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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you can expect for the rest of the day. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. we want to let you know, there are several schools closed across nine counties including alexander. ashe. avery, burkery. caldwell, catawba, and watauga county schools. there are six counties with two delays. we posted the full list on our website, you can see the closings and delays at bottom of your screen and they will be throughout the morning. >> we have team coverage of weather moving into our area. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in blowing rock where the winter storm dumped snow and meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 using futurecast to show us how the system will move through the area this all depends on where you are. >> yeah, the further north you live, mountains, foothills, you'll have rough weather. in charlotte it is very quiet this morning. all of the moisture is up to the north. the stream of moisture to the
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the northern counties. as we look closer to live early warning doppler 9. other than a few flakes making their way into the foothills it is very quiet around mergon continue to and lenore. -- morganton and lenore. very light dusting of snow could work its way toward the afternoon it will become more of a rain chance. as we look into the mountains it is snowing here. it will continue through this morning and most of the day, bigger accumulations will be there. 29 in charlotte but notice the lower 20's in hickory and statesville and 25 in lincolnton and teens in the mountains. that is where we're looking at the worst conditions. i-40 corridor and the high country, light coating could cause difficult travel. we'll have futurecast data coming up in a moment. we'll talk about weather is the worst in north carolina high country as we get out there with
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>>reporter: you can see there is a couple of inches here on the ground -- >> unfortunately we lost joe bruno's shot. we'll try to get that reestablished and we'll head back out to joe when that does happen. d.o.t. crews loaded up with the salt and brine. c-dot has4 trucks on the road. -- 34 trucks on the road. they're focussing on major roads, bus ramps and hospitals. how is this affecting the charlotte douglas airport. they activated the snow teams. there are dozens out there de-icing trucks. they're expecting a few delays this morning. flag flags are flying at half staff to honor u.s. supreme court antonin scalia who died on saturday. this is the flag outside of the supreme court. the flag at the white house is flying at half staff.
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mccrory ordered all u.s. and state flags lowered as well. he died of natural causes and they did not order an autopsy. a private plane carrying his body took him from texas yesterday. the plane is headed to meet the family in virginia. president obama says he will nominate a replacement next week once the senate returns from recess. several republicans say they will not approve the president's nominee. the issue became a hot topic at this weekend's republican presidential primary debate and they discussed that back and forth throughout the debate. scalia's passing will affect several major supreme court cases including two north carolina cases. one on prayer in county commission meetings. >> and the other is over the congressional 12th district boundaries. a federal appeals court ruled, lawmakers drew the boundaries based on race. district 12 is known informally as the i-85th district and stretches from charlotte to
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they ordered lawmakers to redraw them or the state wouldn't be able to hold any congressional elections next month. the republican leaders asked the supreme court to intervene. the high court's decision may not come until later in the week. according to house speaker tim moore, the general assembly could vote on the new maps thursday if they don't over turn friday's deadline. lawmakers are holding se public hearings about the congressional boundaries. it will be held at 10 a.m. at central period college in uptown, if campus is closed because of weather, the hearing will also be cancelled. south carolina republican primary is this saturday and several presidential candidates are campaigning in the state. donald trump will be at the convention center in greenville tonight while marco rubio is set to speak at the baxter hood center in rock hill.
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manufacturing facility in lancaster and hold a public event at carolina christian academy. jeb bush is stopping in south carolina today. coming up at on daybreak, the reason this campaign stop will be different than any other he has made so far. don't forget the north carolina primary is on march 15th but the deadline to register to vote is this friday. that is 25 days before the primary. early voting begins march 3rdrd. it runs through the 1th. this is the first election where a photo id will be required to vote. 35 right now and one of the stories we're following right now, a former fire chief accused of embezzling money from a fund for burned children is due in court. bill fortenberry had been stealing money for five years before he was caught last week. the burned children's fund tipped off police after they found discrepancies in the bank account.
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happening today, parts of a major intersection will close to accommodate construction for the linx blue line. parts of the intersection will close this morning at nine. it will remain closed until february 29th at 4:00 p.m.. northbound drivers will be able to make a u turn at arrow head drive. if you're coming from the south, though. you can make a u turn at old concord road. the west defeated the east in the all star game. next year's game will be held here in charlotte. at 4:55, the first look at the way the city will be represented in the all star logo.
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can soon be popping up in southon . all right. we have the shot fixed. we have joe bruno out in blowing rock. >> and he is giving us an idea of what the conditions are like. there good morning, joe. >>reporter: good morning stephanie and john. here is a look at what we're seeing right now. there is snow on the ground, a couple inches. nothing too bad. a lot of roads are still passable. when we drove up here from charlotte, a clean ride. easy to get here until we got into the patterson and lenore area we'll see roads like this on main street and blowing rock.
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that will turn into black ice as that freezes over. that is why officials are reminding people to drive with caution. i'll point you over to sunset drive. this is a secondary road that hasn't been touched yet. that is covered in snow. especially in boone. a lot of crews have not been able to get out and clear the secondary roads. these are the ones causing problems for drivers this morning. i checked in with county officials. they said there were only six crashes overnight in the town of boone. it was completely quiet. they were happy with that number. every 30 minutes i'll have live reports from here in blowing rock. i put my panthers bag right here. we'll monitor how much snow covered the bag by the end of the news cast. we'll have another live report here in blowing rock in 30 minutes. >> thanks so much for that update. if you're 50 years old and
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ahead at 4:55, baby boomers are in more debt than before. . we're learning more information about this woman suspected in a string of jewelry robberies. the way investigators say others prepared her for the role. we're looking at a quiet
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as joe mentioned, the snowas joe ment (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. we're back right now. 4:44. taking a live look here from blowing rock. you can see they have snow there, of course it is piled up this morning. we'll be talking with keith monday in a few minutes about what we can expect the rest of the day. you'll notice the bottom of your screen there, are quite a few closings and delays. 184 all together. the big one people are wondering about was cms. they are open today. they will be running on a normal schedule. know. joe bruno is out there in the mountains. he'll have live reports throughout daybreak. today the charlotte zoning board will consider two new developments that could bring hundreds of new town homes and apartments to south charlotte. >> people already living in the area are worried it could busy road. we have learned grub properties plans to build 450 apartments and retail space at park road and abby place. within the same half mile
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vote on 265 new apartments. a developer also recently submitted a petition to build 74 town homes alternative mockingbird -- at mockingbird and park. charlotte d.o.t. is planning to put in several new traffic lights and sidewalks to address some concerns. charlotte police need your help to identify an armed bank robber who targeted a south charlotte bank saturday morning. this man walked into the pnc bank in south charlotte. he handed the teller a note demanding money. he got away with some cash. detectives say that same man robbed this 5th third bank on pineville matthews bank on january 28th. it was a similar situation. he was armed. he slipped a teller a note and took off. if you know who this man is, you're asked to call police. police say a woman accused in a string of jewelry robberies across the southeast including one here in north carolina was trained specifically for the crime spree.
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documents, two atlanta brots recruited and trained -- recruited and train -- brothers recruited and trained ab kale camp. -- abigail kemp. fbi investigators say she $4 million in jewelry during six armed robberies across several southern states. officials with the statesville lumber company are investigating complaints of their trains blocking driver's paths. people living near amity hill road say the trains block crossings and they can't get in or out of the community for sometimes 45 minutes. they head to and from gottfried lumber company. people over the age of 50 are carrying more debt than in
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the wall street journal reports the average 65-year-old borrower has 65% more mortgage dead and 29% more auto debt since 2003. the financial crisis in 2007 and 2008 may be to blame. they also blame student debt which is the fastest growing category in this age group. iredell county's 5th charter school will open this summer. they plan to open their doors to students for the 2016-17 school year. it will provide came brinl university approved curriculum instead of a state issued critic limb lum. it will start with -- curriculum. it will start with adding k through six. meteorologist has your forecast in severe weather center 9 to show which neighborhoods will be impacted today. >> everybody is under some sort of advisory. the immediate concern is in the mountains and adjacent foothills
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of snow in the mountains and less in the foothills. it won't take much to provide slick travel this morning. a winter weather advisory around charlotte, we're quiet and dry for now. as the day goes on, you expect light, freezing rain to develop and that is why we have the freezing rain advisory south. most is for later today working into the afternoon. let's start where things are the worst seeing light snow in lenore and morganton for tville and -- for taylorsville and hickory. it doesn't take much for that to stick to the ground and the road surface. watch for slick travel off 321 into lenore. we saw the report for joe bruno. he is in blowing rock. the snows continue. it is not a heavy snow fall. it won't see a continue to of snow adding up today but roads are already slick this morning and with temperatures in the teens and mountains, that is why we'll see an issue. here is why we don't see much in
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relative humidity values are very low. see how the green shows up up north? mountains, foothills, those are the spots where we look ahead to slick travel coming back in. we're 29 in charlotte. look at the low 20's in charlotte. very cold air will be entrenched throughout the day today and that is the concern. once the moisture starts to arrive in charlotte around midday, we're still below freezing and they stay at freezing all afternoon. south will be turning into rain. no issues there but from charlotte northbound. even just the lightest amount of freezing rain may cause slick afternoon. should turn to rain tonight. pretty quiet weather from late morning until midday and watch the pink begin to show up. it is light, very little this will add up but a light glaze could be out there into the afternoon today. see how it changes to all rain south. we'll see the transition in charlotte later today. it could be a pretty good window from the early to late afternoon
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as a matter of fact, our temperatures warm up tonight into the upper 30s. look at this. we're back in the 50s tomorrow. it will be heavy rain. the early commute on tuesday and that is all quiet for the end of the week with sunshine around 60. same for the weekend. more rain on sunday. but look at this. we're close to 70 degrees by sunday. >> what a temperature swing. >> we get a true treat after today. >> we'll dig out of this fast, it will be one of those things where it won't add up to a lot. . >> thanks. chester county deputies say this year is off to a deadly start on the roads. in the last several weeks, at least4 people have died in crashes. our partners at herald say that is twice the number of people killed at the same time last year. 17 people died in crashes, which was nearly double the number from 2014. the most recent came last monday when a woman was killed in a hit-and-run on i-77.
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cold temperatures across the state today? live look here, keg street in downtown boone, you can see they're trying to clear some of the snow and put salt down right now. channel 9 has team coverage of the temperature drop. we're live from charlotte to the mountains to statesville. >> and all new, major changes
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for army recruits lo . it is 4:54. army recruits there have a new set of gymnastic tests to see which jobs they're physically capable of doing. respective soldiers will be asked to run, jump, lift weights and throw a heavy ball. this comes as the pentagon sets physical standards that both men and women will have to meet. we have a picture of the all star logo that will be used for next year's all star weekend right here in charlotte. >> take a look at this. you can see the logo was inspired by queen charlotte and includes a crown reminiscent of the city's iconic statue. incorporates into the design, the hornets team colors, purple and teal. the all star game is at time warner cable aren february 19th, 2017. a lot of folks about to head out on the roads. let's check in with mark taylor. >> looking down in south
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the area of tyvola road northbound. dry and clear to start out the morning. no big issues this comes with the mountain counties even with snow. we have malfunctioning traffic lights to go over to see if they're causing big delays coming up next. >> the scenario taking shape today, may be later in the day for charlotte. joe was mentioning the snow in the mountains. mark mentioned dry roads here. the moisture stream is way up to the north all the way through the mountains and mainly the i-40 corridor northbound. heavy snows will stay well away from us. snow lovers are shaking their heads saying come on. we won't see a lot of snow. the day. the big moisture is to the west and will slowly work through the day. we'll see light freezing rain as the day goes on. >> waking up to cold temperatures across the state
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every daylow prices. . this morning, we're using charlotte's most powerful radar to track a wintery mix moving into the carolinas. the areas that will see snow and ice and where the moisture will fall as rain. >> and channel 9 has team kofrm
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of the weather event and how it will impact you. the crews are spread out from the mountains and uptown charlotte and i-40 corridor to statesville. we've been fine tuning this forecast since friday. we have new information about what areas will see the most impact. thanks for joining us, i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. several school districts are closed or delayed. many other districts, including cms will make a decision about the schedule within the next hour. you can see the complete list of closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen and we'll continue to update it throughout the morning. let's check your forecast. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 where new forecast models are coming in. >> they may confirm what we've been talking about how dry air will impede the storm dramatically in charlotte. that being said, anything that does fall throughout the day with temperatures that remain at or above freezing may cause light glaze out there. it doesn't take a whole lot.
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still quiet in the metro. we're seeing light snow working in through lenore and morganton and hickory. as you get further east away from the mountains, the air is dry. we expect the mountains to be light. we have a crew in statesville to see how that affects travel up there. in the mountains it is light snow. the snow continues this morning. it won't be a heavy snow but a few inches will be adding up. here is the problem. we have temperatures near freezing and these numbers will not move for the rest of the day today and low 20's up north on the i-40 corridor. teens in the mountains, so while that is the major feat here as we're looking at light amounts here as we head out today but what is falling is falling on to subfreezing ground, roads, elevated surfaces, this isn't an issue where we see power outages but you'll be looking at slick travel showing. ahead, i'll show you the newest futurecast data.


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