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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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still quiet in the metro. we're seeing light snow working in through lenore and morganton and hickory. as you get further east away from the mountains, the air is dry. we expect the mountains to be light. we have a crew in statesville to see how that affects travel up there. in the mountains it is light snow. the snow continues this morning. it won't be a heavy snow but a few inches will be adding up. here is the problem. we have temperatures near freezing and these numbers will not move for the rest of the day today and low 20's up north on the i-40 corridor. teens in the mountains, so while that is the major feat here as we're looking at light amounts here as we head out today but what is falling is falling on to subfreezing ground, roads, elevated surfaces, this isn't an issue where we see power outages but you'll be looking at slick travel showing. ahead, i'll show you the newest futurecast data.
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morning, quietly and build throughout the day today. meteorologist christine wapp is watching t the conditions this morning. >> definitely cold as you mentioned in uptown. temperatures in the 20's and so far, drivers not having a lot of problems on the roadways. d.o.t. was out in full force last night pretreating the roads. of course, laying down the salt, the brine, ahead of this system. concern as we head out today. no problems out this morning so far but as keith has mentioned that threat for freezing rain continues throughout the lunch time hours, although the numbers for this morning as originally thought with ice or snow not much of a concern. it is good that they took the precautions last night. out here this morning, as i mentioned, it is cold. starting to see light drizzle falling out here this morning. it will be a concern as we head throughout the day today as temperatures hover at or below
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of course, the bridges and offer passes, likely to have -- overpasses, limely to have slick spots. take it slow. john? >> as you head out the door this morning, traffic team 9's mark taylor is monitoring hundreds of d.o.t. cameras. let's head over to the traffic center and get you updated on the early morning drive. are you seeing issues? >> we have one accident up north involving one vehicle. it looks to be over turned. this is on the outer loop of i-45 on oak dale road. out of the travel lanes for now but flashing liets in the area. it is light through 485 towards brookshire. something to be aware of. something you'll continue to watch. this is 485's outer loop out towards oak dale road. we're dry for the most part in here in charlotte and looking at the drive times you're at 60 miles an hour so we're not seeing any big slow downs this morning. also, 85 out of the university area to uptown it lacks like it
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average speed there of 66 miles an hour. stephanie? as keith mentioned, people in the mountains are dealing with a couple of inches of snow and icy roads. >> eyewitness news reporter joe bruno continues our team coverage in blowing rock and the roads look covered from the last time. >> i checked in with county officials. they say most of the roads in blowing rock are passable. that doesn't mean they're great. this is main street right here you can see it is a wet road. there is snow covering parts of it. this hasn't been plowed. it is icy right here. look down this street. this is sunset drive. one of the secondary roads that officials are warning about. you can see it hasn't been touched at all. that is one sheet of snow right there. it is still passable but it is something you have to be concerned about. a lot of the sidewalks here haven't been plowed yet either. this is just 3 or 4 inches of snow i'm walking on right here.
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as you can see, this american flag it is not waving. that is a good thing. that means snow won't be blowing onto the roads. it also means it is not as chilly as it could be. we're following this snow conditions, i put this bag here at 4:30, it is a light dusting right now. it is starting to come down harder. we'll monitor the conditions, i'll have another report in 30 minutes. live in blowing rock, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> as people deal with the snow and icy roads this morning, drivers taking i-40 to work this morning will only see a brief amount of snow but conditions are openly expected to get worse heading into the afternoon. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong continues our team coverage from the i-40, i-77 interchange in statesville. so what is it looking like angela? >> stephanie, things pretty quiet in statesville. we're along the i-40 corridor as you said and there is nothing really falling from the sky but earlier, driving up from
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i actually snapped a picture. you can see some of the rain that fell and it was actually freezing on the windshield. that is how cold the temperatures are right now. it is about 22 degrees according to my channel 9 weather app. obviously, you know, when that rain is falling it is dangerous and can be pretty slick and this is a look at the i-40 corridor. obviously really slow right now. the traffic not a lot out there. of course, iredell statesville schools also closed today so that will be less congestion on the roads today. at least in this area. we did talk too troopers who tell us there haven't been issued related to weather and i did see some nc-dot trucks parked on the side of the highways on the exit and on ramps on stand by in case there are any issues. we'll hangs out in this area -- we'll hang out in this area. see what the road conditions are and bring you a live update. angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news.
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weather is affecting flights in and out of charlotte douglas. the airport did activate the snow teams. there are dozens of de-icing trucks ready to go. there rae handful of cancellations, most headed north to places like washington dc and new york. channel 9 will continue to follow every aspect of today's wintery mix. we have complete coverage including the latest forecast on our website. a major story we'll be following for your day ahead, five out of the six republican presidential candidates will be in south carolina today aiming to drum up votes before this weekend's primary. for the first time today, former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail with his brother jeb. they're holding a joipt rally no i don't north -- joint rally in north charleston. president bush's popularity has improved since he left office. jeb bush hopes it will save his presidential campaign. >> he knows what it takes to be president of the united states,
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to keep the country safe and he believes i have those skills based on my record and based on how he knows me and that will be an incredible validator in south carolina where values matter and national defense matters a lot. >> jeb bush finished in 4th place in new hampshire's primary. the latest poll shows he is tied with ben carson in south carolina receiving 6% of voter support. dr. carson will be in lancaster today, he is expected to tour the nutrimax factory. donald trump plans to hold a rally in greenville south carolina. in a few hours, marco rubio will hold a town hall event in rock hill. it starts at eight at baxter hood center. rubio is third in the polls in south carolina behind donald trump and ted cruz. the south carolina republican primary is saturday. voters in north carolina have
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vote in the state's primary. the primary is march 15th. early voting begins march 3rdrd. it runs through the 12th. this will be the first election where you'll be required to show photo id before voting. channel 9 is your complete source for the 2016 election as the candidates focus on south carolina. we have a special election section on our website, just look under the news tab. overnight, the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia returned to virginia. a private plane carrying the justice left the airport yesterday. justice scalia died in his sleep on a hunting trip at a texas resort. friends became worried when he didn't show up for breakfast so they went to check on him. >> his sheets weren't crumpled. his hands were on his chest. perfectly at ease. >> scalia died from natural causes. his physician says the justice suffered from chronic health
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a local judge decided not to do an autopsy. 5:09. the death of justice scalia means next month's supreme court arguments appear more likely to favor the administration. without scalia's votes, a case conservatives might have won could end in a tie, 4-4 leaving in place the conflicting decisions of lower courts. channel 9 continues to follow stories for the day ahead. charlotte city leaders will decide if a development project we've been telling you about for years will move forward. leaders will vote on a rezoning request for sharing united methodist church. they want to work with developers to build restaurants, offices and apartments as well as a new church facility. they hope it would help bring more people through their doors. weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we have quite a few closings and delays this morning at the bottom of the screen. >> aerz looking at most of the
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conditions going down and north. we're seeing light flakes, fine, tiny little snow coming in so far. i don't expect this to pick up in town as of right now. midday today. we'll see more of the conditions going down hill here. in the mountains and foothills it is a pretty good line of snow as we watch part of the i-40 corridor become more snowy here and the mountains, you've already seen that snow. it is a developing storm across our region. quiet here early this morning in charlotte but from late morning then on, slick travel can be with us. we'll show you how this doesn't add up much for any ice accumulation but it doesn't take a whole lot with temperatures below freezing. let's get out on the roads. we have an accident this moment. let's get the latest from mark. 485 is where we're looking on the outer loop near oakdale road. it is an over turned van. out of the travel lanes. we have first responders blocking the left lane. we aren't seeing any big delays. this is between harris boulevard
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if you're headed out in the next couple of minutes, take the normal route and use caution. rozelles ferry. south carolina lawmakers will decide how to spend millions of dollars saet side for the roads and bridges. the proposal getting the most attention and how it could
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. time now is almost 5:15 giving us a live picture from the speedway cam. you can see the temperatures in the 20's. we have snow falling in the mountains and still the threat for freezing rain today. we'll pinpoint when meteorologist keith monday, when the timing of all of this and how your neighborhood will be impacted in the forecast coming up. a man charged in two charlotte bank robberies including one in ballantyne is due in court today. >> cmpd charged lewis fight in the robbery at the first citizen's bank along jon jay
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they say also it was linked to a robe on bb&t -- robbery at bb&t bank. four people have died in crashes already this year. they told our partners it is twice the number of people killed in the same time last year. they're concerned about the number of deadly crashes last year when 17 people died. the highway patrol added more troopers to the roads hoping drivers would see them. they would be reminded to wear the seatbelt and obey the speed limit. two people of the four were not wearing seatbelts. channel 9 is hearing from someone who became infected with the quickly spreading zika virus. a medical student at florida university medical center was infected with the virus while on a mission in haiti last november. he had a bad headache. rash, fever and pain behind his eyes. he didn't recognize the symptoms and realized it was the zika virus until nearly a week . >> i had no idea what it was. i knew i was sick so i thought
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disease but back then, i had never heard of it. >> he plans to return to haiti next month to help educate people about the zika virus. he hopes to stop the virus from further spreading to the u.s.. this comes as florida is under a state health emergency. doctors reported 20 cases in five counties there. >> a royal caribbean cruise ship can set sail again. hurricane force winds damaged that ship off of the north carolina coast last week. the coast guard inspected the ship and says anthem of the seas can sail. we showed you the incredible video of furniture being tossed around. it sustained mostly cosmetic damage. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 keeping an eye on the conditions for is. >> yeah, and the conditions reside aren't going to down hill rapidly but we'll be watching it closely.
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snow or freezing rain can cause travel issues here into the metro. we've only seen light, tiny flakes. had a flew blips of pink showing up here. i stopped by the studios in north charlotte. this won't cause travel issues or accumulate. i do expect more moisture to get here later this morning and by then most of what is going to fall is likely going to be light, freezing rain. along i-40 from morganton through hickory now. the snow is beginning to pick up here. watch out for slick travel, those temperatures are below freezing. salt may not do a whole lot. same for lenore and taylorsville on highway 64. statesville, flurries are working into the town as well and in the mountains. it is not a heavy snow fall. you saw a few inches from last night and a few more adding up today. that is not in the mountains where we'll see this adding up to a few inches. 3 to 5 storm total from what started last night across the
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it may get less than an inch and no snow accumulation expected in charlotte. it is the numbers that are the problem. the air is so dry that as precipitation starts falling into the dry air. it will keep the temperatures cold. i don't expect us to get above freezing until much, much later this afternoon. by 9:00 a light mix will start to develop. we're below freezing at that point all the way through midday. slick travel will start to show up, especially on the secondary roads and the bridges and overpasses. late in the day it will be very slow to warm. we may still be very close to freezing all the way into sunset. it won't take until tonight before the numbers will enough to change everything over to rain. let's time this out in the newest data of the futurecast. part of the i-40 door, that pink is -- corridor. that pink is showing. that flourishes in by noon. it is very light but just that
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the afternoon from 4 to 5, 6, 7, see that green line slowly moving northbound. that may take the majority of the day before it transitions to rain fall. we start to see accumulation. this is under a 10th of an inch. between a 10ed and a quarter is when you get the ice accumulation to cause issues. we're measuring this in hundredths of an inch. only a few hundredths around charlotte and same fort i-40 corridor. light stuff. it could be enough that could give ace little bit of a glaze. icy travel would be expected on the bridges and overpasses through the afternoon. well. even the secondary roads you may see slick travel in a few spots. as we head into the lunch time hour, that is when we may see best advice. stay tuned to the forecast. use the interactive feature on the weather app. it will show you when things start up especially in
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midday into the early afternoon. our five-day forecast for the weekend is always in view. after today, that is it. we're talking about rain coming in. i'll touch more on this in the next half hour, how tonight we transition to all rain. we warm up to well above freezing. sunshine for wednesday, thursday, friday into the weekend. next rain chance comes in on sunday as we warm well into the 60s. so thankfully, if it forms today it is short lived, all gone by tonight. let's get you out here on the roads. checking in with mark as we monitor issues from overnight. >> right now it has the left lane blocked. we're watching this accident in the outer loop of 485 north of oakdale road. it has the left lane blocked medic on the scene right now. we're working to get more information if there will be transported. it is lightly travelled so folks are able to get through. something to look out for on the outer loop of 485 north of oakdale. to the northwest we have a
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ferry at hart road between 16 and i-485. again, volume is light. we're not seeing any big slow downs. something we'll continue to watch. also on the inner loop. we're headed inbound on the brookshire from mount island lake. it is almost 14 minutes. good shape for brookshire as well. 5:21. lawmakers in south carolina are working to figure out which crumbling roads and brimgs should get top priority this year. ahead at 5:45. the biggest concern the d.o.t. secretary has about the roads. officials in myrtle beach are taking steps to avoid
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the reason how turn out might beeaso 5:25. just in, gaston county schools are closed for the day. we have school closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. you'll find them at this week, people running for state senate will visit local schools to get a better idea of what it is like to be a teacher in north carolina. the union county board of education helped organize the teacher for a day program. channel 9 was with senate
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the day at a classroom in mecklenburg county. teachers challenged lawmakers to see what it would be like if the state cut teaching assistant jobs. they ended up putting enough money in the budget to keep teaching assistants. mooresville school officials say a new software program is adding an extra layer of safety to school issued computers and student e-mails. according to our partners, district officials are using a new monitoring app called gaggle. they look for keywords deemed inappropriate and will notify school administrators of an issue. a student is notified as well. a website dedicated to finding a girl missing more than a decade is not sitting well with the victim's family. next at 5:30, the concerns that asha degree's mom has about a blog dedicated to finding her
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t rates for great ride . right now we're tracking winter weather across the carolinas. we're using futurecast to see
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where you live and will it fall as rain or snow. >> the worst is expected in the mountains. this is in blowing rock and watauga county. the road and sidewalk are covered. joe bruno is live with the conditions he encountered on the way to the mountains. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. in the last 30 minutes, lincoln, gaston, cast ras county schools -- cab ras county schools -- cabarrus county schools announced classes will not be held. charlotte-mecklenburg will be held. >> kids are excited that they are out of school. you won't see snow adding up to go and play in. this is an issue of light day. live early warning doppler 9. we've had a few flakes around charlotte. a few blips of pink showing up around new salem as you're working in stanly county.
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is moisture coming in. no travel issues right now but we've seen the snows spread east on i-40 through morganton. claremont over to statesville now and of course up north on 64 to taylorsville out of lenore seeing steady light snow moving in. temperatures are well below freezing. it is light -- even if it is light snow it is causing difficulty. banner oak. nothing heavy falling but temperature continues. all of russ below freezing and it will stay this way for most of the day today. that is the issue. this is more of a temperature problem than it is an actual moisture problem because what falls today will be very light. a few flakes here this morning. changes over to light, freezing rain around midday. they may hold that all the way before it starts to transition to the rain as we head into the night. i'll have that in the futurecast coming up. the issue this morning is how
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is having to get over. we've been explaining this the last 24 hours as the storm system forecast has been changing it is the dry air that has been the problemem or maybe the good thing because we don't have a lot of moisture coming our way. christine rapp with how the conditions will have an impact. >> monitoring quiet conditions here in uptown. in fact, in the past minute, producer letting me know cms decided to cancel here this morning. we'll have more on that. we'll talk about why things are so dry here this morning. graphic as a. look at the relative humidity. this is where all of the moisture is at or lacking here where you're seeing the green shadings. that is where the moisture is at this morning and we're continuing to track some of the along i-40 this morning. in the metro area, very dry. anything that is trying to fall is essentially evaporating
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now, we're still tracking light admittance and snow flakes out here this -- mist and snow flakes out here this morning. keith talked about it. we have light drizzle falling in the past couple of minutes. that is the one concern it will be the slick roads as we keep temperatures well below freezing. we'll monitor conditions out here this morning as you get ready to head out the door. we'll have another live update at 6:00 efrment we will send it back in to stephanie. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's get an update on the roads now from traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> an accident we've been monitoring in north charlotte. 485's outer loop. this will be just before oakdale or north of it between harris and brookshire. we have the left lane blocked. a single car accident. the actual accident scene itself is off to the shoulder. we have first responders blocking the lane. traffic volume is light. something we'll continue to monitor before you head out. other than, that is fairly quiet. we will monitor conditions on
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this is what it looks like near the 29/49 connector out of cabarrus, rowan counties. as they come, in we'll let you know on twitter. follow me on traffic team nine. channel 9 is continuing to monitor conditions across our area as hundreds will be dealing with wintery mix. >> eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in blowing rock where there are a few inches of are. how are the roads? >> roads are already right now. i just got an update actually from watauga county. they say that most of the roads here in blowing rock are passable but that doesn't mean that they are great to drive on. here you can see main street right here. it is covered in snow in some parts but you can see how wet it is. it will turn into black ice. here comes a plow and distance that will take care of the road. the secondary roads aren't the main priority so you can see sunset drive right here. covered in snow. that is one of the main reasons
5:33 am
making the decision to close today. we just got an update from appalachian state university. they'll open at noon to allow us attack the roads. here comes a plow right now. you can see, they're tackling this part of the road that hasn't been touched yet here, not too much snow the street right now. we're getting this out of the way. we haven't seen too many cars on the road. at least three of them were plows. driving up the mountain, very clear. it was a little difficult once we get on to lenore. that is when the ice started to show on the roads. we'll have another live report in 30 minutes. take a look at this. 5:35 and this is a look here from avery county. you can see a very wintery scene there as well and avery county schools are closed as are, well, we have 203 closings and delays
5:34 am
charlotte-mecklenburg schools decided they will be closed for the day. they have been sending that outleting students know now that they are closed. lots of closings and delays. go to for aist and we'll have it at bottom of your screen as well. you can see why. the area is wintery and the roads can be dangerous. the bad weather that moved in from the midwest and is working its way up the east coast causing major problems. we told you about flights impact thaechltd number has grown. there are dozens of flights in and out of charlotte cancelled. you want to check ahead. . we learned american airlines is offering to waive your fees if you need to change or rebook your flight. channel 9 will continue to check on the delays and cancellations at charlotte douglas. you can check the flight tracker on our website,
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chief charged with embezzling money will make the first court appearance. bill fortenberry stole money for five years. then the president of the burned children's fund noticed a lot of money missing last september and called police. fortenberry worked as the treasurer of the fund. he resigned from the fire department in september. new this morning, a charlotte smoetd blogging to find a missing girl from cleveland county. asha degree was nine when she left her family's home in 2000. investigators think someone later kidnapped her. the shelby start reported wendy hughes started posting about the case. she feels a connection because her son disappeared for 45 minutes when he was nine. degree's mother is upset though truths. new from daybreak. bank of america gave the chief executive a $3 million raise last year. the washington post reports the
5:36 am
of that is in the form of stock linked to performance. in order for him to get the full value, the bank has to meet certain growth goals through 2018. back in september, the bank's shareholders voted to allow him board chairman. school members are thinking about moving the head start building because the building has a leaky roof. it has potential fire safety and air ventilation issues. 270 children attend preschool at building on russell street. the building needs al $5 million in renovations but the district is considering selling the building instead. iredell county's 5th charter school is expected to open this center. iredell charter academy will
5:37 am
it will offer classes k through six and later add 7th and 8th grade. pope francis is expected to continue his tour of mexico with a mass in the poorest state. this is video here. the pope visiting children at a hospital yesterday the economy is a major issue for the pope. at a mass, he spoke out geps brootd gap between the rich and poor and spoke out against dealers >> myrtle beach officials say low turn out for the bike fest may be a good thing. they've been holding local meetings laying out bike fest plans. turn out has been low and believe that is because last year's bike fest ran smoothly but during the 2014 event, three people were killed in eight separate shootings. this sunday, 20-year-old chase elliott will be on the pole at daytona 500. he will be the youngest ever driver to do so.
5:38 am
qualifying yesterday it is the 2nd start in a row for number 24. last year, jeff gordon drove the car to the pole position. elliott is shocked by his success. >> i don't think i can completely wrap my head around or sink in the fact that we were even going to be competing at daytona 500. >> matt kenseth took 2nd in qualifying and will make his first career front row start. the rest of the racing order will be worked out thursday. kenseth said he was nervous behind the wheel yesterday. >> it was the first time i was nervous qualifying. don't mess up that lap. you want to be in the front row. a big thanks to everybody at jjr. it is a huge part of that. patrick and those guys do a great job. the toyota and trd making the camries so fast. 20 minutes until 6:00, we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday. the winter weather we see in the neighborhoods depends on where we are.
5:39 am
the minimal amount we expect to see can lead to slick travel. we're seeing that this morning between statesville, hickory and morganton. this batch of snow, this is forecast to lift north off the i-40 corridor for the 1 to 2 hours. very dry in charlotte. so the moisture that is falling through the city is mostly still in the form of a few flakes. maybe a light admittance out. there through the day today -- mist out there. through the day today, we won't see much. snow around the city and south it is expected to be rain as we head towards the afternoon hours for the day. i'll use the futurecast data to explain yeah, we may have rough weather. all of this will disappear tonight as rain begins to move in. we have one accident out there this morning. >> keeping tabs. 485 outer loop. this is blocking the left lane still. this is out towards oakdale road involving an over turned vehicle.
5:40 am
something we'll continue to watch. if you're headed in the area towards brookshire. use caution but no need for an alternate at this time. the army will change the way it screens new recruits. the specific set of physical tests prospective soldiers will have to take before learning their assignments.
5:41 am
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. charlotte-mecklenburg police need your help to catch an armed bank robber who hit a south charlotte bank. >> he walked into the bank and handed a teller a note demanding money. he then ran off with the cash. they believe the same man robbed this 5th third bank on pineville-matthews road the morning of january 28th. it was a similar situation. the man was armed, slipped a teller a note and took off. if you know who this is, you're asked to call police. south carolina lawmakers prepare to debate how much extra money to give the state's highways and bridges. drivers could pay more at the pump because this proposal is
5:44 am
would raise the gas tax by $0.03 a gallon and increase and add a number of other fees. if lawmakers give the d.o.t. more money without reform, hundreds of millions of dollars will go to rural areas where it is not needed. the state's d.o.t. secretary says state roads are reaching a crisis point and fear lawmakers have waited too long. the d.o.t. said 25 flood impacted brimgs in the state are being bridges -- bridges in the state are being fast tracked. they affected 300 bridges throughout the state. they have more than 125 active bridge projects going on in the area one construction engineer says fixs are taking longer because many are not repairable and they have to become completely replaced. weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. keith? >> we're watching this storm evolve out here this morning with the worstonditions up north. i-40 corridor and the mountains. what we've seen in and around
5:45 am
very few flakes or pine little mist. you can check out the twitter account. trying to take a video. it is hard to see. very light falling out there right now. we'll watch this. we have chrissine rapp watching this closely. up north between morganton and hickory. we've seen the i-40 corridor turn into snow. it may not add much here but it is enough with the cold temperatures in the low 20's to the north where you'll see more of an issue. the mountains, we've seen the snow ease up more. this will fill back in as the morning goes on. you're in the teens and that is where you'll find slick travel. joe bruno has been monitor this situation in blowing rock. we're at 29 in charlotte and that number may be stuck right there for the entire day today. we're not going to get a significant jump in the numbers until tonight as a matter of fact.
5:46 am
30 degrees through midday today. still close to freezing into the afternoon. now, south, you'll warm up. lancaster, monroe, chester, not expecting icy travel this afternoon south but from charlotte northbound, it may still be a bit slick heading into this afternoon. by this evening, we'll see the numbers slowly begin to increase. then overnight tonight, everything starts to warm back up enough. so we're lgoking ahead to this light pink shading showing up here. that is the light freezing drizzle and light freezing rain but the amounts, we're adding this up into the hundreds. it won't be enough to cause trees down or power outages but it may be enough for a light glaze out here through the midday hours and as far as the snow is concerned it is the mountains only that will see a 3 to 5 storm total. some accumulated from last night. it is not an additional 3 to 5 storm total. about an inch along the i-40 corridor from statesville west. as you get to salisbury, maybe a dusting. no snow accumulation into the city. . the light freezing rain may be
5:47 am
take a lot for that to add up. as we work our way through the rest of the week, after tonight it is already well above freezing and numbers go to the 50s appeared 60s. so i don't -- and 60s. so i don't anticipate any problems out the door. it will just be this afternoon where more of the issues can show back up. we'll look at the futurecast and how small amounts of ice could lead to slick travel. the warm up continues the next five days. lots of sunshine as we work toward the up coming weekend. you can stay on top of the weather forecast with the weather app. using interactive radar to keep tabs of the developing, i hate to say snow storm. winter weather scenario. all of these kids are out of school. they're so excited. there will be no snow to play in. >> no snow ball fights or anything like that? >> they get to sleep in. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. here is traffic team 9's mark taylor. how are the road s.
5:48 am
near oakdale road, just north of it. we have this over turned van out of the travel lanes no real delay. just learned there were no transports so no serious issue. use caution on 485 outer loop near oakdale. we have an accident investigated in rock hill. 77 southbound near u.s. 21. you're at 63 miles an hour so not seeing any big delays for folks heading south from fort mill to rock hill. if you're headed north from 901 to gave lyle. you're at 70 miles an hour and that is a five-minute commute. tonight the city of charlotte could decide to move forward. a pair of controversial developments in southpark. the steps the developer is taking in advance of the project to ease resident's concerns. new findings show baby boomers are carrying more debt than ever before. the four factors contributing to the increase. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia could impact pending cases. ahead at six, the two north
5:49 am
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. time is 5:53. we're giving you a live picture from kings tree in boone. snow is falling in boone right now but crews have done a good job keeping the streets clean. you can see very clear. still have snow piled up on the sides and also on the sidewalks. appalachian state postponed classes until noon today and a is the case for a lot of schools. some schools delayed, some closed today. all of the information is running at the bottom of your screen right now. starting today, south carolina d.o.t. will close down a york county road so they can repair a bridge over allison creek. they're directed to use boyd and jim mccarter bridge. not really right now but we'll see tricky roads later today. >> once the moisture does finally get here it will be late morning through midday. the lightest amount of freezing rain could cause slick travel.
5:53 am
the main snow has been north of i-40 and that batch that came out of morganton to hickory. it will lift north of the i-40 corridor and the mountains will see a change over as the morning goes on from snow to sleet to freezing rain. i'll show you the timeline when we expect the very light freezing rain to come here into the city and how by tonight, well, all of this already may abe memory as the temperatures warm up and change everything back over to plain rain fall. let's get over to mark taylor in the frank center. >> we're looking on the eastside. the traffic flow building. not seeing any big delays through the area we were monitoring on the accident on the 45 outer loop off to the shoulder, no real delay heading through. use caution. >> we're learning more about the woman charged with robbing numerous jewelry star stores including one in north carolina. the advanced training she got
5:54 am
>> mountain towns are dealing with snow this morning. i'm live in blowing rock with a look at road conditions across the county and the number of
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
pened ov . right now this system is headed our way. going to bring a wintery mix to charlotte. we're using futurecast to determine when it will hit your neighborhood. we're showing conditions in the
5:58 am
along with the efforts to keep you safe once the freezing rain arrives. i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. it is 6:00 within the past 30 minutes. cms announced they are closed today. cleveland county schools announce edded they're closed adds well. >> we have a long list of other schools, delays and closures at the bottom of your screen. the complete list is at let's get to meteorologist keet keith in severe weather center 9. -- keith monday in severe weather center 9 showing which neighborhoods are seeing rain and snow >> it is mainly up north. while we have closures appeared delays, we won't see a lot of accumulation. that is the theme with this since last week and more dry air, it looks like it is now in place that will limit what we see out there today. it doesn't take a lot to cause slick travel. in charlotte we've had a few reports of light flakes of snow. kind of an mist or light snow. a little pink showing up here on 218 in salem and union county. you may find a few flakes flying this morning.
5:59 am
and even most of this is light from north through statesville. through stoney point. taylorsville. we've seen light snow through morganton. watch for slick travel. it is cold up here to the north with temperatures well below freezing. it doesn't take a lot to cause the snow to stick. as the morning goes on, we'll see a transition from snow to sleet to freezing rain in the mountains. first, more of the freezing rain threatens charlotte. we're at two but they're in the low 20's on the i-40 corridor. that is the immediate concern, of course, teens into the mountains. the morning drive in charlotte for now, a few flakes out there. not seeing travel problems show up at the moment. we'll stay below freezing for all morning and may struggle to get to near or above freezing later this afternoon. we'll show you that on the timeline and on the futurecast. how the light freezing rain will develop through the day. meteorologist christine rapp is live in uptown charlotte. watch this coming in so far.


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