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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and even most of this is light from north through statesville. through stoney point. taylorsville. we've seen light snow through morganton. watch for slick travel. it is cold up here to the north with temperatures well below freezing. it doesn't take a lot to cause the snow to stick. as the morning goes on, we'll see a transition from snow to sleet to freezing rain in the mountains. first, more of the freezing rain threatens charlotte. we're at two but they're in the low 20's on the i-40 corridor. that is the immediate concern, of course, teens into the mountains. the morning drive in charlotte for now, a few flakes out there. not seeing travel problems show up at the moment. we'll stay below freezing for all morning and may struggle to get to near or above freezing later this afternoon. we'll show you that on the timeline and on the futurecast. how the light freezing rain will develop through the day. meteorologist christine rapp is live in uptown charlotte. watch this coming in so far.
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precaution. >> yeah it is a good thing. i'm tracking the quiet conditions for the most part. had light drizzle here an hour ago. as we aren't seeing much of a wintery concern here this morning for the morning drive as originally thought. as you mentioned. d.o.t. trucks were out in full force making sure anything that did fall this morning wouldn't lead to treacherous driving conditions. we caught up with a few of the tricks late last night setting down the brine, the salt. making sure the roads were treated enough. we've been talking with mark taylor. a couple of accidents out here early this morning and out here live, right above 277, the brookshire, travel looks decent. we're tracking everyone going out or just below the speed limit. we had light drizzle out here early this morning. we'll keep an eye on the conditions out here this morning. keith mentioned the chance for freezing rain as we head throughout the lunch time and afternoon continues. although the travel conditions may not be too bad as you're
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mind, heading out for lunch. may run into icy conditions much we'll have a live update around 6:30. reporting live in uptown, christine rapp, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> mark taylor monitoring hundreds of d.o.t. cameras for your morning drive. >> getting information about a crash on i-77 in rock hill. >> it was reported on 77 southbound near anderson road. it looks like it will be further north on 77 southbound near dave lyle. the volume is light. doesn't look serious. drive time technology showing at 68 miles an hour. use caution headed through. stick with the interstate. no big slow downs. i'm utilizing the road weather index to see what little bit of snow is falling up north and how it is affecting the travel on i-40 towards hickory. green conditions keith has been mentioning, this is fairly light. we're not seeing big slow downs at3 miles an hour on i-40 between u.s. 321 and thorn burg drive. no accidents to report up towards catawba county. right now, more snow is
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roads there already are snow covered. >> eyewitness news reporter joe bruno continues our team coverage live in blowing rock with a look at conditions there. joe? >>reporter: here is a look at conditions if you were to be walking out of your house. something you may encounter. it is about an inch and a half of snow on the steps right here. the sidewalk hasn't been touched. you can scrape the snow to see where the sidewalk is. the cars are covered in snow like this one parked here overnight on main street. we've been told by all of the local schools that there are a lot of different closures watauga county schools are closed. avery are closed. if it sounds familiar to you that avery county schools are closed is because they haven't been open since february 5th because of the mountain weather conditions we've seen. here is a look at roads. this is one of the main streets we've seen plowed. you saw it live 30 minutes ago here. the main streets are passable
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wet as you can see right here. the secondary roads are where the main issues are. that is the primary reason why schools are shutting down because a lot of the secondary roads have not been touched at all. we'll have another live report. six crashes happened overnight throughout watauga county. in boone there were none. reporting live in blowing rock, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. union county schools are closed today. within the past 20 minutes we got an update from the city of charlotte. city government will operate on a normal schedule today but officials are monitoring the weather and could make changes if necessary. all park and ride locations as well as light rail platforms have been treated. cats buses are operating on schedule and charlotte d.o.t. out treating roads. if you see any trouble spots, quickly. channel 9 just checked and there are dozens of cancelled flights in and out of charlotte
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winter storms in other cities ohio. the cancellations include flights to many parts of the country including ohio and the north east. american airlines is waiving the fee to change your flight because of the weather. airport officials have equipment ready to de-ice planes if needed. we have a crew on the way to the airport right now. we'll have a live update for you in 30 minutes. you can always check your flight stattous scroll over the traffic tab. overnight, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived in virginia after he died at a ranch in texas. the family has not announced funeral announcement. they have-not get an autopsy. he died of a heart attack on saturday morning. the justice's death has major political is as well.. republicans want the next president to nominate the replacement.
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choose the replacement and is urging them to be ready for the confirmation hearings. the supreme court will continue hearing cases with eight justices who tend to split down the middle. >> a year. 18 months, of 4 to 4 decisions bry a divided court is completely unprecedented. >> if the supreme court issues any 4-4 decisions, a ruling from the lower court would stand. two north carolina cases are making their way through the supreme court right now. one is about prayer in county commission meetings. the other is about redrawing congressional district lines which has a fast approaching deadlines federal judges ruled north carolina lawmakers have to redraw lines by this friday because current lines were drawn based on race. the naacp pointed to district 12 which winds from charlotte to greensboro. the federal court ruled the march 15th congressional primaries will not happen if there aren't new lines. state lawmakers are appealing to the supreme court.
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what the maps should look like if they do have to be redrawn. lawmakers are hosting a public hearing near uptown. it will be at 10:00 a committee will review comments tomorrow and could vote on new maps by thursday in the case. the skofrt does not over turn -- in the supreme court does not over turn the deadline. those from the state senate will visit local classrooms. the board of education helped organize the teacher for a day program. last year, channel 9 was with state senator jeff jackson as he spent a day in a classroom in mecklenburg county. at the time. teachers challenged lawmakers to see what it would be like if the jobs. they put enough money in the budget to keep teaching assistants. today the state supreme court will hear arguments about teacher tenure. they claim the 2013 law violated veteran teachers constitutional rights.
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could cutoff career status for newer teachers but has to tleefb in place for veteran teachers. it makes it harder for teachers to get fired. it is not clear when they will announce the decision. charlotte city leaders will decide if a development project we've been telling you about for four years will actually move forward. leaders will vote on rezoning requests for sharon united methodist church. church members want to work with the developer to build restaurants, offices, and apartments as well as a new church facility. they hope it will help bring more people through the doors. count on channel 9 to cover every major development out of the city council meeting. watch eyewitness news tonight at 10 and 11. tonight people in davidson will have the chance to voice their opinion on a plan to build 300 new homes. they would build the west bench
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space on the road. they will hold an open house tonight from 4 to 7 inside davidson's town hall board room. those who attend can review the plans, ask questions and share opinions. the u.s. market is closed today for president's day but japan's market surged after last week's sharp sell off. last week, the u.s. dollar fell to a 15-month low against the yen and they lost more than 11% but major companies like toyota andersony gained european stock markets -- sony gained europone stock markets. >> here is meteorologist keith monday keeping an eye on the wintery mix. >> there are slippery conditions taking shape in cat bashgs northern iredell counties, we've had social media reports of a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain. let us know what you're seeing.
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send ace tweet as well @wsoc weather. while the conditions are bad up north now. here is charlotte. it is fairly quiet for the early morning. late midday, things will start up more. we'll see a slick afternoon. i'll have the time on the futurecast around the corner. we'll see what is happening on the roads for this morning. >> so far so good. no big problems in charlotte blocking lanes or causing slow downs. the accident on dave lyle boulevard is out of the travel lane. no accidents or stalled vehicles altering riding to or from york county. you're at 68 miles an hour. use caution. we've been monitoring this accident ever since it happened this morning, close to 5:00. on the outer loop of 485 towards oakdale road. it is off to the shoulder involving an over turned van. no serious injuries and no delays. people who live in southpark are concerned about plans for two new developments. ahead at 6:30, the partnership the developer believes will put
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>> the army will start using physical tests to screen new recruits. the reason behind this requirement and tasks new soldiers will now have to perform. >> voters in south carolina will see a new ad from hillary clinton featuring the husband of one of the victims of emanuel ame church sho.
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. a statesville lumber company is investigating reports of trains blocking part of a statesville. >> residents say norfolk southern planes often block part of amity hill road. sometimes they block the only way in and out of the community for 20 to 45 minutes. the trains are headed to gottfried lumber company jie man charged in robberies will be in court. they charged lewis fife. they linked him to this robbery at bb&t on mallard creek last month. police arrested fife during a
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south carolinians will see a new hillary clinton ad that features the husband of myra thompson talking brt call he -- about the call he got the night. >> hillary clinton is committed to taking guns out of the right hands. >> this is not sitting well. they hope the talk about the gun violence will benefit people across the country. south carolina had the highest number of officer involved shootings last year. since officials first started tracking them back in 1999. new data obtained by the state newspaper say there were 48 cases in 2015. in of those, suspects pulled guns on officers. sled says the shootings are up almost 45% from 2014 when 18 officer involved shootings were reported.
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pilot to turn around a flight from lopdon to new york. the -- london to new york. it was en route when a laser was pointed at the plane. the first pilot reported feeling unwell. authorities say laser incidents are on the rise. pilots in charlotte reported 33 incidents in 2014. a laser beam can temporarily disorient and blind pilots. if anyone is caught and convicted, that person could face a hefty fine and prison time. mooresville school officials say a new software program is adding extra layer of safety to school issued computers and e-mails april according to our partners. district official realize using i new monitoring app called gaggle. it looks for words that are inappropriate. the student is also notified. if you're headed to raleigh
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think twice. d.o.t. officials closed a portion of i-440, i-540 highway 64 because of slick roads there. you can see from this picture here, several cars have slid on the roads and crashed. in fact, the d.o.t. says there are more than a dozen crashes being reported at this hour. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> and that is what we're concerned about here in our area. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> yeah, they're seeing a the light precip north. it is coming off of the roads off the i-40 corridor into raleigh. that is going north of us now. as our day goes on here, we expect more of the moisture to stream in. more slick travel can form here and the city goes on especially this afternoon. as far south as you head down around weddington. you may find a few flakes through middle springs over toward monroe as you head on the highway here on 75. unionville. also towards albemarle. light snow flakes out of mid land.
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falling for sure. up to the north. this is a wintery mix. checking with viewers saying we're seeing a mix of snow, you name it. around hickory and morganton. inch of snow. watch out for this this morning. the amounts are light. but with so cold temperatures it quickly. same thing for the mountains, we're seeing a break in the activity. the atmosphere up above will warm and that means more sleet and freezing rain will form in the mountains and little additional snow is expected up there. more of a mix is expected. 28 in charlotte with fairly quiet conditions. same in concord and albemarle. the low 20's up north take the little bit of snow and whatever does fall. it sticks right away especially on untreated surfaces, a burst of snow may cause the salted roads to ice up a little bit. here is how things break up.
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morning and will pick up through midday. could be slick because wez stay below freezing all day long. not only until late afternoon and evening do we get above freezing. we have more issues than what we're seeing in town for now. here is a mix of the snow and sleet. seat pink forming in the metro, we're talking about minor accumulations of that. it will change over to green tonight. that is the good news. this will go back to just rain fachlt the only additional snows -- rain fall. the only additional snows in the mountains it will only add up to 1 or 2 and the ice accumulations around town, not a lot. you'll see little adding up in the form of a few hundredths but it doesn't cause a lot to cause slick travel to form. we'll watch this throughout the day. the five-day forecast. the weekend always in view. we warm up tonight. going up into the upper 30s tonight. it changes to all rain through early tomorrow morning. 50s tomorrow afternoon, sunshine through the weekend and 60s are back in place.
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lived. it is in the today event. it is still evolving and developing here into the city. our time is 6:20. roads. we're watching things closely. >> we have a new wreck in west charlotte. medic has been called to the scene. this happened on old doud near josh birmingham ham parkway. look out for. that we're not seeing any huge delays but something we'll continue to watch on old doud. wilkerson is headed out from little rock road. 85 from gastonia this morning it is quiet here. we're between 321 and uptown. you're at 68 miles an hour. 18-minute ride. no big slow downs here. once you hit 77, smooth sailing the interstate northbound. no issues to report from the state line all the way up to the john belk freeway. older americans are dealing with more debt than ever before. ahead at 6:30, the top two factors contributing to the increase.
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specif . iredell county's 5th charter school will open this summer. our partners at the statesville record and land mark say the iredell charter academy plan to open the doors for the 2016-17 school year. the charter school will provide cambridge university a approved curriculum instead of a state issued curriculum. it will start with k through six before adding 7 and 8. it took 140 firefighters to battle a massive fire at a home in brooklyn, new york. you have to see this video. this started before 11:00 last night. the fire spread to two other buildings nearby. they finally got this under control about 1:30 this morning. officials say four people, including two firefighters suffered minor injuries. just hours away, in massachusetts. cold temperatures caused problems for firefighters bat allege this deadly fire. regulators and tanks kept freezing up.
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he slipped on the ice. one person was killed in the fire and the cause is under investigation. we're following breaking news happening right now in syria where we've learned 10 people were killed, including a pregnant woman and three children after four rockets struck a doctors without borders medical clinic in northern syria. the bbc posted this picture here of the clinic it is on its website. you see it there. all of the damage that the rocket caused and the collapsing part of the building. the british based monitoring group says russian war planes were responsible. starting this summer, army recruits willlave a new set of gymnastic sets to help determine which military jobs they're physically capable of doing. respective soldiers will be asked to run, jump, lift weights and throw a heavy ball. these tests come as the pentagon opens up combat posts to women setting physical standards that men and women will have to meet. tonight, charlotte leaders
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controversial developments in southpark. the steps the developer is taking to ease concerns about congestion if the project is approved. weather warnings across the map for everybody. we'll explain how a few folks are having trouble now and could see bigger issues later today. snow and ice all throughout the mountains this morning, i'm joe bruno.
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i'm live in blowing . right now, this system is moving towards charlotte. we're using futurecast to pinpoint when it will bring freezing rain to your neighborhood. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. it is 6:30. charlotte-mecklenburg schools are closed today along with several other districts throughout our area we have this full list of closings and delays scrolling at bottom of your screen and posted at meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 tracking this system. all about timing today. >> it really is. we don't have much of an issue in charlotte this morning. as the day goes on is when more of the problems show up.
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we have all of the advisors, winter storm warning to the mountains and foothills. we'll get more accumulation of the winter mix up there. winter weather advisory for the light accumulation around town and freezing rain advisory far south for rock hill, monroe and lancaster. a tour of live early warning doppler 9 will show a few flurries making their way around charlotte and matthews heading eastbound towards oakdale and albemarle. won't cause travel concerns. we've had the light mix up north which mostly is quieting down around hickory and claremont. from morganton and taylorsville. it is hanging to the north. it eased up a little bit and we'll see more activity in the mountains as the day goes to will transition from snow to a mix out there and the temperatures are below freezing in the upper 20's in charlotte and we'll talk about more on this in a moment. it may stay that way all day and as more moisture comes in, that
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conditions going down hill toward the later part of our day today. we'll have that and the futurecast coming up. traffic team 9's mark taylor is over in the traffic senator monitoring any problems. >> we're getting reports of a vehicle fire happening on independence boulevard inbound ramp to i-277. responding to it right now. i'm not seeing big delays on the inbound commute. nothing other than green conditions heading inbound and drive time technology showing. right now you're at a 15-minute ride. 43 miles an hour the average speed from 485 heading up to the john belk and brookshire. we'll let you know if you see any delays. down the road in union county. east of sardis church road. we have an accident to the shoulder. no delays here as well. this is what it looks like near briar creek for those heading inbound towards it 277, we're not seeing delays here as well. the north carolina mountains
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system pushes our way. >> eyewitness news reporte bryano is -- joe bruno is live in blowing rock. >> i got off of the phone with officials. the main roads are the priority right now. a lot of them are passable. you can see main street in blowing rock. you can see it is wet but it is clear. now, the secondary roads are very much a different story. here is sunset drive. you can see how much it is covered still. it will make for a slick drive if you have to come up this or go down it. you can see that it hasn't been touched at all. this is one of the more passable roads. we've been told in boone and valley cruces. the roads there are more difficult to navigate on. that is one of the main reasons so many schools have closed today. we know ap state is opening at noon. avery county, watauga county schools are closed today. avery county schools haven't been open since february 5th.
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lots of businesses have to make the decision whether they're opening today. you can see open monday, weather permitting. we'll monitor the conditions all morning. we'll have another report in 15 minutes and i'll show you how many crashes officials responded to overnight. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you. the freezing temperatures in charlotte did not stop people from going out to celebrate valentine's day. >> we saw couples and families bundled up as they walked from dinner and movies. one man was not prepared for the cold gl it is freezing cold out here but i'm just going to get me something to eat and then i plan to going to marshals to try to find a coat. >> should have watched keith's forecast. a hostest told us some who -- hostess told us some who planned to travel cancelled because of snow on the grounds you can download our weather app to track the system when you're not near your tv. the charlotte zoning board will consider two new
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hundreds of town homes and apartments to south charlotte. people already living in the area are worried it could increase traffic on an already busy road. we learned they plan to build 450 apartments and retail space at park road and abby place. within the same half mile stretch, the zoning board will vote on 265 new apartments. a developer also recently submitted a petition to build 74 town homes at mockingbird and park. we told you friday the charlotte d.o.t. is already planning to put in several new traffic lights and sidewalks to address some concerns. 6:35 now, chester county deputies say at least four people have died in crashes already this year. they told our partners that is twice the number of people killed the same time last year. they're concerned about the number of deadly crashes when 17 people died. the highway patrol added more troopers to the roads hoping drivers will see that and be reminded to wear the seatbelt
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two of the four people killed so far this year were not wearing seatbelts. this morning, a former lincolnton fire chief charged with embezzling money from a fund with burned children will make his first appearance frment bill fortenberry stole money for five years the president of the burned children's fund noticed a lot of the money missing last september and called police. fortenberry worked as at treasurer for the fund he resigned in september. police say a woman accused in a string of jewelry robberies across the southeast including one in north carolina was trained specifically for the crime spree. according to newly released documents police say two atlanta brothers recruited and trained abigail kemp who you see right here. larry and michael gilmore appeared in federal court charged with conspiracy to interfere with threats of violence. this is the story channel 9 continued for weeks. abigail kemp took had $4 million
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robberies across several southern states. charlotte-mecklenburg police need your help to catch an armed bank robber they say hit a south charlotte bank saturday morning. officers say this man walked into pnc bank in south charlotte and handed a teller a note demanding money. he then ran off with the cash. detectives say they believe the same man robbed this 5th third bank on pineville-matthews road the morning of january 28th. police say it was a similar situation. the man was armed. he slipped a teller a note and then took off. if you know who this is, you're asked to call police. bank of america paid the chief executive $3 million more last year than in 2014. the washington post reports the bank gave brian mon $16 million in the form of stock linked to performance. in order for him to get the full value, the bank to to meet certain growth goals through 2018. back in september, the bank
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his duel role as ceo and board chairman. people over the age of 50 are carrying more debt than past years. the wall street journal reports the average 65-year-old borrower has 37% more mortgage debt and 29% more auto debt compared to 2003. the financial crisis in 2007 and 2008 may be to blame. they also blame student debt which they say is a fast growing category in the age group. a new report says overall, men have better credit scores than women but the website found it was a close call. the average score for men is 630 out of a possible 850. women had an average of 621. it also says men usually maintain a higher balance on their cards but their higher wages may account for their better score. rock hill school board members are considering moving the head start program because the building has a leaky roof. our news partners got this video
6:37 am
it also has potential tomorrow a fire safety and air ventilation issue. more than 270 children attend the preschool on russell street. inspectors say the building needs $5 million in renovations but the district is considering selling the building instead. happening today, parts of a major intersection will close to accommodate construction for the links blue line extension. this is happening at orr road and north tryon street. parts of the intersection will close at 9:00. it will remain closed until february 29th at 4:00 p.m.. northbound drivers will be able to make a u turn at arrow head drive. if you're coming from the south. you can make a u turn at old concord road. new this morning, we're getting our first look at logo for the nba all star weekend in charlotte. you can see it incorporates the hornets blue and teal coverage. the league unveiled the t the logo during the all star game in toronto.
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arena on february 19th. the league will announce more schedule and ticket information later. charlotte leaders say the weekend will bring more $100 million to the city. local police, transit and other officials will return from toronto today after getting a first hand look at what it takes to host the event. in addition to top nba players it is known to bring other celebrities and thousands of fans. can't believe one year away from that. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. we did just learn lancaster county schools are closed today. >> so is cms, several other districts. 234 closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. get the complete list at here is meteorologist keith monday to really explain why we're seeing all of the closings. >> it is the anticipation for what is coming later on. still quiet in uptown. we've seen a few flurries. hard to make out but if you check out the twitter feed. you can see a picture of that. you can see the glow of the
6:39 am
they're lowering meaning there is more moisture coming into the atmosphere. it is dry right now. conditions northbound into the mountains you have a light mix up here so far but as the day goes on, i'll show you in the futurecast how it will get worse as the day goes on. christina will be back joining me. she will explain how the dry air may not be with us all day long and things will go down hill. let's go over to mark taylor. we have a new incident to keep track of. >> we have an update on the vehicle fire involving this trash truck happening inbound before 277. it has the left lane blocked in each direction. you have charlotte fire blocking the outbound left lane. it is able to get through the right lanes and minor delay right now, folks head up 277. stick with independent boulevard. we're also tracking it down munich county. johnston to ballantyne becomes
6:40 am
the death of antonin scalia could lead to a showdown with the white house. ahead this hour, the steps senate republicans want the president to take. >> a charlotte woman hopes her blog can bring attention to new leads to the disappearance of asha degree 16 years ago. ahead this hour, the concerns degree's mother has about the posts and the reason why police support it. >> and flights are delays in and
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we're live there . (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. right now we're tracking this massive system that will bring a wintery mix to charlotte, cause slick roads later today. we've been following the school closings and delays. unc charlotte classes are cancelled until 5:00 p.m.. we have a full list of the closures including cms. it is at the storm system is bringing snow to the mountains. >> we've been bringing you live reports to show you conditions in blowing rock since daybreak at 4:306789 eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live out there now where you can see it there. the snow is falling. joe? >> the snow is starting to fall harder but if you notice there, is no wind. american flag isn't moving. that is a good thing. that means all of the mountain snow won't be blowing onto the roads and highway 321 into blowing rock and boone is clear according to county officials and overnight. only six crashes throughout watauga county.
6:44 am
is great because yesterday was very messy for town of boone officials when the snow first started to come down. you can see here, the main roads are passable. the fresh coat of snow now covering main street here in blowing rock but the secondary streets are still covered in snow. you can see right there. that is completely covered right there. a plow hasn't made it through. we've been here since 4:00 a.m.. still haven't seen anyone take care of sunset drive. we'll be monitoring these conditions for our morning on eyewitness news on tv 64. join me there in 15 minutes for another live report. joe bruno. channel 9, eyewitness news. >> as you drive to work. you'll notice salt and brine. that will be key when freezing rain falls later today. d.o.t. was as they loaded up with the mixture. more trucks will head out today if needed to target the major roads, connecting streets and bus routes. cats buses are operating on a normal schedule today.
6:45 am
of charlotte douglas are cancelled this morning because of the winter twhatd is here and across -- that is here and across the country. >> angela hong arrived at the airport for us and continues our live team coverage with an update of what she is seeing there. >>reporter: it is a very busy morning here at charlotte douglas international airport. if you look at the arrivel as and departure -- arrival and departure board, you can see a sea of red. they're cancelled from jackson mississippi in and out of washington dc and the arrivals board not fairing any better. cancelled flights coming into charlotte. the winter weather from the midwest working its way up the east coast is causing major travel problems and if you look to the side. a lot of people stranded here. i talked to a person who told us that the flight to canada has been cancelled and a long line at charlotte douglas. we'll continue to monitor the
6:46 am
channel 9, eyewitness news. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 all right seeing the effects of the winter weather. >> not just here but across the region. things are going down hill. the pattern will go down hill throughout the day today. that is why we have delays and cancellations. light snow starting to form here between indian trail and matthews. mist of rain and snow to wesley chapel. look over the last hour how this develops cross the southeast part of the metro. we'll see the conditions continue to develop and spur on as we head through the afternoon. same case off to the east from mid land to oakboro. light flakes working in. we've seen things ease up between hickory and statesville and mcconnell, maiden. those in burke and caldwell, a
6:47 am
getting reports of snow covered roads. it is still snowing in blocking rock. it will break up for now once this redeveloped in the mountains. it will be a mix of more sleet, freezing rain coming through. this is the big issue. the temperatures in the lower to mid-20's in the north. stay below freezing for the entire day in charlotte. we'll be close to the mark for the majority of the day today as well and obviously the mountains will stay there long as well. so it is dry for the moment but of course, that will change as we head through the day. meteorologist christine rapp is in uptown monitoring the conditions we have now and how we need to plan for later today when things really change. >> that's right, keith. very quiet out here this morning, in fact, going to where you need to go this morning, shouldn't have any problems. right here now the i-77 interchange. folks not having problems here in the metro. we're cloudy, we're cold and as keith mentioned, we're very dry. look at relative humidities with
6:48 am
this tells the story for today of how dry we are in the metro area. we have where you see the shades of green, the higher numbers. that is where the moisture is at as it is snowing heavily along and north of i-40. in the metro. very dry air. now, that woepz be the case as we head through the the -- that won't be at case as we head through the day. as you head home or lunch later this afternoon, could have problems as we see the moisture increase throughout the metro area we'll send it back in to keith to time conditions look throughout the rest of your monday. >> over the next few hours, see the pink show up in charlotte. that is the light, freezing rain that can be with us through the afternoon. the green begins to shift in from the south tonight but it will take awhile before we get there. snow chances, yeah, just a little bit up in the mountains, a dusting on the i-40 corridor but it will be the threat for freezing rain.
6:49 am
today but it is enough to cause slick travel. it will transition back to rain this afternoon. in charlotte, it may not turn to all just plain rain until after dark tonight as the numbers increase in the overnight hours to 39. slick travel should develop throughout the day today. heavy rain can be around for the early morning drive. we add that into the mix. clear skies through the week and the weekend. we warm up, 60s are coming back in for the weekend. stay on top of the weather situation today with the interactive radar on the weather app. gets you down to the neighborhood and shows you how this will develop and watch the temperatures because we may be at 32 or below for the majority of this monday. >> we'll have something to look forward to. >> later part of this week looks great. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. traffic team 9's mark taylor monitoring a crash in ballantyne. >> just got an update in the intersection and causing delays
6:50 am
road at the ballantyne commons parkway. i'll avoid the intersection, use lancaster highway up near carolina place in pineville or use commons parkway to jump on the interstate as that alternate route. once you hit the interstate, 485, in great shape out of ballantyne. 70 miles an hour between johnson road and i-77. stephanie? it has been 16 years since asha degree vanished from her home in cleveland county. the way one woman is working to help the family she has never even met. >> a battle is brewing over when
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
ce deceased supremece deceased supreme . 6:55 right now. the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia returned to virginia. >> this private plane carrying as a plane from texas. he died in his sleep while on a hunting trip. president obama will nominate a successor once the senate returns from a week long recess. but republicans are calling on
6:54 am
decision in the hands of the next president. good morning america will have more on justice skal, his legacy, and the battle to fill his seat now. that is coming up right after eyewitness news daybreak. a charlotte mother is blogging to help find a girl abducted from cleveland county 16 years ago. asha degree was nine when she left her family's home in 2000. investigators think someone later kidnapped her. our news partner reports wendy hughes started posting information that she found online about the case. she feels a connection because her son disappeared for 45 minutes when he was nine. however, degree's mother is upset because she says the blog is full of half truths. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's get to traffic team 9's mark taylor monitoring a wreck in ballian continue to tien. >> it is happening on -- ballantyne. >> it is happening on johnston.
6:55 am
common's parkway. a couple options if you're headed out in a couple of minutes, up north towards pineville or use community house on up towards ballantyne commons parkway or ray road to access the interstate. a vehicle fire had the left lane blocked on independence near i-277 that has cleared. things have been quiet but as moisture streams in, we'll watch for freezing rain to develop as temperatures struggle to get above freezing throughout the afternoon. amounts will be light but it could mean slick travel at times into the afternoon and early >> okay. >> your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. >> join us there now as we track
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
to theringing sn good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court.
6:59 am
>> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> as we learn new details about justice scalia's final hours as millions honor his legacy. storm warning. winter weather moving in. deadly crashes. massive pile yups a dramatic rescue of dozens stuck in a tram in sub zero temperatures. mid-air scare. a new york-bound flight with hundreds onboard forced to turn around. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots. >> after a laser beam hit one of the pilots in the eye. and look out below. see those dots in the water, that's not seaweed, those are sharks. why thousands are swarming this holiday weekend, just a stone's throw from the shore.


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