow falling today but the wind is still howling up here into the mountains. you can seat roadway. it looks icy out here this morning. also, the street lamp, you can see blowing snow. we'll see a few flakes flying in the mountains. the cold will be the main feature. 21 in charlotte. we bounce back up to 20. a little wind comes in. the numbers will fluctuate up
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low teens for the mountains and the windchill six below zero at boone. that is dangerous. frostbite can settle in very quickly. take the precautions as necessary. we're looking ahead to the chill lasting all morning not just through the bus stop but into late morning, we're below freezing until 11. by midday in the mid-30's. it is a slow warm up. continue tos sunshine coming through. a slow bump in the temperatures from yesterday's 38. it is still 41. doesn't really feel much better. the positive part of today's forecast is there is really no wind. light wind. the 41 would feel like upper 30s for windchill. that is good news. tomorrow, more mountain snow filters back in. it looks fairly night. the foothill communities, you may get something to add up here but we're talking nothing more than a dusting at worst. some of the flakes may roll into charlotte. can't rule out a few flurries
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that is a sign of more chill coming in for the week. we'll watch a few flurries. no issues for valentine's day plans other than the cold. it is monday, though. we have to watch closely. the next storm system will be on track and it looks like it will bring a went rey mix with more substantial mountain snows working in. before we get there. this weekend for valentine's day plans into saturday evening. temperatures drop quickly. we're in the low 20's by 11. so you'll need a lot of layers still. as a matter of fact, the cold blast for the weekend looks colder than what we dealt with this week. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view from 40s today and tomorrow to upper 30s to winter mix coming in by monday of next week. coming up here after 6:30. i'll show you the futurecast where the storm will be this weekend and how it still will take awhile to get here which means detailing the exact timing and who gets what. a lot to talk about still over the next couple of days. 6:20.
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>> inbound, yeah, just about after the ramp to charlotte town avenue with the right lane blocked. crews on the scene right now investigating what is reported as a water main break. angela hong on the scene gathering more information. it is past the ramps to charlotte town avenue heading up towards 277 looking at a minor on looker delay. as the traffic volume picks up. we're expect taking to have a bigger impact. 55 miles an hour as you approach it. stick with independence, use caution. stick toto the left hand side and use central and monroe roads. we have brookshire near fred alexander boulevard. we're looking at 52 miles an hour. no big delays at this time. john? >> transportation leaders could vote today on a plan to move control of air traffic controllers way from the faa. at 6:30, the major airline that says this move will end up costing you more money and put your safety at risk. >> home owners in mooresville
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in the area say it will cause more harm than good. >> the decision town leaders are expected to make tonight that could decide the fate of the project. >> researchers say rates of dementia are going down appeared those who develop the disease
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. 6:24. we're live on the scene of breaking news. inbound independence seeing problems. the charlotte town exit. because they're investigating, the crews are investigating to see if there is a water main break. there is water seeping over the pavement. one lane is blocked. it will stay that way until probably 4:00. the same area they had water over the road over the weekend. we have crews that will be here and will give you a live report in a few minutes. >> a bank of america shareholder wants the top executives to be okay the hook for future legal fines the they will let
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leaders pay should be deferred or for fitted at next annual meeting. they tried to block the proposal. top executives could get their pay five years after fines are paid off. the dementia rates have declined steadily. usa today says it is reflecting a national trend. the rates of dementia decreased from 4:00 p.m. in the late 70s to 2% in the 2000's. they've long been associated with heart disease. they have declined among people who at least have a high school diploma. the next time you log on to twitter, the timeline looks a lot like facebook's timeline. people can turn on a setting to let popular tweets related to people you follow show up first. it is then followed by the real time feed you will likely use on twitter.
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users in the last three months of 2015. it has been struggling to win over new users for some time. angry parents suing a charlotte mega church after they kicked their kids out of the daycare program. >> he would cry and ask me mommy, if i'm just a good boy, can i please go back to my old school? >> next at 6:30, the pattern lawyers say show calvary church is rejecting the kids because of disabilities. >> clear and very cold this morning but it is not the worst of it. we'll show you the decline in the numbers still as we head through the weekend. >> right now we're on the scene of breaking news as crews have
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. we have breaking news to tell you about. one lane of independence is shut down because water is seeping up onto the road. because of the cold temperatures it is freezing. channel 9 has two crews there to show you crews working there. we'll show you how this is
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starting to pick up this morning. traffic team 9's mark taylor will have alternate routes for you in a minute. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. we'll get you to the breaking news here in just a moment. avery county, watauga county schools are cold. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 and this is the reason for the closings and delays. >> the big cold out there. the wind that we had yesterday has relaxed in charlotte but the wind that died down overnight and clear skies that allows the temperatures to bottom out further than what we had yesterday morning. it is a beautiful picture but a combed one. temperatures are1 in charlotte -- temperatures are 21 in charlotte. the low teens in the mountains with the windchill values are below zero. eight below up at boone. it has gotten worse here in the last hour. the big cold snap will take awhile to ease itself out here not just for today but the next several days.
6:27 am
for the weekend and tracking the system for next week, how much of a winter weather threat it will bring. >> let's get back to the breaking news. one lane is shut down right near the charlotte town exit and 277. >> water is seeping through the pavement and it is freezing eyewitness news reporter angela hong got to the scene where this will turn into a big traffic pr. >>reporter: that's right. now we're behind the area where crews have blocked off one lane of independence boulevard as rush hour begins. you can see cars tapping on their brake lights to merge over since the right inbound lanes of 74 are blocked. this will likely cause major issues this morning for the commute. now, we have a look, another look at this area from a different angle. crews blocked off a right lane because of water seeping through the pave mean and the low, low temperatures. that is turning into ice.
6:28 am
main break but crews are out to see right now what the issue might exactly be. now, this weekend, channel 9 brought you coverage as a massive back up happened in the same area. officials say ice caused at least four crashes on sunday morning at i-77. the back-ups lasted over an hour and caused bun car to actually wreck and slam into the guard rail. now, nc-dot says the lane could be closed until 4:00 this afternoon. we're checking with nc-dot and charlotte water to find out when the work will start. in the meantime. we'll head over to traffic team 9's mark taylor who will give us alternate routes. we're dealing with minor on looker delays you can see as folks head up towards the ramp. as they pass it, it does break up. if you're heading out in the next couple of mipz,--
6:29 am
side to minimize that or use central or monroe road. we have an update on an accident we learned in the next few minutes. at research drive near interstate 85. not very serious but police are on the scene blocking the westbound left lane. minor delays for now.? channel 9 is following stories for your day ahead. mooresville town leaders will decide whether a controversial project should move forward. the project calls for huge stores to be built at tall bert road. eight stores in total will move to 200,000 square feet. neighbors starting the petition against this project. so far it has more than 100 signatures town officials will decide if this area can be used for commercial use. >> it is a two-lane road that can't be exposed because we have town homes and apartment complexes built so close to the road that it makes a four-lane road not an option.
6:30 am
they're worried about the home values and neighborhood safety. they'll get a chance to weigh in on march it 21st. at least two republican presidential candidates will answer your questions at a forum in winthrop. ted cruz and ben carson will be there. there is a chance others will decide to come, too. the remaining full list of candidates is expected to get smaller depending on who wins the primary. jeb bush and ben carson are trail inning the delegate count. ted cruz and marco rubio are trailing trump and fighting to show they're the best option for mainstream republicans. >> it sea a conservative state with closed republican prime raechlt i'm as conservative as anyone in the field but i can win. >> the men and women want a kipszent conservative. -- consitant conservative. >> they will make campaign stops
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meanwhile, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate in wisconsin tonight. polls suggest clinton will win south carolina's democratic primary on february 27th. tickets are sold out for tonight's republican forum at winthrop. alexa ashwell will be there bringing you complete coverage. watch eyewitness news starting at five and follow her on twitter. new this morning, the u.s. supreme court is giving north carolina the naacp until tuesday to respond to requests. a lower court ruled the state has to redraw the lines saying lawmakers violated the constitution by drawing lines based on race. that includes district 12 that goes through part of charlotte to greensboro. as of now, lawmakers have until the end of next week to redraw the lines. a landis swan in jail after police say her toddler over dosed on drugs.
6:32 am
in bed with the child with pills street. the child was unconscious, had on her face. she is expected to recover. she faces several charges including felony child abuse by neglect. charlotte city manager says cmpd will not renew the contract for shot spotter technology. the nearly $160,000 system is designed to detective gunfire. while cmpd says the technology worked it did not produce enough results for the department to renew the contract. two years ago in a channel 9 investigation, we questioned whether shot spotter was worth the money. it was first installed in 2012 during the dnc and paid for with federal money. cmpd then asked city council for $200,000 to cover the future operating cost. the technology monitored five miles across uptown, grier heights and hickory grove. six more families entered into a discrimination lawsuit
6:33 am
it was filed yesterday morning. the original lawsuit was filed in january. six more families now claim that the school and the director discriminated against their children for having disabilitys one mom says her son was expelled because the director thought he had. >> it is a christian daycare at that. that they're just willing to just turn the other cheek and say there is nothing we can do for you. >> we reached out to attorneys for the church. we're waiting to hear back this morning. new this morning, watauga county officials over turned the decision to revoke a permit for a new as facility plan. -- asphault plan. they got a permit in 2011 to build the plans on highway 421. the county planning director revoked the permit saying the
6:34 am
the adjustment board rejected the fact that they spent millions so far say they started in good faith. they plan to freeze the assets in the north. they are pulling the workers from the complex in response to the south suspension of operations. that is following north korea's long range rocket launch. they say it was a dangerous declaration of war. house transportation leaders will vote on a bill that would transform the air traffic control system. delta says the plan would risk passenger safety. the legislation would make air traffic controllers part of a non-profit organization outside of the faa. supporters stay would create a more efficient system but delta says it would mean less government over sight and accountability and more fees for you. >> the concept of user fees that
6:35 am
unaccountable board could be problematic and result in pretty significant increases passed onto the public. >> delta airline predicts ticket prices could rise 29% because you would be paying for the increased fees to help fupd the creation of an independent traffic control organization. we do weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday showing you where the temperatures stand right now. >> they're bottoming out right now in the low 20's in charlotte but we're talking about this all week how the source of the cold air to the north. it is still there. the low teens, single digits. all is rolling into the kleins and the pin -- carolinas and the pipe labor line will not shut down -- pipeline will not shut down until next week. you'll find windchill values in avery county that will be sitting well below zero. 10, 15, 20 below zero at times. not much mountain snow. a few flurries but it is cold as
6:36 am
i'll show you the futurecast timeline how quickly the windchills improve in the next storm system. could be ugly weather in your direction. see how things are slowing down. >> independence boulevard is where we're tracking conditions. we're following what is investigated as a water main break. crews have the right lane blocked. this is past the charlotte town ramp as you make your way towards it77. the line is getting thick and we're seeing delays. if you're headed out, go use monroe or central avenue. this is where the right lane is blocked and you're seeing brake lights for those heading through the area. monitoring the earlier accident right around research drive. it did have the left lane blocked now we're getting reports of a vehicle fire. we'll talk about that, next.
6:37 am
legs and one arm after he neal a 12-foot hole. the way the building's design made it easier for first responders to get to him. >> most school buses are on the road right now going to pick up kids waiting at bus stops the extra step drivers took before departing to make sure kids are warm. >> employees of charlotte's water department can work long hours during emergencies but i dised some are -- i discovered time.
6:38 am
how someone wraps up this much someone wrapxy\]_bdegjknpqtuwz . 6:44. one lane of independence boulevard is shut down. >> we've been bringing you live reports as water is seeping through the pavement and freezing and this will cause major traffic problems as we get into rush hour right now. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live at the bridge. >> this is causing a slow down on independence. you can see right now, cars are tapping on their brakes trying to merge over after 1 inbound lane of 74 is block. crews are trying to figure out what is causing the water to seep through the pavement. we have another look at this
6:39 am
this water can be a water main break with the frigid temperatures, the water is then turning into ice making it dangerous for drivers. nc-dot told us the lane will be closed until 4:00 this afternoon and as the morning wears on, the traffic in this area is expected to only get worse. p we'll continue to monitor that throughout the morning on tv 64. in the meantime, we'll head over to mark taylor, he will give us alternate routes. folks heading in the area it is inbound independence boulevard past the ramp from charlotte town avenue approaching 277 and we're picking up the drive time technology. you can see it is slow already. central or east 7th from monroe road. avoid independence. it will only get worse from here. we have a couple of other issues we're monitoring including vehicle fires. 77 northbound near westinghouse. just reported and 485's outer
6:40 am
information. the freezing temperatures also causing concerns for students at the bus stop. of course, everyone should bundle up before heading outside this morning. >> but cms is taking precautions to keep students as warm as they can. eyewitness news joe bruno is live at the bus stop as it empties out. >> drivers came in early to get the buses ready for students waiting at the bus stop. we spoke with leaders who said that buses won't drop off kids before school opens so no one will have to wait outside but our cameras were rolling overnight as construction crews battled the temperatures as they worked on the i-77 toll lane project. most people we saw outside were bundled up from cops on the street to people waiting to the bus at the transportation center. we spotted people in huge blankets. most of the homeless shelters are at full capacity. crews are on standby expecting a
6:41 am
joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news out of kannapolis where paramedics had to rescue a baby from a house fire overnight. we're told the child has health problems already. you can't see damage to the outside of the home. the fire started inside a wood stove and spread into the chimney and caused carbon monoxide levels to rise. the family inside is expected to be okay. 6:47 now. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we're seeing the issues of the cold temperatures. at least we're having a nice sunrise. >> not just that. we have the sunshine it will be with us all day. look at this beautiful, blue, predawn sky, but we also have much less wind than what we had yesterday in charlotte. that will help things out today. at least to make it feel better out there. we're 21 still in charlotte. our number hasn't moved all morning.
6:42 am
albemarle at 13. more low teens up high in the mountains and your winds, still gusty. the chill has improved in jefferson. one degree below zero and boone has warmed slightly as well, about five below zero. you'll see the negative side disappear through the morning. windchills will be in the single digits but they will not be as severe as they are now. and even in charlotte as we warm to 40, our windchill only knocks that dufrp by a couple of degrees. that is improvement -- that down by a couple degrees. that is an improvement. there will be flurry as you struggle teal get into the 20's. more snow is in place for you tomorrow. around the metro into gaston it is cold, sun shierngs midday hours as you're heading out to lunch, barely above freezing and likely near 40 in gastonia for later this afternoon. all weekend looks great. beautiful sunshine. but the next blast of cold air which starts to roll in tomorrow
6:43 am
the upper 30s saturday. low to mid-30's on sunday. it gets even colder than what we've been dealing with for this week. and as the next surge of cold air comes through. there will be cloud cover. mountain snows, a few flurries through the morning in charlotte but nothing that will stick. we get sunshine in the afternoon. a lot of sunshine this weekend. beautiful, clear skies. midday saturday, it is cold sunshine, the next weather maker will be up here. that is our monday storm. it has a long way to track. midday monday looks to be the real onset with this and with the cold air left over, the wintery mix, very good possibility for early next week. your five-day forecast. looking ahead to the weekend. the numbers struggle but as the next blast comes in. valentine's day plans saturday night. very cold stuff. we'll fall well below freezing
6:44 am
keep that in mind as you head out with your loved ones. we'll give you an update for the system next week. stuck in the cold rut. >> big one. middle next week is before we can bounce back. >> wow. that long. okay. >> thanks. here is traffic team 9's mark taylor following breaking news on independence boulevard right now. >> taking a live shot. the right lane is blocked crews on the scene investigating a water main break. we have an accident closer to hawthorn lane. things are only going to go down hill from there. we're seeing back-ups. angela hong is on the scene. we're expecting to be there until 4:00 this afternoon. central or east 7th for monroe should be utilized as alternates. vehicle fires investigated for the interstates. 77 northbound.
6:45 am
boulevard and also one on 45 outer loop it will be out towards steele creek. i'm not seeing any big delays on these issues but we're working to gather more information to see if there are any lane closures. checking wall street futures, the dow is down 284 points right now.
6:46 am
and we'll keep and we' (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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. we are following breaking news that will impact your morning drive. this will impact thousands of drivers, in fact gl absolutely. you're looking at independence boulevard. ncdot has lanes down. we have crews there as well. they're looking for the source of water that has been seeping up through the pavement and with the temperatures right now, 20 degrees, as low as this, that water is freezing over causing lots of problems. >> and we want to switch cameras right now looking down from hawthorne street. you can see traffic building up at this point.
6:49 am
live pictures and you can see a lot of folks are hitting the roads at this point. crews tell us this lane will be closed until 4:00 this afternoon. so this is a situation we'll be dealing with for several more hours today. traffic team 9's mark taylor is working to get you around this mess. >> let's go to the traffic center for the alternate routes. the traffic will only keep picking up. >> we're not hitting near the heart of rush hour yet. as we inch closer to 7:00. we'll get messy. delays are spotty coming inbound up from eastway drive. these will be your most obvious choices for alternate routes and something we'll monitor throughout the morning here in the traffic center. i have another accident independence inbound. luckily it is off to the shoulder now. with all of the traffic, accidents now occurring off to the shoulder, on looker delay
6:50 am
avoid it and use central and monroe road. we're dealing with a brake fire. northbound approaching 485 from westinghouse. we're seeing spotty delays here. use south tryon to get around. >> the cold is continuing and the outlook is for even more cold to come in through the up coming weekend. today's temperatures may feel better even though they're not much warmer. the wind will be more calm. that is some good news. once the sun goes down we're back into the 30s and 20's again. this weekend we may not even get into the 40s. we're going right back to the real cold stuff. all eyes are on next week. storm track will bring wintery weather once again because of the cold air coming through. ingredients may be coming together for a real mess. >> we continue on tv 64.
6:51 am
m on the good morning, america. deep freeze. a bitter blast brings the coldest air in a decade with
6:52 am
already two feet of snow? the east and more on its way. breaking news, the fbi closing in on those protesters in oregon. >> we fear for our lives. >> still defiant after that deadly shooting. now their face-off coming to a possible head. >> be reasonable. >> our team is on the scene right now. ready to rumble. the democrats debate tonight. hillary clinton hoping to knock bernie sanders off stride after his big win as the republicans battle across south carolina. >> you vote for trump, we win here, we're going to run the table. >> trump blasts jeb bush. rubio vows to challenge trump. safe and sound home at last after four terrifying days at sea, caught in hurricane-force winds fearing for their lives. those passengers from that nightmare cruise now on dry land
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