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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> they will see accumulation up there in the mountains through the day. everybody else will not. i'll show you that in the futurecast data you may find a few flurries. none is reaching the ground. it is this disturbance to the west as you work between nashville and around louisville. it is working its way through southern kentucky in northern tennessee. that will roll in here later this morning and bring in the snow chance. it is warmer out there. we're near freezing in charlotte. that is not bad. 10 degrees warmer for most neighborhoods. even the low to mid-20's in the mountains is an improvement from what we've had this week. i don't expect travel issues today. working in. we'll reach around 40 this the sunshine. we'll have the outlook for your cold weekend plans inside and arn the corner.
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has been monitoring issues. >> we'll have an update with angela on independence boulevard. we're dealing with an accident in south charlotte in westinghouse boulevard. minor delays expected here if you're headed out, use caution. the interstates, we're at 62 miles an hour coming in from carowinds boulevard. 13-minute ride so the traffic flow is still light for the most part. on 77, approaching the brookshire freeway from la salle. smooth sailing. lots of room to move around, also, northbound, folks heading up towards iredell county. breaking news out of catawba county, officers shot and killed a man who they say lunged at them with a knife. >> in the past 30 minutes, channel 9 spoke to the maiden police chief about the incident. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live at home on old park road where this all unfolded overnight? >>reporter: it is kind of too dark to see right now, difficult to see, but police say 35-year-old elijah jackson was
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down this driveway on old park road in maiden. we shot this video of the house when we arrived on scene. police say last night they got a 911 call about a man cutting himself inside the house. when they arrived, jackson was barriciced inside a small bathroom. jackson was covered in blood and refused to put a knife down. jackson lunged at officers and made slashing and stabbing motions that is when officers shot and killed him. jackson died at the scene and within the past 30 minutes, we spoke to the police chief about this. >> it is a tragic situation and i feel for all of the parties involved. these officers were confronted with a deadly situation. they had to defend themselves and others inside the residence. >> the state bureau of investigations is handling the case from here to determine if it was justified. this isn't jackson's first run in with the law.
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neighbor in southern cat was douchl shot elijah and his brother caleb. no charges were filed. they told channel 9 the two brothers threatened to kill the neighbor and the shooting was justified. the two officers that shot jackson are on paid administrative leave. reporting live in maiden, channel 9, eyewitness news. we're also following breaking news near uptown charlotte part of independence boulevard is blocked off for the second morning in a row because of water freezing on the streets. >> the problem is this will cause delays as thousands of drivers head to work. eyewitness news reporter angela hong was bringing the story yesterday morning around this time. she is live with a look at the traffic she is seeing this mo. >> right now i'm on the charlotte town bridge over independence and right now, traffic is okay. it is slow going for now. but you can see the construction barrels are up and out blocking the right inbound lane of
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this is right before you get to i-277. traffic moving along at least for now. nc-dot has shut down that lane for the second day in a row because water is seeping through the pavement and turning into ice. d.o.t. crews found an old line that had burst but couldn't fix it yesterday. now it is up to charlotte water to make the repairs and that means the lane could be closed until this afternoon. we saw miles of back up yesterday because of this lane closure and the stop and go traffic caused minor fender benders. nc-dot says there were four accidents saturday because of ice and they've been monitoring this lane since then. drivers we spoke to yesterday were frustrated at the d. i mean, literally not moving inches for 30 or 40 minutes caused me to be late for work. >> the lane won't be open until 4:00 this afternoon and we'll be continuing to monitor the traffic conditions out here all morning. it is expected to get worse.
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team 9's mark taylor alternate routes for juice as angela mentioned, the frank flow get -- the traffic flow getting light. we're seeing green conditions but central avenue, monroe to east 7th could be used as an alternate route. even perhaps use randolph or providence road to get around added delays later this morning. right now d.o.t. crews are trading interstate bridges with salt brine. we'll take a look here on rozelles ferry road. since we arrived there, we've seen trucks loading up and heading on the roads. we're only expecting flurries but they want to make sure nothing freezes on the bridges. >> it is really important to keep the streets passable and things in good condition. it is much better to be prepared. >> yesterday charlotte d.o.t. workers treated bridges and overpasses as well. this woman's family is thanking people for calling in
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suspected killer. flora ellenburg died in this hit-and-run crash early monday morning. yesterday, the highway patrol identified stevie breland as the suspect who drove away in his tractor trailer. he is in jail in charleston on unrelated charges and there is a warrant out for his arrest on the fatal hit-and-run charges. troopers got tips after releasing these pictures of the purple tractor trailer that broke off at the scene. channel 9 spoke with ellenburg's daughter last night. she was a loving mother and grandmother. even though it won't bring her mother back, she is grateful the suspect is in custody. charlotte-mecklenburg school board members hope to hire someone by mid-march who can help them with a controversial student reassignment plan. yesterday morning parents packed into a small meeting to discuss the topic. the board wants to hire an outside consultant to help them make the district more diverse and academically successful. >> they don't seem to be
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goals and thth it will be impossible to make a vote on the goals on the 23rd. >> cms is collecting surveys on the topic through february 22nd. so far, 13,000 people filled one out. attorneys for the mega church have responded to our questions about a growing discrimination lawsuit but aren't saying much. yesterday we told you more families claim the church discriminated against the disabled children. their son was expelled because the director thought he had adhd. the original lawsuit was filed in january but an amendment was filed yesterday. calvary's attorney says the church had has not had time to read the amended lawsuit so they can't comment on it. the church does not agree with the original claims and plans to defend itself. more highway patrol troopers will be
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we were in monroe as they were sworn wednesday. it slowed response times and stopped troopers from participating in the safety campaign. many of the troopers will be working in our area. the mother of one of the columbine shooters is sitting down for her first interview. 17 years after sue klebold's son s. >> the teacher and the kids, and i keep thinking constantly thought how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would. i know i .
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edition of 2020 to hear what happened inside of her home leading up to the shooting and the warning signs of a child in crisis. it is at 10:00 followed by eyewitness news at 11. in the last 90 minutes, the world health organization said possible zika virus vaccines are 18 months away from large scale trials. members of congress met on capitol hill to r $1.8 million request to help fight the virus. they're most concerned about those living in the tropical parts of the u.s. like puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> this is a really unprecedented phenomenon. with each passing day, the evidence that zika is related to this issue gets stronger. >> pregnant people should not
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the health impact that impacts the baby's head. the un response is proceeding quickly and 15 companies or groups have been identified as hunt for vaccines. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> let's get over to keith monday tracking snow showers. >> still the activity well off to the west. none of this east of the mountains is making it down to the ground. your air is so dry. you'll be able to feel that with the skin. dry and cracked. that is what the flurries have to over come before they get here. that. the snow will be very light. little adds up. it is next week that things get more interesting after a cold weekend. we could have a winter mix on the way. let's get you back roads. we've been watching closely with independence with the lane blocked. so far so good. we're not seeing big delays. we're watching the traffic volume build this morning.
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through without any big problems. this is inbound before 277. the right lane is blocked. expected to be that way for the remainder of the rush hour into the afternoon hours. something we'll continue to monitor throughout the morning and the afternoon. but as we mentioned right now, the traffic is light enough to where we're not seeing big slow downs. we're near briar creek where folks are getting through fine coming in from eastway drive towards 277. no big delaysys this morning for independence. of course, we'll let you know when that changes. fresh snow in the mountains is great for skiers, not for drivers, though. ahead at 6:30, the steps d.o.t. is taking ahead of what is expected to be one of the busiest weekends on the slopes. looking for a deal on a hotel the wrong website could ruin your vacation. the way scammers are tricking travellers and the steps being taken to stop it. >> channel 9 had the only crew there as the former chairman of
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stupid, . the former chairman of the
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explaining what led up to his arrest at the airport. john fennebresque says this is an embarrassing mistake and i am alone am to blame for it. fennebresque says he was with his family at a gun range on sunday. accidently left the weapon in a briefcase that he doesn't use to carry the gun. >> i'm very embarrassed about it. and it was a complete accident. other than acknowledging i'm stupid can we do away with this now is this. >> the airport discovered it when he was leaving to go on vacation with his wife. just this week alone, charlotte doug will you say con if i -- charlotte douglas confiscated three guns. go to, look for this story on the home scombriej four people were seriously injured after a man came into an ohio restaurant and started attacking people with a machete. the man came inside and started
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the attackers went after customers and headed to the back kitchen where he aimed for employees. >> a man came in and started beating up on a man and i thought it was a personal thing and he started down the road hitting everybody with something, i don't know it was, people were bleeding. >> police say several people were hurt including one in critical condition. they later shot and killed the suspect but it is not clear why he attacked the restaurant. breaking right now, the u.s. coast guard is searching for survivors after a small plane crashed into the gulf of mexico off florida's coast. the single engine plane was headed to the executive airport. witnesses called 911 just before 7:00 last night. several pieces of debris have washed up on shore. several agencies are using boats and helicopters. you can see the picture from the
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federal investigators launched a second search for the wreckage of the el faro, the ship that sunk in october. the two-week expedition will begin a april. they hope to locate the black box and develop a more expensive and detailed survey of the shipwreck. the el faro sank after losing engine power and getting caught in a category 4 hurricane. 34 mayorner were board the -- mariners were booia board the ship. best degree programs ranked the college 27th on the list. highlighted catawba's 70 fields of study including unique majors and the ability to individualize major and called catawba environmentally responsible. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday. he is in severe weather center 9 and is tracking not only the cold temperatures but the snow coming this morning. >> we'll feel the light snow working its way into the mountains.
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metro. quiet on live early warning doppler 9. even this activity that the radar picks up as it is high in the sky is not making it back to the ground. flurry, yeah, you may see that. but the numbers are bone dry. see how much moisture is in the air. this is saying that our temperature would need to be in the single digits to get good snow to fall. not going to happen. where the moisture is higher in the mountains it is still not that moist but you'll see a better chance of the snow sticking around. the dew point, five, the air temperature, 31, those numbers are so far apart that there will be a few flurries. it is a little warmer compared to where we've been. even the mountains are low to mid-20's. the lighter wind is better than the severe windchill values. some of that will come back up here. it will start up around 9:00, close to freezing. i don't anticipate any travel issues jumping above freezing by noon. the snow will start to end so it is a short lived event. back to sunshine this afternoon and 41.
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yesterday and it will get a lot colder again this weekend. here is how the timeline works out. after 8:00 it will start in the mountains. after 9:00 it will work into the metro. drive. mountains will see snow through the day. we'll only see it for a couple of hours. clear. we gain sunshine this afternoon. continue. close to an inch. inch. yeah it won't be much of anything at all. just a few flakes flying for a part of the day today. tomorrow, the chill is back, we don't even crack 40 degrees as saturday afternoon. as we get planned for the loved one, bigger chill will be in place for a very cold weekend. a dry weekend though through saturday and sunday with the wintery mix forecast starts early monday. changes to talk about on the futurecast in the next half hour. it may change over to plain old rain by the time we head into monday night. the five-day forecast,
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again and it may be colder this weekend than it was all week. 13 out the door on sunday morning. we should get back to 40 on late monday. that is why the transition should go back into liquid of early next week and tuesday we're back into the 50s and much more coming up after after 6:30. time now is 6:20. let's get you back out there on the roads. independence boulevard inbound monitoring the traffic builds this morning. not seeing big delays. the right lane blocked inbound as folks make their way up 277 through the remainder of the rush hour and the afternoon until about 4:00. right now, still not bad. 15 minutes coming in from matthews, 45 miles an hour the average speed heading into the john belk and brookshire. we'll continue to monitor that. central or monroe road, we'll let you know when we see the back-ups. other issues, westinghouse boulevard west of i-77 expecting minor delays due to a crash there. a stalled vehicle reported on sugar creek south of interstate 95. john?
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police are looking for the person who broke into first responder'r'cars as they were responding to an emergency. ahead at 6:30, the changes the city is considering to keep this crime from happening again. business owners along north tryon are concerned the men's shelter is hindering future growth. >> it is a burden on us, a burden on the businesses. a burden on the community the alternate location businesses say would offer the homeless better access to social services. scammers creating websites
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your money when you book a hotel money when you bo (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. it is 6:24. congress wapts to give law enforcement more tools to protect people from booking vacations through fake hotel reservation sites. >> scammers create sites that appear to be affiliated with major hotel chains but instead of booking you a room, the thieves pocket your money. one proposed bill would allow
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commission to find the operators and shut the sites down. >> people work very hard they phoney website. they travel lots of miles, they get to the destination, and they don't have a room. >> lawmakers estimate there were 15 million fraudulent bookings last year costing consumers upwards of $1 billion. a house committee approved a bill to put a non-profit corporation in charge of the nation's air traffic control system. currently it is under government control through the faa. the bill would make a non-profit run by airlines. they give call it a give away to the airline industry. for just a third time now in the last 35 years. carolina's healthcare system has a new ceo. we told you yesterday on daybreak. jane woods would take over leadership at charlotte's largest employer. wood says chs and the 60,000 employees in the carolinas will
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healthcare in the coming years. he will spend as much time as he can getting input from employees. >> what i would say is they'll see me and i'll get out there and spend time really learning the organization. >> once woods starts in april. he will work with current ceo mike tawwataer. he spent the last years and was paid $1.8 million in salary compensation. ski resorts are preparing for a busy weekend of fresh powder on the slopes. >> very cold, not very cold. cold enough so it won't get slushie. a nice powder. areas d.o.t. crews plan to focus on and when to expect more snow in the area. >> watch the system off to the west how quickly it will bring more mountain snows and if anything will be flying in our
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>> business owners are trying to get the two shelters on north
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tryon street
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we are tracking the system you see over tennessee right now as it will bring snow flurries here in charlotte today. we'll pinpoint what time you'll see snow in your neighborhood and how much will add up. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john ahrens. 6:30 right now. afb -- and i'm john paul. 6:30 right now. avery and watauga school back to school but on a two-hour delay. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with first weather. >> it won't be a heavy snow, even for the mountains but that is where we would see if there are any travel issues it would be in the high country. there is the disturbance moving out of nashville. it is in knoxville right now. our air is very, very dry. it will run into that and while it still may produce snow, we don't expect there to be a whole lot and nothing that will stick around. we are warmer this morning, that is good news. we're around freezing as opposed
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begin the day for the next several days. as the timeline goes through between nine and noon, that is your window. it may look pretty but then it will move along quickly. the sunshine is back with temperatures around 40 degrees. i'll have the detailed look on the futurecast to tell you when you'll see more monday when the bigger storm system will arrive and how much the winter weather threat could be on our way as we go back to work next week. 6:31. watching 45. builds. if you're had headed out in the next couple of minutes, no problems on the inner loop coming on from 485 getting on to i-77 down in south charlotte. 77 and south from york county. just checked in with highway patrol if you're heading in the next few minutes from carowinds boulevard near the state line. 64 miles an hour.
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downs around arrow wood and nation's ford. also in from lake wylie and highway 49. average speed is 38 miles an hour. it is a 24-minute ride. stephanie? >> there are new talks to move the men's homeless shelter across town to boost development in charlotte's north end. some think the homeless shelter is stunting growth along north tryon street. >> eyewitness news reporter joe bruno explains changes and why others say it is not necessary. for more than 20 years, charlotte's homeless had been coming to the two shelters on north tryon street. now there is pressure from local business owners to move them. channel 9 was at a meeting yesterday with police, city staffers, local businesses and representatives from the men's shelter. local business owners want to see north tryon street develop like south end but say that can't happen without moving the men's shelter and urban ministries. mark middlesworth said he with like to see them moved to a
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he says it is on a bus line and could house a campus for the homeless. board members say that won't happen. >> the shelter in and of itself won't move out and leave the rest of the community that we're in. >> it would cost millions of dollars to do that and that money would be better used serving the homeless. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. breaking overnight, japan's stock market fell 5% leading other asian markets to drop too. we're monitoring stock futures here and they're actually trending up this morning. the dow is up 106 points and the nasdaq is up 31 points. the federal reserve voiced confidence in the u.s. economy yesterday but acknowledged there are risks. as north carolina's economy continues to grow, governor pat mccrory is touting the state's aaa bond rating. the state is only one out of nine to receive the highest credit rating. yesterday, mccrory said the classification shows the state
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and is prime for growth in the future. tonight, the four most conservative presidential candidates will be part of a faith and family forum in greenville, south carolina. donald trump and john kasich are skipping out on this but kasich will be campaigning in other parts of the state. last night, ted cruz and ben carson answered voters questions at winthrop university. you heard from cruz and carson on daybreak at 5:00 a.m. as they talked about school house. voters told us they walked away with more clarity. >> i feel more informed. >> i think we are moving forward. i think there is a lot of hope for america. >> people we spoke to said it did not make them think less of candidates who were not at the forum. democrat hillary clinton will campaign in south carolina today while her rival bernie sanders will campaign in minnesota. they debated last night and tried to appeal to minority voters. >> i'm running for president to knock down all of the barriers holding americans back.
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do everything i can to expand social security benefit, not just for seniors but for disabled veterans as well. >> the democratic primary in south carolina is february 27th. the republican primary is a week from tomorrow. we have complete coverage leading up to the primaries on-air and online. you can see a fact check of last night's debate. we have that for you at it is in our special section under the news tab. kannapolis police are looking for the person who broke into cars, parked outside a fire station. this happened as crews responded to an emergency. we told you yesterday it happened sometime overnight florida avenue. 3 or 4 cars were targeted. a person used an object to break the windows out and rimage through the cars. >> you think they wouldn't be targeted but unfortunately they were. >> they're looking into security upgrades to prevent it from happening again. a judge granted lawyers for
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review the case of a deadly shooting of a south carolina teen. the city hired a public relations firm after officer mark taylor shot and killed zachary hammond in august. his parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit and subpoenaed e-mails between the city and public relations company. that information should not be released they say. the nc state professor is facing charges from embezzling money from student organizations. his attorney said he paid back some of the money he took. >> i'm glad we were able to have him released on pretrial to have him home with his family and we can start working on his defense. >> a student treasurer noticed the discrepancy and reported it. he resigned on tuesday. attorneys filed motions that indicate the government's case against a morganton teen accused
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isis will involve classified information. federal prosecutors filed new motions in justin sullivan's case. they asked a person be appointed to handle classified government evidence. a trial date has not yet been set. pinkie's west side grill is offering free food and live entertainment to provide announcement about teen -- awareness about teen dating violence. one in three young people is abused by their partner. on average, that is about 10 students in each charlotte-mecklenburg classroom. today's events, pinky's west side grill, will last from 5 to 7 tonight. north carolina's top insurance regulator is launching an examination now of blue cross blue shield. regulators say they want to make sure the state's largest health insurer is complying with laws and regulations. it admitted it enrolled thousands of customers in the wrong health insurance and over charged 3,000 members.
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changing over enrollment deadlines and switching to a new computer system. blue cross says as of now, most issues are resolved. channel 9 also learned that blue cross blue shield is considering leaving the affordable care act market next year. we're looking at the impact that could have on customers and waiting on a customer response. kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the u.s. is trying to buy fresh market. cnbc reports kroger is in the second round of an auction process with fresh market. it is not certain kroger will win the auction or if fresh market will agree to sell itself to anyone. a charlotte waste company says it will create 350 jobs with the new charlotte service center. republic services says it will invest $7 million over the next three years. the company leased a building on david taylor drive in northwest charlotte. available positions right now include sales professionals and customer care consultants. the wages will vary by position. we have weather and traffic
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>> meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 and this president's day weekend will be perfect to hit the ski slope s. it will be one of the busiest weekends after unseasonably warm temperatures that kept them closed most of december. the recent cold weather helped them build a six-foot base of the man-made and additional snow to add on top of that. >> it looks pretty fabulous, right? it is very cold, not very cold, cold enough so it won't get slushie, nice powder. >> the resort told us the biggest concern they're hearing from people is how will the roads be up there. d.o.t. crews have been working 12-hour shifts using 800 continue tos of salt to keep the roads clear. so it looks like they'll be looking pretty good in the mountains. although more snow will fall so there may be flurries up there this morning and more additional natural stuff will be falling throughout later today. charlotte is bone dry and as we
6:39 am
may bring a few flakes but not looking at any travel issues. we're at 31 this morning. it is warmer by the numbers but look at the cold chill up north. that is what is racing down here for this weekend. i'll explain coming up in 10 minutes how the weekend stays dry in charlotte. it will be very cold and we'll track a bigger weather system coming our way on the futurecast for next week. let's get you on the big traffic story. watching traffic build. how are we looking on independence. >> they have the right lane blocked and we're watching as it continually builds this morning heading inbound before 277. right now, we're not seeing big delay aeshgz early for that but we've been monitoring the traffic flows, the drive times and the lane closure. you're at 55 miles an hour as you head up towards the utility project. when things start to build, we've been offering central avenue or 7th street as alternate routes. you can even use parts of randolph or providence road. both of those roads are clear of any big slow downs. it has been four months
6:40 am
devastated parts of south carolina. some areas look like it happened yesterday. today at five, eyewitness news is going back to the flooded areas. some victims are still out of their homes, still strug. >> it is a mess. you don't know who to trust. where do you pick up the pieces? >> we're asking if they get the help they need today at five on channel 9, eyewitness news. channel 9 is staying on top of breaking news right now in catawba county where two maiden police officers were involved in a deadly shooting. at this hour, the information we've uncovered about the victim overnight. >> just in the last 30 minutes, traffic is starting to slow down after crews shut down a lane of independence near i-277 for the
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i'm day . breaking news in catawba county. officers shot and killed a man who they say lunged at them with a knife. >> this all unfolded at a house in maiden. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live at old park road to explain. joe? >> police say when they arrived at this house off old park road in maiden, elijah jackson was barricaded in a small bathroom with a knife. we shot this video when we arrived on scene.
6:44 am
when police got to the scene they found jackson covered in blood from cutting himself and refused to put the knife down. police shot and killed jackson after he lungeded at them and made stabbing and slashing motion. they're here to determine whether they're justified. they're on paid administrative leave which is standard for officer involved shootings coming up in 15 minutes on eyewitness news on tv 64, the other shooting jackson was involved in just months ago. reporting live in maiden, channel 9, eyewitness news. breaking news for your morning drive. 1 inbound lane of independence boulevard is shut down again this morning. >> we showed you the back-ups around daybreak yesterday. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live there this morning conditions. traffic is starting to pick up in this area. it is slowing down a little bit but it is moving along pretty well right now. the right inbound lanes of independence right before i-77
6:45 am
conditions for the second day in a row. you can see the trucks that are out here and in place so they repair that leak. nc-dot told us that water is freezing. they tried to fix it yesterday but it didn't work so now charlotte water will have to make the repair. the right lane is expected to be afternoon. yesterday this closure caused a lot of congestion in the area. there were minor fender benders in the stop and go traffic. we'll continue to monitor the traffic conditions today and we'll have live reports throughout the morning on tv 64. in the meantime, we'll head over to traffic team 9's mark taylor to show us how we can avoid this area. still seeing green conditions. it is getting heavy around the uptown freeway section. if you're headed out in the next couple of minutes, use extreme caution. stick to the left hand side. as things build heading up towards east 7th street.
6:46 am
if you want to jump on randolph or providence routes, use those as well. a man will n facing a -- a man will be facing a judge for the first time after 15 years after a drunk driving crash. miguel garcia was driving the wrong way in 200 when he hit and killed tony setliff. they tracked down garcia living under a different name in california. they brought him back to north carolina on wednesday. he faces several charges including involuntary manslaughter. tomorrow, children have an opportunity to get free dental care in north charlotte. dentists will be at the family dollar on sunset road from 10-1 and the family dollar on beatties ford. children between the ages of 3 and 12 can get a treatment, treatment and wellness pack. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we're not smiling about the forecast for the weekend. >> it will be very cold.
6:47 am
dealing with all week believe it or not. more on that in just a second. most of you up north, what looks like flurries it is not making it down to the ground. we'll keep an eye on this on tv 64, especially after 8:00. that is when we'll see more of a snow chance working in. 30 shelby. 29 in hickory. low to mid-20's for the mountains. it is warmer this morning, not a lot. but a little bit better. flurries turn up between nine and noon. no travel concerns expected. we bounce back up to 40 today with more sunshine later on this afternoon. you'll see in the futurecast as we head after 8:00, mountain snow starts up. by noon it is starting to wrap up already. it is a quick moving disturbance, won't be around long enough to provide accumulations. in the mountains it will snow through the afternoon and evening. most folks around one inch up there but isolated spots make it closer to 2 to 3 inches at
6:48 am
low snow threat, low travel issue threat. that will be in the mountains only. this weekend, man, the cold is on its way back in with a vengeance. we're 13 out the do door on sunday morning. it will get very cold, very quickly. only bounce back to barely above freezing on sunday. so we have the cold air in place on sunday but it stays dry. other than a few high clouds passing through. no issues all weekend long. hear there is the developing storm to the west tapping into the cold air. we'll start out with a wintery mix monday morning. see how that turns into rain in tennessee. this will transition over to a rain event pretty quickly. right now, as it stands up today, i won't see a big winter storm in charlotte. we'll be looking at big travel issues monday morning. we'll keep you posted through the weekend. stay tuned with john and vicki
6:49 am
they'll keep you up with the changes. we'll make that mostly a rain event. five-day forecast through a cold weekend. stay in the 30s. 40 late monday and 50s return on tuesday by the middle of next week it will warm back up. stay up to date with the weather changes through the weekend. if you can't catch us on the news you can get it on the wsoc-tv weather app. >> mother nature will not show us any love for valentine's day. >> no. not at tauchlt will be really cold this weekend. >> thank you -- not at all. it will be really cold this weekend. >> thank you. mark taylor is with traffic. >> it is there is an accident west of i-77 before you hit the ramps here and it is causing back-ups on westinghouse and i-77 southbound get e-cigarette to westinghouse. you can see the ramp here backing. if you're headed out, take arrow wood road. take south tryon. get around the delays on the ramp and on westinghouse boulevard.
6:50 am
for your friday. the dow is up 115 points. the nasdaq is up 35 points. scammers pretending to be with the fbi are calling people demanding money for unpaid school loans. lawmakers continue to review
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
fi . 6:54. the world health organization says possible zika vaccines are at least 18 months away from large scale trials. >> it adds 15 groups or companies are identified as possible participants in the hunt for vaccines. members of congress reviewed the $1.8 billion request for additional funding to fight zika virus. they're warning pregnant women not travel to places where the virus is spreading. good morning america is
6:54 am
that is next following eyewitness news daybreak. officials have once again delayed the federal trial for the man accused of shootding and killing nine people inside a charleston church. dylann roof faces dozens of federal charges including hate crimes. a judge delayed the trial as attorneys wait to see if the government will seek the death penalty. the justice department could make a decision in march or april. defense attorneys say roof is prepared to plead guilty if the government does not seek death. he also faces nine murder charges in south carolina court which is seeking the death penalty. new this morning, officials say scammers are pretending to be fbi agents from several field offices including right here in charlotte. an fbi spokeswoman says the caller sometimes threatened the caller with arrest or not graduating if a money gram is not sent. the bbb example says spoofing is a normal tactic with scams and allows people to call with any number but programs what is
6:55 am
if you get a call, report it online through the crime complaint center. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes on daybreak. traffic team nine mark taylor is monitoring a crash on westinghouse for us right now. >> it looks like it is just off of the ramp from 77 and westinghouse boulevard. we're starting to see bigger delays on 77 trying to access westinghouse. if you're headed out in the next couple of minutes. take south tryon over to westinghouse. you'll bypass the ramp. we're watching independence closely. the right lane is blocked inbound prior to 277, a water main break. moderate to heavy traffic flow but no big delays. once we do, central or monroe should be used as an alternate route. keith? >> we'll watch for a little snow work its way in now. the disturbance is rolling through knoxville. in. in to the -- tennessee to the west. we'll likely get snow flakes to fall in charlotte. no accumulations in town.
6:56 am
we'll keep an eye on this on live early warning doppler 9. especially after:00 we'll see that begin into the mountains. >> with a lot of cold air of >> thanks. your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. >> we're following two breaking news stories with a deadly officer involved shooting in
6:57 am
6:58 am
on ind good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> and donald trump goes positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign. jeb bush joins us live. her son was a mass murderer. now, 17 years later, in an abc
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